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The dark queen stood in the center of an inverted pentagram; an ominous darkness pushed her cloak behind her, dimly lit black wick candles illuminated the darkness. The walls around the warehouse were decorated with real people; hung up on inverted crosses.

“I have not been able to sense the presence of Ziccarra, it would seem that this universe is without one” Y said, standing to full form. The barley legal teens known as the Dragons lustfully touched over her body.

“Maya Lopez is here, I believe we were In the Sigma Six together; that can’t be helped I wasn’t activated yet” The dark queen’s face frowned as one of the dragons rubbing her nipples caused soreness. Swiftly moving her hand backwards, she knocked the teen to the ground and grimaced. “I should pin you to this wall…” she said, kicking her out of her presence.

“What do I need to know about this…Tori…?” Y asked, turning around in her signature all black lycra uniform.

“Tori used to be a member of the Sigma Six, her best friend was a woman named Xiahua Ma; but they called her Lynn. Um, though she didn’t remember it Tori was the reason that Lynn’s village was destroyed. You were activated in hell.”

Her assistant instructed, giving her a run-down of the last few months. “I was in hell?” Y asked, putting her arm gauntlets on.

“Yes you were, down there you and Lynn engaged in battle, but Lynn was victorious; there was a women there I think it’d do you well to meet…her name is Kita”

“Got it.” Y said, pushing towards the door open.

“Surkit, and Feral Nova are here too, or at least the essence of them are. Log me in for a visit soon” she said, with a devious smile on her face.

The Black Queen of the Green Dragons exited the warehouse with her trusty strap-on in hand. “Whoooo am I going to f$ck today…” she said, with a purple gaze burning in her eyes.

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@Y intercept: "So, I happen to have a most unusual skill." A man behind Y loudly said. "I have an uncanny knack to show up at places and make stuff go down. What I want to know is, what's my quarrel with you?"

The man looked to be in his early twenties. He carried two large weapons crisscrossed on his back, two large keys with golden handguards, each around three foot long with a short chain at the end of the handle. The blades were silver and cylindrical, with a crown-like crest at the end.

The man was dressed in dark trousers and a red jacket, brown messy hair, and stood in a confident manner despite who he was facing.

He was carrying a handgun in a shoulder holster on his left side.

"I'm SamJaz." He said, hands ready to draw a weapon. "And you are?"

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There were tons of buildings in her surroundings, this was good she needed something to try her new skills. Flanked to her left and right by quintessential members of the Green Dragons, she turned towards downtown before being halted by a man.

Her eyes squinted past him to the make of his blades, she had seen them before in another life of hers; if he was indeed what she thought he was, and she fully intended to test his courage. “Wielder of the Keyblade...” she whispered, turning towards him with her hands on her hip.

“Well Sam...” Tori turned, quickly filling the ambient space between them with a thick purple shell. “My name is of no importance” she said, with a cryptic glare. Extending her right hand out to the right side, she conjured a psi-sword.

“Kill him…” she whispered, her eye’s taking a purple gaze; without moment’s notice, her whole body began to separate duplicating into three different entities.

Spinning in a masterful pirouette, both entities lashed out with a psi-whip; as she spun the shards of their blades petal danced towards him in a wide range motion to prevent a possible speed blitz. Y shifted to the balls of her feet, she was ready to full engage her foe; no half assing.

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@Y intercept:

SamJaz watched carefully as his opponent divided into three and begin to attack with power whips. More importantly, she recognised the key blade, meaning she was 'in the know'.

There were questions to be asked, but first, survive.

SamJaz couldn't speedblitz out, he was surrounded. But if the X axis was blocked, he'd just travel the Y. Pushing hard on his foot and releasing energy against the floor, SamJaz rose eighteen feet straight up, drawing both blades as he span in the air.

He seemed to slow at the peak of the jump, and rotated forwards until he was upside down, and the world seemed to be in slow motion as he chose his target.

There. That one on the right.

His feet touched the air as it solidified above his feet. SamJaz crouched, upside down against the sky, and then burst downward, engulfed in light that span around him like a drill as he came down upon Tori.

He'd slam his weapons down against the ground, the shockwave sending the target up into the air and the other two to the side. Once she was airborne, she'd be an easier target for an aerial combo attack with his keyblades, but first was to get her there.

If she somehow managed to dodge the attack, SamJaz would be open for the second it'd take to float to his feet, so he'd have to get out of the way.

SamJaz came down to the ground like a meteor, sending chunks of concrete and debris to the side as the drill of light exploded around him.

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She saw why he had the blade, his situational awareness was adept, shooting into the air; he evaded her sword barrage, what was more fascinating was how well maneuvered in the air from defensive to offensive. He turned his attention to her, something within the power of the keyblade alerted him to her true position. “Nice…” she said, as he slammed his blade down into the ground, the shockwave created from his mystical blade sent her reeling upwards.

Much like him; Y’s situational awareness was adept; constructing a purple platform from thin air, she landed in a crouched position with a psy blade forward to protect herself from his onslaught. The powerful thud of his blade against hers, displayed just how much training and power he had accumulated.

She never intended for the psy-blade to protect her from all his strikes, his keyblade slammed into her shoulder almost taking her arm completely off. Rolling off the elevated platform she landed in a crouched position on the ground.

“Impressive…” she whispered again, as her healing factor begin to heal the gouge in her shoulder. Still feeling the sting of his blade on her shoulder, she knew extending it above her head was out of the equation; pushing her hands out, she created hundreds of little psi-blades.

Pushing her hands forward she sent the small pellets towards him to take his attention; speeding behind her pellets, she jumped in the air; whilst simultaneously creating a duplicate; to attack low while she attacked high. The object was to take out his non-dominant arm, and his non dominant leg.

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@Y intercept:

SamJaz stopped for breath after the powerful combo, almost slamming the woman's arm off with the blunt instrument. It wasn't long, however, before she sent off a large number of small pellets, and jumped into the air.

SamJaz tucked both keyblades around his shoulders, crossing his arms in front if his neck in an X-block. "REFLEGA!" He shouted, and a spherical sphere made of clear hexagons formed around him, sending the pellets back.

He felt two presences ready to attack- one from above and one from behind, aiming low. As his reflective barrier faded, it began to be clear that he wasn't going to avoid both.

So, he ducked to the ground and rolled sideways, losing a chunk of his back as he got away. "CURE!" He shouted, pointing his left keyblade in the air to heal himself as he continued to fall back.

His back hit a wall, and SamJaz grinned. Summoning a blue card in front of him, SamJaz slammed his right keyblade into it. "CU CHULAINN!" He shouted, and with the sound of breaking glass the armoured warrior appeared between SamJaz and Y. Raising his keyblade to hold it in front of him, pointed at the two Y's, a wall of energy spears formed and hurled themselves forward, a torrent of sharpness heading straight for her.

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She watched as his ability to construct a shield and more so his ability to heal himself came into play. “Hphm” she said, halting her assault for the time being. “That Keyblade is impressive…” she said, bracing herself; given the close proximity, she wouldn’t be able to generate a powerful enough shield to protect herself. The energy spreads slammed into both hers and the dupe’s body, impaling her all the way through.

Blood spurt from her impaled body as well as her mouth, trying to control the hemorrhaging, she healed again. The pain of each critical attack starting to wear and tear on her body. Pushing her hands forward she constructed three golems, each containing the power of herself as they attacked through a series of punches and kicks; she pushed her hand forward for her real attack, attempting to remove the power of the keyblade.

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@Y intercept:

SamJaz dashed forward, weaving through the golems as he made his way towards Y. He swung powerfully with the keyblade in his right hand, as Y reached out for it.

As soon as her hand touched the keyblade, SamJaz felt the power-cancelling effect of Y's ability.

This made SamJaz silently thank the blacksmith that made the replica he was holding.

He couldn't cast magic out of it. It didn't help lead his attacks. He couldn't throw it and return it to his hand. He couldn't summon it, so he had to carry it on his back.

But SamJaz was always concerned about those power-canceller types, and now he was prepared for them.

The keyblade in his left hand was a powerful magical artefact.

The keyblade in his right was a large metal bludgeon with a crown on the end.

This was the weapon about to shatter the bones in Y's hand, with the magical weapon headed straight for her neck as a follow-up attack.

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As quick as ever, he eluded three of her psi golems, and managed to effectively evade her power canceller. Raising an eyebrow the Flower of Carnage shifted to the balls of her feet and then launched herself backwards; as she began her initial flip, she could feel his blade again cutting across her shin. The disturbance in her flip caused her to turn unevenly, but while he was in close proximity she let loose a powerful psy shield; one that expanded outwards on the area, anyone standing to close would be vaporized by the power of her shield.

Once the dust cleared from the battle, Y would no longer be there; having an injured shoulder an injured shin and still feeling the pain from being impaled she used this reprieve to fight another day.

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@Y intercept:

Shield. Shield. These thoughts ran through SamJaz's head as he rolled back, coughing from the dust cloud. It was expanding, so SamJaz jumped up, landed on and jumped off a wall, then another, and landed on a rooftop.

As he cleared his lungs, he barely saw Y escape. He made chase, knowing that he would probably lose his target along the way, but wanting to at least get a headstart on where to start the witchhunt. She was too dangerous to leave unattended.

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