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Front desk:

Client's area:

Welcome to the Vice & Co. Law Offices; where you may come to Wright and his Angels for any cases you may need to have you declared innocent of a crime or if you have someone in need of our assistance. When entering the office please check in at the front desk with Yin; my assistant:

When you enter you will need to have your information ready so that she may look up you history, (We can't take the cases of current serial killers and fugitives.) once you are given the okay you will be presented to me in the clients area; there we will discuss your case and weather or not I will accept it. Me accepting the case depends on a few things

1. Are you innocent of the crime?

2. Are you currently a criminal?

3. Is there enough of a case to go on?

4. Is the case big enough to need a lawyer such as myself.

Once that is taken care of and if I decide to take your case I will have my other assistant Yang to bring us some coffee or tea (I hope you like black coffee.)

Once we settle down and finish talking about your case, we will have to do some investigating. We will have to gather enough evidence and witnesses to provide a case in court (You may choose the location and judge for the trial or you can have me do that.) We also handle prosecution a little if a villain is out of control and someone needs to convict them, but again we will need enough evidence. I will have to go through some files though, I must research you, the accuser, and a bunch of other people and things, so while you wait feel free to look at our posters and magazines:

This RP is free to everyone, only rule is to have basic RPing skills. Oh and TRY no to fight inside my office, I'm already not making a whole lot of money as it is to even pay the rent on my apartment.

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Also if you like feel free to join this little group here, the office isn't all that big and it's kinda noisy thanks to my assistance, but we could always use more hands, and it can be pretty fun at times too!

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Paintress walks into the Vice & Co. Law Offices and looks around in amazement. She heard that a famous lawyer works here, and perhaps he can be of assistance to her. She followed the office's protocol and checked in at the front desk. "Hello! I'm Paintress!" exclaimed the blonde teenager in her usual hyperactive voice, "Can I hang around here for a while? I think this office can be really helpful to me." she asked innocently, her round blue eyes pleading for acceptance.

(OOC I want to get a feel for the place, and decide whether or not to get her to join the little group of yours...if that's okay with you XD)

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Wright was sitting in the client's area, trying out a cup of coffee that Yang had made him; it was bitter and hard to swallow.

"How do you like it, Phoenix?" Yang asked innocently with a sparkle in her eyes.

Phoenix forced himself to swallow the black liquid, the coffee beans were not even grounded up right, no sugar, and the coffee was almost cold. Phoenix began to sweat as he forced himself to smile and pretend to like it, after all, how could he say anything bad to an 8 year old girl as cute as her? "I-It's great, Yang... never had a better cup of coffee in my lif- *COUGH!* Life."

Yang began to cheer "Yaay! I'm glad to hear it, I made a whole lot of it, so I'll get you another!"

Phoenix's heart sank, just then Phoenix hears someone yell out "Hello! I'm Paintress!"

"Paintress? That's an odd name. Then again, so is Phoenix, Yin and Yang." Phoenix though to himself. However Phoenix knew this was the perfect chance to rid himself of the fate of having to drink what he would now refer to as: "Black death"

Phoenix quickly got up and walked over to the front desk, he noticed a pretty young woman standing there and lively as ever. He also noticed Yin was not there to greet the client as she should. "Umm Hello." Phoenix said hesitantly, not knowing what this girl wanted. "Did you say that this office could be helpful to you? Does that mean you need a lawyer for a case? This isn't exactly the kind of place people 'hang around' at." Phoenix was hoping this girl wasn't going to be trouble, he already had his hands full with his two assistance anyway. The girl was different from all the others who walk into his office, she did not seem sad or alarmed, or even angry, and she actually wanted to hang out here? Phoenix wondered what he was going to get himself into now.

(Of course you can! :)

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"Hello." replied the young artist, returning the lawyer's greeting. "You're Mr. Wright, I presume?" she asked with a cheerful smile on her face. "I'm not quite sure if you can help me or not, but you see... I'm not really a real person." she said with an attempted eerie voice and a forced serious expression. Seeing that her try at pulling a light joke wasn't going to work out, she decided to clear up her situation to the lawyer standing in front of her. "Ok, so I'm not lying when I say that I'm not a real person. I've actually come from this magic story book here." explained the young painter, now revealing the page-less book to Mr. Wright. "But as you can see, there aren't any pages because they've been scattered everywhere. It's my job to collect them all." Paintress took in a deep breath, "So, that's why I'm here...because I think you might know where I can find these pages since you get a lot of clients coming in here and all...." she continued, her voice trailing off. "Oh! And the reason why I wanted to hang out here was because.....well I got no where else to go." she said sheepishly, a nervous smile escaping her lips.

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Phoenix looked at Paintress; he was perplexed at her motive for coming to his office, "Well, uh..." just as Phoenix was about to say something, Yang came running out of the Client's area holding a tray with two cups of "Black Death" on it. Phoenix stopped what he was about to say and glared at the serving tray. Yang stood there, smiling and exited at the guest, "Here, have some of my famous coffee! Phoenix loves it, that's why I made enough for everyone!" Yang said happily as she presented a cup of the Black Death to Paintress. As yang handed the coffee mug to the woman the black clumped liquid poured down the sides and dripped onto the floor, the cup was overflowed and it could be plainly seen that the coffee, yet again, was not mixed properly. "You're very pretty, ma'am!" Yang said in a cute and childlike manner. Phoenix took a hard swallow and laughed nervously "Heh heh, well, let's talk about this in the area back here." Phoenix began leading the way to the Client's area, hoping that his possible client did not already die instantly from drinking the sad excuse for coffee. "Anyway, you say that you are not, real? Umm, but I'm talking to you right now. And besides if you lost something and you think it might be in my office just ask. Perhaps you should go to the local Police department to file a lost item report. It's not far from here, I can write down the directions if needed? But other than that, I don't know how to help you, Ms....Paintress. I'm a Defense Attorney, I handle court cases, not theft or misplaced valuables. However if you think someone stole these, erm, pages. Then we may have something." Phoenix didn't want it to seem like he was pushing the girl away, however he already had his hands full as it was and he thought the woman was simply there to pull his leg. On top of that, he may have to open a case against one of his clients for food poisoning. "Also, this is a small office, not many people come here when they have nowhere to go, where did you come from anyway?"

Phoenix had to admit, this woman was beautiful, and had a rather unique look to her so he was a bit curious about who she was and what she was talking about, even so he was sure this would get him nowhere, but he would rather not simply push a potential client away, after all, his job was to help people. "Phoenix! You finally got a client!! And here I thought you were a deadbeat Lawyer for sure!" That loud and cheery voice belonged to Phoenix's other assistant,Yin, 17 years old. Yin turned to Paintress "Wow, I love your look! People say I look like a hippie or something! Maybe I should take advice from you! I hope ol' spiky hair isn't giving you too much trouble, is he?" Phoenix sat there with a dumb look on his face, stunned at his assistance's boldness. "Sigh, Yin, can you make us some tea?" ("Seems easy enough to make") Yin glared at Phoenix "You already got coffee! I wanna talk to our client!" Yin turned to Paintress again and quickly regained her bubbly and kind demeanor "So, how can we help you?" Yin asked delighted. Phoenix cleared his throat "No, she just lost something..." Yin gasped "T-that's horrible! Only a heartless old fart like Phoenix would turn down that kind of request! Don't worry, pretty lady, we'll help find whatever it is! Why not tell us about yourself?" Yin said with a innocent smile.

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Paintress could see the confused countenance on the lawyer’s face after she briefly explained her reason for dropping by his office. Just as she was about to reiterate her situation to Phoenix, a young lady carrying two coffee cups made her way towards the two. She handed one of the cups to the blonde, while praising how famous her coffee was. The young painter never really liked coffee, especially black coffee; however, seeing how cheery and happy Phoenix’s assistant was while handing it to her, she didn’t have the heart to refuse it. “Thank you very much!” she said with a thankful smile while accepting the cup. Paintress heard the young assistant compliment her looks, and her smile returned to her face, “Um I don’t think I’m that pretty…” she said bashfully, “But thanks again. You’re pretty cute yourself.” she continued, returning the compliment. When the artist’s eyes took a look at the caffeinated drink in her hands, her genuine smile melted away, and was replaced by a somewhat forced and confused one. The coffee did not look appetizing at all; in fact, it resembled old black paint – the kind that was partially dried up and clumpy. Paintress gulped loudly, and began to wonder how to start trying to drink what she was offered. Luckily, she was saved when Pheonix suggested continuing the conversation in another area of the office.

The lawyer then continued suggesting ways to help out with the artist’s predicament. She listened attentively and considered the options that he presented her; but the more he spoke, the more perplexed she became. She could see that he’s trying to help, but perhaps if she explained her situation in a more clear way he’d understand her a bit more. At that moment, a feminine voice echoed in the room and soon enough another lady appeared, and she looked slightly older than Paintress. After receiving another praise for her look, Paintress thanked the second assistant and smiled warmly, “I guess I do look a little….different huh?” she said with a little chuckle. “And no, Mr. Wright is not giving me trouble at all, in fact, he’s trying to help me out with my situation.” clarified the artist. Yin then asked Paintress about how they could be assistance for her; and the artist thought that that could be a good chance for her to explain her story thoroughly.

Paintress took in a deep breath; she knew her story was going to be a long one, so she needed as much air as her lungs can take in. “Alrighty…here’s my story. You see this old storybook here?” said Paintress, holding out the old page-less storybook that she’d been carrying around. “It was written on enchanted pages, written with an enchanted pen, and illustrated with an enchanted paintbrush.” The painter took out the said items and placed it in front of Phoenix and Yin, gesturing for them to examine the items if they wanted to. “A while ago, the enchanted pages of the storybook mysteriously scattered everywhere; I’m not quite sure where exactly, but they have. The only page that remained was the last page, which is the page where I appear in the story. See, this is what I mean by saying ‘I’m not real’. I’m actually a character in this story, who was brought into this world to gather the pages back into the story.” Paintress hoped that this recap of her story made sense. Although she knew it didn’t sound credible, she was telling the truth. “Now, the reason why I came here was because these enchanted pages actually hold mysterious powers which may be dangerous in the wrong hands. So, I figured that if there were crimes that are being done because of the pages, your law office would be up-to-date with it; which would help me locate the pages.” continued Paintress, sharing her train of thought with both the lawyer and the assistant. “Oh, and if you need proof, I can demonstrate enchanted powers of the paintbrush and pen.” suggested Paintress, knowing full well that her story is a little far-fetched to believe right off the bat.

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@UsachanMaN: Phoenix blinked a few times after Paintress was done telling her life story (Ironic since this woman was not real apparently.) Phoenix wanted to simply shove the story off... but he couldn't; something was telling him to try to help this woman! Besides, weirder things have happened, he was a cosmic Lawyer with two Angels for assistance, so this woman's story shouldn't be pushed aside as crazy. Phoenix took a deep breath, if what she said was true, then this could be bad for not just the city, but Phoenix's life as a cosmic Attorney, if there was a crime involving this "Mysterious Power" how in the world would be able to prove anyone's innocence with a story like that? Yin looked over at Phoenix "Hey, what should we do? I believe her, it's not like we have a more believable story, right?" Phoenix nodded in agreement "I guess so. Okay, Paintress, I'll help you, but first, please show us this power of yours with your umm, paintbrush and pen, please?" Although he would not say, Phoenix was very interested yet scared at the same time, who was this girl? Would she appear in the records, who made her? Phoenix wanted to press on all these questions, but he needed to take it slow, first he would see the power he was dealing with, then he would plan out where to go, who to question, and find any clues that would help find these pages. For Phoenix, this was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. He needed to basically find paper that could be anywhere in the world in a short amount of time? Although this would be enough ti discourage any normal person, Phoenix felt a strong sense of loyalty to his clients, and even though this was an odd request, he took the job all the same.

Yang moved closer to Paintress, her eyes looking eagerly at her, "Come on, show us your powers! I wanna see!" Yang begin to jump up and down like the little girl she was.

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Paintress was somewhat relieved that Mr. Wright hadn't questioned her story. “Alright, I’ll give you a small demonstration of my powers.” said the fictional character. The artist took several moments to think of what she could paint, and after getting a good idea, she picked up the mystical paintbrush and began painting. Normally, people would paint on a canvas, a board, or any other flat surface; but Paintress painted on the air around her. With swift strokes, the talented artist painted a small light-brown teddy bear which slowly began taking a three-dimensional shape. When she finished the teddy bear sat lifelessly on the ground in front of her. Now that she was done with the paintbrush, she returned it into her apron’s pocket and began using the magical pen. Just like the paintbrush, Paintress began writing on the air, and the ink displayed a sentence written with curvy cursive writing. The sentence said: Stand up little bear and greet Mr. Wright, Yin and Yang, please. The sentence surrounded the teddy bear and instantaneously vanished. A few seconds later, the once lifeless bear stood up and looked at the three people in front of it. It bashfully put its arms to its side and bowed politely to greet them. Paintress, satisfied with her piece of art, wiped her brow and accidentally smudged some of the brown paint on her forehead, “So….whaddaya think?” she asked them with a big smile on her face.

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@UsachanMaN: As Phoenix watched the woman begin to paint in the air Phoenix began to panic (Please don't get that on my nice rub...!) however, the paint was not dripping down, but rather staying in the air and forming the shape of a teddy bear. Tang jumped up and down with excitement "Wow! How are you doing that!?" Yin also joined in with her constant clapping "This is so cool!~"

Phoenix was is disbelief, but that was only going to get worse, soon after the painting was done the beat took a three dimensional shape a lay lifelessly on the ground. The paintress then painted a sentence that Phoenix was too scared to read, that too fell to the floor, but this time it disappeared. Moments later, the bear rose from the ground and greet Phoenix, Yin, and Yang, much to his horror. As Paintress asked what Phoenix thought of this, he could only respond with one word "Madness....!" Phoenix was terrified of this bear painting. However, Yin and Yang were most pleased with it as they soon began looking at Paintress like some sort of circus performer, "Do one of me!" Yin demanded

"Can you make food too?" Yang asked. Phoenix sighed "I just hope this doesn't stain my carpet... Anyway, Yin, Yang, stop pestering her." Phoenix looked at Paintress, trying hard not to pay attention to the very creeping painting brought to life,

"Okay, you convinced me, I'll help you. But first, please put that thing away, and will that stain my carpet?" The girls began to pout,

"Phoenix, you sure are a boring old man..." Yin said coldly.

Phoenix was kinda hurt by that, but it was nothing out of the ordinary "At any rate, I will help, but how? What can we do? Where are we going to start? Basically, what will our first move be?" Phoenix wanted to help out his new and unusual client, but he had no real information to go off of, besides, Yin and Yang were curious of how to help too. They calmly waited for Paintress to come up with some ideas, it was too hard for Phoenix to think at the moment, this was all still a lot to take in.

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@Phoenix_Wright: The young blonde chuckled seeing how excited both Yin and Yang were, “Well, I’m using the powers of the paintbrush; that’s how I’m doing it.” replied the artist. She wasn’t quite sure about the mechanism behind the enchanted paintbrush and pen, but all she knew was that she was the only one who can bring out the enchanted powers of both utensils. “I can make one of you if you’d like, Yin.” offered Paintress, who was secretly happy with her request since creating paintings for others really did please her. Paintress then turned to Yang, “I’m not quite sure if I can make food…I haven’t tried yet to be quite honest.” admitted the teen, “But we could give it a try! I think it would be fun!” continued Paintress, with an enthusiastic tone.

Paintress began to study Mr. Wright’s expression, and she was somewhat amused by how her little bear terrified him. Hearing that he was convinced that she was speaking the truth put her at ease, and a big smile stretched across her face. “I’m glad you believe me now Mr. Wright! Don’t worry the bear is harmless; I assure you. And no, it won’t stain your carpet.” she said, replying to his question while letting out a little laugh. Paintress considered Phoenix’s questions regarding how he’s willing to help her. The young artist began to ponder as well on some possible ideas, “Well, the main reason for my visit here today was to explain my situation to you all. Going out to search for the pages would be unreasonable since we don’t really have any leads on their locations.” explained Paintress, “But, knowing that the pages will most-likely be linked to unusual happenings, I’m guessing that your office would probably come across that type of info.” continued Paintress. She still hasn’t come across any leads on possible locations of her pages, but now that she knew that Phoenix and his office staff were willing to cooperate, she was satisfied for now. “I guess we’ll just have to wait for leads to come up, before we can make a first move.” Aware of her suggestion, Paintress started to consider what she just said, But technically, I have no idea when leads would turn up…it could be days, weeks, months even, I don’t want to trouble the office staff with my frequent presence. A sudden thought sprung in the young artist’s head, and she blurted it out without really thinking it through, “I know! How about this? How about I help around your office here? That way I can be useful while waiting for leads to come up.” Paintress paused a little and thought her words through, “ I mean, if that’s okay with you. Otherwise I’ll just head out and pop in from time to time to share the leads that I find.”

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Phoenix sighed with relief after hearing that the painting would not stain the carpet, but he shuttered at the idea of eating ANY food that came from that paint brush, "Um, how about we just have some burgers or something instead"

Phoenix was curious as to if the teenager could make anything edible considering he could use that food given how poorly he was doing financially, however he knew that curiosity killed that cat, or in this case the Phoenix. Phoenix picked up a cup of coffee than Yin had made for him (Yin's coffee was actually edible) Phoenix took a sip of the coffee and thought about what the girl had told him. Could he afford another addition to his small group? Before Phoenix could even think of an answer, Yin and Yang leaped out in front and cheered, "Yaaay, a new sis!" the both yelled together.

"N-new 'sis"?!" Phoenix blurted out.

Yin smiled at Phoenix, "Duh! Since she is going to live her now you need to be her legal guardian, thus making her our sister! I'll go get the papers, Yang, you go make some juicy hamburgers to welcome our new family member!"

"I'm on it!" Yang replied, rolling up her sleeves.

"But we don't even know how long it will take to- sigh, nevermind..." Phoenix sulked, knowing that arguing with them now would be pointless and frustrating Besides, Phoenix couldn't simply abandon the poor girl, she was so young, even if she was 'imaginary' Phoenix's imagination was just not cruel enough to let her walk out into the streets alone. However in order to have the strange girl live here, some paperwork would need to be done, but how would he file papers for someone who does not exist? All this thinking was hurting Phoenix's head, he would think about all the the next day, for now Phoenix would try to make Paintress feel welcomed.

"Well, this place is pretty small, but there are two bedrooms, mine, and the girls. I'm guessing you will want to sleep in the girls' room, right?" Phoenix asked nervously, trying to make her feel like she had some kind of freedom, well as much freedom as you could have in a small apartment/office. Either way, phoenix would sort out all the mess later, for now, he couldn't help but feel some sort of joy from Paintress being there.

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The young artist echoed both Yin and Yang’s, and Phoenix’s bewildered statement, “new..sis?” The concept took a few moments to process in Paintress’s brain, but when it did, a big smile stretched across her face, “Oh my God, new sis!!!” she repeated, with great enthusiasm. Yin searched for the paperwork required for the young artist to remain under the successful lawyer’s custody, and Yang headed out to make a delicious lunch for all four of them to enjoy. Sharing both Yin and Yang’s thrill, the painter looked around to see if she too can be of help; and while doing so, her round blue eyes caught a glimpse of Phoenix’s expression; which seemed to be a mixture of slight confusion yet still maintaining its gentleness. Phoenix enlightened Paintress by telling her about the available rooms that are in the office, “Yes I’d like to stay with Yin and Yang, if that’s okay.” said the fictional character timidly, “Oh, and I’d like to thank you very very very much for your hospitality! I owe you a lot.” thanked the young blonde sincerely, “If there’s anything you want me to do or help out with, just let me know; I’ll do anything within my power to be of assistance; after all that’s what family does, right?” said the artist, already feeling welcomed and comfortable in her new home.

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Phoenix chuckled to himself "Okay, it's settled, you will be living with Yin and Yang, just make sure you keep things clean.. well as clean as you can with those two around.."

Yin pouted, "Spike~ you're such a boring old geezer sometimes, learn to have some fun once in a while!"

"(Old?! B-but I'm only 24.... and I'm not boring, am I?)" Phoenix began sulking in the corner, you could almost see the cloud of sadness floating above him.

Yin, completely ignoring Phoenix's shame turned around to Paintress and clapped her hands in excitement,

"Okay! Let's go to the room, Spike's lameness might be contagious."

Yang walked back into the Client's room holding a tray which had a dozen rice balls and 3 cups of tea on it,

"Oh don't worry sis, you wont owe us a thing, we are just happy to have someone else around, especially someone as pretty and cool as you! You can share a bed with me, we can tell stories, do each other's hair and stay up late and watch Steel Samurai!" Yang almost bounced with excitement. Yin lead the way into the room that Paintress would be staying, there were poster, movie sets, figures, manga, swords, and candy, all products of the Steel Samurai as far as the eye could see. The room was like a yin yang in terms of color, only this time it was half pink and half green, normally these two colors would look horrible together but since Yin's favorite color is green (That being the Steel Samurai's favorite color) and Yang's being pink, the two decided to compromise. There were only two beds, one on each side, each side of the room had a desktop computer.

"So, what do you think?" Yin asked enthusiastically

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John slowly walked into the law offices, in one hand holding a long stick and in the other, a leash attached to a guide dog. "Uh, hello?" The blind man called, hoping he had the right place.

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