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 "What a lovely sunset!"
 "What a lovely sunset!"

Callname: Vino
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Alignment: Evil
Original Name: [Discarded]
Known Aliases: Felix Walker, Jason Connor, Giovanni Pedrotti, Hans Müller...
Race: Human (!)
Job: Freelance Assassin

Vino is an enigmatic assassin with uncertain roots. He's a psychopathic killer with insane death toll. He's called "Vino" for the Latin term of red wine because wherever he goes Vino leaves a trail of bloody mess behind.He's crazy and extremely dangerous yet the police is utterly helpless before his actions. Vino is infamous for his "creative" ways of killing his targets.


Vino's true appearance
Vino's true appearance
The survivors often describe Vino like a horrible red-eyed monster with inhumane features. That cannot be any further from the reality. Vino is very much human. He's a tall Caucasian male, about 6'1" in height. Vino has short red hair and brown eyes. Compared to the rumors, he's surprisingly handsome and one cannot guess he's a psychopathic mass-murderer, ready to take tons of lives. Vino has an average build but His clothes and outfit usually depends on his mood or the part-time job he has at the moment. On certain missions when infiltration is not an option he has a very strict preference of clothes. At those times Vino wears long black leather coat which has several hidden pockets .Yet strangely these pockets are rarely filled with anything and just stay empty. Underneath his coat he wears a black leotard which not only offers great freedom of movement but also links back to Vino's past at the circus. Vino rarely if every carry a gun or any other weapon. He relies on his two arms and quick improvisation in combat so things like pistols and swords aren't needed.






- Escape Artist: Even without his powers, Vino has remarkable ability to shake off his chasers or leave the scene unnoticed. He's incredibly elusive and so far never got caught despite the fact that countless detectives and crime syndicates are working every day to capture Vino.

- Circus-like Acrobatics: Sometime in the past Vino was a mildly known acrobat and master of trapeze in some wandering circus. Even after becoming an assassin, Vino uses this skill to his ultimate benefit. He's capable of insane jumps and somersaults without ever losing his balance. Vino's fluid and extraordinary movements often catch both his opponents and victims off-guard.

- Martial Arts Expert: Vino learned dozens of martial arts forms and can quickly identify the enemy's style from just looking at their stance. Although it's pretty rare for Vino to show a distinct form of martial art himself. Instead he applies a unrecognizable mixture of various styles if necessary. But in general he rarely use any martial arts maneuver and rely on his raw agility and unique tricks.

- Super Peak Human Physique: Vino is able to use 100% of his muscle power without seemingly any downsides. Combined with his trained body Vino can perform feats swinging mildly in the superhuman area. Vino can casually punch through people or rip out their spine. With some time and considerable effort he can even bend steel. Additionally Vino's nerves operate in an overdrive and enhance his reflexes considerably. If Vino focuses enough, he can dodge a bullet after it was being fired or react to some characters with super speed.

- Master of Psychological Warfare: Vino has a surprising understanding of the human psyche. He can guess someone else's thoughts from their little reactions and slight muscle movements. Vino understands the concept of fear the best and dominates his victims through the power of dread and uneasiness. His actions are often do nothing just deliberately spread panic amongst the people. Vino is the most comfortable if his enemies are cowering in deep fear.

- Torture Specialist:
By Vino's claim he mastered over 47 forms of torture techniques, not counting the ones he invented himself. He has all means to make people's life a real hell and plenty skilled at the ways of interrogation. The fact that he's a genuine sadist just adds more fire to the fuel.

- Genuine Actor: Vino loved to play roles since childhood. He often imitated others and imagined himself to be in the shoes of someone else. That habit just got intensified after he became an assassin. Vino always pretends to be someone else. Be it a doctor, construction worker, policeman or a train conductor Vino can accurately generate a fake personality to fit the role. Nonetheless this skill get really handy for infiltrating the target of assassination. Thanks to his special powers Vino can switch professions month to month or even every week but it's his acting ability that aids him to take up the job properly.

- Improvised Weapon Master: Vino usually holds no weapon in combat.  Instead he relies on his smarts and the environment to kill people. Whatever he finds at hand can be potentially a lethal equipment with Vino. He's able to kill someone literally with a broken teacup. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Vino can technically turn the entire scene into a deadly zone of traps. He uses every little advantage his environment could offer. Including even things that can be otherwise called "coincidences" like a crashing car or a sudden earthquake. Vino love to invent new ways of murdering people to the police's utter anguish.

- Stealth: Vino is a master at blending to shadows. Using his incredible athletic ability he can climb on walls and travel at places people don't expect. His movements are quick yet almost noiseless. Aided by Vino's unnatural luck, it's pretty rare for anyone to notice him before it's too late.


Vino has an indescribable power to bring out unlikely events and violate reality. His ability can be the best categorized as probability manipulation but the details and correct workings behind this power are a complete mystery. Generally, Vino possess extreme and unnatural luck. Whatever he does, it usually ends up in success and the circumstances always work in his favor. Furthermore Vino is completely aware of his ability and always abuse it to the fullest.In combat this usually manifests as an ever-present jinx on the enemy. They constantly miss and whether something can be broken it WILL break in the worst moment. Less reliable a method, more likely to backfire on the attackers. A frontal charge can result in the enemy tripping on a banana peel for example. In the end even the most professional fighters and most awesome heroes can end up like an incompetent bunch due to Vino's powers. Perhaps his ability is far from invincible. Repeating the same action may eventually result in a successful attack. Alternatively if something is absolutely sure to hit then Vino cannot sabotage that attack either. Patience and through planing are often the key factors against Vino's ability.

Vino have a few notable "techniques" which he never gave a name but often associate them with a certain catchphrase:

- "I have many names": Just like that Vino can alter his name with utter ease. In one moment he was Claire Stanfield while in the another he became Wilson Winfield. Strangely, he gets an ID card and matching personal documents to legally prove this to the authorities.

- "I have countless professions.": Vino is able to learn at monstrous rate which surpasses even photographic memory. He can learn an entire new profession in less than a week. He suddenly bumps into books and people that helps him to get the required skills quickly and for some reason his mind understands everything he learns immediately. Furthermore he's very quick to find an employer and he can work right away. This ability lets Vino to easily infiltrate the target unnoticed or silently blend in the society after each mission. Vino had over 100 kinds of jobs and he switches professions casually in each month for no reason.

- "You confused me with someone else": Vino is pretty hard to recognize. The witnesses often tell different descriptions to the police and for some reason they forgot the key details. Vino never bothers to hide his face.

- "I just got in!": Strange ability that lets Vino to pass security cameras and avoid any kind of electronic detection without effort. He's literally invisible to anything but the naked eye. Targeting devices and else just get a bunch of error messages when trying to focus on Vino. Additionally Vino can slip through electronic locks and other such security systems like they weren't even there.

- "Lights out!":  Vino can cause every artificial source of light to accidentally stop working. This way he can operate completely in darkness, even indoors.

- "You never see me coming!": Weird technique that only works if his opponent lost sight of Vino. While unseen, Vino is able to pass considerable distances and appear somewhere else in a flash. Whether it involves teleportation or not is unknown since no one really saw him in action. This ability has no effect if Vino is at plain sight.

- "I am a monster!": Under stress and in bad visuals people tend to picture things that really don't exist. Vino abuses the same feature to guise himself as an inhumane monster. This ability works the best at night and when his victims are in panic. Although superstitious people with weak wills may fall to this trick even at daylight.

- "You cannot escape!": Vino can chase down people and prevent them from escape. His fleeing victims suddenly find themselves extremely clumsy and make wrong turns and decisions constantly. More complex the route of escape, the less chance they have to actually pull it off. That gives Vino plenty of time to catch up and finish off his trapped victims.

- "I didn't die": Mysterious ability that defiles reason. Vino could survive certain attacks that he really shouldn't. This trick is similar to his "never see me coming" as it requires Vino to be obstructed from view. This way he can survive falling down from extreme heights or a building crumbling on him. Of course grenades and bombs aren't an exceptions. Since the explosion covers him, Vino is obscured from vision. The same time it gives him a chance to use "I didn't die" in the last minute. General rule: if you hadn't seen Vino to die, he most probably didn't.

- "I have a gun": Pretty self-explanatory. Vino pulls out a gun from his pocket or any hidden place. The real catch is that his pocket was supposed to be empty yet it suddenly has a weapon inside. The gun can be of any kind but simpler typer are more plausible to get. Perhaps the gun must be small enough to fit whatever hidden place Vino pulls that out. For example his pockets can't hold an entire rocket launcher, right?

- "It was just a random guess": Vino is sometimes strangely aware of things. He knows your plan , manage to understand your thoughts or just flat out predict your next course of action. Of course this ability has little relation to intellect, more like insane luck. If Vino has the faintest chance to guess something, those are 100% correct. All he needs just to put his mind to the matter. His random guesses are extremely potent and often border precognition. Although Vino normally doesn't bother to use this ability.

[more to come...]


Like anyone, Vino isn't perfect. He has many flaws and abusable character traits.

- Overconfidence: Vino really believes he's invincible. That makes him prone to overestimate his abilities. He rarely does underestimate the enemy's powers though.

- Human: It sounds funny but Vino is ultimately human. He can die if killed. He cannot just regenerate from major wounds and bullets would hurt him like any human being (given they hit).

- Whimsical: Vino is directed by his selfish whims. He's unpredictable and does everything in his own way. Vino is playful and prefers to treat battles like an exciting game. If you entertained him enough, he may even choose to spare you or give you the victory. He's rarely interested to fight till the very end.
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Cool bio. 
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@Vino: Nicely done we need more torture experts:P
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@Grand_Master_Daizen: He's more like a weird mix between Claire Stanfield and the Boogieman.:p
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Coolest powers ever if you can't see him die he doesn't die
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@Vino: I like that combo!XD
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Yes, it is.
If you noticed I gathered up a bunch of fictional cliches and made them Vino's special abilities.:p
Then we're in the same shoe. I will steal Sonata's title as the scariest Vicer.:p
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Hahaha I just realized that name comes from Vino from Baccano one of my favorite anime ever
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Indeed it is.:)
Also the "I have a gun!" ability is a homage to the scene where Claire seemingly pulls off a pistol out of nowhere.:)
Also I made a few minor edits by the way. Personality is going to be next.:p
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I like how the abilities kinda play back to his main probablity manipulation it just so happens he has a gun, the opponent just so happens to lose their way when running, he just happens to be able to pass all security measures.
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Excellent powers and Bio! :D
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Cool bio!!! :DDDD Cant wait for the rest ;P
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Is it just me or are the AV characters getting more and more attractive? :P
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so basically its a homicidal bishonen with horror tropes as a superpower?
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Cool, slasher villain powers. That's pretty creative.

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@Justalittlegirl: Too bad user left long ago.

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I remember this character, we were supposed to have a battle though:P

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@Fehafare: Oh, I found this on the Vice Tier listing thread. Lots of awesome old accounts attached to it.

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@Justalittlegirl: just don't bump old characters since its better to keep current stuff on the front page.

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