Underground Fighting in Osaka

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Osaka, Japan

The excessive cheering and shouts filled the underground stadium. The putrid stench of old sweat and dried blood was covering the whole area, as the crowd roared as one massive beast, enthralled in watching the fight occuring under them. A tall and slender man, with barely no visible muscle, danced in the ring, evading with graceful and fluid motions he sluggish attacks of a mountain of a man, taller than his opponent and much, much wider. The slender warrior was only wearing baggy pants and a open light fabric vest, he moved without making a sound, except the ones he make with his mouth, insulting and taunting his rival, but that couldnt be noticed in the noisy underground stadium. The wider man breathed heavily as his armor clad fists only hitted the air, and his armor ringed wih his every move. The battleground was filled of small craters, the places were the armored fighter, known as Yoroi, hitted, while Yukikaze, the slender fighter, evaded. Thier fight wasnt going anywhere, as the Shielded Titan, a user of an old martial arts style, Yamabushi Yoroi Kentou, was only failing his attacks and spending his stamina, while Yukikaze, seemingly a master of chinese Baqua, slipped away from each of he stout warrior attacks, almost as if he floated in the ring. Soon enough Yoroi was too tired to continue, his breathing was almost visible, coming like a small cloud of steam from inside the mask of his Japanese styled armor. In contrast of the ringside, heated by the agitated crowd, the ring was strangely cold, he air was chilling, and the armor was a clear proof of it, as he metal plates were covered in water, as the humidity and cold condensed it in the armor. Nobody, but a few of the spectators noticed wha was really going, Yukikaze wasnt even bothered by the sudden decrease of temperature, and his body was now surrounded by a faint glowing dust, his hair turned from his dyed delinquent blond to bluish, and so did his eyes, that were shining brightly. You're done for, you disgusting armored insect, He stopped for a second while speaking and then jumped upwards, vaulting over Yoroi with his arms extended like wings and a trail of frozen air behind them. Landing behind the armored opponent Yukikaze slashed with both of his, now claw-like, hands hat were covered by Ice. His style was called Dongji Wu, and allowed him to convert his Chi into freezing winds and auras. Yoroi roared in pain as the sharp winter claws pierced throught his armor, passed down by generations of his family and slashed his back, freezing the wound in a blur.

The Armored Fighter turned around while execuing a powerful double lariat, with enough strenght to level a building, as he shouted angrily, Stop mocking me! yet Yukikaze, in a display of amazing elasticity he just bended backwards and the closed fists and hardened arms of his opponent passed righ over him, with little no effect. With even more agility than before, the Freezing Warrior started backflipping and handstanding while moving backwards, aiming to create a space between him and his tired opponent. What's the matter turtle boy? scared of being slashed out of your shell? Yukikaze creepily taunted him and licked the frozen blood attached to the glaciar claws in his hand. Under his mask, Yoroi breathed heavily, as a wounded bull being cornered by the Matador, he knew he couldnt win, he underestimaed his opponent and he was paying dearly for that mistake, but if he would die, he would take the enemy in front of him. He had to, as he bet that he would kill the opponent, and he needed the money to mantain he family dojo from being evicted by the bank. With a primal roar he charged, using his syle Ougi, Yama no Ikari! he shouted as he charged at full speed, with his shoulder aimed towards his enemy and a greenish arua surrouding him, yet Yukikaze moved to his encounter with calm and composed steps, not giving a single **** about his enemy. A detonation lighted up he Underground ring and when the crowd was able to see what happened, Yoroi was completly frozen inside a iceberg looking block, and Yukikaze was dusting his hands, as the pieces of what had been his icy claws fell into the ground. The Announcer shouted with enthusiasm, AAAAAAAND THE WINNER IS! YUKIKAZE, THE WINTER DEMON!!!!!! a lot of the crowd was dissapointed, as they bet on Yoroi, as they thought the armored would win. The winner of the match left the ring throught a door that opened in the wall, he left while waving and bowing to the cheers of his fans, a group of rich housewifes that were introducted to this arena by their husbands to keep them busy. Yukikaze was some sort of Idol to those lonely women, and he surely took advantage of that to gain some money. He was of chinese mother and japanese father, an orphan in two countries, with no family whatsoever, he learnt to figh from a Triad enforcer, and decided to test his luck in Japan, after learning about Underground rings such as this one. He entered to the backstage dressing rooms and started to shower, he didnt even noticed that in the main zone of the dressing room, a young man, not older than 20 years old, shadow boxed nerviously, as it was his first fight in the Underground Matches sponsored by the famous Aoki Minato, Osaka's God of Gambling.

Gen Shishioh shuffled his footwork nerviously, and as he was partially nervous he was messing it up. Noticing how rough his movements were, proof of his nerves, he punched his own forehead with his bandaged hand, trying to order his thoughts. The blow managed to stop him from shaking. This situation was more about his nerves than fear, in other words he was too excited by the prospect of fighting until the opponent or himself perished, specially after watching what the usual fighters of his place could do. Gen was brimming with anticipation punching the air with a 1-2 combination. His wait wasnt long, as a bell anounced him to move towards the ring, throwing some punches to the air as he moved and stretching his muscles. He entered the ring with a single leap over the ropes and showed off, punching fast and sharp, try to show his skills. The Announcer shouted the introduction LAAAAAADIES AND GENTLEMEN! GET READY FOR OUR NEXT FIGHT! IN THE RED CORNER, A NEWCOMER, A STREET BOXER WITH NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYHING TO PROVE! His voice sounded from a box over the ring, were he could have a birdseye view over the ring, a dozen of well placed cameras helped him to visualize the mach even better. GEEEEEEEEEN SHISHIOH!. The Hot-Blooded Boxer rised his hand with his fist closed and the cheers increased, some of them shouting things like "Fall in the third round!" or "Beat him I need the money" The Young delinquent could barely wait, he was hooked on fighting, it was almost an addiction, like an infecious disease spreading throught every cell, a burning thrist that was only calmed by fighting. The Announcer Voice sounded even higher, it wasn so strange his nickname was "Bazooka" Date, IN THE BLUE CORNER ANOTHER NEWCOMER TO THIS ARENA, PLEASE GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO.... The doors opened revealing Gen first opponent, whoever he was, the Battle Chasing Delinquent would fight with his 100% from the start

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The vampire walked onto the stage, she was clearly at ease with the noise and smells that came with illegal fights. She made eye contact with no one, getting into position and waiting for the fight to begin. She sized up her opponent, Gen Shishioh, an amateur clearly, he showed none of the poise of a professional martial artist or mage, however he also hadn’t run after seeing the violence of the last battle so he could not have been an ordinary street thug. She would have to play this cautiously.

She took stock of herself, she had her spear, her knives, and the golden fleece had been sewn into the lining of the black jacket she wore. The hands that held the spear were calloused now, her body more muscular, her reflexes at their peak. All effects of being the count’s slave for the last decade. She wore a bandana over her face to hide her fangs, even in a crowd such as this one vampires were unwelcome and feared, for good reason. She stabbed her spear into the ground, to the crowd it looked as if she was boasting about not needing it but that was not her purpose. She didn’t know how fast her opponent was and if he was fast enough to get inside her guard the spear would be a liability. Throwing off her jacket was a similarly calculated move, the fleece wasn’t much help against blunt attacks like punches and the black sleeveless shirt underneath provided a much greater freedom of movement. She really didn’t mean to look so smugly overconfident, it was just that a combination of several factors made her seem so.

She didn’t bother drawing her knives, if it became necessary she would use them but using weapons against opponents that didn’t have them was generally looked down up, instead she took a basic stance, waiting for the bell to ring.

The second the bell rung she moved, rushing to meet her opponent. She opened with a single exploratory punch, a riskless move. If he wasn’t fast enough to block it or strong enough to take it the fight would be over right there.

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If Gen was surprised about fighting a woman he didn’t showed it, he only noted the toned muscles and the aura of experience around his first opponent in the illegal fights. The Hot-blooded Boxer was almost mesmerized by the sheer and refined killing intent of Medea, something honed from years and years of being a supernatural predator. Gen was almost overwhelmed by his opponent presence, almost a tangible wind of death blowing against his face. The Boxing Delinquent jumped in his place, shuffling his footwork and raising his guard, a southpaw by-the-book stance, standing with his right side facing the opponent and his body swaying back and forth while he kept shuffling. The bell sounded and Medea charged towards Gen with her fist prepared to give a punch.

Gen was prepared to avoid the attack, and even pressured by the Vampire aura, something all Spirit Boxers, even no-names with almost no training like Gen, were very susceptible to other fighters fighting Spirit, as their own techniques worked by using their own spirit and will like fuel for the techniques. With a clumsily sway the Boxing delinquent managed to avoid the hit partially, that only grazed his cheekbone. Gen moved to the left with his face bruised, but didn’t retreated, and against any common sense after witnessing the supernatural speed that almost caught him flatfooted, the Spirit Boxer pressed forward with a combination.

Right Jab, Right Jab, Left Cross. Gen feinted with a Right Cross that suddenly turned into a massive Left Haymaker aimed to the Vampire face, hoping to break her nose with a well placed punch. Gen even leaped a small distance to add the momentum and the gravity to his hit, he wanted to connect the last hit, shatter her skull. The first attacks where only leading her to retreat while blocking or evading, creating enough space for him to leap. He fought against several spear users in his dojo hunting road trips and he knew by experience that all of them needed to back down little bit to use their spears correctly.

The Hot-blooded Boxer wanted to show his skills from the start to instill some insecurity into his opponent. Unluckily that sort of things could work on amateurs and Medea surely wasn’t one…

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Medea was impressed, this street boxer was clearly talented. She knew what should happen here, the young underdog boxer should beat the obviously evil vampiress and move forward in his goal to be the best, perhaps redeeming his evil opponents in the process. Thats what the tropes of fiction said should happen, still that was rather unlikely.

She kept up with the combination of punches he unleashed rather easily but she was still glad she had chosen to forgo her spear. She got into a rhythm with her blocks, left, right, left, right and then he feinted. Medea saw the punch coming, she was entirely capable of avoiding it.

The punch hit her square in the forehead, not its intended target but still quite damaging. Medea’s head snapped back and physics, being unsatisfied with that, dictated that she go flying towards the ground. Her head the ground first followed by her back and her legs, had she been a normal human she would have been knocked out or even dead. Medea was not normal, she kicked out, both booted feet aiming for his solar plexus. She was very quickly on her feet again, there was blood streaming down her face but she paid it no mind, however it did serve to make her even more threatening. It was as if the universe was under some conspiracy to make her look more and more cartoonishly evil, black clothing, pale skin and now crimson blood all worked toward that effect. Now all she needed was for someone to figure out that she was actually a vampire and she’d be up to her hair in Blade wannabes. Still she’d worry about that after she shattered this boxer’s hopes and dreams. She decided to change the pace of the fight, she grabbed him and then used her legs to try to knock him off balance, hoping to get him to the ground.

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The combination worked, but Gen knew better, his opponent allowed the hit to reach her. Medea moved much faster than him at the start of the match, it was obvious that she took it even when she could dodge it. Several people used that stupid trick during his Dojo Hunting tour, thinking that the hit would seem like an opening, luring Gen to a trap. The Hot-blooded Boxer body reacted on his own, changing his guard to a cross-arm stance managing to stop the dropkick from hurting his chest, but the supernatural strength behind it sent him flying towards the ring steel-iridium alloy wall crashing hard and almost losing his breath. A line of blood dripped from his mouth but his eyes were lit on. “This is what I was waiting for!” he shouted with glee, finally founding an opponent strong enough to send him flying and make him bleed, something that didn’t happened for at least 1 month, “Come at me sister let’s bathe in blood and bruises tonight” Gen roared at the Vampire while removing the line of blood from his mouth with his thumb. Another line of blood starting sliding from his hair through his forehead. The Spirit Boxer gestured her to come towards him, as he in a extreme display of self-confidence relaxed his guard and shifted his foot work for a more lighter and seemingly fast pace than before.

Gen had an ace in the hole that he was saving for his first match in the federation, but in this situation, facing a faster, stronger and possibly more durable opponent he had to give it a test drive. His footwork was key for this and when Medea charged to grab him, The Hot-blooded boxer tensed up his whole body, and sent his whole strength and energy to his legs, when the Vampire closed her hands she only grabbed air, as Gen was propelled to the side with ridiculous strength and speed, a sudden acceleration footwork technique that wasn’t part of his official Winning Combination since he had yet to use it on a Official Federation match. The technique name was Raijin Step (Thunder God Step) and Gen created it by mimicking one of the 5 martial artists that defeated him completely during his Tour. An old hermit in Sakurajima Island, that was master of a strange Karate school, Shimazu-something Ryu, used his strength to increase his speed even with his immense size. Gen copied that movement, but he still had to master it, as Gen crashed violently against the wall to the right of his former position after rolling in the ground. He still had to control the motions and the balance of the move, but it was good enough to dodge.

The movement worked as a Instant Movement/Flash step, breaking the sound barrier for a second. Gen stood up and lifted his Southpaw guard again. More blooded poured from his head as the hit against the wall was pretty hard. “Come on! I’m gonna knock your teeth out lady!” Shouted Gen, as he charged towards Medea unleashing another combination, this time Right Jab, Left Jab, Right Straight, Left Straight, Right Overcut and Left Uppercut. This time faster than before. But all this combination was only a set up for another movement. The Boxing Delinquent was starting to gather energy to unleash his only official movement, the Phantom Left Hurricane.

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Medea felt like the rug had been pulled out from under her. The momentum of the fight had flipped completely, this had gone from an easy win to a difficult match. She this from the look in Gen's eyes, he was excited, euphoric even over discovering that he had an opponent that was a match for him. He smiled, declaring “This is what I was waiting for!” with a glee that bothered Medea. “Come at me sister let’s bathe in blood and bruises tonight” She had seen this all before, it was best described as blood lust. She went for the grapple anyway but it was disheartening. Of course that barely registered compared to her surprise when Gen suddenly sped up. Medea understood the tactic, if hitting the wall was the better alternative to getting hit by the opponent then it was worth the pain. It was a tactic she used to use herself. “Come on! I’m gonna knock your teeth out lady!” he shouted.

Medea almost smiled at that, there were very few forces that could damage a vampire's fangs. Gen unleashed another combination, much faster than the last one. To Medea up until this point it had felt like her opponent was moving in slow motion, now they were almost even. She blocked the first five punches but couldn't completely block the last one. It clipped her chin and the bandanna covering it went flying off, revealing Medea's fangs.

Parts of the crowd suddenly grew silent, Medea's identity as a vampire was revealed. She smiled, not even bothering to hide her fangs. She saw that Gen was preparing something else big, his body language was as big a give away as the energy he was gathering into his left arm. "Oh that simply will not due." she said, trying to stop herself from laughing. It was not anything Gen was doing that was making her laugh, she was just enjoying herself.

The combination that Gen had just let out would have most probably stunned a normal opponent, giving Gen time to charge up his finishing move. Using that combination on Medea has not earned him that time. She stuck his chest with her palm, wanting to send him flying towards the wall. It was her turn to change the momentum of the fight, she drew both of her knives and charged, the power of the Sandals of Hermes sending her flying towards him at near instantaneous speeds. She guessed that whatever kind of energy Gen was somehow based on his life force. Medea's intuitively knew that life force was transmitted by blood, so in order to stop him from completing the attack she had to make him bleed.

She slashed with knives that could cut through steel, aiming one at each shoulder. The wounds where intended to be shallow, after all she decided she liked this boxer and didn't want to do anything too permanent.

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The crowd suddenly shut up, seemingly scared by something. Gen didn’t know what was the reason, as he focused his battle spirit on his right hand. He removed his opponent mask, and she showed her fangs, quite literally. He didn’t know what all the fuss was about, as he already knew, and fought some people with almost the same teeth. He thought that it was some kind of new fashion, as he fought a strange pale skinned guy back in his tour, yet that guy was seemingly ill, and fought really bad. But he pissed Gen off by trying to bite him. That moment flashbacking may cost him the fight, as Medea attacked him with a palm, aimed to his chest. The Hot-Blooded Boxer managed to react in time, more of a pure reflex rather than a studied reaction and shifted the angle of his body and shoulder blocked the attack. The force of the blow pushed him away, dragging his feet through the metallic floor with a loud screech. The blow almost made Gen arm goes numb, but thankfully he was hit harder and he was ready to take the hit. His master taught him that other members of the SBF could use their Battle spirit as armor, but the Spirited Boxer was incapable of doing it.

Medea charged at him in a split second, almost as if she floated over the ring, Gen would appreciate the flawless execution of the footwork if he didn’t noticed that she wasn’t tapping her feet, rather than using some strange contraption. If he could detect supernatural energy he would have noticed the magical nature of the sandals, but as his training only touched the basics of Spiritual Boxing. Medea suddenly pulled two knifes, and aimed towards Gen shoulder. The boxer swayed to the sides, but even with his masterful evasion he got tagged in both occasions, with thin lines of scarlet blood dripping from his bare shoulders. The Hot-Blooded Boxer withstood the pain, as he had been damaged worse in fights, with scars being silent witnesses of that, but he noticed the opening in Medea guard as she attacked with two knifes in tandem so her chest was wide open. Gen took his chance and unleashed his attack.

Eat this sister! Ghost Jab Hurricane! A couple of hundred blows attacked at the same time broke the barrier of sound with several detonations and aimed to pummel the Vampire chest with incredible speed and strenght

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Of the few that were aware of her presence in one of the private booths, none questioned the masked woman in black leather armor. She had made herself the scourge of the various mafias and criminal orginizations over the last decade, seemingly able to get past any security system and steal any piece of information. She was the ultimate espionage agent. Her identity had yet to be discovered, no one knew who she worked for, there wasn’t even some sort of codename by which people could refer to her as. She was truly nameless and that was just how Lan Fan liked it.

She was watching the fight below with interest, Medea was a difficult person to find. It was easy to figure out where she had been but it was rare to actually be where she was. Lan Fan winced when she saw the knives go into her opponent, Medea had gotten more violent since they last met.

“Hey, nice suit” said a sing song voice behind her, in another time she would have jumped but Lan Fan had long since come to accept the fact that Carmilla and Sarah would always be able to sneak up on her. She turned around, both vampires were completely unchanged, Sarah was even wearing the same suit and had the same automatic weapon slung across her back. For the moment Carmilla had chosen a matching suit. “So that’s her huh, thanks for calling us.”

“Its nothing Carmy,” Lan Fan replied, giving Sarah a hug and Carmilla a handshake. “The fight seems to be over.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Carmilla replied, “Watch closely.” Neither Lan Fan nor Sarah knew what to expect but they trusted Carmilla’s witch’s sight. A second later they realized why, neither woman was easily surprised but both of their jaws dropped when they say the Ghost Jab Hurricane.

“How many punches was that?” Sarah asked once the sonic booms subsided

“I saw around fifty,” Lan Fan answered, more than a little scared.

“Oh it's at least four times that.” Carmilla said, clearly impressed.

“How is she still standing?” Lan Fan asked, Medea hadn’t moved in reaction to the assault.

“Oh she’s using those sandals to keep herself in place. She won’t be for long though, ribs and organs are probably a very interesting soup right now. The first thing we should see is blood from the mouth,” On que Medea started coughing up red blood. “If she were alive well, she’d stop being that way very soon.” Medea’s eyes were unfocused, to call her dazed would be an understatement.

“Miss Carmilla aren’t you going to help her?” Sarah asked, a little disturbed by her sires calm.

“Why would I need to do that?”

Lan Fan wanted to point out the many reasons, the long history the two women had together, the danger Medea was in as an exposed vampire, and the simple fact that Medea was clearly in pain, but she held her peace. Carmilla tended to have some sort of logic behind the more outrageous things she said. The crowd had called the match as over and some people were going to cash in their bets. The referee was waiting for Medea to fall before making it official.

Medea made a quick motion with her hand, scratching Gen on the cheek. Only Carmilla, Sarah and one other vampire who was in the crowd could see the scratch, to them it glowed purple. The scratch was a claim, a declaration that Gen was hers to either protect or prey on and no one elses'. She had no plans to do the latter, she rather liked him. Carmilla began laughing. Then Medea used the last of her strength to do something drastic, she lunged forward, her mouth open, fangs extended, ready to bite Gen's neck.

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In a hidden arena for illegal underground fighting competitions between people with supernatural abilities the crowd was enjoying a fight between two incredibly powerful and determined opponents. One was a spirited 20 year old who made up for what he lacked in experience with an undying determination; some might say he reminded them of the late, great, Undefeated Nordic Tiger, Raseri (this often lead to a many debate). Meanwhile the young Spirit Boxer was fighting a recently revealed vampire displayed speed, strength, and endurance and may have been the young’s fighter strongest opponent to date. The crowd loved the fight but none more so than a certain member of tonight’s audience 10 years ago he was perhaps one of the best young heroes around now he was force into the life of rogue wander an outlaw of sorts but still a hero. Crow Cementerio was in this audience for this spectacular brawl between the two supernatural fighters, but unlike everybody else the Last Gunslinger had his eyes closed and his signature cowboy hat pulled over his face.

The Rail-gun was watching the fight though a different sense, with his eyes closed he was sensing the spirits of those around him in the arena in particularly the two spirits of the fighters, it was a sixth sense of sorts that he learned during his time training with the Native Americans. This sixth sense showed him every moved of the two fighters and sometimes an occasion glimpse of what they were about to due, the Native Americans in the Arizona/New Mexico desert called it Vista de la Tierra (Sight of the Earth). The Gunslinger was enjoying the battle a lot a smile on his face; “These two have some real skill the vampire is interesting didn’t think she be so willing to reveal her true powers in a place like this. But I’m more interested in the kid his espíritu is quite strong and it will only get better.” Crow smiled despite being older he still the same person he was he teamed with the likes of Raseri, Callis, and others what he saw in the young boxer was a some what cut from the same cloth. As the Last of the Gunslingers enjoyed the fight something peaked his interest even more two new yet familiar spirits enter sight that drew his attention away from the fight that seem to have ended with the Spirit Boxer delivering at least a hundred punches in one super fast and powerful punch to the vampire. “Hmmm interesting that they are here I wonder what they want. Lan Fan may just be scouting for Jack but Carmilla presence most have something to do with that vamp.” The gunslinger calmly got up and walked over towards Jack’s allies.

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Gen right arm and fist discharged hundreds of punches in a single second, each one with a proper sonic boom following them; shockwaves of impact shook Medea body, as her internal organs were reduced to a bloody pulp. The Vampire backed down and Gen raised his guard, as he faced people that managed to come back from getting a point blank Ghost Jab Hurricane in the chest. The Hot-blooded boxer right hand was aching, using the speed tech usually ended up causing a lot of strain in his muscles, but after hitting Medea hard skin, different from a common human, he was surprised that he didn’t break any bones. It happened before, but the more he used the Tech the less his hand hurt. The same went for his legs that were killing him. The jolts of pain after using the Raijin Step barely allowed him to stay standing, as he leaned against the metallic wall of the ring. Medea moved backwards and she clawed the air, scratching Gen in the cheek. The Spirited Boxer sways his head, sticking it to the wall, standing as far as he could of the wounded Vampire. –I think it’s my win sister, there was only one man that withstood this and won the match afterwards, and I don’t think you’re stronger than him.- But Gen miscalculated his taunt, as Medea still had fight in her. The Vampire tried to bite the drained boxer.

Gen moved under and to the side, swaying his body in a compact and fluid motion, avoiding for an inch the fangs of Medea, and dodging the dangerous attack, and with the last strength he could muster and unleashed a powerful left handed uppercut, aimed to the chin of Medea. -Get a load of this sister and fall down!-

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Medea completely blacked out. She heard neither of Gen’s taunts, nor the sickening crack her head made when it hit the floor. She didn’t feel the slow trickle of blood coming out of her mouth and unlike the last time there would be no drop kick from the ground. She just lay there as the announcer started his ten count.

Up above in the stands Carmilla was trying to figure out who it was that had entered their booth, Lan Fan had used a facial recognition program in order to work it out and Sarah had used her brain. Carmilla walked around the newcomer, “I know who you are, the name’s on the tip of my tongue. “Ah let me think, who do I know that’s this good looking, tall and tanned?” She put her finger on her lip trying to think of someone, “Tiriaq? No wait he was mauled by that starbear... Saqui maybe? Wait no she was a girl.. also dead. Who? Who? Who?” She walked behind him in her business suit, walked back around wearing jeans, a leather duster and a cowboy hat. The change had happened during the single moment where no one could actually see her because she was behind Crow. Lan Fan had forgotten how jarring it was to see her change clothes, demeanor, and personality in the blink of an eye. “I remember now,” she said suddenly gaining an accent to match her clothes. “You’re that cowboy, Crow. Well, give or take a few years in the sun. Now it’s nice to see you again but I gotta do something before we catch up. Girls, you two stay up here until things go to hell.”

The judge had finished his ten count, the bell rung declaring the match over. Carmilla jumped upward, there was a second wherein the bright lights on the ceiling made her hard to see. She landed on the ground wearing the black dress and pointy hat of a witch. Sarah and Lan Fan both groaned in unison, her witch persona was by far her most stable but it was also her most stubborn. “This could get very bad very fast,” Lan Fan warned.

Carmilla crouched down next to Medea, “Well look at the trouble ya got yourself into this time,” she said in an accent that could be best described as Scottish. “First time in a bloody decade that I find you and you go and get your lungs filled with blood. Ah what am I saying, you aint listenin ta me anyway.” She put her hand over Medea’s chest and muttered a few words, suddenly Medea body started convulsing, she started throwing up large amounts of blood. Carmilla seemed unperturbed, even as the blood stained her dress, she held Medea until the convulsions stopped. Medea’s chest began moving, a sign that she was breathing again. “Ah thats much better.”

The rest of the stadium didn’t seem to know how to react, the judge seemed like he was about to open his mouth, Medea gave him a witches stare. As piercing as the stare was physically, its true power was that of spirit. The judge was overwhelmed and essentially forced to keep his mouth shut. “Now you...” she said turning to Gen, she put Medea down and walked up to him, suddenly grabbing his right hand, “What are you doing using something that hurts your arm this much?” The pain began flowing out of Gen and into Carmilla, a basic witch’s trick. “Either tone it down or get better at it before using it again in a serious fight.” The knife wounds on Gen’s shoulder began closing, “And when you see Medea awake be sure to thank her for not cutting your arms clean off.”

She suddenly turned around, her arm shot forward towards a man in the crowd. A knife of blood flew towards him and imbedded itself in his seat millimeters from his neck. “Put that stake away, don’t think I didn’t see you reaching for it.” Carmilla ordered, her voice much harsher, “That goes for the lot of ya, understood?” She picked up Medea and slung her over her shoulder, walking towards the exit.

Up in the stands Lan Fan desperately hoped no would-be vampire hunter would take up her challenge. “Say Crow, would you help us save Medea even though she is pretty much evil?” Lan Fan asked.

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Crow smirked at Carmilla’s antics but would not meet her eyes as to not to draw attention to himself after all being the most wanted outlaw meant you had a very big target on head back. Being in a room filled with people who wouldn’t spare a second to turn him into the of 7 to catapult their name into the spot light; the Last Gunslinger kept a low profile as the witch finally remembered who he was. But just as quick as Jack’s ally realized who he was she was off just as quickly apparently to attend to the vampire in the ring that apparently had lost. Crow watched just for a bit as Carmilla used her magic to heal the fallen Medea then turned away wanting to not cause any more trouble then there was; these girls are Jack’s allies I rather not put them in danger just because I feel like I should help an old friend. Plus I rather not get myself into trouble I am a wanted outlaw against the Union of 7 I can’t blow my cover; I came here to watch the kid and see if there was any potential now I have to go. But this crowd now knows their secret a meta-human is one thing but a vamp they won’t let them leave here alive. The Rail-gun clenches his fist as he stands in place trying to pick what should he do. Before Crow could even make a decision it seemed like the crowd made one for him as a made attempted to draw a stake but was nearly impaled by a blood knife from the witch. “Put that stake away, don’t think I didn’t see you reaching for it.” The man was not the only one in the crowd who had a similar idea as more people began to move towards the ring their seat causing another out burst Carmilla; “That goes for the lot of ya, understood?” Despite the witch’s brave stance the audience was not following her order as soon of the bolder one began to shout back some derogatory terms. “Kill the f*cking fanger!” “She is an undead whore I say we stake her ass to the wall!” “Screw that I say we silver her and leave out in the sun to fry!” “Yeah fry the fanger!” Crow sighs as he look around Carmilla was beginning to move the injured Medea to the exit as a few of the audience members blocked the entrance. Lan Fan the cyborg ninja and the one ally of Jacks’ that Crow knew the most turns towards him; “Say Crow, would you help us save Medea even though she is pretty much evil?”

The Rail-gun calmly turned towards Lan Fan as his hand slipped down resting on his signature revolver Quicksilver, “Lo siento but no Lan Fan I won’t help you.” The Lightning Revolver words were quite shocking for someone who would help an ally no matter what but he was not done as he turns to look towards Carmilla and the injured Medea. “I can’t you because I’m an outlaw now but I can help those two. That vamp and Carmilla revealed themselves but the audience doesn’t realize you are with them. You and Sarah get out of here and meet us outside if I help them it won’t just be another crime that I committed; Most Wanted Crow helps two supernaturals including a vampire. I’ll deal with the audience and get them out of here. Now go you two I got this.” With that Crow went to aid the Witch and Vampire but not before a few parting words to the ninja; “Oh Lan Fan next time you see Jack tell him an old friend said hi.” Crow smirks as then suddenly vanished a show of how far he has come since the last time he met Jack, his speed and use of his electrical abilities improving to the point that he could move faster than even most super human eyes could see appearing to vanish and reappear. The Thunderbolt Gunslinger left with a slight charge of static and the sound of slight static then appears at the exit where several audience members had cut Carmilla and Medea off. A few of the men who turned around to encounter the smirking gunslinger wondering where this new person came from; without a word several ping pong sized balls of electricity formed around the gunslinger. Without a slight gesture the balls of electrical energy flew at full speed into the men blocking the two ladies entrance shocking them painful into unconscious, even burning a few of them. As the enraged audience fell Crow approached the two; “Bazofia don’t you know it rude to not hold a door open for a lady.” The Most Wanted Outlaw smile at Carmilla; “Hola senorita it seems I will be your escort this evening just follow me out of here.” Crow looked around as more disgruntled members began to come down from the stands grabbing make shift weapons in order to maim or even kill the 3 meta-human. One random spectator even pulled out a gun and loaded it with wooden bullets he kept just in case firing it at Carmilla and Medea in order to kill the both of them. Forunately Crow was an expect when it came to dealing with fire arms he could see the bullet as moved though the air and reacting faster than most people could blink he drew his signature revolver and sliced the bullet in half air. The two halves harmless passed by Carmilla.

The Last of the Gunslingers stood there his signature revolver held diagonally in his hand the weapon have changing over the years; this version of Quicksilver was nearly completely silver with white accents including the grip, underneath the barrel of the weapon was a long blade that was just meant for slicing. The familiar tassel was attached to the bottom along with two eagle feathers; the polished silver of the gun reflected the electrical cobalt blue of Crow’s right eye. Suddenly one of the audience members recognizes Crow as he shouted out loud; “Blue Eyes! A Custom Silver Revolver! Electrical Powers! Dressed like a Cowboy! I know that person that is Crow Cementerio he is wanted by the of 7. He is being called the Most Wanted Outlaw.” A smile came to Crow’s face as much trouble as he got into with that new moniker it did have a ring to it; Damn things just went from bad to worst we need to get out of here and fast. The exit is going to be blocked in about five seconds I need another way out. Crow looks back towards Carmilla and reassures her with a smile; “Stay behind me Carmilla until I tell you to run just keep your vamp friend safe. By the way you owe me for this one I was just trying enjoy a friendly fight.” Suddenly a large tree trunk sized fist attached to an arm just as thick smashed into Crow sending him into the steel wall of the ring. “Argh!!!” The fist was attached to large, about 15’6’’, bald man who was a mixture of muscle and fat all over his body wearing a skin tight black leotard. All over the man’s body weapons were strapped to his body, a smaller man step out from behind the behemoth, he was wearing a black leather jacket and pants he had a large orange Mohawk. A smug satisfied look on his face; “Where the hell you think you are going gunslinger? If you think my brother and I are going to let someone with a sweet reward on your head like you walk away. You are dead wrong! Actually just DEAD! We are the Weapon Warfare Brothers! I am Ikima “The Weapon King” and this is my brother Ozu “The Weapon Armory”!” Ikima began to laugh an eye splitting hysterical laugh that was more of scream as Ozu let out a dark and slow chuckle, Crow open his eyes revealing them to be near glowing bluish white as lightning of a similar color began to peel and arc off his body. “You damn Bazofia! You shouldn’t have done that!”

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Gen was barely conscious leaning into the wall while panting heavily. He couldn’t distinguish any sound except his own heavy breathing. He had spent too much energy as he used the incomplete Raijin Step in a fight, without measuring his Spiritual Energy Output (or SEO). Every Spirit Boxer that really wanted to raise ranks should be able to control the release of Spirit, so they could fight longer and more efficiently. Unluckily Gen wasn’t known for his self control. And with his first ranking match coming soon he was starting to feel the pressure of this match. He was excited, yet a little bit nervous, as he wanted to fight stronger opponents and the Ranking Match was his ticket to that kind of matches. Training for the upcoming fight was the only reason the Hot-blooded Boxer entered this matches, and it worked, at least a bi, as he knew more about how to increase the Raijin Step effectively. –**** this, I need to get on with the training- He muttered as he stood up, still bloodied and bruised only to fall against the wall once again, this time sitting with his back glued to the ring Steel barrier. A bottle thrown against the Vampires in the middle of the ring hit him right in the head, shattering into a shower of glass and making new wounds in his already bruised head. –The **** There are two fanged sisters in the ring, or I’m so ****ing wasted I’m seeing double?- Suddenly the sound of the crowd finally reached the Stunned Delinquent, that forced himself up as he heard Carmilla threatened the audience as she held Medea. Gen just realized at this point that most of his superficial wounds were cured, with blurred memories of Carmilla curing him and scolding him for something as he was in the floor. The crowd was either panicking or preparing their weapons, as Vampires, like most supernatural creatures were considered dangerous by the Union of 7 and Shin Nihon. Some managed to get work in the government chasing their own kind or keeping a low profile and faking to be another one of the Heroes or Private Senshi. In the crowd one of the first kind was waiting for her chance to move out and kill her brethren.

As Crow appeared in the Ring from thin air, Gen had a hunch. The movement, the static charge in the air or just instinct told the Hot-Blooded Boxer that the Lighting Gunslinger had the key to finish the Raijin Step. The Spiritual energy that Gen used could be converted into elemental energy, as he did with the Raijin Step, which not only enhanced his movement by increasing his nervous response but also worked as some kind of magnetic field that sent him flying towards the metallic object of his choice. Gen managed to walk again as the Weapon Bros jumped from the audience and started talking to Crow. A Black Clothed figure walked towards the exit Medea and Carmilla were about to use, with a metallic shine under her cloak. The Hot-blooded Boxer was now fully aware of the situation, and ran towards the unsuspecting that were going to fight the man he would ask for guidance. If Gen had a skill more developed than his inhuman willpower it was his ability to detect strong fighters, and Crow was one of the strongest he ever met, maybe even more than his own teacher. –Don’t go busting my ring or taking the spotlight Gun-aniki!- Shouted Gen as he plunged his fist towards the Mohawk punk with a loud crack as the Weapon Master flied towards the wall. – Run fanged sisters! I will help Gun-aniki to hold them off! I hope we can fight again!- Gen stood in front of the Orange Mohawk thug with his southpaw guard up –Get ready for a fight smug bastard!- Meanwhile the Black Clothed individual had moved to block Medea and Carmilla exit door, while he charged her wrist mounted crossbows. - This is a good night to hunt blood sucking scum- A sinister grin suddenly twisted the face of the Private Senshi known as Demon Hunter Cross.- Stop in your tracks bloodsucking wankers!- She shouted at Carmilla and Medea

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“I can’t you because I’m an outlaw now but I can help those two. That vamp and Carmilla revealed themselves but the audience doesn’t realize you are with them. You and Sarah get out of here and meet us outside if I help them it won’t just be another crime that I committed; Most Wanted Crow helps two supernaturals including a vampire. I’ll deal with the audience and get them out of here. Now go you two I got this.”

Lan Fan smiled, “Alright I understand, thank you Crow. Lets go Sarah.”


“Oh Lan Fan next time you see Jack tell him an old friend said hi.” Lan Fan nodded, smiling wider, almost laughing at how joyfully refreshing it was to be around a proper hero.

Those feeling were replaced by surprise when Crow static charged himself away. “Damn,” she commented.

“Lan Fan,” Sarah began, “is this really okay? It will be a massacre down there.”

“They’re scum anyway,” Lan Fan said dismissively, “Now come on lets get out of here.” They ran out of the private booth and into the hall, two vampire hunters were waiting for them.

They were part of an ancient order with long and proud traditions of keeping the world safe from beasts of the night, these days that just meant they were extremists for hire who wore black trench coats with way too many crosses. Neither Lan Fan nor Sarah knew which one, they tended to blend together after a while. “We say where that witch jumped from, you’re friends of hers aren’t you?” said the one on the right, raising his crossbow. “Go back to hell you foul beasts!”

He fired, Lan Fan caught the bolt with her robotic left arm. She ducked, Sarah fired two quick bursts over Lan Fan with her assault rifle, both hunters fell.

Meanwhile Carmilla was getting seriously annoyed, she had warned these idiots hadn’t she? And now some of them were blocking her way out, “‘ey what did I say, GET OUT OF MY WAY!” Carmilla yelled, the men just laughed at her. One of them taking out a large knife.

“You know what I heard about Vampires?” The man said, “You can kill them if you make them bleed enough, so what about you lady? How much can you bleed?” Carmilla rolled her eyes, it was almost cute, she raised her free hand, ready to summon a sword of blood when a bolt of electricity flew past her. It arced from person to person, for a single instant they were all connected in a web of blue electricity, and then they all fell.

“Bazofia don’t you know it rude to not hold a door open for a lady.” Crow said, making a suitably heroic entrance; “Hola senorita it seems I will be your escort this evening just follow me out of here.”

Most other girls would have probably swooned, Carmilla just smiled, “I coulda taken them myself,” she said pretending to be offended, “but thank you cowboy.” Carmilla saw wooden bullets flying towards them, she opened her mouth to warn Crow but he clearly had a handle on it, cutting the bullets in half so that they sailed harmlessly past Carmilla.

Some idiot just had to announce Crows identity, guaranteeing that this would be a complete bloodbath “Stay behind me Carmilla until I tell you to run just keep your vamp friend safe. By the way you owe me for this one I was just trying enjoy a friendly fight.” Carmilla was about to apologize but then and arm that could have masqueraded as a tree blasted Crow into the opposite wall.

Carmilla debated what to do, on the one hand the two newcomers and most people in the stadium for that matter were clearly more interested in Crow’s absurd bounty then the one that a vampire would bring. The best thing for her and Medea would be to just run right now, then again she felt a sense of obligation to Crow which was completely independant from her obligation to Medea, and then there was the fact that most of the people here were annoying and she wanted to disembowel them and then feast on their blood. Quite a confusing mix of feelings.

And then there was the girl charging her with wrist mounted crossbows. She moved her body slightly to the side so that the bolts would pierce her instead of Medea. The second one pierced her heart and she seemed to turn to smoke, Medea started falling but Carnilla reformed and caught her before she hit the ground. She was no longer a witch, this was the woman who had forged her own white plate armor and forced the kings and lord of the realm to acknowledge her, this was Carmilla the Knight. She laughed a deep laugh and pointed the most perfectly made, perfectly balanced sword she had ever found at the demon hunter. “Well lady, care to try your luck against me? Me fighting you while holding this lovely vampiress, a fair handicap.” She held Medea away from the demon hunter with her off hand and deflected two more bolts with her jeweled sword. “Young lady you will have to do better than that,” she boasted. She was baiting the demon hunter, if she got within sword range the fight would essentially be over.

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Inside the Underground fighting arena hidden in things have turned a bit hectic, for lack of a better word, after the reveal that Medea, one of the fighters, was actually a vampire and a second vamp joined her, the place was dying to stake the supernatural sisters. Adding to the chaos was the appearance of the Most Wanted Outlaw Crow Cementerio; made the crowd spiral into frenzy over the prospect of turning in such a wanted criminal like Crow. The Gunslinger was now against the wall facing a two on one handicap against the dreaded Weapon Warfare Brothers. Damn I didn’t realize these two would show up, Ikima and Ozu these two are suppose to be a lethal combination. Ikima the weapon master, he has a weapon and for every opponent and can use those weapons to kill with ease. Ozu the unstoppable tank, he strikes with unrivaled ferocity while he protects his brother without hesitation. I don’t have time to deal with this two not now; I need to get Carmilla and that other vamp out of here. Crow looks back to see what he feared most a mysterious opponent had cut off the two vampires blocking their exit, this meant that he had even less time now so that he can help those two. The Last Gunslinger reached down for his second gun ready to fight the two brothers as Ikima rambles on; “What’s wrong Gunslinger are you in awe of facing some a fearsome duo like my brother and I! You should be we are…” “Don’t go busting my ring or taking the spotlight Gun-aniki!” Suddenly Ikima was punched straight in the mouth and nose sending him nearly flipping him head over heels crashing into the steel ring wall. The fist belong to none other than Gen Shishioh, the young fighter who just minutes ago fought against Medea and the same person Crow came to watch in the first place, The Last Gunslinger smiles as Ozu should there in awe not sure what he should do without his brother. The Lightning Revolver walks behind the young Spirit Boxer patting him on the back; “Gracias Chico but don’t call me Gun-aniki, I’m not that old and my name is Crow.” The Last Gunslinger smirks as he jokes with Gen for using a pronoun meant for older teacher like figures he didn’t get what he was teaching but he was happy to have some help. “I now a bit about you Gen Shishioh are you sure you want to help a Wanted Outlaw like me? You may not be able to turn back so are you ready to walk down whether path this takes you even it is filled with a river of blood?” The were the words that Crow lives by to always walk forward no matter what he wondered if Gen had similar values because the young boxer could prove a valuable ally to Crow in the future.

As the two, Gunslinger and Boxer, stood side by side Ikima pulled himself from the wall clenching his nose which was now broken and bloody. “Damn you, you little punk bastard how dare you strike a king! I am going to gut you like a pig for slaughter!” Ikima suddenly notice who had punched him and began to laugh his ear splitting crackle. “Shrahahahahahaha! What a surprise your Gen Shishioh right? This is perfect you were supposed to be me and my brother’s next opponent. Well actually Ozu opponent later tonight. Shrahahahahah! I didn’t know you wanted to run into your death so quickly, you could have walked away from tonight and lived another day because me and my brother always kill our opponent even it is isn’t in the ring!” Ikima smirks at the opportunity to turn in the Most Wanted Outlaw and seriously maim or kill the young punk who was going to be a threat in the tournament at the same time. The Weapon King points at Gun as he turns to Ozu, “Ozu do you see that kid that? He was going to be your opponent that is Gen Shishioh! I want you to smash him like we planned earlier but don’t hold back go until the little punk can’t even stand let alone walk that is his punishment for hitting me! Do you understand my dear brother? Get your teddy bear.” That simple phrase, get your teddy bear, caused a sudden and violent reaction in Ozu demeanor his small eyes dilated and grow wide with rage and anger letting out a bear like roar. “KILL GEN SHISHIOH! SMASH HIM INTO PIECES!” The normally silent and emotionless Ozu had snapped thanks to a subliminal message that is the result of is brother forced training and a childhood of physical trauma. Meanwhile the Weapon King began to remove one his of his many infamous weapons from his brother, a large ball and chain, and began to swing it menacing at an incredible speed. Crow smiles as he steps in front of Gen slowly meeting eyes with the smaller of the Weapon Warfare Brothers giving a few words to Gen; “Well Gen I guess you got your opponent. I hope Senorita Carmilla healed you enough because seems to not like you very much.” With that the Rail-gun moved towards Ikima who continues to swing the massive ball and chain; “Don’t look so cocky Gunslinger when using my weapons I am undefeated. My brother and I win at any costs no matter what!” The Last Gunslinger kept a calm and confident smile as raised his signature revolver at the supposed weapon master; “Yeah, yeah that’s all I been hearing from you. You and your brother this and you and your brother that. You two are bazofia who can’t rely on their own skills. Gen and I going to shut you up.”

Angered by Crow’s insult towards him and his brother the Weapon King suddenly throws the ball at Crow aim to smash in his skull, the gunslinger not caring for this strike he brought his left arm back and prepares to punch the large steel ball back. As Crow went to strike back he suddenly pull his arm back; he notices Ikima pull and twist the chain attached to the ball something that only someone with Crow’s expert witness could notice. The Last Gunslinger was right in his instinct as suddenly the ball split open at the middle revealing a spinning saw blade; unfortunately though the blade caught the Lighting Revolver’s forearm slicing a wound across the top of it. The site of the gunslinger’s blood brought a smug smirk to the weapon warrior, ‘Shahahaha I told you that my brother and I win at the cost and if that means using a few dirty tricks then so be it.” Ikima reel the ball back causing it to close and conceal the saw blade; the Most Wanted Outlaw began firing back aiming at the arms of the foul play fighter as he ran around him. Ikima performs a back flip, causing the bullets to ricochet off the metal walls of the ring, as he launches the ball at Crow waiting for the opportune time release the saw blade. The Last of the Gunslinger begins to appear and disappear leaving only the sound and feel of static electricity as he fired multiple and seeming random shots at Ikima all the while reloading at near instant speeds thanks to the trick. Ikima assault continued as he would throw and reel back the steel ball releasing the saw blade when he thought he had strike the gunslinger creating gashes all over the steel ring. “Shahahahaha What’s wrong gunslinger I thought you were suppose to be super accurate revolver master who could shoot the wings off a fly at a 1000 paces. You can’t even hit me with one bullet.” Suddenly the Gunslinger appears behind the Weapon King, ‘Wrong I wouldn’t harm a fly like that but you I could care less, because that fly deserves more respect than you or your hermano.” In his anger Ikima swung the ball and chain around him horizontally but just as pulls and twist on the chain to release the hidden saw blade suddenly several of the links of the chains snapped sending the ball careening and flying towards the area where Carmilla and her opponent was. Ikima leapt backwards to put some distance between him and the Gunslinger, as Crow began to move towards him slowly still smiling; “This metal ring was actually perfect it allowed me to ricochet my shots all the walls and floor back at the exact weakest links in your chain. All it took was one extra hard tug and it would snap.” Ikima mind suddenly remembers all the randomly aimed shot; they weren’t random at all they bounced off the floors and walls of the ring hitting the links of the expanding and retracting chain.

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*CRACK* that was the sound of Gen’s right fist as he crashed against the Weapon Master Face. –What is his face made off? - Though the Hot-blooded boxer. His right hand was completely broken, maybe already debilitated from the use of the Ghost Jab Hurricane. For a second a jolt of pain numbed his vision and senses, and his legs grew unstable. Even with the healing magic that Carmilla used on him, he had lost too much blood and his body hurt all around. This dazed state was ended by Crow speaking to him “Gracias Chico but don’t call me Gun-aniki, I’m not that old and my name is Crow.” Gen couldn’t reply right away, still a little stunned from the sudden pain coursing through his nerves, if Crow realized that he didn’t say anything, instead he asked Gen a question. “I now a bit about you Gen Shishioh are you sure you want to help a Wanted Outlaw like me? You may not be able to turn back so are you ready to walk down whether path this takes you even it is filled with a river of blood?” Gen listened with attention, finally stopping from shaking. – I ‘m not helping, it just didn’t seem a fair fight, 2 against 1. Real men should fight one on one, punching the shit out of each other with their hearts and their blood BURNING IN THEIR BODY!- Gen moved near Crow and faced the Brothers rising his guard – I’m already walking the path Crow-aniki, registration is for fools, and check how bloody I’m right now, I think I took more than a few laps in the river of blood.- With his bloodstained face crossed by a hot-blooded slasher smile. –Let’s beat the snot out of these punks Crow-Aniki…-

“Damn you, you little punk bastard how dare you strike a king! I am going to gut you like a pig for slaughter!” Ikima spoke as he fixed his nose into place. He shook his head and finally focused his vision, noticing Gen “Shrahahahahahaha! What a surprise your Gen Shishioh right? This is perfect you were supposed to be me and my brother’s next opponent. Well actually Ozu opponent later tonight. Shrahahahahah! I didn’t know you wanted to run into your death so quickly, you could have walked away from tonight and lived another day because me and my brother always kill our opponent even it is isn’t in the ring!” The Weapon Master crazed chuckle showed that he didn’t felt pain, or if he did he didn’t gave signs of it –How troublesome will be this guy?- Gen thought. “Ozu do you see that kid there? He was going to be your opponent that is Gen Shishioh! I want you to smash him like we planned earlier but don’t hold back go until the little punk can’t even stand let alone walk that is his punishment for hitting me! Do you understand my dear brother? Get your teddy bear.” Ikima pointed at the Hot-blooded Boxer, and his brother, the mountain of a man known as Ozu roared like an unchained beast, his muscles suddenly bulging grotesquely as he flexed his whole body and his veins pulsating, thick as hoses. He was more monster than man, or at least that seemed thanks to his gigantesque physique and deformed face. “KILL GEN SHISHIOH! SMASH HIM INTO PIECES!” Gen smile grew wider. He knew that even in top shape beating Ozu would be a challenge, and in his current state his chances of winning were slim, to say the least. But even so he smiled, finally a challenge enjoyable for him.

Ikima took a weapon from the ones that hanged on his brother body and prepared to face Crow. “Well Gen I guess you got your opponent. I hope Senorita Carmilla healed you enough because seems to not like you very much.” Crow joked before his fight started and Gen just replied, -I’m healthy enough to beat the ugly out of this one. I take that I don’t even have to ask you if you are going to win right, Crow Aniki?- Gen started his footwork, moving to the side of the giant Ozu. –Come on big guy, don’t leave me hanging, let’s rumble in Osaka!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer SEO was starting to flow, creating a layer to protect him. This one was the only utility of the Spiritual Power he managed to learn, apart from increasing his speed and punching strength. He cloaked himself in a tangible mass of combat spirit that would protect him from harm. This way he could even resist bullets. Ozu didn’t even notice the Spiritual Armor and charged forward, launching his trunk-like arms in wild haymakers, without much technique whatsoever. The Spirited Boxer swayed to the sides as Ozu fists crashed into the ground, denting the steel ring with his brute and massive force. –If one that hit me I may be done for, but with a different approach…- Gen stood his ground, as one of the surpisingly fast attacks from Ozu coame towards him. Using his broken right fist, Gen threw his whole weight into it and punched the side of the Weapon Armory massive forearm. The strategy worked, as he parried the punch, deflecting it to the side, causing a massive dent in the floor. Pushing through the pain Gen moved jumped to punch Ozu face, in an almost perfectly timed counter, but, in his rush, the Hot-Blooded Boxer didn’t noticed the blinding fast knee coming to his unprotected chin as he extended his whole body to reach the Weapon Armory face, in a incredibly well executed, but poorly defendable Jolt Counter.

Ozu’s kneecap crashed against Gen chin, and sent him flying backwards in a high arc, that sent him over the ring wall, through the barbed wire making him land in the seats. He bounced twice before stopping, destroying at least a dozen of plastic seats. Gen ended up lying face up with his eyes completely white, he was out cold. Ozu laughed in the ring with playfull, yet sinister glee. The massive manchild was taught by his brother to enjoy violence. GHAGHAHAHAGHA! The laughter continued. The Hot-Blooded Boxer conscience faded away, drifiting to the other world, but that horrible laughs could be heared even were he was, with a feet on the grave. –This is bothersome, who the **** is laughing, and why is he laughing at me?- Gen looked back and saw his body lying down. –Oh no, you wont be getting me this easily you fat bastard!- The left fist of the Spirit Boxer clenched and with anger, and the heartbeat that stopped, re-started sounding like a war drum with frantic rhythm. –Hey ugly bastard!- Gen started walking through the wrecked stands, towards the ring. The crazed fit of laughter from the Weapon Armory stopped and he turned around stopping his grotesque dance of joy as well. –Uhh?- He asked with a guttural sound when a blur of speed passed in between his arms. From the ledge of the stands Gen made a combination between his only two techs.

RAIJIN GHOST HURRICANE! The Hot-blooded boxer added the inertia of the sudden acceleration and the downward angle to break himself the speed of sound and then in mid dash launched the Ghost Jab Hurricane into the Weapon Armory chest. This time a two handed barrage of fist made Ozu arch his back backwards and be sent flying, while dragging his feet through the ring, into a steel wall with a powerful sound. A line of blood came out from his mouth and confusion could be noticed in his eyes. His hands were killing him, but Gen ignored the pain and clenched them – Let’s finish this oversized whale! You thought you got me don’t ya you fat bastard?-

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“They say that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing many times and expecting a different result,” Carmilla comment, somehow managing to look lazy while deflecting a stream of silver crossbow bolts. “What say you?”

“Fuck off,” Cross yelled back, her frustration mounting. She was a Private Senshi, a famous demon hunter, how dare this beast mock her in that way. She scream and charged towards Carmilla, seemingly wanting to get around her guard and punch her.

Carmilla raised an eyebrow and brought her sword around to block, Cross changed tactics at the last moment, spinning into a kick aimed at the opening Carmilla created. Carmilla adjusted very quickly, blocking Cross’s boot with the flat of her blade, it was barely an inch from her face. She had no way to counter attack since her other arm was occupied with holding Medea

Cross smiled.

A silver knife shot out from the boot, piercing Carmilla in the eye. Carmilla smiled. “Excellent job my lady,” she congratulated.

Cross was about to open her mouth to respond but a punch in the gut silenced her and sent her flying backward. The knife cracked under the sudden movment, breaking off inside Carmilla’s head. The vampire that threw the punch was just waking up in Carmilla’s arm.

“Medea are you alright?” Carmilla asked, carefully letting her go so that she could stand on her own.

“You have a silver knife in your eye.” Medea replied flatly, standing unsteadily. She held out her hand, the Pelien Spear flew into her hand. The weapon that had seen Achilles through most of the trojan war, forged by Hephaestus himself, made for a very convenient walking stick.

Carmilla shrugged and pulled out the knife with a squelching sound and tossed it in the direction of its owner. “Better?”

“Much. What’s happening?”

“Well-” and then a giant metal ball flew through her, turning her into a bloody smear. The ball imbedded itself in the wall and Medea waited patiently for Carmilla to reform. And reform she did, but not in the armor of a knight. Her usually long hair barely went down to her shoulders and the sleeveless black dress she wore was completely featureless. Her skin had gone incredibly pale, even by the standards set for vampires and her lips were such a deep purple that they almost appeared to be black. Her eyes were dull and lifeless, a cruel smile was on her face. This was Carmilla, once a bride and slave of Count Dracula. “A bunch of fools thought they could take on a vampire.”

“Okay fine... can we get out of here now?” Medea said quickly, she knew what could happen when Carmilla got like this, it was nothing good.

Carmilla walked up to Medea and put her hand on her shoulder, leaning in close to her face. “In a bit deary, first I must teach that little bitch a lesson about hurting my sisters.” She kissed Medea on the forehead, “and then we can catch up alright?” Carmilla said almost gently. Medea tried to form a response but by the time she got her thoughts together Carmilla was already charging at cross.

Cross had gotten her bearings back and in one move flipped up one her feet. “Oh no, no bloodsucking freak is going to get the best of me!” she yelled angrily, charging at Carmilla with both blades at her wrists drawn. The ancient bible in her break pocket glowed and through it she channeled a large flash of holy light at the most critical moment.

Medea tried to rub the white out of her eyes, but it refused to fade any faster. Slowly a blurry shape came into focus, Medea squinted and found herself looking at Carmilla, holding Cross’s arms by their wrists, the knives hadn’t even pierced her. Carmilla smiled squeezed and turned her hands. Cross’s wrists cracked and shatters, she screamed in pain. Carmilla pushed her to the ground and stabbed both of Cross’s hand with her own daggers. She straddled Cross and leaned down to get a good look at her face.

Despite essentially being crucified on the ground, Demon Hunter Cross was still angry and defiant. Carmilla twisted on of the knives, Cross managed not to scream. “Is that a tear I see?” Carmilla asked.

“I swear I will-”

“You’ll what?” Carmilla asked. “Kill me?” She laughed. “Face it girl, you have no power here.” Carmilla traced a finger along her right arm, Cross screamed as her skin split from the crystallization of her own blood. “You’ll nothing, you’re more helpless than a baby. Because unlike with babies I want to hear you cry and scream.” She put both her hands around Cross’s neck and squeezed, the hatred did not leave her Cross’s eyes. “Beg for air, come on, I know it hurts, BEG!

Cross refused, she was fighting against her need for air, against the pain in her stomach, against the broken wrists, against the knives keeping her hands pinned to the ground, against the arm that had split open on itself, and most of all against the vampire on top of her. Cross fought well, her left hand tore itself from the knife that held it and aimed to claw Carmilla’s neck. Carmilla felt the nails dig in and let go of Cross, she pulled the arm out of her neck, holding it almost delicately. “Such spirit,” she said, smiling more, “You’ll make an excellent little pet.” She bit the arm, almost kissing it, Cross felt herself getting lethargic, she fought it of course, but suddenly everything seemed so quiet to her, everything from her hatred to the pain in her body moved further and further away, she fought the sleep that she knew was coming.

“Miss Carmilla?” Sarah asked, unbelieving. Carmilla looked up, her eyes widening and turned to smoke, dissipating away. “Wait, miss... come back... “

Lan Fan shook her head, she had known that letting Sarah drag her back to the arena was a bad idea. She walked over the bloody, half dead body of Cross, it was not at all her problem. Medea was also shaking her head at this particular mess. “You’re Jack’s... something. Lan Fan, correct?” Medea asked holding out her hand.

“Yes thats me,” she replied, shaking it and neglecting to tell what exactly their relationship was. “This is a real mess.” As if to highlight her point Ozu’s made a loud sound as it hit the wall.

“How long has Carmilla kept her... darker side from Sarah?” Medea asked.

“For the entire decade they’ve known each other.” And therein lay the key difference between Lan Fan and Sarah’s perception of Carmilla. “This was going to happen eventually, I’m just glad she was not the victim.”

“She would not do that!” Medea proclaimed.

“Wouldn’t she?”

Medea didn’t answer, they looked at the other big fight happening in the arena. “Should we assist them?”

“Let the heroes have their moment.” Lan Fan answered. “Sarah went looking for Carmilla, I need you help finding them.”

“What about her?” Medea asked, gesturing to Cross.

“What about her?” Lan Fan asked.

“Carmilla hurt her.”

“And that makes her my responsibiltiy?" Lan Fan exclaimed, "I owe you demons nothing, do you understand me? NOTHING!" Medea seemed unperturbed by her sudden outburst, staring at her until she calmed down. "Fine we'll save her, can you heal her?

"I give me five minutes in a spice pantry," the sorceress replied.

"And your self?"

"Good as new."

"And your master"

"... he'll probably wait a while before he calls me." With that the two of them worked together to drag Cross's bloodied body out towards Lan Fan's car.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20
A young man walked through the dark corridors, entering into a brightly-lit arena. The place was metal, a large combat ring in the centre of the room.
 SamJaz reached his hand outward and summoned his Keyblade, before running in and vaulting over the ropes and into the ring.
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,287 posts) See mini bio Level 14


After the last time, the owners of the arena were doubting about giving Gen another match, as joined forces with the people against them, but after through questioning, as he was the only one dumb or unskilled enough to stay after the fight against the Armory Brothers, they decided he joined the wrong side for innocent reasons, as he wanted a fair match for the others, rather than thinking about helping them in their cause. That kind of blind idealism and battle hunger were useful for them, as he would be a new attraction in the arena, a warrior fierce yet somewhat honorable. They were thinking of advertising him with his last name, Shishioh (Lion King) but he asked to be nicknamed on the arena Yaju’oh (Beast King). The new fighter Gen was facing today had made a reputation for himself as a wandering hero, protecting the innocent where he went. The young Hot-blooded Boxer, as he always did, shadow boxed in the locker room before the match, trying to clear his head instead of killing his nerves, as he never feared a fight, he longed for them, and this was mostly to kill time rather than preoccupation from his part. Once the other fighter had been introduced, a helper gave Gen the signal to appear. The announcer roared as the people cheered. Gen entered through the gates with his already gloved hands up in the air.

– LAAAAADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! WELCOME TO THE MOST ELECTRIFING UNDERGROUND FIGHTING RING IN THIS HEMISPHERE!!!!! TONIGHT WE HAVE A TREAT FOR YOUR EYES!!!!! AFTER THE LAST FIGHT AND THE ENSUING BRAWL AFTERWARDS YOU ASKED US FOR THE YOUNG BOXER THAT BLEW AS MANY TEETH AS HE BLEW BRAINS UP!!! YOU ASKED FOR IT AND YOU’LL GET IT!!!! MEET GEN SHISHIOH, THE YAJU’OH!!!!!!!!- The Spirited Boxer jumped to the ring, he was wearing boxing gear, rather than his tattered school uniform he used last time in the arena. Gen entered the ring and threw some fast jabs as he cracked his neck, more than anything a training induced tick rather than warm-up, his blood was already boiling with the urge of fighting a new, and seemingly strong opponent. He had been training a lot since the last fight, 2 months ago, and he wanted to try a new tech this time around. His Ghost Jab Hurricane and Raijin Step were great, but he had to complete his whole winning combination, or at least third to get into the real Spirit Boxing Ranking Matches. His opponent had an air of experience, and some kind of strange energy he couldn’t classify, most of it coming from that key he held.

-Let’s have a great brawl Key-Ojisan!- Gen punched his gloves together, and moved to his corner waiting for the Bell. “Bazooka” Date, the announcer, waited for the ok sign from Aoki Minato, the self-proclaimed God of Gambling in Osaka, and the overseer for Mangetsu affairs in the city, that was sitting in one of the V.I.P booths surrounded by luxury. When he gave the okay, Date himself rang the bell and the match started.-LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!- The Spirited Boxer rised his guard and started his footwork, taking a couple of steps out of the corner, and waiting for his adversary to make a move, measuring him with eyes more akin to a predator than to a man.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@Kuma_From_Argentina: SamJaz stood in his corner, watching his opponent. He seemed to be a straight-upboxer, but experience had taught never to take assumptions.
However, the Keyblade was already performing its initial scan of the enemy. Once that's completed, it would show him what to do.
SamJaz raised his left hand to the sky and cast GRAVIRA- a medium gravity spell that placed a dark orb in the air above the ring. It would provide a counter-pull against the earth. The combatants would fall slower, rise faster, jump higher. It would quicken upward attacks and drag back the downward ones.
SamJaz wasn't concerned about the orb slowing his opponent too much. In fact, judging by the boxer's muscles, he should be able to continue fighting.
But the shift in gravity, both in the arena around them, and in their own centre of gravities, would throw off any experienced fighter.
The Keyblade pulled slightly to the right, and SamJaz stepped into it. Dragging the keyblade and lengthening his stride, SamJaz strafed until he was directly behind Gen, rolled down and slashed upwards at the back of his thighs.
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