Ven Minos - The Man in The Blue Overcoat [Character Bio]

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Ven Minos - The Man in The Blue Overcoat
Ven Minos - The Man in The Blue Overcoat
  • Name: Ven Minos
  • Alias: The Man in The Blue Overcoat
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Villain Neutral


Sullen and unrefined, a raw person. Minos does not feel to be bound by any kind of rules set down by society. Because of his upbringing he has a moral code very similar to Social Darwinism. He himself does not feel the need to use or exterminate the weak, but on the other hand he doesn't care if someone else does and he does not judge the person nor does he ever think of helping the weak one who is being attacked. He simply feels that it's the natural way of this and that it's the person's own fault if they can't defend themselves. Overall, Minos is not a friendly man, but he is not an inherently evil one either. He can be absolutely cruel and ruthless while performing a task, even cutting down innocent bystanders or children if needed he doesn't draw any kind of pleasure from it nor does he have any sadistic drives. That makes him appear as a cold killer. The only person he actually even respected in his entire life was his Master and he respects her even after her death.

He appears to be selfish with no sympathy, someone who only cares for himself. It's true, but on the other hand he doesn't have anyone to care for anyway. Very foul-mouthed often stringing together many lines composed of swears and insults. His tolerance and patience when it comes to children is zero and he even dislikes being in the same room as them and often refuses jobs that have anything to do with them. It sometimes extends to other people as well and it happened a few times that he broke the nose of one of his clients simply because they annoyed him, were very needy or extremely arrogant. He's often lazy, going on missions with an half-assed attitude only doing what is absolutely needed. Contradicting the rest of his personality he seems to be very organized when contracts are involved and he never accepts any kind of job without one. It's not just that he wants them as an insurance, but he also loves abusing any kind of loopholes he might find in those contracts. He'll snark at his opponents as often as he can and try to annoy them. His greatest pleasure is to bring an arrogant enemy, someone who thinks that they are better than anyone and that have started their life with a silver spoon, down to their knees.

The only thing that can overshadow his laziness and lack of sensitivity is his greed. He'll use any method to get a buck or two more out of a job. He often blackmails his clients in the middle of a mission to get more out. His favorite scheme is to wait till the client is in an unpleasant or even life-threatening situation and then to start rising the price of the job, for that purpose he has several back-up contracts at hand during a mission. He'd also rather die than to give a possession of his away to someone else. It's probably one of his most cold-hearted traits, the ability to walk away from a mother who's begging him on her knees offering him anything she has just to help her get her child back. His cold and ruthless nature could also be seen in the fact that he killed his father without a second of hesitation. If the job doesn't interest him or if the price isn't right he won't do the job no matter how sad the clients story may be. Surprisingly, despite being money obsessed he's very eager to gamble or drink everything away he earns. Lady Luck leaves him alone more often than not. The only game in which he has a 100% win frequency is a simple coin toss. In fact he often does it with a defeated enemy, gambling for their life, most likely just to create false hope. Though the fact that it's always his own coin and is a custom made one and not real money makes one wonder if the toss isn't manipulated by him.

And despite his sour personality there are people that have grown to like him. It's people that regularly meets every day, like the owner of his favorite bar, the people that come there every day, his landlord, some of the girls at a certain pleasure house and even some mercenaries he met in the past (at least if they stopped being any kind of competition to him). He himself treats those relationships rather casually and even though he isn't exactly the best friend to those people he's warming up to them and he's not outright unfriendly towards them. He also has a passion for music, mostly rock and metal with his favorite group being Queen.


Coming soon...

Powers and Abilities

Minos's childhood lasted only about eight years. Then he was taken in by his Master and his training began from that day. He had a natural talent and learned very quickly. At first he was trained to be a petty street thief, nothing too special. After two years of training for pick-pocketing he moved on to actual combat. At first he just trained with a simple knife and used a straw doll, honing his speed and precision when it came to striking vital spots. When he finally could cut every important blood vessel a human had with his eyes closed and at a speed that couldn't be tracked by human eyes he moved on. He started training with his main weapon, a sword. He was using the same one as his Master, a katana. From that day on, his training consisted of constant beatings from his Master. He was pretty much given a blade and she'd use charge at him with her own weapon. Both of them were real and that training was the reason that his body is covered in scars rather than accidents during mission later on. After repeating that same practice of enduring pain and being cut apart by his Master for five years he could finally block the first few strikes she aimed at him. With that achievement he started going on missions and jobs together with his Master. Despite the huge gap in stats, skill and experience he actually manged to keep up with her and be of help to her.

After another five years he started acting on his own and accepting mission by himself. Just around time his Master decided that she'll put her job to rest. She'd live the rest of her life spending the fortune she earned during her lifetime. With that she was going to give him something she had no need for anymore. Her pitch black katana. It was a long explanation about how the power of it is unimaginable and that he must know that there's no going back when he accepts it. After she finished he just nodded and wanted to take the blade but he was stopped by a hit on his hand that probably broke a finger or two. From the long and rage filled speech that followed he got that grabbing the sword like that would have been sure suicide. The weapon had a consciousness of it's own in a sense, and it wouldn't accept Minos as it's owner just so. He pretty much had to take a part of his Master inside of him for it to work, as the contracts between a weapon like that and it's user are supposed to be eternal. She started it off by transplanting small pieces of tissue and skin of her own hand into his. After a few moths of operations, she finally deemed it to be safe enough for him to touch it. As soon as he had made a contact with the blade a shock ran through his body. His Master was sure that his whole nervous system was fried and he could be considered a vegetable at this point. Though after more than a year he recovered. Despite the shock he had no fear in him and he still desired the weapon, perhaps even more than before. A few more moths passed and during that time he had several of his bones replace by that of his Master and even his liver for some strange reason (they were a match and his Master didn't take good care of her anyway so she didn't mind giving it away as it seems). After two years from his last try he touch the weapon again. This time it was a mild shock, it didn't even knock him off his feet. Even though he felt a burning sensation in his whole body and especially his hand which felt like it would fall off he still gripped the blade and after ten minutes it accepted him and the pain stopped. From that moment on his body change, he gained so much power that no normal or even supernatural living being could compete. Ever since then he only used that sword never separating from it, it became his most valued possession. As expected his whole combat style was centered around it as well.

Besides his skills with a sword he has shown himself to have impressive endurance when it comes to pain. And while he never went to school and as such has no book knowledge and even beyond that doesn't seem to be very good when it comes to remembering "pointless information" (more or less everything not involving a job or money) he was shown on more than one occasion to have brilliant deductive reasoning and he often took up cases that nothing had to do with fighting in the first place, but were rather how he would call it a "mystery novel". He's also very skilled when it comes to riding and a horses are his favored method of transport.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Minos holding Bohemian Rhapsody
Minos holding Bohemian Rhapsody

The name he gave to his black katana. It's two meters in length and very thin. There's in no hand-guard nor does anything visual separate the edge from the grip, other than a slight change in thickness. It's completely black in color under normal circumstances. When held directly into the sunlight white lines appear on it running from the hilt to the tip of blade as if it was shining in the light. It's material is unknown and it has no equal. When it cuts there is no physical resistance at all and the blade never grows dull. It also is able to cut this that can normally be cut like mist, or even intangible ghosts and tings that possess no physical body at all or don't have a concept of death. Each time it's swung it leaves behind a black trail and even the cuts and wounds it makes are black. Besides that, when it cuts the air it makes a very melodic sound, as if playing a song.

Even though the black corruption that spreads through a person cut by this weapon it doesn't seem to have any direct effect on them though it's unclear what would happen if the whole body was consumed by the darkness. Minos always uses the blade with one hand, with his other normally being in the pocket, even during a fight. Even though the weapon does not seem to be complicated in any way, there was not a single blacksmith that was able to replicate something like that with any material known to mankind. The katana became as famous as the Man in the Blue Overcoat himself and many blacksmith and weapon makers all over the world have claimed that they were the creators of the weapon, but all of them turned out to be nothing more than lies and rumors. Minos himself tried to track down the origin of his most beloved possession, yet he never got any real results about it's maker. He stopped caring after some time, but he encountered a few people that claimed that they had seen other mercenaries with weapons like that. Minos himself eventually met someone who truly had a pitch black object like that, though she had little idea where it came from as well and after that he put the matter to rest.

The blade accepts no other user than him and will literally kill anyone who tries to use it. It will also bend to Minos's will and will fly into his hand even if he loses grip of it. It can even act on it's own accord and defend him from an unseen threat when he himself is disabled. The weapon has two unique abilities that were never used by Ven's Master, but Minos himself had knowledge of the as soon as the blade accepted him. They are the most powerful tools in this possession and have hundreds of applications in and out of combat.

Melos Humilis

Achieved by swinging his blade to the left, making a very low and deep tone. The action can make anything be reduced, may it be in appearance, size, effect, quantity, quality, intensity or anything else. Minos can reduce the heat of a fire, the size of an item or even the severity of a wound. It's not limited to physical manifestations and effects but extends to concepts as well. Teleportation can be achieved by "reducing the distance" between Minos and the target location. He can make any ill effect cast upon him disappear using this or even diminish the strength of his enemies's attack. The room this ability gives him to play with is endless and it's very useful any any situation given. It's only current limitation is that i can't directly decrease the stats of Ven's opponent.

Melos Magnus

It's performed by swinging the blade the the right. The tone produced is very high and clear. As an opposite to the other ability this one can make anything greater. Minos can use even the tiniest wound on an opponent to make his whole body fall apart. He can increase gravity, pressure or the friction they experience. He can make projectiles never reach him by simply increasing the distance endlessly. He can carry entire houses inside his bag by increasing the space. The effect of food, water or any drug can be enchanted as well. Just like the previous ability it has no limitations except that he can't use the power to push himself to infinity and the fact that he can't create something from zero.

Using the blade he has developed many unique techniques that don't need the blade's special properties to be activated.


Black Tornado

Through study of the blade Minos learned to control air and bend it into currents of any form he desires. They are tainted by the blade and surpass the natural properties of wind. He can shape them into small or big scale tornadoes, straight wind currents to either cut apart or push back and crush his enemies. Wind slashes that cut targets with elegant precision are also easily executed. Though Bohemian Rhapsody is the main source for the ability, it's not dependent on it but rather a skill of Minos. As such he can manipulate it even with no weapon using only his fingers. A quick flick and he can create an air bullet to accurately snipe a person from many kilometers away. Walls of wind can also rise and block out incoming attacks.

When used through the blade the blackness of it spreads like a plague through the air and Minos can affect large areas with it.

Black Resonance

For this technique Minos makes the blade vibrate. The waves sent out depending on the frequency can affect different things, from organs over bones all the way to materials like stone and steel. As a result they are turned to dust when hit by the waves and organs or entire humans are vibrated down to a liquid form. Minos can either send out precise and narrow waves or he can let them out as an omnidirectional blast to quickly takes care of groups of enemies that surrounded him. The physical durability of the object does not matter to this ability and the more it resists the vibrations the more disastrous the after-effects will be. While he knows the frequency needed for basic materials and anything a human is made of, he often needs to study a new material that was unknown to him up till that point before he can actually find the right frequency and use this on it.

Black Lightning

The technique that showcases his enormous speed and skill. Minos closes in on the target and executes many billions of cuts per second. They are all aimed at the targets body, leaving the head untouched. They all have one special property, they lag, and the target doesn't even notice it's being cut. Because of his incredible skill and precision Minos is able to land every single one of the strikes on the exact same point every time, something used to pressure a durable enemy. After the last cut is made the enemy is sent flying and all the cuts take effect now. Mostly, bodies are reduced to nothing that a blood misty while the head is left in one piece to serve as proof.

Black Dance

A technique similar to Black Lightning. Ven quickly dashes around his targets on multiple locations and angles surrounding him. At each location he makes a cut which lags in mid air. After Minos finishes the cuts catch up and the slashes cut the target apart from all sides. Using this a cage of cuts can be made to imprison his target, leaving no room for escape. The cuts can even remain in that lag state for several seconds so that elaborated traps can be set up.

Minos can also quickly dash off to multiple targets to take them out at the same time.

Black Dust

Works by throwing up dirt, dust or any kind of material, even concrete from the ground using the tip of this blade. After that with fast slashes he reduces it to nothing but small particles, giving it the appearance of dust. It spreads quickly and is black. A human can't even see one foot ahead in it and breathing becomes impossible and it eats away at the targets eyes. It's very useful on his missions and has many purposes. It can aid him on a stealth run to quickly take out targets. As a cover to help his clients escape or simply to make life difficult for the enemy he's facing. Minos himself is not affected and he can freely manipulate the mist of doom he created.

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Ok, after i have seen that Frantz depended on UO7 a lot and that his story would be a mess, i made this substitute. I'ts messy and rushed and i'll probably edit it a lot in the near future before joining the Break Out RP.

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Oooh, I can see implications. I liked him from the moment Queen was involved, and I like the magnification and minification skills.

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