Victoria Miller (The Race RPG Bio)

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Name: Victoria Miller

Age: 20


A young woman with white hair, that usually wears her purple race outfit. She is 5´7 feet tall. One of her eyes is yellow and the other is light green.


Victoria is quite the normal person while in the public. You can say that she is ordinary woman, but in the racing track, it is a different story. While she is in a race, her personality becomes much more aggressive. She will also do a lot in order to win a race.

Motorcycle: Typhoon

This motorcycle can travel at 200 miles per hour. It weighs around 2 tons. It´s headlights are actually lasers than can cut through steel like it was butter. The downside to her lasers is that they have a 10 second reload time after 3 shots.

History will be added later.

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