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In the passenger seat of the car, M.O.F. stares outside the window at ’s scenery. They were leaving the hospital, which means they were leaving the metropolitan or downtown area. The buildings normally reached 30 stories tall and the traffic is horrible. Business men and women scurry around in suits, carrying briefcases. A few streets later the Fosters were in a whole different part of the city. Things here are little more rundown but still functional. Graffiti covers most of the walls and minorities of all sorts walk the streets. Many visitors would call it "the hood" but the residents know its not as bad as the media portrays it. A couple of more turns and they are pulling up in there subdivision. It’s a quiet neighborhood and a nice place to raise some kids. Which is the exact reason why Granddad moved the boys there.

During the 45 minutes or so trip, Matt couldn’t help but think of his near death experience but even more so bout Kashisho. Was he an ancestor, a random spirit, or did his imagination just make him up. Besides how would Matthew “unlock” him if the only time he ever saw him was in a dream. Unfortunately Matt is forced to push these concerns aside to make room for real life. His bullet wound has almost healed but still aches so he cant move as much. But he tries push on with aid of some painkillers. It getting late now and he wont have to go to school the next day so he decides to stay up a little later. With some chips and orange juice he watches most of his old tapes of Bushido Brown.

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The Holy Sinner flung the cape over his body as he used his teleportation skill to send himself to Magestica. He found himself atop of the wizard’s cathedral. His cape flew carelessly in the wind’s direction as he held an utter grip on his samurai sword. It had been unsheathed, as its beautiful curved bladed was shown beautifully in the brightness of the sun. He felt the tap of wooden stick upon his shoulder, he turned to see female wizard float before him. “My friend you are not authorized to be here. It is not your jurisdiction.” He smiled at the familiar voice’s words. “Katrina.”


Even though he was happy to see her, his face had been completely black. It showed no emotion of the normal as if his hear was clod on one side but hot on the other. “What is your business here Kado. If my people found out the you, a.k.a. the Sadistic Saint was upon our lands you would be sentenced to death!” The tone of her voice had slowly begun to rise. She didn't care that they were allies, it was business as usual. “What are you saying? What are your people furious? Please Katrina just let me pass.” He said as she flicked her wand creating a wall of magical energy between them both.


“You should have thought about that before you went on such a killing spree on my culture. I know you, you like a reputation for yourself. You’re the only person with the guts to kill 67 people within 7 days, while leaving SS etched into their chest. Your not only Sadistic Kado, your insane and heartless!” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing there had been only one person capable of such a massacre. “Dracula.” “What?” “The vampire lord has returned.” “Impossible you and I both know he was killed centuries ago! It was by own your own brother.” “He’s been resurrected!”


“Impossible. That would mean he was never dead.  He was only locked in a cosmic cages as his body went into eternal sleep. Which would make him immortal! No vampire or lycan is immortal Kado! You know that.”  “Listen! I know he has returned! I just fought him! I have the scars to prove it!” He showed her long cut down his neck which seemed rather recent due to the still wet blood. However their confront was still over as a group of warlord hovered to the roof of the church. They glanced at the tattoo on the side of his neck which read “SS” It is him, oddly enough instead of the warlords going in for attach at the sight of Kado’s blade hey retreated immediately. He turned to see the Katrina had vanished.

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The young fire starter fell limply down into the dark abyss below, followed by a hail of arrows . The soldiers wanted to be sure that he was dead. And with that they rode off on their serpents. Deeper within the cavern he falls past a cliff which is the entrance to a cavern which appears to be dug out of the cavern. Oni jerks back and forth hitting the sides of the rocks that he zooms past. Just then, a flurry of needles and thread sway after him in a snake like formation and wrap around his limbs. The young shaman comes to consciousness while suspended in mid- air by a mere thread. 
    A figure hangs over the cliff pulling up Oni to safety. It is an old woman with long white hair tied in a bun with wrinkles spread over her face. Time had not been kind to her. She lifted him up and took him into her cave lit by candles and lanterns. She lies him gently on her bed made of burlap and hay. She then moves to her sewing station and begins to concoct clothes for Oni. Minutes later, he wakes up to see his new clothes at his bedside. ''You've come a long way traveller need your strength. I am lady Iko and you are?'', asks the old woman.

    ''I am Onimishu. I thank you for your hospitality. How do you figure that I am a traveller?'', he replies pushing aside the bowl of food.
    ''You dress in the manner of the tribes. I sense that you are shaman. Most of them are extinct. Your lucky to be alive. Many years ago the villages were swept killing all the newborns in precaution to the prophecy.''

''You know of'',, he says putting on his new clothes.

''Am too a shaman. And I have hidden here isolated for years. I awaited the day that another would come so that I could...take THE POWER FOR MYSELF!!''

    The tendrils of needles and thread strike each candle and lantern, leaving the cave in complete darkness. Oni is vulnerable knowing that he has no power to take any action against her. He would have to wait for his power to regenerate.
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Finally, it was the day, the day things would change. It had been a horrible life, but Death Flame finally decided he'd fix everything. The drugs, the hookers, the gambling, and worst of all the lying. "I can't go on like this" Death Flame told himself as he grabbed his coat and stormed out at the front door.

"Living this charade is driving me crazy, I have to tell someone." But who would he tell? His family had abandoned him years ago, his friends left him after all the illegal activity. But still he pressed on through the dark streets of Japan. Where would he go? Who would he confess to?

Death Flame stumbled across a letter. He grabbed the letter and it said "Meet me at Akomoto St. before sunset."
Who was this from? Death Flame did accordingly and he saw a women. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She offered him a bright light, told him to take it and he did. This bright light was his savior, his escape. This light was a gun. He knew what he was to do.

He went back to his house. Held the gun, put it in his mouth. Right before the joyous escape the gun turned into a bright light exploding into his face.

He was dead...

Later, Death Flame awakened, "How can this be?" He was undead. He walked through the streets he once resented and saw that Women again...
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Enter Transmission, #45398:

Subject: Matthew O'Brian Foster, Location: Kingstown, Contempes

"Found you."

Slowly, a black car rolls through the neighborhood. It gives the illusion of people scouting for homes, but the people are uneasy, looking at it through cracked blinds or doors opened to the slightest extent without being noticed. Something possesses them to stay quiet. The motor is low and the sound is dull, making the vehicle's approach all the more unnerving. Behind the driver, however, is perhaps the most unsettling aspect of the night. It was a shadow, shaped like a man, his immense body crumpled in the seat. Whereas this would be insanely uncomfortable, he does not flinch. In his hand, there was a cell phone, and in the other was a remote control. The car stops across the street from a dinner party, the vehicle becoming shrouded and hidden in the immense crowd of similar shapes. The man puts the phone within distance of sight and out of his wrist emerge two finger-like appendages, thin like wires and moving constantly. They click the numbers to another source and inside the busiest home a phone rings.

The subject of this man's call comes to the phone, laughing. Her guests were chatting and beginning a friendly drink as she picked up the reciever and asked the question, "Hello?"

"I am Jinzo. You die now." The man in the car said.

Before the woman could ask "What?!" or "Who is this?!", her voice was intercepted by System of a Down's 'Jet Pilot', and the house went up in flames, echoing with the sound of thunder as cars were tossed up by the ferocity. However, the black vehicle had already passed Matthew's house, speeding toward the opposite end of the suburb. In his hand Jinzo held the broken cell phone.

"Evidence should not be found. Drive the vehicle into the river."
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Death Flame ran after her hoping she'd stop to tell him what had happened. But, she just disappeared into thin air.

Death Flame wandered through the Dead Zone looking for answers. He could see other spirits wandering around, but they all just gave him a cold stare. He went to the nearest pub where they offered drinks for the undead. He bought one, left and continued searching for answers.

He was cold, colder then he had ever been in his life. But, In a strange way, he liked it. He felt comfort with the new temperature. 
After hours of hopeless wandering he just sat down. "I have to find her soon, I need to find out whats going on.."  With that final phrase he fell to sleep.
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KABLAM! The sound of a near by explosion scares Matthew so much that he falls off the couch. His chips fall all over the floor and his orange juice spills. He pushes himself off the ground but it’s hard because his left arm is in a sling. "What da h*ll was dat?!" Matthew says to himself. He rushes to the window to see one of his neighbors house is on fire. His eyes grow large as he can’t believe what he is seeing. Flipped over cars line the street, his other neighbors running out side in panic, but most of all he notices a car. A black car that he had never seen in the area before. “That wasn’t an accident. “ MOF says figuring the person in the car had something to do with the explosion.

“Boy, what’s going on?! Didn’t I tell you to turn that TV down?!” His grandfather yells coming downstairs half sleep with Monte not far behind him. “It wasn’t me or the TV, Granddad. Somebody’s house just blew up.” Matthew says moving toward the stairs. “Blew up?! Dat’s so tight! I wanna see!” The youngest of the three males says excitedly. “No, you can’t. You and Granddad go into the basement. I’ll go see if I can help.” Matt commands them. “Since when do you make the rules, Boy?” “Since you’re too old, and Monte is too young… plus nether of you have the right clothes on.” “I see you’re point, but you’re hurt.” His grandfather replies. “Yeah like that ever stopped me before. Now go!” The old man and the child run to the basement while the teenager runs to his room.

The doors of his closet swing open and his clothes fly onto the floor. On the wall are multiple weapons and tools. He grabs a staff, nun chucks, and a few knives. He secures the staff in the back of his belt and sticks the knives in some custom made slits in his jeans. With nun chucks in hand he opens his second story window and looks down. “Ok I’ve planned this out for years. Jump and hook. Simple.” Matt reminds himself of his exit plan. Jumping out of the window he swings his nun chucks at the telephone pole. The opposite handle swings around and then Matthew realizes his flaw. He needed both hands to pull this off.

Falling from a second floor window, MOF lands on his butt. “Ahh!” Not wasting any more time he hopes up and grabs his bike. He starts to ride in the direction of where he last saw the black car. He peddles as fast he can then recognizes where he is. The creek that turns into the river. “They dumped the car!”

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Resume Transmission, #45398:

Subject: Matthew O'Brian Foster, Location: Kingstown, Contempes, considered armed and dangerous

"It seems he wants to be found."

Indeed, the car was lost to the water of the river, but Jinzo had escaped. The only real question was: where was he? There was no body, no blood, no parts that had been jostled loose. It seemed as if he disappeared. But, that was only part of the whole truth. Jinzo was across the bridge, almost as if he had teleported. The buckles and strict leather of his outift were difficult to distinguish because of  the heavy forest green they were made up of, but he made his presence known. Keeping his arms down at his side, his hands would suddenly appear above Matthew, clenched together and already falling at a terrifying speed. The sheer force of the impact would be enough to knock the boy down with authority, if he somehow evaded.

"It seems he wants to be killed."
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After waking up Death Flame noticed all of his possessions were stolen. (except the clothing he was wearing) He punched a wall (that broke) and went on trying to find the bandit the committed what seemed to be a dumb crime--especially because he was in the afterlife--

He saw a woman (the same woman from before) running with a sword that looked similar to his. He ran after her, he jumped and shot some of his fire balls to make a circle around her so she couldn't move. It was time to get answers. Death Flame took his sword and then he said "Tell me, what did you do to that gun, why did it make such a bright light when I...." he couldn't finish the phrase, it was painful to say. "Honestly, i was sent to give you the gun. I didn't do anything to it." she replied

"You're here to protect the afterlife, and possibly the human world."
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"guess this is home...." Neku says to himself as he jiggles the handle to his apartment door to get in. "Come on you bloody door...." Neku struggles finally getting the door to open after a few minutes of attempts. Neku throws down his backpack onto his couch before he hears a loud boom

"Woah, an explosion..." Neku says, running down into the traffic to see none other than MOF and a robot running away. "Interesting...seems I could get some money off of this..." Neku mutters under his breath as he surveys the area. 
"So, kid, what was that.....thing doing? Need my help?" Neku asks, hands in his pockets as he hunches forward to get an answer. Neku isn't really looking for an answer, just to distract MOF as he delves into his mind, passing through doors and pointless thoughts and conversations to who he is. 
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He fell from the sky and made a bowl shaped hole in   the ground " 2 weeks later"  who am I wear am I .he tried to stand i felt as though every bone in his body was broke blood drizzled from his mouth and he layed in his hole we though soon to be his grave. His eyes closed He had given up . then he heard a laugh an annoying laughhe wanted to kill the person only hecould not remeamber who that was but he could not die her "i must rid the world of this laugh" he tried to standhis legs were broke in truth all his bones were"I think i'am going to need help pain corsed through him . and he passed out
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Five bodies lay on the floor, with eyes wide open, and warm blood that trickled from their mouths. All dead. In a corner, one man, who was drenched in the crimson blood, clawed at the wall, trying to escape. Terror was in his voice, for he knew that he was just about done for. "He...Help!!... I need..." The back of a fist collided with his jaw, and sent him through the air, then through a mirror. The man spat out glass shards that had filled his mouth, as he felt a strong hand grasp him around the neck, and yank his head from the shattered mirror. Trembling eyes barely managed to turn up to meet the eyes of the killer. "Wh...wh...who are you!?" His eyes locked with two shadows that hid the eyes of the fiend. The villain spoke softly, "The last person that you will ever set your eyes upon." The cold blade of a kunai pressed against the man's throat, and drew blood. He wet his pants from the intense nervous situation and could only sputter off a few words. "NO! don't...under...stand. I know...what you...are...looking...for..." The kunai maintained its harsh pressure against the man's throat. Having moved from the dark shadow into a slightly better lit condition, blond hair was what the heartless monster bore, which was the only quality which could be made out in the low light. The blond ninja withdrew the kunai, and slammed the man against the wall, and yelled, "You know where it is! Out with it, now!" He paused, and continued. "Or else you will just be another body on the floor." The man spat blood and bits of teeth from his mouth. "Just...let me...go...if I reveal...the information." The blond ninja nodded. The man gulped, and said, "Lost hill...ten miles north...small building..." The man's voice was hushed as a paper bomb was put over it. He struggled to get free, but the blond ninja just walked away. The killer turned, and looked back towards the man, and said in a dark voice, "I lied." The end of the paper bomb lit.

Outside, the people of the village were happy and running around, without the slightest idea of what had just occurred. The rogue ninja walked along the road, not making eye contact, and kept his hood up. He slipped away into a dark alley between buildings, and was gone. Welcome to Florenzia, having just met your tour guide, Kyrogi Kawanoka.
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((Ahh, how do I go about this?))
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Tossing the bike to the ground the boy breathes heavy as he looks around for any sign of a person. Then a shadow darker than the night appears over him. Looking up his face is covered with surprise and confusion as a ghostly pair of hands slam down over him. Matt uses the estimated 1 second to try to move out of the way, but the impact was too much. Getting flung backwards, Matthew lands on his back. After letting out a sigh, he throws his legs up and arches his back. Once his shoulder blades are off the ground he whips his feet downward. He lands on his feet readies his nun chucks. Staring in the direction of where the fist comes he can’t believe his eyes. “Da f*ck is dat?!” MOF shouts. All of a sudden another kid around the same age maybe older runs up beside him. "So, kid, what was that.....thing doing? Need my help?" the blond guy asked. Before MOF could answer he seams to go into a trance. Matt feels the boy forcing his way into his mind. Not knowing how to handle the experience he starts to sweat until he exits. Matthew gasps as the he regains control over his mind. "What da h*ll is happening to my neigborhood?! Everybody's a freakin superhuman or somethin now." he thinks.

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