Virtus Island Transfer

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Lan Fan listened to Mizukari carefully, she really wanted to know what the culture of the world she was in was like.  She this would be her home until the end of the term, she wanted to know what the culture of the place so she decided to ask a question, "Excuse me miss," she said in a slightly shy voice, "What do you mean by 'fight for it'?"
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Ah , The Virtus is divided into territories, since the governing bodies of this island is the schools, they have territories. Mizukari heard Lan Fans question, and felt she should at least explain it to everyone. Territories have many benefits for example if you took over the food court area for plato, you could get discount there and such. Usually there is various "competitions" , well there is straight up wars too. Mizukari looked over at Retrias, then sighed as he is as clueless as ever to the situation. Usually the competition have simple rules, however if a school have that territory , there is school rules.That will benefit the student of that school, think of it as a homefield advantage. Mizukari looked over, several student were looking worried, obviously because of the prospect of they have to fight.
Don't worry about it, we have several students already begin to be regulars at this sort of things, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. Mizukari pointed at Retrias, you can get a "bodyguard" you know travel with a strong guy or have a group of friends with you. At open war events we have Retrias here....... Plato Trivia !! our school have 3 Level G , Level G are people who can hold on their own and win when even fighting say America or something. Mizukari explained in a cheerful voice unfitting of the content being presented, the screen flashed showing various level of power that is used to rate Virtus Students.
Retrias is the level G of our school that can beat 2 level G of another school, although it is from Bara-Sen. 
So don't worry, it is alright, you level A and B shouldn't worry yourselves, leave the fights to level C to G.  You should help though for example like logistic or note takings so that the level C to G can later on copy your notes.
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So this school had a system to keep the more powerful kids away from the weaker ones, that was good, at least they cared about safety.  Lan Fan hoped that there was something worth doing for a person at her level, she couldn't handle America but something like a martial arts master would be fun.   She also hoped that the students wouldn't take this territory thing too seriously but she doubted it, if Ender's Game taught her anything it was that if you gave a group of kids a war to participate in they would fight it with glee.
The group had started walking to the station, they where more or less in line, though there where many people grouping up and making friends.  Lan Fan saw something glinting in the hills to the right, she zoomed in with her eye, she saw a boy with a telescopic camera.  She couldn't tell what school he was from though, Spying on the competition? she thought, I'm not going to take kindly to that.  She took a picture of her own, had the computerized portion of her brain do some basic triangulation and then used a quick program to make it look like it was posted anonymously by an admin account that had been created a week before she applied to the school.  A girl tapped on her shoulder, "Was that you?"
"Yes," said Lan Fan, noticing that it was the hacker from earlier, "How did you know?"
"We are the only group that could get pictures from that angle and your the only one who can do can hide your identity that well without typing on your phone so fast that it would disintigrate." She replied, Lan Fan remembered the a saying among the hacking community, "The best hackers are like con-men, they know people as well as they know code".  "Name is Anya by the way." the girl added.  They where nearing the station, the commercial area was visible nearby, with its mixture of buildings and temporary stands.
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@kashif1: Mizukari looked at the new students sighing with relief, her face is however rather enjoying this. Erhm Make no mistake though , me and Retrias is basically 2 person, we can't be at 3 places . So if you end up knee deep in other school business or other kind of "things" we can't exactly always be there. It is not exactly a school wide decission, it is more or less run on well " Pick on somebody and someday you will get 35 foot long iron coming down". This doesn't mean however that this person who could bring that 35 foot of steel is a monster , remember all of us here is basically what society called "abnormals", in here however we are all people, citizens, humans, whatever you want to call them.  Mizukari voice turns louder, while her face is always serious , but that sentence carried the venomous tone as if it is telling everyone to strictly follow them. 
Retrias stood up, don't worry I am sure all of you are decent people at least, I hope we can all have a fun school year. Oh we are stopping here, Its a short walk from this station the view is nicer here though. The station they stopped in overlook the whole shopping district, bustling with activity. People talked with each other as if there is no difference between them , several other group of students passed by waving to the group. Well here we are , nice view  right? Retrias stood over in the front of the students making sure he didn't obstruct view, the shopping district itself were shaped like a bowl , with the center connected to the sub disctricts by bridges, with the bridges overlooking the water. 
Before long they were approached by another group of students, this one led by two boys, both with somewhat similar build but totally different appearance. HOOO again with the girls Plato? make me wonder if you rig the student application or something, whats with your "Arcane Study" Curriculum right? A guy with short black hair commented, it seems that he is rather angry for no apparent reason . Eh not so much, we can't exactly rig them right? the student applied to what school they put right? Retrias dismissed the students word , his face is still smiling . Mizukari motioned to the students from both school to follow her and leave them alone. Come here come here, we would be in a trouble if they fight..... well it is bound to happen, I know a good cake shop where we can wait.
 "Something" on the other hand approached Lan Fan, the look of it is obviously mechanical , nearly steampunk esque in a humanoid shape. Its eye glowered blue as if scanning the view, and from his mouth slit comes a voice, no more likely to be called a sound, it feels like several thousand of instruments is stringing the sound to become words. I am sorry that is, I hope not think that all gespent is that, very sorry I am again,the sentence sounds broken as if it is directly translated from a language not known to them t. You mechanical ? You understand too?
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Lan Fan almost jumped when something behind her spoke, she had spent many hours training under Jack so that nothing could sneak up on her, and yet this refuge from Terminator had managed it.  She could understand what it was saying, more or less.  It didn't sound natural, but with some effort and some sound wave analysis she could get it.  "Yes I can understand," she said nervously, she had expected something human and had no experience with cyberpunk robots, aside from herself of course.  "Do you need anything?"
At a stall nearby Rowan the technopath was buying some candy, his family may have been rich but he had always preferred a twix bar to anything expensive.  His phone got a text message and even though it didn't make a sound or vibrate Rowan knew to check.  The message was simple, "Keep track of me, if you think I'm in trouble tell Retrais and Mizukari. -Lan Fan"  Rowan looked in Lan Fan direction and heard a sound, it sounded like someone was trying to play Beethoven on an old out of tune violin.
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The "thing" spoke again , Need I have, tell You come. again with the broken speech, it seems . The construct stared at Lan fan while motioning its hand as if telling her to come with "it"  Important tell you, need. There is something odd with the whole situation , why did it picked Lan Fan specifically , wouldn't it be better if it had picked say a technopath so that his word could be understood clearly, even then why should he go and directly tell the student of Virtus this. It is common knowledge among nearly all students even new entrants that Gespent hates Plato, end of discussion , there is little no exception in the whole school even then it is basically "we will tolerate them". But the construct still stands there motioning on Lan Fan to come with him.
One, two , three , four, five..... Mizukari counted the number of students in the shop repeatedly, the sounds of explosion and battles still rang loudly behind her. Ehhhhh Regulations says to that maximal ammount of a group is 15 people, Our group have  around 12 from the absentee list , that gespent group have 7 . Mizukari counted over and over again, making notes in her head not to include non students, she still ends up with 1 or 2 people more than what the number should have been. Christ I am not turning blonde am I? There is no reason to mess up two digit addition otherwise. She then started to meet the person one by one, recording their name . Cmon what is wrong with this place, if there is anymore missing student in this year the council would think badly of me, that opinion would then go to Retrias, crap isn't it
Ah fine, no matter, I am just going to announce it anyway. She posted on the public board, You guys who can detect and count other people present come over here, there is something I need to tell you , ti doesn't matter if you are psychometrist or magic user , those with the announced ability please come here , I need your help. In the post were signed with the student leader stamp " Clearance level 2 Yurika Mizukari , Level F"  this would mean that this is official business
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Lan Fan felt odd following the construct, she tried to place the feeling and decided on anxiety. She didn't know what this thing was or what it wanted, it was a scary feeling to have to trust something like that not to hurt her. Still the thing wanted her help and only her help, she felt honor bound to give it. She got a text, it said, "I want to try something, there may be a little sting but it will help me keep track of you.-Rowan" She sent back a reply saying he could try and then braced herself. When people said a little sting they generally meant something a lot more painful, for once however this rule did not apply, she felt a small sting in her right eye. She got another message, "Now I can see what you see."

"You can do that?" she sent back.

"I could always do it with webcams if I closed my eyes and concentrated, and none of them made music as loud as yours."

"And why did you try to do it on webcams?" she asked the technopath, for some reason she got no reply. Still it was nice to know that she had someone looking over her and that there where powerful people such as Retrais on the Island to help her. She felt in her pocket for the plastic combat knife she had brought with her. It wasn't much but it calmed her down. "Where are we going?" She asked aloud to the metal construct.

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The construct had taken lan fan somewhere, the place seems seedy, unlike the other area of Virtus. Unlike the bright and cheerful outlook, this one had this dark and broody air coming from it, people soon stare at LanFan, whispers coming from them "Surfacer !" "Nice parts kid, mind sharing?". The construct stopped True Look of Virtus,he pointed at the view before him, Voltlaires bad, Voltlaires destroy everything care for people only. He stopped turning slowly to Lan Fan, Lan Fan machine, Lan Fan must join Singularity, Lan Fan not people. The machine begin to speak in a more coherent manner in addition to seemingly knowing her name.

Several other construct begin to move on Lan Fan, seemingly coming out of nowhere. The Construct opened various parts on their body, revealing a grosteque combination of flesh and other materials, some wood, metals or even bone like platings. The first one turned, and opened it's mouth for the first time revealing his tongue, a human tongue haphazardly attached to machinery. Come Lan Fan , join the singularity side.

On the other side, Mizukari checked her student list and decided to ask Rowan, the technopath, he should have the ability to detect comms, something each student should have only one of. Umm Are you Rowan? Can you detect on how many students comm on this area, I suggest searching for around 20-25 m , and umm I hope this doesn't burden you, please make a tick on this paper if you found the students comm? and see if there is something wrong? i don't want any bad case happening like last year. Mizukari spoke of the student disappearance that happened around 2 to 3 years ago, where students who have disappeared where found in the forest with one of their body parts removed, a grosteque case, thankfully the case was solved when Retrias managed to destroy the "thing" that is doing it. However the same rumor that the same case have happened again, is starting to brew in this coming month. She ended the communication channel after finishing that sentence without any prompts, the student list soon were sent to Rowans comm

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Lan Fan had read enough scifi to know what the singularity probably was and she wanted none of it. "Sorry guys I kinda like my individuality so if that's all you need me for I'll just..." She backed up into a rather big construct, he was huge with at least 75% cybernetics and what ever flesh that was left was heavily muscled. "Oh, guess not." Rowan help.

Working on it, he replied, first he needed to get her some help, Mizukari came up to him asking if he could check for all of the students comms, convenient timing. "Miss there is a student in trouble, it's Lan Fan. She's at," he got the gps coordinates and recited them back, it was a point about a mile and a half to the east. "It seems to be an issue with some hive minded cybernetic constructs."

Lan Fan did not like being surrounded by the constructs and the way that they were closing in on he brought her close to panic. She took out her knife, the constructs seemed to be surprised by this, they probably had not seen it because it was not made of metal. Still there was not much a combat knife could do against a cyborb. Rowan still waiting for that help.

Its coming, he assured her, I can by you some time until it gets there but this will hurt.

How badly?

Less than losing your individuality, he answered, he really did not want to do this but it was a life and death situation.

Do it. And so he did. Her mouth opened and a sound came out, nothing that would affect a full blooded human but to a machine this sound was deadly. Lan Fan did her best to stay upright but it was a struggle, she felt sparks moving down her arm and legs, her ears felt like someone had blown a flash bang right next to her and her eyes were filled with static. The sound stopped and Lan Fan saw that she standing in a pile of knocked out constructs.

Run, Rowan ordered, They'll be up in a few seconds. She started running into the forest, not caring for direction,

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MIzukari lifted her eyebrow, Just a minute more and that would be the longest plato tour would be without trouble. She breathes in upon hearing the technopath babbled in front of her Hey hey slow down there , calm down first. You are saying that this student got in trouble hive minded cybernetic construct? But that happens every..... WAIT WHAT? Do they keep saying shit about singularity ? Where did it happens? Mizukari showered Rowan with questions as if this is an interogation, She heard the coordinates, she begin to recollect what she remember of that particular place.

Retrias I am going for a student, she is lost somewhere. Mizukari lied again to Retrias, she wonders how many times that would be, but it doesn't matter now.... that back that hold that many scar cannot hold everything alone. This time she is the one who would do it, She jumped through the area, lightly scrambling the liquid inside the persons skull so that they wouldn't see her doing anything superhuman. She is after all supposed to be Yurika Mizukari, the level E psychokinesis, rather than the Blue Mercury Monarch to the public. this technique seems rather cruel though, it is after all simulating a concussion in the head , but I use what I can use, i don't have that person fog.

Meanwhile, The cybernetic that were downed due to the emp blast, were beginning to make a recovery , and soon went after Lan-Fan. Come back, don't you see or believe Voltlaire is evil , Voltlaire and his cohorts are evil. They don't care about anything besides their own little world, they don't care about the life they destroyed . That person Retrias and Mizukari.....w mwwurderers, they killed mom and dad..... THOSE DEMONS, The construct seems to suddenly switched into a more feral and bestial mode, their back become hunched, their limbs become unlike that of a human, morphing here and there to become more and more grosteque.

They seem to appear from everywhere in the forest, surrounding Lan Fan.Come Lan Fan Singularity awaits, together ends this selfishness of Voltlaires and their cohorts, regain this Ark..... The machine speaks again with a low drawling voice. Suddenly several of them were cut through , seemingly with a thin wire like weapon. That is however before the wire move again and branch in several direction, even showering pellets that explode from the above. Ara ara It seems that Mizukari didn't do quite a clean up, that girl never did anything right, the girl was wearing a weird uniform as if it is modified from another kind of clothes, in her hands were an old flintlock-esque gun. Her eyes and hair were of the same color , a golden hue, not blonde but instead gold as if they are plated with one. Why hello there.... are you a student? The girl keep smiling without turning back, still facing a horde of constructs, if one were to have a word to describe such would be " Idiotic" or "Suicidal" after all what can one teenage girl do against a horde of murderous constructs?

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Lan Fan was scared but being next to someone with a gun was calming, especially someone with no cybernetics. "Yes miss, I'm a student." She said to her savior, she hoped this was the help Rowan was talking about.

Suddenly she felt something in her mind, it was a virus of some sort. That should not have happened, Jack had spent a lot of money to get her the world's best firewall and she had put several upgrades on top of it. Nothing in the world should have been able to break in and yet this did easily. And she suddenly realized what it was doing, the virus was preventing her from getting to her own higher brain functions. She collapsed, the effort needed to think was starting to become more than she could handle. Think, girl think. Where am I? Not sure. Who am I? Part of us. Whats my name? I don't know, did I have one?. Maybe, what is a name? Whats 'I'?

"Don't worry, we've got you." Said a voice in her head.

"Who are you?"

"Its me Rowan, I'm with Anya, that super-hacker on the bus, give us a minute, we are just clearing out that virus." Back in the commercial area Anya was typing on her laptop, a laptop that had to be modified to withstand typing of that speed. She was connected to Lan Fan through Rowan and had already gotten rid of the virus and the singularity package that followed it. Now she just had to reconnect Lan Fan to her own brain. "Just reconnect these pathways and here we go, Lan Fan you are now fully operational." she said.

"Thank you, both of you," she said, she opened her eyes, she was on the ground next to the woman with the flintlock and they were both surrounded by robots. She slowly picked her self up. "I'm okay." she said, she wondered if the woman was powerful enough to take down all of these robots, she hoped so because they were about to attack.

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You should stay back from this part of the island you know, this is a dangerous place. The contruct seems to stop , their expressions turned into gradually into something that look like fear, they begin to whisper to themselves, dangerous Voltlaire cohorts......the one that viles nature itself, calls for all within the the forest..... make Voltlaire experience sorrow for this , sorrow that we have , as he killed mother and father, KILL THIS ONE. The Construct all jumped at the same time their expression have switched into a completely feral outlook as if they are ready to abandon all life to complete one objective. The girl stood calmly as if nothing has changed , her flintlock is somehow still pointed on the ground , Eeeeh now that I count it, this is not that much, but its perfectly fine ,you are after all from plato, the girl giggled.

Roots suddenly bursted out from the ground, whipping several of the construct, smaller root coming from it pinned so that they couldn't move. All of this happen while the girl did nothing at all , except for silently pulling the trigger on her flintlock while it is still pointed at the ground. Ne, Lets have a small talk, it would be boring if we don't at all. The girl still stood while doing nothing, with the two roots still growing and smacking constructs into the ground, My name is Lica Teien, What is yours, and oh tell me about something too, well anything works.

The girl is exceedingly calm , it seems the horde can't even come near her, as they are pinned to the ground when they got smacked to the ground. Oh she should be coming in a couple minutes now , I can't have my fun forever can't I. From the other end of the horde, can be heard a loud booming sound, metal parts everywhere soon scattered . Lan Fan are you in there? the voice belongs to Mizukari , it seems she is the one that goes searching for Lan Fan. She can't be blown together with that scraps right? I have no time to think of creative stuff to hide it you know , Mizukari walked calmly,all of the construct is somehow on a prostrate position, this is due to her power, by inserting water and manipulating it , she can take control of the movement of the construct forcing them to kneel. Are you there Lan Fan? she keep shouting as if those surrounding her is not of importance

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Lan Fan was amazed at the level of power she had just seen.  That was well beyond anything she expected to see at this school.  "My name is Lan Fan, thank you for saving me Miss Teien," Lan Fan said gratefully.  She heard Mizukari respond and called back.  "I'm over here." 
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Don't worry about that Lan Fan, after all we are doing this anyway..... right Mizukari? Leica turned his head a bit toward Mizukari , We are not heroes... not at all. Mizukari sighed, she peeked her eye back to Lan Fan as if gauging to see if she is okay or not, she might not look like it but she did care about the students on virtus. Yes even if we are to solve this problem , we are never a hero.... hussy , Mizukari speak holding back on that last sentence , her voice lowered. Leica is still smiling, however it gave out a different kind of feel rather than her kind smile...Eh Mizukari... what are you talking about , But I do agree with your opinion..... you thieving cat, Leica uttered the last part with the same volume as Mizukari but disguised with coughs and so on.

Lan Fan,could you walk back to the mall ? Mizukari approached Lan Fan to really make sure she is okay. This place is a bit.... restricted you see. She looked back at Lica who is still smiling with her gun on her shoulder, We will settle this at the festival then.... while her mouth said that, her body seems to tense up, an observant person would know that she is readying herself for a fight. Hmmmm I will be waiting for that one, the same agreement still applies..... bye bye Lan Fan, Mizukari , She disappeared to the forest , as if getting swallowed by it

She is out of supplies.... Well Lan Fan, you just met another level G , you look amazed which is normal. Although make sure this is a lesson to never have a level G out to get you... most of them is pretty responsible , others is more hasty on their judgement. Lica is however the weakest of level G, she is the "creation" type , so she is not that high on that combat rating of level G. Mizukari speak carefully hiding her secrets from Lan Fan

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Lan Fan thought about the information she had, if Lica was the weakest in any sort of group then that put Virtus quite high on the list of the most powerful organizations.  The potential destruction that Lica alone could cause was impressive, then she realized that it was not her job to think about that, she was only around 17, all she had to worry about was school and her friends.  "I can make it back, don't worry," she said to Mizukari. "Thanks again."  She bowed respectfully and then walked off
She walked out of the forest and then when she hit a path she started running.  She had just been the most scared she had been in her life and she wanted to feel powerful.  She was faster than most people and it felt good to feel wind blowing behind her and see the scenery zooming by.  She reached the commercial area, she was about to enter through the front when she noticed a dumpster near a wall.  She ran towards it and used it to boost herself up to the roof and jumped across the buildings to where her friends were.  She jumped down right in front of them, Anya started clapping and Lan Fan took a bow.
"I give it an 8," Rowan said, "So you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm alright," she answered sitting down next to Anya, Rowan sat down with them.  "I owe both of you a lot, thank you."
"So you three are a group now?" asked Maxine, suddenly appearing and making the three of them jump.  "A technopath, a super hacker and a cyborg.   Looks like no computer is safe now."  She laughed and walked off to buy a cigarette.
"Are we?" asked Anya.
"I guess so," Rowan answered.
"Seems so, by the way Anya open the email I just sent you." Lan Fan said.
She opened the email and found that it contained a code. "Lan Fan is this what I think it is?" She asked.
Lan Fan nodded, "You saved my life, I owe you that much."  Anya didn't really know how to react to such a sign of trust, what she had in front of her was the encryption key to Lan Fan's computer system .  "I think I can trust you to save me when I need it."
"'When'? Do you plan to go into danger?"
"No that just happens," she replied, she checked the time, they would be going back to the school soon.
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Stepping off the oddest-looking boat he had ever been on, Jason looked out from the edge of the dock he was standing on in utter amazement. Bloody hell, he thought to himself, this is supposed to be a school? He soaked in the sights before him with a bit of shock and awe not seen before him since the Johnson administration nearly half a century ago- various persons wandering around in garb like that from ComiCon, wielding weapons of various eras and technologies, visiting shops of varying service (from the most basic of clothing to the most advanced in computer technologies; from the most ancient of magick services to the latest in transportation and leisure)... it wasn't a wonder this didn't seem like a school-oriented island at first. Fauchin' Beelzebub, and I'm supposed to be a teaching assistant in this bloody hellhole full of weirdos? I've seen more NORMAL people in the more remote nebula systems than this place has!

But now wasn't exactly the moment for him to be analyzing how out-of-place these characters before his ocular orbs are (considering his "usual" area of residence), since he has only so much time in the day before the sign-in office closes for the day- and he still needs to check into his quarters at the faculty residence on the other side of the island. Shit... if only there was someone who could point me the way. He looked around to see if there was someone who could point him in the right direction to the sign-in offices.

@cfatalis: Excuse me, good sir- I just got off the float o'er there and I was wondering where the sign-in offices are located at for faculty members?

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Mizukari shook her head seeing Lan Fan went away . First day of orientation, one dark broody secret discovered by a student .This have to be the shittiest year for the information department Mizukari looked at her comms to check the time Eh? it is 3 o clock already? Time for the school facility shows then Mizukari nonchalantly walked out of the forest, noticing several eyes is looking at her but didn't dare to attack or even move Animals sure have better instincts

@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: New guy ? That was the first thing that came to Retrias mind, he continued to fight even when hearing the question and formulating an answer, pushing one student on the ground and ripping the student rock like arm. Ah Sorry sir, but which faculty you are registered on? since you have to go to the respective office to actually report, wait for a little while , the office closes at 10 o clock to facilitate to those with nocturnal needs, I don't think there is any need to rush on blindly. Retrias responded to the query the best he could before turning again and punching another student in the stomach

Let see..... Retrias said all that while still fighting a group of students,each one that comes forward get quickly trounced around, you look like a male , so you can't be on Rozen, Gespent maybe? Or even HinoKami? Or could you be the first new teacher sent to Plato? It has been quite a while , around 20 years I think since the last one came. I haven't heard anything though

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@cfatalis: Plato, you say? Lemme check my papers. He fumbled around in his traveler's bag rapidly to find that he-

... Fauch.

Jason had lost the transfer papers. Without them, he couldn't check into the registry office. Without them, he couldn't get into the teacher's quarters, Without them, he wouldn't even get the measly seventy thousand pounds a year he was promised. Shite, he now thinks to himself, shite shite shite shite SHITE!!! You guys are modern enough on here to have information like what I had on my papers on a computer console system, right?

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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: We do actually, Retrias tried to remember where do they kept those record. Oh well I will take you to the citizen office , you are on the boat thingamajig so I know you are not some terrorist ,if you are I recommend you give yourself to a police contact. I am going to search for your name first though, since if we can actually just get a soft copy , we can send it in to the registering offices. Who is your name? and well your position, I don't want to go through all immigrants name here, Retrias babbled as if he has seen this thousands of timea dn handling it in a very generic manner

How much did you get paid for to come here anyway? Most people is pretty scared coming to this place, I don't blame them though. Retrias looked into his comp screen, accessing the database for the imigration office, cross checking with the boat passenger list. So many results , how about cross check with working entrants. I still can't find it without your name though, Retrias then remembered most of the STAFF were given a card with their paper as their ID, this is so that Staff that is recruited from a conflict zone can rush and not carry deadweight informs of transfer paper, that was an old practice, now they just randomly give it to near everyone anyway, with conflict area taking priority still.

Mr... are you given a card? it's the size of a credit card , they sometime give that earlier to people who came here as staffs and not immigrants.

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@cfatalis: Yeah, the bloody loonies 'ere are givin' me seventy thousand British pounds a year for my salary. I thought it was kinda nutty myself, but what the hell, right? He started flipping through his effects again. Card, card... now I KNOW I also was given a bloody card with the papers. Where is it, though? After searching his couple of bags once more, he checks his wallet and-


He hands it over to the dashing-in-a-non-romantic-way gentleman assisting him with the following information on the card reading (in a way that could only be read by the gentleman's specially modified spectacles, to ensure no forgery got past him)

NAME: Jason Kyle O'Rourke

Age: 23

Birth date: November 17th, 1987

Birthplace: Killeen, Belfast, Ireland

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