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Virtus Island is staying still today,  a special occassion every year where the school of Virtus Island accept new Admittance, the whole Island is busy on preparing for the new candidates arrival. A tradition that spans from this Island birth. Every year 20.000 new people came to the island to their occupation or studies at this single occasion. The student of Plato is no exception.
Retrias Hurry up, We have to welcome those people again a loud banging sound can be heard , today was supposed to be a holiday for all students, Retrias is not an exception but however.... Yes yes i am coming , there is no need to rush right , he opened the door, having changed his clothes to his uniform, finding Yurika Mizukari  standing her hands on her hip  obviously having prepared for the welcoming from a while a go Her expression sour. Geeze why can't you be ready earlier, They are both riding in the so called Welcoming  Bus of the Plato academy, a rather large bus with facility inside of it , rather than rows of chair, it had a two two person sofa and a table for each"cabinet", the bus rans on something silently as it makes it's way to the port.  

Retrias tried tobreak this silence Try explaining why I am here again? he ask putting the best confused face he had. Ah I will give you three reason, One you are a Voltlaire , which mean owner of the Island, the second one is that you are on the Volunteer club  as you are not in any club activity, and the last one would be..... ARRGHHHHHH She suddenly stood up and shouted in frustration, how tactless can this person be? She asked herself. If one asked a Virtus Island Citizen, they would say that they are both couple, there is no evidence of them being not. Living in the same house, being in the same place at nearly all the time, Wouldn't be very strange especially they are both "celebrities" right ? However once one of them is asked if they are going out they would both deny it Retrias with his "I don't think so", Mizukari would answer with a shake of her head and a smile .

They arrived at the port station, it is full of students from the welcoming group of each school , the port is decorated and a stone plate has appeared from the edge of the Island To make ports and walkway . Words were floating up in the air showing welcome message , although detractor says that this is just a farce one can really feel how the student have worked hard to bring about this kind of event. They even have brought over some technology exclusive to their island, those words were made by using special engineered "bacteria" that glow that is guided by chemical into a straight and sharp line to form various shapes and words, same system as the traffic light or the Billboards on this Island. Retrias opened his personal terminal to look on the clock , still couple more minutes before they arrive. Mizukari looked over the ocean thinking that years ago she came to the Island in the same way, and now she is welcoming new students. Wait will wait upon these two as they looked forward to the endless sea like future
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Lan Fan did not like the idea of going to school, but Jack had insisted on her getting some sort of education since if she had ever had one she had forgotten it.  She did not see the point and she didn't see why it had to be on some Island, but Jack had wanted somewhere that she could fit in to, even with the visible circuitry and false eye.  The school she was going to, Plato, had said they would give her a decent scholarship assuming her abilities where as good as Jack claimed.  That and they where okay with an erratic attendance schedule.
She got off the boat, she was wearing a hood and heavy makeup to disguise her face, supposedly she wouldn't need to at Plato.  She walked towards a girl with long black hair and a dark blue uniform holding up a sign with the school name on it.  "Hello."  Lan Fan said quitely.
"Hi," the girl replied, "You for Plato?"
"Oh, you seem older than most noobies.  Hold this for me and I'll check for your name."  She passed Lan Fan the sign and took out her clip board.  "My name is Maxine, Max for short.  Whats yours."
"Lan Fan," she answered.  Max went down the list and found her. 
 "It says admission pending, think you'll pass?"
"I hope so." Lan Fan said quitely, she had fought zombies, soldiers and demonic chickens but never had she learned how to handle this.
"Anyway that makes twenty of us so lets go," Max said and she led the group towards the coach bus, the prices for this school were crazy without scholarship, no wonder there were so few.  They walked into the Luxurious coach bus that would take them to the school.  Max went up the driver seat and Lan Fan sat near the front.  "Don't worry Lan Fan, I do this every year.  We'll leave in five minutes, after which any stragglers can walk."
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Retrias noticed something, the girl is full of prosthetics, anyone might not be able to see it but a metal Flagos would be able to see it .Retrias waved to the girl he known as Maxine, Maxine That girl is Lan Fan right? She is on special admission course He speak rather loudly, All plato student on special admission is to board the same bus that Retrias come in, they would then be given the same orientation as every student on special admission course, they are rather "different" after all. He is too late isn't he, Lan Fan already boarded the bus. See Retrias this is what happen when you got up late , Mizukari have somehow put Retrias in an iron chokehold, the comparison one can make between the current Retrias and he who fights thousands of enemies at once is rather hilarious.
Well we will see her later on in school grounds I guess, We still got around 6-7 minutes to wait for other student so we can wait here a short while I guess Mizukari blushed, they were the only one with Plato sign left on the open . The other school have a different welcoming comitte
Rozen recruitment arrives with what look like a whole household staff with them.Gespent look like as if they are trying to "analyze" the new students, Hinokami were rather strange what with them having somehow men wearing fundoshi shouting their school anthem to the see. How this even work... Retrias doesn't know at all
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F%&$, this is taking forever.... Masako was seating on the boat as it started to slow down. Even if the car was crowded, he was sitting between two empty seats  since nobody wanted to sit besides him, maybe becouse of his natural agressive aura, or maybe it had something to do with the fact he was hosting an ancient spirit of battle, either way, there was an empty space surrounding Masako, that suffered every second as it was a year. From what he heard from Retrias, this place was a school full of superhumans, and the host of Catupecu Machu was excited by that, as he could fight as much as he wanted in this place without worrying of breaking a non-powered human. The boat stopped on the port and everybody started to get off, as Masako also stood up and walked towards the exit of the port, always with a ring of empty space around him. It could even be that the ring of 2mts around him was the range of Catupecu and from instinc all the people around him didnt wanted to step in sensing the possible danger. 
Masako walked with easy pace, as he walked towards the information center, to be briefed on where to go, and when to do so, with any luck he would find Retrias somewhere and get a explanation about where the F%&$ to go. The academy was a place of advanced technology, even more than Tokyo. He was quiet and watched all the architecture with an angry grin, as he disliked the modern buildings....
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The Information center, has no person on it, instead a monitor displaying a map and direction conveniently to the newly arrived student of Virtus Island, Sever strange shaped jack input were located below of the monitor. A jack for the Terminals that the people in Virtu Island uses, something that is bought at the very first possible moment after realizing the thing they could do with it . Several signs floated up in the air showing direction, One is written with "Welcome New comer, Please head to the port" with the port general direction shown using the arrow it formed, the other is written "Education Institution"  showing the arrow to the opposite direction of the port, quickly afterwards the arrow saying welcome to the newcomer changes into writings , showing "Please for all Newcomer go to the relevant area". Several people wearing heavy body armor and carrying weapons unfit for a police force , they are also wearing red googles and face mask. Greyhounds.... Virtus Island personal police force and in times Military part, trained to take down superpowered people using various strategy, They walked slowly as if scanning the area for irregularity.
Meanwhile somewhere else, the pair have ridden the bus going back to Virtus, Mizukari is there to give address to the new students, Retrias were picked to accompany her. Hey Retrias what kind of student would we get this year? Mizukari asked the usual question that have gone over every year. Retrias scratched his forehead, according to the dossier, there is a japanesse named Masako and I think we have seen Lan Fan. Umm we have several other student I think, There are quite a bit a girls going into school right now , Do you know why? I mean Rozen is literally next door. Mizukari turned her face at that words , she clicked her tounge I guess our education interest them, nowhere else is the "Independent Development" Curriculum is implemented right? In truth Mizukari realized, he have told Retrias and this other guy... Leon she thinks to be advertising Virtus Island co ed school, in it were a beach segment..... Thing follows from there, what is a simple plan to get Retrias to where a swimsuit turned into having more obstacles.
Ah we are here aren't we? She changed the topic as the bus stopped The education ground of Virtus Island the central district of all school, the newcomer were already grouped into files, well calling them files would be too neat, but there is a distinction to the mass of human that is the new comers, they would be addressing in turn of random order, this would then be supplemented with orrientation of their programs and school
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"Alright," Max said, "Off we go."  And so the ride began, Lan Fan looked outside, it was a beautiful island with no shortage of beaches.  Though most of the beaches seemed untouched.
"We allowed to use the beaches?" Lan Fan asked.
"Each school has a private beach, we mostly use those." Max replied, "Besides you get tired of them within a month."  She took a turn and suddenly they were going up hill, and now Lan Fan could see the pier, it was a great view, the sparkling ocean and the ferries, it was worth keeping.  So she took a picture with her eye.
"They keep the school students separate?" She asked, she was starting to open up, Max was friendly and somewhere within a hundred years of her age.  A big change from the usual company.
"Yeah, they encourage a friendly rivalry between us," Max explained, they where slowing down, partially because they where getting close but mostly because of the rather steep drop from the side of the road.  "There are plenty of inter-school competitions though."  They had arrived at the school, It was certainly quite large and it had a sort of Renaissance Europe look to it, with its off-white stone walls and blue sloped roofs.  They students got out and collected around Max, awaiting further instruction.  Max took out a cigarette, an older student with blond combed hair who had been waiting on the stairs walked up to her and snapped his fingers.
"You want a light?" He said, gesturing with the flame hovering over his hand.  Max went into her pocket and took out a zippo with a peace sign on it and lit it herself.  The boy understood his rejection and stood back to survey the new students.
"Smoking is prohibited unless your a wisp," Max informed, that explained how she got into the school, wisps where creatures of smoke and where exceedingly rare.  They had to smoke as a matter of survival.  "Alright those students that have been confirmed admission head to student affairs, its the door at the end of the lobby, you can't miss it.  Those who still need to be confirmed go into the hallway to the left of the entrance, second door."   She sat down to smoke and the new students went up the stairs and entered though the large wooden door.  The lobby was a spacious room that looked more like it belonged in a mansion than in a school.  Most of the students went to the door at the end, Lan Fan and three others went down the long well lit hallway.  Lan Fan took a deep breath and opened the door.
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Ah ? Come on in have a sit? A thin man with wispy brown hair and a mustache pointed at a a series of  chairs , the chairs looked like a rather posh school chair, it has the plato crest on it's back , Between it and another more lush chair is a long wooden table, the room look like the older styled medieval offices, it's interior were half lined with bookshelves filled with thick leather bound books or paintings of famous persons in the secret history of the empowered. He directed the question at Lan Fan,  May I ask your name miss? The man waited but then suddenly said I am sorry Miss but my name is Aleister Crowley, you may or may not have heard of me. The man pointed at his name tag, below it were the writings " Dev-Trans : Class "5" , The man sat on the chair his eye seemingly hypnotizing everyone in the room.

So let's go first and first right?  How about alphabethic, you can ask me any question you would like in the middle or anything . The man opened a small case file  then said the first name . Alice Carol Lewiss the 5th?  a small blonde girl lifted her hands up, Hello Sir Crowley my mother have talked alot about you and how you rescued our ancestor couple years ago , thank you . Her tone chirpy and happy  Ah ? an Alice? I would assume you are on the same curriculum as your family yes? Dev-DrM ? The girl nodded her head , well there is no need to question you anymore , your family have been attending here since a while ago . Aleister dismissed the girl, go fin Voltlaire and Mizukari you know which one is a Voltlaire. The girl said yes sir before bowing in thanks and then suddenly exiting the door without opening it  .
Lakshad Turakh?, an arabian looking men stood up, his smile seemingly charming everyone in the room . The suddenly the glamour is cut off Mr Turakh? I would appreciate if you didn't spread your "charms" the first time in the school. The young man then laughed , it is always good to hear you Master Alei, I believe everything have been taken care off here? As you said i am not exactly keen on charming everyone . Aleister returned his smile before nodding , yes Lakshad Dev-Mir, and Dev -Grm would be your two curriculum , you will be assigned a room later one stay here for a while until I finishes my  checks. the man sat back down, seemingly sastified

Miss Lan Fan?  Aleister is visibly shocked, an asian name? a Refugee then ? He thought to himself, Virtus Relation with the Chinesse goverment never been good at all, The current power development center of Virtus were viewed as thief who wants to steal the Goverment hardwork, Ever seen Ling Shuyen betrayal and taking refugee in the island the government stopped communicating to Virtus inculding allowing their citizen to travel there.  AH? You are new here? Which "ability" do you have ? Every new students have to go through a series of question the last two however is a special cass , an "Alice" and a "Djinn' something that was always received in Virtus. He explained in a quickest manner possible without opening up any hints
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Lan Fan was sweating even though the room was well air conditioned, the easy by which the other two kids handled their confirmation did not help.  "Sir nearly two thirds of my body is cybernetic, both legs, an arm as well as a significant portion of my chest and face.  This makes me much stronger and more durable than a normal person," she said in a shy voice.  She wondered why she was so nervous, she was friends with a demigod and had battled vampires, this should have been easy.
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Ah?  There is no need to be nervous, everyone here is different one way or another , eeeh so you are what they  supposedly called cyborgs right?  Ah the technological marvel of todays world  in the olden days "magic" were used, those two are more or less special. Hmmm I am assigning you to Dev-Gen, General Development if you don't mind, Unless you have a special curriculum or any other ability to speak off? General Development were made to house students that is "unsure" of what they are going to use their "power" for , for example a mage can definitely cast magic, but what kind? Dev-Meds were for mage that "heals" , Dev-Cast were mage who evokes their power and so on. AH Miss Lan Fan do you want to have tea, they are calming in every situation? I have some around here somewhere, He opened a drawer , pulling a packet of tea leaves, then tapping the wooden table, 4 cups were raised  with a teapot that is soon filled with hot water, he then poured the tea packet over to the pot. Ah? Aleister stopped to see one of the student gasped putting her hand on her mouth . That is my preffered subject and the field that i teach "Transfiguration"  or "Alchemy" as the young kids seem to call it that, he chuckled. I assume that you are all new, as I have never heard of your name. Lets start what i skipped to the first two..... Background check His face suddenly turned serious as he took a cup of tea , as some of you may have heard , Virtus have been getting a lot of illegal immigrant, dangerous one at that. Luckily they have been stopped, but we are forced to get you guys background check.
He opened a drawer, a produced a set of stone looking tablet and somekind of writing implement. Those are truth tablet, if you well lie or don't believe what you are writing hard enough, well We will scan you. That writing stick thing is yours to keep, Voltlaire industries made those , they will morph into the most comfortable possible of handwriting implements for your preferences, that tablet would be the official document. I will dictate the questions , don't worry it has nothing to do with academics. Aleister then begin to recite the question with practiced ease , giving enough time to write
1. Who are you include any aliasess
2.How old are you, use standard age setting . e.g solar calendar , put blank if you can't remember
3.Gender ?Pick  one from the three (male, female, not applicable)
4.Classification/species (Put "human" if not sure)
5.Power (explain in short using definite terms) 
6. Objective with that power ( TO RULE is not applicable)
7. Objective to go to Virtus and Plato
8. Do you know anyone here?
9. where would you be staying?(Don't know? put blank , i will get you somewhere)
10.Class schedule prefference (Night? Day ? Sparse? Packed?) 
11. Do you have a person you already hate /like ? It is okay to answer this  or to blank this, just so we don't have strange room arrangements during trips
that will be all, you can of course ask me any question , there is no need to be nervous either , just a small check just imagine it as filling the school form again
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Lan Fan had to become ambidextrous because she had a habit of breaking things with her dominant left hand, she was glad that the writing stick was too strong to break.  She answered each of the questions in her best handwriting, which was about as good as the average fifth grader's.
1. Who are you include any aliases 
  • Lan Fan
  • aliases: various last names
2.How old are you, use standard age setting . e.g solar calendar , put blank if you can't remember 
  • officially 17
3.Gender ?Pick  one from the three (male, female, not applicable) 
  • female
4.Classification/species (Put "human" if not sure) 
  • human/cyborg
5.Power (explain in short using definite terms)  
  • My legs, left arm and right eye are cybernetic,
  • i can ran and jump faster than most humans
  • i can record what i see and hear
6. Objective with that power ( TO RULE is not applicable) 
  • to maintain my employment with Jack
7. Objective to go to Virtus and Plato 
  • to have some sort of education in a place where i can fit in
8. Do you know anyone here? '
  • Max i guess, that's about it
9. where would you be staying?(Don't know? put blank , i will get you somewhere)
10.Class schedule prefference (Night? Day ? Sparse? Packed?)  
  • Just not on weekends or too late at night
11. Do you have a person you already hate /like ? It is okay to answer this  or to blank this, just so we don't have strange room arrangements during trips
She answered the questions as honestly as she could and then passed the tablet to Mr. Crowley.  "Jack should have sent you most of my background data," She explained.  Jack had given made her an official identity when he had employed her, complete with a birth certificate and American citizenship.  "As far as classes go, I'm bad with magic and even worse with guns."
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Masako entered the information center with strong pace, and a grim grin in his face, as one of the things he disliked the most was getting into lines. He was pretty pissed after the trip, and previous to it the farewell party his grandfather made, that was lame as s%&/. The Virtus island higher ups managed to cancel Richard tutoring restrictment of movement, and Masako's granfather was so happy he tried to be nice for a change failing miserably at it. This and the fact that the fucking plane took at half a day to get near this godforsaken island, and then he had more than a two hours trip in a boat, Masako was a boiling pot of agression waiting for the proper event to explode. With a bloodthirsty smile he leaned into the counter and asked for attention. Who I need to kill here to get some information?, said with a rude tone of voice as he cracked his knuckles
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@kashif1: Crowley lifted his eyebrow, Miss Lan Fan.... Why did you write male on the gender field. You are obviously female, your official document said so too. Crowley dismissed the papers and begin reading the other two, before smiling when he sees one of them . New students , I will show you what we at the virtus island do to spies , his eye looked strange for a moment. One of the student, the nice looking female that have been sitting quietly, sudden stood , as a black mass appeared in front of it. Well a well a member of the clan? You know ever since that time you are not welcome in Virtus ? or even near it ? well you would be meeting alot of your cousins then. The expression on the student face suddenly turned grosteque , a disguise method to disguise the true nature of the clan, ti tried to run before getting trapped in some sort of cages, and with a deafening noise a bullet pierced the window shooting the "thing" right in the head .
Ah yes I hope you forgive the intrusion, minor disturbance, strange thing we only have 1 today. Now let see, Mr Nikolai I hope you don't go making trouble with the Voltlaire in this island , this is after all their island, Aleister nodded at the young man with a sour look. here are your schedules for orientation , Miss Lan Fan find Miss Yurika Mizukari and Retrias Voltlaires lines and then listen to the instruction there. Mr Nikolai fin Ms Troya lines and then wait for her instruction there. That is about all I think, you would be explained further but I am guessing it had the orientation around school and living spaces around it and of course facilities. A couple more gunshots ring out through the hall, That is more like it, a 5 suspect this time? Aleister continued to sip his tea as if this happened every year
The information center replied with a crisp male voice  Welcome to the Harbour information centre , please swipe your ID in the front panel to access the system, all new students and arrivals are supposed to go to their respective destination, the back of your ticket should have a map with it , please follow the arrows above of you or contact the hotline help number. The screen flashed a series of number . Thank you for using the information center. The person manning the station is suprisingly calm , rather obvious that this place have seen so many power user that getting threatened by them was not exactly uncommon.
 Jeez how many of you would keep trying to threaten people just because of your tiny power, in this space you are the one who is normal you know , the booth was rather large but filled with one man it is rather cramped, the reason being that this man had packed a lot of dead bodies into the booth. Go on follow the arrows , you can't be that incompetent right? The hounds are coming to pick up the trash , I don't have the time to listen to your complaint anymore  The man said it in a dismissive tone , his hand motioning to Masako to go away
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Whatever, Said Masako as he swiped his ID in the panel, and checked the ticket back, and followed the arrows, while he kept looking around, kind of bored, since even if his relation with his grandfather was kind of strange, he had similar tastes, at least in the archeology part and the overly technological architecture of the Virtus Island wasnt of Masako taste. The Host of Catupecu had a similar opinion to the spirit that was trapped inside him, as Catupecu disliked the modern world, and always wished to return to the time were he was used in constant, battle, and with that thought in mind, he was the one that constantly influenced Masako to fight, as the spirit wanted to jump to a more powerful body, and that could only be possible if Masako died. That's the reason the spirit sugestionated the teen was becouse he wanted a never ending battle, and the strongest host he could get. 
Now the Host of Catupecu walked towards the inscription office and asked for a form to fill
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Mr Masako, yes? You are the only two on the list we have that has not arrived and checked in yet. The other one is not male, the female standing in the office lifted her eyebrows seeing how Masako is dressed, Please fill out this form , do give out truthful inscription , else we would be troubled . The form listed the following questions
Purpose of Entry (Choose one: Tourism, Work, Study)
Power (Short explanation)
Place of Business (School, Corporation, Shops)
Name of Place
 The female tried to ease her nervousness,
Well which school are you going to attend, hmmmm you look like one of those HinoKami students, are you transfering in from one of the affliated school? Alot of guys seems to transfer there somehow , well Virtus look like a girl school now. Gespent is rather creepy considering they specialize and only take students that have "spirits" or other occult stuff, the full scholarship accomodation seems to be way more attractive if anything. Have you finished the form? The female stopped her chatter and asked Masako for the forms, her name tags read Poseina Acturos with her department being Dev-Adm. It seems she is one of the volunteer manning the imigration office as the name tag is for teachers or staff of Plato
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Lan Fan walked out of the room, she was worried about how little she was worried about the gunshots.  When had she gotten used to it?  Not really worth considering, she took a right saw a teenager running from two men in school guard uniforms, the teenager was holding a gun but if Lan Fan had counted the shots correctly the guy was out of bullets.  She stuck her foot out and the guy fell.  The guards thanked her and told her where she should be.  She thanked them and took another left to where Retrias Voltlaires and Yurika Mizukari should have been.
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@kashif1: Yurika give a quick scan as Lan Fan approaches the rows of people before nodding. Right we are all here, we are all confirmed yes? All of you already got your development school?  Yes? Good, No? didn't really care. Mizukari have been doing this for around 2 years now, which mean 6 times, Showing everyone new about Virtus and it's facility , she had even memorized the event structure and have alter it to actually be better. Mizukari pulls something out from her pocket, It look like a phone having the Voltlaire company crest in it's back , the phone like object lit up, This here is a communicator , this something of a necessity at Virtus, It is better than your average phone being fully modular, I still can't imagine how this thing can be a computer, game station, TV, learning device, wallet, ID and transpass all at once but here it is. Several people in the row nodded obviously having understood, while others seems to be shocked, you will need one of these.
 Mizukari turned it off and pocketed it back, turning Retrias to give the rest of the information, he cannot look bad now. Ah Hello My name is Retrias Voltlaire , Those of you who have already got their communicator please still accompany us, you amy want to purchase a new module, those who didn't  please follow us, we will take you the Comm-Shoppe, those of you who had their phone implanted somewhere in their body for some reason , still follow us, you will want to check if you can just get a communicator module. Uhmmm what else Anyone who never uses the phone please ask the shop and try to describe why, we have various things to use so that you can use the communicator. Retrias ended his speech, does anyone have a question? The blonde girl previously on the same room as Lan Fan lifted her hands up and shamelessly begin to ask, Retrias, my sister said that you will quote PIERCE HER WITH GREAT MIGHT unquote, She is asking when will it happen, and well...... is it nice? Can you pierce me too?  in the background Retrias is shaking his head furiously , his mouth gaping as if saying I NEVER said that , I SWEAR to everything , i never did. 
Another one? And that Crowley send it HERE of all places? Mizukari sighed , then she pull a piece of paper and begin to read the content, her voice enhanced with the megaphone function of her phone, Retrias Voltlaire have never promised that he will: Break anything, Pierce anything, Carry anything from anything , conquer anything.... The list droned on, each of those sentence could be a double entendre , it seems that the young Voltlaire have screamed things in his various heroic adventures.Now if you follow me, try to get to know each other during our trip here, if you feel you cannot talk to anyone please talk to Mr Piercer here, Mizukari pointed at Retrias with his eye twitching , in his mind the same thought repeated itself " DAMNNIT they have to make an official statement? What did I do anyway"
The group begin to move towards the exit, Mizukari leading the front of the group,, while Retrias walked sulkily in the midst of them, several of the guy student begin to make jokes about that previous statement, it is obvious that at least one of the student know both Lan Fan and Retrias, Lakshad the arabian man from the confirmation room .Cmon cheer up Ret kun, you are growing to be a ladies man like your bro here, doesn't that make you happy? Don't be so hung up about that statement , we all know what really happened, we have good opinions here. Lakshad smiled , his teeth beaming white , impossibly white even.
He motioned Lan Fan to go near the group,
Cmon lets ask that girl , Hey hey, What do you think of young Voltlaire here. He doesn't look bad right?
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@cfatalis: Lan Fan was just standing in the back of the group, keeping to her self to specifically avoid being put on the spot like this.  She looked at Retrias, she got the feeling she had seen him somewhere but she was not sure.  Shat she did know was that she had no answer to Lakshad's question.  "I'll tell you after I know more about him."  She responded.
They had arrived at  Comm-Shoppe, it was student run which seemed to be a theme in this school and sold toiletries and other necessities as well as Communication units.  She went on the line for new units.
"Lan Fan."
The boy at the counter entered her name, "Seems yours is paid for, here you go."  She took the unit, it was a lot like a cell phone though slightly thicker and with connectors for attachments.  It also had USB, she checked that no one was looking and then rolled us her left sleeve just enough to expose the port on her arm.  It turned out that they where indeed compatible, the data was flashing in front of her eye.  She saw the student contacts as well as her schedule, she also saw the words wireless connection established.  That would be useful, she disconnected the comm from her arm and slipped it into her pocket.  She was fully conected to the school now.  She waited for further instruction from Retrias.
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Lan Fan san? Isn't that the OutConn model?, It is been quite sometime to see that, It is after all the only model that still use the outside world standard? Mizukari spoke without thinking when seeing Lan Fan choice, she knew that there is a lot of models to choose from, the newer one having more functionality internally but cannot connect to the outside world standard, however the implications didn't come to her. Are you mechanically enhanced? you know cybernetic and the like ?Your Do.... student files said something along that line. Mizukari nearly slipped, a bad habit that is , she cannot announce something like that to the whole student. Well it is your choice, although you can get just a newer one and some conversion cards
Everyone , have you all gotten your Comms ?Retrias shouted from the other end of the shop, your comms is now linked to Virtus Island network, it can be used as an internet service or telephone. Retrias shows his own comm with the screen projecting and image to the wall . Students can just opt for the free plan or upgrade into a newer one, yes it is free, OY one over there don't try to mindread me for my password and accounts, You too technopath stop trying to..... BY THE ASH WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE COMM !?, the front row seems to be the most well enthuastic of the group. Now lets try to set this up, first you should all know your ID number, open the Link menu, enter your ID number , choose Student and then Plato in the menu. Congrats you are now in network easy right?, people on the same network just need to know the other person name to send a mesage, you can block or unblock a person from sending a message as usual. You are required to read the school messages once a week at least. I doubt you would be reading them though.... I don't.
Here let me give you an example, this is when sending a message to person on the same network, the screen flickered showing the message menu screen  you can choose private or public message , for this note that I am going to send out a public message to Mizukari. Retrias typed out something on his comm then clicked a button. And a chime can be heard from the other end of the store followed by Mizukari signalling that it have arrived . There you go, easy enough.
However when you want to say send a message from outside of the network, say like Mmy friend from Rozen, the projection shows another address not just a name. This is your contact info  you can put email or whatever on it , but for this I am going to just send out using the Comm Numbers, you can see them on the back . The message were send and soon enough a reply said "Sure, explaining the same things too" came on the screen filled with emoticons and elaborate fonts. Retrias nodded before closing the projection function of his comm
Try to have a look see, and register people in your comms, it would look lonely if it isn't, it is kinda like those facebook or whatever where you can register people, just just don't keep following people okay? I have heard reports that creepy shit have been going on with that features.  his eyebrow twitched again as he had received late night complaints about this

Now that you have one, lets try the bus thing, no we haven't name the thing, you can call it a bus for what it is worth,Retrias shrugged referring to the bus that picked them up before  check out your phone, you can just enter a bus and it will then function as your ticket. we are going to the Commercial Area, keep it tidy.Retrias waved for the crowd to form a line failing miserably Also we have a nifty little event there , you will find quite a lot of this in Virtus, every time you met someone from another school , you scan the person using your comm, points would be awarded , +2 points for each correct scans, -1 if you scan a student from the same school, 100 points can feed you for like 2 weeks or so. Try the damn hardest okay? I don't want to see second place again. Retrias babled while walking towards the bus stop, motioning the students to follow him
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Lan Fan got into the bus with the others and took the third seat from the front, she didn't expect to have company her age and she was fine with that, chaperones and adults made better conversation.   And since they had these comms for more than 10 minutes some idiot was abusing it.  He had sent all of the girls some rather inappropriate ascii art.  Lan Fan had responded by tracking the message and revealing his name anonymously on the public message board.  That was one social life destroyed.  A girl in the back named Belle responded with a private message that read "Thank you Lan Fan."  And Lan Fan realized that she was outmatched in the hacking department because the message deleted itself and there was literally no way to do that.  Surprising.
Even more surprising a boy sat next to her.  It was the technopath, "Are you?"
"Yes and if you take control of it, they will never find you corpse," She responded curtly, she knew that her cybernetics where hack proof because they did not run on any known OS but she wasn't sure how well they would hold up against a technopath.  There was at least 5 different conversations going on at the moment on message boards and she was trying to see what she could find out, but the guy had to pull her back out.
"So whats your name, mine's Rowan," he said extending his hand.
"Lan Fan," she replied politely, she was not used to talking to anyone her own age let alone a boy.
"That's some nice sounding tech." he said, apparently he was the type of technopath that could actually hear machinery sing.   He then winced at his own bad attempt at flirting.
"Thank you," Lan Fan said, seemed appropriate to say.  "So what does it sound like?"
"Imagine violin music, the sort that flows smoothly from one note to the next, the sort of thing that hovers just at the edge of classical and modern, thats what is sounds like." he said, he liked the sound and he really wanted to know if the girl attached to it was as nice.  The bus was coming close to the Commercial area now.
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@kashif1: Eeeehh look look Retrias  Someone is still using Acsii on this days. Mizukari motioned Retrias too look at her cell phone, Retrias streteched his head and back enough to see the image. Mizukari accessed the admin module on her comm to see who send it , and proceed to put an announce on a general public board announcing the name and what is the ascii art , along with some demeaning words. The reply soon follow with various kind of response. As of this stage nearly the whole island knew, and since there is nothing much to talk about on the island this would be "on" for quite a while. Really there is no need to use an ascii right? What is he ? a newfag? That seemingly jokish answer was only recognized by Mizukari who laughed fervently hearing that.
She suddenly stopped laughing although it look natural for her to do that before activating the megaphone function again, Hmmm To all of you first timers, i guess this is the first time visiting Virtus Independent area, The commercial area is not aligned with any school or factions, therefore it has the normal rule, however each of the faction area have their own rules, the rule of Virtus Areas is for example differen than that of that obscure boy school . Now Commercial area is a neutral zone , however couple other area like the Alto Park and Tenor Lane is not neutral and well at events you have to fight for it . You are welcome to participate, this is so you wouldn't become dull...
You would also notice that the commercial area is NEAR the port you are going , infact we are stopping at that station instead. Mizukari paused to make sure everyone have understood what she is talking about. I need to explain some important things , usually the students didn't get this, but considering I don't want to see you all with Ahe face in the next morning, might as well do it now
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