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Name: Thomas "Bloodsucker" Leach

Alias: Point Man

Age: >500, Appears 30

Gender: Male

Alignament: Neutral

Race: Vampire

Origin of Power: Psychic, vampire bite.



Powers and Abilities:


Even as a normal human, Thomas was a powerfull psychic. He had, and still has an extremelly powerfull mind. He is able to enter the mind of all but strongest, including the minds of divine creatures and beings. He has simingly endless willpower and concentration, is able to move extremely large objects from extremely long distances and can stop FTL objects mid-flight. The limit of his lifting power is 200 tons.

Named moves:

Pressura-A crushing force crushes the target. Simple, no?

Propulso-Leach lifts up any object to his forehead (he preffers a coin from his ancient coin collection), and fires it in in a straight line towards his opponent. The object moves at a speed five times the speed of sound.

Return to sender-Thomas makes a mental field around himself. Any flying object that enters the filed will take the closest route until it floats above his palm. The closest route of course avoids his own body. When he collects enough object (usually bullets fired at him) he "returnes" them to one man in a giant Propulso, ment to shread the creature that fired those bullets.


In the year 1487 a man was bit by a vampire. Out of three vampire-typs (four, sort of) only two can turn humans and such was Acelin Moreau a vampire from France. He was a Viroy, unlike the Moroy who can't spread through bites or the Strigoy who can transform other very easily but are also much then both Viroys and Dhampires (Moroys are the weakest but they have magic) the Viroys have to bleed their pray to near death and then feed them their own blood. The problem with that is that, unless the newly transformed is extremely strong, sunlight, even the weakest ray, could destroy them completely. That is what the Viroy use to get rid of bodies so thay would never be discovered. Such was the case douring 5th February 1487. A thousand year old vampire made his first offspring thinking that the daylight would destroy him. But he was wrong. Vuk survived that day, and the next few weaks, months, and years. Today he is a five year old vampire that goes by the name Thomas Leach. He can lift up 40 tons with one hand and move at mach 5 speeds and can freely control his body.


Regenero-While all Viroys can regenerate from a single drop of blood the older they are their regeneration is faster.

Muto-Thomas shapeshifting abilities are still weak, He can transform into small animals such as birds, bats and rats, and can also make slight modifications to his body.

Caligo-While older vampires can transform into real mist, and even into different gasses, younger vampires such as Thomas can only transform into a mist made out of blood.

Senguinem Flexibus-Thomas can control his blood as long as it's outside of his body. He can freely move it around, make it float and even make objects out of it.


Through out the ages Thomas has joined different military organisations. The last one he joined before becoming part of the F.E.A.R. squad was the American militery. There, he has made many contacts and has got training with modern guns. From previous militery service he has learnt how to use swords, bows and similar equipment


Gun training-Thomas has training in all kinds of firearms such as snipers, RPGs, and pistols. Every firearm known to man, Thomas is able to use. However the only firearms he uses constantly are a pair of handguns which he named himself and modified to shoot different kinds of bullets. Thanks to his vampiric body he is able to shoot with incredible accuracy.

Owned firearms:

Judicatio & Poenitentia-Judicatio(judgment) & Poenitentia(repentance) are a pair of guns. Judicatio (the black one) Thomas uses as his first shot every time and he attempts to make it non-lethal. His second shot comes from Poenitentia(the white one) and is most of the time lethal.

Executio-Executio(execution) is a magnum-like handgun made by DEfuturuM to serve as a counter-measure against the aliens that came to earth and formed an embassy. After they recieved the information along with a bolter and bolter round from the battle in which F.E.A.R. team participated, they made this weapon. While it can use almost every type of ammo known to man, it can also fire a bullet made with only it in mind. The bullet itself was made in the image of a bolter rounde and it is theorised that it could penetrate Space Marine armor without too much difficulty.

Sword training-

Avaliable swords:

Sector-A giant greatsword that seems quite hard to use properly as it is extremely heave. Despite that, Thomas is able to wield it with a single hand. It is made from a metal which can only be found in the Chaos dimension and has shown extreme durability.

Hand-to-hand combat-

Military tactics-

Military connections-



F.E.A.R. Squad:

7th October 2012, a man is surrounded by 5 other people. At first the man might seem like a normal human but on closer inspection it is easy to notice that he is rather pale, even under his military uniform, and his hair is white, like snow. And his face shows an arrogant smirk even though he is surrounded from all sides. He is not a normal human, but a 500 year old vampire. And his enemy is the F.E.A.R. squad. A special team from a mega-company called DEfuturuM. Their duty is to hunt and kill strange and possibly harmfull creatures. But this was a different task. They were to subdue this vampire and bring him into DEfuturuM HQ. When he ran out of bullets he switched to using his monstrous strength to defeat his opponents. He managed to grab one and snap his neck,a much faster death then draining him dry, something the vampire would only do as a sign of respect for his combat skill. However he was unable to kill the rest. The managed to make him fall on his knees. Instead of getting up and killing them he decided to let them bring him in. The man he killed was the F.E.A.R. teams leader also knows as Point Man. When he was brought in, DEfuturuM CEOs told him to either join one of their F.E.A.R. squads or be killed. He agreed to join them but under two conditions. 1. He will join the ones that took him in as they are the only ones who could defeat him. 2. He will become their new Point Man. DEfuturuM agreed.


Dimitri "Dimka" Belikov-

Albert "Puss in boots" Whiskers-

Catherine "Cat" West-

Nole "Blondy" Kennedy-


DEfuturuM HQ:

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OK. I am nowhere near finishing this guy apperently. Tomorrow, I will either continiue making him, post in the embassy thing, or both. After that I'm moving to misterious power unveiled and finally to hellscraper.

Also, I feel sexist having four male character and zero female. But don't worry the next one will be female. Don't judge me!

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@ChronoWolf: Nice you can't go wrong with Dante as a look lol I look forward to the rest:)
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You had my curiosity at Dante, but you had my attention at Railgun.

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@SamJaz: And then I lost you completely.

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@ChronoWolf: Lol. I like the guy.

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@ChronoWolf said:

@SamJaz: And then I lost you completely.

no but u did me xD

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Railgun... I think Crow is going to kick your ass for that lol

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@haseo_yashimora: @ChronoWolf:


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@ChronoWolf: Hmmm firing small projectiles at super sonic speeds and naming the move Rail-gun. Where have I seen that before?

@SamJaz: For the record Samjaz it was from Misaka Mikoto that I named my move Rail-gun and used as the base from my move. It was willyverb who actually suggested the character to me.

I don't mean to be a prick but seriously you could at least rename that move seeing as it doesn't have anything to do with electricity at all.

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Hand cannon? Kinetigun?

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