Underground Fighting in Osaka

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Gen saw the strange orb and immediately knew that things would get more complicated than he ever expected. His opponent moved almost as if he was floating, and his own body seemed lighter under the light of the strange orb. The Hot-Blooded Boxer saw the incoming attack and started the motion to avoid it, but the sudden change of gravity stopped him from moving correctly. But instead of taking the hit, as he knew he would, he acted upon the words of his trainer, that the legs were the Boxer weak spot and their biggest weapon, so they must be protected. In a split second decision, as the Keyblade moved towards his tight, Gen shouted – Raijin Step! - And concentrating his Spirit and his strength on his legs he propelled himself forward, hoping to avoid the attack thanks to his sudden acceleration footwork technique, yet he hoped that, the results were a little bit different.

The impulse that should have thrown him forward, thanks to the reduced gravity in the ring, sent him flying in a 45 degree angle, and he slammed into the pit-like ring steel walls with a brutal amount of force. He managed to curl himself up to avoid getting seriously hurt, but as he was falling, really slowly into the mat, he was still dizzy after the crash. He landed, still with steady legs, while the audience was stupefied by the display, some even realizing about the gravitational shift, something Gen didn’t, and possibly wouldn’t realize, as he flunked high school. Gen kept his guard up all the way down and started to sway trying to find his center again. His trained tried to explain him about the center of gravity but Gen didn’t quite get it, so he mostly explained about how to shatter it, he never expected that his apprentice would lose his Center of gravity in a magic field, or even considered it, and even so his trainer wouldn’t have an answer for this particular predicament.

-The best I can do is stay low and measure my distance- Thought Gen as he crouched and moved towards his opponent with heavy steps, shifting his regular footwork for plain old walking, trying to add as much weight as he could. Once he reached him he threw a couple of jabs to test his range and then unleashed a 1-2 combination aimed to Samjaz face –Eat this Key-ojisan! Knuckle sandwich fresh from the oven!!!-

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: With the reduced gravity, Gen sent himself flying in an attempt to dodge, buying SamJaz valuable time to prepare himself.
He wasn't expecting to have to fight a barehander. 
The Keyblade, despite the name, was a blunt weapon, relying on its magic to pass through enemies formlessley while knocking them flying. At around three-feet in length, it was not the ideal weapon for a close-quarters brawl in this enclosed space.
So, SamJaz switched the grip of his blade into a reverse hold, blade running along his forearm. He would have to rely on magic and the keyblade's agility techniques to win this one.
While SamJaz had no intention of summoning a Persona in this enclosed space, he could still use their support abilities. Closing his eyes, he breathed deeply as he switched to Eligor, a demon that would make Samjaz resist physical blows much more than the usual fleshy human.
When he opened his eyes, however, Gen was way too close for comfort. He dodged around the jabs, only to realise they weren't aimed for him.
Quickly, using the Keyblades enhanced Agility, he blocked the first blow while his opponent shouted something, only to take the second blow near the temple.
He went down.
If it wasn't for Eligor, he wouldn't be thinking right now.
So, he kicked with his legs and span into the air, ascending higher than normal thanks to the gravity orb, and pointed the Keyblade at the boxer's back.
He had to aim this just right, sending a targeting beam of light right betwen Gen's shoulders.
All SamJaz had to do was for the boxer to stay still for another split second so he could turn the key, locking those shoulder muscles up for a few seconds, and SamJaz would be in there, smashing him like a pumpkin.
If not, then he'd have to dodge and heal himself quickly.
Praying this would work, he turned the key then hit the ground, rolling to his feet to see if his plan worked.
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Gen jabs failed to hit, but his straight connected like a hammer, making Samjaz start falling like a sack of potatoes, yet somehow, the Keyblade wielder managed to kick himself upwards, vaulting over Gen and aiming to the Hot-blooded Boxer exposed back with a beam of light. Without losing a second, more out of instinct than rational thought Gen turned around and closed a tight Peek-a-boo guard reinforcing it with Spirit, yet the strength behind the beam of light was too strong and dragged him backwards and even managed to break his guard, after pushing him against the ropes from the middle of the ring. –What the f*** was that!?- shouted out loudly Gen as he watched in awe the muscles in his arms cramping, with a sharp pain getting up from his fist to his shoulders, yet he didn’t stopped and when his opponent landed, the Spirited Brawler charged in as fast as he could and lunged him with a jumping headbutt to the head

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: SamJaz paled, crossing his arms in front of him and the brawler plowed through him.
That was the first time someone with arm lock decided to charge.
The impact sent him crashing into the ground. Thankfully, the gravity sphere was pulling the brawler back, so SamJaz still had enough sense in him to roll out of the way and cast a Cure spell on himself.
The muscle lock was breaking quite quickly, so SamJaz had to act fast. Keyblade glowing, he charged swinging the weapon in a rapid, lightning-like motion over and over again in a relentless onslaught of slashing attacks.
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This time around there was no crafty tricky to make him evade, Gen was too open for a counterattack after his attack first think later head butt tactic. His arms were still numb, yet the pain had subsided a lot, now barely able to move instead of not being capable at all as before. He took the Keyblade barrage as good as he could shifting his body from side to side trying to shoulder block the attacks, yet most of them hit the spot they intended, the gravity trick was making the Hot-blooded Boxer efforts to dodged very troublesome for him, as he depended on his balance to move, and the shift in his gravity center threw him off.

Yet the blows with the Keyblade weren’t the strongest he received, his stamina and durability were off the charts so he took the punishment as well as he could, multiple bruises, swellings and wounds appearing on his body. He knew that the new environment would eventually make him lose, so Gen decided to take hands in the matter. As the movement of his opponent ended, as he moved backwards his weapon, the Spirited Brawler tried a shoulder bump with considerable force, moving upwards to maximize its effect, as any shoulder bump should be done, and not waiting another second he coated his hand in Spirit and jumped up, towards the sphere over the ring.

The coat of Spirit was clearly visible like a blue flame. Gen roared –DRILL DRAGON UPPERCUT- the blue flame turned into a dragon head with its jaw wide open with a drill of pure Spirit energy spinning inside, aiming towards the Gravitas ball

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: SamJaz was launched upwards by the shoulder smash, then span in the air to correct himself.
He saw the boxer glow with mystical energy, then leap up to blast away the gravity ball.
As the brawler made contact, the ball was sent flying through the ceiling, passing through it harmlessly, for it to fizzle away in the armosphere.
SamJaz pointed the keyblade straight down towards the ring as his falling began to speed up.
"GRAVIJA!" He shouted, launching another sphere to rest below the ring, and bracing himself for a brutal landing.
He would be ready for it. 
He was counting on Gen landing face-first to the new increased gravity.
SamJaz landed smoothly on the ground, then rushed to the falling Gen, hoping to arrive the split second after impact to kick the brawlers head in.
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Gen pushed the ball away, yet he felt like things were about to get worse, call it a hunch or maybe warrior instinct, but colloquially put, shit was about to get real. The Spirited Boxer momentum took him a couple of meters over the ball previous location, were he was at the same level, if not higher than the first row. He planned to aim his descent, but unluckily his descent was much faster than he expected, as a new ball appeared, instead of making him light like before he was suddenly heavier. –The F***? - He asked as the gravity pulled him towards the mat at great speed. He was going to split his head open against the hard mat, yet instead of coming from below, the blow came from the side as his opponent kicked his head with tremendous strength. Gen flew side ways and his body slid over the mat until he reached the ring corner, almost hitting again.

The Hot Blooded Brawler head was bleeding, sending streams of scarlet liquid down from in-between his hair, covering his whole face in crimson. Sluggishly he raised his guard and without more banter or words he rushed forward, even under the increased gravity, at great speed. His movements changed, as he reverted from orthodox boxing to a beast-like street fighting, he rushed with no regard for his personal safety and launched a barrage of attacks, jab, jab, straight, left cross, right upper and he finished with twin Ghost Jab Hurricane, launching more than a hundred punches in a second. Upon a closer inspection, the rival could notice his eyes were white, as if he was still fighting, yet he was unconscious, seemingly still up from sheer fighting spirit rather than anything else. The kick could have killed a normal human, yet he still stood and fought, even more fiercely than before, while red drops stained the mat under him.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: SamJaz waited until the very last second and ducked under the unorganised, beastly flurry of blows. As the Keyblade dragged him sidewase, strafing to be behind the brawler, the thought screamed through his mind that one of these blows would seriously mess up his face.
So, from behind, taking advantage of the increased gravity making it harder for the brawler to stop his forward momentum, SamJaz raised an arm and launched an Aero spell, to encircle his target in a defensive barrier of air, and lift him into the air.
While the barrier would make it harder for SamJaz to attack without limiting Gen, it would, make it impossible for him to maneuver, and the Keyblade user could pick him off with ranged magics at his pleasure, before releasing the spell and dropping him to the ground.
And the air began to swirl around Gen's location, and, once complete, would encapsulate whatever was inside.
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@SamJaz: The beastlike Gen blows hit the air, as Samjaz can easily dodge them, considering that the sharp jabs and straights he threw before were replaced by fierce yet clumsy and unskilled punches, more akin to a beast trying to slash a prey rather than a boxer as he proud himself of being. He moved to fast and with too much strong to stop his momentum, and his opponent took full advantage of it. He moved to the Berserkering Boxer blind spot and used a spell of wind to engulf him in a bubble and lift him from the ground, stopping Gen movements, as he floated and tried to shake off the barrier with little to no success.

If he wasn’t reduced to a roaring beast, as almost anybody would do if got hit as much as he got in the head and had the same determination and battle hunger, he would have thought about using his Spirit to create a shockwave around him, maybe strong enough to shatter the wind barrier, yet in his current state he struggled mid-air, like a puppet trying to cut his own strings. Samjaz was getting ready to shoot a barrage of magical energy and if it connected it would be possibly game over for the already battered Boxer, that had his whole body filled with bruises, in contrast with his enemy that cured himself during the fight.

Things looked grim for the Spirited Brawler.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: SamJaz wanted to smile at his victorious plan, but at this point, it was more like putting down a sick horse than defeating the honourable opponenthe had been hoping for.Gen's mind was completely shut down at this point.
He raised his keyblade, aiming for another magic attack.
He couldn't.
He couldn't call this victory.
If this wasan actual life or death battle, then there would be no hesitation.
But an arena match was to continue until there was a victor.
How can SamJaz Win, unless Gen's there to admit he lost?
Instead, the young man reaimed the Keyblade for Gen's head, kicking himself for doing so, and launched a beam of light.
Then, he turned the key, unlocking the door between sleep and reality, life and death.
Unconciousness and Awareness. 
Flicking the 'ON' switch of Gen's mind.
"TIME OUT!" SamJaz shouted, lowering his keyblade, the deed done. "TWO MINUTE BREAK!"
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Gen flailed his arms aimlessly while the air barrier kept him afloat, unable to get any traction. But even if he had some, he wouldn’t escape without using his Spirit, but in his current situation, with his body moving by reflex and battle thirst alone, he couldn’t get a rational thought through to focus his will power and determination to tap into the infinite energy that resides in each fighter, their Fighting Spirit. Samjaz was about to give the final blow as the crowd cheered and shouted like a pack of wild animals. His opponent, not that Gen noticed, seemed to be doubting if he should or shouldn’t finish Gen right there, but instead of attacking he did something else.

A beam of light similar to the one he used to close the Hot-Blooded Box muscles came out from the Keyblade, aimed at Gen head. The crowd was expecting to see brains flying, and even “Bazooka” Date raised the plastic barriers around the ring to protect the spectator from stray pieces of skull that could fly from Gen’s head. But that expectations were shattered when Gen stopped struggling as the barrier slowly made him descend to the mat, and Samjaz lowered his weapon and asked for a recess. A moment of silence, the calm before the storm, preceded an outbreak of insults and things being thrown into the arena. With Date trying to calm the public down, as they started to trash the place in their rage, they wanted blood not some sissy pussing out from a fight

Gen landed and started breathing softly, instead of the animal like huffing he was doing while unconscious, he really needed to lay down for a bit, with blood soaking his head and bruises turning black all over his body, not to mention one or two concussions after the fall and the kick. Yet he was starting to stand up again, with blood not only soaking his face now, but also falling in waterfall-like streams over his body, a nosebleed and two lines of blood coming out from both sides of his mouth, not to mention a swollen shoulder were more than enough witnesses of the beat down he received from Samjaz. Gen wanted to punch himself; he went all happy-go-lucky into this fight, too proud from his previous victories and his new technique that he forgot to really think in this match, and a much cleverer fighter took advantage of it and gave him one ass-whopping good enough to be in a book.

The Spirited Brawler barely managed to be still standing, with his muscles shouting in an agony he was the only that could hear, while blood covered most of his skin, mixed with a heavy coat of sweat. He swayed back and forth, maybe even somewhat punch drunk after receiving too many blows in the head. He could only glimpse around with his blurred eyesight and see the mat filled with strange objects he couldn’t distinguish. Somebody up in the room shouted something and most of the sound he could barely hear over the buzzing in his ears stopped. From the booth, Aoki Minato shouted to Samjaz – No recess are given, no mercy is wanted, this is a fight until the opponent is defeated.- A group of guards suddenly popped out in the sidelines of the pit, aiming towards Samjaz – So, if you don’t attack, my boys will give you a new diet, very rich in lead, you Key Wielding pussy!-

The Battle Chasing delinquent was oblivious to everything around him, mustering his remaining strength to stay standing, his eyes, the only parts of him that seemed alive instead of near the cemetery, were soaked in blood, yet a blue glow was easily noticeable, his Fighting Spirit was far from being as near death as his body, and Gen wasn’t the kind of guy that would fall down without trying to give a punch. He started barely moving towards his opponent, trying to rise his fist and put all his remaining strength, yet his movements were sluggish and easily avoidable.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: SamJaz's eye twitched.
Non-combatants were focusing weapons on him.
Few things can actually irritate SamJaz enough to warrant a reaction.
But that was one of them.
He fights how he wants to fight.
He switched Persona as Gen began to move towards him. Despite looking like a cancelled autopsy, that glow in his eyes gave SamJaz everything he needed to know.
SamJaz stepped aside from the oncoming fist, leaving a floating, blue card in its wake.
The second that card was damaged by Gen's fist, it would summon the powers of a great thunder ogre, launching a wide-spread lightning attack on the individuals surrounding the immediate area.
Specifically, lightning striking each armed security that threatened him, despite the powerful ceilings.
"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" SamJaz roared to the booing crowd in anticipation of the impending lightning strikes. "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? IS THAT NOT WHY YOU ARE HERE?!"
Wait, that was a movie quote.
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Gen started to fall down after hitting the card, drifting into an unconscious state once again, blood covering him almost entirely, and falling milliseconds before him splashing the mat. His whole body felt like an open wound suddenly filled with alcohol, muscle fibers ripped, bones almost reduced to dust, organs really damaged. But he couldn’t give up, even falling his eyes glowed intensely. His knees buckling under his weight, his limp and damaged arms touching the ground, now he could see the shadow cast by his body, but in his heart he wasn’t defeated, at least not by his enemy, his own stupidity and overgrown pride was his undoing. -I’m a bloody idiot- he thought as he was about to touch the ground – But I’ll be flat-out stupid if I fall like this!!!!-

Gen body tensed up as his right first punched with strength that he seemed to have lost after the beating. The impact pushed him up and caused a massive BANG! That resonated in the pit-ring metallic walls. -OOOOOORYA!!!- With a roar he turned his aching body in a single fluid motion, launching a powerful straight towards Samjaz jaw as he make a Gladiator spoof. His body was so hurt and his arms muscles so strained that when he punched, blood spurted from his wounds and the muscles, pushed so much crushed the already weakened bones and dislocated his swollen shoulder, taking out the bone from his socket. This was truthfully his last punch. As Samjaz shouted, Aoki Minato was about to give the order to shoot both up.

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Lightning struck down the guardsmen, each one passing out under the intense heat that melted each rifle in their hand, not to mention the thousands of volts rippling through their bodies.
With his grandstanding, however, SamJaz had left his back open to the wounded boxer. He only began to turn as he heard the roar and barely managed to tuck his head behind his shoulder before he was sent flying with a sickening KRAACHK!
SamJaz slammed into the wall, his Keyblade skidding accross the floor before vanishing in a cloud of light. That was stupid of him. That undominatable spirit was more than enough to carry this fight on.
Coughing up blood, SamJaz grinned at Aoki. "Fight's not over." He said, reaching down to pop his broken shoulder back into place. "I haven't won until those-" Pop  "NNNGGHH Eyes show submission." he winced, trying not to move the shattered, relocated arm.
He looked around to make sure that there were no remaining gunsmen. If they were, they were too busy smouldering to try and continue interfering. 
SamJaz stood a safe distance from the boxer, trying not to show the damage done to his now-glass jaw, or his pulverised shoulder, but summoned the keyblade into his left hand. 
He began to charge freezing cold magic around the shaft of the Keyblade. "Do you admit defeat?" SamJaz asked, aiming for the boxer while keeping an eye out for any other outbursts from the referees. 
He'd never tried healing his own headshot wounds before, and he wasn't interested in trying.
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Gen wasn’t listening, he was standing, still with his guard up, yet his eyes blank, this time around he was really out cold, his left hand kept the stance while his right arm was hanging limp in his side. He connected the fist shattering his hand in the process, and both his arm and forearm bones in the process, crushed by the same willpower that moved them and the might of the muscles that did the dirty work for the Battle Chaser determination. His slasher smile frozen in place while a single spotlight was upon him from above. Only a man with a Fighting Spirit such as Gen could make fainting look as badass as he was currently making it look, with blood slowly going down from his whole body into the mat forming a puddle. While the people stopped shouting and started cheering at Samjaz and Gen behaviour, one for being so gentlemanly and the other for his undying determination. As the Audience demeanor changed, Aoki adapted to it and calmed himself down, leading the crime in a whole city was slowly turning him mad, and he longed for those summer nights when he only had to worry about himself, now he started to understand why Kuro-san refered to this job not as promotion for him, but as punishment for his tricks and backstabbings.

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SamJaz heard the cheers from the crowd, first perplexed, then smiled.

The energy around the keyblade died down, and SamJaz walked towards the unconscious boxer.

"I was hoping to break that fighting spirit of yours," SamJaz told the motionless boxer. "You only win if your opponent admits his defeat."

The keyblade glowed with Cure magic, and SamJaz tapped Gen in the back with it to begin the recovery process before casting it on himself. "You win, Gen." he told the fighter, hopping over the ropes. "I wasn't able to defeat your spirit."

He twirled the keyblade in his hands, like a cowboy might spin a revolver on his finger, before slapping the blade against the huge metal door that stood in his way. The doorway pulled open, and SamJaz left without another word.

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Gen felt the healing effect and heard the words of Samjaz. He smiled, yet he didn’t felt as a winner. The Hot-Blooded Boxer saw him leaving and told him – That was a good fight Key-ojisan, let’s fight again sometime…. -

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There was no music. A slim figure approached the ring, his eyes glazed over as he was blind. He walked with a cane, and a smirk. One could confuse him for being able to see, given his confident stride, and he stepped into the ring, his face descending into a cruel scowl of concentration and focus. He tossed his cane to one side, and it could be seen that he wore at his hip, a sword. "Whenever you are ready." He said in a slick, smooth voice, dropping into a defensive stance, his sword not yet drawn.

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Gen had already entered to the ring, after the last match the people wanted more blood, and the Hot-Blooded Delinquent was hungry for battle. The next fighter was, according to the organizer Aoki Minato, an expert fighter and a veteran warrior, more than enough to keep the brawler heart beating inside Gen Shishioh happy. What Aoki Minato, Osaka’s God of Gambling, didn’t say was that the opponent was blind. Gen knew that blind fighters were dangerous after getting his ass kicked a dozen times by a blind Aikido master during his training trip. The Battle Hungry Boxer got of his corner as his opponent took a stance and talked "Whenever you are ready."

Gen didn’t noticed any fighting spirit or taunting intent in his words, he was just stating the fact. For somebody that fought by burning his fighting spirit through emotion the Hot-Blooded Brawler didn’t usually ended up good against the opposite kind of fighters the ones that analyze the battlefield and fight with their heads rather than their hearts. But any doubts he had were far behind him, deeply buried under his training and his confidence. He shook his head and with a slasher smile on he rushed forward using the Raijin Step to suddenly pop up in front of the opponent thanks to his super boosted footwork powered by his Fighting Spirit. -Eat this! Ghost Jab Hurricane!- A hundred of jabs went towards Blindside, checking the range with the first ten and then aiming for the body.

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His foe was fast, faster than John would have guessed, but slight changes in air pressure gave away the punches and he batted away most of the strikes. A dozen or so got through, and they did some damage. Nothing that would hinder him too much, but injury this early on was not to be welcomed. Using an old trick he'd been taught by his father, John aimed slightly below the man's breathing, and aimed at where he assumed the man's throat was with a powerful chop. Expecting a retort, he flowed fluidly out of the path, not going back, left, or right, but instead stepping inwards, spinning and activating his power to pass through solid objects. His opponent may guess incorrectly that it was merely an expertly performed dodge, but his attempt was to phase through the man, a little. If it succeeded, and he got behind his opponent, he wasted no time in aiming a fist at the back of the man's skull, following with a powerful kick to his opponent's right knee.

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