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@Manami: A large, muscular, dark skin man sat in the conference room of the UOS SkyRaven, the ship was the base for the Union of 7's superhuman tracking team Gungnir. The members of the team were as intimating and deadly as the legendary spear the team was name after; despite currently only being three members they were more than enough to destroy and deal with any super-human who decided to be difficult and felt against the registry and the Union including the current Most Wanted Outlaw Crow Cementerio. The man currently in the room was one of the members of Gungnir and despite sharing the belief and mantra of "Fear, Tyranny and Oppression...Nevermore!" he was more than willing to go to extreme to enforce that view and the beliefs of the 7 even if it meant destroying all those oppose to get there. He was a living embodiment of a force of nature that would burn and smother all to ashes leaving nothing behind so that one day something better may grow, the man was Miguel Ortega the Volcanic Herald. Miguel sat in the chair his head lowered and eyes closed with his arms crossed together showing to large, thick, golden bracelets; wearing a white coat over his physically imposing and dominant body. The Vulcan Behemoth wore no shirt under his coat revealing more and his dominant body to intimidate those who may oppose him or the will of the 7 because they were the justice of the world and Justice is absolute this was his mantra.

The Embodiment of Destruction had been summon to the SkyRaven but the captain of the ship itself and the leader of Gungnir, Colonel Manami Saito, what this mission was about he didn't know but despite some difference between the two morals and beliefs he respected her skills and her passion towards the cause of the Union. Humph where is Colonel Saito she is usually very punctual when it comes to matters like this; if she called me to the debriefing room it must be mission . It's about damn time I was about to go out and deal with some things myself if she didn't give me something to do soon. The island warrior let a deep sigh as a suddenly a door opened slide open with a mechanical hiss but instead of the esteemed Colonel Saito it was just a low ranked officer aboard the ship, probably a assistant tot he Colonel. Miguel clenched his fist in anger that Colonel Saito would not only keep him waiting but send some messenger to waste his time but he kept his calm on the young male assistant spoke. "Colonel Saito respectfully ask for your apologies patience for only a few more minutes Mr. Ortega. She is quite busy with several things at the moment and will be here as soon as possible." The Absolute of Justice let out an annoyed sigh without even opening his eyes. 'If you are Colonel Saito's messenger than go back to her and tell she has my forgiveness and patience but hurry the hell up! If it was a mission she wanted me on she didn't have to summon all the way here to her beloved SkyRaven."

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It's morning, sunshine enters a room through a small, oval-shaped window. The ray of light stops on a bed, under it's blanket a slender woman is lying. She is wants to get up, but is still obviously trying to overpower the urge to close her eyes and return to sleep again. After some time of ungraceful turns and fighting with the covers, she manages to break free of the sleepy grip. She stands up slowly, revealing yellow pajamas with several cats on it. She spreads out her arms, stretching lazy, her eyes still half-closed. Her short, black hair same as the previous day, has no need of brushing or care nor does the girl seem to care, so she heads to the fridge. She takes out a pair of eggs, which a few minutes later, end up hard boiled as her breakfast on the table. She doesn't seem to be very interested and is more playing with them then actually eating, slashing them apart with the butter knife. After finishing she doesn't bother to take care of the dishes (or mess) that she left behind. Walking up the the wardrobe she strips out of her current clothes. The inside of the wardrobe could be considered... unique. All that can be found in it, are kimonos of different styles and colors and many red lather jackets all looking like the other. The girl takes out a blue kimono as well as one of the jackets, quickly putting on both. While the choice of clothes is a little bit strange this scene shouldn't be considered extraordinary, if compared with the morning of many other young girls. But actually, it is, it's very special. After all the girl here isn't in some flat in the city or a house in some small village. Her current location in fact, can't be found somewhere on the ground, but in the sky.

The girl's name is Alice Fujiin and she is aboard the SkyRaven, a flying fortress serving as a battleship for the Union of Seven. Just as most of the Union's military power, it's main objective to hunt down unregistered superhumans which are considered dangerous. Alice isn't just some passenger on the ship, no, she is much more. She is part of Gungnir, a team serving under a high ranking officer with the purpose of hunting down said superhumans as well as completing other kinds of missions. And right now she was on her way to that high ranking officer, Colonel Manami Saito. That also caused her bad mood this morning, Alice while capable of following orders did not really like them, especially if they involved getting up early. Putting on her brown boots (which made her look tomboy-ish) and picking up a combat knife for the desk she leaves outside, closing the door behind her.

The SkyRaven feels more like a city than an actual battleship. Everywhere there are people, all of them going after their own business. It wasn't just work that found it's way there, many of the man and woman living on the ship also participated in many free activities on the ship. There are many shops which one could visit, not just to buy things but simply to look around. Cinemas, theaters, restaurant, gyms and several courts and domes for different sports, the SkyRaven had anything that someone could wish to do. Of course right now, Alice had not time for any of that, but on the other hand, it wasn't like she would like to visit anything that can be found on the ship anyway. She simply did not find any excitement or joy in any of those things, sometimes she would go and see some of the fencing matches held in one of the halls, but even that entertainment did not manage to hold her down for long. For Alice there was only one thing that made her heart beat faster and send her blood racing through her veins, a fight to the death. She didn't simply want it to be a fight, she wanted it to be a slow, bloody fight where both sides would slash at each other till they couldn't stand on their feet anymore. And then whoever won, could slowly take the opponent apart, limb for limb, rip open their stomach, splatter their guts all over the floor and then listen how the cries of pain and agony slowly pass away, just as the victim's last moments of life. Just thinking about such a scene made Alice grin. One would say that someone like that shouldn't be in a team that tries to protect people, but that is not exactly true. Alice never thought of doing such acts of violence (at least not of that degree) to some innocent passengers, she restricted herself to only the targets she received as a mission (or those she hunted down on her own, but in the end it did not matter as they would have been targeted by the Union sooner or later). That made her very suitable for a job like that.

But she did not have time to think about that right now. "What a pain in the ass!" she proclaims, placing one heavy step after another. All the time while walking she plays with the knife, throwing it from one hand to another, not paying attention to the people around her she might injure. "But i guess i have to do something for my fun." She grins while saying so, probably losing herself in the thought about the "fun" she is going to have. To her pleasure she arrives at her location before noticing. It was a one of the many rooms that served for conferences on the SkyRaven. She was already used to going there and could pass the various metallic doors in her way even with her eyes closed. Everywhere she could see "Fear, Tyranny and Oppression... Nevermore!", the mantra of the SkyRaven. She repeats it with bored sarcasm, smirking to herself as if mocking the words and what they stand for. It wasn't like she really did not believe in something like that, she rather didn't care. She would stick with the Union as long as they provided her with what she wants, but beyond that had no sympathy or loyalty for it. Alice still played with her knife, with only one hand this time, scratching her head with the other one. Now, to her dismay, it looked like she had to wait as the Colonel is question wasn't there yet. Alice lets out a sigh, letting her gaze swing across the room. Then she noticed something strange, the room looked different. It didn't take long for someone to spot the object or rather person that caused Alice's surprise. Besides her, there was a large muscular man sitting in the room. His appearance could be described as strange at the very least. A white coat covering a good part of his body, but the lack of any shirt exposes his rather imposing chest. Large golden bracelets hugged his arms, his skin dark and hair light blond. A man you could find in even if you place him in the middle of a million people. Alice takes a few steps forward...

"Who the heck are you?"

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The SkyRaven, an aerial battleship of the highest order. Sleek, advanced and deadly to all those who are caught in its cross hairs. Aboard the ship the crew number thirty-five hundred strong mixed with Humans and registered superhumans live and work in harmony to maintain the law and order established by the Union of Seven. The young Sonatomi Sevestri walks through the futuristic hallways and corridors of the Raven. Wearing her customized Maid outift formed out Solomon Femites that only her body can produce. She was called from her post by Coloniel Manami Saito head commander of the SkyRaven and the FABLE special forces overall. Sonatomi is the maiden and body guard of Destini Sevestri Princess of Ambrosius City, and member of the Union of Seven's high Council. Yes Destini is a vital member of the UOS that controls the world we live in today, Now only that she is also Sonatomi's step-sister. "I wonder why Coloniel Saito called me here to the SkyRaven, leaving my post at Princess Destini's side. It must be a good reason nonetheless." Sonatomi though to herself while continuing towards the meeting place. Some of the young men and women of the ship gave her strange looks as she walked by them Her maid outfit made her stand out like a sore thumb, seeming totally out of place from the soldiers of the Ship. However this did not bother Sonatomi in the least, but the voice of a certain doctor calling out to her caused her to stop in her tracks. 
"Sonatomi, Sonatomi You never call or try write I am starting to get the wrong idea about our relationship. I never thought it would be so one-sided" the voice called out in a playful tone. A tall, lean man wearing glasses and a labcoat stood behind Sonatomi, and placed his hand on her shoulder. Sonatomi glanced at his hand and gave the man a cold stare with her crimson colored-eyes. "What do you want Dr. Pazuru?" Sonatomi asked in a cold manner. Dr. Pazuru released his hand from her shoulder and gave her a sly smile while adjusting his glasses. "My my Sonatomi you seem like you don't want to have any kind of fun at all. Anyway I don't know all the details Colonel Saito would, but there is this strange rumor going around. A certain railgun wielding Gunslinger has appeared once again". Sonatomi quickly realized whom Pazuru was referring to. "Crow Cementerio!?" Sonatomi replied.  "Hahaha its possible like you he is another dear friend of mine that never bothers to send me a greeting card. Well Sonatomi I will be contacting you soon, be sure you save my number hehehe".   Dr. Pazuru then walked off and back toward the large infirmary area of the ship he is in command over. "What the hell are you up to now Pazuru?" Sonatomi thought while she continued to trek towards the ship. 
Moments later Sonatomi arrived at the meeting point she was designated to go to by Colonei Saito. Once she arrived she noticed two individuals ahve already arrived. A heavily muscular male , massive in size. He looked intimidating, but Sonatomi was trained heavily to maintain her composure and never let anyone now what she was thinking. The other was a young female around Sonatomi's age, small in stature, but Sonatomi could tell she could be full of surprises. Sonatomi reached in her pocket and grabbed a pack of playing cards still freshly wrapped in plastic. Quickly summoning a knife in the blink of an eye she started to cut the plastic wrapper while walking towards a table and chair. She sat down and pulled the fresh deck of cards from its casing. Taking out the Jokers she began to shuffle them with perfect precision, and at a high rate of speed. Sonatomi started to play a game of solitaire while waiting for Colonel Saito, while keeping an eye on the other two individuals.
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@Sonata: @VoidShiki: While Miguel berated the poor messenger who had brought him the news that Colonel Saito needed a little more time; the metallic hiss of the door distracted him again thinking it was the leader of the SkyRaven herself the Vulcan Behemoth turned towards the door irritated pounding his fist against the table denting it. "Damn it Colonel Saito! Making me wait like this what is this all about?!" The island warrior blinked a little as he realized that instead of the colonel in the door way it was another member of the feared Gungnir team the woman known as the Void, Alice Fuijin, standing there looking at Miguel as she stepped forward. The Volcanic Herald had not worked with Alice let alone any other member of Gungnir but her reputation did proceed her she was a vicious fighter and had taken on some high leveled threats by herself, the Void merely made a simple statement; "Who the heck are you?" The fighter sighed in frustration at the colonel's tardiness as he address the knife wielding female; "I'm Miguel Ortega, another member of Gungnir like you. You must be Alice Fuijin also known as the Void your reputation proceeds you." Hmmm with the Void here this makes things interesting, why would Colonel Saito call both of us here unless this was going to be a big mission. The members of Gungnir never worked together up to this point so who or what is this important. Adding to the intrigue of the situation right behind Alice walked in another member of Gungnir a young girl dressed like a maid but this was no mere servant aboard the SkyRaven it was the Deadliest Maid, Sonatomi Sevestri, whatever the reason they were called together it was vital to the Union.

While the three members of Gungnir waited for the esteemed leader of the SkyRaven, Sonatomi began to play a game of solitaire keeping a trained eye on the other two, this was expected after all no two members of Gungnir have ever been in the same room let alone 3 members. All this irritated and annoyed the island warrior because he had been given no information on why they were here. Slowly like a volcano on his home land his anger build inside of him until finally it burst from him in a fit of anger; "DAMN IT! Where the hell is that damn woman Saito?! She calls us here for god's know what, doesn't tell us a single thing and now makes us wait!" Miguel suddenly slammed his fist even harder on the table nearly cracking it as the shock wave sent sent all of Sonatomi's cards into the air, he turned towards the messenger who was originally sent and pointed a accusing finger at him; "You go get the colonel immediately and tell her I'm out of here if she wants me she knows my number. I'm sure the Deadliest Maid and the Void can take care of this by themselves!" The Volcanic Herald stood up and in a rare show of compassion picked up one of the maid's playing cards, it was the ace of spades, and handed it to her before he turned to leave.

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Alice looked at the man, with a dumb expression on her face, as he introduced himself. "A team? To hell with it..." she yells as she crosses her arms just a little bit above her belly, the same way as a spoiled child would do if it was denied a wish. She should have actually known about her team members and the team Gungnir as well and she was actually informed about it, but... it wasn't something that stuck in her head. By the time of her first fight, everything about Gungnir and her allies was long forgotten, nor did Alice really care about it. She vaguely remembered the name Miguel, but knew nothing beyond that about him. If this was someone else, he might get embarrassed that he had just met someone who knows so much about him, yet he himself knows nothing about the man, it was a logic conclusion when it came to manners. But this wasn't "someone", the girl standing there in the kimono didn't pay any attention to that at all as if it didn't concern her. On the other hand she wasn't perfectly fine with the idea of a team though, after all the others might get in her way when she plays her "games". In the end if forced to do so, she would obey, she would curse, swear, complain, but she would obey and make the best out of it. Alice was pulled out of the thoughts when her new "friend" started yelling around, slamming his massive fist against the table. Alice didn't react to it, other than a "humph" did not leave her mouth. "You go get the colonel immediately and tell her I'm out of here if she wants me she knows my number. I'm sure the Deadliest Maid and the Void can take care of this by themselves!" she hears the man called Miguel talk again, as he takes his leave. Then the slender woman burst out into laughter. "Muscle-head should cool off a little bit." she says as if to mock him. Alice was surely just as inpatient as the mountain of a man was, but she was certainly above outburst of rage (of that kind at least) and didn't take them serious. As soon as he turns his back to her, Alice notices something, the man said "the Deadliest Maid and the Void...". It was obvious for Alice who "the Void" was, but the other part of that "duo" did not fit in her brain.

She turns around to see a young girl, probably around her own age sitting on the chair right behind her. It was one of those strange situations, Alice while in combat could tell how many flies were in the area around her let alone human targets, yet in everyday life, she failed to notice when someone new entered the room. The girl was dressed in a maid uniform, her hair pale just as her skin. Looking at Miguel's words, Alice concludes that the girl must be another team member. This time her reaction can be considered... different, from that towards her more muscular male teammate. Alice observes the girl, holding a playing card, for a few seconds. Her eyes trace along the lines of the girl's body, as if she wants to draw it in her mind. Then she literally dashes off, as if she was in combat and about to strike down a fleeing enemy. She stops herself just a little bit away from the maid's face. She plants her hand on the wall behind the chair and brings her face as close as possible to the girl's face without touching it.

"Ain't you a cutie, how about it, wanna have some fun?" Alice says so in a tone, more passionate and serious, contrasting her usual bored and casual way of speaking, while touching on of the maid's cheeks with back of her hand.

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The SkyRaven and UO7 are now disbanded, thank you to all the members for your brave service.
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