WAL: Rising Sun

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Los Angeles, CA...Wednesday, November 1, 2008...4:38 pm

       The bright sunlight bounced off the reflective exterior panels of the WAL Headquarters.  Obi knew that this building housed some of the greatest heroes the world had ever seen and he was proud to be a part of it.  Osiris Gerault, director of UNSC, the organization that formed WAL, had called the captains of WAL to a meeting.  There were many rumors about what the meeting was for exactly. NeVann thought it would be about cutting the team's roster size down, Feral Nova thought that it would be about budget cuts, and Obi had his opininons as well, but he knew the answer would be revelaed in a moment.

     As he walked into the room, he noticed everyone else who needed to be there was already there, visibly irked at the Jedi's lateness.  He smiled and walked toward his seat, Sorry, seems I got lost in the road of life again, he said, making everyone even more upset.  Once everyone was settled down, Mr. Gerault began speaking.  He got right to business and told them what this all was about.

Ladies and gentlemen, it does not suffice to say how impressed I am with the progress that We Are Legend has made, the difference it's made in the lives of countless many.  Though I have expressed disagreement in some of your administrative moves,  Mr. Gerault quickly glanced at Obi who wasn't  paying enough attention to know that it was directed towards him, I have nevertheless decided that you can all be trusted enough going forward.  Because of the good job you've done and the way the international public percieves you as a peace keeping organization, UNSC has decided to open up another We Are Legend facility, this time on foreign soil...

The room started buzzing with excitement until Mr. Gerault banged his hand on the table and yelled, I'm not done!

So...along with this new facility I'd like to assemble an all new team that will be dedicated to stoping mass threats in and around the area.  These members will be chosen from the International Superhuman Database that UNSC, along with NATO, has set up.  Several WAL agents have already been dispatched to search and recruit the superhumans we have in mind. 

       As the regal director paused, the room again came alive with excitement until one man's question made the room fall into dead silence, Where, exactly will this new WAL be located?

     Director Gerault paced back and forth, before walking to the window and looking thoughtfully into the sunset.  Because of its technological competency and good relationship with the U.S. government we have chosen Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, as its host nation.  The headquarters will be located in the heart of Tokyo.  Now people, we will dedicate this whole month of November to strengthening our communications with Japan and making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  Uchiha, Ardor, Alvarez, I want you three to go over the files of those chosen to be in the team and choose who you think would be most suited to being the leader of such an operation. 

The big three immediately stood up and began walking toward their respective offices. Oh and Kenobi, try staying away from my family.

I swear I didn'tknow she was your daugther! Obi answered.

Just get to work. 

Yes, sir.

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Rustling through the city of Parker, Arizona a young girl with blood red hair was digging through the dumpster of a small shopping center, not looking for food, but for something to drink. Her green eyes were dark and seemed to carry nothing but fear, paranoia, and defeat. Since that fateful night when her family was killed by some sort of monster, that’s when she found she too had extraordinary powers. Killing the monster who saline her family with her bare hands, and not even remembering how she did it. Even though the day was extremely hot, even for November, her skin was still cold as ice to the touch, and dry, as if she hadn’t had anything to drink for weeks, even though she already drank five bottles of water she managed to dig up.

Since she received her ‘gift’ she had been on the run, leaving everything she knew back where she came from, even though there was nothing left. Her family was dead, and it looked like she had some how received the same powers that the monster had. She didn’t know how, or why even her, but she knew she couldn’t stay around, if she lost control of her powers like she did that night when she killed the monster with ease, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

As she reached deeper into the maggot-infested trash her bare hands touched a small plastic bottle. With a gasp of surprise her eyes widen with some glimpse of hope, pulling it out as she looked at it, it was an Arrowhead water bottle, filled half way with water. For some reason, ever since she got her powers, she found to be constantly thirsty but never hungry, she found she didn’t have the feel to eat anything. Even though she hadn’t eaten for almost a month, she still looked the same, only, more paler.

She jumped down from the dump and began her walk into a small allyway, her torn cloths hung loosly upon her body as she held the bottle close to her body, as if it was filled with gold. Her dark emerald eyes shift back and forth as she tried to find a good place to rest for the day. Reaching a small abandon shed in the middle of a small desert she slipped inside. The old rested shed made up of sheets of metal kept the sun from beating down her white skinned body. With a quick twist she popped off her bottle water and began to take large swigs of it. As she drank her water she sat on the dirt covered floor, and glanced around the shed. It was dark, the shed had nothing but a small table and one old wooden chair inside it. There wasn’t much room at all as she could barly streach out her legs before hitting it on the side of the wall.

With a sigh she closed her now heavy eyes, taking one deep breath, her mind began to drift off into slumber.

The sound of cries for help filled the area round her, which was dark, all that was seen was the shine of the moon radiating a glow through a side window and upon the tile ground. The girl took a deep breath, taking a step more into the home that she was now standing in. As she walked deeper into her two-story home, she reached out for the light switch, and flipped it up, only to find the lights not working. With her heart now beating a little faster she slowly shuffled deeper into the home, the stench of salt and a metallic rusted smell filled the air, causing her to gag. Not being able to see, and only having the moon shining through the window to light her way, her foot stepped upon something. It was soft, and hard at the same time, she slowly bent down, feeling her way on the floor as a lukewarm liquid was felt upon the tile ground.

Her breathing began to increase, uneven breaths were taken as her hand then felt what she was stepping on… a body. Aijou let out a shriek, fear struck, she was unable to move, her emerald eyes fixed on the body, now being able to make it out, it was her younger brother. Shaking violently she tried to breath, her lungs unable to corporate with her as her eyes moved to the left. There she saw a monster like creature, hovering over another body, seeing the long locks of hair showed it was her mother that the being was holding onto with its sharp white fangs. The figures red glowing eyes fixed on Aijou as its claws dug into her mothers back, pulling the woman from its mouth and into the ground, a large piece of her mothers neck was still clung onto the monsters mouth, blood dripping from it as it suddenly swallowed it whole. The monster was about seven feet tall, and had long black hair as well as a thick green aura glowing around it.

Unable to speak she managed to get her feet to move, slowly she began to back up, in a panic, she turned around and ran, her feet and hands covered in the blood of her sibling. Her eyes fixed on the still open front door she let out a scream but was cut off when the monster, slammed its enormous hand into her side, sending her flying into a wall. Her body was now aching, as she slumped over, tears running down her face as she kept it hung down, her red hair flopped over her face. She could feel the hot breath of the monster looming over her, hits hot hand placed upon her head as it then lifted her up and threw her into kitchen.

Aijou body smashed through the door and into the stove, her body broken and her mind wondering off on its own, that is, until she felt a burning sensation deep within her. Her heart was ready to jump from her chest, beating forcefully as she clung into it tightly, as her breathing accelerated, her eyes wide and slowly shifting in color. From emerald green, her eyes slowly started to change to red; her pupils went from round, into a diamond shape she yelled as she moved her hands from her chest to her eyes. Pain surged through her body as she stood up, her hands growing claws as fangs began to show from her mouth, a dim red aura covered the girl from head to toe.

The monster stood back, not sure what was going on, and decided to go in for the kill. Before it could even THINK about what it was going to do to her, something smashed into the monsters chest, and came out through his back. A metal scream filled the home as the monster threw its head back in pain, when it looked down to see what happened, the young girl was standing in front of him, her arm being seen in its chest, and her fingers coming out from his back. Aijou was laughing now, her breathing back to normal as she looked up at the monster, her eyes glowed eerie energy. Pulling her lips back and showing her small fangs she began to growl as she pulled her arm out and this time used her free left hand to smash it upward into the monsters’ jaw and came up from the top if its head.

Not even having time to screech in pain, the monster fell, dead on the ground. Aijou, still smiling sniffed her bloody hand, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips as she taste the blood, her tongue licking the blood of the fallen demon. Right then she snapped out of it, her eyes bulged and started gagging as her body went back to normal, her hands hand no more claws and her fangs were no longer present.

She backed away from the monster in horror, not from what the monster looked like at the moment, but because of what she had become.

Aijou’s eyes shot open as she looked around in a panic. For the past two months she has had that same dream, nightmare, that continues to haunt her to this day. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she ran her dirty fingers through her greasy hair. Before Aijou could even get up, a knock was heard from her sheet metal door. She slowly stood up, her tattered cloths still clung to her as she slowly pushed the door open.

Two tall and rather large men stood in front of her door. Both were wearing a black suite with a white shirt and black tie. Even though it was now night time, they were still wearing sunglasses, both of them had their arms crossed across her chest.

Taking a deep sharp breath Aijou opened her mouth. “Y-yes?” She asked, her voice just above a whisper.

“Aijou Okomoto,” The man who was standing to the left of her said as he pulled out a piece of paper. “We finally found you.” He said as he turned the paper, which turned out to be a picture of herself. “Its very difficult to track down someone such as yourself.” He said as he tucked the picture back in his inside pocket of his suit. “I am Agent Garcia and this is Agent Rahn.” The other man nod at her. “We are here to discus about your future.” He pulled out a white crisp envelop and handed it to Aijou, as she turned it to look at the back it was sealed with a golden crest that had the initials 'W.A.L'

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The crimson droplet fell to the Earth, catching the London moonlight ever so slightly. Ki wiped the blood from his lip; his head tilting back to see the possessed man laughing at him. “Why is it that every time I try to take one of you down quietly, you always have to make a big scene. It won’t change the outcome, you know!” The demon-hunter glanced down at himself as he spoke, cursing silently as he saw that the torso of his long black jacket had been shredded open, revealing the markings etching his body. A silent curse escaped his lips. “And every time, they ruin the jacket. It’s so inconsiderate of them.” The creature continued to cackle away, hanging down from the lamp post it had been perched on to taunt its ‘puny opponent’.

“Whatsamatter? I promise I’ll kill you quic- HURK!” Focusing his spiritual energy into his arm, Ki created his Hand of Ookami, and, in one swift motion, the glowing claw shot up and grabbed the beast tightly around the head. He grinned as he looked into its terrified eyes.

“Just shut up.” Suddenly shifting all of his weight to the left, the hunter hurled his prey across the street and through the wall of the opposite building. Not wasting a second, he took off after it, leaping through the hole and, grabbing hold of it once again, sliding it across the floor. With a sharp shove, he drove its head into the tile flooring before kicking off and flipping through the air, gracefully spinning in a corkscrew as he reached into his coat and extracted his personally modified magnum. Landing silently, he sprinted forward, pulling the beast out of the rubble and holding it up high.

“You’ve overstayed your welcome. Get out. Now.” As he spoke the last word, Ki began focusing his chi into his clawed hand once again, letting it build up before releasing it in an explosive flash-bang of energy. The demon screamed as it was ripped from its host’s body, the twisted humanoid form shooting forth and flying back out into the street. The hunter shook his head in sorrow as he glanced at the man he was still holding, setting him gently down against the wall. “Your ordeal is over now. I’m sorry for the pain you went through.” Without another word, he turned and headed towards the hole in the wall, aiming his weapon at the twisted, semi-humanoid mass trying feebly to pick itself up from the concrete. A shot rang out through the night, followed by another, and then another. The creature hissed and screamed in pain as the silver cut through it. Ki had always wondered what it felt like. It was probably the equal and opposite of the most intense fire, so cold that it seared the soul.

Kneeling down over the crumpled figure, he couldn’t help but smirk. “It’s time to send you back to your world.” As if on cue, the beast leaped up, a wild light in its red eyes and its claws swinging viciously.

“Not before yours, it’s not!” Ki feinted back and ducked under the blows, but the demon was already off, running as fast as its injuries would let it.

“D@mn... Too cocky. Next time, just finish him off.” Bouncing back onto his feet, Ki took off after his prey. As he passed through the shadows, the world began to change to him, scents and sounds becoming vastly magnified, and he began seeing strange, brightly coloured aura’s wafting through the air. Falling onto all fours as the change completed, the spirit wolf let out a quick howl before doubling in speed, following quickly behind the demon’s aura. In less than a minute, Ki had the creature in his sights and had pounced, driving it into the wall of the alley. The beast was practically sobbing as it begged for mercy.

“You get what you deserve.” The two were suddenly engulfed in a pillar of flame, the demon’s screams barely audible over the sudden roar. When the fire died down, Ki stepped forward, human once again and completely unfazed by the attack. He was on his way out of the alley, when two men in black suits stepped in front of him as if from nowhere. The hunter’s hand shot to the two blades hidden beneath the folds of his cloak.

“Ki Ame, aka Okami? We are with the UNSC, and we have a prop-“ His sentence was cut short, though, as Okami’s heel connected with the side of his head and sent him sprawling onto the pavement. Before the other could react, Ki had vaulted over top of him and slipped him into a sturdy hammer lock.

“How do you know my real name!?”

“We- ack- were sent here- urg- to offer you a position with-gaaah- the new branch of WAL!”

“Those government sponsored guys from the States? No thanks, I like not being a joke.” Releasing his grip, he shoved the large man forward and turned to leave, stopping dead in his tracks after only a few steps as he heard the agent speak. “What did you just say to me?”

“I said... If you join... Then UNSC will give you their full... Support in all of your endeavours.”

He stood still for a moment, considering the offer, weighing the pros against the cons.

                “Alright... I’ll go with you for now. But if I don’t like what I see, then I walk. And whether I stay or not, your little group isn’t allowed to interfere with my work in any way.”

The man nodded his head to confirm and Ki swiftly pulled him to his feet.

                “Then lead the way! Oh, and I’m sorry about your friend. You might want to put some ice on that for him.” The agent knelt down to pick up his unconscious comrade before turning and heading down the street, gesturing for Ki to follow. Muttering under his breath, he started off after the man with the limp mass of America’s finest in his arms. “This should be interesting.”

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3 months...........13 days..........15 hours.............37 minutes and 237 seconds since Credo had witnesssed a man dressed in black, take some of the most powerful demonic essences and ride off never to be seen again, but Credo was not counting the times since that event. The half human, half devil had moved on from that event..........Maybe it was his cocky nature that allowed him to shrug off the fact that a stranger had enough demonic power to cause world wide dame.......Even if the demons had been killed.....They still posed a threat even after death. It was Credo's arrogance that he could defeat any foe that stopped him from earchings.....Instead opting to take down some of the lesser demons as a much needed break.

"What will it be" The man behind the bar.......Medium height......Large build, quite stocky........possibly 310 with stubble spoke in a thick scottish accent. It was not often that these lands would be visited.......Instead he allowed there own hunters to deal with the threats, of the demon world. This time his visit was different, he was there strictly to get away and relax........And his idea of relaxation was a sleazy bar in an even sleazier town. The bar was only small, the lighting was dim. Like a morning dusk......There was light but the ratio of darkness was greater then that of the light. There were only 4 small tables.....Each one in a booth, to give privacy. Each table was occupied.......3 men on each one. None of them spoke and they kept to themselves, there looks were one of suspicion, but in these bars everyone is suspicious because we all have something to hide.

"A glass of..........Milk" A pause of 7 seconds came after the request, not from himself but from the man behind the bar, who looked at him like he was crazy.........A man ordering a glass of milk in a bar where its customers all hide a dark secret.....Well it was unheard of. Credo watched as the man went to the back. Every move he made caused the stool he was on to creak. Beside the stool was a guitar case............Black in colour, no design or any special feature, just your average guitar case. As the man returned with the glass, that was dirty and sticky, probally because it was yet to be washed from the last man using it. Credo stood up, taking his glass and made his way to the pool table. The cloth was a dark blue.......Placing his glass down on the edge of the table. Removing the money, Credo placed it in and pushed. The mechanical mechanisms cranking and working to release the balls.

As he got the cue........He turned around to see himself, surrounded by the 12 men who had been sitting at the table. Three of them were on either side. The cue held firmly in his hands......While keeping his arm loose and free. One of them smiled, as Credo quickly turned and impaled the man's skull who was about to stab him. Taking his knife........Credo used it to slice the other necks, causing the blood to spray out in a wide spread pattern. The blood just like the colour of his long jacket......All of them fell down, as the man behind the bar looked in shock. Credo moved and picked up his guitar case.........As he made his way to the door, the sound of growling and shedding of skin could be heard.......Not turning around Credo smiled with a grin of satisfaction.

 "Watch out!!!!!!!!" The man behind thebar screamed out. Credo reached down and moved either side of his jacket to there respective sides and unholstered Requiem and Dream, one black........The other silver in colour. Resting the weapons on his shoulder....Not even turning around, he pulled the triggers allowing the holy bullets to enter what was behind him?........What had scared the man behind the bar so much? As Credo turned around, the dog like demons were crumbling into dust as the skin of humans lay on the floor. Holstering his weapons........Credo walked outside and made his way down the dark street, that was like a ghost town. As he walked down the street.......Credo was yet again surrounded but this time these men were dressed in black, like the man from that day. Credo kept his right hand firmly gripped on his guitar case. "Credo the UNCS would like you to take part in operation Rising Sun........And be apart of the We Are Legend team operating in Japan. As a demon hunter of amazing skill your assistance will beneeded to deal with those threats beyond this world" Looking at the man as he yawned.

"I dont do team's" Walking past the man as his boots hit the gravelly floor and the wind picked up........Causing his silver hair to sway from side to side. "If you join we can help you find the man who you have been looking for.........We have the technology and resources, you help us........We help you" Stopping in mid step, Credo turned and paced back, he could feel there fear. Removing Dream, he placed it against his cheek, as they drew there weapons. Smiling with a cocky grin, his crimson eyes glowing in the presence of a full moon.

"Where do i sign up"

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Slevin stood in the bar, his sword - Bloodchime - was resting gently on top of the wooden floor. Slevin could feel the vibe of blood lust coming from his magical sword. The sword wanted blood and it could tell it was close to feasting on the twelve men that surrounded Slevin. Apparently gun slinging, sword slashing samurai weren't acceptable around these parts of town. In his mysterious deep grumbly voice Slevin muttered "bring it" as with his sword free hand he flicked his green striped hat out of his sight range, showing his silvery white hair more clearly. Training with the sword for many years he'd mastered the way to keep Bloodchime undercontrol, any other mere mortal would go mad under the swords control. But not Slevin he'd had the sword since childhood, he was special, he had mastery over the sword.

Slevin stared out from under his hat. The twelve men each had different weapons, swords, daggers, guns, numchucks etc. he could tell by the muscular exterior coverup that these people had nowhere near as much fighting experience as he had. Picking a fight with Slevin was the last mistake these fools will ever make and with one quick move the fight had started. A shower of bullets rained down upon the place Slevin had once been but with his enhanced speed he stepped left, right, forward and the strike of Bloodchime one of the men dropped to his knee's his head falling behind him, with crimson blood seeping through the cracks in the wooden floor.

Slevin was behind them, ready to strike again before anyone had even blinked...
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Tokyo, Japan

 12:31 AM

Lights lit up the sky from the mass of buildings below, making the darkness of night almost as light as the day. Chaotic noise filled the air, becoming unbearable at times. The buildings, which were everywhere, stood high, towering above the busy streets. Suspended in the air, just above the tops of the buildings, appeared to be a cloud. But this was no cloud, for this cloudy haze was composed of thick, poisonous smog, fumes and pollution from the massive population of Tokyo. A person, no, too fast for a person, a shadow, moved from a rooftop into the cloud, flew through the air, and landed on the other rooftop, out of the fog, and was gone. Welcome to Tokyo.

12:36 AM

A metallic object flew through the air, seeming to cut it as the object traveled through it. Attached and trailing the object, it pulled a steel cable, which moved through the air like a snake slithering. PANG! The sound of metal on metal vibrated through the air, as the tip of the sharp object stick into the side of a building. On the rooftop, from which the grapple was launched, stood two thugs. They were thin, but well muscled also. Both wore full face masks, to conceal themselves. They motioned to each other, and each grabbed a sai. The first one put the sai on the metal cable, and went down it, the second followed. Sparks lit up the air, as the two metal sai clashed against the metal cable. The window was coming up fast on them, as they braced themselves for the impact. SMASH! The window shattered into thousands of pieces, as the two thieves fell to the floor. Welcome to Tokyo.

12:37 AM

The shadow, moving along rooftops, skidded to a halt. Still as a statue, the shadow could hardly be distinguished in the night, except for the silloute it made, which resembled a man. Warm breathe left the man's lips, as he gazed down from the rooftop, seeing sparks from the cable. The man saw the window shatter. He smiled to himself, as he muttered under his breathe, "Finally, some excitement!" The break in was a few buildings away, but at a much lower height than where the man stood currently, perhaps a few hundred feet. The man closed his hazel eyes, and drew in a deep breath. Exhaling, he opened his eyes, and dove off the building. With precise body movement, the man drifted through the air, towards the broken window. Timing it perfectly, he came in through the window, barely clearing it, rolled, and drew dual Katanas.

The two men heard something in the direction of the window. They carried bags of money, that they had came for, and were ready to make their escape. One whispered to the other, "Great, I thought we were going to have an easy escape, but someone had to come and ruin the party." The other whispered back, "I know what you mean, boss." The boss peered around the edge of a wall, seeing the swordsman with dual Katanas. The boss motioned for his partner to set down the bags, to get ready for an ambush. Both of them drew generic looking handguns, the boss lifted it up, setting the swordsman in the sights, when... WHOOSH! A spinning projectile flew through the air, and took off all of the boss's fingers on his right hand. It continued through, and sunk deep into the wall. Shuriken. Blood sprayed from the man's hand, as he drew it back, thrusting it into his shirt pocket. "He knows we are here! Kill him!" the boss yelled to his accomplice. The thug grabbed the boss's handgun, and turned around, going to approach from the other side. He stopped, and did a double glance. The bags of money, were gone! "What the...!?" He felt even more insecure now, but knew what he had to do.

The thug jumped out from behind the wall, firing the two handguns wildly. Bullets were ricocheting all over, and the thug was lucky that one didn't hit himself. As the thug hit the ground, he stood back up, and looked around for movement. "Come out you!" A crisp, clear, voice answered, "I am right here." Not 10 feet away, stood the swordsman. He was partially enveloped in a shadow, making it difficult to see his whole figure. The thug brought both guns up, yelled, "DIE!" and was about to pull the triggers when he felt something on his neck. Fangs dug into the thug's neck, as he screamed, "AHHHH!!!" Crazed, he reached up, trying to get the creature off, but it was too quick for him. The last thing the thug ever saw, was the bags of money, stashed behind a nearby desk. Oh, that's where... His life was cut short, as the creature severed his upper spinial cord and brainstem in half. The thug fell to the ground, dead.

The boss jumped out, tackling the creature that had killed his partner. "What in the...!?" He was holding a small, pink, creature that had scales like a snake, four legs, and wings on its back. A dwarf dragon. The boss was about to wring the dragon's neck, when the foot of the swordsman, who had been standing there idle all this time, smashed against the top of the boss's skull, sending him flying back towards the wall. "Stay away from Myra." the swordsman said. Stuck halfway in the wall, the boss was in fear. "Wh...who are you?" The swordsman smiled. "Names Ryuu, Ryuu Takeshi, and you have just been busted."

The sound of sirens could be heard below, as footsteps entered the building. Ryuu said, "Well, that's my cue." He drew a kunai, and hurled it toward the boss's right shoulder. It dug in, deep, embedding the boss's shoulder against the wall. He screamed, "Ahhhh!!!" Ryuu turned, and was about to leave, when he heard the door handle start to shake rapidly. They got here faster than I thought. Ryuu heard them yell, "Open this door! NOW!" Ryuu smiled again, and said, "Myra, it is time." She flew out of the window, as Ryuu leapt out after her. She was a dwarf dragon, similar to a normal sized dragon, except only about 2 feet long, and about 5 pounds. Ryuu was falling, and the ground was coming up to him, fast. Myra had a special power, a secret ability, that only she possessed, not any other dragons possessed. This power took much concentration, and a lot of energy as well. Ryuu was yards from the ground, when he suddenly stopped.

Caught you. Grasping him, was a giant, clawwed front foot of a dragon. Myra had transformed. She set Ryuu down, and quickly morphed back to her normal form. I hope no one saw me. She slipped into his jacket, as to not be seen. Ryuu looked around. Amazingly, people hadn't noticed Ryuu falling, or the morphing. Ryuu was about to walk away when his eyes caught a small boy, with his mouth wide open. The boy yelled out, "Hey Mister! Hey Mister! Was that real?" Ryuu quickly strode up to the boy, and put a hand over his loudmouth. Ryuu looked around, then said quietly to him, "Between you and me, it is." Ryuu said farewell, and walked away.

8:02 AM

Ryuu slept behind a dumpster in an alley, as the sun streamed down into it.  Ryuu's dreary eyes opened, to the new day. Ah, time for a new day, and a new adventure.

8:49 AM

As Ryuu walked along, he noticed that two people seemed to be following him. Ryuu tried to evade them, while keeping his cool, but it wasn't going to happen. Finally, Ryuu turned around, and walked up to them. "What do you want!" he said in a harsh voice. One of the two people seemed a little intimidated. One of the people, the one who seemed to be in charge, said to Ryuu, "We have been looking for you for some time, Mr. Takeshi." Ryuu's eyes widened. "How do you know my name! And how did you find me! I don't have a home, just travel from place to place as I please." The leader replied, "We have, well...information, you may say." Ryuu seemed irritated, but tried to keep calm. Ryuu said, "What do you want me for?" The man motioned to his partner, and he pulled out an envelope, with the initials, W.A.L. on it. He handed it to Ryuu. Ryuu read it, and put his hand on his chin.

Ryuu was thinking about it, when he said out loud, "So what do you think?" The two WAL coordinators looked surprised, and said, "Uh...it is your choice." Ryuu wasn't talking to them, he was talking to Myra. She responded, Ryuu, let's do it! Oh, and Ryuu, I'll be back in a second. Myra transformed into a dragonfly, and flew away. Ryuu spoke up, saying, "I'll accept. So where exactly is this WAL HQ?"

A policeman came up to the group of three. He tapped the upper WAL coordinator on the shoulder. "Hey buddy, your car door is parked in a no limits zone. I'm afraid you'll have to move it, or you'll get towed." The WAL coordinator took a double glance at his car. What!? I parked it in the right spot. Wait...why is there a large gap in front of it. Something seems a little fishy here. The two coordinators turned their backs, and walked towards their car. Right after the rookie had turned his back, he glanced back over his shoulder. No policeman. It had only been less than one second. No one could move that fast, especially on a box of doughnuts. Myra had just finished transforming back, as she crawled up Ryuu's back. How was that for a trick? I mean, a policeman, isn't that awesome! Ryuu laughed, as he said to her, "I would say that was overkill." Ryuu walked toward the car, ready to go to the WAL HQ.
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As the sun rose over North Queens, New York City, the 15-year old boy Jayron, who had been sleeping in an otherwise empty alley, slowly and painfully opened his eyes. Everything seemed blurry to him, and his back ached...a lot. Must. Find...a better place to sleep in than the freaking ground!! He groaned as he put down his palms to the moist asphalt ground, and rose up. His whole body ached as he did, and he stretched his muscles to get more mobile. He brushed off his black jacket, his dark blue jeans, and his dark reddish-brown hair. His sight ceased to be blurry, and his thoughts cleared out as well. Not that that would necessarily be a good thing. Another day of boredom, anxiety, and stealing to survive...and no memory of my former life. And killing himself wouldn't work...he had tried several different methods already. Stabbing, cutting, shooting...all wounds had healed. Or starving and drowning...his survival instinct had overshadowed his death wish and prevented him from following it through. Too bad survival instinct didn't help him get any wish to live, rather the opposite.

He walked slowly towards the end of the alley and held up his hand over his head, shadowing his eyes from the bright sunshine. It was a potentially beautiful day...if it had not been for his overwhelming negativity. His eyes got used to the sun and he took down the hand as he glanced for a second on the ongoing traffic in the neighborhood, before deciding to do something that could actually be at least slightly fun: jumping between rooftops. Now...who did I absorb superhuman agility from again?... One thing Jayron knew was that if he was near another superhuman, he would be able to mimic their abilities if he could remember them later. He had even been able to duplicate certain skills (like drawing, or certain martial arts) from some people, but that was more difficult. As he recalled absorbing super agility from a certain mutant girl in the neighborhood, he jumped off of the ground, grabbed a street lamp both hands, and used the momentum to propel himself up in the air. A few seconds later, he landed on a rooftop gently. Instead of stopping there, he ran, and jumped to another rooftop. And to another. And another...

Soon, as he reached a building near Queensboro Bridge, he stopped to take a few breaths. His heart was pounding hard and he was sweating. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand and took some deep breaths, and watched over the bridge and its traffic. Eyeing the bridge closely, he took a few steps back, stopped, ran to the edge of the building he was on, and jumped off! After about two seconds he landed with both hands and feet on the middle of the right suspender of the bridge, with millimeter-accuracy. Gripping the cold steel, he slowly rose up and looked out over the view. From the suspender, he could get a nice view of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. It was a beautiful sight, the city of New York in the morning, with the sunlight bouncing off the glass and concrete buildings. Jayron might have been able to appreciate it if he had been more positive. Right now he was only focused on getting into the city. Now...teleportation. He recalled absorbing ability to teleport from mutant in his 40s who had wanted to stay hidden...but the Sentinels had gotten to him, so now his power had become Jayron's. Jayron eyed the nearest tower of the bridge and then closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he was standing on the tower and once again looked around, as if he had to confirm that he was actually there. Calming down a bit, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the nexttower, on Roosevelt Island. he once again closed his eyes and teleported away, and repeated this until he was on Manhattan. While on the last tower (on Manhattan), he once again closed his eyes and teleported to the ground. Then he started walking, while looking around nervously. After walking for about a minute, he noticed two men in suits and shades about 5 meters in front of him, and they both seemed to be looking at him. His heart started to pound on an extreme rate, and he proceeded to formulate an escape, since he was certain they were there for him. FBI people now? I never did anything serious...then again they might send those agents to superhuman criminals...he thought, as his mind went to the agile mutant girl and attempted to jump away. But it didn't work, instead of making a building-leaping jump he just tripped. His heart felt like it would explode as he rose up from the ground, and the deep and confident voice of one of the officials began speaking. There's no use if we have power cancellers...just stay for a minute and listen to our suggestion, Jayron. My name?! How can they know my name?!? Read this. The official gave Jayron an envelope with the letters "WAL". It's your choice to accept or deny...but we really recommend you to accept. The attitude of the officials bothered Jayron and he glared at them for a second, but he took the envelope and read it. Sigh...anything is better than my life anyways...so why not? Alright...where do I sign up? He asked, with a tired expression on his face, waiting for an answer.
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Are you sure about this Ms. Pepper We’d love nothing more than to have you here” Pepper smiled at her boss, a man who helped her come into her high position now.  She was an anthropologist, over the course of her career she been working on artifacts and diseases that effected superhuman activity.  For the longest, she had helped make crucial breakthrough.  But, the whole time she was never herself.  Pepper was from a remote island, so small, most maps and atlases didn’t even picture it.  In her mother’s womb, one day the island was taken over and destroyed swiftly and quietly.  Most of the women were allowed to live, but were subject to testing of new liquids and serums that weren’t certified and caused damage to them.  Pepper’s mother was enhanced with cybernetics and other things while pepper was still growing inside of her.  When pepper was born, her mother died immediately from all the different things tested on her. Pepper was raised by the leader of the group of technofreak humans; she was constantly tested on and injected with different products and serums to make the perfect human.  As a result, Pepper mutated gaining powers, but what they didn’t know was that in the process her immune system was basically being killed slowly.  When she got older she ended up experiencing complete immune system failure. She underwent surgery, that replaced a lot of her with new technology, including a serum that helped her immune system rebuild itself, to the best of its ability.  But, in the process she ended up having to take an injection everyday of premium artificial white blood cells.   

When she came into her powers fully, she was able to go through the minds of people who were emotionally connected to her, one of them being her mother, where she was able to find out everything that happened, and how her life was a lie.  Rising up, Pepper and the other who had been tested and lived all rose up against the people that had taken over her island, devastating the place and killing all of them. After the experience, Pepper left the island and moved the US where she attended school, and eventually moved to Japan for work.  The business she worked for committed itself to the advancement in super humans by analyzing life pattern, ancient artifacts, and history from the times of BCE.  She knew that if they were to find out what she was and the technology inside of her and powers, they would analyze her too.   Pepper felt like her life was going in another direction, not to mention she didn’t want any of her demons coming to haunt her.  A while ago, Pepper had found an old relic that her research team was searching for.  It held infinite dark powers that a person could obtain from it, her company wanted to analyze it and find out about it, but Pepper felt the energy radiating off of it. In a moment of selfishness, she followed the hieroglyphics on it and obtained the powers from the relic.  Causing her to take a hiatus for weeks from her job, so she could control the darkness inside of her.  After her hiatus, she was able to control the other side of her but it still loomed over her.  Her time at the company was over and she needed something else.  Snapping out of her thoughts, Pepper realized this whole time her boss had been trying to talk her into staying. Giving him a firm smile, she shook his hand. “Its been a good couple of years but, my time has run its course here, and its time for me to focus on me, I’ll have someone by tomorrow to pick up my stuff, Take care Boss,’ she said firmly walking out of the building.

Two Weeks Later

            Opening the Door to the lobby of her flat, Pepper knew automatically someone she wasn’t accustomed to being there.  Not changing her course she went to her mailbox, “Speak please, your hovering is annoying me” said Pepper quietly.  Ms. Spellmen..” “Its Pepper,” she said interrupting him and turning around to face the man.  He wore simple black suit and shades.  Well Ms. Pepper .. as I was about to say.. I’m an agent with UNSC, a new sect of WAL is to be made in Tokyo, and you are selected for it.  Oh goody” said Pepper brushing pass the agent and going to unlock her apartment.  Ms. Spell. I mean Pepper.  Your answer?” said the agent waiting still in the lobby.  No” said Pepper closing the door to her apt. abruptly.  Walking through her apartment, her eyes caught a picture of where she used to live, and everything that happened to her flashed before her.  She was granted with the abilities and powers to do major things, and it only made sense to use them to help those that couldn’t help themselves, people like her family who were savagely killed. Running out of her apartment she made it outside just as the agent was making it into his sleek black town car.  WAIT!.............. so like about this WAL thing, yeah well, I changed my mind, I accept.

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Dim lights, a white room, and absolute silence; enter a dojo. The silence broke with the hum of a katana passing through the warm air, moving at blazing speed. The razor sharp, steel edge stopped, as two, muscular, gloved, hands caught the sword by the sides, as to not get cut. A deep, wise voice said, “Good.” The voice continued, “Adequate power and speed, but the technique still can use much improvement.” The small voice of a boy replied, “Yes sensei.” He wanted to learn, and was trying his hardest. The sensei helped him through the proper technique. “Try it again Masaru, I know you can do it.” Masaru, the boy, clenched his teeth, and cleared his mind. He brought the katana up again, and performed the same technique, this time trying to mirror the way that his sensei had just shown him. Again, the sensei caught the blade, with only millimeters to spare. The sensei said, “Better.” He paused for a second, and then continued, “With a little more practice, you shall master this, and soon master the katana.” Masaru seemed please, but something troubled him, which the sensei could tell in looking at Masaru’s eyes. “Sensei, I have a question.” The sensei nodded, and said, “Yes?” Masaru asked, “This may sound silly, but I am beginning to have a little doubt with my katana. The reason is that you seem to catch it out of the air, so easily. I am giving it all that I would give, if the situation called for me to use it in battle. So, my question is, can many people catch blades out of the air like you, sensei?” The sensei let out a laugh, “It is not a silly question. I do catch your blade out of the air, with ease, but this is only because I have grand experience, and the clan that my blood runs from helps as well. In battle, many foes would fall to your blade, Masaru. To answer you question, not many could perform what I can do. It takes quick eyes, fast hands, and precise muscle control. Fail at any one of the three, and you will feel it, for it may be the last sensation that you feel.” Masaru nodded. The sensei spoke up, saying, “That ends our training session today. Practice those techniques in any spare time, and you will soon master them.” They both bowed, and Masaru a turned, then walked toward the wall, where his buddy Hayato was practicing with shuriken. The sensei wore a band around his head, to classify himself as a ninja, and had black fabric covering the lower half of his face, from the top of his nose down. Atop his head, was bright red hair, dyed, so it was unnatural.

Hayato stopped, and turned to great his friend. “How was it out there Masaru?” Masaru responded, “I feel like I am making progress, and I feel more confident as well.” Hayato nodded. “That is good to hear.” Masaru looked at the target, which was a wooden board, in the shape a human figure. Shuriken stuck in the vitals, not a single out of the kill zone. He looked at Hayato, “Wow, you are getting better.” Hayato shrugged. “It comes natural to me, I guess.” Hayato was about to continue when the door swung open. In walked another one of the sensei’s students, Arata. Arata was one of the sensei’s best students, able to see a move once, then practice, and perfect it in little time. Arata walked toward the sensei and said, “Sensei Uchiha, may I train now?” Sensei Uchiha gazed into Arata’s eyes, finding something out of place. That surprised the sensei, because normally Arata was very determined and hardly showed signs of fear, only at the most dangerous times. The sensei suddenly remembered another piece of information. Arata did not come to training yesterday, because he sent a message that he was sick, with a stomach ache. I doubt that he got better that quickly. I shall throw out a test to prove if that is really Arata. Sensei Uchiha replied, “Arata, you want some training today? My pleasure; let us begin.” The sensei paused, devising his plan, the said, “Oh, one question Arata, are you over your sickness? You know, the common cold?” Anyone watching Arata could tell that he was not prepared for that, but then seemed to regain his cool, and replied, “Uh…oh, yeah. I’m better now, my nose is all clear.” Sensei Uchiha knew that it was not Arata, but a fake. He closed both of his eyes, and re-opened them, revealing a Mangekyo Sharingan in each eye. He gazed at Arata, and easily saw through the disguise. Sensei Uchiha gathered up his voice, and said, “Watch out Masaru and Hayato! That is not Arata!” Sensei Uchiha quickly threw five shuriken toward the intruder’s chest. The intruder whipped out a kunai, and blocked each shuriken, batting them away as though he was playing baseball. After, the rogue ninja dropped his disguise, briskly moved over to Masaru and Hayato, and delivered a stunning blow to one of Hayato’s pressure points. The boy fell to the ground, unconscious. Immediately after, the intruder grabbed Masaru, and brought a kunai to his neck, the sharp blade touching his soft flesh. The rogue yelled out, “What now, Katashi Uchiha!” Katashi, the sensei, stood there motionless.

Nerves flared within Katashi, as he saw his student in trouble, knowing only he could save him. I must use utmost caution, for one wrong movement, one careless word, and I could have Masaru’s innocent blood spilled. First, I need to find out the intentions of this rogue ninja. Katashi gazed at his opposition, using the power of the Sharingan to try to pierce into this mind, to find information about him. Nothing. This ninja was not going to make it easy. Katashi spoke up, “Who are you, and what do you want!” The rogue replied in a sly voice, “I am the shadow that haunts you, your worst nightmare, the one that never sleeps, who trains day and night, waiting for his chance to enact revenge.” It dawned on Katashi. Wait. This seems all too familiar. He thought about it for a second, when one name was uncovered in his mind, from a dark memory. Daisuke. Katashi yelled out, “Leave the boy out of this! It is between you and me Daisuke!” Daisuke smiled. “So you do remember me.” Katashi and Daisuke were rivals in their ninja training. They struggled hard to always out do the other, but Katashi ended up standing out more than Daisuke. This made Daisuke furious, and soon he was plotting against Katashi. Fortunately, Daisuke was caught in the early stages of his treachery, and was kicked out. He was no longer to use the clan name, and abused his own Sharingan so much that they were no use to him now, faded away. A fist came out from behind Daisuke, and slammed him down, making him lose his grip on Masaru. Masaru fled, leaving the room, knowing that he was not skilled enough to be of help to his sensei in this battle.

Standing above Daisuke, stood Katashi Uchiha. In the center of the room, also stood Katashi. Daisuke swiftly jumped to his feet, and slashed Katashi, who was right beside him, from the right hip, to the tip of his left shoulder, with a kunai. Katashi vanished, in a puff of smoke. Daisuke growled. Shadow clone. How did my old friend pull that one off without me even taking notice? What had happened, was when Katashi had thrown the five shuriken at Daisuke, the rogue had blocked them, and turned to knock out and capture his two students. In the instant his eyes left Katashi, with the help of the super precise eyesight of his Sharingan, he silently made a shadow clone of himself. The clone clung to the ceiling, and scampered along it, without making a sound, and tried to move as stealthily as possible. While Daisuke and the real Katashi were talking, the clone had snuck up behind him, and then performed the strike. Daisuke finished the strike with his kunai, turning back toward the real Katashi. Daisuke smiled, as he turned to Katashi. “I see you are still up to your old tricks, Katashi Uchiha.” Changing his expression to one more intense, Katashi replied, “They worked on you now, and they’ll work on you again.” Katashi leapt toward Daisuke, and landed yards in front of him, on the balls of his feet, maintaining perfect balance. He drew a kunai out of his pocket, spinning it around his hand as he put it into ready position. Before this rival battle began, Daisuke said, “Ah, a rival battle. Katashi versus Daisuke, sounds classic. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Could you do me a favor please? Don’t disappoint.” Daisuke smiled darkly, as Katashi replied, “I’m sorry, my ears must be failing me, because I swear you said that you wanted me to do a favor for you. Do not get me wrong, but the kindest action you have ever done for me was sock me in the face, when I was about to get caught by our sensei. I still remember my teeth digging into my tongue.” Daisuke wondered for a second, and then got a hysterical expression. He started to laugh, hard. “Oh, you remember that! Wow!” His tone strangely changed to a grim one. “Enough jab, let’s get on with this!”

Katashi bowed, and then rushed toward Daisuke. Their kunai met, with the sound of metal on metal filling the surrounding area. Blow after blow, each one successfully blocked by the other. The two ninjas were not getting anywhere. Both were extremely skilled at combat with a kunai, and their defense was so good that it was almost effortless for each to block a blow. After minutes of this, Daisuke found his opportunity, and knocked Katashi’s kunai from his hand, sending it spinning, and embedding into a nearby wall. He is faster than I remember. Katashi now was without a weapon, and Daisuke thought he was going to get a hit on him. Katashi focused on the power of his Sharingan, able to see movements very quickly and react equally as fast. No matter what attack Daisuke dished out, Katashi managed to evade it, flipping, spinning, rolling, and blocking. Daisuke was getting annoyed at his zero percent hit-rate, and decided to perform a fake out. He faked a movement, then another, and ended with a spinning attack toward Katashi’s shoulder. Katashi thought he knew what was coming, and was taken by surprise of this attack. Katashi moved out of the way, but it had almost cut him. His cloak had a cut in it, from the attack that had just happened. He nearly tagged me right there! Katashi blocked another one of Daisuke’s blows, and thrust him with his palm. Daisuke skidded back, regained his footing, but did not rush back toward Katashi. Daisuke began performing hand motions, about to unleash a jutsu.

Seeing this, Katashi gazed at him with his Sharingan, and copied the technique in an instant. He threw out the hand movements very quickly, to catch up with the pace of Daisuke. Both stopped at the same time, as each said, “Fire style! Fireball jutsu!” Two reddish orange balls of flame raced toward each other, burning with intensity. The two fireballs collided, struggling to break the other. After a second, Katashi’s fireball became the victor, the weakened ball of flame streaking toward Daisuke. Daisuke easily sidestepped it, as it crashed into the wall. What? His fireball was more powerful than mine? A sliver of fear coursed through his body, which was exactly what Katashi wanted. Katashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan began to spin, as he began to hypnotize his opponent. He scanned Daisuke’s mind, and found out what he was about to use. Omote Renge, the Initial Lotus. Katashi began the hand symbols, before Daisuke, and yelled out, “Omote Renge!” He felt one of his chakra gates open, lowering his endurance a bit. Daisuke looked at him. “Impossible! I was just about to use that!” Katashi came at Daisuke so fast that Daisuke did not have time to react. Katashi moved his foot into a kick, and connected with Daisuke’s jaw, sending him into the air. Katashi swept his loose cloak toward Daisuke, making a long string of material. It wrapped his foe up like a bandage would, and Katashi began spinning Daisuke around himself. Once the ninja gathered much speed, he slammed his foe against the ground, inflicting heavy damage. Katashi landed on his toes, as he felt the chakra gate close. What a technique! Wow! I should use that more often. Daisuke wiped the blood from his mouth, as he rose to his feet. Daisuke reached behind his back, and pulled out a pair of nunchuku. Katashi was amazed that Daisuke was still on his feet, but then smiled as he saw the nunchuku. “A fellow chucker eh?” Katashi ran over to the wall, and grabbed a pair of his nunchuku that were laid upon a table. He moved closer to Daisuke, and began to spin the wooden weapons. Wood on wood, it sounded as though two trees had fallen at the exact moment, and clashed against each other on the way down. Spinning around at blinding speed, it would seem as though a stream of bullets from a fully automatic firearm would fail to make it through the flurry of attacks. Both kept up the speed, trying to break through the others defenses. An attack finally made it through. Daisuke’s nunchuku barely screeched past Katashi’s, and slammed into the ninja’s shin. Such force was being carried in these weapons, that it shattered Katashi’s shin, directly in the middle. “Ahhhh!!!” The splitting pain was unbearable, as it flowed through his nerves. His mood shifted to a more serious one, as he said, “This ends now!” Katashi dropped his nunchuku, and grabbed both incoming nunchuku from Daisuke. His opponent now disarmed, Katashi grabbed him by the shirt, and threw him toward a window with all his strength. Daisuke flew through the air, and landed against the window. It started to crack, as the rogue fell through, sure to plummet down to the busy streets below.

Katashi walked over to the window, and peered over. Bad choice. Daisuke hung there, and swung his feet up, toward Katashi. Surprised by the appearance of Daisuke, Katashi felt both feet wrap around his neck, and hurled him out of the window. I fell for the oldest trick in the book, an edge grab. Katashi reached inside his cloak, pulling out a rope with a metal hook at the end. He swung it around, and cast it toward the window he had been flung out of. Come on! Hook!  The hook caught hold of the window, as Katashi curved along his new path, slamming his side against the building. He cringed in pain, then quickly shrugged it off and continued climbing. Climbing was more difficult with his throbbing shin, which had been shattered. This time, I mean it when I say, it will be over. Katashi made it to the top, and leapt in the window. “I’m back!” Daisuke turned around. “It took you that long? I was expecting more.” Daisuke rushed toward Katashi, ready to pommel him. Katashi knew this was the end. He dodged the blows of Daisuke, which had less form to them than before, and made his way behind him. Katashi whipped out a hidden kunai, and stuck it to Daisuke’s throat. “You’re finished.”

The door swung open, as Hitomi, Katashi’s highest skilled student, entered. Katashi looked up, still holding the kunai close to Daisuke’s throat. Daisuke saw his chance, and briskly took out a concealed shuriken, and thrust it up, through Katashi’s throat. Katashi sputtered and fell back, to the ground, unmoving. Hitomi yelled out, “Sensei!” She ran toward Daisuke, and delivered lightning fast jabs, with straight hands, not fists. The barrage of attacks began to overwhelm Daisuke, as he struggled to block them, his arms starting to bleed. She stopped, then rolled between his legs, and came up behind him. “This is for my sensei!” Hitomi grabbed Daisuke, and threw him over her shoulder. He landed on the ground, amazed by the skill of this young ninja. She jumped toward him, but he was irritated now, and stuck out his arm. His strong hand grabbed her around the neck, as she felt him crushing it. She quickly glanced side to side, as she looked for anything that could possibly help her, although she could not talk, because her throat was being crushed. Her blue eyes caught a glimpse of where her sensei, Katashi Uchiha, had landed. In his place, was a punching bag, with the shuriken stuck in the top of it. A replacement jutsu, of course! Sensei would not let himself be taken down by such a small attack. Just as Daisuke was about to crush Hitomi’s throat, he felt two fists smash against his temples. Daisuke went out cold, as his grip relaxed. Hitomi gasped for air, as she looked over to her sensei, “Why…did…you…not…help…me…sooner?” He replied, “I am sorry Hitomi for not reacting sooner. It happened so fast, and I needed to keep my stealth, to be successful in this knock out. I hope you understand.” She had caught her breath, and said, “I understand sensei, but in the future, if something like this were to happen again, I would greatly appreciate it if you could come to my rescue a little faster.” They both smiled. Katashi joked back, “I will try, but no guarantees. Oh, and you are almost 15. I thought you could hold your own.” She glared at him, in a playful way. She said, “And I thought you were almost 21.” He blushed. I am not that much older than her, wow. Katashi let his concentration down, as his Sharingan became normal eyes again. He pulled out his rope, and bound up Daisuke’s arms and legs, so he could not escape if he awakened. He looked down at his rival. I win this match, until next time. “Now to take him to the authorities.” Katashi grabbed Daisuke, and carried him out the door.

Katashi entered the police station, and dropped the rogue off. He came to the front desk, and said, “My name is Katashi Uchiha. This is Daisuke, with no last name, who assaulted me, and my students. As one might expect, he is dangerous.” The police officer replied, “I have heard of him. Thank you for bringing him to us, we would not want you or your students to get hurt. We will question him, and keep him here for a while.” Katashi nodded, and said, “Thank you.” With that, Katashi turned, and exited the building. As Katashi walked out, he noticed that two guys were watching him. I wonder what they want. They followed him, but he continued on, wanting to go back to his dojo, and clean up the mess. Katashi came in, followed by the two men. The doors to the dojo swung open, as the two agents walked inside. One spoke up, saying, “Excuse me…but are you Katashi Uchiha?” Katashi looked up, as he gazed at their eyes. I don’t see any sign of a threat. Katashi replied, “Why yes I am. How did you guess? The bright red hair, right?” The agent kind of blushed, as he replied, “Uh…yes.” Katashi laughed, and said, “What are you two here for?” The other agent spoke up. “We have a proposition for you.” They handed him a letter with the initials WAL on it. Katashi took it, and read it quickly. “This sounds great and all guys, but I couldn’t leave my dojo.” They smiled, and replied, “We have a dojo at the base, and it is four times the size of this one.” Katashi’s eyes widened. “I’ll join! That way, I can fight as a hero, and still give lessons to my students!”

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Joseph walked into the large meeting room.  The sound of his footsteps on the floor echoed throughout the room as he walked closer to the table where the three captains sat.  On his exterior, Joseph seemed, calm, cool, and collected; but that was only because he was doing a great job of masking what he was truly feeling.  The captains glaring at him, the dead silence of the room, him being called here in the middle of the afternoon exercises all pointed to one thing: he was in major trouble.  He sat down and made eye contact with each of the three captains.  Ummm..What have I been called here for?  Before the other captains could open their mouths, Obi Wan Kenobi spoke, I don't know...what did you do?  A bead of sweat streamed down from the young boy's forehead.  Ummm...nothing?  Obi's eyes narrowed as the other two captains held back the laughter.  Is that a question or an answer? Seriously, kid why would we call you here if you didn't do anything?  Joseph got even more nervous. I don't know, sir! Why did you call me here?  NeVann stepped in, It's about your test, Joseph..and, well, something else.  Joseph immediately went pale as he remembered the morning of the test.  He had been up all night playing FIFA 2009 with Zuko and  Jumper.  While taking the test, he couldn't concentrate and he kept drifting off to sleep.  I'm so sorry! I swear, if you give me another chance to take it, I could do better.  I'll study and go to sleep early.  Kenobi cut him off, Joseph, no you don't understand.  You did good on your aptitude test, really good, actually.  Joseph, the scores you received surpassed those of any of your  teammates, and well, you broke the record for anyone who has ever even been associated with WAL.  It's the highest score I've ever seen...by far.  The only ones that come even remotely close to you was our last captain, Bio Guyver and Vann here.  Joseph suddenly felt the full weight of worry and anxiety come off his shoulders as the captains stared at him.  Okay! Well, do I get a reward or something?   The captains all smiled as Vann said, Yeah..a trip...to Japan.  Joseph raised an eyebrow while the captains laughed. Japan? Great! When do I leave? 

In twenty minutes, NeVann replied.  

What?!  But I have to pack and say goodbye and all that. 

Uchiha shook his head, Nope. Mr. French and some of the WAL officers took the liberty of packing your belongings and loading them into the Pelican that will be transporting you. 

Pelican? So this is a mission? 

Of sorts. 

...and when am I coming back? 

Well, I suppose you can come visit every week, well, after we get the HQ set up and running. 

Huh? Feral Nova stood up, Okay, okay enough, guys.  Joseph, I'm going to say this as plain and simple as possible.  The UNSC has decided to set up a separate branch of WAL on foreign lands...Japan, actually.  The potential members are now being tracked down by WAL agents, and we, the captains were assigned with finding a suitable captain, and well, that's where you come in. 

Joseph stood up in shock, You want me to be captain of a superhero team?  Feral Nova casually shrugged, Yeah.  The look of shock remained on the young boy’s face,  But..but..I'm only 15!  I'm not even allowed to drink yet!  How am I gonna lead a super team? Think of all the egos I'd have to deal with.  Think of how out of place a fifteen year old Jewish kid with no superpowers is gonna feel on a Japanese superhero team!

Obi stood up and promptly backhanded the frantic teenager Dude, chill! 

That wasn't necessary, Obi, Nova said

  Joseph, You are one of the smartest people I've ever met.  You have the potential to be one truly kick-ass leader.   You just need confidence and a little experience, which you'll gain on the job.  You're fluent in all Japanese languages, know about their culture as if you had lived there all your life, and you know what it is to be a member of WAL.  Joseph, I know this is a lot to take in..yeah.  but the truth is, we need you in Japan.   You'll do way more there than you can here, you'll save way more lives, and actually make a difference. After a short pause, Obi continuedCome on, Joe.  What do you say?  Joseph looked up at the Jedi and smiled.  Just..can I have some time, y'know to say goodbye and all that?

Yeah, we'll postpone the liftoff, Joseph..go do what you gotta do, and make your way to the tarmac whenever you can.  As Joseph walked out, Obi once again stopped him, Hey, Joe...Joe turned around and looked at the Jedi with a raised eyebrowYou're sensei would be proud.  Joseph smiled wide and walked out, ready to say goodbye to his teammates and make his way to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Hours of piece and silence...ended abruptly when 13-year-old Yoshio Hyuga woke up to a new day, opening his eyes, revealing the pale violet, pupilless irises. The boy rose up from his bed, stretched, and put on some clothes and ninja gear as his blurry sight cleared. Just as he was about to open the door to walk out of his room, he heard a strange and unfamiliar voice, talking to his both parents, from the outside. Instead of opening the door and getting ready for his ninja training, he leant against the door and listened carefully to what was said on the other side. <Where is he now? We would like to see him.> The unfamiliar, and authority-filled voice asked, in a very heavy American Japanese accent. Yoshio's mother, Amaya, responded. <He's training before the final Chunin exam...or at least I think he is. Know anything about it, Neji?> Neji, Yoshio's father continued. <I haven't seen him this morning, but that's probably because he's training. If you wish, I could show you to his training field.> Yoshio had no idea what was going on, but then he turned around and looked at the clock. 10! The training was supposed to start 9! Oh my freaking god...I gotta hurry! ...but not until I know what's going on out there. Who are these people? Why were they talking about me to strangers? How can mom and dad know that these strangers can be trusted? He put his hands together and made a complicated series of handseals: the Horse, the Tiger, the Boar, the Rabbit, the Rat, the Horse, the Dog, the Rabbit, the Tiger, the Rat, the Boar, the Dog and the Ram...all signs took less than four seconds to make. Byakugan!! His eyes turned white and the blood rushed to his head, burning a little. The line of sight was now almost unlimited, about everything that was hidden or just typically out of view was now completely visible to Yoshio. This gave him lots of various impressions not only from his own room, but from the rooms near as well. Looking straight through the door, the sight was not expected. He ignored the sight of his parents, he had already figured that they were both wearing their usual clothes, robes and headbands. But the two strangers...were wearing suits and sunglasses. Could they be...Americans? But that shouldn't be possible...how could they find their way into our village hidden in the leaves? And what the heck would they want with me? Trying to figure out the secret of Byakugan wouldn't work on me if they tried, the curse seal on my forehead would shut it down forever if it was removed from me...so what could they want? He continued listening to their conversation. <Well...thanks for offering, Mr. Hyuga, but we don't need to see him quite yet. We're in no immediate hurry.> <Well I'm glad to hear that...> Okay, now I've heard enough. He closed the Byakugan and looked at the clock again. ...10.06? Sensei is gonna kill me... He opened the window in his room, quickly climbed out, and started running towards the training field at the woods.

Minutes later...
He was running, his heart was pounding, and Sensei Satoshi Mishina was leaning at a tree, waiting along with Yoshio's teammates Hikaru Yamanaka and Daisuke Nara who were on the ground. <Sorry I'm so late, something got in my way!!> Satoshi Sensei looked at Yoshio with tired eyes. <I guess it's alright this time...but don't let it happen again. The final competitions in the Chunin exams are in four days...you all need all training you can get. Did you see the the other candidates? They performed exceptionally, (not that you didn't), and we have to assume they will train hard as well. Wouldn't it be a little pathetic if you've all gone through the written test and survived the forest of death...all for nothing? Nope, we really have to train, there are still things you all need to work on.> Yoshio understood what Sensei was talking about, but still didn't regret listening to the strangers. He hanged his head a little. <I said I was sorry...> <And I said it was fine...this time. But you HAVE to be here in time from now on...you can't afford missing any training! ...Oh well, I'm done lecturing, let's just start...> Satoshi stopped leaning and pointed to some other trees. <Today you'll have some repetition on molding your chakra. Like earlier, you will focus you chakra to your feet, and then run upwards the trees. You remember this from earlier, right?> All three students nodded. <Great. So you know how to do this.> Satoshi's glance shifted over his students. <Eh? What are you waiting for? Go ahead already!>
 Yoshio eyed Sensei for a moment before putting his hands together, concentrating his chakra to a spot below his feet, picking up a kunai from his back pocket, and running forward towards the tree. Maintaining a state of mind where he was neither too eager or too careless, he managed to keep his chakra below his feet and proceeded to defy gravity, running upwards. After about a second, a falcon cry broke Yoshio's concentration, hence he lost his speed and ability to run further. He marked the spot on the bark with the kunai he was holding, and then fell to the ground, but managed to land on his feet. Looking at the mark he just had made, compared to marks from weeks earlier, he frowned. Okay, that was real bad...only half as good a result as I did last time. Freaking bird...hope it crashes into a wall or window or something. Then he heard Satoshi Sensei's voice behind him and turned around. <Come on, Yoshio...you can do better than that.> <Wasn't my fault! I was distracted!> <You think you'll never be distracted when it actually matters? You have to learn to shut things out.> Yoshio once again understood his teacher's point and turned back to the tree. <Guess you're right...> <Now try it again...> Yoshio sighed. This is gonna be a loooong day...

Several hours later...
<Alright you guys, let's call it a day. We'll be here tomorrow too, at 9 o'clock! Don't be late!>
Yoshio felt specifically targeted by his Sensei's last words, but didn't let it bother him. After walking for a couple of minutes through the path of the woods and entering the actual village, heading to the Hyuga clan house, it felt like he was being followed, or watched over. Before long, the same American strangers approached Yoshio, taking him by some surprise. The boy reached to his back pocket for a kunai, while activating the Byakugan to see if these stranger's intentions could be read in their eyes or expressions. Drawing the kunai in less than a second, and pointing it to the throat of one of the men, the young Hyuga asked a simple question while seeing that those two strangers had strong wills and were not to be dismissed easily. <What do you want from me?> The one with the kunai pointed at, raised an eyebrow and looked slightly disturbed while nudging the kunai to the side with his finger. <First, Mr. Hyuga, point that thing somewhere else. Second...> The other man reached for something within his jacket and picket out a folder with the letters "WAL" on it. <...we want you to join.> Yoshio put the kunai back into his pocket but was ready to take it out any second again, while deactivating the Byakugan, receiving the folder and reading. <Why me?> he asked, puzzled. There are several Jonin and Chunin in this village, all more skilled ninjas than me. They're not making any sense, picking me of everybody? Sheesh... <It's because of your potential...it's greater than that of many ninja. And it's your heritage. You're a Hyuga...that means you have the Byakugan. But you're on the branch side of the family and not in the main household...meaning, you'll never really be able to be entirely free. The curse seal on your forehead allows any Hyuga from the main household to kill or torture you with just a thought, whenever they wish. But if you join with us...you'll be safe from threats within the family. And you'd get training, perfecting your jutsus, hand-to-hand combat fighting skill, and you can save the world when needed. What do you say?> The limited freedom of the Hyuga branch family was something he never really had given a lot of thought, now realizing the danger, his choice weighed in favor for these "WAL" people... <The final Chunin test is in a few days...I have to take it, and move on to the next level. It's not about being able to go on greater ninja missions, it's a personal goal.> The second WAL representant, who had remained quiet until now, started speaking. <It's already dealt with. We spoke to your sensei along with some other ninja higher-ups, to not mention your parents...and they were fine with giving you the title of Chunin if you decided to go with us, you've performed excellently in missions and competitions so far, according to them. Congratulations...if you still want to take the Chunin test, it's fine with us, no rush.> The boy's jaw dropped. Oh my god...they're this serious!! They really went great lengths to make me join! <Alright...I guess. Give me a few days and we'll see about it.>
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