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This is an On-Going RPG and with enough participation it will never end. Yes, Never End, but it will always stay interesting. The main purpose is to basically live your life (in character of course) and pretty much do what ever you want. The shorter the post the better (3-5 paragraphs) so that it is always moving and a great way for new kids to get better at RPGs. This is also a great way to expand your character and their story, plus teams can get involved whichever way they want. Mini-plots and fights may surface and anyone can get involved in them. There are many different types of environments for the different types of characters, so everyone has a place where they can fit in, but there is no reason why you couldn’t start off where you want and travel the World.

Official Rules Apply, but the most important is HAVE FUN.

Welcome to ViceWorld...
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NOW ALAKAZAM FINISH IT PSYCHIC ATTACK! The Pokémon jumped in the air and fired a purple aura at the Raticate, knocking it out. THIS IS MY 5 STRAIGHT VICTORY AND NOW FOR MY PRIZE I’LL COLLECT YOUR SOUL.  Her eyes flashed a Perfect purple and the little boy fell asleep, she then extended her hands and removed his soul from his body. The elder members from her clan dragged his body towards the cadaver room. Lynn stepped down from the Pokémon arena and headed outside, the busy life of the city was a bit too much for her, and Saffron city didn’t have a beach at all so she was forced to listen to the hustle and bustle of everyone else. She was concocting a plan to stop it. One of her members came up to her with a huge Jigglypuff, she gave it a Microphone and put everyone in the city to sleep.

Lynn could finally enjoy the peace and quiet that her city had to offer, however she wanted eternal silence, by turning her City into a hollow oblivion, and she absorbed the souls of everyone in the city, except those who were Part of her clan.

3 weeks in the silence had passed and now lynn had another goal in Mind she wanted her reign to begin, she was now aiming to conquer all of Porenze. Her and her soul eating Soilders Equipped with their own ablates and Psychic Pokemon Marched West of saffron city toward Celadon city.

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Kakashi’s voice “A Shinobi must be patient Shunsuke and look for the best way to take down the opponent without revealing the full potential of his jutsu.”

Inhales… exhale…..

Kakashi’s voice: “You are a excellent Shinobi by far one of my best, yet even with that greatness you have a big weakness.. You lack patience”

Inhales…. exhale…

Kakashi’s voice: “You are powerful Shunsuke but that weakness turns you into a failure.. You use your chakra to its fullest to finish off your opponent as quick as possible. You know why? Because you are over confident.”

Inhales… exhale..

Kakashi’s voice: “This is the weakness of many ninja, not only you.. But in you it is over develop and if you don’t control it; it will send you straight to the hands of the grim reaper”


Shunsuke’s eyes then open after five hours of training both physical and mental. The ultimate Shinobi turns his head looking to both sides of the location in which he was meditating. The place looked like a mountain path in the land of Florenzia, high above the ground the only view are the other mountains and the long fall into a forest which no one would like to star in. in that peak a couple of miles before the cold top lives Shunsuke in a wooden small house made by his own hands.  A place of peace and quiet where he can  rest assure that no one would bother him.

(Foot steps)

Yet again the peak is believed to be damn, the “legend” says that anyone who dares go to the peak disappears and is never found. In a land fill with ninjas and daredevils that is not consider as a threat.. But nothing more than a challenge.

“I know you four are there now come out and state your purpose!”

Shouted Shunsuke without even looking to where the foot steps were coming from. Four ninjas step forth “Well, well, well boys.. Looks like we hit the jackpot..” *chuckles* “A lonely Shinobi against four rogue ninjas.. It hardly seem fair, what you guys say?” the other ninjas began mumbling and one of the speaks louder than the rest “Lets teach him a lesson, then make him check how long can he scream before he hit’s the bottom.” *laughs*

Shunsuke inhaling then sighing he stands to his feet with his head lowered, eyes closed and loosen shoulders almost like if he couldn’t care less.    

Kakashi‘s voice: “You use your chakra to its fullest to finish off your opponent as quick as possible. You know why? Because you are over confident.”

Echo: over confident


Echo: over confident


Shunsuke then slowly opens his eyes just seen waist down of his opponents and let out a warning. “Keep moving, you don’t want any of this.. Just go back the way you came.” but the ninjas just saw these words as threats and judging by the number disadvantage they laugh at Shunsuke's words. Why do I even bother, Its obvious they wont leave. They are too hotheaded to realize they already fell in my trap.. Thought Shunsuke as he was watching a overview of what was happening.
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A long way down. Lights. Copiers. Computers. Empty. Your typical office on a Sunday. Completely empty, no one to see what would be done besides Neku. The lone, gray-haired teenager tilted his head upwards and glanced from side to side. The coast is clear. Taking out his binoculars, he zooms in through a window into another skyscraper office. One fairly chubby man wearing a suit is talking on a phone, sitting at a desk with two other suits standing standing beside him: probably bodyguards. "Perfect" Neku mutters as he pulls out a small pistol, stripped of any branding to the point where Neku himself doesn't know what type of gun it is. Distance between us is about a kilometer. Shouldn't be too hard. 
Neku points his pistol out the window and screws on a silencer. He aims as directly in front of his target as possible and pulls the trigger. Ping. The gunshot fires: for none but angels to hear. A bullet from a pistol can't normally hit a target a kilometer away but with a little help: it's not too hard.

He pauses for a milisecond and holds his hand out. The bullet stops spiraling downwards and instead shoots up. Neku smirks, I still got it. Moving faster than a normal bullet it punches through the window implanting itself within the back of Neku's target with a joyous symphony of blood. Any half-brained cop should know that a pistol bullet can't come from a kilometer away. Should be an easy run. Before he leaves, Neku pulls out his binoculars again and zooms in on his target: checking if he's dead. Neku pushes a button on the binoculars and takes a snapshot of the dead body. Loading his equipment back into his bag Neku calls for the elevator. Ding. Stepping inside the elevator he pushes the button saying "1"

Neku watches the numbers on the screen count down from 30, counting in his head as well. Ding. Neku looks at the display: 15. The elevator doors open up and out comes a police officer. "Hello sir!" Neku says holding the door open for the officer. The officer doesn't speak; he just bows his head in gratitude. Fewf.  Neku continues looking at the elevator display countdown. "Officer Ryu. Come in officer Ryu." the static sound comes from the officer's walkie-talkie. "Yes?" Ryu says into the walkie-talkie. "We have reports of a murder, you're pretty close to the site. Hold down the fort until forensics and more officers get there, kay?"

Ding. Neku smirks at the call and steps out of the elevator, running towards the nearest bus station.
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The sun shined impeccably, across the city of Ester. As the shadows of the flying creatures, dragons and Pegasus, had been cast upon the surface. Kado had been rather impressed by his social life in the area. See the thing was, he didn't know where he was from. The probability of it being this planet had been highly doubtful. So most of the places he went too denied him without form of Vice torrency (passport). However in had come to fit in perfectly with the Knights. He found their ways to exceptionally prevailing. It was a surprise to him that they had not become the dominancy of such a world. However he was not to forget the other dangers that lurked around this sphere. Genova was to Kado, the most civilized of all of Vice. Unfortunately today was not going to be as relaxed as the rest.


As he overlooked the beauty of the land, his sight was filled with charging knights. He turned to direct his attention the direction they had been moving towards. A fellow knight was being eaten alive by what was most likely a vampire, not only for the reason of blood sucking but it was hiding from the light. Both his samurai's sword and Desert Eagle set peacefully on the cemented plate of ground. He simply opened his hand as he used telekinesis to make the weapons to come to him. As he clutched them both, he moved towards the vamp, or as he saw "Descendents of Dracula." He fired rapidly at the horrid creature as in a look of disdain it released the bitten knight, and dashed for the woods. As the Sadistic Saint stood over the injured knight he knew there was only one thing to do, yet the cost would be handful of regret.


 He aimed the weapon at the knight's skull and fired off three rounds. He then continued to stalk the vampire. He still could not understand for what reason would such a creature depart from its hometown, Desparta, to come to such vast distance. He had now been entering the endless briers, woods. He unsheathed his sword, as a twig fell to the ground. He glanced up to see several vampires plunge from the trees. His sword tore through them all like fire through ice, however he could not forget their incredible regeneration process, they could be sliced into thousands of pieces yet they could still reform. He needed sunlight. He channeled his power of the elements, and decided to use his earth power pushing both hands to the side as he tried to make the trees move to one way to not block the sun. He was successful! The blinding light burned the parts of left over vampires to ash.


He proceeded his way back to Ester, as he walked in he watched the dead knight being carried away as the others gave him praise. On the upside well…he died with his dignity. The honor of his knavery shall always be remembered. Still someone had to pay for his death! He did a series of taps on the ground with his foot as a enormous dragon began immerse towards him. As the creature landed, the ground shook for a slight moment. Kado used his power to hovering to glide him and five other knights onto the 15 foot tall and 25 foot long dragon. They quickly took for flight to Desparta. Yes it was dangerous lands but then again…Kado was a dangerous man

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"Keep moving eh? Oh, we will. Right after we finish with you!”. One of the rogue ninja holding two double edge daggers he attack and seem to stab both daggers on Shunsuke’s abdomen. The expression in Shunsuke’s face is apparently just pure surprise. “Die you fool!” shouts the ninja right before laughing as Shunsuke fall right on his knees, holding his abdomen. The four ninjas then back away from Shunsuke who is apparently on his last moments grunting, agonizing while holding his wounds.

At that same moment the whole place seem to blur “What in the world?” asked one of the rogue ninja as he saw mist thicker than he had ever seen just appear out of nowhere. “Mist?” curiously ask one of the Shinobi while they all look around looking for a clearer way to get some view. “while I been here, not once have walk by a single mountain climber or a explorer.” The ninjas fallow the voice with their senses and realize it comes from behind them, they turn around. “There, is coming from this direction!” at the very conclusion of those words the mist almost like if it was commanded, it disperse, opening a clear view of Shunsuke leaned back sitting on a wooden chair.

The ninja couldn’t believe what they were seen, the man they just killed was right in front of them. “You?! But you’re dead!? I just killed you!” Shunsuken let out a mild chuckle while he stands up from the chair, standing on a arm-cross position Shunsuke replies while pointing behind the ninjas. “No, you didn’t kill me. You killed him.” The ninja all look back and through the thick mist the shadowed frame of kneeled injured Shunsuke was still on the ground. “Impossible! How?!” the Shunsuke kneeling on the ground then lift his head and grins at the assassins, and then (POOF) “WHAT?!” shouted the lead ninja as he saw the wounded Shunsuke just puff into thin air. “Impossible!” Shunsuke has a mild grin on his face “Hum, guys if I were you I would pay attention to me…” When the ninjas looked two dogs, Bull and Pakkun where right beside Shunsuke. Shunsuke then adds while he close his eyes and smiles

 “ They are eight and they are all hungry!”

The ground began to shake “What is this?!” ask the shaking terrain moved man, it was almost like a stampede but underground.

“Here we go!”

Shunsuke poses in a open arm stance and legs separated, He was looking at the skittish ninja that were worried about the earthquakes, wondering  what is happening. They have no clue of what is happening next!   

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In the bamboo jungle a young boy stands in the mist. He is clothed in white samurai garments and tied around his forehead is a white bandanna. His head looking down and his eyes closed. Suddenly his head shoots up with eyes opened and focused. In an instant is his katana is drawn and he is running full speed. Once he has ran a few yards in a few seconds, the blade slicing is the only sound that can be heard, but then it stops and everything is quiet once again. The boy is standing with head down and eyes closed again but this time he is still grasping his sword. Then all at once multiple bamboo stalks fall to the ground and the boy smiles. Then the sun comes over the horizon and burns away the fog.

The warmth of the sun shinning through the window wakes the same boy up from his dream. His full name is Matthew O’Brian Foster. A small smile was on his face until he opened his eyes and realized it was all only a dream… it always is. His face drops to his normal look of disgust and he rolls out of bed. His night clothes stink but he doesn’t care. His room is a mess but he doesn’t care. His hair is crazy but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t really care for anything and the time he is the most happiest is when he is sleep. Sleeping and dreaming of what he wants to be; what he could be. If only he was from a different place, a place where his dream could be made real, a place like Florenzia. But he is stuck in , Contempes.

He gets dressed and goes down stairs where his little brother is watching Cops. “Monte, turn that crap off, and eat yo breakfast... Where is Granddad?” Matthew says as he plops down onto the couch. “He's upstairs in the shower. Don’t tell him Ima eat the rest of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” He says as he walks into the kitchen. Matt grabs the remote and turns the TV to his favorite show, Bushido Brown. It’s about a black guy in the city who is a master at kicking butt, and he is Matt’s hero. “Matt, go up to the grocery store and get some more cereal.” Granddad says with only a towel around his waist. “Aight, Granddad…” He says as he gets up unwillingly.

M.O.F. is only 13 years old and he already thinks life sucks. But if only his life was different he often thinks. More exciting, not so routine, not so boring. If only something could happen to him, something that would change his life forever and for the better. He pushes the glass door to the neighborhood connivance store and walks in and to the cereal isle…

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   What kind of devilish trick is this?!” ask one of the rogue ninjas while he sees several underground tunnels been digged and like the frame of a shark swimming under the surface of the water before it reach its pray, the eight tunnels reach the four rouge ninjas‘ feet. “ seek’ em!” at the conclusion of the words coming from Shunsuke, the ground burst eight times, pieces of dirt flying all over the places as Shunsuke’s ninja dog pack attack the rogue ninjas biting their flesh, sinking their teeth in while holding them for the master.   

   Shunsuke was still in position with his arms spread open and legs separated just concentrating on his opponents. “If you make the slightest move, my ninja dog pack will rip you to pieces. There is no escaping their jaws once they got you, they are ninjas and the only way to get rid of them is by my orders.” the rogues grunting in pain they look at the growling dogs, just like Shunsuke say they got their limbs clutch tight between their jaws. Grunting in pain the rogues ask Shunsuke “What- Ugh! What is that stance?!” Shunsuke smiles and quickly replies “All you got to know.. Is that you are in range” gasping for air the the rogues can feel energy emitting from Shunsuke. “In range for what?!, listen to me I’ll get out of this and when I do-” Shunsuke interrupts the ninjas shouting, “You’ll be dead!-” Shunsuke’s frown tighten and the byakugan is activated “Gentle fist..” shunsuke pauses for a second and then shouts,


   In a last glance the mist becomes as thick as it can be nothing can be seen by anyone, anyone without a byakugan that is. The voice of Shunsuke is heard shouting “Eight palms!” and the impacting blows of hand to flesh is heard all over the place. The brutal attack continues “92 palms!, 200 palms!, FIFTHY SIX PALMS!” A last hard impact strikes the last chakra [point of one of the ninjas.

   The sound of dropping bodies is heard and the mist cease and all that covers the scene is the ninjas literally soak in their own blood. Shunsuke then inhales hard then exhale slowly through the mouth. “That was unnecessary” Said Pakkun the ninja dog after seen four ninjas beaten to a pulp. “They try to kill me and is been long since I practice my techniques on someone, what do you expect?” Pakkun shake his head and replies “If Kakashi would of seen this.. He would of been ashamed of you.” after those words Pakkun and the ninja dog pack disappear leaving Shunsuke alone.   
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   A lone figured walked down the light brown mohogony laden path seemingly oblivious to sound. He was relaxed , not that of normal relaxation. He seemed to be happy but who knows. Maybe the sirene bamboo forest that surronded him implified this silence as the noises from the outside lands could not interfere. Without the chirping of birds rushing,weaving ,and dodging trees,the pandas were quite bustling busy it seemed also as they chopped  down the bamboo with their claws as if it was hardened clay before they ate it the only thing without these noises, were the wandering soilders. These same wandering soilders provided protection for the man walking. He was important, he was the leader of  Hidden Bamboo Village, it was on one of the lush greenery islands in Florenzia. The name of this particular island was Aknasuki. It wasn't busy with electronics. Maybe at most a couple of tvs in houses around the island and a stove for cooking but besides that there wasn't much.

   So with the silence the man observed the trees. He wasn't observing the outside parts of them , the parts you could see, he was observing the insides. He had a ability, it , on this island was called, Byancan. He saw everything in black and white ,saw through these trees and bushes as they silently swished sideways in and out of his view, occasionally seeing the squirrells burrowed into the them or larva growing, it was more peacful than without his eyes. Switching from one side to another a noise caught near his left ear. Turning his gaze skywards he watched slowly as a branch fell. It seemed to have been cracked,not by animal ,by human. Giving a silent smirk he switched his eyes back to normal and started to rubb the end of his right earlob.

" Akango , Akango Narunsha. Ha , you almost had me for a moment. That branch and the crack kept you from being totally silent, your becoming a very good learner. I'm glad your my first and last take-on in my village."

   Dropping from a branch behind a heavy looking tree he passed a couple of branches slowly dodging them with weaves and worm like movements. When Akango finally reached the ground he knelt and smiled. The one thing he had set out to do in life was done. He had tried to fool his master for months and this was the first actuall completed try.He was now a full Ninja,strangly as it sounds, that had been his passing grade. He was now an Anbu, the only one in the village for some reason, instead of the traditional work of Anbu, with guarding, looking in on assassinations, and info on other things around Florenzia.He was going to be totally different kind.

   He was the only one. It would be pointless to waste his workings on little stuff, that's why there were Jounin and Genin. They did the A , B, C, and sometimes S ranked missions. Akango though would be the divider, he would only do S+ missions. The ones that you could be captured and torchered. If you were caught you would not speak a word and in the first chance you would strike yourself to not give away information. No one really knew what Akango did unless they were the Bakage's most elite guards. Those were the only ones to see him. So all in all this was his mission focuses,]gather info, leave no one alive, and execute any and all movings. In and out like a shadow.

  Lifting his head from his kneeling position he gave a smart allec smile." Always a pleasure Bakage. I know I have performed with the utmost of exellence , but I know that others are better than me by miles. So what was the reason you chose me? I know that i'm young and devoted but there must be a reason that you keep me confined next to you instead of on missions?"

  Not the least bit startled from the questions the Bakage started to walk and motioned for Akango to come, without looking back he looked at the sun and inreturn it provided light to shine across his wrinkles and crevices where you could mentally and physically notice that he wasn't young at all.

" Don't worry about why I choose you.I know too much information to let it all be given away now. Wait for awhile, then I will give you a profile in a holder, that profile will tell you who you are, I'll gather the information later.Because you are now a Anbu. You work alone. I've already found your mission. As you know there are other islands. There is one in particular we need you to check. Lasanota. It is a island like us, ninjas and all. We need you to perform an assassination. So since were giving you this job your only target is the Jounin train-"

  Stopping dead in his tracks he turned left towards another bamboo walkway." Trainers. They are the main focus, take out the Anbu there and most of their Ninja's . We need to take these islands over.Follow this road down to the ocean.There is a small rowboat. Row out until a pirate ship comes. Let it take you aboard and take it. Then go to your destination. Here are the papers. Go!" Yelled the old age Bakage as he pushed the papers into Ankango's hands. Looking at them, Akango started to walk towards the ocean.

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Ground X

Within the heart of the most technological city of the world the Evil Khan awaits on his office for the messengers. The tower was incredibly tall and it was all under Khan’s control. An automatic door opens and Khan’s servant enters the office “Lord Hokage” the servant drops in one knee and drives his right fist to his chest. “The location you gave us were correct but Fate was alone and escape us, none of the chosen few was with her.” Khan angered he narrowed his eyes “Agony! Give me.. sight!” the eyes of the evil lord glow and apparently is able too see his ambition. “It is headed to Florenzia.. Send the minions immediately I’ll be in the command room to direct them soon, let me know when they arrive.” The Messenger bows and replies “As you wish lord Hokage” then he stands up and turns around walking out the room through the hissing door. “Soon my little obstacles, you will all fall before my might. The fury of the Hokage will be upon you.. Chosen ones… *chuckles* Oh, Yes.” Khan's right hand fist glow in purple energy and is lifted high, then slammed against the desk tearing the wooden desk to pieces.

                                                           “Until I rip them apart.”

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The door swings open and the little bell’s chime seams to echo through the whole store. Two men covered in black, run in with guns drawn and yell, “Everyone on the ground and nobody gets hurt!!!”  The larger of the two men was in the front waving a tec-9 pistol while the other yelled at the cashier to open up the register. Instinctively Matt was on the ground in no time and he was safely hiding behind the shelves. Looking over to the other side of the store he sees a traumatized mother and her crying baby. Then the young teenager thinks to himself, “What would Bushido Brown do?” Knowing the answer he gets a sudden sense of responsibility and crawls down the isle and grabs a broomstick.

Holding it firmly in his hands he walks down the isle. “Lookie here, Creg. Its seams we’ve got ourselves a lil’ hero.” The man with the gun says pointing it at Matthew with a smile. “Hehehe! Teach ‘em bein’ a hero don’t pay.” The second man says back. Feeling that this was his chance to strike, MOF runs full speed towards the crooks. Like an Olympic jouster he pulls his arm back and throws the stick at the big guy’s stomach. It hits hard and knocks the wind out of him which causes him to drop his weapon. Continuing past him, the afro haired child leaps up and kicks the other guy in the chest. How he jumped that high is still a question.

The force of the kick drops the robber to the ground. Standing over him was Matt and thinking he had the victory he strikes a pose and grins. Then the mother he saw before shouts, “Look out!!!” but it was too late. The bigger thief had shot a round at the boy and the bullet hits him. Matthew doesn’t scream but falls to the ground letting the blood flow out of the wound. The burglars run out of the connivance store and somebody calls the ambulance. It wasn’t long before the paramedics arrived but MOF is already passed out. He’s lost a lot of blood and they rush him to the E.R. He got his wish for his life to be more exciting, but at what cost…?

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 Africa in the Savannah

The scorching sun beats down on my back, the dark kimono wrapped around my waist and my Zanpakuto hangs in front as if tempting anyone to attack. Sweat drips down my face as the world grows black, and soon I feel the hard breathing of a lion standing over me. A firm lick against my fast to give me a taste and it turns round letting out a bellowing roar and its fellow pride comes an encircles me. A firm bite to my forearm brings a smile to my face " Tsk tsk dont play with your food." My hand crushes through its chin and out the top of its head, its body falls with a loud thud. It was one of the females of the clan of lions, the rest stare at its body then back to me. The male lions bolt in fear of something stronger but the lionesses stand firm even producing a gutteral grunt as two scream towards me. But these are not the big cats of earth but something different, as two near me they stand up on their hind legs an swipe at me. Moving in an out of their swipes a grin still stapled to my face as they continue fruitlessly to gut me. Soon boredom sets in and with blinding speed I flash step behind the Lioness standing in front of me. " Quite sometime, I havnt seen a hallow adapt this well in quite sometime." I step back and unsheath the Zanpakuto slicing the hallow half breed in half down the middle. The others surrounded me again and with a twisted smile I take a deep breath in and focus on each one of them, they were demons the rest of them were. The first I slew must have been the male Halloww and the one in two pieces must have been the main female, pitty these demons are something new to me.

With a loud roar they leap at me, time slows down as they slowly fall down onto me. My zan still in hand I spin quickly, the glint of my Zan is the only thing seen and time returns to normal. They all land on their hind legs and stare at me for a brief moment before their eyes roll back into their heads and pieces of their bodies fall to the ground, soon all thats left is are piles of body parts. I can see the two cowards of this pack off in the distance and I bring my Zanpakuto to my face an speak its name "
Forthright, Chase!" Forthright springs from my hand and splits into two an image of a Spider Monkey sits on my shoulder. Its hand raises into the air and then it extends it forward moving its hands serpentine. I watch as the two swords finally make their mark miles off into the distance the two lion demons fall hard foward. I snap my fingers and Forthright returns to my hands, I look to Forthright sitting on my shouldr " So that was my first experiance with changlings hmm, I always knew Earth would be a perfect place. Thank you Forthright." The beast nods then speaks "I would appreciate it if you called me by my rightful name." I shrug and look off into the distance "Yeah but Gonjistu is just difficult, and does not scream power. More like a bowel disorder." Forthright shrugs and returns to the sword. And I continue on my trek through this place, next Japan
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The wind blows lightly through his hair as he walks down an old dirt path leading to an Inn. He had been walking for days and needed to rest his legs.  It had been a year since he'd run away from his village clear across the land. He was wandering, trying to find his family's murderers and fulfill his destiny.  He rubs the emerald arrowhead around his neck and suddenly had a flashback, hearing the screams and the crackles of the flames around him. He returns to the present and continues to the doorway of the inn. 
    Many creatures and races flourish in this place. Goblins, and wizards, humans and elves. He had not sensed any other shaman in a long time. He feared that he was the only one left after the slaughter of all the newborns long ago. Oni walks to a table where a stubby old dwarf sits writing with a quill and  pen.
    '' l'd like to check in please sir'', he says with a soft voice.
''You're a child! You shouldn't be here. This is a dangerous place for a boy.'', the dwarf replies.

''I can handle myself sir please. I've walked many miles and need rest.'', he explains holding out a handful of coins.

The dwarf hands him a key and points to the room at the top of the staircase. He walks past the tables at which 
people stuff their faces 
and give him a nasty, dirty look.
Oni reaches his room to find a a small confined space with a bed, a window and a small table with a reading lamp. 
It was better than
what he was usually used to. He lies down and the spirit of fire appears next to him.

''You know if they catch you, they will kill me!''

The spirit nods and disappears again. Oni's stomach grumbles loudly and he heads downstairs to get some food. 
He goes and sits at a
table. Two large men come over surprised for some reason.

''Hey you! you're at our table ! Move it!'', One of them says smelling of alcohol and manure.

''I was here first sir''

''Yea, but this is our table and there are none left!'' So get up now!'', he yells grabbing the boy's arm

    His hand is burned to the touch and Oni unleashes the spirit of fire. The inn begins to burn and several men approach
every direction.

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Desparta, Vex  


The wind blew powerfully at Kado's face as if trying to blow him off the dragon's mount. He kept a firm position on the seat fighting off the forces air, as he looked back to make sure the knight were in one piece. As they came in for landing, he directed his attention to the night's sky. It had been a full moon, which meant they would no longer just be attacked by vampires but also by the flesh hungry werewolves. Too caught up with his thinking, he was hit with surprise landing which sent him impelled off the mount and into the air, he grabbed onto one of the tree branches in began swinging from tree to tree until he got far enough to drop to the ground. As he went towards his crew, he poked through the bushes to see them surrounded by a group of howling werewolves. He drew his desert eagle and discarded the clip while replacing it with a magazine of silver bullets. He aimed with almost perfect accuracy, one into each threat.


He marched towards the dragon as the knights leaped off and began to fight off the menacing creatures. The dragons released its unblemished inferno, burning the beast alive. The Sadistic Saint glanced to the sky as a black figure had been coming down, as it landed from its description it was a vampire. Blood feel from his mouth like the drool of a human. Kado extending his arm out and fired a ball of light into the vampires face but it was harmless. The man continued to move toward him, he fired bullets into his heart, and still no effect. The man clutched Kado’s neck and threw him into the bark of a tree. However before he had been launched into the air he pulled a medallion off the dangerous entity. It was a golden sword emblem, on silver plate. It was none other then the men who started it all. Dracula. His relationship with the vampire lord was deep. See when Kado first came to Vice he was met by a boy and his family. He had trained the boy and his family with many skills, and the boy had grown up to be the famous Van Helsing. However what made this situation so much more disturbing, was that Helsing had murdered Drac. “Your deceased!” “No I was just asleep. And now im awoke!”


He could see that the evil lord had become much more powerful. How could been resurrected so quickly. He wasn’t supposed to be awaken..for..well..eternity. How could he be killed really the question, the light force that Kado had shined had not been a normal one. It was a holy light, therefore it should have still effected him. “SS” crossed his hands together as a ball of fire began to form between his palms, and extended his leg as he tilted forward and released it at the creature. The orb of fire had hit him directly on the face, as he fell to the ground. Kado only hoped that his next attack would prove affective. He unsheathed his samurai sword, and sped toward his opponent and did a 360 as he incised through the creatures neck sending his head flying into the woods. Afterwards a group of bats flew into the atmosphere from the inside of the body and a note feel down form the air. It read: Magestica
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The lightning child after the words of Pakkun, he sits on the edge of the cliff looking pensive. The words of the wise ninja dog had touch Shunsuke’s conscience. The wind blew through the white mane of the sulking Shinobi, while he could hear the words of his master on his head.

Kakashi’s voice: “A Shinobi must be patient Shunsuke and look for the best way to take down the opponent without revealing the full potential of his jutsu.”

 “Kakashi sensei..” Shunsuke feels almost as if he was been lecture by his own thoughts, since even if he tries not to commit this mistake when it comes to the moment he forgets all that is sacred for him. The words of his master just flow out of his mind like the wind and his full power is unleashed in combat. Shunsuke looks back, not so far from him in the ground he feast his eyes on the bodies of the four rogue Shinobi laying on a bloody pool.

“Kakashi sensei.. Sometimes I wonder.. I.. I wonder if I’m really that great Shinobi, you said I had turn out to be.”

Sighing while shutting his eyes Shunsuke then gets on his feet and placing his hands on his waist, he has a look at the large view of his little mountain home. Is time. Thought the ultimate Shinobi and almost as if those words were boost, he walks in the little wooden house and grabs a backpack and puts it on. then he walks out the little house, walking over a few meters away from it. I came here to search for inner peace Kakashi sensei, but even though I was hidden in a isolated mountain temptation still found me. Now I got a self made graveyard of ninjas in the place I came to have peace, I guess I am right.. After every light, darkness fallows. Shunsuke then turns around and having a last look at what was his home for months he lowers his mask and performs the tiger hand seal.

                                                                                 “FIRE STILE, FIREBALL JUTSU!

A immense ball of raging flames are cast from the Shinobi aimed straight to the wooden house. The house is quickly consumed in the flames. Shunsuke keeps looking at the dancing flames while the light emerging glow on his eyes. Shunsuke while looking at the flames, a mild chuckle is heard coming from him and a mild smile is drawn on his face. “Even for a small house, even if I tried.. I didn’t fully control the level of intensity.” Sometimes Kakashi sensei, I wonder if what you said were simply just words.. Shunsuke then holding his backpack he turns around and walk away toward the downward walkway off the last peak.

Kakashi‘s voice: “You are a excellent Shinobi by far one of my best, yet even with that greatness you have a big weakness.. You lack patience”

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The sound of the heart monitor brings Matthew out of his unconscious state. Everything seams blurry and spinning. He can make out a few things like the pouch pumping blood into him, the screen that shows his heart rate, the curtains. He came to the conclusion he was in the hospital but he was just happy to be alive. Matt closes his eyes but then the door opens and the nurse walks in. She smiles while standing over him, the boy thinks she is pretty and smiles as well. “You where really brave for standing up to those bad guys, but now its time for you to go back to sleep.” She pulls out the anesthesia mask and places it over his mouth and nose. “Sweet dreams…” was the last thing he heard before the real world faded away.

MOF wakes up in the misty bamboo forest once again, but for the first time he isn’t wearing his samurai clothes. He’s wearing the blood stained outfit he was wearing when he got shot. Turning around frantically Matt thinks, “This can’t be right. This isn’t my dream.” Then a deep voice replies, “Oh but it is.” Turning to see the owner of the voice he is shocked. First off there is someone else in his dream world. Second he was wearing his samurai outfit. Third he looked undoubtedly like an older version of himself. “Wait how did you know what I was just thinking?” “Well if I’m not mistaken this is your subconscious. So everything you think is amplified here, but the real reason is… I’m apart of you.”

“How do I know that? How do I know you’re not some Freddy wannabe?” “Because you’ve always felt empty… never complete. Every since you could remember you felt a burning on the inside that you were meant to be more. I am that which completes you. Unlock me, Matthew, and behold your destiny!” with those words Matthew accepted his birthright and the two shot into the sky. Once over the tall stalks of bamboo they float for some time then a blue aura forms around each of them. Slowly they float closer to each other and they start to merge together. Matt has taken on the appearance of the older man then he falls to the ground landing on his feet. “We are the Two in One. I am Matthew O’Brian Foster and I am Kashisho.”

“Matthew. Yo, Matthew, wake up.” The sound of his younger brother’s voice wakes him up. “Monte? Granddad?” He said with a weak voice. “What the h#ll is your problem, boy? If someone has a gun you sit down and shut up. You don’t try to fight them!” “Yeah I know, Granddad, I just felt like I could’ve stopped ‘em.” “Well you couldn’t. Instead you just got shot.” The boys’ grandfather says sternly. Then Monte very excitedly asks, “What's it like ta get shot?” With a straight face MOF replies, “No matter how the rappers make it seam. Getting shot is not fun.” The doctor walks in with a clipboard and says, “The bullet passed clean through you. No vital organs were hit. No blood vessels injured. It’s as if you’re meant to make it out ok.” Laying his head back on the pillow, Matt says “You have no idea…”

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Flowing steady through the mild wind currents entering the Florenzia coast. the life force known as Fate gatherer of the chosen ones headed to the location of her first chosen, Shunsuke. Before this she was attacked by the Khan clan, a clan of gathered creatures, fiends and humans from the other nations under the control of Khan Hokage. Fate cannot harm a human being, not that she can’t do it; it is just not in her nature to do so. It is why she is trying to gather the chosen few in order to protect her from falling in the wrong hands, that and a prophesy she always fails to reveal.

The orb Fate keeps floating around chasing after her chosen one’s life force, she uses her power and a clear image of the last peak mountain can be seen in this “mirage”. Fate then using her abilities enhance the visual range of the image, zooming in just to see Shunsuke’s house burned to ashes. “No! where you go to now?” the thought the orb as she shifted the sight of the image looking for Shunsuke’s location. “Reveal!” said Fate in her telepathic voice. The image then reveals Shunsuke’s steps, they are fading but they are still traceable. “I hope he is not to far” The image then vanishes and Fate burst out flying at high speed.

As Fate flies crossing through the clouds at such speed, the clouds are cut through the middle opening a path for her to cross.  While she cross through the blowing wind a engine is heard speeding toward her, then another, and another. “Khan’s!” she shouts as she burst out braking the barrier of sound with ease. The three jets then chase after her bursting at hyper speed as well and reaching the speed of sound in matter of seconds. The beeping sound of the target alert ion the jet indicates a clear shot to the pilot, this one warns his superior and does its will.  “Lord Hokage, we go t a lockdown I’m taking the shot.” "You may do so" responded Khan through the comunicator. The pilot holding the stick he flex his thumb and preses the triger. The jet with the lock down launches two  missile. Missiles? Human weapons cannot harm me. Thought Fate confident in what appeared to be a error on the enemy, but it was not. The missiles chase after Fate’s astral existence. “WHAT?” she shouts as she realize the missiles were not common ones. The tip were glowing in a purplish aura. “Agony!” Shouted Fate, then after shouting this word she is reached by the missiles and apparently she is seen to be blown up by the missiles; which at burst emit some sort of dark mist. All jets then go around lowering velocity. The pilots wait until the mist is clear out, but apparently they did not get the expected results. “Damn! Sir, I’m afraid she escaped again”

Khan: "Scan the whole country if you have too, she is headed to Florenzia, it means her puppies are there and sooner or later they have to show up.”

Pilot: “As you wish lord Hokage."
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"You are now arriving at the last stop"
Huh? Guess I dozed off. Neku opens his eyes, the bright light of day unexpected. Pulling the bag off from his lap he swings it over his right shoulder and walks off the bus. He glanced around the street, smirking as he saw a particularly small building labeled "Empty Industries" Laughing to himself he looks up to the sky as he gingerly walks towards the offices. Long lines for a hot chocolate, snow falling from the sky, everyone wearing a winter coat: besides Neku.

Shivering a little, Neku walks for another 15 minutes: the snow piling up about 4 inches now. He picks up a snowball and throws it at the window of the office. Neku takes out his cell phone from his pocket and looks at a text message. "Come in" it says. Neku turns the door knob to the left and pulls the door open. "And I almost thought you were too afraid to come back." A fat man says, his back turned to Neku. By his side are two suits: just like the man Neku assassinated. "I took down your target, I just need my payment." 
"And I need my proof."
Neku nods and pulls out his camera, he loads up the picture he took of his deceased target. The fatso doesn't turn around, but he still laughs. "So old Towa's dead now eh? Oh well, business is business. You did better than I thought kid. Too bad the company has been having some financial troubles..." He turns his head to each of his bodyguards who subsequently pull out pistols from their coats. "So long kid."
Bang! Bang!

The fat guy turns around to see the corpse fall down, but instead of seeing one, he sees two. Neku stands unscathed, with his hand stretched out and sweat coming down from his forehead. "What did you just do?" 
"It's simple. I'm a telekinetic. I can manipulate objects. Just now I manipulated your two men into pointing their guns at eachother: instead of me."
"Those were my-"
The blubbery man stops mid-sentence. Neku pushing his mouth shut with his mind. He crouches to the ground snatches the two guns the guards were using. "So...where's my pay? You don't want your head blown off like them, do you?" Neku pressures, with both guns pointed at the fat overlord's head.
"Do you?" Fatso laughs, his mouth re-opened as he goes to punch Neku in the face.
"Idiot." The gray-haired youth shoots the fat guy three inches above his kneecap, crippling him.
"GAAAAAAAGH!" he cries, flopping onto the floor.
"Money?" Neku asks, kneeling over his employer with a gun pointed to his head. "Alright darn it, ALRIGHT! It's in the safe behind that painting." the old man whimpers, tears streaming down his face. 
"Ok, thanks for your help. Go open it please." Neku smiles and tilts his head. 
"I can't get up."
"Oh, alright then, give me your wallet and your cell phone please?"
"Ok..." Fatso, reaches into his pocket and instead of pulling out a wallet pulls out another gun.

"DIEEEEEEEEEEE!" He screeches, pulling the trigger. Click. "What the?"
"Safety's on. Oh, that was me." Neku snatches the gun from blubber man's hand and smiles again. 
"You little brat...." He says, taking out his wallet and giving it to Neku.
"Thank you. And the cell phone."
"I don't have one."
"You fat old liar. Oh well, I'll just use mine." Neku smirks as he reaches into his pocket for his cell phone. He gets up and dials the number for the police. "Yes, hello? My name is Neku Sokosae, I'm 15 years old and I just heard some loud noise from this place called "Empty Industries" Oh, now there's a boy with brown hair and a big winter coat running out" Neku speaks into the phone as he runs out of the building. "Umm, I can't really wait, I have to go meet up with my girlfriend for lunch, see ya!" Neku hangs up and throws his phone into a trash can. 

Pulling out the stolen wallet, Neku laughs as he checks through it. This is a little less than I'd get paid for the job...can't use his credit card or I'll get tracked though. Oh well, this is one snazzy wallet.  Neku takes out all the identification of the wallet and throws it into traffic. "Back home I guess."
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Shunsuke had finally made it down the last peak mountain. A mountain which owes its name to said ninja for not letting a single opponent come back from it alive. The white mane Shinobi arrives at a small village next to the sea called Huanica, where for the last months he have bough his provisions. Step by step the copy ninja enters the scale market, a very famous location close to the coast where sailors bring the best edible delights the sea has to offer.

While walking through the market he can hear the marketers offering their products to the customers. (Fresh fish, get your fresh fish right here. Fresh from the sea to the public) Shunsuke stops and ask for some fish fillets to go. Not far away a glowing headband and the eyes of a predator rogue ninja apparently recognize Shunsuke’s leaf village headband. “Is a leaf Shinobi, alone” a second rogue ninja has a awkward look on his face. “A leaf ninja alone and out here?” after saying these words the ninja approach the window and look at Shunsuke. The rogue ninja seem courious and suspicious. “Hum. Could be some sort of trap. A lone leaf Shinobi and without a scratch on his headband, something is up.” the Shinobi seem pensive apparently coming up with a plan while he rubs his chin. “Lets just fallow him, quietly. That way we will know if he is alone. And if he is… then god help him.” around thirty men then appear out of a bursting mist all chuckling evilly apparently they are trouble in these area.

The market salesman hands Shunsuke a bag full with his order for the road. “Thank you for your purchase, sir, come back soon” Shunsuke bows to the kind sales man “I’ll try and visit, is the best fish at the best price, well, see you later.” Shunsuke then walking though the crowded market. He heads out the other side of the market and get on his way to the main street. Apparently Shunsuke is headed to Tomonka. Tomonka is a town, is famous for its curfews, at night ninjas roam the place and anyone found walking around is taken to jail, It don’t matter if is man woman or child the law apples to all.

Shunsuke keeps walking on the main street headed to the gate to cross to the black fang forest. Shunsuke while he walked he looks up to the sky the sun was going down, which was never good, by the time he reaches Tomonka town the curfew hours will be active and just by walking in he would be braking the law. Other than that Florenzia forests are full of ninja.. And the black fang forest is no exception.

 “I guess I’ll have to be extra cautious in this place.”

Shunsuke finally made it to the gate, the guards open it and let him though but they also warn him about the night in the forest. Shunsuke replies “Is ok, thanks for the warning but I be ok.” Shunsuke then keeps walking and at the distance the black fang forest.

“Here we go”

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Figures begin to move n every direction around him. The local law enforcement is less than 15 minutes away. Whatever Oni was going to do,he had to do it soon. All the civilians scatter out of the front door, tumbling over one another as they flee the scene. Twenty men stood over him with weapons ready to strike him where he stood. The end of a spear lunged at his side from his left and he quickly side steps and grabs the spear.  Using his right forearm, he breaks the spear in half and flings it around in a circle. The spearhead slashes some of the men's faces and they fall to the creaking wood floor.
    Oni sways to each corner of the circle spraying fire at the men who were now rushing him in great numbers. Clubs, swords, daggers, and staffs swing at him but he manages to maneuver through it all with grace. The spirit of fire takes form and knocks several men around by punching and kicking wildly and as he does so, the Inn catches fire. With various alcohols at the bar, the explosion would surely be fatal to all within the premises. 

''Spirit of Fire we must go now!'', he yells running toward the door. Just then the bottles of alcohol explode and the whole place bursts with fire. The spirit covers Oni protecting him from the scorching flames around them. Oni peaked through his arms to see the others burned alive. Several seconds later the explosion decimates and only flames remain along with a smoke trail that can be seen miles away.

The militia rides up on their snakelike beats and dismount them while marveling at the flames. All that is seen is a giant red figure moving through the woods beyond the inn. 
    ''You men take care of this fire, the rest of you come with me. We going after our pyromaniac! Yah!!'', the captain and four other men ride off after Oni.

Oni holds onto the neck of the spirit of fire as he gallops through the woods fleeing from the flaming village. Suddenly an arrow strikes the trees around them. Oni looks back to see five men riding cold blooded beasts heading toward them. The spirit of fire picks up speed and heads for the hills , the police close behind them.
    Just as he begins to fly across the gorge ahead, the spirit of fire disappears. Oni had run out of spiritual energy and was weak. His eyes grow wide as he falls toward the dark, bottomless pit before him. 
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