The Valley of Souls

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Hagane looked at him incredulously.

"That was rude." She said, passing the muffins off to Kita and walking over to check on the unconscious Chris Hogan.

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A young girl in a red jumpsuit was the first to rush over towards Kita and Xia's direction. She introduced herself as Hagane Kumaga, Captain of a team called Sketchnoda. "Ah yes I see that you were a reality warper I was observing your fight with the demons. An impressive skill, My name is Kita Kurenai just here to get a tan" Kita kid. Soon Hagane used her power of alchemy to produce muffins for the entire group. Due to Kita's physiology and being in Hell she does not need to eat, but she took the muffin as a sign of good will. Kita bit into the muffin, and thought it was fantastic "Hmm delicious, Toffee not bad at all. While she was eating the muffin Xia thanked Kita for saving her from the devil's grip. Kita paused for a brief moment as she absorbed what she just heard. It has been a long while since anyone has thanked Kita for anything, "You're....welcome I suppose, but this is far from over." Kita told Xia as she finished her muffin.

The young boy whom she first met when she entered hell finally introduced himself as well. He called himself "Chris Hogan" Kita merely rolled her eyes at him as it was obvious to her that he was lying. But was slightly amused when another man she met earlier kicked a demons head into Taylor's head. The guy seemed usually angry to Kita, taking on of Hagane's muffins and crushing it. Kita was curious about the strange energy of Killing Intent coming from him, as no one understood Killing intent more than Kita does. "Interesting what more surprises are in store for me down here I wonder Kita though to herself. Kita walked over to Hagane, and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about him he probably has sensitive teeth". Kita then turned to the rest of the group. "We have to head through the Forest of Sin to get to Satan's Palace, for those of you that have been here before its like a giant maze of compressed space. We need to find the guide to make the journey easier for us".

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Taylor smiled, nursing his bleeding head.




Seeing that he wasn't getting the sympathy he was hoping from the two ladies, he got up and listened to what Kita had to say, when it came to waiting for a guide, Taylor made an executive decision.

Putting on a serious glare, Taylor pointed dramatically in a random direction, over the lake of lava.



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As the deadly martial artist Xia fought against the even deadlier Mistress of Chaos Kita in a blind rage manipulated by the dark lord Satan; perched on a tree that was as white bone watched a single observer who even saw through the black sphere that Kita conjured. Once the fight was over and Xia freed from the beast’s control; after the introductions were made suddenly a single black feather landed on the Chaotic Queen’s shoulder. The feather was as black as midnight and appeared to have smoke coming from it, while the feather didn’t appear to be on fire, it seemed the feather was made of the midnight black smoke yet never shrank just constantly emitted smoke. Just as mysterious as the feather appeared suddenly in front of Kita and her little group of Hell travelers appeared a raven; the raven was blacker than the ace of spades its body covered in the same smoke emitting feathers so as the creature moved a trail of smoke followed like the cloak of death itself. While the raven was pitched black its talons and beak was as white as a winter snow creating a disturbing contrast with its bodies. The raven opened it eyes revealing they were also white, yet there was no pupil just pure white, but the most disturbing thing was it seemed that the raven had a third eye in its forehead. This eye was as crimson as blood and in the center where they should have been a pupil was a black inverted pentagram. Kita had asked for a guide and this is what she received in the form of the three eyed raven.

“You know they say the three eyed raven is a demon of insight.” Suddenly a man, or what appeared to be close to a man, emerged from the Forest of Sin the man was wearing a pitch black Japanese Kimono with red flames on the bottom of sleeves. The man skin appeared to be burnt and his body was wrapped in bandages, expect for his feet and hands, including his face large yellow eyes emerged from the bandages with strands of black hair that also appeared to be burned. The man had a slasher’s smirk that revealed fanged teeth. “They say that the three eye raven bestows the gift of sight but it is never a bright future, past, or present. Oh I’m sorry let me introduce myself my name is….hmm it seems that I forgot my own name I been in this place for so long. You can call me Moyasu…now what was I supposed to tell you?” The strange Moyasu pondered for a moment, “Oh that is right if you want to make it through the Forest of Sin guide or no guide then you must complete a serious of trials. The female standing beside you was your first trial now I am your second trial…Now what was your name again.”

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“No thanks” she said, waving off the cupcakes; slightly bowing to Hagune; her attention turned to Chris whom was in the process of stuffing his face with a muffin. The heat was causing her chi to work overtime to keep her body cool. Placing her hands at her hips, she slowly let loose a deep an exhausting sigh; she had no idea whom any of these people were. To make matters worse, she was in hell; the horrid screams of the damned pierced her ears.

“Lake of Fire…” she said turning her head in the direction of the dramatized index finger, “Forest of Sin?” she said, still confused on the whole situation. Her adept eyes caught something the sight of a small bird; much like the scene when she first entered hell; everything around her went black.

“What’s going on now!” she screamed, being transported to a different part of hell, one that resembled her village. The only reason she knew; she was still in hell was indicated in the sky; flames engulfed the skies.

“You think, I’m going to allow you to aid Kita!” a voice roared cloaked within the walls of the dimension. “Doesn’t matter if I help her or not; you’re already as good as dead!” she screamed back, keeping her eye’s focused on everything.

The village was suspended in animation; looking exactly how it did before the shogun attacked; present before her was a sword on a pedestal. “The moment…you pull that sword. You will be met by your true enemy”.

Without so much as a thought, Xia removed the sword and the world around her reanimated; a shadow appeared on the floor in front of her, finally constructing a small blonde woman.

“TORI?!” Xia screamed, watching as the doll in front of her took a fighting stance. “You’re not really here!” Xia said, believing herself to be true.

“You know very well I’m real” Tori said, dashing towards Xia sending multiple knife edge strikes towards Xia. Parrying backwards, Xia matched them with her own; only to be leg swept onto the ground.

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Enter Y-Intercept
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Hagane looked at the crow. "I'm Hagane." She said. "What about these trials?"

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Xia hit the ground hard only to kip up quickly in a wing-chun base stance, across from her the murderous Tori. “Tori we don’t have to do this!” she screamed, holding her rib cage in pain.

“You know we do…Xia” Tori replied, channeling the hellfire from around them, the “M” engraved in her hand opened up releasing an iron serpent with a spearhead. “Fuck me” Xia screamed channeling her chi, knife edge swiping the iron serpent away. “FINE!” Xia screamed, pushing her opposite hand forward, “KIKOSHO!” the Snake Crane mistress fired a copious amount of energy; one that hit her frienemy head on.

The impact was devastating shaking the very foundation of hell. “Huh” the iron serpent she previously smacked away, returned plowing right though her bosom, making both entry and exit wounds. The jarring impact caused blood to spout from her chest like a geyser; grabbing at the air, tears swelled in her eyes as she fell backwards towards the ground.


A loud shriek split the hellfire; Xia’s quivering head turned right directly into the hellish fire; to see the shadowy return of a person she thought she ended. “Im-possiblle” she gasped, her mouth instantly filling with her own crimson blood.

Tori’s chi had come to be far more advanced than Xia’s her body was nearly gone; but through the veil of fire she could see the major limbs of Tori’s body regenerating. “Im-possible…” Xia's chi slowly began ‘to heal her wound, but it wouldn’t heal fast enough to dodge the on-coming assault.

“You’ve. Gotten stronger since that last mission, but let’s put that to the test” The ground around Tori rumbled; her hands became heavily eclipsed by chi; pushing herself forward she sent her 1,000 punch strike towards Xia’s downed body.

“Fuck” Xia said, pushing off the ground; with her wind-chun; this didn’t stop the powerful strikes; each one of them hitting her body like shotgun rounds. The first strikes weren’t the worse, it was the final one; backed with 70% chi, Tori fired her strike.

Xia pressed her hands forward and absorbed the chi from the strike; the blunt from the force sent her spiraling backward, but bending her spine a bit, she landed on her feet. Blood continued to drip from her now closing wound, there was a look of disappointment on her face. “I see what has to be done now, if you will not turn from your ways then I must stop your murderous ways”

Xia pressed her index fingers together and channeled her inner chi, “Chi focus X3!” The earth beneath her feet erupted into a massive crater; from her energy gigantic wind typhoons engulfed the area sending razor sharp winds towards Tori in succession. “YOU ASKED FOR THIS!!!!” the massive wind typhoons ripped through Tori’s body, completely obliterating her from site.

With a simple blink Xia was back in front of Kita, Taylor and Hagune. “What the hell just happened” she said, out of breath still injured.

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Kita and her companions arrived at the entrance of the Forest of Sin. An eerie forest of screams and fear that was in compressed space created by the Devil himself. It was all that stood between Kita and Satan from finally meeting face to face. The young boy who called himself “Chris” randomly point into the direction the group should go. Kita was not amused by obvious bad sense of direction and whacked him on the top of his head with the hilt of her Katana. “You are not helping “Chris” the guide will show himself in time be patient. It’s time like these she misses having her complete power, with the full power her Chaos Gene possesses she could have marched right into Satan’s Palace unstopped.

As if on cue a black feather landed in front of Kita and the others path, “Ah so he is here at last.” Kita looked at the pitch black raven that as it appeared before her. The fear, and terror it stood for was fantastic to Kita. If she could have any pet in the universe her first choice would be the ominous raven that shows an unpleasant future in its gaze. Kita then turned to Xia, but she had vanished her sword soon emitted a crimson light that told Kita that she was still in Hell, but far away from the group “Xia is gone, she must have been part of a trial I’m sure of it. She is on her own for now” Kita thought to herself.

Soon a mysterious man came from the Forest of Sin dressed in a pitch Black kimono. At first he mentioned he forgot his real name, and called himself Moyasu telling the group that Xia was part of the first trial as Kita suspected. Hagane was the first to introduce herself to Moyasu. The Kita herself spoke and introduced herself “My name is Kita Kurenai mistress of Chaos and Queen of the Chaosrealm I seek an audience with Satan. He has something of mine, and I wish to claim it back. Kita could feel the rumbles of a fierce battle taking place. A slight grin came over Kita’s red lips “That’s it Xia, give it everything you have for me.” Kita then spoke to Moyasu once more, “If my companion is already part of the first trial I am more than ready for the second. Let’s get on with this.” Then Xia once again reappeared in front of Kita. She was wounded again after being in another battle. She appeared confused, but Kita told her the brief details with a slight smile. “You were part of a trail that will allow us to proceed through the Forest of Sin. Seeing that you are still alive you must have passed; Congratz.” Now it was Kita turn for the second trial, but knowing Satan he has terrible plans in store for her.

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Taylor rubbed his sore head where Kita had smacked him for trying to help.

Then her attention was on the new guy in black. Something about a second trial?

Whatever. He'd probably lose anyways.

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Abyss glared at all the weaklings around him and tried to figure out just why Villicus would send him to such a pitiful group like this. He clenched his fists tighter and there was a quick jolt of purple energy around him for a second, but was then gone invisble to the human eye. He looked to the new foe and gave a blood thirsty grin his way. "So Moyasu how about me and you have a fight?" Abyss asked as his eyes narrowed into a determined glare. "I will even be nice and transform so that you atleast have the honor of knowing true fear before you die," he said as his hair started moving slightly as if it was waiting for something. He wouldn't bother telling this man his name as there was no point for a dead man to know a name so his name would remain a mystery.

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Hagane nodded, ready to take part in whatever they had in store for this strange little group she was involved in.

She picked up a red pebble and started investigating it out of boredom. She was unable to identify it by sight, feel or weight.

Taking a sniff, she decided to lick it.

Coppery, but not that salty.

While she didn't know what the rock was, it was very similar to Netherrack found in Alvin's Nether, only this was closer to granite in composition than what was usually found in Alvin's worlds.

She decided to name it Hadestone, having memorised its atomic structure for further study later.

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“A trial?” she gasped, using her chi to heal her wounds; she could tell from their brief battle that Kita was not to be messed with; there was an arrogant aura around her that made her come off at least to Lynn as sinister. It didn’t matter Lynn didn’t want to be here anymore, it seemed like the others were content with checking the surroundings.

“Well what the hell are we waiting for…let’s go” she said, somewhat irritated she got caught up in this whole mess in the first place.

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Once Kita revealed herself the demon swordsman titled his head slightly; “Hmm you said you name was Kita correct…where have I heard that name before? Something about that name…what was it is?” Suddenly before Kita or anyone in her little group could react Moyasu was standing directly behind Kita having moved so fast their eyes could barely keep up he seemed to be there instantly. “Oh that right I remember I have to kill Kita Kurenai.” The demon of Sloth suddenly created a sword, it formed from the palm of his hand becoming the length of a normal katana. Moyasu gripped the blade in his hand like an actual sword. He spun around slicing to decapitate the Mistress of Chaos then as suddenly he appeared in front of Taylor and created another sword in his other hand; the demon brought down both swords in an X attempting to kill the young man. Moyasu moved onto the next intended victim, Xia, the he appeared crouched down behind her. Spinning upwards in a spiral the demon attacked Xia aiming to cut her into several pieces; the condemned swordsman was moving far faster than anyone of them could have predicted but it was more than that, the trial of Sloth had started and now all of them were experiencing a severe feeling of sleepiness, sluggish movements, and tiredness the more sin they had in their life the stronger the feeling. Moyasu next victim was Abyss; rushing at him while swinging his swords in a frenzy looking to turn the youth in a lot of chunks.

Moyasu vanished again and this time targeted Hagane he appeared behind her and cracked his neck violently a slasher smile on his face, “Hello little girl…I don’t remember if I’m supposed to kill you…so I will anyway.” The swordsman of hell made his swords form from his hands again attempting to pierce through the young girl’s chest, if the hit connected it would go straight through and probably kill the girl. Meanwhile as Moyasu moved from person to person without even waiting to see if his attacks connected let alone did damage the 3 eyed raven flew off landing on a branch. The demonic guard looked directly at Kita and then open it third eye revealing the pentagram and giving a glimpse of it insight to the Chaotic Queen it showed her that Moyasu next attack would be at her again, he was going to suddenly appeared in front of her and slice at her jugular then stab at her heart killing her innocently if she didn’t do anything. The Raven flew off as Moyasu moved just like in the vision the Trial of Sloth appeared in front of Kita again a horribly twisted smile on his face as he said; “I’m sorry I forgot your name.”

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Taylor fell to the earth in four pieces, but was back to his feet within seconds.

Seeing the swordsman travel to attack his allies, Taylor used his All Fiction to erase the concept of getting noticed, just for a few seconds, and stepped in front of Kita, invisible for as much as anyone noticed.

"I'm Sorry" Moyasu told Kita with a horribly twisted smile as he landed in front of her and the unnoticed Taylor. "I forgot your name."

And Taylor's Unskilled made the erasure fail, and suddenly Taylor was noticed, screws already making their way to Moyasu's torso and face.



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Hagane barely managed to dodge in time to preserve her life, but got her left arm torn off in the process. She grabbed the dismembered limb as she rolled aside and reattached it with her ability, then launched a wave of stone on either side of Kita to trap the woman in with the ninja swordsman.

She'd crush them both if she had to, but she had faith that Kita could survive.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Abyss took every single blow on his left arm and it was left with several huge cuts in it. His arm was barelly still attached but he took as if nothing even with all the blood gushing out of the wound. Abyss looked at his foe as if seeing a worthy adversary before he set his eyes into a determine glare and began to scream as purple lightning cam from nowhere and began to strike the ground around him. Spacial tears begin to form around the area as he kept pushing his power past its limits His eyes changed to a soft gold and his hair changed from the regular brown to a light silvery grey. The wounds he had sustained in the last attack bubbled red then healed completely. The area he was standing on just collapsed from the amount of power he was putting out but by the time that had happened the spacial tears were gone and he had finished his transformation into his Limbo mode. He took off at the speed of sound just as the ground he was standing on collapsed. "Here I come!" Abyss yelled as he ran at Moyasu at only a fraction of his true speed but he was holding it back just to have some fun against this guy. He brought he fist up and threw a powerful uppercut at Moyasu's gut along with a strong kick aimed at the back of neck each one having the power to destroy a building easily.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Tori burned Lynn out, still visibly shaken from her encounter with her former friend, she tried to gain a grasp on what was going on around her. Her eyes couldn’t pick up the anomaly, and before she could even pick up on the location of the attacker; she was being knocked across the floor at extreme speeds. Her body rolled across the terrain before halting to a stop; blood tricked from her pours as she had yet to heal herself.

Pushing off her feet, she realized she was lucky at the most; had her wind not being circling her at that moment she would’ve met her end. Her body was slumped slowly being drained by the dominions of the sloth.

“Fuck…” she said, letting out a not so subtle yawn; “WIND CHUN!!!!” She screamed, clasping her hands together forcefully, the moment she did so a massive wind typhoon ripped through the bowels of hell, hoping to temporarly slow down the demon, so one of the companions could capitalize on the maneuver.

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Moyasu the demon trial of sloth launched his attack towards party, and Kita was his first target. ”Damn hes quick…no I’m just moving far slower.” It took every ounce of sheer will power for to raise her Katana to block moyasu’s attack. She was able to do so, but the sheer force of the blow knocked Kita into a near rock mass making an imprint of her body onto it. Kita was one her hand and knees gasping for air. “That demon is affecting me, making me feel sluggish, he is the trial of sloth after all” Kita thought. All the the others were trying to defend themselves against Moyasu, Kita noticed that Taylor had vanished from the scene.

Kita slowly got up from the dirt, watching the other do what they can to finish out the demon. “Good they are buying me some time” Kita’s Katana started to produce a crimson aura around it trying to communicate with her. Kita looked into its blade hearing the screams and sorrows of all who were slain by it. “Ahh you wish to take over and fight, you could negate his effects on my body, but at a price. I could lose control; it would be hard for me to tell the difference between friend and foe…unless it’s in one high impact burst”.Kita had a sinister grin at the notion, but her Chaos Gene would be drained. The three eyed raven from earlier landing on a nearby branch about Kita. She looked at it and is gave her a vision of what Moyasu was about to do next. “Why are yo-“ Kita was about to ask the raven but was cut off by Moyasu sudden appearance in front of her.

Kita staggered back a bit in the face of Moyasu, When suddenly Taylor once again reappeared between her and Moyasu. Using this opportunity Kita focused her power from the chaos gene, her awesome power started to shake the very foundations of hell. Her muscle started to grow slightly and become more dense while the flaming energy around was more violent and distorted. She was ready holding her blade an high angled stance knowing that the next exchange between herself and Moyasu would determine if the group moves any further.

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Moyasu smirked as he went in for the kill on Kita when suddenly the emotionless, violent anti-hero Taylor appeared nether less Moyasu was going to slice through him...again, "I'm sorry I forgot if I killed you...Did I kill you?" Just as Moyasu went to cut the top of Taylor's head off from the jaw up he was hit by a huge gush of win from Lynn the gust was enough to slow down the Trail of Sloth and catch him off guard as both the screws from Taylor pierced into his gut and eye but existing in hell meant he suffered things that made this look like a good day at the beach despite the massive screws twisting and piercing though his body and out of the other side of his head he continued on that was until Abyss set up to deliver a blow, before the demon swordsman could even react he suffered a violent uppercut to gut that was so powerful it literally blow a hell through him neck came a follow up attack of a kick to the back of the neck that sent the demon flying into the ground with a large crash. Hell fire and brimstone flew in all direction's from the collateral damage of Abyss attack it seemed that for a moment Kita's crew had one the day and could move on through the forest of sin till the familiar voice of the demon came from the smirk. "I'm sorry I forgot what pain was again." Moyasu emerged from the debris his body healing from the attacks in the form of fire burning away the wounds healing him, the top of the demon's kimono was torn to shred revealing his torso now which appeared to be charred flesh with several swords extending from his body, most were jagged and wicked looking, revealing the form his soul had corrupted into. The demon tilted his head as gazed at Kita who sword now appeared to be violent and distorted a perfect representation of the evil that lied in that woman's heart.

Moyasu smirked as she prepared for one final blow so would he a katana blade ripped through the burned flesh on his arm, the blade was large and thick and was curved more it radiated a purple aura as was the secret of his swords they were only as strong as his opponent therefore the stronger the opponent the more powerful his sword was and now with Kita's power at a new high he could match her strength. The Demon Swordsman of Sloth smirked as he crotched down, a stance he adapted to his own his life before the hundreds of years of hellish torture, he then charged at Kita with his full speed aiming to killing the one once and for all. The demon was going to rip through her and cut her more times then she could count, the Mistress of Chaos would be dead before she realized her life had ended but the demon wasn't taking anything to chance he was using the effect of the trail of sloth to slow her down meaning he would ultimately faster than her. Meanwhile however the 3 eyed raven was observing this fight and once again decided to intervene on Kita's behalf. The raven cawed yet again as he open the third eye of Insight revealing to Kita that if she also charged at Moyasu she would die she would not be faster than him, but it also revealed that the way to beat and kill Moyasu was break the sword he wielded. As a final message to Kita it spoke to her telepathic revealing a soothing yet solemn voice, "Kita Kurenai I am the 3 eyed Raven of Insight. I have observe you in the pass, present, and future I wish to share in what awaits you. Make a contract with him and I will offer you power, my power to be exact. But first wait for Moyasu."

Nevada Desert, United States

It was the twilight hours in the Nevada desert the sun had set yet the moon was not fully up in the sky creating a beautiful scenery in the sky as the stars shone bright and the lonely coyote howled into the night, pulling up to a teepee located in the barren desert was a silver and chrome motorcycle that had came from, the City of Sin and Pleasure, Death Vegas. The beautifully silver biked purred as the rider turned off the engine and stepped off the bike. The rider removed the goggles from his eyes revealing the cobalt blue of the Last Gunslinger Crow Cementerio. A bounty hunting hero who had paid a visit to this site many times before it was a tradition of his to visit this place was the seasons started to change or when he needed it the most. The Rail-gun walked past a campfire that was now only embers but confirming that he was here, Crow entered the tented which was small and cluttered it smelled of incents and several dream catches and Native American charms featuring eagle feathers, coyote fur and teeth, a bison horn, and a rattle snake skull and tail. Sitting in the dirt crossed legged from the Gunslinger was an old Native American shaman, one Crow had visited many times before on nights like this he was known as Black Sickle Bull. Black Bull greeted Crow while smoking on a pipe, "Greetings Eagle Hidden in Storms. It has been a long time how are you? I see you still fly through the skies lost to the world like a carefree crow." Crow respectfully took a sit cross legged as well and sighed Black Bull was always like this to me, "I'm fine Black Sickle Bull and I'm not lost I know where I am all the time...OW!" The Shaman hit Crow on the head with his pipe and then continued smoking as he replied calmly, "Respect your elders fool. And you are still lost that is why I called your Eagle Hidden in Storms instead of Eagle of the Storms until you open your eyes and become the lighting that divides darkness you will always be blind. But I guess that is the flame of youth always burning brightly till the embers cool in time. I assume you are here for your seasonal reading Eagle Hidden in Storms." Crow was rubbing his head and mumbling under his breath till he replied. "Yes Elder what do you see in the storm clouds that I can not." Black Sickle Bull took another puff on his pipe as he picked up some dirt and let it slip through his fingers like sands in an hour glass. "I been watching the skies that you fly in Eagle and storms of suffering and rain of sorrow are strong in the air. I can hear the sound of thunder roaring like a powerful lion. That is the sound you truth that of Thunder roaring like Lions in the Sky because while the Eagle is King of the Heavens a Lion is the King of the Earth." Crow watched the dirt slip through the shaman fingers his mind slipping into a trance as he listened to the wise shamans words, "I also see a spider spinning it's webs of lies and half truths just waiting to catch it prey in its web of shadows but it seems that you are it's fly the spider doesn't want an Eagle. I see a woman in your future not the Cat of Tricks you currently protect, she is trust worthy her tricks may get you in trouble but she means well. You should wed her." Crow groaned as he know he was referring to Toni when he said Cat of Tricks but this received another thwack on the head, "Again flying like a carefree crow. This woman is one of dark motives be weary of her as she may lead to problems and chaos you will know her because she has aligned herself with the Red. Beware Eagle because I can hear the sound of rail hitting the ground like bullets for a I see dark clouds and they are the numbers that lead to violence and pain. You must fly through those clouds Eagle and face whatever lies within them it won't be easy but you must because if you don't do it successful a stray lightning bolt will strike you down. This is why you must trust the Roaring Lion because he is the King of Earth. That is all I see Eagle Hidden in Storms until we meet next time I hope you saw to see even in Blackest Nights. You are a good soul Eagle but you must trust those around you even if you can't face the shades of a time long gone because even though you want to time can't be forgotten your friends will face them with you." The shaman crushed the remaining dirt in his hand creating a cloud of red dust that snapped Crow out of his trance, the gunslinger stood up smiling as he went to get up Black Sickle opened his other palm, "Don't forget you payment Eagle." Crow smiled as he drew his revolver Quicksilver and popped out the single bullet he had into there and handed to the Native American shaman, this was their tradition Black Bull revealed what he saw in the skies and Crow paid him with a single bullet nothing more nothing less then the Lightning Revolver always asked the same question, "You still haven't told me what you want these bullets for? How many does this make it now?" Black Sickle Bull smirked as he continued smoking, "I will tell you once you stop being a Care Free Crow and become the Eagle of the Storms. And you should really keep count of how many bullets you have after all isn't one of your Gunslinger codes not to waste. But to answer your question this makes 4 bullets you have paid me and 6 times you have visited me remember I gave you something the first two times we met." Crow smirked as he remember the items he received they were hidden away somewhere for the day he may need them, as he was about to leave Black Bull spoke one more thing. "Beware Eagle for the Summer of Red Moon is coming." Crow left the shaman and got back on his bike the words he said repeating themselves in his head. Lions, Bullets, and Red Moons.

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Hagane clapped her hands and slammed them against the ground. She altered the chemical composition of her surroundings, creating a massive plume of lava to devour Moyasu from below, and a waterfall to crush him from above.

The heat and the cold colliding should be able to entomb him in stone.

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