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Central Park, New York, U.S.A

The night at it's peak, the moon was reflecting on a small pond of water, a leftover of the rain that soaked the Metropolis earlier today. The sky was still clouded, covering most of the stars with thick clouds, only some patches of sky were clear, and throught one of them the moon shined over the Central Park in New York. With half an hour before midnight, Callis Nomene, The Saevus Knight, waited for his comrades of Ebisu to join him in this quest. He got ahold of this lead 5 days ago, as he was destroying an illegal fight ring of mythical creatures, as a Dire Wolf was fighting a Chimera in a caged match. After releasing the beasts he fought his way towards the main office, while he beated down the guards. He was tempted to use his sword on them, but he knew he couldnt start killing them, and he only knocked them out and tied them togheter, ignoring Gigas protests and tantrums. He got to the office and defeat the leader in single combat (Actually it was only a punch in the face, as the Ring leader wasnt much of a fighter) Callis had to question the man, as he was unable to read any language of the files the wicked hunter had in his office. After an hour of questioning, Callis got infomation about other rings, and he decided to ask him about any wizard he knew. The Knight was searching for a way home, and luckily a way that let him return, as even if it hurted a little to admit it, he was more comfortable in this world, were he found true friends. But his duty as a Knight was forcing him to return and find out if the battle was won or not. 
The owner of the arena spoke about the Ivory Tower, the lair of a powerful Wizard, that gained power by embracing technology, creating wonders of Magitech. His tower hided in plain sight and, according to the rumours the door to the Magician opened the doors to the ones seeking his wisdom, each fullmoon at midnight. Callis decided to check this information and now he was waiting for some other members of Ebisu, that kindly joined his mission, maybe not only out of comradeship, as the Tower was full with strange magical artifacts, and if the Wizard ended up being hostile they could take whatever they want. Now Callis waited, hoping for them to arrive in time, since he didnt want to enter alone. The Wizard name was unknown to him, but he knew something, Magic and technology togheter were a bad combination, he remembered a Gine/Vian experiemnt that ended badly, and taht memory was more than enough to doubt about this particular mage sanity. We're going to wait them Kitten? I'm getting bored right now, the Spirit trapped inside the sword whined, since he wanted to get inside and start draining magic to restore its original shape and power. Callis sighed and quickly replied, Calm down, if the mage is hostile you'll get magic, but if he peaceful I dont want to hear any more whining okay?
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Jack loved New York, mostly because of the Indian food carts.  He threw out the fork and the styrafoam case into an overfilling trash-bin, and then used a breathmint to take care of the smell.  His love of spicy food was a real problem around Callis,  He was glad that his own senses where not at that level.  Jack's walk through central park was brightened by the moon and the city.  The sidewalk, rocks and trees where all perfectly calculated to look natural and relaxing.  It worked well to, even Jack who had been there when the park was being constructed and had met the two men who had won the landscaping contest was entranced by its spell.  He kept walking forward until suddenly he felt something, that sixth sense gained through years of surviving activated, he spun around and brought up his sword to block.  It hit what looked like a metal pipe, but on a second look he saw that he had blocked a shotgun barrel.   "Hey Mundus."  Jack  greeted.
"Yo," said a man with a white suit and a mask out of phantom of the opera.  He was speaking in an incredibly forced Brooklyn accent.   The man was holding a shotgun as if it where a sword.  Both men put down their weapons and shock hands in greeting.  "I go by the name White Phantom now." 
It had been nearly a year since Jack had seen the guy, the self stylized vigilante had certainly gotten more muscular.  "So central is your territory?" he asked, about a year ago the many vigilantes this city produced had agreed to a meeting so that they could avoid fighting each other and instead fight crime more efficiently.  Mundus or White Phantom was one of the weaker vigilantes but he was notable for his weapon of choice, a loaded shotgun that he never fired. "Anyway its nice to see you but I have a friend to find."
"You mean that swordsman a half mile thataway," he said, pointing to the east.  "Just do one of your big jumps, you'll see him from the air, by the way, there is a group i wanna take down but i can't get the help, could you?"
"After this I promise." Jack replied before jumping in the indicated direction.  It was nice to see the self made heroes in this city were still alive.  With his absurdly long airtime Jack was able to locate Callis.  He landed nearby and walked up to his team member.  "Hello Callis, good to see you."
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When Callis asked for her help, she accepted right away. The strange cat-like man was almost a mystery to Emerald, because of her shy attitude with women. The girl wanted to know more about him, about everyone in Ebisu. She was friendly by nature, so she always wanted to know people.  On top of that, there was another thing that caught Emerald attention. "The guy the kitty is talking about could have one of my brothers or sisters!" had said the Sun, after Callis left. So Emerald went to New York with high hopes. She could get to know Callis and get a new card.  
The girl humbled as she walked through a place called "Central Park". Of course, Emerald didn't knew New York, she had lived all her life in a small town, so the big cities couldn't stop amazing her. After some minutes of walking, she saw her fellow Ebisu members. "Hi guys!" she waved at them "Sorry for being late! I couldn't get my eyes of this place! It's so awesome!" the tarot warrior was very excited. "So, where is this wizard we're looking for?"
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Callis greeted Jack, he would try to be less judging, as with time he discovered that Jack wasnt as rude as he thought him to be, and that Harumi was deadlier than what she seemed. This could give Jack some reason on his reaction against Harumi, but only a little, Callis still disliked attacking women and anybody that did it.   "Hello Callis, good to see you." said the Wind Wizard as he landed, with his clothes waving with the cool night breeze. Hello Mes Jack, I'm so glad you desired to help my humble self, as always Callis translated speech patterns seemed to match the Japanese De-Gozaru way of speaking, a very archaic way of talking. Gigas also greeted the Silver Masked Magician, Hello walking Magic Dinner, said the spirit inside the blade, pushed by Mundicelox thrist of magic. Before Jack could answer, a familiar voice greeted them  "Hi guys!" said Emerald Flamefate, the Tarot Warrior. Callis was still shy around her, as she was energetic, and used clothes that reveleade too much for Callis good taste, since the Saevus Knight was acustomed to the women of his world, that even if had equal standing to the men in matters of education, work and law, they were more demure than the overly energetic Tarot Master. 
 She apologized for the lateness  "Sorry for being late! I couldn't get my eyes of this place! It's so awesome!"  she had a point there, Callis, that normally hated cities, was also amazed by the incredible city this park was in, buildings that were like arms trying to touch the sky with their fingertips, the moonlight reflecting on the glass, steel and concrete towers around them. You a-arent late at a-all, t-thanks for joining us Messa F-flamefate, Said Callis while stuttering, as this girl reminded him, more likely here overly active personality, to the woman that caused his chronic shyness over women. Emerald asked with a clueless expression, but with clear excitment in her face,   "So, where is this wizard we're looking for?"   Callis searched one his Eques Orbis Cloak pockets, and opened a pocket clock, only half minute for Midnight. According to what I've managed to get from the source, The Knight started walking towards the shore of the pond, that had a beautiful statue, despicting an angellic woman holding a two colored orb the size of a basketball. The doorway will appear... Callis took another step, now he was almost touching the water,Right about.... The Knight lifted his foot and took a step towards the water Now! Before reaching the water his foot was stopped by an arcane rune. 
The bright silverish rune was pressed by Callis foot, and a gust of wind suddenly erupted, at least that was what it seemed to be, the "wind" was instead a magical current, that went up in a straight line, and then twisted towards the center of the park, were the largest pond was. Several other streams of magic crossed the night Sky, and united in one at their top height, roughly 200 mts. The sphere of light started it's descent, spinning in an elegant loop, reflecting it's light in the pond water, making it seem like it was made of quicksilver. The only ones capable of seeing the tower sudden appereance and the Dance of the Silver Streams, were the people with inhuman skills and abilities, as the wizard seemingly didnt wanted any regular human to gaze upon the Fabled Ivory Tower. The Rune under Callis foot started to expand and spin, creating a silvery vortex, surely the doorway to the tower. The Knight looked at his comrades and said I think we should jump, according to the information I gathered this door will be open for just one minute. Callis waited for their answers before jumping.
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"Through the rabbit hole I guess."  Jack did some tweaking with the air so that they wouldn't fall down too quickly.  He looked around, no one was there to see them fall into the ground.  He got to the side of the hole,   "After you Callis."
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"Bitchnuggetes" whispered Emerald. When Callis stepped in a strange rune, a wave of magical energy swirled and moved. A strange sensation hit Emerald as the magical current flew around her. However, her attention was in another place. A 200 mts tower appeared before her with a show of magical movement and lights. "Wow, that's so awesome!" the girl shouted with excitment. On top of that amazing display of magic, there was something else that make her happy "Hey, Em!" The Sun energetic voice sounded in her head. "I can sense some of my brothers and sister inside that tower!" Emerald took a few seconds to understand "Hell Yeah!" The girl jumped with his fist clenched, in a gesture of sucess. "Wait. You said brothers? With 's'?" The Sun nodded. 
"I think we should jump, according to the information I gathered this door will be open for just one minute" Callis said, as Emerald cheered. Guided by euphoria, Emerald let go a shout of happyness as he runned towards her fellow Ebisu members. "Here we go guys!" snatching both of their arms, Emerald jumped pushing both Callis and Jack with her. "Let's kick this guy's ass!"

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 CHAPTER 1: The Castle

Callis felt Emerald hand on his back and was pushed towards the blinding doorway. The white light engulfd his body and he had the impression that he was travelling at great speed, even if he didnt felt the wind or detected any changes in his surroundings. The tunnel of luminenscence seemed to be infinite, as The Knight travelled for what he thought more than an hour before stopping after reaching the exit. He landed in a strange place, he was inside of a cave, standing on a rustic stone bridge, that was parched up with planks of wood, and some holes were only covered by a layer of cloth. He looked around, and watched the portal that brought him here still opened, 5 mts over the ground. It seemed he got first to the inside of the tower. Callis was surprised, but not shocked, he knew about spells that allowed expand a determinated closed space, without changing its real size, meaning that you could store a a truck inside a 30 cm X 30 cm box without any problem. This spells were known in his homeland, but never at this scale, it was against the rules of magic. The Knight took a step foward, and now his surpised was suprised by shock, as he discovered that his body changed, now he was covered in fullbody white armor, with some details in red and golden. His cloak vanished, and so did Mundicelox, at least that was what Callis thought at first, until he realized it, this place was an illusion, a place were his body was determined by his inner self, so what he thought about himself, affected the image he shown here. As the Saevus thinked of himself first as a Knight, then as a human being, his body was an armor, and somehow he knew he had two swords ready to be summoned. 

Callis decided to wait for his comrades to arrive, while he didnt even realized that he was being watched from several sets of eager eyes, ready to attack when the orders where issued. This warriors preparing the ambush were the protectors of the Castle, the first of the Magician defensive measure against unwanted intruders. The took the form of a full armored soldier, carrying a pike, but their skills werent only the ones of battle, as they could modificate the surroundings of the illusion with only a command, allowing them to phase throught the enviroment, walk on air, on water or even create walls from the thin air. The are tactically coordinated and prepared to take on every intruder with cold efficiency, they are unable to speak, but they dont need it, they are the silent guardians of the first of three checkpoints before reaching the wizard.
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  The most common nightmare among cyborgs is becoming completely cybernetic, Jack finally understood
why.  His robotic body did not breathe, it did not feel, it seemed wrong.  He had data streaming in about temperature, about the wind speed, and about the air pressure but it was nowhere near sufficient to replace his own senses.  Still he didn't have time to be sad, he was in uncertain territory and he had to be ready.  He looked around at the impossible place they where in, it looked like a pocket dimension, a very good one.  Jack was her for magical secrets, he was certainly in the right place.
Jack decided to see what his body could do, his arm was a decent weapons system with various types of ammo in magical storage.  The body was designed for mobility, even if it could not fly it could jump high and fast.  There was also a well designed scanning system, he had a decent idea of the environmental conditions and the terrain.  He also saw the guardians.  " Three guys up in the shadows." He said quietly to his teammates, the guards picked that time to attack, jumping towards the party, one for each member.  Jack brought his arm up to block the pike and fired a shot in the guard's shoulder,  The guard seemed unharmed.
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"Wooooooooaaaaaaaaw" With a loud 'crash', Emerald apperaed from a portal and landed in something hard and spiky. "Auch, auch! My butt!" The tarot warrior shrieked and jumped to her feet, massaging her butt to get away from the pain. She saw on what she had fallen, the back of a white, red and golden armor that was now laying on the floor. "What the hell?" Emerald said, looking around. She stood in a castle of some sort, completly different to what she had seen outside. "What a weird place"  She murmured "Anyway, I should look for Callis and Jack, they shouldn't be far away" Absently, she cleaned her cloths of dust. Then, she let go another shriek. She was wearing a very revealing blue outfit. "When did I got this? Aw, they are so embarrasing!" She said out loud, looking at her new clothes. Because of the surprise, she walked bacwards and fell into the back of the armor again.
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Callis saw as a white armored man appeared throught the portal, the magical energy that he carried was more than enough for the Beast Knight to realize that as he changed Jack changed as well. His magical sensing worked as well as it did before this change, but his senses were weird, maybe this was an illusion, and his body was reacting to it, if such calification was correct in an illusionary world as this one. His suspiction about the white armored man was confirmed by his voice, that despite having a mechanical tone, that surely his own voice also had.   " Three guys up in the shadows." Callis reacted to the one attacking him, and with the twin swords he barely managed to block his pike, as Jack did the same, and even counter-attacked.The Beast Knight was poorly managing to block the storm of stabs launched by the armored guard  The interference with his senses was numibng his battle prowess, but to his surprise the hits he was unable to dodge, block or parry conected against his new armored form without any sign of damage. Even with this advantage, the Armored opponent was too skillfull, or Callis was just off, as he always had a dependence on his animal senses to help him fight, and finding himself in this situation, the lack of regular senses except for sight, was confusing at least. 
This was a dangerous situation, and it was getting even worse, as the guard that was behind was aiming his crossbow, while the ones fighting Jack and Callis phased thought the ground and appeared behind the one aiming, and both started to aim as well. Mes Jack! Dodge this, the bolts are charged with magic! Callis shouted as he pushed Jack to the side and jumped to the other side.
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"Thanks Callis," Jack said as the bolts flew over his head. He got back up and did some thinking. So far all of Jack's attacks had phased though his opponent but it was a difficult power to get around but not impossible. He looked carefully at his opponents and noticed that the one he shot earlier had a blackened spot on his robe where a bullet hole should have been. But why? He ruled out the robe being bulletproof because he saw the bullet come out the other end, so that left the heat of the bullet, which should have been at around 500 degrees when fired at that range. So it stood to reason that these things where still effected by heat, which made sense because otherwise they would freeze to death while phasing for long periods of time. Jack aimed his arm forwards, the gun on the end got quite a bit larger and out of it came a stream of fire.

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