Violent Storm! (Masako Vs Jack)

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NHK or Nippon Hoso Kyokai is Japan national broadcasting organization , said the tourist guide, a young girl named Miri by her parents. The building which we are touring is the Shibuya broadcasting center, were not only our company broadcasts quality programming but we also rent space and broadcasting facilities to other channels from all over Asia. Miri got this job thanks to her almost flawless english, as his father, an architect from England taught her since she was a child. With 20 years old she was starting with this job as she wanted to get promoted and work in the backstages, a dream she had since she helped with a her mid-school festival play and loved the sensation of being part of something. To your right you can see the studio were we record J-melo, the first music program in Japan to be recorded in full english for international broadcasting. As the tourists, mostly americans and europeans, stopped to take some photos, Miri's communicator, something she had to wear all the time in work if somebody needed a task to be done or if a emergency happened sounded with a loud ring. After apologizing with the tourist she answered the phone. Hello, who is it? asked Miri with tired voiced, this was the eleventh call in the day, and she had a lot of tourist groups. The other side of the line was silent, but some background noise could be heared. She was about to cut the line when she heared from the other side, H-h-help m-me..... with a pain filled whisper, and then a detonation that didnt came from the phone. The ceiling exploded into a hailstorm of debirs, raining over the tourist group and Miri alike. Everybody is okay!? asked the young guide, following the emergency procedure, meaning to count the group and then evacuate. Most of them were okay, and the ones wounded had only light bruises. Miri counted the group, and she realized that there was one extra tourist. She counted again to recheck, and once again there were 13 instead of 12.

Miri looked at them, and tried to figure out who was the extra one, most of them were foreigners so it wouldnt be hard. after some minutes, in which all of them tried to remove some of the debris blocking the exit, the young guide discovered who was the extra and walked towards him, a really poor idea. Boy, what're you doing here?, you werent in this group, and you dont seem to work here. Miri deducted the last since the teen was using a school uniform, he was hidding his hands behind his back, as if he was covering something. Did you hear me? Miri was getting creeped out by the teen sinister glare when she talked. The pressure was so much she even took some steps backwards, and with that action she sealed her fate, as her eyes detected the blood in the teen arms, fully stained up to his elbows. Miri tried to scream but it was too late, as she turned around and started screaming, the tourist group turned around to watch her, only to be shocked as her scream was suddenly silent, as the blood covered hand of the teen punched a hole throught her chest. None of the tourists survived, crushed against the walls and floor, with their heads gorely exploding from inside, spraying blood and brains all over the place. Masako was in heaven, drinking from their knowledge and skills, as he did in the upper floors, killing the whole news report crew, the hosts, the sports guy, even the weather girl, doing something even more wicked before killing her. This was two hours ago, the police is surrounding the building and asking for the criminals demands, as they dont know anything about the situation, since the people that managed to move away from the path of the carnage was completly shellshocked from the things they had to witness.

Meanwhile in the rooftop, Masako waits, knowing that somebody worthy will come after he made this mess, since he was bored as hell of drinking regular humans, and he was hungry for something a little bit more spicy.

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Jack showed a pass and walked into the crime scene, much to the chagrin of the reporters being stonewalled outside.  The police were busy stalling for time, the time they needed to prepare an extraction team.  Jack kept walking until he found the man in charge, Jack knew he was in charge because he was wearing a suit and yelling at everyone.  The man in charge saw Jack and started yelling at other people.  Jack recognized the man, Guy Amaro, a man with large eyebrows who seemed to think that Ebisu was out to ruin his career.  "Hello Mr. Amaro."  Jack greeted pleasantly, "Miss Rene took the liberty of calling me here, what is the situation?"
Amaro tried to hide his annoyance, Rene was his superior officer after all.  "Two hours ago a man went in and massacred the news crew and a group of tourists.  He killed the news crew while the show was still broadcasting."
"You stopped the broadcast?"
"May I see the video?"  Amaro gave him a portable dvd player.  Jack took the video, he watched it at double speed and then turned it off when he got to the weather girl.  "Well then, this seems to be in my department."  Amaro opened his mouth to complain but Jack silenced him with a glance.  "Mr. Amaro, I want you to wait 5 minutes and then, if you think you can do so safely, I want you to order your men to breach the building and find any survivors." 
He took out his bow, and fired.  The arrow, which had embeded itself on the rooftop, had a rope attached to it.  Jack tied of the other end and tested it.  It was strong enough.  He jumped and ran up the inclined rope to the roof.  He jumped onto the roof, longsword in his hand.  "My name is Jack."  He pointed his sword at his opponent.  "It takes quite a bit to irk me, what you did in there has irked me but I'm required to ask you to come quietly."  Jack had found something in him that resembled hot blood, he found himself with an uncharacteristic desire to kill his opponent.  He hoped that this man would not be the one person to come quietly.
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Masako was sitting on the ledge of the building eating a human raw arm, his legs up to his knees, and his arms up to his elbows were covered in blood, there were organ bits splattered all over his clothing, and dry blood gave his hair a spiky look. His teeth broke throught the skin and chewed the bloody muscles with enthusiasm, he was always angry after killing, and after the massacre he commited down there his hungers was atrocious. Most of the food he ate was burned too fast to even create any fat, as most of the nutrients he consumed turned into energy to empower his brain and muscles. The more knowledge he consumed the more hungry he felt as his mind processed the new information with the same machine like efficiency of his stomach processing food. Masako legs hanged from the ledge and hummed a old japanese TV show song, while eating. Several other bodyparts were scattered behind him, as he needed a little bit more than a skin and bones arm to have a feast in human flesh. The renegade Reitter wasnt a stranger to acts of Cannibalisms even before awakening his powers skinned and chopped the policemen and Yakuza he killed in his mini-war in Tokyo, a conflict that even after 3 months still had consequences, like having army outpost near any conflictive school in Tokyo, and used them as supplies for his troops, as the food was getting scarce right at the fourth or fifth month. He was tempted to laugh as he remembered how they thanked him for stealing beef for them, as the meat was kinda like red meat. As he thought, full of nostalgy, about his past, the sound of something piercing the rooftop alerted him of an incoming man.

Clothed in white, with details of red and brown, sporitng a silverish mask, a man with a Occidental sword appeared in the rooftop after the amazing feat of running up the rope he attached to the roof. "My name is Jack." the strange man introducted himself as he pointed the sword towards Masako. The young Delinquent didnt cared about the threat, and kept eating the arm, now biting with sinister glee the bicep. "It takes quite a bit to irk me, what you did in there has irked me but I'm required to ask you to come quietly." Jack gave an Ultimatum to Masako, that if he heared he didnt gave any kind of sign, only producing a grostesque munching sound, as his teeth scratched the humerus, trying to remove the meat from it. Masako kept doing that for half a minute until he finally swallowed the meat and burped. He turned his face around to face Jack and faked a surprised voice, Oh! sorry, did you said anything? I was too busy eating, Masako pointed the pile of broken body chunks, he opened his eyes as if he remembered something, Where are my manners, Dont you want a bite? I have plenty here. Masako jumped down the ledge and landed behind the pile, puttng the corpses between him and Jack. In fact why dont you take it all, the Renegade Reitter finished speaking and pushed the corpse parts towards Jack with one hand, and with the other punched a hole in the rooftop, just under his feet, as he shouted, AND CHOKE ON IT MOTHERFU%&$%&!!!!! While he rushed throught the ruined building and started getting ready to make Jack piss his pants in terror.

With incredible agility, dodging the corpses and avoiding the puddles of blood so he would slip, Masako reached the main Newscast room, were he left somebody alive after making her suffer incredible ammount of pain and humilliation, but was very careful to left her alive and broken beyond recovery. The poor Weather girl, whose name Masako knew, but didnt cared, was tied to the wall, complety wounded from head to toes and with blood pouring from everywhere, everywhere. The Wicked Teen decided to wait and sat down in the Head Newsman chair, with his legs over a pile of corpses, as he waited for the guy that interrupted his meal.

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Jack was rather repulsed, he had dealt with another cannibal recently, a boy called Atlas but for some reason he found this harder to stomach.  Maybe it was because this opponent seemed somehow more sane, or maybe it was just the sheer volume of corpses.  Food for thought.
The outside wall exploded.  The smoke cleared and Jack stood where the news room window had been.  He surveyed the room and then walked forward, past the young cannibal and towards the weather girl.  He injected something into her veins, morphine for the pain.  She had slipped into unconsciousness and ironically this lack of pain woke her.  Jack looked into her eyes, trying to see if there was anything behind them, he saw torn up scraps.   "Well I guess when you've lived as long a I have your bound to see the same thing twice."  He repressed the memories that were coming back to the surface.  He injected her with a sedative. 
"Well then I need to take care of this girl, she is the only one still alive."  A light draft came into the room.  He took out a small knife and worked carefully to cut her down. 
"At least I don't have to worry about broken bones, these lacerations are a pain to deal with but atleast I can move her without making things worse."  The wind had picked up, any papers and some of the lighter human remains flew towards the side wall. 
He cleared the ground, lay the girl down as gently as he could and began the work of bandaging and dressing the wounds.  This was the second time he had done this,  "Do me a favor and leave me alone, its for your own good, just stay there and I'll deal with you after I'm done with her."  The winds inside the room had reached hurricane speed, anything that was not bolted down was flying to the side.  Jack stood in the eye of the storm, working.
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Masako watched with interest the barrier created by Jack. Wind manipulation seemed an interesting power, at least more interesting than the threats the masked man was making, that seemed a little bit empty for the Wicked Teen. Jack was a strange fellow, his PK signature seemed fragmented, as an old blanket that had a thousand patchs of different fabric. Masako didnt cared about that strange pyschokinetic signature meaning, he only saw it as a gourmet platter of several different dishes. Jack was taking his sweet time to heal the girl, while Masako watched the wind spin around them and searched in the info he took from the News Station people, trying to find any useful information about Wind and wind currents. Come on Kamen Rider! Get your ass moving, I'm getting old out here, Masako barked that order without any kind of manner. The Renegade Reitter knew what to do, he didnt knew if he was able to pull it off, but even so he thought that his PK powers were more than enough to beat Jack without worries. In any case Masako got ready, focusing his mind on Jack, preparing for any movement the Silver Masked Archer tried, ready to respond iwht a PK blast, strong enough to punch a hole through a brickwall

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Jack had fought in wars since the crusades, all those wars and all those years of fighting had given him a sort of instinct, he remembered trying to explain it to Leonardo.   He had said that it was similar to when animals ran away from the site of a disaster days before the disaster strikes.  He could never explain it but it worked and it had just saved his life again.  Jack had brought up his sword in front of him.  The psychic blast nearly blasted the broadsword out of Jack's hand but he managed to brace himself against the blow.  He felt the sword crack and made it fix itself.  "Great a psychic, I hate dealing with psychics, hey Miss Rene do I have license to kill?" 
Rene had been listening through Jack's headset, that was Jack's standard MO for police missions.  "Just killing?"
"I don't have much worse than that."
"Fine, kick his ass."
Jack drew his bow.  He fired a single arrow at his opponent's heart.  Since it was Jack who fired the arrow, 30 arrows actually flew towards Masako.  Jack had to kill him as fast as possible, he had to get the weather girl, who was now resembling a mummy out.
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The moment Jack stopped the tornado wall, was the moment which Masako released a PK Blast. The air seemed to be twisted and twirled when the invisible curtain of energy flied towards the Silver Masked Bowman, pushing debris, chairs and body chuncks out of the way as it moved throught the room. Jack blocked the wall, that had 20 tons of pushing power, with his sword. The clash was incredible, as the sword and its wielder wrist took on on such strenght. The blade got cracked by deflecting the attack, showing that was a sword of excellent quality, and even more it was surely magically enhanced by Jack, that fixed the crack in a split second, and tried to comunicate by a transmissor in his headset. Masako was bored, this guy didnt seemed much, Jack did deflect his attack, but didnt seemed as a fully good guy, his PK signature swirling patchwork was also interesting, but fighting him wasnt thrilling, and the Renegade Reitter always enjoyed fighting with his food.

Come on Kamen Rider! This is getting boring! Masako roared to Jack as he comunicated with Rene. This taunt was swiftly repplied by the Magician, that drew his bow with amazing skill and speed, surely product of his thousands of years of experience and training that were at Masako's reach to learn if he touched Jack Skin. The arrow was aimed towards the Renegade Reitter heart, but in mid-flight the arrow was multiplied into several and a hail of proyectiles moved towards Masako. Perfect! Now were are talking! Said Masako, that thanks to his Reitter physiology managed to react fast. As he charged foward with a close-knit boxing guard (Peek-a-boo guard) that fortified with a barrier of PK energy, covering his body with a layer of defensive force that pushed anything in front of him, almost as if his was a human snow plower, crushing the floor as the runned towards Jack. While he was at it, The Delinquent Teen used his Mental Might to lift the battered body of the Weather Girl and threw with amazing strenght towards Jack unprotected back.

Masako made a lot of noise in his frontal charge, and even if his barrier was strong some arrows phased throught, as his powers were still raw and untrained and his barrier width and lenght fluctuated as he runned. One arrow grazed his right shoulder, other arrow pierced his arm, but his Reitter Body, that could withstand small fire arms, stopped the magically enhanced arrow before reaching too deep. A third arrow was deflected toward an upper angle, and the tip scratched Masako under his left eye, and then flied toward the ceiling. The Renegade Reitter charged directly towards Jack, stepping over the arrows that didnt phased throught his defenses, aiming to trample over the Silver Masked Bowman, or at least distract him so the attack from behind, the weather girl body almost reaching terminal velocity by being flinged by 20 tons of force towards Jack unprotected back, in a silent throw.

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Jack felt the disturbance in the air, it was the weather girl coming towards him at an absurdly fast speed, in front of him was the psychic, also coming towards him at an absurdly fast speed.  He could dodge both but that would cause the psychic to hit and kill the weather girl, so that was out.  Why are you trying so hard to protect her? Jack asked himself.  He turned around and threw a knife, it flew under the weather girl and embedded itself into the wall.  Now he had to slow down the girl, he tried to thicken the air around her, it put a strain on him but he managed to cut her speed down quite a bit,  He managed to catch her and since she was limp her body didn't resist the impact.  Jack was unfortunately not limp and felt the full force of the next impact.  Masako hit him like a bulldozer and Jack went fllying towards the wall, the girl still in his arms.
Because she reminds me of Mariam.  The knife in the wall beeped, a bomb attached to the knife exploded, leaving the knife intact.  The first field test of the reusable exploding throwing knives was a success.  He flew forward, using his own magic to speed him up, he needed as much time away from Masako as possible.  Jack flew out of the new hole in the wall.  He threw a bomb at the roof two buildings down, the bomb exploded into white foam, softening Jack's landing.  He put the girl down and did a mental check up, the magically reinforced armor he wore had barely held, he cut the straps keeping it on him, it was useless now.  Otherwise he was lucky, the armor had acted like an exoskeleton and had prevented his back from breaking, internal bleeding was a non-issue and his limbs mostly worked.  He liked his new position on top of the roof, fighting a psychic underneath a roof was not a tactically sound idea.   He injected the girl with a chemical that woke her up and helped her stand up. He injected himself with the same chemical, the adrenaline shot helped, he was feeling rather dizzy after the hit he had just taken.  "Whats your name."
She just looked at him blankly.
"Are you still in any pain?"
She didn't react.
"What did he do to you?"
She broke down crying. 
"Probably the wrong thing to ask."  He took out his bow and aimed at the NHK building.  He had to avoid another hit like that and protect the weather girl whose name he did not know.  He thought about using a different set of armor and then decided against it, his best set of armor had been rendered useless in one attack, nothing else he had would help him.  "Sorry I've never had to deal with a woman living through something like that.  Most of your wounds should be closed by now, could you just stay next to me, I promise I'll get you out of this alive."  She moved next to him and quieted her sobs.  "Your pretty strong,"  Jack commented, "Your in there somewhere."
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Masako hoped to hear the sounds of bones being crushed, and the dripping of blood and ripped internal organs on the ground, but to his chagrin, Jack armor seemed to absorb most of the attack, as soft glow shined in the protective wear the Masked Archer was using, an energy different to Masako's PK, something more obcure, and unfortunately something the Renegade Reitter couldnt understand. Jack was pushed down the building by his charge and landed several feet under him, in another building rooftop. Masako stopped his charge the moment he made contact with Jack and now he was looking on his opponent landing from above. Saving the girl comes first? How boring is this guy... I was thinking of drinking from him, but in a second thought I may get infected with stupidity, How lame is getting hit for a battered corpse that can barely think. Masako spoke loud enough to make this an insult towards Jack. The Black Reitter walked in the air, as if it was an staircase, and stopped when he was at the middle of the gap between buildings, almost 10 mts higher than his enemy. He started clapping slowly as a deliberate mockery to Jack, Very good you're truly too good for this world, trying to save that piece of useless trash you're holding in your arms. Masako took a bow while keeping a barely visible PK barrier around him, a sphere shaped shield. But you know what, this is taking too long and it's getting to Fu$%&ng so I think I need a Snack.

Without even moving he pulled the body of the girls towards him, as he used PK Crush against Jack, pressing with his telekinetic powers from every conceivable angle with a strenght fo 15 to 20 tons, as it fluctuated. A sphere of crushing force surrounded Jack faster than any human reaction, as Masako's thought were even faster than a human being. The body of the girl was moving towards him and he was aiming to grab her and finish to drink her whole energy and knowledge and then consume her flesh

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I can't really deny that he has a point, Jack thought, feeling his ribs puncture his lungs, She's almost completely dead anyway, and here I am dieing for her,  He tried to resist the pull of the PK crush but found it too strong, on his best day Jack could lift two tons, 15 was well out of his range.  He tried to make himself as compact as possible, placing his arms at his sides and his legs together.  Jack was durable but he wouldn't last long.   His arms were digging into his side, pressing his broken ribs deeper into his lungs, he felt them snap at the same time.  He could feel the blood pooling in his lungs, his respiratory system couldn't even cough it out..  He had two options that could save both him and the girl before his brain was crushed in his chest.  He didn't even entertain the first one.  Why is it so important I save her, I've never been one for heroics.  Jack reached out, probing with his magic hoping to find a specific object that was still receptive.  Then again a good deed can't hurt can it?  Jack found the bomb he was looking for, still armed and where he left it.  He heard something crack and felt his leg attempt to spasm in pain.  Yes, yes it can, a lot.  Jack blew up the second bomb attached to the throwing knife he had thrown earlier, it was right behind Masako's back, even the most skilled warrior would flinch at the sudden blast.
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From his position, in the 30 mts gap between building and building, and in a upper angle from the enemy position, Masako could hear the disgusting noise of bones being crushed and organs punctured, a sound that would make a seasoned veteran puke, but Masako found it enjoyable, better than any music, the choked sounds of his enemy trying to breath, the wet sounding organs being pierced by splinters of bone, this was like a symphony for his ears. The weather girl was still in a catatonic state, after the unspeakable horrors she witnessed and suffered in her own flesh her mind was broken into tiny fragments, all of them split apart by the horrific trauma she suffered in only matter of hours, something that Masako enjoyed fondly, and would repeat if given the chance. His opponent was resisting very well the attack, maybe the energy that powered his armor was in motion to stop him from turning into a cube of compressed flesh and bone. Jack moved, even under the massive ammount of pressure Masako was making, a incredible feat considering the situation, and the ammount of damage he had. The Silver Masked Archer reached for one of his knifes, and with all his might threw it towards the back of Masako. The detonation ocurred almost 20 mts away from Masako, and the shockwave could have shattered his concentration, if he wasnt surrounded by a sphere shaped PK Shield. The body of the girl reached him and he released Jack from the crushing, since if he killed him he would be unable to drink from his opponent knowledge

The body of the weather girl was caught by the Renegade Reitter hand by the neck, and in matter of seconds her body dryed and wrinkled, as if all the fluid were taken from here, and hanged flaccid from the teen arm. Masako let her go, as he crushed her neck like a stick, and ripped the skin, flesh and bone, separating her head from her body, and then he licked the blood and flesh from his fingers, Delicious, just exquisite, I think it was a 86' harvest, a single mom that was fan of doramas. With a tone that seemed more of a wine taster than a madman There is a hint of kinkyness in the flavour and a lot of fear and despair in the nose. A well rounded piece of human cattle. Masako levitated towards the rooftop were Jack was, while keeping his PK barrier this time around in it's top power of 20 tons. Is a shame I dropped it, but I think you'll be a much more sustaining meal than it, The Wicked Teen extended his hand towards Jack skin in a blur, as he tried to drink from his knowledge and skills

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Jack didn't feel angry, he didn't feel horrified, he didn't feel hatred. So 300 years since a girl has died on me and I haven't changed a bit, what was that her sister had called me? A cold unfeeling bastard. Jack inwardly laughed, he felt Masako's touch but he didn't care, it was all just too funny, Here he was having an emotional crisis over a girl whose name he did not know, he had tried his best to save her, that was more than enough. He stopped laughing and decided to concentrate on what his absurdly evil opponent was doing. He felt a hole in his mind, and through that hole his life was going out. He saw the old monastery where he had learned to fight, he saw himself in Rome, perfecting the art of bomb making, he saw the bonfire of the vanities, the blitzkrieg, the gulf war and woodstock. All his strongest memories, the things that made him who he was.

He stopped looking inward and stared his opponent in the eye. "One thousand years, that's what I have that you don't. You haven't earned those memories." His eyes found what he was looking for. He had three options, one was to let Masako keep absorbing his life energy, as far as Jack knew he had an infinite amount of that and maybe absorbing all too much energy would cause some sort of overload. Still that was unlikely and the third option was still out of the question. Jack went with the second option, the explosion of his knife had exposed some wiring in the building and there were sparks coming out. Jack let his magic power run free, the immediate effect was that it healed the damage to his body faster than the PK crush could cause it.

The real reason he let his magic run free however was so that he could survive what was about to happen, the sparks were flying into the air. Jack sent the oxygen content of that air up to about 85% from the usual 20%. The result...


and they were engulfed in flames.

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Delicious, just eye wetting delicious. That were Masako thoughts as he drank from Jack's memories and skills. The ammunt of data was much higher than he believed, Centuries years of experience flowing like a stream towards his mind, weapon skills, stealth skills and thousands of other tricks and perks. As his opponent didnt moved or tried to cut the link with him, Masako copied most of the information and discovered a amusing fact. So you're a Magician, Kamen Rider Old guy, The Renegade Reitter smiled creepily, as he mocked Jack age. The knowledge of the Arcane arts was assimilated, and his opponent attack patterns analyzed and predicted. Masako mind only fleshed out the skills and useful memories, all the rest, the suffering and the sadness hidden deep inside was read but not stored, the Black Reitter didnt cared for an old fart memories. His opponent once again called upon his strange powers, and the oxygen level around both of them increased. Jack let out sparks with his magic, and the whole rooftop exploded with violence, engulfing the fighters in flames, almst as if a piece of hell got to the real world

The massive explosion lifted a cloud of dust, over the building roof, the police was surprised by the amazing detonation. HEHEHEHE.... the creepy laughter of Masako sounded all over the place the dust lifted and the Renegade Reitter stood unharmed, still surrounded by his PK shield. Too bad old timer, I was shielded, but thanks for lighting my smoke. Masako hand was in the border of his barrier and the tip of a cigarrete was lit just outside the barrier limit. The hand he used to grab Jack, the left one, had sme burn marks, but nothing serious. He took a puff, and breahted the smoke out towards his opponent. I could kill you, and you know it, but in this case I prefer to leave you defeated and humilliated, and either way, your meat is just to old, I'm sure it isnt edible anymore. With that words of mockery and despises Masak lifted off the ruined roof and flyed away, while laughing.

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