The Valley of Souls

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The Decent

Sadness, screams, pain and agony these emotions, actions and more best describe the chaosrealm in a nutshell. The scent of blood in the air can be suffocating to some who have never had their hands stained with the blood of another. Most call the Chaorealm as the red-headed step child of Hell, and they would be correct in assuming that. But to Kita Kurenai there is a unique sense of nostalgia. When she first started her path, her purpose of absolute destruction a lifetime ago it all began here. The Chaosrealm is an endless circle of violence, crime, murder and revival to those who inhabit it. So to Kita when they tell her these things about the Chaorealm she merely replies to them "Sounds like Home sweet Home to me."

Move! MOVE! YOU LITTLE GRUNTS!!!!! Queen Kita is expecting this doorway to be finished within moments!! If we aren't on schedule she will have my head!! but rest assured I'll take yours first!!! MOVE IT!!!" A massive black ogre in heavy armor snarled at the lesser male and female demon inhabitants. He angrily racking his whip on their heavily scarred backs, and kicking dirt in their wounds pushing them to move faster. The group of twenty-five lesser demons were building a dimensional doorway out of bones of the chaosrealm's former King Darka, whom Kita defeated a lifetime ago as the all-powerful Yin-Sonata. Meanwhile back at Darka Castle Kita Kurenai stood on an outer balcony of the castle watching over the process that started endless for the last three days. "Good, good looks as though everything is running right schedule" Kita thought as she crossed her arms behind her back. Then there was a sudden knock at the entrance to her chamber. "Enter!" Kita called forth. A young women wearing a cooking apron speckled with blood appeared before Kita. Holding a solid gold tray with a golden challis and Kita's pitch black sunglasses.

"Ah Sicily, on time as expected did you follow the steps precisely stated in the manuscript" Kita asked. "Yes my queen the elixir is ready to drink. But I remember long ago that you could enter Hell with no need for these extremes. What has happened"? Sicily asked her strong queen. Kita grabbed the challis in one hand and with the other placed the glasses between her black leather corset blouse. "Its simple Sicily, due to the grand interfere of several of my enemies long ago, My chaos gene was weaken and broken into four equal parts. I managed to secure one of them with allows me to jump back and forth to Earth and here The Chaosrealm. But those other abilities that allowed me to travel any where at will aren't with in me now. So I must use the old-fashioned methods". Kita answered with a slight smile on her face. Kita looked into the golden challis and saw the purple brew concocted by her servant Sicily. It had a strong foul scent, and at times would bubble at the top. "Well then..bottoms up" Kita began to chug the bile elixir down her throat. It had an intense heat, hotter than the molten lava of a volcano, and the after taste could be described as licking the back side of Death himself. Kita never flinched however as revolting as the drink was.

"Queen Kita! QUEEN KITA!!!! the overseeing black ogre of the doorway project shouted forth towards Darka Palace. It's completed!!!!" Once Kita finished her drink she placed the challis back on the golden tray Sicily was holding. A violet colored smoke emanating from her nostrils, mouth and ears. "Well I best be going I can't keep an old friend waiting." With Kita vanished and instantly appeared in front of the massive doorway. The Ogre began to walk back away from the door, while the lesser demons who were still able to move on their own followed suit. The others demons in as much pain imaginable were trying to crawl as as fast as possible. "Now to start the spell" The elixir Kita was part of an intense focus spell that will allow Kita to briefly absorb all the energy of the Chaosrealm. The power need to open the doorway to Hell for Kita to Jump Through. Kita clapped her hands together and started to focus. Soon an intense purple aura engulf Kita's entire body, and fierce lightning storm and strong winds ripped through the area. The winds were so strong that it cause the demons who were trying to crawl away, to simply be blown away. Then the Chaosrealm went from its natural crimson color to pitch black darkness. The light seen was from Kita herself, the demon who were flying through the air were frozen in place. Kita began to recite the enchantment. "Vitas ne commando, Yulas hades openando!!" She then sent an energy blast of Violet light at the Doorway. Sparks of electricity appeared in its center, then a sudden explosion of power. The doorways was opened, and the Chaosrealm returned back to its normal state, causing the comedic falling of some of the lesser demons from the sky. Kita had a grin on her face as she looked into the doorway as she brushed her hair back. "That worked beautifully!" Kita then ran towards the doorway and jumped through it.

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Taylor blinked, getting to his feet.

He remembered getting hit by that bus after getting pushed off that building he was playing chicken on...

If he had to describe his surroundings, the overwhelming consensus would be "On fire."

Applying some conjecture, Taylor quickly decided that he must be in that place most bad people go when they die.


He refused to use the English name for the place, as he was convinced that this lake of fire and brimstone couldn't hold a candle to that classroom he entered every other time he died.

But, while he was grateful for the pleasant change of scenery, the question still remained-

What was he doing here?

He decided to start his investigation with the black-clad woman who just came through that ominous doorway of malevolence.

And, being Taylor, addressed her with the most respectful words he could muster in the presence of a lady.


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@Sonata: @taylor:

Hagane Kumaga sat in her science chair, watching as the concrete slabs collapsed to dust before her.

She was in the lab of one of Sketchinoda's bases, a small apartment in south detroit, and she was guiding the atoms in the concrete with her ability, reassembling them into another mineral.


She had seen Alvin perform this trick countless times on his pocket planets. Make a gateway out of Obsidian, plug in a charge, and a doorway to the Nether would appear.

Today, she would find out if that worked here on Earth.

If so, where would it lead?

Within five minutes, she'd assembled the obsidian into the circular pattern required for a gateway. Setting the camera to record, Hagane disintegrated and recreated a wire leading from the circle to the electric mains.

With an unearthly KAWOOSH, purple water formed in the inside of the circle and exploded out towards her, retracting back to the gate just before splashing her nose.

The purple water rippled- a vertical pond less than an inch deep, but leading to another world.

Hagane stepped forward, then pushed her hand through the gate.

Freezing cold, then warm, as her hand rematerialised on the other side.

Activating her tracking beacon, Hagane stepped forward, confident that the gate would not close behind her.

And, even if it did, she'd left enough clues around the lab for Cole and the waster to figure out where she was and how to get her back.

Going through the portal was like running through a blizzard, naked, which made the shock of entering the volcanic wastes of hell even more violent, almost choking the breath out Hagane as she rematerialised on the other side of the portal.

It looked a lot like the Nether.

But there was a distinct lack of Glowstone and far more flying demons.

Seeing the couple on an island about half a mile from her, she deduced that she wasn't the only explorer today.

Hagane placed her hand on the obsidian rim of the portal, taking a chunk out of it and collapsing the doorway back. She'd repair it when she was good and ready, but for now, she couldn't run the risk of unleashing hell upon detroit.

For now, she decided to create a basic homunculus, primarily a listening device, and she launched it across the lava towards the lady in black and the strange young man, applying the earpiece so she could figure out whether or not she wanted to travel with these two.

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@SamJaz: @taylor: @Sonata: Abyss flipped several feet into the air while he fired several blasts ahead at these shadow beasts that were running on the walls and ceiling after them. He flipped onto a wall and then with his fist ready charged at all of the beasts and destroyed them like they were nothing. He landed gently onto the ground and walked over to Villicus who was standing at a far off corner reading his book. "we have another job," he said not even bothering to look up from his book. Abyss gave him a quizzical look then cracked his knuckles in anticipation. "Let me guess so little old lady who slipped and fell," Abyss joked as he tried to get a reaction out of Villicus, which was one of his favorite hobbies ever since they had met. Before he could realize it he was surrounded by a pale blue light. He vanished from the area and reappeared infront of a strange woman and a even stranger kid. "How you doing," he said in a overconfident voice setting his face into a smirk.

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First Encounters

In a small electrical burst of energy Kita, had finally crossed over to Hell. It was as she remembered it to a degree, some slight details. The searing heat from the lava and fire, howl of demons and other bizarre creatures, and…strange looking teenage boys?? Kita merely took a few steps within the Hell as the doorway closed behind her, when she was greeted by a young man. Talking to her in a voice that seemed familiar to her, but she could quite place it. His eyes had a glaze of insanity in them which she thought was fascinating. Kita responded to him as she walked past him “Hello Nurse!? A for effort I suppose.”

Kita scanned the area and using her keen senses detected two other presences in the area. One from a distance and another quickly appearing before her. A man appeared before her in an instant. She could tell that he had just been in a small skirmish, due to the faint smell of shadow beast blood. It’s a scent Kita is familiar with and it was a pain to get their blood off her fists. He greeted Kita, but she had a look of disinterest on her face. Still she responded to him saying “I’m not sure, I haven’t even begun what I set out to do”. Kita knew that Satan had to detect her presence in Hell by now.

Suddenly as if on cue, the sounds of marching footsteps were coming ever closer to her location. In moments Kita was surrounded in a circle of five large demonic warriors, armed to the teeth with medieval weaponry. They pointed their swords spears and axes in Kita direction, but were trembling abit as if they didn’t want to surround her. Then the ominous voice of Satan himself rang through every direction of Hell.

“My, my, it’s good to see you Satan, but if these guys are all you can bring out I’ll be heading in your direction in about ten seconds.” Kita responded while smiling at the demon surrounding her. They were nervous, but were getting angry that she was taking them so lightly and one of them blindly charged her. A demon with a large cutlass sword was first, with amazing strength he slashed downward towards Kita. Kita merely held out two fingers like a pair of scissors, and caught the blade in between them. The shock wave of blow split the river of lava down the middle. Kita closed her fingers around the blade, the tried with all his strength to get his sword free. His feet digging deeper into the ground, Let go of my sword damn you!! The demon shouted. Kita had a sinister smile on her face “Sure thing, silly me where did my manners go.” Kita casually lifted the demon in the air with her two fingers and tossed him over her head into the pool of lava. The demon slowly rose out of the pool of lava not in pain, but in shame of his lack of strength. This caused the other demons to confirm why they were nervous in the fight place and started to retreat.

“Gee, guess I should have held back more, and just used my pinky oh well”. Kita thought as she just shrugged her shoulders. It was time to get to the business at hand head towards Satan’s palace, but she needed to meet a guide that will take her there.

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@Sonata: @Masterofdeath:

Hagane was concerned.

While she was always on the side that wasn't composed of demons trying to kill her, she was also very concerned about the woman in black.

Best thing to do would be to lie low, wait for everyone to leave, then make a run for her portal.

"Hello girlie."

A pig-like brute with an axe said, kneeling down to straddle her as she was laid down on her front, focussed on far away events at the time.

She swore something in some language, then focused.

Then, clapping her hand on his thigh, reassembled him into a large pile of bacon.

Only after this was done did she realise how stupid this was.

She was a human dartboard that stank of bacon. Every nose would be after her.

She had no choice.

Creating a red bridge of stone, she ran towards the main melee, carrying her axe into the fray.

Safer to swim with the shark than wait for the octopus to get you.

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@Sonata: @Masterofdeath:

Taylor stopped in his advances.

Then he cried.

His tears flowed freely as a smile grew on his face.

That was the first time he’d been graded an A for anything in his entire life.

As he composed himself, he noticed a lot of melee happening around him.

Demons with big heavy weapons.

Scared and panicked grunt soldiers.

Lots of weaknesses to exploit.

Wiping his face with his sleeve, Taylor prepared two large screws.

Ever since he erased his own Presence back in Shinjuku, people that can sense energy ignored him in crowds or groups.

Like right now, everyone was fighting the lady or the other guy, but ignoring Taylor himself.

Their backs were turned to him, and they were inviting targets for his screws.

He stepped in and stabbed.

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@taylor: @Sonata: Abyss dodged each blade like it was nothing. He blasted a few with his death beam and they fell down dead. Their souls flew out of their bodies and flew into him. He punched one demon in the head with a light punch and its head flew off its shoulders and into and through the chest of another one. He move easily through them as he had fought tougher creeps in his training against Villicus. Each person he killed lost their soul and was just another addition to his collection. He did find it a bit odd that demons had souls cause he always thought they were souless but he guessed it was just one of the things you discover as you move on. He didn't care how many he killed as these demons were worthless and useless souls he needed souls of the strong. -Abyss, I am watching you with my magic so if you try anything you will be sorry,- a voice said in his head as he struck a demonic fighting pose that scared the remaining demons around him away.

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“I will deliver the overlord to you, just as I promised!” he hissed, his serpent-like body wrapped around a tree. She rest slightly under him, resting her body in a hot spring, this was the easiest way to restore chi, without sleeping. “This almost seems too good to be true…” she said, with her complete brown mahogany eyes starting to get teary.

Rising to her feet with her hands across her buxom chest, she marched towards the shore to pick up her towel. “My energy has been replenished, I am ready to defeat the overlord.” She said, walking the brick road to her cabin.

Hours later.

Dressed in her ceremonial Qipao, her eye’s burned with Satan’s manipulation, the thoughts of her defeated clan running heavy in her head. “I can sense him coming…” She said, standing in full form with her fist balled. Pushing her fist into the palm of her other hand, the powerful Wing-Chun chi manifested around her body swirling in a cerulean blue hue.

“I will destroy you!” she screamed, placing herself at the Entrance to the palace to destroy whom she believed in her own mind to be the overlord that slaughtered her villiage.

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Kita had her arms crossed over her chest, and was leaning over a stalagmite rock. She watched the slaughter of several demonic warriors by the two young men and now a young girl whom she had sensed in the area earlier. “Well this has been rather amusing, but I have more pressing matters to attend to than watching the filet of small fish.” Kita said to the other while she continued down the fiery path. Then Kita heard the shout of angry woman who was impeding her path “I will destroy you!” She had a look of killing intent in her eyes, but Kita could easily see she was being manipulated by Satan, but she also looked could see beyond that. Kita could see her sadness and anger that usually comes from loss. How does Kita know these things its simple really, her eyes were the same a lifetime ago.

“Satan you have become so cliché now using this girl as a last line of defense from me seeing you” Kita thought to herself while a grin came across her red lips. A surge of pitch black energy began to swell around Kita as she clutched her fists. The power that encircled Kita felt like it had no end, but it also felt empty no anger, no fear, or sadness. Kita started to walk closer to the young girl, with each step the ground behind her started to crumble and break away.

“I will free you from the devil’s hold, but first I want to see if you are worthy of such a privilege! Defend yourself”. Kita shouted toward her in a stern manner. With that Kita charged toward the girl like a bullet, with high speed and deadly precision. Once in range she started with a high speed volley of fists, aimed at the girls shoulders, chest, diaphragm, and abdominal sections. Kita quickly followed that up with a high speed sweep, in an attempt to knock the girl off her feet. Then using the momentum of the sweep Kita attempted use a Muai Thai style knee aimed at the girl’s stomach area once more. Then for the finish Kita without showing any mercy as of yet, attempted to connect a high speed back elbow to the girls head. It was a ruthless assault by Kita, but if the girl could survive this, Kita’s next attack with be for her freedom from the devil.

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“Huh” she said, immediately, activating her speed-Chun; Xia matched every one of Kita’s magnificent frontal strikes, with her own strategic blocks. “He’s…never been this fast!” she grunted, staggering back a bit to create what she thought was a suitable distance.

In one fell swoop her feet were out from beneath her; her body slammed hard against the ground, ripping her porcelain skin from her bones in certain areas.

“PROTO!” before she could fire the powerful chi charged attack, Kita’s knee slammed into her stomach, this caused her to keel over in pain. “He’s more powerful than I thought” she said, reduced to one knee. “THERE!” she screamed, finally getting a feel for where her powerful adversary was.

Making an X behind her head, the crafty Chun master, parried the strike with her own focused defensive posture. The impact of the strike combined with the power of her chi, caused a rippling effect that temporarily mesmerized Xia.

“Y-You’re impressive…I see why you were able to defeat my village” Pushing off her, downed knee she regained a vertical base; her fist were stilled balled. “You will NOT DEFEAT ME!” she screamed, erupting into her powerful Chi- focus x2.

Rushing forward with unfathomable speed, Xia pulled her hand back to send a powerful strike towards Kita’s face, only the moment she launched it; she teleported to the right of the perceived overlord.

“Hyakuretsukyaku!” she screamed, sending a hundreds of powerful kicks towards Kita’s face and abdomen area; thanks to her Speed-Chun, they were barely visible to the naked eye. Leaning back on her dominant leg, the young Chun master; fired a powerful chi blast towards the chest of Kita; hoping to mount an effective counter-attack.

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Kita’s attacks were mildly successful, but Xia is a highly skilled martial artist. So Kita wasn't too surprised she was able to get back on her feet. “You’re not bad yourself, not many people could survive one punch from me. Now let’s what you can do on the offensive end” Kita told her. Kita got her wish in an incredible burst of speed Xia launched a powerful punch towards Kita’s face. Kita used her high speed reflexes to quickly cover her face, but Xia’s punch was a skilled feint. Kita couldn't move quick enough to parry what was coming from her right due to the short distance between them.

“Damn!” Kita thought as a well placed kick of Xia’s landed right to the jaw of Kita. Kita slid across the ground while still on her feet and staggered. Kita tried to regain her bearings, but Xia’s vicious kick still kept connecting one after another. Kita’s black leather over coat and clothes were being torn to shreds, due to the force of her blows. Xia then followed up all her kicks with a powerful chi blast to Kita’s chest. The blast was immense sending Kita flying into a pool of boiling hot lava.

Floating in a pool of liquid fire, Kita started to open her eyes again to see where she was. A smile can across her face, “She’s fantastic, well promise is a promise. I can’t let Satan keep you under his ridiculous grasp any longer”. Kita thought to herself as she flew back up to the surface. Kita was once more back on her feet hovering over the pool of lava. Visible cuts and bruises were all over Kita’s body, but her energy levels were still at a high level. “That was well done, you have passed my little test here is your reward”. Kita told the young woman.

Kita clapped her hands together, as her pitch black aura returned and encircled her once more. Instantly a dome of pitch blackness encircled the area Kita and Xia were fighting in. The temperature dropped from scorching temperatures to arctic levels. Soon thousands of deranged looking eyes appeared around the black dome. Kita then phased her hand through her stomach, and started pull out an ominous looking Katana from her body. Her Chaos Gene had manifested itself into a physical weapon. Countless screams could be heard from its steel. In order to release Xia from Satan's manipulation Kita must first weaken her defenses. The sword doesn't attack the physical body, but mental, spiritual, and metaphysical make-up of the victim. Satan is using Xia’s rage as part of his manipulation, Kita plans on absorbing all of her sadness and anger making it a part of like a vast number of live already were.

Kita then launched her assault on Xia, moving at such speeds it appeared time was standing still. What appeared to be ten Kita’s encircled Xia, each Kita focused on a single body, with every eye in the dome showing her where to strike. Instantly the ten Kita’s ran past Xia and were behind her. Nine of the Kitas disappeared leaving the original standing with her sword in hand.” Malevolent rush…one-hundred thousand blows” Kita said as she looked back towards Xia to see if her blows connected.

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@Sonata: @Jlynnana: @Masterofdeath:

Taylor stood outside the black sphere, admiring the malevolence emanating from within.

He could not be bothered trying to break inside, far more trouble than it was worth. Instead, he turned around the Hagane and Abyss.


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Resetting her foot Xia regained, a perfect vertical base, and her legendary strikes ripped the overlord’s clothes to shreds, and even her chi blast succeeded in deterring the lord of darkness. Despite her best effort he returned, rising from the molten lava pit with a devious smile.

Xia’s fist tightened a bit, she couldn’t believe that wasn’t enough to take down the powerful overlord. She repelled the overlords smile with a, paralyzing glare; she wasn’t going to allow him to escape this time.

“I’m…the last one left…” She said, looking down at her feet; both her mother and father perished due to the relentless assault from the shogun. “YOU HEAR ME YOU LITTLE BITCH…I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” She screamed, the earth shattering effects of her Chi-Focus amplifying the amount of energy output.

As she dashed towards the Shogun, he spoke of a test; the revelation stopped her in her tracks momentarily. “Reward? What’re you talking about!” she snapped, charging another one of her Chi energy burst in her hands.

Before she could move her muscles to fire the energy, the area soon turned opaque, and the temperature around them drastically fell. “What magic…” she said, starting to shiver inside her own skin.

The ominous gaze of eyes manifesting in the darkness startled her, “He’s not supposed to have that kind of power…” she said, turning to lay eyes on all the demon eyes staring back at her.

The overlord removed a weapon, one that she wasn’t prepared to defend against, the deathly howls that reverberated from the weapon sent a chill up her spine.

He was faster, her Speed-Chun moved worked overtime to accurately pin-point him, or so she thought; one.

Her body jarred back and forth from the quick strikes of the Shogun, she hit the ground first; the delayed effects of her wounds made her feel as if her soul was on fire. “You…can’t…” she whispered, slowly trying to crawl towards the Overlord.

Blood began to pour from her previous wounds, as she glanced at the overlord, the person she thought she saw, transformed into a woman. “What’s going on…” she said, pushing up from the floor trying to regain a vertical balance; her eyes had a hard time refocusing.

“Wait…you’re not Shogun Chi…” she whispered, with her hands pressed against her ribs. “You lied!” she gasped in anger turning towards Satan’s palace.

“My apologies for attacking you” she said, using her Chi to slowly soothe her wounds. “I cannot allow you to see Satan…he will pay for his deception!” she said, turning towards the palace with malicious intent.

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Kita's attack with her Chaos Gene than manifested itself as Katana was successful. Xia's energy lines were drawn into her Katana, and so did portion of her anger and sadness." So she thought of me as a warlord named Shogun Chi, but even the events of what happened to her village are still foggy to her" Kita thought as she watched Xia collapse on the ground. Kita then sheathed her sword and the black dome soon disappeared, and the searing heat of Hell returned. Kita looked down Xia as she finally rose to her feet, appearing to return to her sense and apologized to Kita for her attack. Kita simply nodded her head in acceptance. Xia then told Kita she couldn't allow her to see Satan. Kita looked down at herself seeing that her clothes were heavily damaged during the fight. "You're right I can't see Satan, not looking like this anyway. But neither can you in the state your in. I need you back in top form like you were a moment ago minus all the crazy. We already have crazy in spade with that guy behind us". Kita told Xia while sticking her tongue out at Taylor.

Kita looked around briefly and quickly found what she was looking for a recently deceased demon. Using her power Kita levitated the corpse of the demon over the lava pool. Closing her hand in the form of a fist Kita crushed the demon's bones to dust and skill out some of its blood in the lava. Discarding the corpse she tossed her Katana over the see of lava were it began to hover over it. "Vitas ne Invigoration " the Katana started to glow in a crimson aura while a bubble of lava containing the demon bone powder, blood enclose the Katana. The mixture started to spin at a high rate of speed, creating a golden mist. The sword first sent mist toward Kita, when it touched her cuts and brusies quickly healed up and her clothing started to changed into a red dress. Kita then pointed at Xia so she can get the same healing effect. Once finished the Katana jumped from the lava pool and onto Kita's back. Kita with a smile on her face she asked Xia "Shall we go and kick Satan in the nads?"

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@Sonata: @Jlynnana: @taylor: @Masterofdeath:

Hagane was in way over her head, but she couldn't resist it. "I'm in." She said, crossing her arms over her red jumpsuit. Something she'd designed years back, but still served well to provide protection and comfort, especially in this scorching heat.

She walked over to the woman who seemed to be the leader, the one with the sword. "Hagane Kumaga, Captain of Sketchinoda. Pleasure to be working with you."

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Xia watched as Kita mystically healed herself, before turning around and doing the same to her. She nodded at her notion to take on Satan, and proceeded behind her still somewhat confused. “Why are you here, what’s going on” she said, turning to look back at the other woman in the red jumpsuit. The heat scorched her forehead, but her Wind-Chun provided a thin cool air around her body to keep her temperature regulated. “I guess, I should thank you” she said, glancing at Kita from the corner of her eyes. “If you hadn’t come along, I’d still be at the mercy of my own emotions”

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@Jlynnana: "Science experiment took a dark turn, sticking around to see how far the rabbit hole goes." Hagane told the martial artist with a smile. "Might as well point out that I'm an alchemist. Cupcake?" She asked, reaching down to the ground and scraping a mound of dirt into her hands, turning the gravel into fresh toffee muffins without so much as a spark of light being wasted.

Hagane bit into the first, offering the other five to the rest of the group. Her baking was delicious as ever.

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@SamJaz: @Sonata: @Masterofdeath:


Taylor grabbed a muffin and began to eat it.




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@taylor: @SamJaz: @Jlynnana: @Sonata: Abyss just glared at everyone as if they were bugs only to be squashed at his feet. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked on paying no attention to the ones around him. He had a job to do and he figured it had something to do with these people so he would stay near them but he wouldn't like it. The he saw the woman in red and realized she was a reality warper. He walked towards, but before he could get to her he saw one last demon crawling its way to him. Abyss kicked its head so hard it flew off the demon's shoulders and skyrockets towards Taylor's head. "shut up," he said in a annoyed tone as he made his way to Hagane and grabbed a muffin. He destroyed the muffin in his hand just by warming his hand with a small amount of energy. "the two of us need to talk later," he said to her as he walked off the whole time giving off a demonic killer intent that didn't seem to come from him exactly but seemed to surround him like a invisible cloak.

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