The Sparks in the Moonlight

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In a near cloudless sky the full moon shined radiantly through the night sky over the forests outside of Kyoto. A brisk yet comfortable wind made the fallen cherry blossoms twirl, and dance in the night like beautiful ballet. It was a perfect stage for a dance swords; a story that could only be told when steel clashed against steel. The young woman named Juni Hinamura stood at the edge of a small lake, located in the center of the forest. Juni looked at her reflection in the crystal clear waters, dressed in all-black casual attire. She was listening to her Ipod, playing mostly instrumental themes to get her mind focused on the battle. Juni started to ponder on what her uncle said to her. “I wonder what my uncle said to me was true all those years ago. That if two warriors of high level skill that with each clash, they can feel the others heart intentions.”

Juni placed her hand over her chest and closed her eyes. She thought about her opponent Bishop; his movements played like a slide show in her mind. “He is like poetry in motion Juni thought to herself; in his style, speed, and power. Watching him fight is like sitting next to Mozart and observing the way he plays piano. Only those who can fully understand our language can truly appreciate that. I don’t know if he feels the same way I do about him, but this battle will answer that for me.” Juni has only met Bishop recently, and sees him as a rival. Not out of hatred, but out pure respect for him and his abilities. Juni opened her eyes and felt a small tingle run down her spine all the way to the tips of her toes. It wasn’t nervousness, but excitement. Excitement at the opportunity, the opportunity to create beautiful theater under the glow of a full moon. A dream of any warrior who wields a blade, and lives by its code.

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The bulge of the moon was like a gods eye witnessing with intent the culmination of his creations natural skill. Trees swayed to the whisper of the wind, as though to send the message. The Samurai had arrived. Juni though not known for long, was an obvious rarity. Her prowess in battle was only shadowed by her grace and beauty during. Flawless ability that only someone prideful of their mastered skill, yet grounded enough to not lose focus, is like a gem in mud. To fight her would be an honor no matter the outcome.

With his earbud hanging while the other plays intense rhythmic beats he looks at Juni with a deadly eye, before smirking and walking upto her and giving a short bow. "Juni. I'm glad you showed." Looking into her eyes he saw her intense passion for battle raging below the surface, an iceberg's tip only showing the smallest portion of the fire inside of her. "No point in wasting time, lil ninja" Backing away he pushes a fist to his palm and bows with dark eyes locked against vivid blue. Standing he grips his blade quietly, only the sound of the wind heard scraping against the trees.

It seemed like they were standing like statues, but in fact they were reading each others smallest movements, reading each other until one made a mental misstep. With one flick of his wrist the blade slid from the sheath, slicing the air.

Dashing forward Bishop holds his blade to the top right if his head with a slumped left shoulder, aiming to strike at the base of her blade and test the steel.

This battle was one Bishop wanted to draw out like a blade it were a blade itself; cutting through history and standing the test of time, so long as it's forged masterfully

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Bishop had finally arrived in the forest he suggested they would duel .Juni bowed to him as he did the same to her. “Likewise Bishop” Juni confidently answered back. Juni looked into Bishop’s as he did to hers he showed no sign of backing down. Bishop told Juni that there no point is wasting any more time. She agreed saying to him as she jumped backward, “You’re right let’s do this thing.” Juni held her sheathed sword to her side as the two warriors bowed to each other. Juni then latched her sheathed sword back to the hip of her skirt. With her black finger-less gloves on giving her a firm grip, she slowly unsheathed Arashi. The light of the moon reflected off the steel of the blade. The Katana known as the Storm of the Ancients, it is her family’s sacred sword passed down over generations to the successor of the Hinamura-Mitsurugi-Ryu.

Juni got into her stance while the wind started to pick up slightly causing her violet hair to sway back and forth. “This is it” Juni thought to herself “His stance is near flawless; one miscue, one slight bit of hesitation and it will all be over. “ Bishop was the first to launch an attack, dashing forward towards Juni with a downward slash. Juni was ready to counter by simply gripping the hilt of her blade tightly with both hands, and holding it over her head. The first clash of sparks ignited as Juni was successfully able to block Bishop’s strike. Juni could feel that this was a small test orchestrated by Bishop to either test Juni strength or the strength of Arashi her sword.

Both were standing strong and firm and it was time for Juni to counter. Juni started to slide her blade down his till the blade connected to the hilt. Once there she lifted her right leg in an attempt for a hard kick. Aiming for Bishop’s rib cage then she proceeded to follow that up using the momentum from the first kick to use her left leg in a roundhouse fashion. But in mid turn of her kick she reversed gripped her sword in her left hand. Now it was a deadly double edge combination, as her roundhouse kick was aimed for Bishop’s jaw her sword hovering two inch from her foot was aimed for Bishop’s head. Juni still was far from finished with her planted foot she dashed toward Bishop at great speed and once in range she went for an upwards diagonal slash aimed towards Bishop’s torso area. Juni then twirled her blade and switched to a different stance to wait how Bishop responds.

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The two lock eyes as sparks fly from either hilt. He kew she would make an attempt with her impressively muscular but deceivingly small frame's right side from her stance, but the foot that crashed into his ribs was unexpected, his body crunching in on one side to the pain, his heightened resilience to pain and attack apparent as the ebony Samurai ducks her left foot and uses the momentum to roll across the feild, just avoiding her blades edge only to see it fall and rise again diagonally towards his head, instinctively turning his cheek to the blade and seeing his own reflection, the back of Bishops afro falling to the ground as his gi splits open. The Samurai was impressived, and motivated by her calculative skill with a blade, using it like a literal extension of her body.

Ripping the tattered shirt off his nike forces propel the Western warrior across the full view of the moon, knee forward as the blade turns into a falling spike aimed for Juni's head. If she could somehow dodge it the samurai would move relentlessly forward with powerful precise attacks to her sword at near inperceptable speeds in downward slashes aimed towards her upper arms and chest to wear down her energy with small likely unfatal wounds. Jumping backwards he would circle the ninja master, making himself a moving target until she decided to come in his direction

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Juni was able to land parts of her combination. Bishop was very skilled on his feet and appeared to have a high pain tolerance. Juni stood ready with her blade in a secure in a mid-level stance. Bishop ripped his tattered shirt from his boy, showing off his athletic muscular upper body. The perspective view of sword divided Bishop right down the middle, while a small wind gale picked up the fallen cherry blossoms from the ground. Bishop charged at Juni once more with impressive speeds, using a downward spike towards Juni’s head. Using her quickness and skill, Juni managed to dodge the incoming blow, however Bishop using highly skilled anticipation, followed up his initial attack with steady slashes towards Juni’s chest and arms with incredible speeds.At this range it would be near impossible for her to dodge instead she used wrist’s to angle her blade in a direction to parry some of the strikes. But some of his blows were able to make contact, even though she was able parry some of the force of the strikes. Juni also added in some of her footwork in-between the strike of Bishop, and jumped backward at the end his volley. Jun’s shirt at the top was sliced open revealing her cleavage area and a long but not too deep cut. Small droplets of blood were falling into her bra. She ad small cuts across the top part of her shoulders, Juni flinched in pain for a split second, but learned how to dull the pain due to her training.

Bishop began to run in a circle around Juni, but she refused to let him keep her off-guard. She dashed towards him cutting through the falling petals of cherry blossoms, launched a counter attack. Once Juni was in range, Juni quickly charged her Katana with electric energy from her ki and performed a high-speed volley of strikes of her own. A swift combination of sword strikes from an electrically charged sword would act as a sharp stun gun. Juni aimed at both of Bishop’s forearms, upper arms and shoulders. Then Juni performed a jumping upward diagonal slash aimed towards Bishop’s torso. While Juni was in the air and over Bishop she contorted and flipped her body around and performed and downward diagonal slash aimed at Bishop’s back. Once she landed on her feet she kept moving gauging for a chance at another strike.

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The glow of her electrified blade was powerful as it moves in blurred neon in straight forward assaults on his arms. Keeping his right arm well protected left the samurai's left muscles tightening painfully and bulging as it paralyzes, falling to his side as the distractingly attractive ninja master flips over head taking a deep layer of muscle from his chest with her. Adrenaline surges in Surkit's mind, quickly blocking back the pain as to throw the blade over his shoulder and counter her back side attack. Rising with deep breaths that felt like his chest was opening each time.

Bishop looks at the NInja as she begins to run the field in a flawless serpentine. Lifting his still working right arm to the sky Bishop presses a button on the hilt. The blade slides into the hilt as a staff falls fro the bottom. Throwing his left foot forward with a wide stance the Samurai grips the Yari under his hand.

Using the remaining feeling in the left hand he grips his belt and runs directly ahead of Juni's path and pushes the Yari forward like a piston in rapid succession hoping to create more blood loss. He was slower now too, less power to his movements, his own red blood dripping onto the pink pedals.

Bishop moved back, attempting to slide one leg directly between her calfs to lock them and sweep her to the ground. If he managed to he'd use the Yari to hold her to the floor by the chest.

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Juni’s upper strike did heavy damage to Bishop’s chest, causing a massive gash. The attack she placed to the back of Bishop was parried, but Juni being so honed in skill felt that block was mostly out of sheer will power. Juni weaved in between the trees, while still circling Bishop. Her blade covered in red and a part major part of her as woman wanted to help him, but the warrior inside kept telling her to continue to fight out of sheer respect.

Bishop slowly got to his feet clearly in pain as he got into his stance Juni was ready for him. He charged towards Juni his movement clearly slowed down by his injury. Juni suspected as much that why continued to stay mobile to gauge his speed after the last encounter. The momentum of the fight was clearly going in Juni’s favor, Bishop launched an attack of piston like strikes with his blade. Being a skillful master Juni cleanly swayed and block and his attack with her sword faint sparks could be seen due to the impact. She could tell his strength went down as well. Bishop attempted one last move, a holding sweep maneuver to hold Juni down. Juni would let that happen now, she had gained so much momentum, and letting it go easily would be a life threatening mistake. Then with her amazing agility and grace, jumped slightly through air once more as Bishop attempted to sweep her. It seem like time was standing still as Juni twisted her body in a sideways tumble roll floating in the like the cherry blossoms in the area. Once again she was over Bishop, twisting in the wind. Then in a split second before she hit the ground on the other side she aimed a powerful towards Bishop’s face. Once Juni hit the ground she did a quick kip up to get back to her feet. Juni held her ground place her katana at a high angle position ready for the next exchange.

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As she twists like a vine over his head Bishop curses to himself. Her left hook cleaned his lip, blood flying across the ground. Spinning his legs like the rubber band propeller on a paper plane Bishop spins his body back to his feet in one fluid motion, pressing the button on his blade, the samurai drops the other pieces of the absorbed upper blade down to the bottom facing opposite of the first. Bishop now held a double sided Yari with proficient skill, spinning it between his arms and slicing at the air before settling into a lowered stance with the yari int he air above him.

Still low he smacks the Ninja's sword to throw her off balance, spinnign it around three mroe time srapidly until she felt a rhythm, then attempted to throw her off it by smacking the metallic rail into Juni's chest on the right with a jab thrust, then a second aimed for her jaw rail first. Backing away he gets back into the turtle shell stance and begins shooting the Yari like a pool stick out of two fingers in rapid speed.

With one last move he spins the blade behind and on ontop of both shoulder blades, body spinning beneath it to catch the blade, smoothly push the button on the back and release the one staff into two batons, aiming them at her thighs to cut away her powerful legs with side slashes.

When this battle was over the recently realized hero will feel regret for going so far, the two are friends. But the moment they stepped into that field, they left those two friends behind.

This was a battle between one Ninja

and one Samurai.

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Juni was able to connect with a powerful falling blow to Bishop as a counter from his leg sweep. Juni was back into her high stance, staying on guard. Bishop with his amazing footwork and agility was able to use his sword to balance himself back on his feet into a low stance. Wasting little time Bishop in a low sword stance, started to attack Juni once more. Juni had miscalculated her defense not knowing that Bishop would attack at a low angle. ”Damn”.. Juni with only her super speed to save her from being dismembered in her lower body; she quickly got low and block the first swing of Bishop’s blade. However she started to stagger, and became more reaction oriented instead anticipating. The sparks of the clashing blade filled the night sky once more, then with an unexpected ability of Bishop’s sword a metallic rail. Juni was caught by complete surprise, and took a hard shot right into the chest. Knocking the wind out of her and coughing up some in the process, sliding across the evergreen grass Juni tried to quickly gather by pushing herself of the ground.

On one knee holding her chest with one and her blade Arashi in the other Juni tried to gather some air. But Bishop’s rail was fast approaching again aimed at Juni’s jaw. Mostly using her own highly tuned fighting instincts, she lift her sword in the nic of time to block. The force of the blow caused Juni to go backward. Juni used her remarkable agility once more twisting through the air to barely land on her feet. Bishop was far from finished; using his blade like pool cue fired rapid succession jab thrusts at Juni. Reverse gripping Arashi attempted to parry and dodge the attacks. Juni for brief moment was a step slower; she was able to avoid some of the blows with staggered defense but not all of them. His blade tore through the top of her clothes, cut her hair ribbon, slashed her left cheek and left a small puncture wound in her left shoulder. Juni was in pain, but she had to think fast as Bishop was coming towards her again. Using the environment for help, she mustered a last ditch effort of strength, and did an awkward back flip focusing her energy into her feet, and sticking to the trunk of a close by tree.

Bishops batons that were aimed for Juni thighs were now passing inches from her face due to her current position. Juni ran up the tree, and performed a quick twisting flip over Bishop, and landing behind him in a kneeling position. Any other time Juni would start to attack once more, but she took some damage mostly in the upper body. Juni tried to catch her breath, her raven colored hair that was once in a high ponytail was let loose due her ribbon being destroyed. She looked down at the ground, cherry blossom petals underneath her that were once a bright pink turned into an dark crimson as her blood dripped on them. Her Sword Arashi embedded in the soil, Juni used it as a cane to slowly pick herself up off the ground. Juni was angry, not at Bishop, but of herself for letting this happen when she had control. She made a near fatal mistake in her guard, and now was determined to not let that happen again. Looking at her tattered shirt she was disgusted by it, and ripped off what little remained of it tossing it into the wind. Wearing a purple lace bra supporting her well- endowed breasts, and showing her lean athletic frame, Juni gently slapped her cheeks to get refocused. Then without any warning at a blinding rate of speed Juni raised her hand a fired a small energy blast a few feet from Bishop. Blast caused a large dust cloud in front of Bishop, to try and obsure his vision. Then Juni tossed five Kunai in Bishop’s area hoping a few would pin him to the tree behind him. Then pulling Arashi from the soil Juni charged forth once more, Sparks of electricity surging from her blade. When Juni got in range of Bishop, she swung her sword at a high rate of speed. The force of the swing was so great that it created an updraft of powerful winds. Combining that with the surge electricity from Arashi formed a powerful attack. Nearby trees ignited into flames instantly due to the sparks. Juni dropped to her Knee once trying to gather her strength for another barrage.

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