Undefeated in the Whole World! (A Hot-blooded Boxer Bio)

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There I was, another day at school, another pocket money taken from some freshman weakling! It was great, I only needed seconds and a good punch to knock that pussy out! I bought a beer and some smokes, a got out of class early to take a nap in the rooftop. Another good day work here Kyoto! But I was disturbed by a bothersome guy, he said I was cancer for the school and he was the cure! "What an idiot!" that's what I thought at first, yet he decided to test his luck and fight me. I jumped off from the water tank landing in a really cool way, and prepared to face him, I took my usual stance and he stood in a weird way, I thought he was drunk or just plain crazy. I stood there for a second, I even lowered my guard, looking at him with plain surprise he didnt even flinched and in a blur I was knocked down! I didnt believed it and the moment, I thought that guy was cheating, but after standing up, I got beaten down again, faster that I could notice. This kept on for three hours, he pounded me faster that I could notice, and I'll stand up to face him. In the end I was so stunned by so much blows that I started seeing lights around they guy, like a freaking anime shit of some sort! Even so, I finally fainted, and that guy was nice enough to take me to the nurse office.

When I woke up he had already left, and I was too tired to search for him. The whole month after my recovery I was searching for the guy without any luck, yet I kept looking for him, I wanted to beat him up at first, but then I decided to ask him how he beated me up and learn. In the end i spent almost 3 months before finding him, as my memory was kind of blurry after getting so beated up. When I finally found him I had to spend 3 other months to make him teach me. Even if he said he wanted to teach me out of pity and because I was bothering him so much, I know he acknowlodge my skills. He said that to get as good as him I would need to get a hundred dojo plates. I nodded and went to work. I took me a full year to get all the plates (Spent most of it recovering from my losses) Yet I managed to pull it off, and that guy appeared to be suprised out of my success, surely to make me feel better. He didnt accepted me as pupil just yet, even after saying some carp about my battle spirit changing, becoming brighter or some shit like that. I didnt knew what he was talking about, the only thing I knew is that I wanted to get stronger, and that lately that search consumed my time so much I didnt bullied weaklings or anything like that, and I could say it felt weird, yet the constant self-training and fighting against stronger opponents was better than beating up weaklings.

The guy, whose name I can remember only told me to focus on Boxing while I took another 900 dojos. I had to quit school and travel throught Japan, working as construction worker, or betting for myself in underground matches. I got better this time, I only worked for 2 years beating 2 or 3 dojos each day, and getting less wounds. I think the experience only got what was excellent to perfection, and I was tougher than anybody in Japan. I'm the God of Toughness, you cant beat me up, I'll rise again from my ashes like a motherfucking phoenix and beat you down with all my might! In the end I only was taught one technique, the one that he used to beat me. He called it Ghost Jab Hurracaine, and according to him it was part of something called Spirit Boxing. It is a shower of right punches (I'm a South-something, how could that sounds?) that according to him are faster than sound (What the hell does that mean?) He explained me that I need to complete my own set of punches, that was the rules of Spirit Boxing. He was lending me the Jab, as he was surprised upon my effort and determination.

Now I roam throught the world, searching for strong fighters and new techniques to complete my Spirit Boxing Winning Combination. My name is Gen Shishioh, and I'll get to the top of the fighting world! So watch out for my fists!!!

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Spirit Boxing Federation - Ranked 95/99 - Gentaro "Gen" Shishioh - Japan - 6 Techniques


Topic: Gentaro Shishioh

Gen Shishioh was lowered from the ranking as he didn’t fight against any ranked member of the SBF in more than 6 months. His current location is the Inazuma Kaminari Gakuen, a school dedicated to the improvement of martial artists and fighters. Thanks to his status as ranked SBF member he was allowed entry to the school with a scholarship. He vanished for 3 months after leaving the Hellscraper Facility, seemingly in disgust of his owns skills. He was tracked until he reached the Sakurajima Island in the south of Japan, were he vanished without a trace. He popped back up in our system when he asked entry to the school and the authorities contacted the SBF main office.

There are some differences our scouts can notice about young Mr. Shishioh as there is some kind of improvement not only physical but also mental in him after his disappearance, according to our investigators he haves yet to demonstrate his full strength but seemingly he seems to be containing it. Another interesting piece of information is that the usually boisterous Mr. Shishioh is acting quite calm, or at least seemingly calm while interacting with his fellow students. For a man that usually fought over condiments in a fast food shop this is possibly proof of a mayor spiritual shift, not a common occurrence but sometimes in the SBF it happens that certain boxers shift their alignment from one to the other after a revelation or a trauma.

Gen Shishioh must be observed until that is proven or disproven as it needs to be updated to the SBF database. There is other small detail that was detected, an irregularity of Mr. Shishioh’s Spirit, as if it came from two different sources rather than only inside him, but as he has used his Fighting Spirit so little upon his return we cannot be sure about it. This must be studied further. Shishioh seems not only calmer but also smarter and more capable of sensing Spirit, our old data almost makes one of our investigators get caught.


We found out what Mr. Shishioh was doing in Sakurajima Island. We discovered that he trained under a retired Martial Artist named Reiji Fukuma, a former Karate and Judo Multi world Champion, which retired from activity ten years ago. The Old Master is surely the one sharpening Mr. Shishioh’s instincts and polishing his skills. We add a picture of Reiji Fukuma, but we had to use our government contacts, for some reason this person had a classified file, and yet we only were allowed to see a small part of it, thus we, the investigation team, suppose Mr. Fukuma has either a record serving or against the country, as he was labeled in the Hidden World Affairs as a class A3 Danger, thus by the Japanese HW Measurement that means he is quite capable of sinking an island with his barehands. Reports indicate that he is training other students as the JHWAB member Yami, his nephew and Alvin Himmelskalde from Sketschinoda.

Record: 40/1

  • Defeat against Masaoki Takeda (Ranked 19)
  • Victory against Redd Mccallister (Ranked 95)
  • Victory against Vlad Bjaurus (Ranked 81)
  • Victory Against William Kasperson (Ranked 72)
  • Victory Against Pitch

Weight: 80 kg (Crackling Lighting Class)

Height: 1.80 kg

Stance: South-paw

Mentor: Masaoki "Kamaitachi" Takeda

  • Strenght B- (2-5 Tons)
  • Speed B- (Mach 2)
  • Stamina B+ (30 hours fight)
  • Durability A++ (Up to 40 tons)
  • Technique C- (6 WC Attack)
  • Guts A+ (Indestructible Will) (May have changed)

Winning Combination

  • Jab: Ghost Jab Hurricane (Speed Tech) One thousand supersonic blows in a second.
  1. Raijin Ghost Hurricane: Combination of dashing forward and using this technique at the same time, adding power and speed to the attacks, but making them more easy to dodge.
  • Straight: Working on it
  • Cross: Volcanic Liver/Chin Buster (Guts Tech): The only new technique displayed by Gen after his hiatus, a powerful cross with short range but high Spirit Density, making it a very heavy body blow or an almos certain knockout if it connects properly. Adapted from Karate techniques created by Reiji Fukuma (Internal Damage)
  1. Ghostly Liver Buster: A rapid fire of body blows on the same spot, aimed to cripple the opponent at close range.
  • Uppercut: Drill Dragon Uppercut (Strenght Tech) A spinning Jump Uppercut, in which the body and the arm that executes them spin in different directions, while the Fist is coated in Spirit (Large Building Buster Damage)
  1. Raijin Dragon Uppercut: Same principle as the Ghost Hurricane, multiplying the power and speed of the attack.
  2. Drill Ghost Hurricane Uppercut: Combination of the Ghost Jab and the Drill Dragon Upper, a barrage of uppercuts.
  • Overcut: Tiger Meteor Overdrive (Guts Tech) A jumping overcut with heavy power and swift speed.
  • Haymaker: SMASH TYPE Lion Roar Cannon (Guts Tech) A Powerful punch that propells the Spirit of the Boxer in a giant fist-like projection and hits with uncanny strength. ( 2 City Block Level 1 time each fight tops)
  • Block:
  • Sway:
  • Footwork: Fukuma Ryu Shukuchi (Speed Tech) An Ancient Martial Art Footwork, that allows Mach 3 bursts of speed for short distances, without making a sound, absorbing the sound shockwave and transfering it to the attack.

1. Raijin Step: Gen still knows this explosive footwork technique that allows him to burst into Mach 2 in a straight line and a loud boom behind it. Now enhanced can creat a sudden detonation on the starting point, good enough to serve as small dust screen.

  • Killing Blow:
  • Sunday Punch:

Support Skills

  • Maisetsu-kyo: Gen channels his emotions inwards and uses them to fuel his Fighting Spirit while forcing it through his circulatory system, empowering his whole body at the same time and allowing him to shift the power balance through instinct rather than thought. This permits Gen to keep his top stats without ill effects or fluctuations. The only problem of this style is that losing too much blood will reduce his Fighting Spirit pool until the blood is restored and Gen can heal. Still the advantages overcome the disadvantages by a wide margin. This style also makes reading Gen Spirit Control harder, thus any enemy capable of reading Mystical Energies or other Spirit Boxers will have troubles reading Gen's moves as he could pull a Special Attack without a warning. He still didnt completed this technique as he isnt able to use his best Techniques in this mode, he is reduced to the Raijin Step and the Ghost Jab Hurricane.
  • Ryoshi no Ishi: Gen can use this technique if he spills blood during the Maisetsu-Kyo mode, or if he is at least wounded. He converts the Spirit that was charged into his bloodstream into mist that surrounds him and works as an extension of his body, allowing him to sense incoming dangers from a radius of 2 meters around him in all direction but underground, as he cannot penetrate through the floor unless it is sand, water or in any case mid-air. This technique increases his instincts and sensitivity allowing him to increase his usually low defense, in exchange he can only attack once he dissipates it, thus, he cannot attack and defend and the same time if this mode is active
  • Energy Sensing: After gruelling blindfolded training sessions Reiji managed to teach Gen the art of sensing the opponent energy, being it Ki, Fighting Spirit or Magic, he can track sources and can use it in combat to predict movements in minor scale
  • Gainen Medal: Gen carries a Gainen Medal, given to him by Reiji as proof of being his real student. With unknown powers.

Theme Song

Fighting Spirit and Boxers

The Spirit Boxing Federation (SBF) was created not so long ago as the discovery and proper classification of Fighting Spirit as well the techniques to refine it from raw Spiritual Energy. The SBF was founded by Magnus Von Panzer, sometimes called Magni, a German soldier in the WWI that discovered the Fighting Spirit upon dire situations. He studied this technique and travelled to the East, finding about the masters of the Inner World, capable of similar or even greater feats with Kiai. He learned what he could yet he noticed the crucial difference between both energies, the Kiai comes from steady training and meditation, meaning is built upon the balance between physical and spiritual energy of the user, the Fighting Spirit (Originally called Kampfgeist by Magnus) is fed by the user resolve and determination, feeding from his desire to fight or another desire such as blood thirst, power or pure and unaltered emotions like hatred or rage. Mostly negative or not quite positive emotions are what feed the Fighting Spirit. Magnus started looking for other prospective fighters and he started a journey around the world identifying other Spirit Boxers that suddenly started to pop up.

With the WWII starting the count of Spirit Boxers was at least 50 all over the world, and a dozen or more potential candidates. During the war some of the Boxer participated in each side and some of the first duels started in the battlegrounds all over the world. The duels before this had some rules or gentlemanly rules, but after a taste of the excitement of no-holds-barred matches the Spirit Boxers duels changed into what we know in modern times, fighting until one breaks, drops, surrenders or dies. Magnus, now an old man (circa 1950) decided to create an official association to rank the fighters. The SBF was born and the 100 position ranking was established, yet until the 70’s the ranking was never completely full. The SBF have 5 rules.

· Fight with all your might

· If you defeat an opponent higher ranked that you, you climb one rank he lowers to your rank

· Never surrender, anybody that surrenders or throws a match he will be pushed a rank under

· To enter the 10-1 Ranking you need to complete your Winning Combination

· You can’t use another Boxer Official Winning Combination Technique in your own Winning Combination.

Apart from that five rules, the fights lack any control and a lot of great fighters ended up dying, as a lot of no names that barely started also did when trying to bite more than what they could chew. The Spirit Boxers can be separated into 5 categories:

Strength Boxers, that usually manifest their Spirit as a wind around them and can hit harder than the others

Speed Boxers manifest the Fighting Spirit like Lighting and focus on defensive offensive combat dodging every attack and raining hits against the enemy.

The Durability Boxers show their Spirit as a Thick layer over their bodies and can take more punishment than the most

Technique Boxers demonstrate their Spirit like water flowing around them and place the technical aspects of fighting over anything else, mostly focusing on counters.

Guts Boxers, like Gen, are covered in flames of Fighting Spirit and usually tend to have a balanced out skillset yet they excel with the use of Fighting Spirit.

All of the Spirit Boxers must complete their Winning Combination during their careers, a special Fighting Spirit Technique for every basic Boxing movement. In addition to that all the Boxers possess what is called a Sunday Punch, a signature technique that most of the times tends to be their finishing blow in a fight. Most of the High Ranked Spirit Boxer gained their nicknames from their Sunday Punch, like Quan the Silent, capable of a hyper-fast, invisible straight known as the Silent Fist, that can’t be heard or felt coming by the opponent.

Known Ranked Fighters

99 Pitch "Daredevil" (Lost against Gen)
98 Vlad "Snake Straight" Bjaurus (Lost against Gen)
97 William "Upper Gent" Kasperson (Lost against Gen)
95 Gen "Lion Roar" Shishioh
94 Redd Mcallister “Highland Flame” (Lost against Gen)
93 Tobias Xanorra "Cross Bone Breaker
50 Madureria "Carioca Shuffle"
43 Kei Yamanaka "Shin Hokuto"
25 Jamal "K.O King" Amandla
24 Ichigan Nagare “The Mountain Slayer” (DECEASED?)
19 Masaoki Takeda “Kamaitachi” (Won against Gen)
12 Quan “Silent Fist”
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Sweet character! :D Lol love the Oga look! :D It'll be fun to see him interact with Nerx's baby character XD

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

I dont think Gen would like babies, he is more of a delinquent distracted by his newfound search for fights rather than anything else, he is fixated in punching the strongest and tanking punchs from the strongest people...

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Oh I meant it as a joke, referencing to Beelzebub XD

It's a cool character idea, I've always wanted to see a high school delinquent character here on the Vice, and now you've brought him! :D

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: pretty cool man interesting character it like new school Boxer Joe XD jk jk

seriously I really like this character. Can't wait to see how far he goes.

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Nice stuff! :)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Thanks I was reading RRR and I wanted to make a boxer, and when I search boxing in the Deviant art a image of Oga appered, the powers are a boxing oriented full course menu of Toriko

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Hmm not bad.
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@Saitire_Lefleur: Thanks

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Nice. Judging from everything I've seen Kuma do, it looks like he's the boss now


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@Newdeath: I'm not the boss....

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: You are very welcome.
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Well you've certainly improved


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@Newdeath: Thanks

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BUMP! This will be my main character

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Nice I forgot about this one.
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Updated Gen

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Gen's cool, I like him.

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@SamJaz: That's his charm

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: True. Gen and SJ should hang out more. That fight was pretty epic.
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