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Wind blew though his hair and objects seemed to past in a blur, the figure on the silver bike keep driving his head down to increase his speed to him the blur that was passing by was more than just a result of how fast he was going compared to the stationary objects. The blur figures he passed represented his life these last few weeks and months the young man had been caught in a down ward spiral with everything going wrong in the worst kind of ways and no matter what happen the remnants of his life just became a blur. The young man was Crow Cementerio, aka the Last Gunslinger, and the bike he was on was his pride and joy Harley Davidson, Silver, the gunslinger was on his way to a forest he often visited to train the last few months and weeks have become a downward spiral for him starting with a trip to Jewel’s bar and grill where he encountered Zella and a mysterious stranger who had some mental power over Crow which resulted in him getting a view of Zella’s skirt. This event was followed with a serious of battles that should never happen against Salandor and Callis where Crow not thinking at the time thought the two fellow heroes believing them to be criminals. The worst of these events being the incident where he was constantly pursued by mercenaries including an organization known as the Numbers, Crow was pratically pushed to the edge from the constant fighting and gun fights that ensued. All of this plus nightmares that Crow has been suffering has begun to take its tool on the gunslinger mind, body and soul. He sighed as he rode Silver this little bit of time was relaxing him a little and allowed him to think things though. What is happening to me I seem to becoming more and unstable and I’m unraveling at the seams? I am losing myself I need to get stronger…to beat Zella…to beat that guy who was at Jewel’s…to beat everyone…to protect everyone…and mostly importantly save everyone! The Rail-gun was not paying attention to road or his movements and the bike begin to sway violently almost throwing him off before he regains control over the custom bike. Crow thought about just last week where he was trying to bring down a criminal for the bounty and missed an easy shot because of the stress he was under. Damn how could I miss a shot that even a trainee gunslinger could make? I am that far gone I can’t even use my own skills that I trained all my life for, what would Alcide say if he saw me like this? I know what he do he train me and push me till I was stronger he give me some words of advice to help me at the last second. That is what I am going to do I am going to train and get stronger I won’t stay still I will keep moving forward.

The bike almost lost control again as he continued on towards his destination to train until he felt stronger, he had brought all the necessities he wanted to take with him; his indestructible revolver Quicksilver, his cowboy hat that was a gift from his grandfather, the rink ribbon with a golden bell attached to it which was a gift his girlfriend and partner Toni. Crow also had with him a new creation from one of his friends a unique pill, which would give him a boost of energy along with several other benefits, called Burn Up pills or Body Awakening pill. In the gunslinger’s pack were several guns, knives, senbon needles, shuriken, and kunai that he would be training with along with the basic necessities clothes, sleeping bag etc. I need to get stronger that is what this trip is for I need to suprass myself and break my limits that is how I will beat Zella, that is how I will beat that guy who was at Jewel’s I’ll protect the ones I love even if it caused me my life. I need to I need to protect those I care about today to avenge those I lost. Thinking about this brought tears to his eyes as he remember his town being destroyed, the pain and grief of not being able to protect those he called his friends, and worst the agony he felt as when he lost his one of his closest friends to that day. The bike began to sway again and this time Crow had to pull the bike to a halt to gather him self. The Rail-gun sighed as he took out Quicksilver and held it up to the sun the Oricalchum gun reflected the light and all of his surroundings. For a quick glimpse it the gun reflected Crow’s face to reveal a tear sliding down his cheek, it had been this gun that killed his friend and the hand holding it pulled the trigger, I will get stronger I was weak back then and that why I couldn’t protect her but now is different now I am stronger and now I can protect my friends. The tears stopped as the usual smile formed on Crow face reflected back at him in the mythic metal of his gun. When I get back I’m going to have to take Toni out to dinner or something I shouldn’t have yelled at her before I left. The Last of the Gunslingers remembered back to just before he left to go on this training trip.

A few hours Earlier.

Crow was in the garage of his and his girlfriend’s house/business packing up his things for the training trip he was about to go on. Toni was sitting on a table watching him a sad looking on her face her pure white hair was short and she was wearing an outfit similar to a school girl. Her eyes were full of emotion and trying to convey to Crow their need to say and relax. “Crow-kun why are you going on this trip again?” The gunslinger was adjusting his bike and making sure everything was up to standards; oil, suspension, steering, etc, he let out in audible sigh he knew his girlfriend wanted him to stay and deep inside he did too but he had made up his mind about this still though he couldn’t face her. ‘Because Toni I need to get stronger my skills are regressing so I need to get better.” Toni was unsatisfied with the answer “But why you always train here at home Crow there is no need to go on a trip just to train. Besides you are plenty strong you are just having a rough patch.” Crow bit his lip he had a feeling this wasn’t going to end well “Because Toni I need time to think I’m going to be doing a lot more than target practice I need to approve all my skills. I am not having a rough patch I gotten soft I having been fighting really strong guys so my skills aren’t needed they are regressing. Gunslingers don’t have rough patches.” The Red Queen frowns a bit she was getting annoyed and upset but she wouldn’t show her boyfriend. “So you missed one short and been having a few problems it doesn’t mean you are soft or getting weak it just you been really stressed. If you are going to go then let me come with you we can train together and get stronger together.” Crow dropped his wrench and got up not looking at the girl he would never admit he truly loved (his ego and personality being a factor) he got his back putting it on the back of the bike “No Toni I need to get stronger! How am I supposed to do that with you bugging me all the time! You just don’t understand I don’t miss shots, I don’t get soft how am I suppose to be a hero when I am weak like this!” The gunslinger now faced his girl his was clearly upset and didn’t mean to raise his voice but it was too late tears were welling up in her warm almond brown eyes and suddenly she did something she rarely does. Toni slapped Crow across the face not hard but just hard enough to leave a red hand print on his face and make the Rail-gun regret his words she ran out of the garage slamming the door behind her the last thing Crow saw was the look of hurt, worry, and sadness on her face. The Lightning Shooter pulled his hat over his face and got on his bike ready to leave “I’m sorry Toni I need to get stronger to protect you.” With that Crow rode off regretting his words and actions.

The gunslinger still had his gun held up to the sky letting it reflect everything for him; I promise Toni I will make it up to you when I get back but I need to get stronger. To protect you, to protect everyone.

An hour or two later in the woods.

“Damn it!” Bang! “Damn!” Bang! Bang! “Aaaahhh Why Can’t I shoot you!” Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! “Not one shot! Damn it! You are just another villain so why do you have this effect on me! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! *reload* Bang! Bang! Bang! Crow was in the middle of the woods where he was training he was panting heavily and covered in sweat he was only wearing his white t-shirt and jeans. He had set up a shooting spot in the near where he was sleeping there were slash marks across tree some had bullet holes in them, shuriken and kunai sticking out, electrical burn marks, etc. The gunslinger had also set up some dummies to shot out the dummies resembles the villains Crow was determine to beat who had a black cloak on and painted crimson eyes (Newdeath) another was dressed very sultry and had on two large rocks for breast (Zella). The problem was not one dummy had a single bullet hole let alone scratch on it, all the gunslinger was trying to do was shoot the ND dummy in the eyes a bullet for each eye but every time he did it was like he forgot all his Gunslinger training and teachings. The eyes of the dummy were his undoing every time he saw those eyes he was reminded of the experience he had at Jewel’s but this time much worst he also envisioned worst things as well, his friends being slaughter by this man, Toni being killed, himself being killed as his friends watch barely alive, his town being destroyed and this man being responsible. Damn it I know those are not the real thing, I know what I see is fake, then what does it get to me?! Crow panted heavy reloading his gun sloppily unable to gain composure enough to use “The Trick” he aimed at the dummies’s demon crimson eyes but just like before he began to panic and lose himself. Bang! Bang! Bang! Again all three shots missed completely “DAMN!” I can’t do it I can’t kill him no matter what I do my body won’t let me! What kind of hero am I if I can’t kill one villain! Suddenly Crow ran towards the ND dummy his gun surging with metallic blue electricity going to decapitate the dummy removing its “eyes” but right before he struck the nightmarish visions filled his head paralyzing him with fear. The gunslinger dropped to his knees Quicksilver sliding out of his hand he pounded the ground with his left fist angry and upset. “Damn it! What am I suppose to do?! He is just one person, Zella is just one person so why is it so hard for me?! All I want to do is get stronger but how am I suppose to do that?!”

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