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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Alright. I can add this character but I have a question. Shall I add this submission separately or replace this guy with Callis?
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@willyvereb: Let Callis stay, he will be back later this year

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@Masako_Hihashi: You mean the next year, aren't you? 
Alright, I'm gonna add Taiyou soon. 
Still waiting for many more submissions.
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@willyvereb: Yep, I meant next year, next week when I finally manage to organize my timetable according to my workload I'll try to post more here and in the other threads


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Username: haseo yashimora (bio coming soon)

Name: Sakara allias: haseo yashimora

Gender: male

Age: actual age:unknown appearance age: 20s

Alignment: Neutral

Affiliation: none yet

Classification: alien

Power Tier: 4

Martial Status: Married

Special: quiet, short tempered

Description: Sakara is from a different universe that he created, long ago Sakara's flagship got pulled in a random wormhole as he decided to explore his universe in sentient form, apon exiting this wormhole they ended up in this universe. Adrift in space him and his crew crash landed on Earth(Roswell incident) and was held prisoner by the US government. After many years in a cell Sakara head enough and broke out of the prison also freeing his crew that where left alive, they scattered through out the planet Earth and went in to hiding, in till now.

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