Twilight in Paris(Carmilla vs Jay Dox)

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Carmilla yawned, trying to get the tiredness out of her brain.  The last rays of the sun were coming through the window and she wanted to enjoy everything Paris had to offer.  A knock on the door signaled that her breakfast or diner was coming, she pondered over which one it was and decided it was lunch. " Está abierto," she yelled in a perfect French accent, not bothering to come out of the covers.
The female valet, a girl with some middle eastern blood in her, came in with a cart full of lunch.  "Wrong language miss," the valet, whose name was Sarah, said wryly in English.  She was doing a good job of ignoring the contents of the cart she had brought which included a wine bottle filled with pig's blood, a tub of ice cream and a raw steak.  Sarah was very glad of the large bonus she was getting in exchange for having to deal with this woman.
"Thank ye kindly."  Carmilla sat up and picked up the raw main course.  "By the way, how did you guys fix the tower?" Carmilla asked between bites of the bloody steak that she was digging into.
"It never broke, what made you think it did?" asked Sarah, watching in factination as the steak was quickly consumed.
"I saw it on tv, nanoweapons right?" Camilla washed down the steak with a swig of blood and then dove into the ice cream head first.
"That Mesdemoiselles was a movie based off of a toyline." She handed Carmilla a napkin, "Perhaps you would like to see the tower?"
"Only if you come with me," Carmilla said, throwing off her blanket which landed on Sarah's head.  By the time the valet got the blanket off her head Carmilla was already fully dressed with a black dress, red leather jacket and black stetson on her head, somehow she made this combination work.  She grabbed Sarah by the collar, lifted her over her shoulder and jumped out the window into the street three stories bellow.  Carmilla put the girl down and lead her by the hand towards the Eiffel Tower, seemingly unware of the stream of French expletives from her companion.  It was a short walk from her expensive hotel to the famed landmark, and it certainly deserved its fame with its black metal work contrasting beautifully with the setting sun.  Carmilla admired it while her valet worked on getting her short black hair into something less windswept.
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While on his vacation to France,Jay was taking a stroll to the Eiffel Tower, and was also checking out the women. He walked by a tall-pale woman with purple hair. Due to his wolf senses, he knew there was something of about her. Her scent was that of a killer and her breathing and heartbeat were not that of a human. In fact it was almost like they are not there. His flight or fight sense went of and he prepared for the worst. He didn't go into Lycan-Mode though, because he didn't want to scare the humans.

In his head he spoke to Kiba, one of the other two souls that inhabited his body. "Yo, whens the last time we had a good fight, huh Kiba?" < It has been way to long> the wolf replied in thought speak.

Though Jay didn't go into LM, he let out trace amounts of his killing intent. Any trained warrior would sense it and respond immediately, and from what Jay could tell about this woman, she should be able to immediately sense it and fight back. So he let out his killing aura, and it would reach the woman in 6 seconds at this distance. He counted down the time in his head "6,5,4,3,2,1,0!!!"

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Carmilla turned around to look at Sarah, Sarah had a look of surprised shock on her face.  "You have fangs!'
"Yes I'm a vampire," said Carmilla as if it was the most normal thing in the world.  The fangs had grown out the second she had felt the extra bloodlust in the air.  "Now then some idiot asked to fight me."  She put her hand into her jacket and pulled out what looked like a blood red Lupara, a type of sawed-off shotgun made famous by The Godfather.  "Where are you going, Miss Valet?"
"I didn't know he was serious about you being a vampire, I am not getting paid enough for..."  She stopped talking when she saw what Carmilla was doing with her gun.  She had pointed it at her own left arm.  "Wait your not"  She answered the question by pulling the trigger, suddenly the relatively quiet crowd of tourists became panicked.  This was France, there shouldn't be gunshots in France.  Sarah looked down at her clothes, which were covered in Carmilla's blood.
Carmilla's wrist had been severed by the bullet and from the wound came a fountain of blood.  Suddenly the stream of blood froze and she had a crimson blade attached to her wrist.  "Now Ms. Valet, I want you to stay here and think about how much pay is enough, I'm sure he can supply it."  She laughed a mad laugh and then ran towards her opponent.  She jumped, aiming to pierce the man's brain.
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"So as I thought she isn't human," Jay thought. His opponent was lunging at him, a wrist blade out.

<A simple Storm Upper should knock her of course Jay,> said Kiba in thought speak. "Storm Upper!!" The attack sent the lady spiraling back. She was about 12 feet away. In order to test her speed, Jay ran at the dazed woman at his max speed in human form, 300 MPH. He intended to speed blitz her.

Jay ran with his fist ready to strike. His fist could shatter cinder blocks. He was about to punch. He wondered how this woman, who was obviously not human would react. Would she be able to dodge him? Or would she be able to take the attack? If so how easily would she take it?

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Carmilla jumped into the attack with such confidence, then she hit the shockwave and her confidence vanished.  She was thrown back several feet, the blade of blood had shattered leaving a normal hand behind.  She barely managed to keep herself standing and her head hurt.  In that moment where she was vulnerable her enemy moved.  First he was several meters away from her, then he was right in front of her.   She felt the arm go through her, straight past her clothes and skin and into her unbeating heart.  Her body went limp, her head rolled back and her arms fell to her sides.
It was a rare sight, the Eiffel tower being so empty, but the gunshots had sent everyone running.  Only Sarah, Jay and Carmilla had stayed to see the flood lights turn on, to see the tower light up from so close and to see the sunset.  Then at that moment when the sun lost its struggle to light the sky Carmilla grinned, baring her fangs to the world.  She lifted her arm, the one with the gun and fired at Jay's shoulder.  It recoil of the shot sent her flying off of his arm.  She skidded against the ground and stopped several meters away from her opponent.  She threw off her hat and her jacket, she aimed her gun at her prey.
"The moon is full, the night is bright, and lets begin this fight"  She started firing her Lupara .
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The bullet left a hole in Jay's shoulder. It hurt terribly.

The moon was full, and Kiba was itching to come out. "Okay Kiba, let's take care of her."

Carmilla shot another bullet. As it approached Jay's aura exploded. He had entered Lycan Mode.

Since the moon was full, their power was boosted exponentially.

He readied his hands over his muzzle in the correct position. At this distance, Grand Cannonball should reach her.

"Grand Cannonball!!!"

A big ball of sound went towards the vampire. If it hit, it would break at least 60% of all the bones in her body. The attack went towards her. It would reach in about 2 seconds

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Carmilla felt the soundwave, she felt things break so she broke them some more things, turning into a cloud of smoke.  She heard stuff behind her break so she decided it was safe to reform, she started to reform behind Sarah and caught her as she fell.  She felt the broken ribs under her solidifying hand.  She lay the girl down as gently she could and then finished reforming, the black smoke solidified into pale skin and black clothing and there was Carmilla, wearing a black billowy cloak and a witch's hat.  "Really?" she asked speaking in a welsh accent with a tone that would have suited a teacher.  "You missed me, almost killed her and knocked out half the lights in this place.  Don't you know that if you wanna kill a vampire ya have ta spill blood?  Not use bloody soundwave that hit everything and don't cut nothin'"  She took a small knife out from under her cloak, "I woulda let ya too earlier being all vampiry but now I've gone witchy and I hate getting blood out of this cloak."
She cut her palm and then forced it not to heal.  She did the same to Sarah's hand.  The two palms met and the blood of the vampire flowed into the blood of the mortal.  "Now I gotta heal this gal and I hate playin healer."  Sarah's body began spasming as her bones rejoined.  Then something changed, the steady flow of blood between them picked up speed.  Carmilla found herself unable to remove her hand.  "No, no, no, no, no, no, no,  I don't wanna deal with this now too."   She took out her gun and knocked out the nearest light, she needed time and the werewolf wouldn't give her much of that.  She hid, thankful for the many trees in Champ de Mars.  "Alright girl, I don't know how it works but I', feelin rather thirsty so if you'd just.  Sarah sat up and bit into Carmilla's neck.  "Or you could just do that, I haven't had that happen to me since I died."  She waited until Sarah had her fill, "Your done?"  Sarah just looked at her blankly.  "Alright here is what I know, your a Chevalier now, you should get your personality back eventually.  Until then."  She snapped her fingers and a broom stick flew into her hand.  "I want you to take this and hide on the first floor of the tower, you'll be out of range there."  Sarah mounted the broom and the broom took her away.
Carmilla reformed in front of her opponent, wearing a leather catsuit and holding two large curving knives.  "I'm rather thirsty right now," she said matter-of-factly, her accent this time was American, "So how does werewolf blood taste?"  She charged, this time staying low to the ground, zigzagging side to side in order to avoid any airblasts.  She aimed for his neck and right shoulder.
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In the distance Jay heard sirens and the slight smell of motor oil, gun powder, and led. He ignored them for the time being.

"First of all lady, I am a Soul-Splice, not a were-wolf. I was just a normal boy until my dad fused my soul with that of a wolfs," said Jay, just barely dodging the attack. It cut, but not deep enough to hit any arteries.

"So cutting attacks hurt you huh?" Grand Blade!" The blade of sound and air pressure headed towards the vampire witch.

"Second, I hadn't realized there were still by standers. Air Shred!" He doubted that even someone as fast as Carmilla could dodge all of these attacks. First the sound speed blade, then the 500 MPH cutting attacks. He was so sure of the speeds of his attacks.

While he was thinking this the, sirens came closer.

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"So cutting attacks hurt you huh?" Grand Blade!"
Carmilla rolled to the side the second she saw Jay's hand move, she couldn't out maneuver sound but she could react to an arm.  She felt her ears pop when the grand blade passed next to her.  She had her gun out, her finger on the trigger.
"Second, I hadn't realized there were still bystanders. Air Shred!" yelled her opponent.  Carmilla fired at that moment.  She couldn't afford to get hit by that attack, Sarah had sucked out too much of her blood.  So Carmilla fired at the nearest light, plunging herself into shadow.  She fell in, into the shadows and fell back out in the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.
She lay down exhausted, she could have handled this fight easily, she could have shrugged off being quartered or being cut in half if Sarah hadn't bitten her.  She started licking her knife, Jay's blood tasted strange but it helped her thirst.  "Sarah?"  She called, wondering where her new Chevalier was, she was going to use her location to snipe at the werewolf and wanted some help up.  She heard the sound of a broom flying and looked up, Sarah landed back on the restaurant floor.  She dropped something heavy on the ground.  Sarah had dropped a policeman and a policewoman.  Sarah nudged the bodies towards her sire. 
Camilla jumped at the meal, drinking greedily.  She avoided killing them because then Jack would be mad, and she didn't like it when Jack got mad.  She finished her meal and injected a chemical back into the blood streams of her victims, a chemical that would speed up the production of blood in their bodies.  Producing that chemical was one of the many benefits of being 5000, the insanity was not so beneficial.  

 "Give me the broom."
Sarah gave her the broomstick.
"Stay here, do not eat them."
She sat down obediently.
"Stay alive."
Carmilla vaulted over the railing and then landed on her broom, She was wearing a sleeveless witches robe and a thin, pointy hat with a brim reminiscent of a spider's web.  She dived bombed towards Jay, aiming her palm outward.  She had a very special treat for her opponent, pain.  It was mostly Sarah's with a bit of her own mixed in.  She just needed to touch him in order to transfer it.
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Carmilla dive bombed Jay. He attempted to dodge, but the vampire witch touched him. And at that very second, pain shot throughout his body. It was a great, unstoppable pain. Jay begin to howl a great howl. The concrete, glass, and rock around them began to shatter. The iron and such dented. While this was happening, Jays throat and ears begin to hurt. This only added to the pain. The pain kept increasing as he howled, and as the pain increased, so did his howling. His ears and throat begin to bleed. The pain became so great, that he went back to Human-Form, and knocked himself out. Carmilla was approaching with her gun ready.

In his head Kiba said <Jay get up!!! She is coming!!!> <Oh dear> came a voice that the pair recognized all too well. <Hmm. I didn't think you two would give up that easily.> It was Jean, Jays father.

<I'll tell you what boys, I will save your lives just this once. Though, your body will be broken by the time I am done.>

Carmilla aimed her gun at Jays head and suddenly "Wolf Fang Kick!!!"

A blade of air pressure was headed towards Carmilla at nearly point blank range.

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Carmilla was cut cleanly in half, blood flew everywhere.  The bottom half turned to dust, the top half just floated there looking surprised.  She smiled, "So you got a crowd in there too, cool."  She completely turned to smoke.  "Why we fighting anyway?"  She asked, her voice coming from every direction.  "I mean you just sent kill vibes at me for no reason."
She reformed a few feet in front of him.  She was wearing a tuxedo and a white hat.  "Now then I could help you,"  she said in a southern accent.  "I'm a witch and I can handle other people's brain issues.  Or I could leave ya to them frenchies."  A blood stain appeared on her clothes, she fell backward and Sarah caught her.   "They forgot ta block off the southern entrance, you could run out from there and then meet me in front of the Lourve tomorrow."  The sirens were coming closer.  Carmilla's augmented hearing picked up the sound of foot steps.  Heavy footsteps.  The cops were well armed.  "Your other choice is to fight the French, and trust me, whatever you may have heard, fighting the French ain't fun."  Carmilla closed her eyes and Sarah started screaming.  It was a convincing performance, two defenseless girls attacked by a monster with one of them already dead.  The performance was made even more convincing since Camilla was actually dead.
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The ears on Jays body had stopped ringing, and the police would be there in about 10 seconds. Jay's dad thought quickly, and transformed into Lycan-Mode. The French special forces arrived and saw the monster.

"What in God's name is that!?" said officer Antwonette. "Fire!!" they shot rockets and bullets at him. Even though his body wasn't trained for dodging things like those in rapid succession, his dad dodged all the rockets and only 6 bullets hit.

Using his sons body, the dad smiled. "Even though this has been fun, we must be leaving. Though not before causing a huge historical event!!!"

Jays dad knew that some American and Japanese diplomats were in France to discuss a union of oil and energy. They also just so happened to be watching the action.

Using his sons body in a way it wasn't trained for, Jean dashed up the tower, at such great speed that when his foot rubbed against the metal, sparks were created. These sparks set the fur of his feet on fire. He reached the top of the tower, and with a mighty leap of flaming feet, he jumped. Past the helicopters and watch lights. And he began to spin down towards the the tower. "Raging Wheels of Hell!!!"

All everyone down below saw was a spinning wheel of fire. Except maybe for the two vampires with their increased senses

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Carmilla had been taken into an ambulance, she got up, gave the emergency worker a hell of a fright, then hypnotized him so that she could have a talk with Sarah.  "You alright girl?"  She asked.
"Yeah I think so,"  Sarah replied, leaning against the wall.  "What's happening to me? "
"How do you feel?"  Carmilla asked, Carmilla got off the stretcher and went looking through the cupboards for blood bags.
"I've got the worst headache," she answered, taking the stretcher herself.  "And I'm having trouble remembering the last hour."
"That's normal," Carmilla answered, "Your soul left your body and it only just got back."  She found the blood packet and tore it open, drank and spit it out.  "Yuck this is just the red blood cells, why do they do that?"  She found a bag of unseparated blood and drank that.   "Anyway I'm not sure why you reacted that way, I've done that spell 30,284 times and thats never happened.  Maybe you got vamp blood in ya."  She looked out of the window and scowled.  "What is that wolfboy doin, I give him a way out of here, it didn't involve him climbing the bloody tower.  You gonna be okay in here?"  Sarah nodded.
Carmilla flew out in the form of smoke, reforming at the base of the tower.  She was wearing a featureless black dress.  "I hate wearing this thing, reminds me of the count."  She took out a sword, a golden sword with a jewel encrusted hilt and engravings along the side.  She had been given it in a welsh lake by a veiled woman, she had never found its equal.  Jay had finished climbing the tower. 
"The only ones to attack a vampire at night..."  yelled out one of the police men.
"Are morons or fools."  Finished Carmilla, that was the whole code, now the police knew whose side Carmilla was on.  She jumped into the air, easily clearing the first 10 meters, at the apex of her jump the wings grew.  Large wings like those of a bat.  She flew upward as fast as she could, Jay jumped down, wreathed in flames, to meet her.  They met 150 meters in the air, half way up the tower.  Her blade clashing with his limbs.  "Never try to burn a witch," she scolded, the flames seemed to be getting smaller, they were traveling into Carmilla's sword.  She was a witch, a healer and a healer needed to be able to control pain.  It turned out that heat worked similarly to pain, it could be absorbed and moved.
She was blasted to the ground in a cloud of smoke.  The smoke cleared and she was standing with her sword glowing red, she looked up at her now flame-less opponent.  "New offer," she yelled, "Run."  Her voice was threatening enough that the killing aura she released seemed redundant.
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"Run" said the vampire. Jean, who had seen many battles, was not afraid. "I doubt I could run. I am about to lose control of this body. Besides, this fight was only to obtain battle data, and a sample of your blood, which I did."

"Though could you do me a favor? When I lose control of this body, Jay will faint. He will return back to human form. I just destroyed a national monument using his body. I will be wanted by the French government, so I can't let someone see his true face, since this is technically also my body. Now you don't seem like the type of person (or do I mean demon?) to let Jay go to prison for something he did while possessed. If you can take care of him and get him out of the country in one piece, that would be greatly appreciated, my sweet. Besides, we might be able to help each other out one day"

With that last sentence Jean winked at her, lost control, and Jays body collapsed. He began to revert back, and the French military would be on the scene in about 10 minutes. They would see the Eiffel tower, partly melted, and a boy who they would deem terrorist.

Would Carmilla just abandon him to fate, or would she help this soul-splice who might one day be of use to her?

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Carmilla made her decision the same way she made most decisions, by having a taste. She had no idea what to expect from the mess of genetic engineering before her and was unpleasantly surprised to find that he tasted disgusting. She decided against eating him, she picked him up by the shoulders and began dragging him.

"Wait Miss," one of the French police said, "That monster is our responsibility, you can't just walk out with him." His voice sounded strong but his legs were shaking.

"Yes I can," Camilla replied in French, her green eyes turned red. "Now sir I'll have to borrow your ambulance." She kept dragging Jay's rapidly changing body, she was at the ambulance, she propped Jay against the side and opened up the back. "Sarah come out now dear, I need that bed."

The police man gave up and walked away, he was not getting paid enough to argue with a vampire, especially not a government approved one. Sarah came out and helped Carmilla put Jay on the stretcher. Carmilla closed the door and the two of them got into the front. She gave the paramedic who tried to stop her a scary look and they drove off. "So Sarah how are ya?"

"Alright now, so why are we saving that werewolf?"

"Well I can't eat him and he has some trouble controlin himself or something." Carmilla was going with a Scottish accent and she had somehow changed into a red t-shirt and jeans when Sarah was not looking. "Anyway he might thank me later and I like having people owe me favors." She took a left, Sarah knew where they were, at the loading area behind the hotel.

"Your keeping him in your room?"

"Yeah, its big enough, now help me." Carmilla took Jay's upper-body and Sarah took his legs, Sarah found herself feeling stronger, maybe there were perks to being half dead. The service elevator got them up to her floor, they brought him into her room and placed him on the spare bed. Carmilla went through her suit case and found a set of handcuffs, she enchanted them with a drop of her blood and bound Jay to the bed. "We'll work out what to do with him after he wakes up, you should go tell your boss that your quitting tomorrow. I'm taking you along with me."

"Yes ma'am," Sarah said, she did not think twice about how much the course of her life had changed. She left the room, leaving Carmilla alone with Jay.

Carmilla tapped Jay's head, a noise rang throughout the room, reminiscent of a gong. Carmilla stood back, Jay's was regaining consciousness. "Now then Jay," she said in a playful voice, "If you don't want me to leave you to the French Police I suggest you tell me everything. Convince this mad witch that I should keep you alive."

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Jay awoke. Wants he realized he was handcuffed to a bed, he couldn't resist the urge to say something sarcastic. " I love it when a woman takes control, but its only been our first date." He winked. This didn't help the situation and the handcuffs tightened, causing great pains in Jays wrists.

"Well make your self comfy lady. This is gonna be a long story. My father, whom you have already met, is, no was, a Soulologists. He studies souls and the super natrual. He was part of a project designing Soul based weaponry for a certain government. I'm not sure who. The project was called 'God Toys.' They were supposed to be the most dangerous weapons on Earth. After my dads soul went into my body, along with Kiba's, I learned of the project. His research and already developed weapons had been sealed away in a vault." Jay paused. Carmilla seemed to take this in well.

" Any way, only he and his colleagues can open the vault. All of them are madder than he is. I knew I couldn't let them live. I made plans to assassinate or capture them. One of his colleagues lived in Paris. He is a white haired vampire, with tanned skin. His name is Albert Mikaihl. I know vamps like to keep servants, so I was on the look out for the undead. I'm pretty sure you can guess why I attacked you."

The vampire-witch looked him over. She had a look on her face questioning if she should believe him or not.

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"I am no ones servant!" Carmilla suddenly shouted, "No ones, understand me?!" She punched the wall, trying to calm down. She turned away from Jay, trying to hide the tears streaming down her face. He just had to bring up those unpleasant memories, the seven hundred years spent in his castle before she escaped and what the Count had done to her when he caught back up with her. Her breathing became heavy, she walked into the bathroom, ignoring her chained prisoner. She let out the contents of her stomach, covering the sink in red bile. She saw Sarah in the mirror, looking concerned for her sire.

"Miss are you alright?" Sarah asked concerned. She gave Carmilla a towel and worked on cleaning the sink.

"I'm fine Sarah," she lied. She wiped her face and her shirt. "So how did it go with your boss?"

"He asked if my leaving had anything to do with you, when I nodded he picked up his phone and called someone." Probably Jack, Camilla reasoned. "After that he looked at me weirdly and told me that I could stay in your room for my last night here." Sarah finished cleaning up the sinks, she looked at her sire again. "Are you sure your alright?"

"Maybe, I just need a rest, that's all." Carmilla was glad that her chevalier cared about her. She made a resolution right then, she would not be cruel to her new servant, she would be better than her own sire regardless of what her sadistic side wanted. "Don't worry about me, really. I have to deal with the guest."

Carmilla walked out, somehow dressed in clean, pink pajamas. She took out her cellphone and checked something, "Alright Jay here is the deal, you've got a bounty on your head so large that whoever catches you can buy this entire hotel. Fortunately they have no idea what your name is and they've got no picture of your real face." She walked up to the handcuffs, "I can't track for crap so I won't be able to help you find Mikaihl, I'm too bloody tired for a mission like that anyway." She touched the handcuffs and they unlocked themselves. "You can sleep there till morning." She tried to sound friendly, she really did want to help Jay. She tried smiling but the whole effect seemed forced. She made a small cut in her arm using her nail, a drop of blood came out and hardened. "Eat this, it'll speed up your healing process." She passed him the hardened blood pill, "And Jay, don't ever attack a vampire unless you really have to, you got lucky with me. If it had been some of the other vamps I know or if I had been in a more stabby mood then you would be dead right now." She lay down on her bed, leaving enough room for her Chevalier.

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Jay, being bored, decided to turn on the T.V. And he was aghast at what he found. A video was shot of his little run in with the vampire. The French News Network aired it. He got on the internet. the video had gone viral. over 1,000,000 hits in 24 hours.

Jay, decided it was best to leave the country. His reasoning? More than likely Mikhail had already become aware of Jays presence in Paris. It would be pointless to search for him. He wrote a note for Carmilla. Sarah who was still awake, looked at him.He handed her the note. "Give this to your mistress when she awakes. Also, giver her this special card infused with my blood. If she ever needs my help, she can find me by placing it on water. The red arrow will point in my direction."

Sarah looked kind of puzzled. "Youre probably wondering why I am leaving and have not found my target. Well, it would be pointless to look for him now seeing as he probably already knows I am here. By the way, tell Carmilla it's been fun, and I hope we can work together again sometime."

And with that, the wolf-boy left the two vampires. He was going to make sure to get on the first cruise ship leaving Paris.

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Sarah just stayed quiet and tried to ignore Jay, the easiest way to do that was to just sleep. She couldn't do that, how could she sleep when the guy who killed her was one bed over? She lay down with her eyes wide open, Watching silently as Jay realized just how much attention the fight had caused. He started writing something on the hotel pad, he handed the note to Sarah.

"Give this to your mistress when she awakes. Also, giver her this special card infused with my blood. If she ever needs my help, she can find me by placing it on water. The red arrow will point in my direction."

She took the note and the card, wondering why he would leave before morning.

"You're probably wondering why I am leaving and have not found my target. Well, it would be pointless to look for him now seeing as he probably already knows I am here. By the way, tell Carmilla it's been fun, and I hope we can work together again sometime."

It wasn't fun for me, Sarah thought. She placed the card on the table and stayed silent as the door closed behind Jay.

"He gone then?" Carmilla asked.

"I thought you were asleep." said a startled Sarah,

"I am, I can hold a conversation while asleep," Carmilla explained. "So what do you think of him?"

"I'm a bit biased."

"True, still I get the feeling we're going to meet again one day. Anyway get some sleep, tomorrow we're heading to Japan. You need training and I have a friend there who can help." Carmilla quieted down and Sarah closed her eyes, she had a new life to start tomorrow, for now she would sleep.

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