The Struggle for Pandora (Lebreus Vs Falken)

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Himalayas Mountain Range

A heavy snowstorm fell with fury from the clouded skies. A trail of deep footsteps were the only thing that could show the path Falken Degiraz, master gunsmith and soldier of fortune extraordinary, walked throught a snowy mountain path in the Himalaya range. This was a search and steal mission, in search of a mysterious weapon. Rupert Moriarty, a ruthless weapon trader of the underworld, hired Falken throught a proxy, a common contact between both of them in Mangetsu Corporation, the enterprise that worked as a resource provider to the crimianl scum all around the globe. The mission was simple, find a man and take a box that had a high tech weapon inside, an easy job that was taking Falken more than 230 km north from the Rohtang pass in India. The intel he got pointed him towards an abandoned buddhist temple deep in the mountains, called Zhaoming, that means Illumination in chinese. The Falcon Eyes Mercenary was slowly being covered by snow, as the storm grew stronger, but his nanotech enhancementes and bionics implants allowed him to keep moving throught the tall layers of snow without feeling any pain or cold. Bzzzt-Bzzt F---BZZZZT--Falken! A---Are Y----Bzzzt-- ou there? Bzzzztt---- the soft buzzing of the radio interference was cutting the comunications with his HQ, the Hollow Bullet Lounge and Bar. This bar was a gift from the man that saved him when he was at the brink of self-destruction, Johann Gine. Under the building a complex a high tech bunker served as Falken base, warehouse and strategy room. The woman trying to contact him was Johann daughter, Athala, that worked as the barmaid in the bar, and the intel officer of Falken little band of soldiers. A!? A!? asked Falken with a faint hint of surprise, the Mercenary pressed his subcutaneous communication implant and asked the computer. What's the link status?, with a electronic and synthetized voice the A.I, Adler, repplied, Our satellital link is cutted down by the storm, and it wont normalize for at least two days using the data of the last meteorological exam. Falken sighed while he started climbing a rocky cliff, as up that cliff was the Monastery he was looking for, he hoped that the target didnt moved, as he now lacked communications, gps and access to his hyperspace arsenal, so he was basically unnarmed except for a climbing pick and steel cord, that could be useful to strangle a victim

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Entering into some mysterious ruins

It was a very dark night, an obscure shadow covers and entrangled every living and not living being. "Achoo!", a sonorous sneeze in that snowy night that traveled trough the sky and dissapeared without leaving no more traces than a reply from the one who sneezed "This is so freaking cold" replied Lebreus with his bare red hands covering his red nose and mouth; "I knew that I should had packed more clothing, What am I saying?, I don't even have package" murmured Lebreus; he usually do this a lot, talking to himself, some people may think that because of this he's crazy, however to him is just a way to have fun when nobody is there to calm his child instincts. The Pandora's box hunged waving like a pendulum in his neck, the fierce wind of that cold night helped it too; from this jewel, Lebreus could have retrieved a nice scarf and a confortable and warm coat, however his mind always remind him from his days of training, the screams of his master; "Do you really believe that entering and unknown place is like going to a freaking atractions park, you idiots, always, always and all damned always that you decide to explore some fucking cove, ruins or building, or whatever shit you wants, be ready, because everything can happens in there. Did you all fucking hear me?". A memory that he wants to forget; "Damn bastard" he murmurs, however it was almost all time useful, so when he entered the strange ruins moved only by curiosity he decided to retrieve three objects in any case some kind of beast where to attack him, so he couldn't retrieve any more until he decides to replace those objects, and if he wanted to do it, he still have to wait more time, but, Lebreus is no fool, he will not threat his security because of a little cold; "Always ready no?" murmured Lebreus when this thought crosses his mind. He was a bit tired, so he sat in a big brick in the floor, which probably was there because of some old erosion that sculpted the ruins wall like marble giving it an structure that not even the most brilliant sculptor would have thought, because, there is no greatest sculptor in this world than the combined forces of nature in the mix called erosion. So, Lebreus sat and rested a while, however, he did not sleep.

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The Falcon Eyed Mercenary, climbed with ease the snow filled cliff, using only a flimsy Ice pick and his own skills Falen was able to move without any problems towards the top, using any holes or platform as an step to move upwards. Under his skin the bionic implants and the streams of nanites, were working to keep him wamr, and helping his muscles to overcome this difficult task, with an ease that could put expert alpinist to shame. Thousands of techniques about climbing were downloaded to his brain implants before reaching this place, in preparation for this mission, as well other survival skills that werent as good as his urban warfare skills. The Commlink was still off, and he was keeping his mainframe enhacements A.I, Adler, in sleeping mode to save energy. The climb was harsh, and several rock slides that almost took him in a quick trip to the bottom of the abyss. When he was almost reaching the top a sudden tremor pushed a wave of snow towards the cliff. Falken reacted quickly an searched for a hole big enough to hide while the avalanche of snow stopped. His special sense, as the radar, were interrumpted by the cut with the satellital link to his base, so he was working only with his built-in enhancements, that only increased his eyesight, almost useless in this snow covered terrain, were everything was white, and the other colours were also clouded by the falling snow storm. His nose was useless only leaving his hearing. With his bionical enhanced ears he managed to pinpoint the location of a small cave, where the powerful wind whistled stronger. Falken jumped to the side and used the pick to avoid falling, and with a clean and quick movement the Soldier of Fortune landed in the cave, just in time to see the amazing tide of white snow pass in fornt of him, a tide that could have pushed him towards the depths of the abyss and broke his bones, that even enhaced like they were they wont withstand a fall of half a km against rocks. After the snow he climbed up and the ruins of the Zhaoming monastery were barely visible in the storm, but at least noticeable enough to walk towards it and it's nearest door.

Even with the current storm a set of tracks was very noticeable, moving towards the door of the compound. Using the doors would attract to much attention, so Falken looked for a crack in the walls, moving silently and blending to the enviroment and the shadows, helped by his nanites cloaking his sound and his body. The Mercenary was searching for any track of his target, sneaking throught the ruined building complex, without even glancing at the deteriorated, yet complex and beautiful architecture and statues, without mentioning the masterful painting in the wall that talked about the six worlds of the Buddhism. Falken was dead on on finding his target and get the hell out of here

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Trough an small and deteriorated path Lebreus was walking with an slow pace, he wasn't tired though, it was the fierce cold of that night, or maybe morning, who knows?, it was a dark corridor in the one the same darkness was intensified by the pitch black of the sky that reaches the corridor through small windows, but somehow, even with that fierce snowstorm, the moonlight was able to make way through the big snowflakes and hard hail, and gently lighted the way of Lebreus. His rest only lasted ten minutes, the hard brick in the floor mixed with the merciless cold were able to break his short peaceful moment. "Remember kids, never enter some kind of ruined temple in an stormy night, and sit in avery uncomfortable brick in the floor or your gonna break your ass" Lebreus said this pointing a picture of some kind of monks in the wall, ...... he felt ridiculous by doing this, however he didn't care. He was searching for a way to get out of the big ruined temple, Lebreus was always a careful person, however he also was a desoriented one, so he was lost inside the building.

The small corridor widens and transform into a big hallway, with very high walls, some of the ones had pictures in them, other ones had only cryptic words, in the center, decorative vases and strange objects were lying, some of them merciless broken by pieces of wall that fell maybe a long time ago, but also some high entity bestowed another ones with the privilege to maintain its harmonious appearance. To both sides of the center four big red columns supported the ceiling, two at the right, and two at the left; the columns drew a perfect square in the center paralel to the big square drawn by the walls; it was indeed a beautiful place. However it meant nothing to Lebreus's mind.

To Lebreus who was always hungry of knowledge, the cryptic scripture in the walls called his attention; it was a rare and old language, however they show no trouble to reveal its contents to Lebreus who had studied ancients languages in the Scion's forgotten library. This was one of the top five in Lebreus's favourite places in the city of Scion, it was called the forgotten library, because its enviroment was strange, sometimes disturbing, so people rarely entered there. but to Lebreus's strange mind, it was like to lie in a flower's bed, so Lebreus fed his brain with all kind of common and strange knowledge, however it was of use in many occasions, and this is one of them.

He read through the walls very quickly, cold was a cruel factor here. Bodhisattva...... Sramana...... cattari ariya-saccani...... tri laksana..... Zhaoming?, this last word called Lebreus attention, all the words were writed in ancient hindi language, however this last one was in chinese; by observing the structure, objects and letters, he determinated that this was some kind of buddhist temple, however he assumed that was an hindi or tibetan one, but it seems that it was a chinese temple with some of the hindi culture carved in it. "Zhaoming...... Illumination..... The enlightened" murmured Lebreus after reading some part of the scripture. In that moment his thoughts became a whirlpool of memories, The enlightened one, the Nirvana's man, he remembered an old men, an important men, he was labeled by the people as the Nirvana's man, He seemed to be a very important man, because he freely walked through all places of Scion withouth restriction. Lebreus somehow felt that he knew this men a lot more than the small fragment showed by his memories, however, he shouldn't had forced himself to remember.

His brain started to beat heavily, an intense pain mixed with a devilish rhythm of beating. Beating, beating, beating, beating, beating, beating, beating, the pain was unvereable. Beating, beating, beating, beating, beating, beating, he was very, very frightened. BEATING, BEATING, BEATING, BEATING, BEATING, BEATING, his main cerebral arteries were lacerated by the enourmous pressure caused by an intense blood flow. All beguns to fade, he was heavily breathing, and his heart was playing drums the same way that his brain. He lost his coordination, however he impacted heavily the wall; this impact was enough to make Lebreus recover his normal self. His heads still hurt, and he was still breathing heavily, but his heart calm very quickly. "What was that?" murmured, he started to try to remembre the Nirvana's man once again, however he decided to forget it by the moment. Lebreus grab one of the vases in the center of the room, and he relied on a column and with empty eyes he stared at the vase thinking in many things.

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Lurking throught a ruined hallway Falken moved from shadow to shadow, with a skill only seen in veteran elite soldiers in top secret incrusion. The Falcon Eyed Soldier rushed throught the ruins effortlessly, using parkour-like moves to avoid pitfalls or broken walls without slowing down, as his nanites nullified any sound made by him, and his enhaced senses allowed him to detect any structural deficiency, so he could avoid stepping on loose rocks or bricks. The ruined walls still showed beautiful pictures, only that now they were starting to show scenes of the life of Buda, his birth, his childhood and his life in the palace, before he decided to walk the path of the enlightment. Falken tried to walk always over stone, avoiding the snow covered zones to not leave any track. After some minutes of free-running, climbing up floors, and looking throught cracks and holes, the mercenary was starting to think his target moved, but his ears told him another thing, as he could detect the beating of a life-form heart, big enough to be a human, but the satellital interference was lowering his range and efficiency. Tsk, this is going to take forever, I should go back to the main entrance and try from there. Falken thought to himself, and got an inmediate repply from the A.I, Good idea sir, the map towards that room is already loaded, you can follow it.

Falcon Eyes moved toward the main entrance, and without any problem he found the trace, using his tracking skill, that were easily in the top five of this world experts in manhunting. Falken kept moving, with his camouflage minimizing the change of being seen, he even activated his M.M.C (Material Mimic Clothing) that took the same colour and texture of the nearby materials, allowing him to have and almost perfect blending with the enviroment. In matter of minutes he was capable of pinpoint the location of his target, since he was in range of his senses. Without making a sound he creeped his way to the chamber where Lebreus was studying the painting, and he sneak I complete silence, moving near to the Pandora's box holder, and tapped him in the shoulder, and tried his best to use a normal voice, while losing his cloaking devices Hello fellow explorer! I didnt thought that somebody would be exploring this ruins at the same time as me, I'm John Gilliam, pleased to meet you. Falken could have killed his target and take the object, but his playfull side and wanted to know about his mysterious target, and the reason of the importance of the object.

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A light pressure covers Lebreus shoulder, and at the same time a deep but gentle voice greets him. His shoulder tensed, however he was able to maintain the calm, but the other guy probably noticed the tension before the relaxation. Lebreus quickly turned and took two steps back, it was a rare situation, however he controls himself to not let his thought to activate his strange ability; a quick gaze at his "companion". A mid height guy dressed in black, with a body that can be called an athletic one but the guy's clothes didn't allowed Lebreus to fully contemplate this aspect; the hair was pitch black and short, and his gaze, even with the gentle greetings, was a deep and dark gaze. As a careful and smart guy the first thing that crossed Lebreus mind was the strange junction between an explorer and a dark night with a fierce storm, also moved by the guy's gaze Lebreus first action was.....

Quickly grabed one of his two pistols and pointed to the guy's head, he enlarges the distance by three more steps, so it was now a five steps of difference between them. Lebreus replied. "Don't worry, I'm used two have visitors when I'm lost inside the ruins of a temple on an stormy night, it seems that the snow was gentle with you though". Lebreus's gaze becames a deep one almost as deep as the one of the guy. "That is probably the worst lie that I have ever heard "JOHN GILLIAM"" He emphasize this last two words, Lebreus inmediatly distrust this person and because of that he also distrust his name. "So, what are you really doing here, what do you want with me? "explorer"". Lebreus also was able to quickly create a joint between a false explorer in an stormy night, and the greeting from the strange guy directed to him. This guy was after him, and this guy wasn't a nice one.

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Calm down, dude! Said Falken using his skills as a spy at his fullest, I'm just a climber and explorer!, the mercenary was using the whole spectrum of his theatrical skills to make a voice seem worried and surprised, instead of his common composed tone that was calm and unwavering against any situation, he even ordered his nanites to make his skin an heart react as somebody that was telling the truth, and his training did the rest to add credibility to his lie. I was taking a trekking throguht the mountain and got surprised by the snowstorm, my food supply was busted by an avalanche and I saw you with my binoculars, Falken pointed his left pocket, and I decided to ask you for some food, or at least a map, as the storm blowed away mine. The Falcon Eyed Mercenary was trying his best to be convincent, so his target lowered his guard. In any case Falken was a master of Gun-kata, and in this range he was sure he could disarm any opponent and avoid getting shot in the process, since anywhere in the world there wasnt anyone as well trained in tactical close combat as Falken, as he trained any kind of training that any militar service in the world used to train their troops. Only to build more around his disguise he kept talking, And why you're doubting of my name!?, check my right pocket and you'll find my wallet I have my I.D. in it. Falken was using one of his perfectly faked I.Ds under that name, so he didnt had to worry about it. And repplying to the man with the guns last question, I could ask you the same question! What are you doing in an old Buddhist temple packing heat?

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The strange guy desperately tries to calm down Lebreus who was pointing to his head with one of his 9mm caliber pistols; he carefully decide to use his pistol and no one of the three objects that he retrieved from Pandora the ones that were keeped inside his brown jacket. In front of so skilled distraction provided by the guy, Lebreus pull down his gun, however he didn't put away it in his belt. "Sorry pal, no map and no food, I'm only here because some stupide jerk told that this mountain was the quick path to reach a big city, and you know, dark night, snow storm, so I entered to take a look here, and, I'm lost" . Lebreus's pride didn't allow him to send a proper apologize to the strange guy, about the guy's ID, to Lebreus wasn't an important matter the name of the guy, so he didn't even bother to take a look at it. "So, John Gilliams huh?, it seems that you had been striked with a pretty big dosis of bad luck" In the other hand, Lebreus was still holding the decorative vase, thanks to the guy's intrusion he momentarily forget about The Nirvana's man. "Well I was just about to move on, I must find an exit of this place, but you may be tired, however, you doesn't seem to be so tired to me, just a bit nervous though" Lebreus put down the vase in the same place were he found it and continue talking, this is one of Lebreus's threads, he loves to talk. "But I understand that, anybody would have freaked out if some crazy maniac pointed a gun to his head". He turned and give his back to the guy sending a last reply. "Sorry man, I would like to help you, but I must found a way out, however you can accompany me, if you want of course" As already said, his pride didn't allow him to send a proper apologize, however he changed his tone to sound gentle and regretful of his actions. He started to walk to the path that leaves the big hallway, and gives welcome to the courtyard, leaving behind the strange guy.

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Falken could smile, but he refrained that impulse, a sheep musnt see the wolf coming. The Mercenary listened to Lebreus words while he faked his expression, giving the look of a man afraid to die, and used that impression to be free to glance over all of his target possetions in search of something that could seem to be the mysterious object he needed to get for his hirer Mr. Moriarty. Falken eyes scanned the whole body of Lebreus in search for anything, but the strange interference caused by the storm was affecting his instruments and sensorial enhacements, stopping him from getting a clear reading. He only could classify the guns, as he knew them, and so did his A.I, but apart from that his sensor couldnt find anything strange on his target. This would take a little bit more of investigation before jumping to any of the more than 1.000 different courses of action to disarm and deshabilitate his target, his Mainframe worked on. As Lebreus left towards the courtyard Falken followed him and now with a calmer, yet still fake nervous voice asked, A-and you have a name or s-so-something like that? Or do you j-just use your guns to introduce yourself? Falken extended his hand after walking at the same pace as Lebreus M-mine is John Gilliam, but I think I said it before right? His left hand, the one he wasnt extending scratched the back of his head, while he faked, pretty convingly a nervous laugh, that could be classified almost as dumb.

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"Huh?", Lebreus was walking toward the courtyard when the strange guy asked him for his name and extended his hand. Inside Lebreus's mind he recognized his mistake by pointing his gun towards the guy's head, the same gun that he was still holding in his right hand, however, Lebreus still distrust this "strange guy" 'cause even if he acts completely like a normal frightened person, his eyes, his eyes still had the same dark gaze that triggered Lebreus's previous agresive behaviour. So as a quick thinker, Lebreus reached to two conclusions, one, he must not reveal his real name, two, he must not put away his gun, also, now that the guy decided to follow him, he became more suspicious than before; how is that even with all, he doesn't look even a bit tired?, he probably followed Lebreus to not stay alone, however, how is that even Lebreus, a trained and athletic person was heavily tired after climbing the mountain and thsi guy is perfectly normal?, so, a third conclusion was added, he must not lose sight of this guy. All this thought traveled trough Lebreus's mind in less than a second, however to him it was like a very long time of considering pros and contras at last, he took a desicion.

"I'm Himbeldt, Kreterias Himbeldt" Lebreus says that holding the guy's hand with his left hand, still holding the gun in the right one; this may look strange, he thought, so he quickly invented an excuse, maybe not the best one, but a valid one at least. "Sorry I'm left-hander, I hold the gun in my right hand though because that was how I was taught, also, I'm pretty sure that there is some kind of beast lurking here, maybe a bear?, and you scared me. These are BEAST OF THE MOUNTAINS, so they're quite dangerous, but you must know that, after all you are an explorer RIGHT?". He emphasize that words in a very bizarre way, like the tone used when one person is telling an horror story. However, not even with that the eyes of his companion changed, that triggered Lebreus distrust even more; the time had stopped, only the snowflakes in the big courtyard were still moving, fierce as always in that stormy night.

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BEASTS!? The faked scream was almost to loud, and a small rumble shook the ruined temple courtyard feeble pillars, and a small wave of snow slided for some meters, and covered a part of the already ruined tiles of the Monastery main open ground, the only green spot in miles. I d-di-didnt k-knew a-a-a-about a-any be-beasts, Falken stuttering was flawless, his nanites were affecting his skin and other bodily reactions to match his fake emotions. I-I-I o-only came he-here s-since it w-was hip c-c-coming to Tibet! Falken faked his desesperation and waved his arms. I d-didnt knew a-any of a-a-a b-b-b-beast, pl-please bro! P-protect m-m-e, m-m-my fa-father is a wealthy m-m-man, he-he'll p-p-ay y-ou we-we-well, His acting was Oscar winning level, and he was even using his body functions nanites to make his tearducts open, allowing some tears to give his eyes a bonus in credibility, but by instinct he knew that even after this award winning actuation, his target was showing some suspiction, Falken hoped that Lebreus would buy his spoiled and idiotic brat act.

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C'mon!, Lebreus thought this after seeing the so agitated guy, "and I was scared of this guy?", he was talking with himself; a mind to mind dialogue, another of the things that Lebreus loves to do; "Yeah, yeah, he's suspicious"; "but he also is in a bit of trouble, shouldn't I help him?", a conversation like this prolonged to a long lapsus of ten minutes, in all this time Lebreus was touching his head with his left index finger, he also loves to do that, he always believed that it gave to him an intellectual aura, howver he decided to return to the real world and take a look at his new "partner". The guy was looking at him in a curious way, Lebreus mind was trapped in an autodialogue for ten minutes, to him it seems like only a pair of minutes, however to the guy was pretty strange, in fact, Lebreus was quiet under the snowstorm with his left index finger touching his head for ten minutes. Oh!. He noticed that he was still holding the gun, so he put it away; after a few more thoughts he directed to his partner and said. Well it is very late, and I think that is gonna take us a while to get out here. He grabbed Pandora and put it in the floor. Calm down pal, I was talking about things like mountain bears or something like that. He put his hand over Pandora. However if a thing like a dragon suddenly appears, it will be no problem to me, you'll see, I'm not precisely normal; check this out. He said that excited, and a blue glow started to flow from Pandora, it was indeed the retrieving of a big object, Lebreus already had three objects inside his jacket, and the spare time of five minutes passed a long time ago, so he was allowed to retrieve a new object, but to that, he must eliminate one of the already retrieved, because Pandora didn't allow the existence of more than three objects retrieved by its power, so, Lebreus decided to eliminate an emergency rope, he thought, "If I need it again, I'll call it again". After that he retrieved a big tent, enough for five persons. Cool! right?, don't ask, a mage doesn't reveal his secrets. He hunged Pandora at his neck again. I think that we must enter in the hall and set up the tent inside, you know, the snow. Can you hold one night without food?, aaaah, I'm just so tired, come here and help me with this. He said that turning the back to the guy and entering again in the big hall, all this under the astonished gaze of his new partner. Hurry up John Gilliams. Lebreus always call the people by their names and surname.

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The energy spike from the box almost fried Falken sensors. A strange radiation was emitted, something that Falken mainframe couldnt classificate. This couldnt mean only one thing, Tsk, damnit, magic, I hate magic, thought the Mercenary, without losing his fake expression. Falken didnt comprehend the concept of magic, and he disliked anything he didnt understand. Now he was sure than his objective was the box, and it had some kind of materialization technology, as Falken not only dislike and didnt understood magic, but he refused to believe that something that couldnt be measured by his technology or by any other proper technological means existed. Still he was amazed with the box, that seemed even more powerful than his Hyperspace Arsenal, since it didnt even needed a satelital connection like his. Even if grabbing the box for himself was tempting, he was hired and if work ethic was never forfeiting a job, except if he gets payed the double of the original payment. As Lebreus talked, Falken decided that was time to make his move, and when the Pandora's box holder turned his back on him, The Mercenary shifted from his act to his regular self, and when his target asked him to hurry up, he did it, but not in the way Lebreus would want, as he took the steel-alloy cord from his backpouch and with his inhuman reflexes, faster than any trained soldier in the world, he moved in complete silence aiming to strangle with one hand, as his arm was strong enough for the task of maintaing the leash, while his other hand moved towards the place were Lebreus put away his guns, and tried with a swift snatch of his arm to disarm him before he could get to the guns.

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It was just a moment, but it becames an eternal one. Some kind of cord wrapped around Lebreus's neck with a very strong force, at the same time quick hands moved toward his guns, he drop the tent, and started to choke. Ten seconds, no, less that ten seconds, Lebreus will fall unconscious in less than ten seconds, but.... the though of survival traveled faster than ten seconds.

This was it, Lebreus unconsciously moved its queen, the cord stopped, also the hands; Lebreus quickly moved apart from its attacker; yes, he was right, this is not a nice a guy, however now he was completely stopped, he take a quick look at the cord, it seems just like a normal cord, then why?, why? did the Magic of Logic immobilized his attacker?, and not only that, from almost all holes in his body; eyes, ears, nose, etc. dark red and thick blood was flowing; although, Lebreus didn't understood what happened, it was similar to the zombies incident, but he did understood one thing, because of the Magic of Logic, this guy was going to die, and Lebreus didn't want to charge with the burden of more deaths within him, but, if he deactivate the Magic of Logic, the guy probably will attack him, so, it was the moment to Lebreus's mind to start working.

What really happened here and Lebreus didn't knew was the next. Indeed the guy didn't carried an unnatural weapon, however he didn't noticed one little detail; yeah, he probably got the information of Lebreus's specials abilites from an unknown source, but, probably it was only a superficial description; yeah, he probably made sure to not carry a weapon that doesn't exists in the city of Scion, but... His body was also a weapon.

The guy is just a trained normal guy, with bionical implants in his body, that enhances his capabilities, an inside the fiction context a guy like this can exist with no problem, however in the real world, such kind of implants are still a dream, such kind of technology still isn't allowed to exist. Any bionical implant will keep its form, also because the body is a natural one, it will keep its form, however, any bionical implant will completely lost its function and it will became only a piece of junk carved in the guy's body.

A bionical enhanced eye and ear?, that doesn't exist, just junk. Bionical implants protecting his body?, that doesn't exist, just junk. Nanomachines lurking inside him?, that doesn't exist, just junk. Bionical implants that increases the guy's overall capabilities?, that doesn't exist, just junk. Bionical implants in his brain that allows him to increase his nervous responses and receive satellital comunication?, that doesn't exist, just junk.

A perfectly trained normal body?, that indeed exist, so is no junk, but; can a body survive when his blood vessels are full of nano-junk with no function?, the answer is no; can a body survive when his brain is carved by junk? the answer is also no. Junk, Junk, Junk.... JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK. Yes, indeed, before an strong enhanced body, now has became a body packed full of Junk, and because useless junk resides inside his brain, he cannot acomplish normal human functions, so he was immobile, and also he was dying, and dark red and thick blood was flowing from his body, trying to escape from the junk.

First, to prevent the death of the guy, he must retreat his queen, but also, to prevent from the guy to attack, he must create an stalemate. Casually he still had two objects that will allow him to create this stalemate, however, he must act quickly. First move, the rook. He drew from his jacket an small remote device bomb, he was planing to use it in case that he must demolish a wall in emergency, but this will work. He carefully put the bomb in the guy's pocket, even if it was an small one, the pocket was smallest, so it was hard to do, he carried with him the remote control of the bomb; because both are junctioned items, inside Pandora they count as one, just like the tent with its parts. Second move, retreat his queen, Lebreus forces his conscience to stop the Magic of Logic; this way the guy was going to live, but before he has a chance to do something, Lebreus screamed Stop! I know why you're here. Lebreus quickly deduced, that if the guy tried to rend him unconscious, he probably want him, or want something of him, and if is the last one, it is probably teh jewel. Do not try to make anything funny, I have instaled a bomb in your body, and if you do something I'm gonna make it blow. It seems that the guy understood this by his expression. Now, the third move, the pawn. Pandora's box only allows Lebreus to retrieve an object that exist within Lebreus's world, that is the city of Scion, which is similar to a real one, so he can only retrieve real objects, but there is an exception, and it is Pandora's box itself, because even if is an unnatural item, it exists within Lebreus's world, so his pawn was indeed Pandora's box, Lebreus make dissapear the last object that he carried, an smoke grenade in case of emergency, and retrieved a copy of pandora's box from pandora's box itself; he careful put it the original one in the floor, withouth losing sight of the guy, and hunged the copy in his neck, he said. You probably want this right?, take it, I don't need it, I can create whatever I want, and if you're one of those colectors of original stuff, I'll leave the original one to you. Lebreus retreats to the hall, decided to came back from where he entered, walking backwards to not lose sight of the guy, and said. I'll quickly deactivate it again, see ya later, oh! better not. He activated one more time the Magic of Logic and started to run to the entrance. When a minute passed, he deactivates it, this was indeed an stalemate.

Post by Falken (220 posts) See mini bio Level 9

The pain was unbearable, for half a minute all of Falken enhacements were reduced to nothing, his hardwork and sacrifice snuffed out in an instant. He was absoluty paralized and he fell down with a loud THUMP, over the snowy ground. Falken Nanites were stopping the flow of blood, creating clods everywhere and knocking the mercenary out in a blur. The bionical implants that always protected him were now killing him poisoning his system. Blood was pouring from his bionic eye and ear, as the Falcon eyes Mercenary started shaking with spasmodic convulsions. The only sound he could make was choked growls, as his organs started to fail and his veins were slowly swelling up from the cloths. Lebreus reality warping powers were greater than anything Falken had ever seen, and with his only healthy eye he could notice, unable to do anything about it, how his target placed a bomb in his jacket pocket, and talked, but Falken battered ears couldnt hear him. The Soldier of Fortune couldnt hear a word, but he could get some of the message by lip-reading, a skill really useful when getting intel. Falken felt not only out of place, but he also felt useless. This man, with only a whim killed him, he didnt knew what happened, as his implants were even inmune to EMP's, so he was clueless about what technique was used to do this but he was sure that he would die.

Lebreus released whatever technique he was using, and the systems on Falken body restartarted, but still didnt worked, as the sudden shutdown damaged them even more, and without the satelital link his implants response time was just too slow. Lebreus left the box, Falken's objective in the ground, and left the temple while using once again his unnatural skill. This time around Falken didnt even managed to stay awake and was completly knocked out cold, while he got covered by the falling snowstorm. After an hour the Twin Barreled Angel of Death awoke, with some damage caused by the frost, but alive and with the target in his power. This could had been worse, he thought while standing up after removing the thick layer of snow that covered him. His nanites disarmed the bomb and dissassembled it until it base components, and with them Falken made a fire. At least I've got the objective secure, I'll go and get my payment, he said out loud while he grabbed the box and left walking the temple, while his system finished rebooting, I'll ask Usso some intel about this guy, and I'm sure his little houseclub of evil friends would buy the info at a great price. Falken always knew how to take a lost battle and turn it into a win.

The Mercenary own code of work didnt allowed having hard feelings, and truth to be told he didnt, he knew that his line of work, murder, theft and worse, wasnt the work of the good guys, but he knew that the good guys dont get rich by helping people, and if you want cash, as any good Soldier of Fortune want, you'll need to be mean, and you need to be pragmatic. After this event he hoped he wont ever meet again this guy, and hopefully his intel would warn him from finding him in another mission. This wasnt fear, but only preparation, as, like his mentor Johann said, Knowing is half the battle.

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