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A small black dot, drifting in the blue.

Anyone's first guess would be that it's an island, but islands don't move. Coming closer reveals the answer to the mystery. The black dot as seen from afar, is in fact a city. A floating city no less. Completely artificial, the entire city is one big lump of metal. No soil, plants or nature, just lifeless steel. That is Dai. A city between the shores of China and Japan. In a sense it's a country in it's own right, but is not organized as one. It just serves as breeding grounds for crime. Any kind of crime. The city was created through the combined effort of several international criminal organizations and in a sense those organizations are the ones that control the city. When people look at it from up high they rarely only see a single black dot that is the city. They see many other smaller dots around it. They are ships, boats, helicopters and even plans. All kinds of transportation are usually present, but not now. In fact, the city is devoid of any kind of movement around it, all the ships docked there are empty and stand still only moving with the waves. It didn't look like there were any ships approaching either. The reason was simple, Dai had been put under lock down less than an hour ago. As soon as that happened the city became airtight. There was no way to enter or leave, no matter how much money one had or what kind of position of influence they called their own. Both the rich and the poor were equally trapped.

A man was sitting in a barely lit room. The man was somewhere in his late thirties, but stress and worries made it so that his face looked much older. His hair was already mostly gray (but with a silver shine) with a few streaks of black here and there reminding him of better days. His eyes were small and his narrow lips were tightly pressed together only moving when he slightly chewed on one of them. He wore a simple green suit and seemed like he either didn't have any time or will to take care of his outer appearance as just everything about him was a mess. When one looked at the lack of windows and support pillars it became obvious that the room was underground. It was also very simple. A empty meeting table, some furniture, a big screen for conferences and ventilation. The man was surrounded by a few bodyguards, but it didn't look like he was paying attention to them. He was slightly moving forward and backward while tapping his foot against the ground clearly signalizing that he was nervous. Strapped to his chest was a black suitcase, he was gripping it with both of his arms. His name is Ushitoro Daisuke, owner of a shady pharmatics company which is stationed in Dai. It is because of him that the city was put under lock down, or rather, it was because of a package he got a few weeks ago. The content of that package, a storage device, was currently inside the suitcase he was holding onto with such zeal. He did not know what the data on the device was, yet he still held onto it as if it was a dear child of his. He looked at the screen of his laptop which was just in front of him. On it was a detailed map of the entire city with a a few blue flashing beacons on it, scattered through the whole city. His eyes grew wide, his face turned pale and the grip became even stronger as a flashing red light appeared in the far left corner just at the main dock of the city.

"No good. No good at all."

In the meantime one of those blue beacons was wandering through the city. It was a girl, her age hard to determine if one just looked at her appearance. She had unusually pale skin and raven black hair creating a perfect contrast. Her clothes were odd to say the very least as well. Black hotpants, a matching top, dark blue gloves and a black hoodie with white lines running over it and a white star on the back. Still, the most outstanding feature were her azure blue eyes. That was Charlotte, a mercenary of sorts who just like all the other blue beacons displayed on Ushitoro's laptop arrived a few hours before the lock down. In an invitation letter she was promised information about her identity and life. When she arrived in the city she was given a suitcase identical to the one owned by Ushitoro. She couldn't make anything off it, but it's purpose would reveal itself to her soon enough. Currently it was stored inside of her Infinity Chip as it was an easier way of transporting it.


Charlotte asked in an innocent and curious voice. It was understandable, just a bit more than an hour ago she was on a street full of people going their way, talking, making all kinds of noise, the city was clearly alive. But now, Charlotte was standing in the middle of an empty street. No people, no cars, nothing. The only other living beings passing by were rats, cats, dogs and the like. Not even homeless drunks could be found, it's as if the entire city had died in that one hour. It made Charlotte feel uneasy, she was never faced with a situation like this before. She had no idea what to do and was wandering around aimlessly. All shops, all buildings, everything was closed. For Charlotte it felt like the city had been abandoned without her noticing. Of course she did not register the lock down that was going on nor did she know that no one wanted to be outside during something like that. She hopped once into the air and slowly walked down the empty desolated street.

As Charlotte was making her way through the city, unaware of anything, another group of visitors arrived. Five cloaked figures, exiting a small boat that arrived in the main dock of the city. Those five were the only ones who were allowed to enter the city despite the lock down, and that was because they had caused the lock down, or rather those that hired them did. Four of them were mercenaries, having been payed a rather large sum of money to infiltrate the city and to get a certain storage device. The fifth one was a special guest. The cloaks obscured most of their physical features, but even so two figures stood out. The first one didn't do that all too much by appearance, but rather he literally stood out, he was at the very head of the group. The second one was the exact opposite, at the very back leaning onto the docked ship as it slowly rocked with the waves. What made him easy to spot was the fact that his cloak could barely cover him. He was easily over two meter in height and while his body was rather slim his wide shoulders just enforced his appearance of a giant. Both of the two had a sword on their back sticking out of the cloaks.

The front man took one more step forward now clearly separating himself from the group, a grin could be spotted behind the cloak that covered most of his face.

"Let's do this."

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Scourge smirked as four blue dots appeared on the HUD in his eyepiece.

"The chase is on." The lieutenant told his four scouts, who saluted and went their separate ways throughout the city.

Their rules were simple. The one who retrieved the mark was successful.

While it was abominable for Marine brothers to actually battle against one another, it was good for the Scouts to learn to act alone.

Should one of the other actors in the city be the one to retrieve the mark, however, then that would be an absolute disgrace to the Empire.

The humans must not defeat even the Trainee Astartes.


Reave dashed, skidding out of the alleyway as the sought out locations where the target might be. His red armour stood out in the grey city, so stealth was not on his side, at least for now.

However, there was one advantage to working in an urban environment.

"Excuse me sir," Reave asked a passing gentleman. "But could you direct me to Daisuke pharmaceuticals?"

Whether that was the name of the target's company or not, he did not have that information. He needed a starting point.


Locke took to the rooftops, his yellow armour hidden under a grey cape as he examined the inhabitants below.

He couldn't rush into this. He would study the lay of the land and calculate where the mark would be.

Failing that, he would identify a crime den, snipe the guards, and interrogate their leadership for information.


Scott was not as patient. A forest green tank, Scott was a giant of a man, well over three and a half metres in height. Subtlety would not get him far in this city, he identified the nearest brothel and kicked the garage door down.

"I am seeking an individual." Scott told the men inside, not flinching as they drew their guns. "You would be wise to tell me what you know."


Slim gave his fellow scouts a three minute head start, baring his fangs in a grin as he counted.

One hundred and eighty seconds passed, and the blue-armoured scout drew the thumb drive from his pocket and smelt it. He then sniffed the air a few times, and then picked up the scent.

Grinning, he sprinted, dashing at over thirty-miles an hour as he followed the trail.

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All the way on the other end of the seemingly deserted town walked a brown-haired man. His clothes were nothing special, a simple, neat brown suit and white shirt, a red tie... And a briefcase given to him as he arrived. He didn't know much about its contents nor did he care. All he knew was that he was not to drop it if he wanted to get the reward he was promised. And what is it that he was promised you wonder? A key. Nothing more, nothing less.

"I should have killed them. I should have given this dull gray town some color." He spoke to no one it seemed, as the whole city was empty. Oh? And what would that give you? Nothing. Perhaps just a reason to finally give in. To give me a small part of yourself so that you would finally be free of that device you despise so much.

"I would sooner die Zarasar, or Kaos, or whatever it is that you call yourself. You are nothing but a parasite leaching off of my body. But unlike a normal parasite, I can control you."

Do you think I wanted this? Do you not see that me being "a parasite" is not something I chose? Do you not see that I'd rather go back to my family the stay with you? No. Of course you don't Jack, you see nothing but that which suits your needs. Too bad you do not see that giving me some control would suit your needs perfectly.

Jack just smiled. The alien stuck to his body always tried different methods. Sometimes he would be kind, sometimes he would be agrressive and other times, he would try a more simpathetic method. But Jack still denied it control over his body. Not even a small part for it to call its own.

While Jack was talking to himself, a dog approached him. It was skinny enough for it's ribcage to be showing through a thin layer of skin and short fur. It was obviously hungry enough to approach a random person on the streat, a person that must have smelt strange enough to keep all other dogs or any other animal at bay. An image of pitty appeared an jack's face. Such a poor creature. It must be suffering greatly like this. He knelt down, placing the briefcase nexxt to him, so that he could pet it. What followed was not pretty. Blood, a yelp of pain, a quite snap and a limp body fell on the ground. Jack's fingers were covered in blood as was the dogs face. Blood streamed out of the dogs eyes, or the holes where its eyes previously were. It's body was limp, but something was obviously wrong with its back.

"Hehe, the first colors to decorate this canvas. How wonderful."

How low you have fallen. Killing a dog, just to setisfy your urges. Really Jack.

"Killing a dog? Don't worry, it's still alive. I just broke it's spine so that it could no longer move." He kicked the dog into a nearby wall. and it could bee seen that it was still breathng. "Oh, and it can feel everything. I made sure not to break any parts of it's spinal cord that could stop transmission of sensory information."

And you are now gonna waste time making another painting?

"No. There is not enough paint in this small container to draw the magnificent scene." He bent over, picked up the briefcase with his bloodstained hand and started walking in a direction he picked at random, leaving the dog behind him.

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In another part of the twon stood a white haired man. Not very bulkiny but tall.He was certainly smart. He was simplyanalyzing evrey thing and nothingnhencouldn't see except his target. HisSpiral Sensedeteced the other poeple notregular. He then jumped down and landed onnaAPC. He tappednit activated it with hisG Bioic. He turned on auto pilot andsent it runninh downthenstreet.Seconds later gunfire andexp.osionrang out. He smiled thenkept itmoving.

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A black haired man in a nice expensive suit walked through the barren streets. In his hand he held a suitcase and if you looked at him he would appear to be a normal bussinessman. He lifted up his arm and pushed up his sleeve to check the time and part of a tattoo became visible. He walked into the first building he saw which happened to be a restraunt. He sat down as a table and pulled out his phone and pulled up a map of the town. His first priority was getting to a computer before he did anything else. If he could do that he could find out if his cousin is in this town which is the only reason he had agreed to come.

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@ChronoWolf: Eren smelled something blood. He arrived at an area and saw a dog lying down he analyzed it and concluded it has spinal damage. He used spiral sense and detected a man ahead. Eren caught up with him instantly and said "Hello, i take it you did that to the dog". Eren jumped back on top of a building and looked down on the suitman.

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The man stared at Reave for a few seconds, he had a certain kind of panic in his eyes.

He started running. He ran without saying a word.

The man disappeared into a building.

Reave would have trouble with that approach, no one was dumb enough to stay out in the street during a situation like this.

With the man gone, he found himself in a street as desolated as the one where Charlotte was standing.


Locke had some more luck. In the street where he was there were still people around.

They weren't many and they were all clearing out, trying to get away as fast as possible.

Some of them were women with their children in fact, most likely coming back from shopping.

If Locke was to act that was his chance.

But before he could realize the chance something happened.

A flash blinding his eyes for a second.

It was the flash coming from the scope of a sniper rifle a city block away.

It was a sniper set up by Mr. Ushitoro himself, with the instructions to shoot anything unusual in sight.

A bullet was fired.


The scene inside wasn't as it would be expected.

The entire inside looked like it was ready to welcome a war.

Every single piece of anything more durable than paper was use to make covers and blockades.

Before Scott was allowed to finish his sentence the men all opened fire.

There was about twenty of them, using all kinds of weapon from single action to full automatic.

From the backdoor one man appeared with an armed RPG, firing it in the same instant.

It just seemed like an everyday scene to them.


Out in the empty streets there weren't too many obstacles that could hinder Slim.

He was free to dash at his fullest potential.

But as he was approaching the end of the street a small figure appeared right in his path.

Someone who would be seen as a little girl by a soldier like him.

It was Charlotte, who was still wandering around trying to make sense of the situation.

Instinctively, Moralltach and Beagalltach appeared in her hands.

Charlotte's trusted handguns.

But rather than to open fire, she lowered them for a second.

It was so because she got a clear look at the man dashing.

"You're one of the... umm.... Aaron guys!" Charlotte's memory didn't serve her the bast, simply put the name "Space Marines" escaped her.

But she still remembered the certain Space Marine whom she considered a nice guy.

Could this be a good guy too?



Seth was mostly alone. All people who were previously there either fled the scene or were hiding in some other part of the restraunt. He was enveloped by silence, other than the dim and silent classic music which was left on when everyone ran away. It looked like he could do whatever he wanted to do in peace.

That idea gets destroyed pretty quickly though. A man stumbles through the door, closing it in a clumsy way, nearly falling over as he did so. Looking at the sweat dripping from his forehead and the way how he was breathing it was obvious that he had been running for quiet some time. He was in his mid thirties, maybe a bit older. He wore a simple black suit with a tie like most wealthy people in the city. But over the suit was an old dusty gray coat, reminding one of a poor beggar on the street. His face had very clear and defined sharp lines. On his chin were some black spots of his beard, indicating that he either shaved in a hurry or that he didn't do it while focused. Lastly there was his hair, a black untamed mop of black, going off to all sides like a bird nest. It made him look a lot less professional, but also added a certain kind of charm.

"E-excuse me? Do you know what's going on?" the man asked Seth as he sat down next to him trying catch his breath.

"I was on my way to work when i noticed that there was no one in the streets and then i heard gunshots as well."

The man was clearly in shock. A bit strange given that shootouts were on the daily order in this city.

But even so, there were many greenhorns who were simply ignorant of the situation at hand.

Those who just moved in or were introduced to the family buissnise.

This man was likely one of the above.

@ChronoWolf: @Galenbeta:

As the chaos in the city was slowly starting, the four cloaked figures made their move. The fifth one just stayed at the dock, still leaning onto the same ship without moving. The other four were at at a crossroad, just about to split up, their targets were obvious. But as they were about to do so, something became painfully obvious.

There was only three of them.

"Dammit, where the hell is Rouge?" the man who was at the front before, most likely their leader.

"Weren't you supposed to look after him Ariel?" he yelled out at another cloaked figure.

The female didn't answer but just grunted in regret.

"Whatever, it's too late now anyway. He seems to be about to engage two of the targets." the leader seemed to be calming down, or rather he was just accepting the situation as it was while he looked his his radar that was picking up the locations of his team and all the fake storage devices.

"Curious, our weakest member is also the most cocky one." the third figure, also male spoke up, in a rather smug tone.

"Just shut up and move out." the chit-chat was ended with the leaders order and the three split up, going off in different directions.

In the meantime Jack and Eren were about to be faced with a danger of their own.

Two shots were fired at nearly the same time, one bullet for Eren on the building and one bullet for Jack down on the street.

The shots were fired fast enough to make it impossible to tell that it was only one gun and only one shooter involved. An impressive feat.

Atop of the building across the one on which Galen stood was the proud shooter.

A cowboy grab with a lot of decorations and red scarf. A true wild west dandy.

He had silver hair and clear blue eyes, accompanied by a cocky grin.

In his hand was a rifle, though it would be more appropriate the call it a cannon. Not only was it massive in size, but it's barrel was very wide and below it was a giant spike. Smoke was still coming from it as it rested in the man's hand. The act alone was impressive, the rifle was certainly too heavy to be effectively used by a human even with all their strength put into it, yet this man was holding it with one hand and even fired accurate and fast shots.

The other weapon on his being seemed to be at his hip. A gun in an abnormally long holster, reminding one of a sword in it's sheathe.

That was Rouge, one of the mercenaries and as far as every else was concerned their most problematic and childish member.

"Ay, be kind and hands those boxes over, will ya?" the yelled out to both Eren and Jack, obviously talking about their storage devices.

And with Rouge's grand entrance, the game was set up.

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Reave looked around, annoyed by the civilians lack of courtesy.

Still, not wanting to cause an indergalactic incident, he let him be.

His ears picked up, listening for the sounds of combat and analysing his map.

Mentally marking where the others were, Reave decided that this point over here was the blind spot, factoring in the mercenary's battles.

So, he headed to where no one else was fighting, as that is where the prey would escape to.


Locke reached for his belt as soon as the flash went off. Dropping a grenade to the floor, he was enveloped in a spherical barrier that could block attacks upward if nuclear strikes.

Eyes closed, he listened, switching rounds in his Shadowstalker Bolter and turning towards the sound of the bullet ricocheting off the barrier.

From the point of impact, and the direction the bullet flew, Locke ran the geometry in his head and aimed his Shadowstalker Bolter, firing.

While lacking the sheer rate of fire of the standard Bolter, the Shadowstalker was silent, and much more accurate. With a semi-auto rate of fire, he fired three rounds towards the sniper.

The Bolts were Paintersplinter rounds. In addition to having the standard penetration, explosion, and power of a standard Bolter, the Paintersplinter would release a cloud of gas that would paint everything within twenty metres, covering them in an invisible, radioactive paint that made survivors oh so easy to track.

Even if Locke missed the sniper, he would be a very happy Scout.


Scott dropped to his knee, raising the wrist-mounted shield to cover his head, Clenching his teeth as the RPG exploded against it.

Cover was for the weak.

And as a Scout, that's what he was. There was no shame. Only pragmatism.

So, he drew a grenade from his belt and rolled a Krak grenade into the barricade, under the cover of the smoke.

He wanted survivors, after all.


Slim slowed his hunt, looking at the girl. Guns appeared in her hand.

Who was this Aaron? Another Marine? From that embassy a few months ago?


Small girl. Makes guns.

"Wait... are you the infinite ammo girl?" Slim asked cautiously. "The one who met a techpriest in Kansas?"

Because that would be awesome. Every scout and their mother were going nuts for the possibility of infinite dakka.

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@Galenbeta: @Fehafare:

Jack seemed to ignore the white haired man. What Jack did was none of his concern. But maybe he's offering his blood as paint. Maybe he wants to help decorate the town.

His thoughts were interrupted by the man jumping away. Really, what a strange man. To approach Jack and suddenly go away again... Jack tensed up, his left hand twitched a bit and his ears perked up. If he suddenly decided to leave, then perhaps the man was a ranged fighter and wanted distance so he could unleash his attacks.

It was the fear of the man's further actions that saved Jack's life as he heard the first gunshot. The second came right after it, the two sound melding to sound like one long sound instead of two separate ones. But it was enough time for Jack to make slight modifications to his body's position.

The bullet ripped through Jack's hip, leaving a bloody wound as a cry of pain escaped his mouth. That bastard. He dares shoot at me? He dares make me use my own colors to show this city true beauty? He will pay.

Such a drama queen you are.

That's enough from you. Concentrate on fixing my wound.

Jack spun around expecting to see only the silver haired man holding a gun, yet he saw two people. The other person had clothes similar to the cowboys in old westerns, but his gun was something different. A huge monstrosity with a smoking barrel, and a sheath. No, not a sheath, but an extremely long holster.

Two of them? Ganging up on me, huh? Well, only an idiot would stick around against two opponents with a bigger range then him.

"You want it? Then come and find me?" He pushed a few buttons on a bracelet on his left wrist band asuddenly disappeared out of view. A small cloaking field enveloped him and made him undetectable even to spiral energy. He started running, producing no sound and with his wound no longer bleeding, so there would be no trail of blood to follow.

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@Fehafare: Seth looked at the man quizically for a few seconds as his eyes changed over from green to red. "No," he said in a arrogant voice as he moved to a table and picked up a abandoned butter knife. He created a small personal territory around himself that was invisible to normals. While he was inside his world he loaded himself down with weightless handguns. They were all hidden by his jacket. He then changed the composition of the knife to make it stronger. He gave it a good throw once his territory was gone and it embedded itself in the wall.

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@ChronoWolf: Eren summoned a huge drill and dropped it on the cowboy. The man dropped of his Spiral Radar but no his other one. So he called "The cowboy are dead and stop running i am no hostile"

Eren decided in the end this man was of no use and decided to leave so he dashed off .

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@SamJaz: (OOC: Yes it is the same restaurant in which Seth and the man currently are)


Reave arrived at mostly empty street, all buildings in it shut tight.

All but one.

It was the most prominent building in the street, the one that stood out the most.

It was a restaurant, a pretty fancy one on top of that.

If there were people that could be asked anything in this street, they would be in there.


Seeing that his shot was ineffective the sniper was about to fall back.

The cowardly behavior was triggered by the technological superiority of the enemy.

But it was already too late.

The bolter round was fired, piercing the sniper's hip, bringing him down in an instant.

He didn't have much left, he was bleeding all over the place.

The man slowly crawled back to his sniper and fired a few more desperate shots.

He knew it was in vain, he just didn't want to die with his last memory being that he tried to run away.

With the last bit of his strength he spoke something into his headset.

An elite group of heavily armed guards was already heading up the stairs to the top of the building where Locke stood.

They were determined to take him down.


Having forced him down to his knees, the courage of the men rose.

Only to drop as they saw the grenade roll towards them.

It caused mass confusion.

Some ran.

Some continued shooting.

One even charged out, a fairly large man.

Of course compared to Scott he wasn't all that big, not that size would help him anyway.

He tackled the giant, most likely an act of desperation.

The other men still capable of any kind of combat action realized the chance.

Some five to eight grenades rolled towards Scott, arriving at his feet.

That place was going up.


Seeing that the man wasn't hostile Charlotte lowered her guns completely, but did not make the disappear, not yet.

His appearance intimidated her a little bit, he didn't look like Aaron, but she could recognize them armor.

She thought for a second after he had asked her the question.

After that she nodded while saying "Matthias."

Charlotte found it very important to remember names of people that were nice to her.

At that point the concept of a friend was still unknown to her.

So calling them "nice guys" was the best she could do.


@Galenbeta: @ChronoWolf:

As the smoke cleared the figure of Rouge slowly emerged from it. The drill that aimed to kill him was simply pushed aside with his free arm. Of course as a result his whole palm was torn and bleeding, but he didn't seem to mind, or rather he acted as if he didn't seem to mind as reacting to it wouldn't be "cool". Rather than giving up on the two targets that fled, he grinned.

"Now that won't be happening." two shots were fired again, this time aimed at the legs of Eren and Jack.

Of course it wasn't anything special to shoot Eren, he could still see the man. But one couldn't help but become puzzled at how he managed to do so with Jack, his leg on top of that. Did he have infra-red sensors? Could he see past illusionary light effects? Did he have a wolf-like sense of smell? The answer was much more simple that that. He guessed it. "Guessing" is the wrong word though. "Predicting" suited it much better. Unlike his teammates, Rouge was just a human. A very well trained human. While the others were drinking and relaxing, he would be out practicing his quickdraw or his accuracy. What they did casually, he did by putting a hundred times more effort into it. What for them was a walk in the park, was for him a near-death experience that only served to make his mind and body stronger. He managed to keep up with his supernatural teammates through raw determination, absolute dedication and sheer flawless skill.

As such it came as no surprise that he, a mercenary who spent most of his life killing people and chasing those that wanted to evade that fate, could exactly pinpoint Jack's position despite the fact that he could no see or hear him. He knew the direction he was facing, and he knew the average speed with which he would travel. Using nothing but that and a dash of luck, he managed to shoot his left leg.

Eren had the same spot shot. That should cripple their movements considerably and the blood coming out marked both them and the steps they'd make after that. But Rouge wasn't done yet. His teammates could afford themselves to only cripple an enemies legs and then slowly walk towards them in the most threatening of way, but Rouge always had to put in more effort, he always had to make sure nothing went wrong, he always had to double check everything.

An apparatus jumped out of his coat and directly onto the rifle. It was fired. It was no extremely sophisticated machine of doom. It was a simple long rage taser, with a cord attached that was connected to a battery inside the coat.

But that was enough, shocking his enemies like that while he moved in closer was good enough for him.

The entire process was repeated once more for Eren.

With that Rouge jumped down and started walking towards Jack.



As the man saw Seth pick the knife up he instinctively reached into his coat. Inside was a gun, a gift from his father. But as Seth just threw the knife the man calmed down. "I'm panicking way too easily...." he thought to himself as sweat dropped from his forehead. He stood up and walked to Seth again, despite his answer and tone suggesting that he didn't want to speak. He calmed down a bit and then spoke again, this time trying to bring up a less serious topic.

"My name's Okajima Senji. What's yours?"

The question was asked casually as Senji sat down again.

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Jack didn't feel anything as he fell, the suitcase flying a few feet infront of him. And then the pain kicked in. "Gaaah! WHAT THE FU-"

I do not think yelling profanities will help you now.

Shut up and help me!

Jack felt a sting before he lost control of his muscles. As the electricity stopped flowing through Jacks body, he saw the man approaching him. His eyes widened. Is he... Is he going to die now? No, he has yet to make his masterpiece, the work of art he will be remembered for. No, no, he has to live. He has to.

Bring up the cloak again, bring it up!

I don't think being invisible will help you much if you bleed to death. That hole is pretty big.

Jack's eyes descended on his leg. Such beauty. But why must Jack be the canvase on which the beauty is made? That is unfair. He's supposed to be the painter.

"You bastard." He muttered as he put his hand into his suit, rolling to the side just in case the man decides to shoot him while he's doing it. He pulled out three knives of the throwing variety. They're usually meant to make sure his "models" don't run away, but this time they're being used to allow Jack an oppertunity to run.

He threw two with extreme precision towards the man's right hand, and the last one at his left. Let's see you hit me if you can't even hold that monstrosity. He still had seven throwing knives and was ready to use them if he saw the need to. Beyond that, he had two knives for the more up close and personal approach. Although, with his leg in it's current state it didn't seem like some knives would help him much.

After Jack threw the knives, he spun around and started crawling towards the briefcase, after which he will get up and try limping into the nearest alley, hopefully to make himself a harder target to catch. Hunters go for the targets that are easier to get, right? If he manages to run away he'll enter the first unlocked building, seeking shelter.

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@Fehafare: Eren simply dodged the bullett noticing that his opponent wasn't dead. He this time sent a Spiral Energy blast the size of an airplane at the shooter. The blast is strong enough to level a building. Eren then summoned another drill this time it was summoned dirctly above his target and have enough power to lvel a building.

Eren then jumped into the spiral dimension readying for a sneak attack

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Reave looked at the building, sensing conflict, and took a deep breath.

Hands at the ready, he walked in, ready to tackle whatever faced him inside.


Locke heard the footsteps below, and reacted quickly, launching the grapplehooks from his waist, embedding them through the wall of the sniper's building before jumping off the rooftops.

He tossed a grenade onto the rooftop behind him and smashed through the wall, rolling on the ground as he recalled his hooks, then grinned as he stamped on the bleeding sniper's rifle.

"I see you've still got one working leg." Locke remarked, standing up and aiming his Shadowstalker at the target, keeping his ears peeled for further threats. "It just so happens that I have one question. Where is Ushitoro Daisuke?"


Scott backhanded the opponent, then saw the grenades. Grabbing the giant, he slammed him on top of the grenades, covering five and using him as a meat shield to block the blasts.

The covered his face, and let the remaining grenades bounce off his armour. He wasn't moved, due to his weight, but his ear was scratched, bleeding, and his left rang slightly.

Thankfully, his augmented ears filtered through excessive noise, to cope with the large amount of bolterfire the standard marine listens to in a day, but more recently the augmentation was altered to protect against Sonic attacks. Recently being a relative term in an empire whose history spans forty millennia.

"Weak." Scott said, breathing in the smoke and letting he glands in his throat do the filtering before the air reached his three lungs. He opened his eyes, the iris' adapting to the obscured vision, relying on the infra-red and ultraviolet colours to betray his targets positions.

He saw three, and raised his bolter, firing one bullet, aimed towards the head of first, the explosion would kill the second, and the third would be maimed, crapping himself, and would plead for the chance to trade information for mercy.


"Yeah, that guy!" Slim said with a grin, squatting down to face the girl. "I've never met him, but we work for the same team. What brings you here to Dai?"

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@Fehafare: "Seth Shady," Seth answered with a look of disdain. He sat down in front of the man then pointed a gun at him discreetly under the table. "I have no idea whats going on and I don't care," he answered. He closed his eyes and focused his energy so that he could summon a barrier on a minute notice. Once his energy was gathered he opened his eyes again however they were a bright green and the malice had dissipated. "Anyway how about you tell me what you know," he asked quietly with the threatening tone no longer present. However when he heard the door open he spun around and pointed the gun he had hidden underneath the table at the door and he had also reached into his jacket and pulled out another identical gun. His eyes now had a slight pinkish tint to them and were steeled into a dangerous glare. "Move and you die," he whispered to the intruder as he aimed his guns for headshots.

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Eren decided aginast senak attacking and arped to a differwnt part of time. It seemed very high class but had an evil feel to it. He could almst feel the si ister in this city. Then a loud echanical stomp. He turns around and sees a 14 meter tall meca. Why was this here no idea. Eren didn't wsste time he lasted a drill right through it's center desroying it istantley. Eren thought nothing of facing a ,ehca on foot. He was praatically a one ,an army. Eren kept on walking looking for the objective.

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As the task force arrived the grenade left behind for them went off, obscuring their vision for a moment and also injured a few of them.

One thing was clear.

They weren't normal soldiers.

Their body armor was way too thick and advanced, evident by the fact that the grenade only caused minor injuries, and even the weapons they carried seemed like an abnormality.

Large stark white rifles, with wired containers attached to them.

Those were the elite soldiers employed by Ushitoro as soon as he had the storage device in his possession.

Their presence made it clear that the Scouts were considered a legit threat.

The weapons they used were one of a kind.

Plasma rifles.

Their ammunition was both solid and liquid at the same time. It both delivered an impact and stuck on it's target corroding it and slowly eating away it's molecular structure. It also transmitted jolts of electricity.

They opened fire at the other building, their target being Locke.

The sniper only grinned as he brought his handgun up and pointed it at Locke.


As the smoke slowly cleared the few remaining men panicked once more.

They were about to use their last chance to run, but they had already lost that one the second they decided to go on the offensive.

The bolter round destroyed the heads of two.

A last third one sustained some nasty burns and most likely permanent damage to his hearing.

He was down on the floor.

In his own piss.



As he sat down the man looked way less threatening, or at least Charlotte felt that way.

He asked her a basic question.

A question to which she would have nearly forgotten the answer because of how empty the streets were.

She handed Slim a letter.

It was the very same letter that invited her to the city, promising that she would learn new things about herself.

As she gave him the piece of paper she sat down herself, her two guns resting in her lap.


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Senji was happy enough that Seth told him his name, after all it didn't seem like he was the talkative type. The next line suggested hostility again but it quickly loosened up as Seth seemed to have performed some kind of meditation. Good, Senji wasn't good in tense situations at all. He couldn't even handle normal meetings, let alone an eye to eye confrontation with a guy like this. Seth then asked him a question pretty similar to the one he asked him when he first got there.

"I hav-" the door is slammed open before he even starts answering the question for real. A heavily armored man enters. Seth reacts quickly pointing two guns at him.

Senji was a bit different, he reach into his jacket like before taking out a gun, his speed was much slower than Seth's clearly showing his lack of experience. The gun was a sight to be seen. It looked like it belonged into a museum. It was pretty much a single action rifle turned gun. A Thomson Contender. Most of it made out of fine rosewood. It became clear how that was a gift from the man's father, but it also made one more thing evident.

Senji had no idea what he was doing. It was obvious that the gun was meant for decorative purposes or for hunting or some other kind of sports. But for actual combat where your life was at stake? The gun was as good as any flintlock musket in a situation like this. If he actually wanted to survive in the city he needed something with a rate of fire faster than his grandma. "Shit, it's not loaded" Senji thought the phrase as he tried opening the gun's chamber to load it. After beating it against the table a few times he managed to do so. His shaky hand needed four seconds before actually sliding the bullet it.

It was clear that his man would have been dead long ago if he ever was in a situation like this before.

At best this pathetic act would make it clear to the other two that he was no threat to speak of.


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Rouge was about to chase after the wounded Jack as he suddenly jumped to the side. He dodged a drill, directly above his head as it slammed into the ground. But it wasn't over there, a huge blast of energy was coming his way too. Using the momentum he gained from the dodge he pushed off the wall of a building and flew straight onto the balcony of the opposing building, avoiding his death by a hair.

"That was close." Rouge adjusted his hat as he spoke in a rather relaxed and comical manner, completely ignoring the danger of the situation.

He jumped back onto the street and made his way to Jack's location.

In the meantime Eren was approached by a squad of the same soldiers that were assaulting Locke at the time.

They opened fire on sight.

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Jack limped into a nearby alleyway. The last thing he heard was an explosion and he hoped that the cowboy wannabe took the full brunt of it. Serves him right. Though, Jack couldn't risk it. He had to keep moving, and couldn't even turn around, because if the man survived, then Jack would be losing precious seconds.

His limp was going away as he was halfway out of the alley. And then, in the window of a shop on the opposite side of the street the alley leads too, Jack saw him.

Does that man never quit?! Why won't he just die already?

Why don't you stop and ask him?

Jack ignored the voice in his head. He put one hand into the pocket of his suit and it gripped the handle of a knife. Let's see you get closer. Just a little bit. His leg was feeling much better, though it still hurt with every step and he still couldn't run.

While he didn't stop or slow down even a bit, he was concentrated on the man's reflection in the shop window. If Rouge prepared his rifle to fire, Jack would be ready to jump to the side, to the sky, or duck, as the circumstances might require.

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@Fehafare: Eren simply dodged all the bullets and dropped a giant drill on the soldiers than jumped into Spiral Space before anything else could happen.

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@Fehafare: Eren warped back this time far away from the soldiers. He turned on his spiral sense and felt it a figure underground pacing back and forth. He was heading in that direction but he knew there are going to be gurads

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