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It was a small planet in some unimportant galaxy. It had resources, not too many, but enough. A decently advanced civilization and a few nations that for the most part existed in harmony. The landscape was quiet amazing and so what the vegetation and animal life on the planet. The entire scenario was like a slightly twisted and more advanced version of Earth. The cities were grand, hulking mountains of white steel that stood out in the lush green of the plains they found themselves in. The completely automatic defense systems were hardly used and economy was doing well. For most of the countries and cities the past few centuries have been nothing but a blessing and a golden age. The people were especially thankful, considering that the history prior to that was filled with war, death and struggle for survival. Nowadays, other than one or two religious or political disputes there was little to no conflict. None-natural death rates were at a minimum, the average life span had been increased by nearly 30% and crime rates were at a new record low. An average family had two kids and both parents were working. The educational system had gone through some reforms and the new generation was just getting used to it. New technological discoveries had improved productivity, offered alternative energy sources and opened up new workplaces. While the gap between the rich and the poor was still present, it was getting smaller with each passing day and because of the economical independence of the nations discrimination and tensions started disappearing too. Though a number of deadly plagues was still present in many sub-urban places and even some of the major cities, thanks to the stabilization of the general affairs, resources could be focused on developing a cure and scientists were confident that they were on the right path. They also had the chance to amass impressive amounts of knowledge, storing them away to be used in the close future for further progress. Like planting seeds so that one can harvest the fruits later.

It was a world experiencing a steady and secure rise with a bright future to look forward to. Sure it wasn't a perfect paradise and probably didn't even meet Earth's standards of an Utopia, but it was still a damn fine place to live.

Then all changed.

For the first time in it's history the planet was faced with invaders from outer space. An Empire using it's extraordinary military power was aggressively spreading through the galaxy, taking one planet after another at a very rapid pace. The planet never experience such large scale warfare before and had to oppose a threat to which it couldn't adapt. The main army was quickly broken up and smaller resistance groups were formed. Though they did manage to slow down the rate at which the planet was being overtaken, they did know that they were just dragging out an event they couldn't stop. With the time of war passing the hate towards the invading Empire grew larger and larger. At it's peak preserving the planet, the nations, cities and even the people was no longer important, deal a blow to the enemy took priority over all. And as such the last weapon of defense was unleashed. Fission Bombs, like Earth's nuclear warheads, but those were dwarfed in comparison by what these weapons could do. In a matter of a single week the entire planet had been turned into a dull desert wasteland. A good part of the population was dead and the worst of all, the enemy had no been stopped.

In regret the scientists made one last effort to correct their mistakes and at least give one part of the world they had taken away back to the people. The collective consciousnesses of the planet's surviving population was uploaded into cyberspace, abandoning their physical bodies and the harsh world they themselves had created. What they found was a lose replica of their former lives, but they adapted. It did not last too long as the Empire followed them even there. They were not after the resources of the planet, but the knowledge of the civilization and the potential it held.

A new war broke out. But perhaps this time they would have a chance.


Some Years Later

Inside a science lab on a small research complex a young platinum haired girl was moving through the halls. With here was a squad of five armed men. Here eyes were as steely as the floor she walked upon. This was her day, a day to make yet another small change that would shift the scales of war and end the conflict that had torn apart her planet many years ago.

She had determination flickering in her eyes and hatred burning in her heart.

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"And that is how Adolf Hitler was able to successfully place the poor economic growth of post-war Germany onto the financial habits of the Jewish population." Mister Smith told the class. "Make sure you review your notes on Polish-British relations and the economic state of France after the first world war. Class dismissed."

One student raised her hand.

"Yes, Hannah?" the teacher asked her.

"Sir, the bell hasn't rung yet?" Hannah Santos said, just as the bell rang.

John Smith smirked, then lifted his satchel over his shoulder and left the room.

One of his students, a red-haired boy from the back, was reaching for his jacket.

Moore Cowbell, the son of dairy tycoons, recently advanced in his ability to have a game interface in the real world, had been training a perk he'd obtained in the Observation tree after levelling up last night.

Identify- Allows the user to see another person's name, level, job class and race upon sight.

It was an interesting enough skill, if only to see everyone's levels. Most of the other students were somewhere between 5 and 13. Moore himself was a 20, but had been a level 10 when he awoke to his ability just a few months ago. Some of the teachers were of higher levels, although there were some people he had seen whose levels he couldn't see.

One of them was Pokolson, though his Job class said that he was Necromancer. That made sense. Pokolson was one of the first to discover Moore's ability, though he hadn't made a big deal of it, other than pulling him into his office the first week to warn him about what he was getting into and describing the concept of the Hidden World to him.

Since obtaining this perk, Moore was staring to get a feel for what the deputy head was talking about. The Librarian was level 50, so Pokolson must be stronger than that.

Mister Smith was so powerful, Moore couldn't even see his name or race, only his job title. Accountant.

"Come on Moore."

Moore looked up to see his sister tapping him on the shoulder. Rin Cowbell, Level 11 Student. Human. Moore quickly shoved his books into his bag and got moving to Biology.


Moore hung back throughout the walk to the L block building, letting his sister talk to her gaggle of friends while he himself farmed EXP by Examining the various students that passed by.

Noelle Banks. Level 7 Student. Human.

Ricardo Sanches. Level 8 Student.

Something Japanese. Level 9 Student. Human.

Devine Brozzu, Level 8 Student. Human

Gordon Blaine, Level 9 Student. Human.

Suzanne Sanders, Level 8 Student. Human.

Elliott Fabre, Level 16 Freelancer. Shinodaborn.

Molly Salt, Level 9 Student- Wait, what?!

Moore turned around sharply to look at the girl that had just walked past him.

Elliott Fabre. Level 16 Freelancer. Shinodaborn.


What the hell was a Shinodaborn?

Whatever it was, it wasn't human.

That's what it was.


Moore's sneak skill was fairly high, so was able to observe the school gates from across the street and wait for Elliott to show herself.

Elliott Fabre. Level 16 Freelancer. Shinodaborn.

Hands into his pocket, he slipped into the crowd and started following her.

First, she caught the Victoria line and changed at Euston, taking the Northern Line up to Camden Town.

Okay, this was a weird place. Moore knew it well enough since he came here to get his anime T-shirts, and also knew that it wasn't the kind of place you went into wearing your school uniform.

When they left the tube carriage, Moore noticed that she'd put a hoodie on. When they got out of the station, he noticed she'd taken her skirt off and was wearing short shorts.

On the street, she turned around to face him, and leaned in with a smirk.

Elliott Fabre, Level 16 Brawler. Shinodaborn.

"How long were you intending to follow me?" She asked Moore, who was struggling to maintain his posture at the sudden cleavage. Recovering, Moore looked her in the eye.

"What's a Shinodaborn?" he asked her, causing a different expression to come on her face and causing her to lean back in surprise.

Fire flickered around her fingertips, and Moore replied with the same, charging up a lightning spell. He was a higher level than her, and had some magic training. He could take her.

She clenched her fists, then smiled again.

"Fancy talking about this over chicken?" She asked, turning away from Moore and walking towards the market stalls.

"Don't see why not." Moore replied, unchanging his own spell and following her.

As they passed a bridge, however, Elliott reached her hand back and grabbed Moore's, and they were both encircled by purple lights.

"Easier just to show you." She told him, and they were both transported to a digital world.

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Grey clouds covered the sky where Matt lived and even while lying on his bed he could hear the familiar and somewhat calming sounds of falling rain. Usually he liked that sound and the darkness that the clouds brought with them. But today the weather depressed him. He wanted to go outside, go for a walk, stretch his legs, take in some fresh air instead of the stail room air he had been breathing in for the last god knows how many hours.

He sat up and looked through the window, hoping to see the rain calming down. Unfortunately, much like the last twenty or so times he looked just in the past hour, there was no sign of improvement. Just empty streets with an occasional person or couple walking under an umbrella, hurrying to find a roof above their heads. There weren't even any stray cats or dogs around. With a sigh, Matt looked around the room, perhaps he could find something to entertain him until the skies clear. On first glance, he saw nothing other then his computer. On second glance, however, he saw his digivice, just sitting there next to the computer and an idea formed in his head.

He quickly got up and got dressed in his usual clothes, after which he wrote a note if his mother come home before he came back, took the digivice and pointed it at the computer. He wanted to go to the Digital World, that was the best place for one who seeks to escape his room yet the weather won't permit it. In a flash of green light Matt disappeared, leaving the room, and the whole house, now empty.

However, the place he arrived at wasn't the Digital World, not as he knew it at least. This wasn't the first time he went to a place other then the Digital World, the digivice was a machine and all machines tend to make mistakes. Well then, if he's not where he's supposed to be, he might as well find out where he is. Luckily, it seemed that there were some people now, a redheaded boy and a green-haired girl, appearing in a flash of purple but a few meters away from him.

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

The girl and her followers stepped into a rather large room. It was full of rather impressive looking equipment, clean and perfectly organized. A few scientists and engineers were present too, but they quickly dropped one after another as their heads were reduced to a bloody mist by seemingly soundless gunshots. There was also a huge power generator right in the corner of the room. The group started making their way towards it.

The girl leading the group was Ciel Rhea, and the group itself was a squad part of a large resistance group. They were fighting the very Empire that had assaulted their home planet years ago. Ciel was one of the youngest ones that could still remember how their real home looked like and those memories alone were enough to fuel her anger and hatred. It also served as raw motivation, the result was an exceptionally young woman with an absurd level that was approaching the 4 digits range. Needless to say that also made her quite powerful, as such everyone was confident that the mission here would be a walk in the park.

The men had started mounting what appeared to be a bomb to the generator when an explosion took away their sense of hearing. Ciel looked at her digital map. It was one of the bombs from the other team at the same facility. Something was wrong, they were not supposed to detonate yet. She tried communications, but all she heard were a few screams and gunshots before the signal was lost.

They had been ambushed. Ambushed and trapped.

In a matter of moments they were swarmed by soldiers. The operation was aborted in the same instant. "Return fire and retreat!" Ciel yelled, though they had nowhere to run and they were outnumbered massively. Her men returned fire, but were eliminated one after another. This was supposed to be a simple routine mission, so why would they send in so many forces? The answer came quickly when Ciel realized that some rather high-level individuals had entered the facility too, there was only one reason as to why they'd send those here. They were going after her. One way or another they found out that she would be here and were now determined to either capture or kill her.

That triggered the most basic of instinct. Flight or fight. Though she could take on entire armies of Marines on her own, the number of individuals who could in fact challenge her one on one kept increasing with each minute. Most likely all generals and high ranking officers. And with that it was decided. She would be overwhelmed and killed if the decided to stay. She had to run.

With a single thought her entire appearance changed. Most of her frail looking body was obscured by a giant hulking armor. The hand alone was bigger than a grown human being. Her head was covered by a helmet too, but her pale hair was longer, overflowing and running down the mechanical back.

She pointed her hand at the wall next to her while seemingly ignoring the hundreds of gunshots coming from the soldiers that were surrounding her. Each of her fingers was a massive cannon, all of them charging and firing in the blink of an eye. The wall, designed to take the whole planet's nuclear weaponry supplied head-on without a scratch, crumbled before here like a piece of glass. That was one obstacle less, but she was far away from freedom. An energy field had been erected around the whole base. It fed of all energy released inside, which meant the more time passed the more powerful it would become. She had to act fast.

She started sprinting inside the massive armor, taking the shortest route towards the barrier that was separating her from escape.

In her way was a group of three kids, civilians. They were wearing strange clothes and they had equally strange hair colors well at least two of them.

Though then again, Ciel wasn't really sure if she could call any kind of appearance inside of this world strange.

Slowly she was reducing the distance between them.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

Moore and Elliott looked around the world around them. It was a war zone, and things were getting more intense by the second.

On one side, some blonde guy was charging them. On the other, a massive machine warrior was charging towards the team.

"This is your deal?" Moore asked Elliott. "Drop people in hell zones?"

"Dungeons." Elliott corrected. "Though we seem to have found a boss fight right off the bat."

"Great." Moore muttered, surprisingly calm for the fact that this was the first time he'd ever had to fight for his survival. "Inventory." He said, opening the menu and drawing an enchanted sword out of a pocket in space and time. +15 fire damage.

He held it in both hands as Elliott got into a boxing stance, facing the mechanical giant. "We're both going to die." Moore sighed.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Before Matt ever reached the two, a giant robot burst through a wall not too far away. The two made a particularly foolish decision of pulling out weapons, well, one pulled out a sword, the other just stood in a boxing stance.

Are those kids mental? They expect to fight something with a foot as big as a car using just a sword and fists? Matt had a decision before him. He had two transformations that could match the robot in size, one even surpassing it but only slightly, though using either one would result in a lot of explosions which could potentially hurt the kids. So the smarter thing to do would be to get them the hell out of the things way.

Obviously being a sensible adult, Matt turned into Gallantus, encasing himself in shining white armor, and went after Moore and Elliott so that he could grab them and carry them off to the side before the robot crushes them under its might boot.

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Ciel continued her charge. Though she still only had the two kids in mind, who apparently wanted to defend themselves with a sword and their bare fists it seemed, that alone made Ciel think whether or not it was worth saving them. What's the point, if they're as bright as that they'll probably die twenty minutes later anyway.

But then the third one, the "normal looking one" changed his form. Well from Ciel's perspective he simply changed his class, either way right now he was heading towards the kids too. That was motivation enough. She increased in speed and reached Elliot and Moore before Matt did. She grabbed the two with her left arm as good as she could causing no damage beyond some bumps at worst. Matt on the other hand had it worse, with the head of Gallantus taking Cile's right shoulder during full charge as she rushed past him.

A jump.

Headfirst she collided with the field, breaking through it and disabling it.

Her upper body armor had taken considerable damage, though it was still functional and the two passengers were unharmed.

The army at the facility started regrouping, forming squads to go after their target.

Ciel only continued running, she had to get far away as soon as possible.

All she could do is hope that no one would follow.

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Galantus was sent flying backwards by the hit, but the damage done to him was minimal. He landed on his back, a bit disoriented but he quickly noticed that the kids were gonne. The fricking robot took them.

By the time he got up, the giant robot already disappeared and people who Matt could only guess we're soldiers were getting closer. The correct thing to do would probably be to have a conversation with the soldiers, they were attacked by a giant robot after all. They could help him in fighting that thing. Plus, after he thought about it, the robot would have simply stomped on them if it wanted to kill them, or perhaps it would have slammed into them the same way it slammed into him.

He raised his hands and shouted "I'm friendly!" hoping that they understood English.

And it turned out that it didn't matter if they understood English or not, they opened fire as soon as they got in range anyway. Not wasting time, he switched to Myotis, earning a bullet to the shoulder which actually hurt. Still, he Crimson Blitzed high into the air and spotted the giant robot tracks. If the soldiers are hostile too, then the only thing he can do now is follow the tracks and hope... For something. Finding the kids safe would be the best thing to hope for, he figured.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

The two teenagers were scooped up in the metal giant. "YOU STILL THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!" Moore shouted at Elliott.


"GREAT!!" Moore yelled, climbing onto the giant's wrist and keeping a firm grip on its armour. Another monster was chasing after them, shouting something inaudible over the noise. Either way, he deduced that this giant carrying them didn't want them dead. At least not immediately. If it did, it would have just crushed them already.

So, he waited, riding out the wild ride.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Ciel slowly came to a stop. They were in the middle of giant deserted city ruins. It was a relatively low level area so they should be safe. She put down Moore and Elliot, before changing back to her basic Wanderer Class. "Idiots!" she shouted almost immediately as she faced Moor and Elliot. "What were you doing there?!" she asked still shouting. "Forget it." she quickly turned around not even waiting for an answer. "I don't have time to waste on suicidal brats." Ciel started looking around, she needed shelter quickly.

Unknown to her Matt was coming her way and would bring along half an army, though he didn't know that of course.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"This is the first time I've seen anyone in one of these dungeons." Elliott told Ciel, unaware of the incoming threat. "How long have you been in here?"

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

It didn't take too long to find the end of the tracks. Matt looked around and, despite the tracks clearly ending here, there was no sign of the giant robot anywhere. There were however three people standing nearby. Wait, three? Two of them were definitely the kids from before, so who's the third person?

He used Crimson Blitz to get to the small group quickly and with a loud thunderous sound, not intentionally and he definitely wouldn't do that if he was aware of the army following him.

He quickly switched from the vampiric form back into his human one. "Are you guys OK? Where's the robot?" He asked, genuinely worried about their safety and health.

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

"Take a guess missy." Ciel replied to Elliot, obviously not amused by the question. She was still looking around the ruins for an escape method. A dungeon entrance filled with hostile NPCs would be a blessing right now, but nothing like that could be seen. She was far too deep into enemy territory and though usually not a problem, fighting through would be problematic now if the big shots from before were anything to go by. She was trapped like a rat.

Then a loud thunder strike could be heard. Ciel already feared that the pursuers had caught up to her but it was only a boy. Most likely the one from before, though he seemed to be friendly towards the other two. Ciel misjudged him. He was probably a guardian to the other two, seeing as he was the only one who had Classes that were combat capable. Still investigating the ruins she spoke without turning around. "Unless you want to be useful, take your siblings and get the hell out of my sight!" she had no intention of interacting with them beyond that. Though she did "save" the two, she wouldn't allow them to become a burden, especially not in a critical situation like this.

"And oh... i hope for your own well-being that you didn't allow anyone to follow you here. Now, did you boy?"

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"This is hopeless." Moore sighed to the psychotic woman in front of him. There was far too much cleavage and explosions around for his comfort, and he was regretting not simply talking to the Shinodaborn outside the school. "Elliott, how do we get the hell out of here?"

"Beat the dungeon boss and find the warp zone." Elliott replied. "Then we get to leave."

"Lead the way then." Moore replied, eager to get away from the weirdoes that were clearly a threat to his life.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

"They're not my siblings, I never met those kids in my life. I was just worried about their safety when they were faced with a giant robot." Matt replied. "As far as I know, I wasn't followed, but I doubt anyone would have much problem following the giant robot tracks anyway."

As he finished responding to the strange girl, the two kids started talking about leaving. "H-hey! You can't leave now, I didn't ask you where I am yet."

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

"Whatever, just stop being a nuisance." Ciel replied coldly to Matt.

She was about to continue her search when it happened.

Another forcefield.

"So much about not being followed brat." Ciel spat the words at Matt as her weapon the Chimera appeared.

There wouldn't be much of a fight with the four of them against an army of thousands, many of them Generals that can take on Ciel in one on one combat.

"We will all die here!" she said in a bitter voice, her fists shaking with strength and she gritted her teeth making audible noise.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf:

"Everyone, grab on." Moore told the team as he opened his inventory, taking a Gohom berry out and preparing to crush it. "You all need to be touching so I can get us out of this world and back to London."

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

"Hey, they probably followed the tracks, not me! How do you think I found you?" Matt tried defending himself. As the army approached and the strange woman started despairing, Matt too started feeling panic overtake him. Luckily, one of the kids had a useful, er, something and told them that he can get them out. Not waiting a second, Matt put his hand on Moors' shoulder and extended his arm for the others to grab on too.

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

Hearing Moore speaking Ciel quickly figured out that the boy could indeed offer them a way out.

She approached him but as the situation was right now he couldn't do much unless she helped out.

Ciel switched her class once more. Scale like skintight silver armor covered her with two heads of beautiful maidens on her shoulders.

Siren Class.

A high frequency signal was emitted from the two heads, in a moment the forecefield and most of the army would be shut down for a split second.

"Now." she told Moore with coldness in her voice.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Matt and Ciel touching him as that awful noise rang out, Elliot grabbed onto Moore.

He squeezed, and the air changed.


Camden town.

Home of the punk rockers and the T-shirt market stalls.

"Welcome back." Moore said eventually. "Beautiful London."

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