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We should define a proper OST to normalize in the forums (As a Pen and Paper RPG game director, I know that a good music can add a lot to a performance) So we could start with a single question:  
What's the vice-verse Intro song? 
(All the options will be counted, and the one with most sugestion gets in, you have time to vote until next friday, and then we will start with the other theme music for each situtation/location, and why not epical music for classical VS Battles)
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Considering the varying tastes and favorites of the Vicers, I doubt we can agree on a common opening.
Instead I have a better idea:
Vice sundtrack collection.
First, everyone choose a music for himself.
Second we somehow decide on the rest like what should be the music of xyz RPG and else.
Then we collect it all to a youtube playlist. Sounds easy, right?
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For the opening I suppose we can get to an agreement, Since this is ANIMEvice, I think we should limit this to ANIME songs, or JRPG songs, since this is a ANIME-like universe......... 
But you are right, we need that everybody post your character theme song (even your alts) 
And the faction leaders the Team Themes. 
Then we can talk about giving the most epic battles a theme song of their own, like(for example) the official Mekix vs Newdeath Theme (Asking them their opinion of course)
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: or we could just have two type of song
1. is a character image song
2. is a "Boss" Song, aka when a plot critical fight is underwent
Post by OmegaMekix (3,847 posts) See mini bio Level 16

Boss Battle



Dramatic Ending

Post by mydeathlyways (2,389 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@OmegaMekix: I like both, they're suiting.
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