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The news had been recently filled with stories of people disappearing, being in multiple places at once, reappearing changed. Jay just knew that the God Toys Project had something to do with this. Once again, he had to clean up his dads crap.

The most recent disappearance had been an entire high school. Jay went to investigate.

In his mind he and Kiba were conversing. <Yo Jay are you sure this is a good idea? We could both disappear to who knows where!!> "This has Jean written all over it. It's something I have to fix."

As Jay approached the school, there was a flash of light. Suddenly, he was in the sky over the ruins of the ancient Aztec civilization. He was falling down towards the pyramid. He had suffered a Dimensional slide though he did not realize it yet. He was still in the same place, near Detroit, but in this world the ancient Aztecs inhabited this part of the world. However, Jay though he was in South America.

Meanwhile, back in the place Jay had left there was something else about him. He had no facial hair. He had curves and a nice apple bottom. His hair was in extremely long and in a pony-tail. He had two C-Cups breasts. He was replaced with a girl!!!

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The Switch

The Hooded Man was a man of mysteries, a man with a long and sometimes dark past, and over all a hungry man, as his stomach growled fiercely as he walked the streets of the japanese city of Osaka. The people of the coastal city was noticeable nervous for the sole presence of the massive figure clothed in black robes and covered from tip to top in bandages with strange symbols. The man walked towards a policeman, that almost jumped out of the shock when the Tall Stranger tapped his shoulder and showed the notepad with a question, in flawless japanese, written on it. "Dear Sir, where can I find a place to eat a exquisite yet affordable meal?" After the initial surprise passed away, the policeman, that was hidden under the Towering Warrior shadow, gave him some instructions to reach a Ramen cart only 5 blocks away. After thanking the officer with a quick note, the Hooded Man started walking towards the cart, known as Ryugin Ramen. When he already saw the cart, being at short distance, a sudden sound caught his attention, as a group of kids were harassed by a Yakuza, since one of them accidentaly stained the criminal white suit with a chocolate Ice-Cream. When the man lifted his hand, the Giant Fighter didnt doubted it for a second, and with amazing speed he grabbed the tattoed delinquent from the arm he rised and threw him without any problems to the water canal that was alongside the road.

The children thanked the sinister looking man and left after bowing. The Hooded Warrior turned around decided to eat a bowl of ramen to calm his hunger, but unluckly the cart was closing. Cursing his bad luck he decided to look for another place to eat, but before he knew it, the surroundings started to fade away, getting blurry and spinning around him. The Black Clothed Man noticed what was all about, since he had previous experience with this sort of thing, but was pretty surprised on this happening, as the clothing he was using was made specifically to protect him from forced Dimensional Travel. As everything moved around him, and he felt as if the floor was also spinning, he theorized that his clothing only made him inmune to forced return to his home dimension, so this was another dimension he was travelling to. The enviroment changed and he discovered himself in a crowded japanese feudal town, seemingly in this world the japanese never left the Shogunate, and they were still heavy tradicionalist, and even if they had some of the technological advances of other countries, they kept their traditional clothing and architecture. The Hooded Man looked around with evident panic, as he didnt wanted to leave the other dimension so soon, in fact he travelled from his dimension to the one he was just taken from as a retirement.

In our Osaka, in the place the Hulking in Black tunic was standing, a young looking man, with blond hair and extravagant clothing appeared from thin air. With a strange glow in his eyes, the Blond Archmage looked around with evident curiosity, yet a hint of something else, something darker and more sinister. He seemed to be the polar opposite of the man he replaced, with his slender figure, flashy and colorful clothing and white skin. This place seems nice, a tiny voice said, a floating ball of fire was talking to the Archmage, Yes indeed it seems nice, repplied the Wind Archmage Ventus with an enchanting voice, Should we burn it to the ground boss? Asked the small fire demon familiar Magni, with a gleeful smile. Not yet my familiar, I want to do some sight seeing, i dont remember the last time I travelled from dimension to dimension. The Blond Archmage walked the streets of Osaka with a dark glow in his eyes, almost as if he hungered for death and suffering.

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Embarked on yet another indefinite travel route, the Akage found herself in the hustling and bustling Florida state. Akahana didn’t have a particular reason for being where she was right now; she just happened to find herself there after her aimless voyages. This place isn’t so bad, and it doesn’t seem that the people around here are aware that I’m a wanted “criminal"; noted the Red Demon after studying the folks around her. It seemed to her what really drew their attention was her unusually long and braided red fiery hair, and her peculiar outfit – which was an olive green blouse with fancy embroidery, and her loose off-white capris pants.

The traveler reached into her travel pouch and pulled out a couple of dollars, which she used to buy half a dozen of apples at the nearest grocery store. After her purchase, Hana sat by the sea wall and began eating her fruit. Although preoccupied with her eating, the alert traveler overheard a couple of women conversing a few feet away from her, “Did you hear about those disappearings? They say an entire school suddenly vanished!” said one of the women, being very old in age. “Yes yes, I’ve seen it on the news. Quite terrifying!” responded the other women, also elderly. Despite their topic being quite interesting, the redhead traveler brushed it off, seeing that it didn’t sound quite credible to her. “I guess those ladies are starting to lose it.” said the traveler to herself, questioning the women’s sanity.

Suddenly, the young woman felt a little lightheaded, which struck her as odd since she hasn’t used any of her powers the entire day. Akahana rested her face in her hands and closed her emerald eyes to regain her composure, but when she opened them again, her surroundings were completely white. Hana blinked numerously, but the world was still blank. “Wha…what’s going on?!” Various thoughts ran through the young woman’s head; has she been shot? Was she captured by her pursuers? Did she go blind?? Luckily that state didn’t last very long, and when she blinked again, she was surrounded by ocean. She was looking at the same Gulf of Mexico as she was moments ago, only now, she was sailing it. Not only that, but she soon noticed that the ship she was boarded on was in fact a pirate ship.

A young tanned six foot man, with crimson colored hair that was tied with a ribbon sat in Hana’s place. He wore a white shirt, with its buttons undone, and bandages tied around his abdomen. The man had bright green eyes, and a bright red bandana tied on his head, with several piercings decorated both his earlobes and helixes. Hung by his right side was a long sword, and hung by his left was a loaded pistol. The young man examined his surroundings, and noticed that by his side sat an open bag of fresh apples. He swiped the bag in his hand, and swiftly balanced on of the apples on the back side of his hand. He then allowed the apple to roll up his arm and onto his shoulder. He then jerked his shoulder, sending the apple midair and he talentedly caught the fruit with his mouth. After taking a big bite and swallowing it down the man jumped to his feet and stepped down the sea wall. “Oh Rusty, where’d you end up this time?” said the man, who revealed to be called Rusty, while scratching the stubble on his chin.

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