The Unwelcome Embassy

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Charlotte didn't even hear Aaron's question as she already was playing around with the bullet. He fingernails could quickly extend into screwdrivers, that was only one of her abilities granted to her by her mechanical body. She was quickly going around the table picking up the materials she needed. And after no longer than twenty minutes she was done.

The inside of the bullet was considerably smaller than it was before but it would serve the purpose it needed to. The extra parts Charlotte added would generate a one time load of energy. Once it impacted on a living being it would send a shockwave through the nerves of that being that traveled all the way to brain, putting the target to sleep for the next ten hours or so.

"Can you reproduce this?" Charlotte asks Aaron innocently while holding out the bullet on her palm showing it to him.

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@Fehafare: Aaron examined the bullet before handing it to Matthias. "Yes..." The Tech Priest muttered, taking the shell and examining it as he filed down the tip, blunting it and applying a layer of a teflon-like gauze to the outer shell, with the machines flaring to life as if on their own accord.

"Machine spirit." Matthias said, a small flame igniting from his ring fingertip as he moved his hand over the incense. "We present the an offering of design and artifice. We plead with thee, grant us a blessing of metal and spirit."

Aaron bowed his head and placed his palms together as Matthias continued his prayers, and ammunition clips of various sizes began to slot out of machines, filed into boxes and transported away by various Servitor cyborgs.

"Blue Ignis Rounds." Matthias declared. "We thank thee for thy benevolence, oh Machine Spirit. Let thy offering be used to bring peace to the Emperor's enemies, time to repent for those who have sinned, and despair for those who fall prey."

Matthias turned to the nearest Servitor. "Deliver this to the Terminator Squads." He ordered. "Let they understand the Holy Emperor's might that that may beg for this peace we offered them."

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Charlotte giggles as Matthias prays and preaches. It wasn't a sign of disrespect, she simply wasn't used to seeing that. She saw people pray a few times, it was in dire situation when they were about to die, normally innocent people who were in the way of conflict. Thinking about those moments made Charlotte sad.

And it was exactly that feeling and those memories that made her giggle right now. Not only did she find it strange for someone to pray in a situation like this, or at least she never witnessed that kind of "casual" prayer, but Matthias's very appearance while praying invoked that reaction.

To her he simply didn't seem like someone who would pray.

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A Marine Squad jogged past Fear, one of them tossing a large crate into Tom's chest. "Nonlethal rounds, we're going to defend the line." The armoured Marines barked. "Let's move out!"


"Does our faith amuse you, miss Charlotte?" Matthias asked, not unkindly.


Tanks and jeeps approached the city walls. For some reason, the air force wasn't responding, and they hadn't been given clearance for fighters or apaches.

Clearly something political was going down.

On the west side of the city, something large hit the ground from above.

Three more impacts occurred, around half a mile from the city limits.

When the dust settled, some of it solidifying as glass, the military saw something that struck fear into their hearts.


Standing above the other Marines, hulking in more armour than a tank, the terminators gave the impression of a bear, with the face of a pit bull. Its right hand carried lightning claws, blades long enough to fell a tree, with a large chainsaw blade protruding from the wrist of his left hand,

The left hand carried a double-barrelled bolter- a Storm Bolter, and various ornaments adorned the Terminator's body- one of them being a Rosarius; A holy relic that generated force fields more powerful than those protecting the city.

Stretching out a hand, it grabbed the treads of a tank and tossed it into the air. Aiming his Storm Bolter, the Terminator fired, launching Blue Ignis Rounds at the base of the tank.

Matthias had used Charlotte's design as a base to develop the true round. The round flattened against the metal surface, producing the impact of a wet sock as machines inside the bullets converted the immense kinetic energy that propelled the bullet, then launched it in a stunning blue shockwave that rattled and overloaded the nervous systems of those caught inside.

The tank landed upside down in the dirt, and the Terminator used his claws and chainsaw to tear it in two, making sure those inside were alive.

No blood, no broken necks. Everyone breathing. No casualties.

As an added bonus, it forced a soft-reset upon mechanical devices, not unlike an EMP< but causing the effect of turning the machine off, waiting five seconds, and turning it back on again.

The weapon was a perfect non-lethal peace keeping device.

Striding into the fray, the Terminator opened fire as the Marines holding the line loosed Blue Ignis upon the oncoming army.

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"No... Ummm, I-I mean..." Charlotte didn't know what to say, she didn't even expect Matthias to say something. She was in position where she couldn't explain what she felt.

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@Fehafare: @HE_IS: "Hmm? Fine. We were just about to help you fight that guy over there but you seem to have everything under control." The squad took the bullets from the Space Marine even though they didn't need it since they had their own. They followed the Marine to the front line.

The US army trained their guns on the Terminator who wrecked the tank. "Fire!" captain Price yelled. He had spent years serving the army. He was in Afganistan, Iraq, his whole family sserved the army. The bullets they fired weren't normal ones. The army requested special bullets from DEfuturuM. Despite there reluctance DEfuturuM had to obey and us such studied all videos andusing the information they gathered they figured they couldn't produce bullets that can pearce through their armor. However they were able to build bullets that spray a corrosive acid made from a special formula. It should weaken the Marines armor enough for normal bullets to penetrate it.

Tanks rolled in and fired shells at the Marines. If those bullets worked the shells should shread through them.

During that time specialized snipers wearing uniforms devised by DEfuturuM climbed onto the buildings. The snipers were called Ghosts and the suits they wore could turn them invisible.

Their snipers had a longer range and could fire stronge rounds then normal snipers. If the corrosive bullets did any damage to the marines armor these bullets would go straight through, but didn't have enough power to go through normaly.

A different squad wearing the same suits as the snipers sneaked around. They were on a mission to find the source of the forcefield and shut it down. If they managed to do that HQ would lose their main reason for not sending airplanes. Air strikes would be avalable to the army, but first the generator must be found.

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Matthias shrugged. "It's fine, but we try to respect one another's beliefs within the Emperium." Matthias warned kindly. "Now, for those outside the Emperium, those filthy xeno heretics can burn in cleansing plasma for all I care. But, Earth is somewhere middling the two so let's settle for openly ridiculing everyone's religion with no comeuppance until something official is decided."

One could almost see the light flicker in one of his optic sensors, as if he was giving a playful wink.


The military barrage fizzled against the Terminator's shields, some rounds actually hitting the armour only to be flattened and crumple to the ground. Once steam began to rise from his knee, however, the Terminator knew something was up.

Holding his ground to strengthen the shields, he reached out his hand and caught a bullet, examining it as he opened a slot in his helmet. Satisfied, he popped the bullet into his mouth and began to chew.

Enzymes broke down the metal and antibodies began to analyse the chemicals inside. While he remained motionless, the forcefield of the Rosarius kept the rest of the barrage at bay, and within seconds he was sending the chemical composition of the acid back to base.

The Americans were clever. Using the acid to wear down the armour before penetrating with heavier rounds. It would have worked too, had the Emperium not been at war with the Tyranid Hordes for over seven millennia already.

This acid was pretty tame in comparison. It didn't even self-multiply.

Keeping to one side to protect the damaged knee armour, The Terminator resumed fire.


"Oh hey, something fun." Matthias announced. "So, the Americans are using bullets filled with acid, a pretty boring one at that. Who wants to help create an alkaline film to cover the equipment?"


The Terminators were slashing through the tank's heavy duty rounds with whirring chain blades, continuing to put the American Military to rest with their knockout rounds.

Everything relied on those snipers inside the city.

Lt. Taguel, The Assault Marine, landed heavily behind one of the snipers. "Cute." He snarled from behind his white-beaked helmet, raising a heavy foot to crush the invader's weapon. The drones had located the rest of the invasion team, and the Snipers, originally deployed to eliminate Raven, were now seeking the human prey.

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"Okay..." Charlotte replies to Matthias's friendly advice. She lowers her head in shame, more like a child would do who just realized their mistake rather than an adult who truly understood the situation he was in.

Soon after that her mood changed and she cheered up. There were more modification to be done, this time they were to be applied to the armor of the soldiers. By now Charlotte really enjoyed being there. The lab was much more advanced than her own and they had more materials as well. She really had fun helping Matthias.

"Me?" she raises her hand while look at him, with hopeful eyes, as if she was really unsure that she was meant when he asked the question.

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"Wonderful!" Matthias shouted, clapping two of his prosthetic arms together as his actual fingers began point at various machines and folders, with Servitors bringing materials and vials to the various workbenches around the room.

"It shouldn't take too long to produce counter-chemicals, so we'll focus our attention on the delivery." Matthias decided. "We currently have thirteen thousand, four hundred and two chemical options for producing an effective counter-chemical, thirty-seven are capable of being massproduced with the components at hand, fourteen of those will actually stay on the armour so we'll pick the one that doesn't give an ugly smear on the armour." Dozens of vials rushed back into their drawers as the ingredients chosen were rushed to the machines. "Ah, I don't think I've had to do this since Maccrage- Oh, sorry Aaron."

Aaron was silent, looking at the floor as his fist shook.

"It's not often that the Emperium are forced to abandon a planet." Matthias explained. "Retreat is considered a taboo amongst the Adeptus Astartes, but in that blood bath-"

"Maccrage was not a bloodbath." Aaron snapped. "Maccrage was a feeding frenzy."

Then it was Matthias's turn to wince.

"Dark Days." Aaron sighed eventually, before turning to Charlotte. "The Marine armour is capable of sweating chemicals to respond to chemical attacks." He said. "Most units only have two slots for counter-chemicals, but some armours, like mine, have been adapted to carry at least fifteen options of chemical defence."

"The problem lies, however, that we currently have sixtyfive-percent of our forces deployed, Plus our speeders and the fourth Assault squad are delivering the Blue Ignis Rounds." Matthias pointed out. "We only have Aaron's Heavy Unit, the HQ, the Bikes and our Armoured units who will be able to receive the counter chemicals."

"Iruel would be grateful for a lick of alkaline paint, I wager." Aaron said with a smirk. "So you want to work out a method of deploying the chemicals directly to the input slots on our Armours?" he asked. "That's precise. That's too precise to be possible."

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After the incident with their religion Charlotte remained silent on this matter. She didn't understand what they were talking about and she wouldn't speak on the matter.

She just looks at the them and waits for Matthias to giver her a new order or request.

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@HE_IS: Raven blocked the huge hammer with a weak shield designed to be broken on contact, but still block the blow. He did not need to waste his energy on a powerful shield for a single blow. So he was fighting against a type of android. He probably should have tried to hack it and control it, but he had much more respect for his opponent then to do that. He also knew as long as he kept holding back like this. He needed to let go of his emotions which would allow him to fight stronger without worrying about harming his opponent to badly, and he knew just how to do it. He phased his hand through his brain and grabbed the part of the brain that controls emotions. He ripped it out and threw it onto the ground and burned it with fire to prevent it being collected and studied. He then turned towards the Marines with cold, dead, emotionless eyes and just stared at them as if he was studying them. "You have a ten percent chance of survival and a two percent chance of winning," he said coldly almost like a computer spitting out data. He crouched down onto the ground and put his palm flat on the ground. From his fingers ice started forming on the ground and every time it got to a structure the entire structure would freeze solid whether it be a tree, building, car, or even a living being. Raven knew by his calculations though that only freezing wouldn't be enough he also had to bring out the fire power. He flew up into the air and position his palms facing towards the Marines. A giant blue orb of energy formed in front of his palms. From the ball of energy shot out thousands of energy blasts each strong enough to level to a mountain. He then formed a yellow disc of energy in his palm then launched it the Marine he thought was the leader based on his analysis of how things had progressed. His final assault was to create a powerful cannon. To do this he would combine his powers. First he used his telekinesis which summoned everything he needed such as computers, car parts, and a satellite which he protected in its reentry into Earth with a powerful shield. He formed the components together using his telekinesis and technopathy and created a giant cannon easily five times larger than the biggest Space Marine. He fire the cannon and it raced off a pale blue light of death that destroyed everything in its wake and left a huge hole two hundred miles deep and had a circumference off 10 miles. The side effect of the cannon though was that it destroyed Raven leaving only a single cell of him that was sent flying back to his base where he would regenerate.

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Captain Titus saw the display on what the xenon scum was doing in the creation of that cannon. "He'll level the whole city with that thing!" He shouted, placing his ring on the table and warping to its location.


Aslan charged forward in a bloodlusted frenzy at his opponent, swinging his hammer and launching red lighting to devour his foe. Ice came and froze the ground, a chill that was nothing compared to the arctic wastes of Meggiora, where it reached absolute Zero during nightfall.

The Marines pressed on, firing the rounds that tore through Raven's telekinesis.

He fired up into the air and launched thousands of energy blasts, each capable of levelling the city, and Aslan lifted his hands to the sky and unleashed the Miles.

No one could escape the Miles.

The red lightning coursed out and devoured the blasts, protecting the city, but exposed Aslan for the golden light that devoured his flesh and burnt his armour. "CHAPLAIN!!" The Marines he led screamed, continuing their rapid fire upon the Xenos as he began to build his gun.

This was when captain Titus teleported in. "Not today." He snarled. "Not on this planet."

Grappling the gun and the foul alien, The captain was teleported, along with Raven and the weapon, into the farthest reaches of ORKZ space. The blast destroyed one of the sacred Bad Moonz, leaving almost nothing of the two behind.

But the Miles still hunted that one cell remaining.

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@HE_IS: The acid seemed to work, but they couldn't pass through the improved shield. That's why they started shooting the rest. They didn't know that the aliens wereworking on a chemical to counter their acid but it still wasn't delivered and didn't matter at the moment. Hof of the army already switched to standard rounds and fired at the enemy so that the killing would start as soon as possible. But the killing of who?

The snipers that encountered the assault marine fired a round from their sniper rifle and quiclky changed to pistols, firing upon him. But they weren't the only building snipers. The others fired on the marines on the ground.

Thomas arrived on the scene. Concentration on his sorroundings he was able to slow down everything going around him. He could see every bullet on the battlefiel, hear every footstep being made and he was ready. He ran to the flank and got their in les then a minute. Using an earpiece he ordered Cat to get behind "enemy" lines and then he started shooting.

The US army was taken completely by surprise. By the time they even noticed him, twenty were already in deep sleep. By the time they got to aim another twenty joined their comrads. And when they started shooting their moral fell like a brick. All their bullets froze in the air just before Thomas's body, until they formed a wall without any holes, and then it was a perfect barrier. only ocasional holes appeared at random places and Thomas fired through those.

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@ChronoWolf: @Shadowchaos: @Fehafare: @HE_IS:

A ship rode above the north battle field, and a purple light blasted down from the cockpit, impacting the ground amongst the battle as a resounding "STOOOP!!!" Roared across the sky.

The Terminator and the Us soldiers fired upon this new arrival, but their shots were launched back by a reflective forcefield as the man inside drew himself to full height.

"US MILITARY, CEASE FIRE!" The man shouted, then turned to the Terminator. "Servant, kneel."

The Terminator's armour buckled at the knees, and the mighty warrior was on the ground.

Something was wrong.

Or very, very right, depending on which army you were watching this spectacle from.

"All Citizens and soldiers of the Emperium of Light shall return to the Embassy at ONCE!" The man ordered. "All American Militant forces shall also fall back and stand down. This state of conflict shall cease and the city of Kansas, and all areas surrounding it, shall hereby be classified as a Demilitarised Zone within the hour!"

Such demands were preposterous. Who does this young whelp think he is?

"IN MY NAME!" The man roared, pointing his right arm towards the ground. "EXTERMINATUS THIS PLANETS MOON!"


Then the blue sky flared to red.

The flames scorched from the edges, but remained distant enough not to singe the atmosphere. US forces began making calls, while every Marine on the planet slowly fell to their knees.


"By the Mechanus..." Aaron prayed as he watched the display's reports of the sky.


_\_ "G-Glass sir..."_\_ The operative at NASA reported to the President. _\_ "It's still red hot, but the entire crust of the moon has been superheated and the dust turned to glass." _\_


The man who stood in the silent battlefield lifted his head as the news began to spread through the ranks.

The Marines had a weapon that could glass the moon in seconds.

If war was what they wanted, the planet would be theirs before the hour was up.

They had come in peace.

Peace through superior firepower.

"Citizens of Kansas are free to return to their homes." The man declared. "All Adeptus Astartes shall no longer impose martial law, but shall remain as citizens of the Emperium and shall be subject to border laws in and out of the Embassy when entering the City of Kansas, as in any other Embassy in the United States of America. Due to the loss of our noble Captain Titus, who gave his life freely in the preservation of this city and the homes of its citizens in defending it against a genocidal entity, I hereby take assume the role of Captain of the Fourth Legion of the Knights of the Miles, Seventeen thousandth, three hundredth and twenty-sixth chapter of the Adeptus Astartes- Guardians of Mankind."

"By order of Exalt Emperor." SamJaz concluded, turning his back on the US military and walking into Kansas City. "In MY Name."

"ALL HAIL!" The Marines shouted in unison. "EXALT EMPEROR SAMJAZ!"


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@SamJaz: Raven reformed from his one cell and by regenerating his brain was repaired. He sat down on his stone throne and watched his little civilization from a little glass ball that picked up the wireless signal of cameras all around his town he had made for those with abilities. It was a pretty peaceful place where people could truly be at peace without the filth of outside disturbing them. It was truly a place where war did not exist it was by all means the perfect civilization as all resources could be made by somebody in the area so there was no reason for theft as everything would be provided as long as they did their jobs and helped out in making sure the community functioned. He closed his eyes for a split second and immediately opened them with a look of worry. He was just about to stand up when Zera came running into the room playfully. She had her hammer which was much to big for her strapped to her back and her pink hair flew behind her as she ran. He had just enough time to put up his strongest absorption shield which had enough power to absorb three suns.

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@Shadowchaos: The Miles stopped, just shy of the forcefield, then evaporated.

The fight was over.

The Miles let him go.

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