Underground Fighting in Osaka

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Gen attack wasn’t really as effective as he expected, but even knew that if you fight with somebody gutsy enough to get in a fight without eyesight it means they are pretty hardcore at sensing other people attacks, kicking butt and getting his butt kicked for a couple of years by high technical masters allowed him the experience to know about this kind of sensorial ability over the regular human boundaries, yet knowledge about it is a thing, knowing how to overcome it, is a different matter as he was about to found that about that and about another fact that would make his fight a little bit more complicated. The Blind Warrior replied to his barrage with a perfectly aimed and sharp knife-hand to the throat, aiming to shut the Hot-Blooded Boxer wind pipes in the first move.

Gen shut his guard and got pushed back by the attack, mostly his own decision than thanks to the strike on his guard, Blindside didn’t seemed to strong, at least for Spirit Boxing standards, yet he could have easily destroyed a man neck with his attack, more about the perfect, even surgical precision of the blow and the skill of the attacker rather than the strength behind it. Rising his face over the guard Gen try to taunt Blindside. –You’ll need more than that to get me Bat-san!- But as he was preparing another nickname, something in very bad taste, but considering that manners was something the Battle Chasing Brawler, yet his mouth was stuck open as Blindside phased through him, feeling his cold aura with him. Gen didn’t need a second opinion he was certain that his opponent was a cold blooded killer.

Immediately moving to a defensive stance he rolled forward avoiding his opponents attack for mere millimeters, he stood spinning while doing so to face Blindside. –What the fuck was that!?- This was the first time Gen faced a man capable of such feat as getting insubstantial, his surprise left him unable to move for a second, a perfect moment for a killer to strike

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Gen once again entered the ring of the Underground Pit of Fighting in Osaka, the most infamous den of gambling and illegal fighting in all Japan. The location was a secret, not to avoid the authorities that were easily bribed to look the other way or blackmailed. The secrecy was to protect, or better said to avoid exposure of the Inner World, the world that lied under the regular World, the world of mages, advanced sciences and spiritual arts way beyond the dreams and fantasy of the unsuspecting men and women that lived their lives composed mundane situations and small details. The Inner World that is hidden is made of extraordinary events, valiant heroes and malicious villains. Gen wasn’t one of the previous three, his entry to this secret path was a matter of entropy and randomness, or according to others just a confirmation of the young man unwavering resolve and blinding stupidity. The Hot-Blooded Boxer wasn’t either a hero or a villain; he could be a half decent guy most of the time, but his goal in life was to fight and no matter what strange and weird stuff he faced, robots, pirates, salt-sharks and other weirdness he would keep fighting.

The Battle Chasing Brawler got into the steel alloy plated pit that he had already visited many times ready to fight. After a couple of fights he was starting to get some recognition and even fans that liked his dare devil approach to fighting, putting the hurt on others while withstanding and equal or even greater amount of punishment. Thanks to several experiences out of this place, Gen had grew in prowess and strength, not to mention that his Fighting Spirit also evolved alongside him increasing from the small flame inside him to a burning inferno around him, even regular people could feel the incredible aggression that emanated from the young Boxer. He was popular and having popular fighters brought income to the owner of the pit, or better said the manager. Aoki Aoiminato, also known in Osaka as the God of Gambling, was a local Kingpin that climbed the staircase of success by winning bets and being sly as a fox and two times as cunning. He was affiliated to the shadowy organization only known by the whispers of the Japanese Criminal Underworld, Mangetsu.

The Hot-Blooded Boxer was ready to fight, his last fight here ended with the opponent retiring, yet the young man didn’t consider it a win, unless the opponent was beaten and bruised under his feet, and truthfully he didn’t even care that much about winning, the thrill of the fight is what called him to battle, not the glory of victory. A good fight and a good defeat was better than an easy victory, he was like hot iron, beating it only made it stronger, as Gen stood up from terrible odds and kept fighting, trying to trade every wound he received for a hard punch he delivered. That was the Hot-Blooded Delinquent true power, never giving up, never backing down. Armed with it he was shadow-boxing in the ring waiting for his opponent to come, while from the booth, the God of Gambling looked down on the ring hoping not to get again in a situation similar to Gen fight against the mysterious Samjaz. Aoki was a man that cherished his freedom and his life before this job was cursed upon him by Kuro-san, leave it to the Criminal Mastermind of Japan to make a better job a horrible punishment.

-Come on! I’m itching for a fight, and I’m more than ready for a slug-fest!- Gen roared while punching one of the walls leaving an impression of his fist in the Steel Alloy. The Hellscraper and the Break out of the Black Stone had been the best training he could ask for and now he was ready to punch anything that came out of the gates to fight him in this ring.

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Juni could hear the roar of the crowd inside the Underground Fighting Arena. The stomps from people in their seats felt like rumbles of thunder, eagerly waiting to see who would step through the curtain. Juni pushed the curtain aside to reveal herself to the audience. The crowd gave her a large cheer, as she walked toward the ring. Juni’s spring Break has been an absolute whirlwind. First she visited her birthplace on Hinamura Island, to being part of Trinity Avalon, from there chasing down a powerful stone, to a full moon duel with an excellent samurai in her friend Bishop. Juni didn’t anticipated that she would be running low on funds or clothes for that matter. Wearing only her training garbs that were a tight sarashi across her chest and bright red hakama pants to the ring. She carried her small traveling bag with her Katana Arashi seen sticking out of the top it inside the ring.

Once Juni got inside the pit she looked across to see her opponent, a male and he looked very tough. Juni wasn’t intimidated however; she could see the prize at hand, a first class flight from Osaka all the way back to Neo Telos City. Juni wrapped her long raven colored hair in a high ponytail, and started to do some stretching exercises to get ready for the showdown. While stretching she looked around observing the audiences blood lust, and thought to herself “This crowd really wants a show; I’ll be sure to give them on they will remember for the rest of their lives.” Once Juni was finished her stretches her full attention was placed upon the fighter in front of her. Tightening her fingerless red fighter gloves, she sent a small shockwave of energy across the ring by pointing her palms downward. Juni was ready now and all that needed to be said now was go.

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Gen cracked his neck while smashing his fists against each other, he could care less the opponent was a woman, if she entered the ring she was looking for a fight, and the Hot-Blooded Boxer would grant her wish. Gen revved up his footwork bouncing with his southpaw guard up and started moving near Juni. As always the Battle Chasing Brawler let out a set of quick jabs and straights, not with the intent of damaging the enemy, even that they would possibly will if connected considering Gen’s incapability to restrain, but to test the enemy defense and general technique. –Sorry sweetcheeks, but down in the pit Ladies First isn’t enforced.- The Young Boxer taunted his opponent as his fists flew at her faster than the naked eye could see. Gen usually had a good eye to check opponents strengths and weaknesses but Juni wasnt easy to read to him, something was off. Still Gen was already coated in flame-like Fighting Spirit, always a good call when fighting a new opponent with unknown skills- Maybe Juni was known in the Inner World, but the Hot-Blooded was too ignorant and to Battle-centered to even care about other people than Spirit Boxers

Meanwhile in the booth Aoki Minato and a selected group of advisors, selected by Kuro-san to keep the God of Gambling under strict vigilance, as the Leader of Osaka Criminal Underworld was as cunning as he was slippery. He was hoping to get pass this stupid Underground matches and crash back home, as this was the tenth consecutive match of the night, as the damaged plating and blood stains showcased. Aoki hoped something could end his “purgatory” by Kuro-san. Maybe someday the Emperor of Crime could forgive him, or better yet forget him, but seemingly that day wasn’t going to come anytime soon, no matter how much good work did his management on Osaka. In only two years he tripled the amount of income the city brought and routed any other influence from it, Russian Mobsters, Chinese Triads and Italian Mafia in one single stroke, an innocent invitation for a Poker match. They didn’t had a chance against Aoki that stripped their whole empires and then as they left Kuro-san gave the finishing blow using one Mercenary Aoki only knew as Degiraz.

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Juni was ready for the fight, leading her right barefoot out that was bandaged tightly in the middle of it. She watched as the fighter in front of her began to bounce around the ring. He was getting closer and closer into Juni’s space, and she slowly crept closer into his. Gen attempted to taunt Juni calling her sweet cheeks, but a sly grin came across her face “C’mon then, show me what you got!” Juni said back to him as Gen came at her at a high rate of speed. He was quick, but Juni could see his blows coming, then a faint violet blue aura encircled her hands as she started to parry Gen’s attacks. As she was parrying each blow she was analyzing his possible strength. Each blow sent a rippling shock wave through the ring, and some spectators in the front row could feel the force of the blows.

“Not bad, not bad at all, but as my American friends would say you go hard or go home.” Juni whispered to him so only he could hear it. Juni could quickly tell by the discipline in his fists that he was a boxer, and a highly skilled one at that. It was Juni’s turn to counter, and since Gen was already in range she did just that. Quickly increasing her speed a slight fraction, she balled her fists tightly as she sent small barrage of hard punches aimed for Gen’s Kidneys, diaphragm, chest region, and nose. Juni then quickly followed that up with a high jumping knee with her left knee aimed at Gen’s chin. The using the momentum from the jump while she was over Gen she launched a back kick with her right foot aimed at the back of Gen’s shoulder left shoulder blade. Once Juni landed back on the mat, she rolled backwards into a ball and did a hand-stand double donkey kick aimed at Gen’s head region. While still balancing on her hands she performed a Brazilian style double sweep between Gen’s legs if successful Gen would fall to mat as if he were doing the splits. Juni then performed a frontal hand stand flip to get back into her vertical base. She turned and readied herself for Gen’s next assault.

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Gen attacks were parried with incredible ease, seemingly the girl was a Ki user, a type of fighter that was quite similar to a Spirit Boxer, yet different in some aspects. Her defensive footwork and movements were absolutely flawless no motion wasted, no useless technique or misstep. Yes was the real deal, a proper to god Martial Artist, no magic mumbo-jumbo, no weird ass weapons no powers beyond human comprehension. Gen smiled with his trademark Slasher Grin, as his attacks were blocked and avoided so skillfully. This would be a great fight, he could smell it. The next part wasn’t as enjoyable as finding out the nature of the fight, but Gen took it all. -Not bad, not bad at all, but as my American friends would say you go hard or go home.- she started by telling the Hot-Blooded Boxer as she prepared her offensive. A literal rain of punches rained upon Gen that barely reached to get his peek-a-boo guard up to block them. Juni attacks were as fast as they were heavy, soaked in something that resembled Ki. The Battle Chasing Delinquent barely resisted as the punches stormed his guard. He was pushed backwards leaving a trail of friction cracks from his feet crushing the metallic tiles of the ring. Each blow carried a shockwave that made the whole pit reverberate. Juni didn’t stop only with that and she continued her barrage with a jumping knee to the chin. The guard of the Boxer was already crumbling from the first assault and this knee was the hammer that broke through, still cutting part of the power behind it in the process. The kneecap connected to Gen chin that curve his back to diminish the damage from the attack, that still made him dizzy and his vision blurry while some blood started to come out from his mouth.

Juni didn’t wait for him, maybe knowing that she shouldn’t allow him to get into rhythm, by instinct or martial experience. The kick she launched mid-air was perfectly executed and made Gen stumble forward as he grunted from the pain. The Ninja Princess landed with acrobatic perfection and rolled back up with a donkey kick. This time around the Hot-Blooded Boxer reacted to it and turned around using a cross guard to protect him from the attack. Even so if the damage was reduced he was sent flying and slammed his back against the Steel Alloy walls of the pit, a impact that almost took his breath away. Gen slid down the wall until he reached the floor and stumbled back to the mat, his head down and his breathing irregular, he got inside the ring once more and raised his face. Blood pouring from his mouth, but his face frozen in his battle-hungry smile, his eyes shining with the blue flame of his Fighting Spirit and excitement upon finding a strong opponent to battle. A primal roar as his only battle cry now the flames that cloaked him detonated around like a massive bonfire that emanated his resolve and hunger for combat. Gen was fired up. He raised his guard once again and spoke. –My turn sweet cheeks, ya showed me something good, I’ll pay ya with the same coin.- a Sonic boom shook the pit as Gen used his signature footwork, the Raijin Step, that made a mass of Fighting Spirit to concentrate under his soles and detonated propelling him forward.

Upon entering Juni range Gen used his combined tech – RAIJIN GHOST HURRICANE!- a combination of the thrusting speed of the Raijin Step with the rapid fire barrage of sub-sound jabs with his right hand, and to finish the attack he added a powerful straight punch coated with Fighting Spirit, more than enough to break a steel door like wet paper.

The whole of the crowd cheered madly as a battle between fellow martial artists usually brought the most excitement and the best finishing moves. Most of the fights with mages and other monsters were too flashy; Martial Artist knew how to go up close and personal to destroy their opponent. Aoki looked from above while the announcer, Bazooka Date, barely could keep up commenting the action thanks to both contenders’ almost invisible movements thanks to their amazing speed. The God Of Gambling was lost in thought and instead of watching the match he was getting more and more worried about his future, since his appointment and the poker game for the control of Osaka, he hadn’t heard from Kuro-san, not even a word, he sent the information and nobody came to check it. Yet anybody would see this as an opportunity to steal from the wallet of Japan’s most powerful man, yet Aoki was a clever gambler and he knew when he was going to make a losing bet. Still even with the oppressive feeling in his chest that told him that something was going terribly wrong and not any amount of plotting would save him.

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Juni stood ready as Gen slowly returned inside the ring digging her feet in the mat. He did excellent to survive Juni’s first volley, proving his resilience, skill and fortitude. However Juni being a crafty veteran was calculating her next moves. Seeing that Gen was a powerful boxer, Juni tried to analyze for a possible weakness to exploit. The crowd loved what they were witnessing two skilled fighters going fighting at incredible speeds. Gen appeared to be relishing the moment; being in the ring with a skilled foe. Juni although never showed it on her face was greatly enjoying the battle. It was in her nature as a member of the Hinamura Ninja Clan to love a good fight. Training so much over the years that fighting has become as natural as breathing. Tightening her gloved fist she never took her eyes off Gen. “His stance is flawless.. Juni thought to herself, Can’t get into pure striking match with him, because of his strength. I do have an idea though.”

Gen looked ready to even the score –My turn sweet cheeks, ya showed me something good, I’ll pay ya with the same coin.- Gen said to her. Juni had a grin on her face”Alright come get some” Juni said back to Gen while wave her hand for him to come. Gen rushed toward Juni, and in close range. Juni keep her cool and used her combat savvy, to step back slightly switching into another combat stance. Gen launched a barrage of high speed right jabs toward Juni. The first jab was able to graze Juni’s left cheek giving her a cut. It stung slightly, but she kept her focus increasing her speed bit, by bit. With each blow Juni was leaving after images in her attempts to dodge the jabs. But Gen wasn’t finished; he performed a devastating straight towards Juni.

An amateur would try to avoid this punch; an over-confident fighter would actually try and tank the blow. But Juni was neither of these, she sees the opening, but she had to be precise. Juni took the blow right to the face, and was sent flying across the ring. To the untrained eye that is what appeared to have happened. Juni cleverly used deception, and rolled with the punch. She was able to negate a good amount of the blow, but still showed some damage by blood running from the side of her mouth. Riding the back draft force from Gen’s punch, and propelled herself further with her own ki. Twisting and contorting her body she performed a backflip recovery in midair, and placed both her feet inside the top ring rope. Using the force of Gen’s punch and her own ki, she used the rope as a slingshot. Charging her energy slight she was cover in a violet colored flame aura. Then Juni ricocheted off the rope and accelerated faster towards Gen going near lightning speed and never touching the mat with her feet. Once in range of Gen she charged some energy in her legs, and with her left leg performed a barrage of lightning kicks aimed towards Gen’s face. Her kicks were moving so fast that she was still able to stay in the air. Once she finished her barrage she quickly followed that up with a high-speed upper round house kick aimed at Gen’s chin. Due to the high-speed and force because of Juni’s ki if it connects will launch Gen upwards in the air. But Juni would be far from finished “FUJIN!” Juni shouted using one of her special technique that make her nearly weightless and accelerates her speed for a brief moment. If her earlier combination was successful Juni would be able to walk across Gen’s body undeterred by gravity, meaning he could still float higher in the air. Juni would then perform a thunderous front flip leg drop aimed toward Gen’s neck while simultaneously deactivate her Fujin ability which would cause both of them to violently crash back down to the mat, Juni’s Quarter Diamond Driver Technique. If unsuccessful with the earlier attack Juni would casually land on her feet ready for Gen’s next attack.

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Juni avoided the barrage of jabs by a hair; only get some minor scrapes thanks to the swiftness and sharpness of Gen’s attacks. –This chick is skilled- Thought the Boxer as he launched his straight punch at the end of the combo. The Ninja Princess took the hit, yet Gen instantly noticed that something wasn’t quite right, the attack didn’t feel right. She jumped backwards and diminished the impact by following the flow of the hit, something martial artist were more in tune with than Gen, as he usually avoided or blocked. Even so Juni took part of the hit and the shockwave that followed sent her flying backwards until she reached the top rope, landing after a perfectly executed mid-air backflip. This wasn’t the Hot-Blooded specialty, but he could notice the Ki build up inside of Juni and prepared himself for the counter attack of his opponent. –Come on! Bring it on!- Gen roared at her as she used the rope and the previous impulse to slingshot towards him as purple energy ignited around her, similar yet different of Gen’s Fighting Spirit. The Battle Chasing Delinquent only managed to ignite his own Spirit aflame and raise his guard a split second before Juni showered him with kicks each carrying a heavy load of Spiritual Energy, making each one of the kicks a dangerous blow. The Hot-Blooded Boxer resisted the rampage with his Fighting Spirit soaked guard, yet he tried to counter attack when the kicks stopped. His eagerness to attack was his wrongdoing as before he could react, not even increase the concentration of the Fighting Spirit, Juni roundhouse kick connected against his chin and sent him flying sideways. Juni used a strange technique and Gen felt the weightlessness of his body stopping him from falling to the mat like a rock. His opponent rushed over his body using it as a step and then from the higher position cut the technique effect and kicked the Young Boxer downwards and carried him all the way to the mat, crashing violently. Juni bounced from that position and landed gracefully, while a cloud of dust covered Gen location.

The Spirit Boxer was on his fours when the dust cleared, with some difficulty he started standing up and with slow pace, as he limped he moved towards one of the corners. The crowd contained their breaths thinking that the proud fighter that usually never backed down was trying to throw the towel on this match after the brutal beating he received. Yet the crowd didn’t know that Gen got beaten much worse several times, still he seemed to be retreating. Only 10 seconds took the battered and bruised Boxer to reach the corner and with a loud shout he grabbed the ropes and knocked his head against the Ring Pole steel top. For a second the Boxer seemed dazed and confused, but after shaking his head he turned around, bleeding all over but with the same smile and the same light inside his eyes. Gen Shishioh wasn’t planning to retreat; this action was part self-punishment and part strategy…. Or better said instinct, the Spirit Boxer hit his own head to shake the rhythm Juni was imposing, he wanted to clear his head and so he did. Maybe it was the blood sliding on his face or the fact he seemed unaffected to the damage when he clearly should have, but the bloodthirsty around Gen thickened as he took deliberatively short steps towards the opponent without his guard up, while cracking his neck. He stopped only 3 mts away from Juni and started to stretch his legs while keeping an eye on her –What’s yer name? I like to remember the strong people I fight. This will hurt ya more than what it will hurt me and trust me this stings- Gen took a running stance, almost as if he planned to dash 100 mts. Blood dripping into the mat, the Fighting Spirit suddenly spiked and Gen vanished with a loud shockwave of his foot stamping the mat.

Using the ropes to ricochet as he just saw Juni do, the Hot-Blooded Boxer decided that he should beat her in speed if he wanted to defeat her, or better yet force her to new heights and make the fight more enjoyable and long. Using the Raijin Step exploding dashing power and the Ghost Jab Hurricane swiftness of hand movements and coordination Gen started to bounce around over the speed of sound slowly increasing his speed while the constant acceleration and deceleration caused several sonic booms in the ring, which resonated against the Steel Alloy Walls of the pit. Raijin Ghost Step was born and Gen was ready to rumble. With his fist completely soaked in Fighting Spirit that left a trail of blue light behind him, he started to launch Jolt Straights, using his whole weight behind each attack and if he failed he just turn that force into momentum increasing his speed even more. Yet this technique would possibly peel his skin off and decimate his joints, not to mention that a well-timed counter could possibly knock him out cold or plainly kill him Raijin Ghost was a fearful technique, but a lot of dangers were involved in its execution, not to mention that a closed space was needed to be executed properly. A perfect Technique for a Boxer like Gen, an Offensive that worked as Defense

As the battle raged under him, Aoki tried to think about possible escapes plan. He knew that Mangetsu power was limited mostly to Japan and South East Asia, The Russians still were too strong to tackle and the Triads had a similar or even better grasp of the Inner World, with thousands of martial arts masters or even mythical beings enrolled into their ranks. The God of Gambling couldn’t book a flight without being found out, so the only escape was by sea, and the only two locations to reach were either the Triad territory or the Russian Mobsters Domains. Aoki had to think fast before he had to worry about which casket he should use in the funeral, he nervously checked his cellphone and sent a message to his contacts in Hong Kong, if they could find a mercenary that could take him out of the Triads territory through China, all of this in code to avoid detection from Mangetsu that carefully monitored his communications. In matter of minutes the information will be sent and he would plan a little bit more.

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Juni’s deadly and swift combination was able to connect in all phases, finishing it off with quarter Diamond Driver. Juni landed with perfect footing in the middle of the ring. Gen on the other fell violently into the mat causing the ring area to shake. People in at the audience gasped at what they saw. They believed Gen was finished, but Juni continued to look through the smoke as it started to dissipate. She was raising her power bit by bit as she waited through every precious second. Gen slowly rose to his feet bloody and battered; Juni almost couldn’t believe it “What is this guy made of? Even though that wasn’t a complete driver, he should still have some lingering effects. Juni thought to herself If this keeps up one of us is not walking out of here alive.”

Juni looked at her gloves that were stained with the blood Gen. It was becoming more and more obvious that Juni needed to start attacking more viciously in order to get out of this. “I’m sorry uncle; I don’t have a choice but to break my promise to you. This guy he’s….he’s too blood lusted for me to hold back anymore.” Juni began to take off her fighting gloves and tossed them out of the ring. The crown started to wonder what was she up too, and some instantly figured it out and started to cheer. As part of the Hinamura clan fighting and martial arts are second nature. Juni has trained in the deadly arts as soon as she was able to walk on her own two feet. Now on the brink of her 21 birthday she has developed high level skill in combat. So much so that she has developed her own destructive martial art fighting style; Juni showed it to her Uncle one time, and told her to never use it again that no person good or evil such take that much abuse. It’s an ability that requires Juni to reach at least 50% of her power or better, she has now reached that point.

Gen started to walk over towards Juni, his guard was down stretching his legs in front of her, but Juni held hers up still. –What’s yer name? I like to remember the strong people I fight. This will hurt ya more than what it will hurt me and trust me this stings- With blood trickling down her mouth she kindly obliged him and answered saying “My name is Juni Hinamura, give me everything you have to offer. If not then accept my humble apologizes in advance. Then Gen then dashed off at incredible speeds bouncing off the ropes to gain momentum. Juni watched as she focused her power once more only this time in certain parts of her body. Her violet colored aura started to form around her feet, hands, elbows, and knees. The energy started to condense and form ominous looking spikes and claws in those areas. The energy from her elbow formed long energy blades. Juni was ready a deadly art that one blow could equal three as it could scatter bone lacerate origin and attack the nervous system.

Juni watched for Gen’s speed and momentum, and using her martial artist prowess followed, and burst around the ring with her own impressive speed. If this turned into a speed game then it would just be a matter of time for Juni, the faster the better in her mind, and with her agility and skill she believed she still would have the advantage. Gen came at Juni with a powerful straight, Juni able to see it coming, and quickly parried, and counters with high kick aimed at Gen’s head. However due to his speeds as well that also missed. The force of Juni’s kick shook the foundation of the ring. This caused damage to nearby spectators’ electronic gadgets. The two fighters were moving at such incredible speeds that could no longer be seen by the naked eye. The ring and surrounding area were taking a pounding from the sheer shockwaves from the fighters blows. The audience members who were closest to the ring. Juni even though in a small space was perfectly comfortable with this pace. The person who slips and can’t handle it from now on will be the one in trouble.

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Gen was moving faster than he ever moved before, the technique that came in a blur of inspiration was something he never expected, his eyes could barely follow the images around him all seemed blurry and confusing. The Hot-Blooded Boxer body was hurt; he was straining his muscles and bones past their limits and adding the damage he received before it was a miracle he could still stand. Juni was superior in almost every aspect, with strength and speed that could easily surpass his. His opponent was not only following his pace but the small glimpses Gen could get through the blurriness was that she wasn’t even trying. The Hot-Blooded Boxer only experienced a fight like this one time before, when his sensei, Masaoki Takeda, cleaned the floor with his face. Gen was slowing down as each time they crossed their way a shockwave from the impact between her swift kicks and his straights was also adding to the damage. Bones cracking, muscles ripping, skin burning from the friction even organs rapturing inside of him, Gen was feeling Juni power with each blow and even as he burnt all of his fighting spirit he was still behind her in terms of speed. Gradually he slowed down even more and that was the moment Juni kick reached him before he could react, serving as a perfect counter that used the full speed of the Boxer against him, as the sudden break of the bones in his leg made his stagger forward.

The impact created a shockwave much bigger than before, breaking the glasses, electronic equipment and other fragile objects around. The Ring ropes torn off from the poles that also were sent flying against the Pit walls, the mat cracked and the ring was crushed down, even the reinforced glass of the VIP cabin were Aoki was exploded by the sheer force of the attack. A cloud of pulverized debris filled the pit obscuring the view for all the spectators, which were too scared even to watch. Slowly the dust cleared off and the scene was of desolation, the ring was totaled by the last attack and Gen was completely embedded into the Steel Alloy wall in a human-like dent. His skin showed severe burns from the friction, open wounds in most of his joints, a couple of bones from his left arm piercing through his skin, the evidence of a really disastrous exposed fracture. Blood dripping from almost every point of his body, slowly reaching the ruined floor of the arena, his head down with his face completely obscured by his bloodstained hair and the shadow casted by his head. The Arena was filled with an ominous silence as most of the spectators clearly thought that the Battle Chasing Brawler was dead after such image could be seen. Nobody knew what happened as the fight was simply too fast for them to see, but they knew for sure that Juni was way stronger than Gen. Still as they started whispering with fear, the sound of scrapping metal started resonating. The Hot-Blooded Boxer was still alive and struggled to get off the wall in which he was embedded.

Gen heavily fell into the cracked concrete ground, staggering would be a very mild way to say it, but he moved forwards with weak steps swaying his body to the sides and even taking some steps to the sides as he tried to keep moving forward, with blood still sliding down his body or dripping into the floor leaving a trail of blood behind him. Seconds passed before he reached the Ring, that even as destroyed as it was it still centimeters over the ground. With incredible effort as he panted heavily Gen managed to climb up and dragged his feet while zig sagging like a drunk towards Juni. He looked as he was about to fall at any moment and he still kept the head facing down his face obscured from Juni’s or the Spectators view. As he was a couple of meters away from his opponent Gen lifted his face, his right eye was shut down as it was completely swollen and the rest of his skin dyed in crimson blood. Still, even bruised, even bloodied and with one eye shut his Slasher Smile was still as splattered in his face as the blood dripping from his head. –This was a good fight, Juni Hinamura, but it needs to end- Gen took a guard position and prepared a punch, building his last speck of Fighting Spirit –RIGHT NOW!- Gen launched a powerful punch yet mid-attack his legs finally stopped listening to him and he fell to his face while the flame of his Fighting Spirit extinguished from his closed fist and the loud THUMP! In the ruined mat was the only bell needed to finish the match.

The VIP booth was a chaos, and worse yet Aoki vanished in the commotion. The Cunning God of Gamblers took advantage of the confusion and rushed to the exit, disappearing into the crowded streets of Osaka by Night. He already arranged transportation and a guardian through China, a mysterious Mercenary and Bounty Hunter that accepted taking him through the Triads Territory up until the BHA in India, Vajra, to hire a new bounty Hunter. The bounty hunter he will meet in Hong Kong only gave his name, Houzi

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The fight between continued to escalate in frightful fashion. Gen and Juni were moving at incredible rates of speed creating powerful shock waves with each passing counter blow. Gen was now in Juni’s element exactly where he wanted him. She could feel Gen was losing strength and speed with in each volley. He wasn’t used to moving at this pace, and Juni was like a shark smelling the blood in the water. She was all over the place attacking him from every possible angle. Her blows where starting to connect to Gen, and wearing him down, then what Juni expected to happen came to pass. She connected on a devastating kick that sent Gen flying at an incredible rate of speed into the fortified steel outside the ring. The impact shook the entire arena, and dismantled the entire ring area. Juni appeared near the edge of the battered ring looking into the dust cloud where Gen had landed.

Crackling with incredible power Juni held her hand out towards the smoke. She created a dense ball of ki and was ready to launch it towards him. Once the dust started to settle, Juni saw the ghastly effects of her attacks. She couldn’t believe what she done, the energy around her dissipated, as she dropped to her knees. Gen appeared lifeless embedded in the steel; she couldn’t feel anything from him. “Wh…what have I done? I…I killed this man for personal gain, I’ve brought shame to my family this day.” Juni muttered to herself as a tear rolled down her cheek. The crowd was in stunned silence not believing what they saw. Juni’s masterful skills, and tactical experience combined with her natural competitive nature as a member of the Hinamura clan cause the match to quickly go in her favor.

Then the sounds of scraping metal quickly caught the attention of everyone in the arena including Juni herself. She wiped the tears from her eyes and and looked over towards Gen. Getting himself free and landing into the battered concrete below. He was still alive, and Juni was shocked. Not only was she amazed that he was still alive, but after all this punishment he was still walking towards the ring. Juni stepped back towards the center of the ring.” He…he has to be some kind of demon, some other worldly abomination. There isn’t any other logical explanation of what I’m seeing right now.” Juni thought looking at the battered and bloodied boxer. He got in the ring and staggered towards Juni, she could sense nearly nothing from him. He was moving toward her out of sheer will power, In some ways Gen reminded her of her Uncle Daizen with that sheer will and determination. –This was a good fight, Juni Hinamura, but it needs to end- Gen said to her lifting his guard and his fist ready to attack –RIGHT NOW!- Juni simply stood there already seeing that the damage had been done, and he was running fumes. Midway through his final attack his legs finally gave way and he collapsed to the mat in front of her.

Juni looked at the fallen boxer, as the crowd watched on not sure of what they should do. One person in the audience started to clap and cheer for Juni. But she had so many conflicting emotions running through her mind, heart and soul. Juni started to feel numbness in her spirit, and that’s when it all started to hit her, what a place like this can turn you into. She felt bad of Gen not just because of injuries, but also being used in this way. While walking out of the ring she grabbed her travel bag and headed for the exit. A fight promoter ran up to her the prize money, she simply shook her head no, and said “Give it all to him, and tell him this once he wakes up, Hinamura village is open anytime if he wants a rematch.” Juni stepped through the black curtain, and ended a dark chapter of her life. She needed to clear her mind of what just happened, and the best for her to do that was her home Hinamura Island.

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-ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!- The announcer shouted with booming voice using the underground arena sound system to amplify it. He was new on the job, as the last one felt that his work conditions weren’t good enough and tried to pick some extra cash selling info to the cops. Let’s say he had a rough awakening, trapped inside an oil barrel at the bottom of the sea. The new announcer was hired by Aoki Aoiminato the owner of this Underground Arena and the criminal lord ruling over Osaka. Aoki was known mostly for his reputation and Nickname… “The Gambling God of Osaka” he was currently sitting on the VIP room alongside other Important Guests, as under them the audience went mad with expectation, roaring as one, asking for blood and battle. This arena was relatively new, but it already had an expansive fanbase.

Today’s match marked the return of a former fighter, Gen Shishioh, which already fought with several opponents inside the pit and a strange newcomer promised to be a good bout. Gen was already on the hallway towards the ring. Aoki and his crew were surprised of seeing the young Spirit Boxer again after his last fight as he was so hurt he needed help to leave the arena, something that usually happened to his opponents rather than him. He vanished for six months and now he was back. He was the same man, but something was different, he had a bit more of definition in his muscles, he cut his hair and was using a school uniform, a very particular school, specially aimed for the advance of martial artists. He had the same fire in his eyes, but instead of his trademark Slasher Smile he was serious and seemed centered, not to mention his usual cockiness was gone, replaced with a somewhat eerie calmness.

Gen advanced towards the ring, a boxing ring that lied at the bottom of a steel cubic pit, with calm he entered by opening a hole between the ropes and started to stretch, first his legs and then his arms, while doing some warm up, waiting for the opponent. The Announcer, instructed by Aoki through his earpiece asked Gen a question. –So, you didn’t came here in months, the audience is dying to know what were you doing…- Some of the audience was waiting the usual Gen reply, a hot-blooded roar of confidence and flaming spirit, but they were disappointing as the Spirit Boxer said without any of his accustomed enthusiasm –Training… just training.- The audience was somewhat disappointed, but the Announcer was close enough to appreciate the intensity in Gen’s eyes. He was ready to fight, in fact his eyes told about how much he craved for a brawl, yet the rest of his face showed unnatural calmness for a man that usually destroyed a vending machine if it jammed.

In the audience somebody was watching, a man with sleek black hair combed backwards, dressing only with a black shirt, black jeans and combat boots. On his neck a strange medal with the Kanji for Hatred over a Black Flame could be seen. He was buffed yet not so much to be a weightlifter. Several scars crossed his face; he was quite calm as well, in contrast to the roaring crowd. His eyes could tell his emotions, like twin voids of pure and unadultered hatred. He was sitting in silence, staring the medal that Gen had in the neck of his school jacket. With a soft voice he said –At last I found one of these bastards.- after that he stood up and left the room. He took the lift as the opponent of Gen was entering the Ring and then he vanished into the night of Osaka.

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Shepherd clambered into the ring, taking care to keep his guise. He looked like a middle aged man, hair graying and muscles beginning to lose their tone, but the scar under his eye and many times broken nose told a story off a long career of fighting. He glanced back into the audience and waved at Ariana, quickly growing a tiny eye on the back of his head to keep track of her. It wouldn't do to put her at risk while trying to get money to support her. He turned to the opposite corner, where a deadly serious man was climbing into the ring.

The announcer continued his job of yelling from the safety of the announcement box (the ring was far too dangerous). "IN THE RIGHT CORNER WE HAVE FAN FAVORITE GEN, WHO NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION, RETURNED FROM A SIX MONTH BREAK TO FIGHT AGAIN!! AND IN THE LEFT CORNER, WE HAVE JOHNNY SMOKESTACK, 5'11 AND 220 POUNDS, A NEWCOMER TO OUR RING!!" Shepherd had given them a purposefully misleading name to hopefully convince them his powers were different than they truly were.

"LET THE BATTLE BEGIIIIIIIN!!" With the announcer's call and beginning buzzer, his chest suddenly exploded into a mass of tentacles tipped with bone spears, a hundred cruel harpoons to end the battle as it began.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14


Gen didn’t even flinch when horrible tendrils popped out in mass from his opponent. The Spirit Boxer had seen worst things in his life, and wasn’t caught off guard by the sudden attack. With unusual calm he started to sway his body to the side, dodging the chaotic attack with the least possible movement while keeping firm eye contact with his enemy. Around this time in any fight Gen would already have started to taunt and insult his opponent, or even display his Slasher Smile as a sign that he was enjoying the fight, but this time around he was different, his face kept the same expression of focus and concentration, even as he got small cuts over his body he kept his cool and kept moving with impeccable footwork. The untrained eye would tell that he was fighting as well as he regularly did, but anybody that had mystical senses, capable of picking up the Fighting Spirit energy that fueled Gen, would possibly notice the truth and amaze over the Spirit Boxer current fight.

Gen Shishioh was fighting without using Fighting Spirit, or at least it couldn’t be detected if he was using it. Anybody that saw him fight before and compared it to this current battle would think he lost his mind, as the Fighting Spirit doesn’t only increase his strength but his other attributes and his durability. This brawl was like trying to fight in a gun duel with a sling or a Knight Joust without armor. But Gen didn’t seem to care, he got several long cuts, but thanks to his focus and skill the wounds only were superficial. Inside his mind he could clearly hear the man that trained him in Sakurajima – You need to focus, if you don’t focus your strength is wasted- Gen learnt the hard way to trust in his new mentor words after getting his ass kicked more than a hundred times in a single week. The Spirit Boxer finally understood that exploding his Fighting Spirit would give a powerful boost but if he focused it and channeled it he would be even greater and it would last longer.

The reason nobody saw his Spirit was hidden in his veins, as he learnt from that strange hermit how to channel his feelings and Spirit internally empowering his body gradually and allowing the constant flow of power without fluctuations. As he remembered that he kept advancing, dodging almost everything his opponent could throw him. At last he was at range, so he stepped forward to close the distance, getting a deep scar in his cheek for the risky maneuver, but he got in position to launch a powerful and swift offensive, Jab, Jab, Straight, Hook, Jab and finally an Uppercut. As he did he kept his breathing in check and the blue glow that usually covered him like a flaming aura now was coursing his circulatory system noticeable as shining lines under his skin.

This Technique is called Maisetsu-kyo (Buried Strength) and was taught to Gen by a strange Hermit that lives inside the Sakurajima Volcano. Gen could keep his top strength for longer periods of time without fluctuations as he kept his anger, blood lust and joy bottled up inside forcing it to carry his Fighting Spirit Energy through his veins, reinforcing his body from inside out, not only increasing his stats while active, but as well enhancing his body in his natural form thanks to the empowering properties of the Fighting Spirit. Basically he is soaking his tissues and bones with this power and each time he uses it his body grows sturdier and stronger adapting to it. Gen will try to stay in his punching range while swaying his body and following up his combo with several jabs.

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Shepherd was surprised by his foe's speed as Gen dodged his dozens of tentacles. He ducked, weaved, and leaped over the blows with little apparent effort, taking only small nicks from the terrible, jagged spines on the tendrils, his worst wound a long cut down his arm. Gen advanced through the assault until he was to close for the long tentacles to be an effective attack. Before Shepherd could formulate a new strategy, Gen smashed him with a stunning combo. Shepherd allowed the uppercut that finished it to lift him off his feet and lay him flat. It gave him a quick reprieve.

Clearly his foe was faster than him. He'd have to be clever to get around that. Fortunately he had advantages of his own, his greatest being his resistance to physical attack. Anyway, new plan. He lunged back to his feet, interrupting the countdown. The tentacles that had hung limp moments before lifted, going around Gen on each side and fusing into a wall. The wall expanded upwards and Shepherd's entire body became an elongated dome over his foe, a living iron maiden. Bony spikes sprung from all sides and with a horrible noise like a tent made of flesh collapsing, he sprang back into shape, hopefully skewing his foe from all angles.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Gen felt his fists connecting against his current opponent yet he knew that his attacks had little to no effect, as the enemy body was strange, too flexible and soft to be hit properly by his attacks. Shepherd took a dive, but only as a tactic, a trick that Gen caught on too late as the Multiform Menace jumped back into action building a dome-like structure over the Spirit Boxer to entrap him. Gen knew this was going to get worse before it got better, yet he managed to think a counter swift enough to minimize his injuries. As the spikes were closing in the Former Delinquent shifted his weight and placed his legs like a braid and used his trademark footwork the Raijin Step to gain momentum.

With this strange position, Gen forced the acceleration from the usual thrust to a spin, allowing him to spin like a top while breaking the sound barrier. The next step of this attack was his also signature Ghost Jab Hurricane that following his motion shifted from a flurry of hits to a dome of fisticuffs, to match the attack of Shepherd with a fist each spike, all at sound speed with strength to stop a freight truck on its track. This combined attack is Raijin Jab Tornado, that he would usually execute to fight a group of enemies, but this time around it was a desperate defense. As he attacked the spikes did cut him, leaving his hands in a pitiful state, but still able to fight.

All of what remained of his gloves was torn fabric, the same could be told about his bandages and if this kept going as it was his hands would also be torn apart. Gen hoped to have break the attack and then use his Raijin Step to get some distance from the Changeling he was fighting, so he could get some needed rest and he could get some perspective about how to fight him. If he managed to break through he would leave a faint trail of blood behind him.

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Shepherd was surprised by Gen's counter. The blows that were thrown inside him shattered some of his internal spikes and tore at his body. He pressed on, trying to inflict a lethal wound, but one punch missed the spines and the force blew his body outward, lifting a portion of his trap off the ground. Seizing the opportunity, Gen dashed out through the gap, leaving Shepherd to crumple in on himself. In looked like he was injured or dying, but he was actually reshaping himself.

His body collapsed to a spherical shape, roughly the size of a large beach ball. A short tentacle bust out form beneath him, launching him at the ceiling. He began bouncing off the ceiling and floor of the ring, veering at Gen from all angles, growing spikes strategically to stab at him.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Gen was bleeding, each drop falling into the mat with a faint sound. His hands, specially his knuckles almost lacked skin, exposing his bare flesh, itching and hurting like hell with each movement. The Spirit boxer barely managed to stay focused, as the pain coursed through him like poison, he managed to break free from the dome of spikes his enemy turned into, but he, as always risked too much. His new mentor drilled his teachings into his thick skull using an inhuman amount of punches, yet Gen was too stubborn for his own good, he tried to end the fight quickly and he only got wounded as result of his impatience. Shepherd was a frightful opponent, as he was able to brush off most of the physical damage Gen could dish out, but the Boxer, as the Multiform Menace changed shape again started to think, and realized he was able not only to use physical attacks, but also Spiritual.

Shepherd started bouncing from the mat to the ceiling of the arena with incredible speed, moving as a blur of motion with one single tentacle he used like a whip. The attacks come from everywhere, as he started to bounce on the walls as well. Any fighter would have feared this attack, but Gen itself executed this style of offensive in his last fight on this same arena and knew the big disadvantage of the style, once the one defending could realize the movements, then he could follow them and pick the perfect moment to counter attack, using the attacker speed and momentum against him. Gen wasn’t a technically inclined fighter, but he would try to give it a shot, as that was his path. –Well, let’s do this!-

The Spirit Boxer stood his ground swaying to avoid fatal wounds from the brutal slashes of the bladed tentacle created by Shepherd. Gen received several cuts, that messed up his uniform and opened scarlet lines over his skin, yet he stood in his place, more focused on defense than ever in his life. A crucial part of being on the defensive is following a rhythm, part of that was controlling the breathing, to avoid losing track of the rhythm one was aiming. Gen breathed deep and exhaled, and when he did that a curious phenomenon started, as from the blood spilled and the blood being spilt by the Young Boxer a thick blue mist started to form, engulfing him and obscuring his figure. It was still easy to see him and attack him as the mist objective wasn’t blocking the enemy sight.

The Fighting Spirit Aura, named “Ryoshi no Ishi” (Hunter’s Will), which Gen created from his blood served a particular purpose, it worked as an extension of the Spirit Boxer body, thus he could feel the movements of his opponent through it, and with sheer instinct and experience he would start to feel the trajectory, so he could predict the next entry point of the Multiform Menace. Gen knew this was a do-or-die attack, and if he didn’t managed to connect the next attack, it was game over, and no amount of will power would bring him back from being knocked down. He was preparing his biggest attack, the biggest dish in the menu. As he kept barely dodging he focused his Fighting Spirit, which once again covered him like a flaming aura, as old times. One of the weaknesses of his Maisetsu- Kyo technique was the inability of using high-level Spirit Boxing Techniques, limiting him to the Raijin Step and the Ghost Jab Hurricane.

As he followed Shepherd movements he timed it well to the last second as the enemy entered from above and front. With a loud roar Gen shouted – Now I got you! You f****** squid! LION… ROAR…. CANNON!!!!! – A golden glow covered Gen fist as the mist suddenly dissipated thanks the Fighting Spirit pulsating outwards and letting the crowd see the Spirit Boxer hand engulfed in Golden Light in the shape of the roaring fangs of a lion that moved towards Shepherd and with stopped an inch before. A booming noise, similar to a cannon reverberated in the Pit reinforced steel walls causing a massive tremor as a overwhelming beam of light came out from Gen fist releasing a powerful blow of pure Spiritual energy, completely different than a physical attack, no kinetic energy involved.

The Lion Roar Cannon luckily stopped on the rim of the Pit splashing to the sides and creating a curtain of Spirit that reached the ceiling of the arena before dissipating. The reinforced steel wall was red-hot after the attack and most of the people in the first lines of the audience had to hurry to the stairs before getting burns from just being on the proximity. Gen stood completely tired, with both his arms hanging down and his breathing completely messed up. He was barely standing and kept huffing and puffing with effort. Still on his eyes a faint golden glow still shined brightly as he waited for the dust to set off to see the result of the fight…

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Shepherd flickered past Gen over and over, bleeding him slowly. If he could just keep it up, victory was his. He didn't feel the aura extending from Gen's body. He didn't see it either, if it even could be seen by one such as him. He was blindly bouncing, landing his blows by the memory of Gen's location and the changing echos of the deflected blows as he moved. As such, his fist indication of danger was the loud yelling.

"Now I got you! You f****** squid!" That didn't sound good. He formed an eye just in time to see a golden light burn away the mist that had been covering Gen. He didn't like the look of that, and he liked it less as more words were formed. "Lion..." He unfolded a limb. "Roar..." His other limbs emerged, along with the beginning of his head. "CANNON!!!!!" The blast took him full in the chest, annihilating it. He was lost in the golden roar. When the light cleared, all that was left was four separate limbs and a head, thrashing about and extending tentacles in a last desperate attempt to reform.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Gen was barely standing, he watched the flailing tentacles and head with some repulsion and some surprise, as this enemy, by a large margin, was the weirdest thing he had to fight out of the Hellscraper. The Spirit Boxer knew that if the enemy reformed he was done for, so he simply needed to beat him some way. With the last ounce of strength he had Gen charged forward and used a technique he didn’t use since his days as a delinquent, years ago, with all the power he had left he tried to hit the head with a powerful kick, aiming to throw it out the ring, thus he could win by ring out.

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