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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: Teacher assistant then? Since some subject teacher get 2-3 times around that ammount. Don't ask how we got the money though, trade secrets. Retrias entered the information said by the man quickly into his comp, for each letter and information he entered the list got smaller and smaller , until it ends with one man with the same face as this one. And there we go Mr O'Rourke, I have sent your ID into the registrar office. You can go there to see where you are employed, I can assure you that it is not Hinokami, they CAN'T pay that much

Retrias pulled a map out of his comm for this Jason person, directly printing it and creating an ink map of it that floats in the air, another arrow points at the direction of the destination. There, you can follow this map to the registrar office, should be easy enough to find. Just get there before 10 pm though, it's quite close from here. Retrias heard Mizukari calling him Ret-kun back to the bus , it's three o clock right now, the other groups must have been waiting. Retrias shouted back agreeing with Mizukari, Aye just a bit more, well then Mister O'Rourke nice meeting you , i hope you have a pleasant experience on Virtus Retrias said this and the ran back towards the bus , Mizukari still waving her hand to hurry him up

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Jeez Louise, and I almost thought this planet was starting to get a bit too primitive for me. They pull a fast one and show me tech as advanced as what I'm usually adjusted to, Jason thought to himself. He takes note of the map, puts it into his own personal hand PC on his side belt, dons some shades, and flicks a switch. From there, he is now shown a pathway in a semi-dark blue hue, not far off from what one would see on a car-mounted Global Positioning System unit, but acting more in real-time and alerting him via quick (and small) text messages, detailing the hazard ahead and possible alternatives to said situation. He takes note of how many students ahead on his path are actually armed, and if he'd have to utilize less-than-lethal means of dealing with them if it came down to it.

@cfatalis: Well then, I thank you very much, mister... Retrias, was it? Give me a call later on- I'll buy you a round or two for the trouble of helping me out. Hell, I might even dive into my own personal stock, just for you.

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Rowan was amazed at what he was watching, Anya and Lan Fan were playing a fighting game.  There was a small crowd gathered around Anya's screen, watching something that was well beyond tournament play, one person was controlling the game with her mind, the other's fingers were flying across her keyboard so quickly that they seemed to be a blur. The action on screen was as exciting as a fight that was going nowhere could be, they dodged, feinted and parried but neither got a lead over the other.  "Guys time to get back to the bus."  Someone called and Lan Fan lost concentration for a single moment, in that moment Anya took found her opening and took it, grabbing Lan Fan, hurling her into the air, juggling between her party, driving her through the earth's crust and burying her in a cloud of psychic knives.
"I think ouch is an understatement," Rowan said, "I know I said I'd play winner but now I don't want to."
"We'd better get back, good game Anya."  The three of them got up and headed to the bus stop, on the way they noticed a guy in sunglasses.  "He's too old to be a student, who is he?"
"Jason Kyle O'Rourke," Rowan replied, "I think he's an assistant teacher at our school."
"You think?" Anya asked.
"Hey reading encrypted data is hard," Rowan replied defensively, "and off a pair of sunglasses no less,  Anyway I wonder what he can do, Plato does not hire that often."
"We start classes soon, don't we?  We'll find out then."
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Goodbye then Mr O'Rourke I am sure we will find opportunity to meet again, Retrias said that while boarding the bus again, He sat at his usual seat, noticing Mizukari have already been there,is there something wrong Mizukari? You look tired. Mizukari is suprised by Retrias sudden question, Did I look that tired Retrias, I am fine really, it's a really nice batch this one. Mizukari nodded, this is the only person that can't know what happened, after that day, no one will want to see him carry all of our burdens again. Mizukari looked at LanFan, her eyes seesm to actually says "Don't tell Retrias what happened"

Meanwhile in the forest , Lica stood over alot of construct corpse, her face is still displaying the same calm smile, as if she is a kid that had done good and expecting praise. DIE VOLTLAIRE COHORTS , a surviving construct leaped at Lica, Leica still smiles , lifting her hand slowly. And Suddenly the construct exploded with a loud thump without any warning,Lica turned her head towards the sound origins, seeing a group of men in battlesuits , their face covered with helmets, their leader a man in his thirties is still holding a smoking gun, large caliber gun unlike that is seen outside of the island . Miss Teien , I thought we have said to you not to hunt this things again? The leader spoke his voice sounds rough, almost like a grunt. Lica turned back and speaks again Ara ara? But I am just helping a passing student,a girl like me wouldn't enter this kind of scary forest wouldn't they? Lica smiled again Isn't that right? Mr Hawthorne? This is responded by the rest of the team actually aiming their gun into Lica, strangely her face looks happy as they did this

DO whatever you want Green leaf, just don't get killed doing it .The man called hawthorne walks aways from Lica with the rest of the troops following closely behind him , Lica flicked her finger and a cocoon enveloped her afterwards as she disappears from sight.

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Lan Fan got the message, if Mizukari wanted to keep the day's events from Retrias then she would not complain.  But she had to wonder, Retrias seemed to be more powerful so it stood to reason that he would be Mizukari's superior, yet that did not seem to be the case.  She sat in between her new friends.  They where talking through cyberspace.
<So whats up with that girl you saw?> Anya asked. 

<Well s he controls plants,> Lan Fan replied. 

<That possible?>  Rowan asked. 

<That's nothing, I've seen an angel fight a demigod before, compared to that she is pretty weak.>  Lan Fan yawned, <Anyway something Mizukari said gave me the impression that this school has more.

<Define more.>  Rowan said. 

<Well they have maybe 100 students in Plato a year, most are mutants that require special care or could not be taught in normal schoolsI'd estimate that around 10% have real offensive capability, and that's not counting the people like you two who have very useful noncombative powers.>  Lan Fan explained.  > How long has this school been going.?

<I'm not sure, decades I think.>  Rowan answered. 

<So that's where they get people like Lica?> Anya asked. 

<Right, this school probably doubles as a recruitment program, they won't go to me because they know about my loyalties to Jack and Ebisu, but you two will probably be approached soon.>  She yawned again.  <I need a nap, hit my shoulder when we get there, that will wake me up.> She went into a sleep cycle, one benifit of cybernetics was that they made taking catnaps really easy.  Rowan and Anya both spent the ride traveling the internet, soon the bus neared the school.
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Retrias plays around with his comm browsing various news and rumour, the "memories" that thing spoke of, must have a significant meaning, so engrossed in his search he doesn't notice Mizukari mumbling to her headset. That happened again Azad, I thought this wouldn't happen again? destroy the control unit you say and they would all be inactive and docile. The voice in the end sounds raspy as if the person in other end is very old and not to mention rather unwell. Miss I have told you Berka is not as I am, she might have did something..... but lets not jump to conclusion miss, it is because of that I missed an eye didn't I? Has there been any sort of machine brought to this place? That have touched many parts of the world that is not Virtus ? That would arouse them to think that the queen has came back..... or so I would guess Berkas thinking. Mizukari thought for a while, Virtus contains many things, all everyone knew is that it is recently unearthed and was found out to Voltlaires property, and afterwards it had touched many things, you can find anything in Virtus.

I will see later on , don't tell this to Retrias, if he ever knew this..... off with your head Mizukari spoke, her tone normal, but the sea outside of the buss suddenly raged on without warning, the sound could be heard through the headset microphone. Of course miss, I wouldn't want what happened to Adluz to actually happened to me right? Ehehehehe well see you again then Miss, I wish you luck in your love life.Mizukari just sighed and closed the channel.

Somewhere else a dakr hunched figure spoke with a shrill voice, NEW BODIES, yes I can enact my plans now, it is high time to throw this decrepit shell , the new body caught in that image seems FINE. A screen lit up and in there is Lan Fans picture taken from various angles, some even shows her cybernetic location and datas. Voltlaires time is over , now it is MINE, ALL MY TIME, I queen of the world. The voice cackled madly, with claps can be heard from all over the place , coming from red eyed figures.

A black helmeted man stands alone , in the street walking around as if he is checking something , I hate this part of my job, the man though to himself, nothing ever happens, his visor suddenly sounded an alert , notifying him that there is something wrong, the circles locked on to a man, with the name displayed "Jason O'rourke, Dual ID and presence". Dual presence? That can't be right, Virtus ID is unique in every way , enabling an authorized person to lock on to someones presence quickly. He approached the person slowly , his suit is changing subtly to some form of body armor, he reached his hand to the persons back. I am sorry sir, I have to ask you to stop , I am going to ask a few question.

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<After a while of wandering...>

*Metal-on-metal grinding*

*Keys jingle*

*Metal-on-metal grinding*

*More jingling*

Aw, for FAUCH'S sake!

The man gets a bit agitated in a somewhat hungover, angry mood and throws his keys down. After having gotten lost in a strange cavern system below the island for over a week (thanks to some advanced sophomore wizardry students), Jason finally had made it to his assigned room at the teacher's quarters. Unfortunately for him, he lost his key to his room in one of the many caves down below him, and he wasn't ready to go back down their in the drunken stupor he was already in. Not wasting any time (and getting ready an envelope full of cash for the maintenance crew the next day), he pulls out a silenced Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun from his field jacket and racks the slide action for a shell check. Seeing a nice 3" Magnum slug in the chamber, he smiles... and pulls the trigger, ending the serviceability of the doorknob in front of him. Kicking the door open before him, he walks in, drops all of his luggage into a nearby open closet, and passes out onto the couch.

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Anya hit Lan Fan's shoulder, she woke up instantly.  "What did I miss?" she asked drowsily.
"Not much we're basically there."  Anya replied.  Lan Fan looked outside at the same spectacular view she had seen earlier.  The school was up ahead in all it's splendor, Lan Fan had the realization that this would actually be her home and that she would no longer have to be the youngest in the military facility that was the Ebisu headquarters.  And she had some friends now, she would request to room with Anya.
She stepped out of the bus along with her class mates and suddenly shivered, Rowan noticed, "You okay?" he asked.
"Yeah, someone stepped on my grave that's all."  She assured him, wondering where her feeling of unease came from.  She looked down on the Island but a quick search brought up nothing, she decided to ignore it for now.  She leaned against the side of the bus, all of them were waiting for instructions on what to do next.
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