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Well it is summer and I plan on getting back into the vice. Any way, I you don't know my character is on a search for the weapons called "False God Toys" which are weapons based on ancient weapons from the dawn of time. Anyway, I plan on having them somehow become an important part of the universe, just like how the infinity gems are part of marvel. If you ask me, I will allow you to use them in your stories.

Anyway here are a few:

Will of Hell

  • Power: Can open a door to and from hell, summon the demons from Hell, can bind and free souls from Hell, can summon hellfire that can come close to 75 trillion degrees. It causes whoever it is used on to experience their most painful memories what seems to be millions of times, however it happens in an instant to the outside world If used under certain conditions it will also cause one to be put in an infinite loop of death, until the user decides to free them or until the person who put them in the loop dies.
  • Weaknesses/Risks: Can have a mind of its own. It will consume the souls of the weak
  • Appearance: A ring with a tombstone on it. On this tomb stone is a skull with a 5 point star
  • Location: Currently Unknown

Armor of Judgement: Soft Version

  • Power: It bends to the will of the user. It will detect any one who has committed what the user considers a sin. The blade is coated with hellfire and the souls of sinners. It cuts the soul. It also protects you from the sinners attacks to a certain degree. the greater their sins, the stronger the protection.
  • Risk/Weaknesses: An extreme strain on the mind and body. If used to much, the user will enter a comma for an unspecified amount of time. This is also the weakest of the God Toys.
  • Location: Honolulu, buried to the middle of the earths mantle
  • Appearance:

Armor of Judgement: Hard Version

  • Power: Just like the soft version, except designed to take out entire nations of sinners. It can track everyone in the world who has committed said sin. You can instantly be teleported to them. It can easily erase areas the size of Japan. It can also move as fast as lightning. It can also survive the heat of the sun.
  • Risks/Weaknesses: The mind of the previous master might linger for sometime and could even overpower the current one. It could also mess with your mind and your since of justice
  • Location: 15 kilometers under the Earths crust (below the Mt.Everest)

The Living Toonforce

  • Power: Perhaps on of the most powerful God Toys, if not the most powerfull. It basically turns one into a cosmic being, but there is a catch. It also turns one into a toon. The reality warping abilities are amazing. If used in the wrong hands it can end the universe or be used to rewrite the universe. Thankfully everyone who has ever used it was either god or to stupid to use it to its full potential.
  • Risks/Weaknesses: Can be overcome by Multiversal beings and weapons. Powerless without a host. Also it can be overcome by the other god to "Mini-verse"
  • Appearance : A golden Greek tragedy mask that is smiling and has a glowing green emerald in the forehead.
  • Location: Right in the center of the Universe

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More coming soon!!!

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I think they should be more powerful and have less risk/weakness Since they are dawn of time items. The Will of Hell abilities can easily be done by a powerful sorcerer or High Level Demon already. The Armor of Judgement doesnt look all that useful. It bends the will of the user, manipulating them only to detect someone whoever the user considers a sinner. Also the risk way to high to even consider going after it. Well this is all my opinion anyway.
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@Dahlia_Magenta: I will update it then. It's just that I didn't want them to powerful because I believe there are rules about that

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Soo, you're making an RP? I'm in

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@JayDox: Much better on the description of their abilities XD
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@NobleJack: Actually I think I titled this thread wrong. It isn't an RPG per se. It is a list of the God Toys, which my character is looking for. I want them to become a big part of the universe. You can however use them in your RPG by asking me

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