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I thought Superevil225's idea to make the categories public was pretty good so I'll do the same:

October - 2011 Vice Awards - Raseri Ruud

RPG/Moment Awards

Biggest Compensation Of The Month: (Most unnecessarily flash attack that did the least damage)

Battle RPG Of The Month:

Story RPG Of The Month:

Bloodcurdling Moment of The Month:

Most "What The Shit?" RPG of The Month:

Badassery Of The Month: (Most badass moment of the month)

Funniest Moment Of The Month:

Most Embarrassing Moment Of The Month:

Best Big Baddie Ownage Of The Month: (Best attack or win by a bad guys)

Best Goodie-Two-Shows Ownage of The Month: (Best attack or win by a good guy)

Sort Of In The Middle Ownage of The Month: (Best attack or win by a neutral guy)

Character/Writer Awards:

Fresh Meat Of The Month: (Newbie of the month)

Sexiest Hunk Of The Month: (Most attractive male)

Sexiest Babe Of The Month: (Most attractive female)

Lolita/Shota Of The Month: (Most adorable of the month)

Villain Of The Month:

Hero Of The Month:

Neutral of The Month:

Best Hair Of The Month:

Character Conundrum Of The Month: (Character with the biggest development)

Body Builder Of The Month: (Strongest)

Scariest Of The Month:

Bat-Shit Insane Chump of The Month: (Craziest character)

Couple Of The Month:

Character of The Month:

Most Creative of the Month:

Writer of The Month:

Vicer of The Month:

Next Month's Host:

Get these in to me by the end of the month guys, I'll be sure to make it epic!

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I want to reach the sexiest, middle ownage of the month, and battle of the month!
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19

@TheRedRose: You're gonna have to work real hard if you wanna win Sexiest of the Month :P


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Hope Lebreus is able to reach, the fresh meat of the month

Post by TheRedRose (1,645 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@Newdeath: Hahaha! I know! 
Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Raseri: These seem to be the same as Supes's categories which is good so that there is consistency.

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