Waking up to Ash and Dust - RP

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Jardsam rolled, dodging the crescent shaped blasts best he could, but each one that hit him paralysed him momentarily and knocked him further back. Within a few seconds, however, The Lonely Beast adapted, building an immunity and charging through them as Stasis continued the barrage.

Make him angry huh? If that wasn't an invitation, then Jardsam didn't know what was.

Tossing the gun aside and drawing the pencil, aiming it at the ground below Stasis' feet, he caused a chemical reaction to convert the dust into an airborne version of the chemical known as Phencyclidine- a psychotic drug that causes paranoia, hallucinations and aggression. Often known as PCP, those who have been using Phencyclidine are prone to feeling overconfident and believe they are much stronger than they actually are. They also are led to perform bizarre acts of violence- some users murdering and cannibalising their close friends while under the influence.

Jardsam couldn't make the angel breathe in the chemicals, but he could direct the wind to keep the cloud around Stasis as they continued to fight. Jardsam had his axe at the ready,

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