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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Yes

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Sweet I'll get on that part soon I am doing my post for your CV RP. Small Town Big Mayhem.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I posted and I know you said not to delete it but I did anyway. That was wrong of me I got over ambitious when writing my post it won't happen again.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Posted. Kuma are you okay with the way this is going?

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@kashif1: Cool, Gen will retire for the time being. You should take advantage of the Welcome to Inazuma City thread to introduce your characters in the city if you have some

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@kashif1: lol I guess there goes my "cameo" XD I'll get to this as soon as possible

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Working on my post for Welcome to Inazume City.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Working in my post of Small Town Big Mayhem (that is going to end in a brawl)

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Nice I have a few moves that I want to write with that version of Crow. :)

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @kashif1: Posted sorry that took me longer than I thought it would. Hope you enjoy this is a good chance to display Crow's post time skip powers

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I like where this is going, I'll post with Gen and add a Vampire Hunter-like character so Jack can send his girls to gang-up on...

I hit the mohawk guy by surprise, you can tell me about the damage. Or I can edit it if you want

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Nice Post :D I really liked it and that's cool I was hoping Gen would help fight the idea was going to be they would have been Gen's next opponent. Also I like the idea of Crow training Gen and we should really go for it, just curious does Gen know and realize that he can use the Raijen Step by being attracted to metallic objects or is that what Crow would then teach Gen how to do. Lol I got the idea of that ability from the Arrancar's Sonido.

Btw what exactly does the aniki part mean in "Gun-aniki" lol

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: -aniki is a wor use to refer to a older person that leads or teaches the character. It's an informal word mostly associated with Yakuza or Delinquent groups, or Hot-blooded characters

PS what're the brothers powers or skills?

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Oh okay I had a feeling it had something to do with being a teacher but....older really? Crow is only 33 he is not that old lol/

lol oh right almost forgot about their abilities:

Weapon Warfare Brothers

Ikima "Weapon King"
Ikima "Weapon King"


Weapon Mastery: Known as the Weapon King Ikima is a master, or at least extremely skilled, with his weapons knows how to use to to be the most effective especially when it comes to killing or maiming. Ikima is extremely skilled when it comes to using foul play or dirty tricks so most of his weapons are used and built to help him get the edge over his opponent's via any means unnecessary. Despite the weapons appearing to be extremely heavy or clumsy looking to him they are as light as normal looking weapons.

Variety of Weapons: Ikima's infamous weapons are no ordinary swords, spears, guns, etc. each weapon was custom build by him to be the most effective, deadly, and capable of using foul play. The are often extremely large and tacky looking, despite his frequent claims of their beauty, each weapon has a purpose and is meant for one or more opponent. He often looks into the basic skill sets of his opponent before underground fights like this so that he is the most prepared to deal with them. He often uses so many weapons in his fights, plus the size of each weapon, he has to use his young brother Ozu as a human mull to carry the weapons. The weapons he uses includes:

  • A Large Butcher Knife like Sword that can open in the middle to "bite" its target
  • A Large Hammer with a Spike on the back
  • A Baseball bat shaped weapon that releases razor needles when swung
  • A Ball and Chain that explodes on contact
  • A Spike Mace that can spin at 100rpm
  • A large rectangle shaped shield that can projector Hollywood grade spot light lights.
  • More (Add what you want)

Got to go for now I'll add his brother tomorrow

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I had the feeling that this were the guys you based them on

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Yeah i been very Kayeto Hitman Reborn based recently :P I guess that not very original :P

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Weapon Warfare Brothers (Part 2)

Ozu "The Weapon Armory"
Ozu "The Weapon Armory"


Monstrous Size: Ozu is a literal mountain of a man, it is unknown what cause his unnatural growth spurt, this attributes to incredible displays of strength and force. Ozu is not blessed with super strength his strength is just natural for his unnatural size, the Armory is capable of lifting and carrying several tons this is often necessary because he carries his brothers many large and heavy weapons that are strapped and chained to his body. Ozu strength makes him a force to be reckon with when it comes to fighting his tree trunk sized fist can smash though stone, wood, weak metals, etc. more durable materials will actually start to crack and eventually break from enough punches by the huge man. When dealing with humans of any kind a single punch from Ozu is enough to break several bones, he can propel someone falling into objects with enough force that it will finish whatever his initial punch started. The Weapon Armory massive body is a mixture of muscle of fat creating a natural armor to most damage including punches (unless from incredible strong individuals), bullets, blunt attacks, and swords have a hard time cutting though the mammoth's body. One of the best ways to actually hurt Ozu though elemental attacks; fire, energy, ice, etc. but depending on the level that may just slow down.

Unsuspecting Speed: The most common things people underestimate about Ozu is the man's speed those who believe in the old cliche of "Big Guys are Slow" often fall victim to a painful beating by the hands of the Armory. While Ozu overall speed is that something to fear because of his large and clumsy body that is often held down by Ikima's weapons the individual speed of his limbs is terrifying. The mountain of a man can throw a punch faster at least 60mph, his strikes are so fast that they come without any warning leaving most individual have no time to react or defend themselves and suffer the incredible force of his attack. This doesn't just apply to his arms and fist Ozu can kick just as fast, even a lack of flexibility prevents him from bending his leg like a martial artist could, he often delivers straight kicks (akin to a big boot wrestling move), short punt kicks, or stomps at 50-60mph with devastating damage. Pretty much any individual limp or body part (head included) can move with a surprising speeds which increases the damage of his strikes from simple physics alone, F=MxV, the massive weight and size plus the incredible speed creates an rivaled force and power in his attacks. It is unknown what allows a man the size of Ozu to perform such incredible feats of speed but most contribute it to some side effect of his massive size; one of the mammoth favorite moves is similar to his brother ideology of foul play, Ozu will strike someone/thing at a normal or below average speed then when he makes contact with the desired object he will suddenly increase his speed to max propelling the object like baseball thrown by a major league pitcher with super strength on steroids. He is not above doing this to his brother so that he can launch Ikima at opponents to cause more damage.

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Posted, I love just how insane this has gotten.

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@kashif1: Nice post :)

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@kashif1: It's a Free for all

Demon Hunter Cross

Born in London, heir to a lineage of underworld creatures Killers. She is british to the bone, even if she dont step the British Islands for 5 years. Brash, abrassive and foul mouthed Cross is a sworn enemy to anything supernatural. Heavy drinker and man-eater Cross can be considered almost as bad as the ones she fight, but as her effectivity rate is almost of a 100% while fighting foul supernatural creatures most of his horrible personality traits can be overlooked. She is a Rank 2 Private Senshi, working in Osaka. Trained from the cradle she is a deadly opponent to the undead and other underworld creatures. Her body is trained to it's peak and is the Host of the Hunter Eye, that allows her to track supernatural energy and follow the blinding movements of her prey, as it also grants supernatural reflexes and reaction speed. She carries blessed wrist mounted automatic crossbows with silver coated bolts. UV Grenades and Stakes are also in her arsenal. Two daggers are spring loaded in her wristbands and two more hidden in the boot. Proficient with martial arts, mostly of militar origin like Krav Maga. She haces some skill with minor magic, channeled through a blessed bible, a relic of one of her ancestor. She can create holy light that hinders the Vampire senses, a powerful healing spell that can even nullify the werewolf bite and other supernatural ills. She aint sutile, but she can get the job done

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@Kuro_San: She is one bad ass chick XD

So we got:

  • Carmilla vs Demon Hunter Cross
  • Crow and Gen vs the Weapon Warfare Brothers (Btw which one would you to fight Ikima or Ozu)
  • Sarah and Lan Fan vs two more Hunters

I am missing anyone?

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