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@willyvereb: Firing a lot of missiles isn't going to just accidentally hit the enemy or big ships like the Greek Bastion, it's gonna hit allied mecha as well. Especially in a large battle with no cover, such as a fight in space. There's gonna be friendly fire.

And very well, I will avoid murdering any enemies without your consent. Even the mooks.

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Alright, I've got unexpectedly occupied for yesterday so (more or less as usual) my posts are experiencing a slight delay.
Until then I post a few stats for the stationing space vessels.

Dorothy-class Assault Carrier

Cheap and fast vessels, developed after the introduction of Mobile Frames. While armed the Dorothy-Class is only have marginally more armor and firepower than a MF-18E Strike Trooper, thus generally opted to stay away from the front lines. Due to their fragility in combat soldiers prefer to dub this ship as "Rubber Duck". In spite of that the Dorothy Class proved to be an inexpensive and enduring design, making up more than 70% of the Union's Mobile Frame carrying capacity. The Dorothy Class has two launch pads and can hold/resupply up to 8 Mobile Frames. Due to their ease of maintenance, the Dorothy-classes were the only vessels ready for combat.
Name: Dorothy-Class
Type: Mobile Frame Carrier
  • Width: 52.6 m
  • Length: 144.7 m
  • Height: 42.6 m
Mass:  c. 87000 tons
Crew: 75
Powerplant: 2 x Nova-Tech PCC-155 Plasma Reactors (the retrofitted version got upgraded to a twin of Nova-Tech PCC-400s)
Propulsion: Nuclear Pulse Engines (the retrofitted version has six Nova-Tech PIT-122A Plasma Torch Turbines)
Strength: N/A
Structure: 10
Firepower: 10 (20 w/ Beam Cannon of the retrofitted version)
Performance: 12 (18 for the retrofitted model)
Mobility: 6 (7  for the retrofitted model)
Energy Output: 15 (20 for the retrofitted model)
Sensors: 15 (20 for the retrofitted model)
  • Torpedo Launchers: The Dorothy has two torpedo tubes for long range anti-ship combat. The new retrofitted version may even carry up to four PSIC-0044D shaped plasma charges effective against anything but the heaviest warships.
  • CIWS-0129F "Phalanx X" point-defense: Rapid-firing vulcans loaded with 60mm high-velocity shells, four of them total. Capable of shredding through light or outdated Mobile Frame armor and often used to intercept missiles.
  • Type-0051 VLMS: Pair of missile batteries found at the back of the ship. Can vertically launch a screen of missiles for medium range bombardment.
  • TEW-288B2 Twin Beam Cannon: New weapon on found on the retrofitted versions. Found on the vessel's top this twin-barrelled energy weapon was designed to utilize the retrofitted version's new power output. As such the Beam Cannon has enough firepower to take out the most common Abductor targets. On the flip side the Beam Cannon is eating up as much as 80% of the ship's reactor output, severely limiting the carrier's activities while in use. To alleviate this the cannon has specifically built-in condensers which is enough up to 12 shots. The Beam Cannon's twin barrels always fire in alteration and it's a safety measure to extend the weapon's lifetime considerably.


Falchion-class Heavy Cruiser

 Relatively new class of warship developed with versatility and heavy fire support in mind.  As a result the Falchion is a highly advanced and deceivingly agile vessel with firepower only dwarfed by a few. It carries up to 6 Mobile Frames with option to extend this to 12. It's also the only vessel known to be carrying "Super Robots". Due to its amazing capabilities the Falchion now makes up 60% of the Union's Cruisers.
Name: Falchion-class
Type: Heavy Cruiser, Breakthrough Vessel

  • Width: 77.7 m
  • Height: 77.7 m
  • Length: 222.2 m

Mass: c. 770000 tons
Crew: 325
Armor Material: Hypercarbon Composite
Powerplant: 4 x Nova-Tech PCC-6000D Plasma Fusion Reactors
Propulsion: 25 x Nova-Tech PIT-500F Plasma Torch Engines

  • Structure: 30 (35 w/ shields)
  • Firepower: 35 (50 w/ nukes)
  • Performance: 15 
  • Mobility: 5 
  • Energy Output: 35 
  • Sensors: 35


  • PIW-3066E3 Plasma Batteries: triple-barreled plasma ordinances found all around the ship's body. Eight batteries total.
  • Mark. 0064 VLMS: Large missile launchers found on the vessel's top. Replacement of the outdated space torpedo system. It vertically launches heavy guided anti-ship missiles for long range. It is also known to be occasionally equipped with a few tactical nuclear warheads.
  • SMS-255 Smart Missile System: Extensive missile system covering the Falchion's back and underskirt area. Used for mid-range bombardment.
  • TEW-175EF "Fenrir System": Rapid-firing energy weapons unleashing pulses of plasma power. The twelve of these form the dreaded "Fenrir" point-defense system. At short range these are effective against anything but the toughest armors.


- Plasma Barrier: The Falchion-class is equipped with powerful emitters that allow it to generate a plasma barrier, enough to cover the entire ship. While very potent, this barrier can be also rather demanding, limiting any of the ship's other functions, including firepower. On the other hand with the proper adjustments maintaining a partial barrier in combat is more than plausible.

Neo Bismarck-class Battleship 

Aging but far from outdated vessel originating before the invention of Mobile Frames. Honoring its centuries old predecessor the Neo Bismarck is the single most heavily armed ship in the entire Union fleet. This earned its reputation as "mobile fortress" and the preferred command vessel of many admirals. The ESV1479 "Greek Bastion" is amongst these. While old, the Neo Bismarck-class went through countless refits and upgrades. The most notable improvement was the addition of a Mobile Frame Hangar with an exit port found on the ship's belly.
Name: Neo Bismark-class
Type:  Flagship, Battleship, Heavy Fire Support Vessel

  • Width: 63.1 m
  • Height: 91.3 m 
  • Length: 415.0 m

Mass: c. 8.1 million tons 
Armor Material: Neo Tungsten Super Composite (with the outer layer being replaced with a new Hypercarbon Composite)
Powerplant: 16 x Nova-Tech PCC-4000 Plasma Fusion Reactors, 64 x Nova-Tech SPC-077U Ultra-compat Auxiliary Plasma Fusion Miro-Reactors
Propulsion: Tesla-Leicht Inst. HECTC-2107E10 Tesla Drive, 12 x Nova-Tech PIT-1000D Plasma Jet Torch Engines 
Crew:  1200
Carrying Capacity: 4 Mobile Frames

  • Structure: 35 (40 w/ shields)
  • Firepower: 50
  • Performance: 5
  • Mobility: 2
  • Energy Output: 40
  • Sensors: 40


  • TEW-191SS Converging Energy Beam Cannon: Large energy cannon found at the ship's nose. A hi-powered weapon used for super long range strikes. While powerful it has lot of harge time and requires precise positioning from the ship. As such it's generally only used to initiate the first strike then redirecting power to all the other systems.
  • PIW-1099L Plasma Battery: One of the oldest types of plasma ordinance known, developed by the PlasmArms Industries (albeit the new retrofit was made by Nova-Tech). There are six of them total, each resembling an old triple-barreled naval battery. Unlike most plasma weapons the cannons rely on plasma cannisters which are nothing less than a concentrated mixture of pre-generated dense plasma and reserve energies. Thus they do have limited ammunition to use. On the other hand it allows the ship to unleash powerful plasma barrage without encumbering the reactors. The new cannisters are also rechargeable, allowing the ship to restock after battle.
  • TEW-100G2 Beam Cannon Battery: Sixteen double-barreled energy cannon batteries used for short to mid range combat. Their rate of fire is somewhat adjustable at the expense of firepower, allowing them to also engage Mobile Frames.
  • TEW-099H7 Laser Lance Broadside Ordinance:  Two rows of 16 laser emitters found at the skirt area of the battleship, exclusively reserved for drawn out medium to long range bombardment.  Each emitter is directly wired to one of the ship's plasma reactors, giving it superb power and rate of fire. Its only drawback lies in its inherent design. To employ this battery the Neo Bismarck must turn around to show its most exposed part. Yet no matter how archaic this set-up is, no one can question its firepower.
  • Torpedo Launchers: Dozens of launch tubes found on the Neo Bismarck's underskirts. Archaic weapon system used for long-range anti-ship warfare. Compared to modern missiles the space torpedoes have less mobility.  In spite of that they're still a reliable weapon in adept hands.
  • Mk.0027 VLMS: Missile launch bays on the Neo Bismarck's top originally reserved for nuclear warheads. While the ship still retains that capability the weapon underwent a chain of improvements, making it comparable to other anti-ship Vertical Launch Missile Systems.
  • TEW-008Q4 Point-Defense Lasers: A system of 64 laser cannons covering the ship's entire body. While overall weak these lasers emit as many as 6000 pulses each second, gradually chewing through even the thickest armors. More importantly these lasers are ideal point-defenses and often used to intercept missiles.
  • SMS-99X Smart Missile Screen:  A system of multiple small micro-missile launchers. These are used to engage enemy Mobile Frames at close range or unleash a screen of literally thousands of missiles for extensive mid-range bombardment.

- Tesla Barrier: One of the oldest known energy fields the Tesla Barrier is the defense system protecting the Neo Bismarck from harm. While back in the old days it was a demanding and unpredictable shield which justified the use of heavy armor, technological improvement made it stable. Unlike most other ships the Bismarck can fight using its full shields without too negatively impact its other capabilities. The secret is the Tesla Drive which normally keeps the ship afloat and has its own energy generating system. The constant use of the barrier makes the Bismarck appear like an unstoppable dreadnought, a fortress with unmatched defenses and firepower.

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@Galenbeta: Once again remember this is a constructive critic

1. If you are going to post again you should wait for other players to do so first, so the story can advance, in the case you forgot to add something just edit your previous point.

2. Giga Drill Breaker? Seriously?

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@Kuro_San: Welcome to Galen's style of play. In the fate/Stay RP he launched a Thermoballistic arrow at my house because his five characters were incapable of killing my one, so therefore I am the embodiment of all greed and evil and must be stopped.

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@SamJaz: The way you put it, it sounds like a bad thing. Oh, wait.

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@ChronoWolf: Could be worse I suppose. He could think I was the I Like Trains Kid.

Now THERE'S a menace to society.

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@SamJaz: lol. Whoever made that song must have been high.

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@ChronoWolf: There's a whole series, but we're off topic.

Episode 1 - 6. There's also the Mineturtle song and Marmite is Terrible.

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@SamJaz: Really, five characters? Could you expand about that?

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@Kuro_San: So far, he's used Saber, Rider, Berserker, Archer and Lancer. The first four are top tier characters. Lancer being a midlevel character.

He also seems about to introduce about eight more.

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@SamJaz: Didnt exist a limit about the ammount of Servants in a single Grail War?

Is a shame he used the regular, I always wanted to play but with a servant of my own, like for example Lancer Guan Yu, Archer Odisseus, Rider Achilles or Rider Lu Bu (I think it exists in another version, but it would be awesome)

You're playing with Caster or Assassin?

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@Kuro_San: Those would be cool. If you still want in, There's space.

The reason why there's so many is that there's a rule for this game where previous Master/Servant combos can come back in. As far as Fehafare's concerned, come one come call. I'm playing as an Assassin, just introduced my second partnership. Dead Apostles are involved.

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@Kuro_San: Just as Sam said, if you wanna join there's room. I've got a Caster and an Archer of my own.

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@SamJaz: I dont know, I have little to no time, I can only play one, this time around is the Vice Mecha

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@Kuro_San: You make me sad.

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@SamJaz: Sorry. Imagine how busy I am that even in my house with a fever I'm writting a script for an animated series

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@Kuro_San: Man, everyone is sick today.

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