The Treasure is Marked with an X RP

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Abismo was created, Newdeath faked his connections with Gekido, clearing his name and now controlling the United States with iron grip and popular aclamation. A masterful stroke of genius, at least that was what Masako Hihashi thought about it, even if he was determined to stand over the rest of the creation someday, and that meaned beat Ray Tsukasa in the process, but that could wait. For the moment the young villain respect for his current master was increasing. Either way Masako knew that if he spent all his time in training, just as he was doing this days, wouldnt be useful for his own means, so the Matsumotoroh decided to start building his own network, in the shadows of the underworld. He prepared his equipment, he carried some clothes, rations and communication devices, and some weapons.  
He was getting ready to meet another members of Abismo that replied to his call to participate this mission, they were going to find the factory that was making the new drug that was making half of the world addicted to it. After analizing it Masako discovered that the drug not only was somehow linked, making all the addcits become mindless slaves of the one that is making it, but also it was completly organic, so that meaned that somebody or something was making it, and not a machine. Thus the young villain hoped to the discover who or what was behind of it, and take control of the drug production and the ability to control the slaves thus creating a small army in matter of days. 
Now he was waiting for the members to join, but they were running late....
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It must have been over an hour after the arrange meeting time that the Devilish Twins marched up to a strong looking human. The Twins were too busy chatting to greet him, but once Nox looked over, she lowered her voice and said (just loud enough for Masako to head). "He looks real strong and manly. D'you think he's compensating, or can he back it up?" The red-skinned demon girl chuckled and her sister frowned. The Twins wore brown suits, with skirts too short to exist. On their arms was a red arm band proudly reading 'EXECUTOR' in white letter. "I don't know. Why don't you ask him." Nyx snapped, apparently not in the mood to hear all about Nox's sexual needs. "He's just a human, anyways. He's more like a toy than anything you're looking for." Nyx added. Nox shrugged. Her sister had a point. "What ever. Who knows, he might serve useful. 'Best not to get in his bad-books." The twins burst out laughing and finally gave Masako their full attention. 
"Sorry, we got caught up at the bar." The Twins said together, one could literally smell the alcohol in their breath, but they definitely weren't inebriated. Then Nyx suddenly turned to her sister. "What were you doing in the bathroom. I swear you took forever!" Nox shrugged and grinned. "What can I say? I found a guy." Nyx slammed her palm into her face and sighed. Nyx looked back at Masako. "Forgive my sister. She's a bit of a slut." Nox glared at her sister and kicked her in the shin. Nyx attempted to ignore it. "What are we even doing?" She asked. They honestly didn't bother to listen to the task. Being immortal meant you got bored real fast, and you'd do almost anything to get out of the house.
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Masako was leaning in the wall, and watched the girls come near. They could easily see him, since he was in a lighten area, Masako was highly muscular and dressed casually, he also carried the Executor armband. He was amused by the carelessness of the twins, they inmature act was entretaining, but the young Villain, after spending lot of time with Newdeath, discovered he had a gift to perceive the sinister aura on people, and this girls, even as they seemed shallow and childish were extremely evil, maybe even more than himself, even if Masako didnt considered himself evil, he thought of himself as a man determined to reach the top, without caring about the methods he used to. Replying to the girls question, Masako said, We are going to Brasil, there is a new drug lord that needs a beating and a new drug we need to get. We need that thing to be exclusive for Abismo, it could prove to be useful if we give them to the population, it would make them weak and stop any attempt on rebellion.. The Matsumotoroh, paused as he let the girls think about it, and then he continued, Grab these, he said as he tossed two boxes, one for each twin, this are the communication links, the tracker, so we can detect the highest concentration of it, thus finding the factory of the X drug, and the glasses are for database acess and to do this in style. Masako made a sign so the girls followed him to the Hangars, and as he opened the door to one of the transport he asked, would you like to enter ladies?
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"Brazil!" Nox cried with excitement. "Aw sis! This is going to be so much fun!" Nox rested her arm over her sister's shoulder and waved her hand to present a non-existent scene before them. "Just think, sis! The warm beach, a tall, dark, and hansom Spanish man--" Nyx suddenly elbowed her sister in the ribs and Nox backed off with a slight pout. "Sis." Nyx said, annoyed. "They speak Portuguese in Brazil. F*ck, did you even pay attention to the last hundred years?" Nyx snapped. Nox shrugged her sister. "Sis, while you were busy with your nose in books, I was busy with a lover. Maybe you wouldn't care so much if you go laid everyone in a while!" Nox said, exasperated. Nyx's red skin turned a darker hue. "I-I do get laid!" Nyx stammered. 
"Yeah, but not as much as you should." Her sister concluded as she boarded the plane. The Twins sat next to each other and opened up their boxes revealing their equipment. "Alright. Let's get this over with." Nox said, jittery from excitement. "We'll kill some people, eat some flesh, and I'll find myself a Spanish boy for the night." 
"Portuguese." Nyx repeated, leaning back in her chair and opening her book. "Nobody cares sis!" Nox snapped back. But Nyx wasn't listening. "Ugg, you're so annoying!!" Nox pulled out a flask of some potent alcohol and took a deep swig. "So, what's your story, Mosoka... or whatever?"
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The young villain was having fun, or the closest thing to that emotion he could feel, at least he wasnt bored. The antics of the sisters were amusing, since they meaned that the demons were at such high level of power and prowess that didnt really cared about anybody opinion, that or that they were completly shameless. As the Transport started it journet towards, one of the girls asked about him, mistaking his name, but at least he showed some interest. I'm one of Newdeath students, Masako Hihashi. He only gave a small introduction, for some reason his instincts told him not to engage a conversation with them, something told him that he would regret it. The Transport took them in a parabole to the outer atmosphere and then back down, slowly descending and stopping over Rio de Janeiro, while it was in stealth mode. We need to get down throught the zip lines, then we will rejoin in that park, Said Masako as he pointed a small block of grass with some trees, that was barely visible to the human eye in the closed night that engulfed the city. 
As he descended, Masako considered the probabilities of finding a decent fight in this s$%&hole, but even so if he didnt get some blood to drink, or battles to fight, this could prove to be useful....
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OmegaMekix brought his masked face closer to the Brazilian woman and intimidatingly whispered in broken Portuguese, "Where are you getting your supplies?"  The punk teenager just let out a 'humph' to show that she was not even interested in the fact that she was just yanked into a dark closest by a dark figure wearing a creepy mask. Mekix began to grind his teeth together because of lack of patience. He gripped even tighter on her torn sleeved red jacket and said with a distant tone in his voice, "I know that you know the location of the main factory. Tell me if you want to leave this closest in one piece." The teenage girl just let out a loud sigh and replied, "Seriously, work on you Portuguese. You talk like my five year old brother." Mekix glared at the girl before tossing her across the closest so she would slam against the adjacent wall. He walked to the door and opened it. Then, without looking back at the girl, he said, "Since it's Friday night, this building won't be used for the next two days. You're going to have to wait until Monday morning until someone will find you." Mekix slammed the door shut and locked it, trapping her inside the closest.
Mekix slipped off his mask as he left the building and began to casually walk down the street. He noticed many people with pale and emotionless faces on street corners. They all looked depressed. "Damn Axeotrophidize." Mekix muttered under his breath. Recently, a new drug had been developed and it has spread across the world. Axeotrophidize, or X or short, had the same effect of any stimulant drug but it was seventeen times more effective than cocaine. But it drained the dopamine hormones much more quickly. So once you took one dose of the X, you had already become addicted to the stuff but it would never be enough to satisfy the person so they would keep coming for the material.
The government was not responding quickly. With all the political restrictions, they would not be able to shut down the X production until it would be too late. So Mekix came to Brazil and end the production now, before things got too rough. Since X was new to the market, he couldn't get much information. Plus, any drug dealer he tried to intimidate didn't reveal a thing, the drug had left them emotionless and unmoving to his threats. Mekix stuffed his hands into his trench coat pockets and sighed. He wasn't certain what his next action would be or how he would discover the drug factory.     
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Masako didn't seem too interested in engaging in conversation with the twins, so instead, the two demons began flipping through magazines and discussing celebrity gossip. The two were jarred from their conversation over who was hotter, Collin Ferrel or Mark Walburg (the winner far from being determined), when Masako explained to the two exactly what their landing procedure was. "You have fun ziplining," Nox and Nyx said together, sarcasically. "We'll just teleport down. We don't want to inform the entire country of Brazil what colour underwear we're wearing." Nyx crossed her arms and shut her mouth, but Nox felt the need to continue. "Probably 'cause I'm not wearing any." Nox added. Nyx just shot her sister a horrible glare, and Nox laughed. "I joking! But really. We hate ziplining."  
Then the twins sat back in their seats and finished their previous debate. The winner was apparently Nyx's choice of Collin Ferrel, seeing as the accent was just that much better. Masako had begun his decent and the girls leaned their heads out the open side of the transport. "Meet you down there sucker!" The two giggled as they vanished in a puff of black smoke, appearing in the patch of grass milliseconds later.
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With a dispirited feeling growing in the pit of his stomach from the lack of progress he made, Mekix began to slowly turn around a random corner when he saw an unnatural puff of gray smoke. He slightly backed up so he was just barely peering over the corner at the scene in front of him. On a patch of grass was a really muscular and intimidating man dress in black and two red skinned girls who wore skirts that seemed a little too high to be appropriate. While the three people didn't appear friendly, OmegaMekix knew that they were also here about the growing X-drug problem. But unlike him, they were probably not intending to stop it.
Without taking his eyes off the three in front, Mekix reached into his pocket to assure himself that his mask was still there. He wasn't planning on wearing it right now but it comforted him a little. Even though he was being stealthy, something in his gut told him that sooner or later he would have to battle those three. He just hoped that they would be able to led him to the X factory beforehand so he would at least have a shot to ruin their operation as well as limit the drug supply. They were probably his best, maybe only, bet to getting to the factory and he would just have to accept it. So Mekix patiently stayed and waited for when they would start moving to their destination.
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Masako ziplined down, he was amazed to know that the girls could teleport, a extremely useful ability he would have to research later, maybe he could pull it off, moving matter across the space in seconds, since latley he discovered that after so much training agains superhumans and super natural threats his abilities had been evolving more and more, he even had faint telekinetic powers, maybe a extension of his electromagnetic prowess with the spark, but even so this constant evolution in his body was surprising, even for him, he was changing in a much accelerated rate than before, gaining upgrades to adapt to almost any danger he faced. But no wasnt the time to think of him, or at least his powers, he needed to focus on the task at hand, and as he landed, he regrouped with the girls, and said, We need to move two blocks from here, my contact is waiting in a nightclub called Noche Carioca, the place that Masako named was a notorious underworld nexus of the worst criminals, mobs and Drug gangs in Rio, the contact was waiting in one of the VIP rooms, Masako only knew that he was called Tonino, and was known as Rio's Underworld Tour Guide, as he knew lot of information unknown to most people and was incredible good at explaining. 
As they entered the place, after a short walk throught the Fabela, while lots of eyes starred them from the dark, Masako glared with rage some of the hoodlums that tried to move towards them, he knew the personality of the twins and he didnt wanted any kind of interruption for the moment, and so the criminals backed down by the sheer intimidation of the young villain eyes, a trick he tried to emulate after watching Newdeath using it so much. He walked throught the crowd dancing to upbeat music, and moved towards the back, and as he reached the guard of the VIP rooms, he got asked the password, Tonino never said something about a password, was the reply of the villain as he passed his hand cleanly throught the bouncer chest, killing him in the moment. Strangely there wasnt any blood in the wound, or in Masako arm, the hole was cauterized. Let's go, my contact is inside the six room... said the Matsumotoroh, showing complete indiference to the fact that he just killed a man. As he opened the door, a sleazy-looking individual, not higher than 1.40 mts stood from a sofa and moved towards the group, Hi, you must be Mr. Hihashi, tutu ben, tutu ben, I'm Tonino, what do you need to know? said the disgusting man in a strongly brazilian accented english
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Mekix's eyes widened as he heard the large intimidating man say, "We need to move two blocks from here, my contact is waiting in a nightclub called Noche Carioca." He heard about Noche Carioca; it was a nightclub infamous for hiding fugitives, being part of illegal relocation, and underage prostitution. Mekix started to dash to the nightclub with inhuman speed. If he wanted an edge over those three then he would need to steal their informative. In less than a minute, he was in front of the entrance to Noche Carico. Mekix slipped on his mask and knocked on the front. The door opened just a crack as a large man in a business suit peered out of the crack, making sure that it wasn't the police. But Mekix wasn't intending on just entering friendly-like. With a ferocious kick, Mekix knocked the door open and push the bouncer onto the floor. Then, to keep order in the place, Mekix instantly created two handguns and aimed it at two random people in the nightclub. In his broken Portuguese, Mekix commanded, "No one move. Three come soon. Act normal or I kill." Everyone stood in place, while there were some hardcore criminals in the nightclub, they probably knew that Mekix was not the kind of guy to mess with.
Without incident, Mekix walked across the nightclub to the VIP section. The bouncer didn't say anything and even opened the door for Mekix, the bouncer appeared to have been through this situation before. Loudly, Mekix asked, "Who is the X contact." A short man from room 6 raised his hand. In English, he responded, "I am. Are you Mr. Hihashi?" Mekix instantly aimed one of his guns at the man and replied in English, "No, and if you want to make it through the ordeal then-" Suddenly, Mekix heard the front door open. He glanced at the VIP bouncer and commanded, "Stall those three anyway possible." He looked back at the short informant. "Write down the directions on a slip of paper, in English. Then I want you to give Hihashi the wrong directions." The short man complied and quickly wrote down the information. Then, as he handed Mekix the slip of paper, Mekix heard the bouncer outside fall to the ground, dead. Without wasting any time, Mekix ran into the room next to him to verify that the short guy wouldn't sell him out and to stay hidden from the three. His heart was thumping heavily as he awaited to see how things would turn out.     
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"D'you smell that sis?" Nox asked as the twins carefully watched Masako and Tonino's exchange. "Smells like human." Nox looked back at the club as her fangs began to grow to her chin. "Nox, there's human's everywhere. Of course there's a sick stench of them." Nyx replied shortly, then her eyes widened. Nyx and Nox prowled through the night club, sniffing the air. "I smell fear. But not fear of us..." Nyx mumbled to her sister. The Twins sniffed the air and looked at each other. The familiar twang of warm brass filled their senses. "Guns..." They whispered. "A familiar sent.... from the field." 
Suddenly the Twins teleported to Masako's side. "Someone was here first." They growled. "It seems it's become a race." Nyx and Nox looked at each other, their grotesque fangs dripping with black venom. The two suddenly jumped onto Tonino's desk, and glared into the now trembling man's eyes, their faces centimetres away. "Tell us the truth." Nox hissed, drops of the black venom spitting onto Tonino's face. "Y'know what's the best part of a man to eat?" Nyx asked, then her sister answered after a long silent pause. "His manhood. But it tastes better when the blood still pumps through his body." The Twins burst out into cackles, and Nyx scratched deep black lines across Tonino's face. The Akuma Infection, only minor, but the Brazillian would feel numb in a few seconds. "Sis, I'm getting goosebumps. I haven't eaten a good meal in days!!" Nyx hissed. Suddenly the twins dove deeper into their transformation, and leathery wings sprouted from their backs, and tails from their back sides. They looked horrific, and demonic. Their glowing red eyes looked hungrily at Tonino.
"Tell us the truth baby. We'd hate to waste time on scum like you. Who was here, and where do we go?"
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Masako was surprised on how fast the girls detected the lie, he smelled the fear on Tonino even before them, and he even had a glimpse of the smell of the man that frightened the fat informant. He knew how their competitor smelled, but inside the nightclub, were the scent of sweat, alcohol and drugs were numbing Masako nose. As he leaned into the wall, and watched the girl progress, he thought on a way of locating the opponent, while Tonino sweated and tried to crawl back, but the twins poison was getting him, numbing his body, leaving him in a defenseless position, unable to shout, as his voice was frozen by terror. As the girls eyes glared and they asked the pathetic excuse for man about the identity of the stupid bastard messing with them, and about the location of the factory, or at least the next clue towards it. Tonino tried to speak, but he couldnt form a word, thus making Masako lose his patience and after passing besides the girls, You two shouldnt waste your time with this s%&$, you may get your clothes impregnated with his stench, let me have a try, I'm the Junior member here, and after speaking, the Matsumotoroh, released the beast instincts, the smae persona that was created after the Sunrise. 
After a glare of Masako, Tonino wetted himself and shrieked in terror, since Masako had been practicing this a lot, and if he could disturb a low level tsukasa with a glare this scum would go crazy after some seconds. Tonino was lifted by the neck by the angered Masako, Reply to the question the ladies made or die! he said with a roar as he strangled Tonino with ease. He slipped the "Ladies" part, even if he wasnt atracted to the twins, Masako didnt felt attracted by anyone, since he  thought of himself as superior to most of the creation, or at least that was what the Beast Persona thought. He needed to get on their good side, maybe the twins could be useful pawns for him. Nao Matar-me, por favor, Dont kill me! I will speak, I will! he said between coughes, as Masako released him as he spoke with his almost unrecognizable accent. You need to go towards Parque Pedro II, ten blocks from here, towards the beach, the main dealer is there, he surely knows were X comes from. Masako knew that the man was telling the truth, he could easily detect it with his enhanced senses, and asked the second question, Who is the person that got here first? he glared once more, and to add threat he took something for one of his belt pouches and a pointed it towards Tonino. 
The metallic bar started transforming into a gun-like object, except that instead of barrel it had several spikes that were separated 3 mm between them, and formed a vague cilinder, the weapon gleamed with electricity, it was a little something Masako made as he was locked in the Gekido headquarters when he had breaks in his training. Tonino, too scared to be curious spoke, A guy with a m...mask, he asked for the di..directions... and a..a..asked to give you wrong.... Masako released his grip over the contact neck and turned his head to the twins, Do you know somebody with a mask and need for finding drugs? he said as the gun shoot a small marble of Trion at ridiculous speeds, the weapon in his hand was a miniature Railgun, powered by his Spark, and he was loaded with Trion Ammunition, something he made in his free time. As the head of the pathetic scum splattered the wall and the bullet punched a hole throught the wall and several others, Masako kept talking, we need to move fast towards the location, we need to gain as much time as we can, could you teleport me there with you? or do you prefer to walk out of this bar and kill anything that stand in our path?, he finished saying as he holstered his Railgun Velocita Eradico
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The sound of what the three villains were doing could clearly be heard through the thin walls of the nightclub. OmegaMekix just listened as he tried to figure out a good time for him to make a run for it. With the limited space, any battle would automatically be against his favor, especially since he was outnumbered. Slowly, Mekix slowed his breath and stopped his heartbeat from pumping so fast that he could feel the thumping. Mekix continued to listen and eventually believed that the informant would be spared, he gave them all the information that they were seeking and they had to quickly get to the factory. But a sudden click made Mekix feel a cold shiver as he realized that they had just killed the man. 
An intimidating voice from the other room announced, "We need to move fast towards the location, we need to gain as much time as we can." Mekix took a deep breath and prepared to sprint as fast as he could to the factory. But he was rooted in place when he heard, "Could you teleport me there with you or do you prefer to walk out of this bar and kill anything that stand in our path?" He gritted his teeth and formed a grenade in his hand, there was no way he was going to let those three beat him there. Mekix tossed it at the farthest wall and watched as the wall blew up to reveal the night sky. There was no doubt that the three villains heard the noise so Mekix lunged forward, going an amazing eighty miles and hour. He went over the rubble with ease, turned a corner without difficulty and ran down the sidewalk at a blurring pace. He didn't look back out of fear of seeing those three following him. Besides, they weren't his objective. He needed to stop all X-production and that laid ahead. So OmegaMekix kept running, nearing the factory more and more with each passing second.
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"Awww, you killed him! That was so anti-climatic. I wanted to see him writhe for a bit longer." Nox pouted. Suddenly Nyx noticed a ball-like object fly across the room. She instantly grabbed Masako in a violent embrace, and spread her wings open like a shield. Fractions of a second later, the object exploded and the wall crumbled. When Nyx and Nox turned around too check the situation, all they saw was a quick flash of a masked man. "That's the f*cker! Follow him!!" The Twins snapped at both each other and Masako. The Twins didn't know exactly where the masked man was headed, so teleporting would be a more than silly idea. Instead, the twins ran after the masked man at an unbelievable speed. They were barely trying by the time they jumped over the running figure, and stood right in front of him with a stern, unmovable posture. 
"Little boys who play with fire get their fingers burned." The Twins said together, tossing their hair over their shoulders. "We don't like it when ass holes like you interfere with our work. It's a lot of unnecessary trouble. Now, if you wouldn't mind, eat sh*t and die!" The Devilish Twins screamed, Nox immediately snatched the masked man by the front of his shirt and snarled.  She sniffed the air and frowned. "Company tool." She snarled, recognizing the slight sent of Keith on the masked mans clothes.
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The moment the two devil twin landed in front of Mekix, he slowed down to a dead stop and calmly stood his ground in front of them. Trying to outrun them failed, it was the moment to stall for time and try to find the perfect opportunity to strike. In unison, the twin coldly said, "Little boys who play with fire get their fingers burned." Mekix secretly rolled his eyes. He hated it when villains talked down to him. Were they all cocky sociopaths with no patience? The twins continued on with their rant. "We don't like it when ass holes like you interfere with our work. It's a lot of unnecessary trouble. Now, if you wouldn't mind, eat sh*t and die!" In one swift movement, the green haired devil grabbed Mekix by his shirt and snarled, "Company tool." Mekix sighed in impatience. He would be more frightened if these two devils showed more class. But their manner showed that they weren't as big as a threat as they believed they were.
With a cold glare, Mekix calmly replied, "You smell of alcohol and sex. Did NewDeath catch you at a bad time or do you always treat every mission as a party?" Mekix patiently waited for their response. He expected them to attack him on an impulse and he was readying the nanobots for such an occasion. But he kept an open mind, this pair tended to be unpredictable. Though, he was sort of relieved to see that the third, more intimidating, one had yet to show up.
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After being covered by the Twins, something he didnt needed, in fact slowed his reaction since he got tackled down, Masako moved swiftly but with Stealth, jumping from rooftop to rooftop in search of the twins and the masked individual, the explosion on the wall numbed his hearing, thus even if he could see them he couldnt hear them. Once he got near enough he got down and jumped from shadow to shadow, trying to stay on the blind spot of the Masked opponent. To further increase his stealth he activated the Shield, and a field of electromagnetism, that would allow to disrupt any kind of electronic tracking or detecting, thus rendering Masako invisible to camera and other electronic methods of detection. Moving with the utmost care and Stealth Masko prepared Velocida Eradico for another shot, he would not make the msitake of spend time speaking to the opponent, that was for amateurs of showman idiots. He aimed with care as the girls were speaking with the stranger. He surely would have one shoot, and he didnt wanted to waste it, something told him that this man wasnt somebody to fool around with, all his instincts were telling him to end this right now. 
Charging his weapon with the Spark, and preparing the attack only took a second, and with a faint buzzing sound the True Trion pellet was shot directly towards the target, Masako recent training with weapons, and his supernatural senses and dexterity made him a outstanding marksman, but after the explosion and the effect over his ears he was disbalanced, thus making the shoot move some cms away from the intended target, possibly making it easier to dodge. After shooting Masako didnt even saw the result as he took cover in a narrow alley besides him and started to move to circle the house and get the Masked man, hopefully wounded by the side.
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Before the two devils could reply, Mekix heard a faint buzzing coming his way. At first he thought that it was an electrical burst but he quickly realized that it was a projectile, not just some lightning. Using his ears to determine where the projectile was coming, since it would be a stupid idea to take his eyes off the terrible twins, Mekix estimated that the projectile would be heading toward the left side of his back, near his kidney. Mekix took a deep breath and concentrated his nanobots to protect him. 
When the True Trion bullet neared Mekix by inches, a double helix made of nanobot appeared out of Mekix and bended around the bullet, halting the bullet's twirl and slowing in down within the spiral before it could even reach Mekix's coat. The double helix dispersed and the True Trion bullet fell to the ground with a soft ding. But even though he was shot at, Mekix acted as if the most recent thing that happened to him was having his shirt grabbed by the devilish twins. He seemed to be ignoring Hihashi.
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Nyx's eyes drifted to the bullet, and watched as Mekix effortlessly defended himself. Nox briefly looked at the bullet as it fell to the ground. Instead, she looked back up where she assumed Masako was, and extended her middle finger. "Lemmie have some fun with him, 'kay?" Nox snapped, then looked back to Mekix. "Do you know how long it's been since I've consumed the flesh of a real man?" She asked, drops of black venom spitting out of her mouth as she spoke. "Well, even after this I'd still be counting down the days." 
"Caaarr!!" Nyx called, as if it were nothing. A large truck was heading down the street. Instead of moving, Nox chuckled as she threw OmegaMekix to the ground. "Let's see how long it takes for us to take that mask off your face." Nox hissed, opening her leathery black wings. Behind her, Nyx was reacting to the truck. 
As the truck approached her, Nyx slammed her hand into the hood of the car. Smoke from the engine immediately began to billow out of the car. Nyx and Nox were somewhere between two stages of transformation, their skin would be hot to the touch, but not able to burn, yet their wings and animal-like claws were plainly visible. Nyx grinned as the truck driver's eyes popped open with surprise. The driver began to scream as Nyx used one hand to lift the car over her head with incredible ease. In one fluid motion she hurled the truck at OmegaMekix. It moved to fast and flew so far, it was hard for the average on looker to believe. "Masako, he's ours!" Nyx snapped, only further reiterating her sister's declaration.
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Masako moved circling the houses, swiftly, he would fight the masked man from the front, but having the twins here would make his work much easier, he only needed to wait the precise moment to attack, if he wanted it to have any effect not like the last one, that his enemy blocked somehow, since he couldnt see what technique the opponent used he couldnt know, but he heared the bullet touching the ground, now that his hearing was slowly coming back.  Swiftly he climbed to the roof and clinged to the side to look at how the things were going, one of the girls, Masako didnt bothered to learn their names, jumped over Mekix, while the other, that at least seemed more intelligent lifted a truck and sended it towards the masked man. But his notion of Nyx being intelligent or cunning ended when the demonic girl shouted his name, he wanted to be as unknown as he could, since in theory he didnt even wanted to be known by the Company until he was ready, that's why he went in the raid to the Company outpost were they interrogated Blindside dressed as a Soldier. 
This was a setback, but at least they could make Mekix take his time, thus leaving him enough time to dash towards the next clue, get it and kill the contact there. Masako rushed throught the side street towards the Pedro II park, he would get the answers he needed, and without having to stand the antics of the twins or the interference of this member of the Company. Masako runned at his top speed without using the Overdrive, thus moving up to 200 km/h in direction of the main dealer, with any luck the twins would keep the Masked man busy until he got the drug and the origin of it. I hope this twins dont mess this up. That was the exact thoughts in Masako mind, hoping for at least 20 minutes of advantage.
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Mekix landed on his butt when Nox pushed him away. The asphalt was cold but Mekix was more concerned about the car being tossed at him. He sighed as he turned his head a little to the side so the truck's headlights wouldn't blind him. Just when the truck was a foot away from hitting Mekix, it just stopped. At first it seemed like the car was defying gravity but soon it began to slowly and safely land on the road. Mekix got up on his feet and brushed any dirt that might have gotten on his butt. He casually walked up to the the driver's window and said in his broken Portuguese, "Dive now. Ignore what is here." The driver seemed all to eager to comply. He tried to key a few times to get the engine to finally work. Meanwhile, Mekix was walking up towards the two Devilish twins.   
In English, Mekix said, "I'll take it that you two hate mysteries. So I'll clear a few things up with you guys." Slowly, he grabbed his mask and pulled it off his face. "I am OmegaMekix. I wield nanobots, which is why that truck stood in mid air, my nanobots were holding it up. They were just too small to be seen." Mekix brushed a strain of his midnight black hair out of his face as he stopped a few feet in front of the twins. He eyed the twins as he tried to think of a plan to get to the factory. He still had four blocks separating him from the factory and Hihashi had a huge head start. There was a lot of doubt in Mekix's mind if he could have any chance of really destroying the X factory before the recipe was disclosed. But Mekix was determined to at least give this a shot, there was always another way to get things done. And Mekix had just thought of an idea. 
In an instant, a flash grenade appeared in Mekix's free hand. He tossed it between the Devilish twins and closed his eyes, hoping that the twins would be temporarily blinded by the blast. The grenade exploded in a bright light. With his eyes still closed, Mekix formed a rocket launcher and aimed it where he remembered Nox and Nyx to be. Then he fired a rocket at Nyx first. Even if the rocket didn't directly hit her, she would hopefully be caught in the blast range and be harmed. Nox was next, Mekix blindly fired a shot at her. After firing the two shots, Mekix finally opened his eyes to see the damage he caused. 
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