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Welcome to the Solstice’s Investigation HQ known as the Sanctum of You. Here Solstice takes cases ranging from abnormal to paranormal, unnatural to supernatural. The Sanctum of You is just as it sounds a place mostly constructed by Solstice, but a visual representation of the personality, growth, deterioration, etc of a current client. Each client will have a different looking Sanctum even if multiple clients have has the same cases in the past. The Sanctum can be built in very harsh environments to accommodate the client, whether in extreme colds, the bottom of the ocean or even on the moon. Their designs can be as simple or as complex as they like, but there will be 3 places of Solstice’s that will always be in each one. Solstice’s Office, Her private bed and bath, and her library that is also a lab. Even though the Sanctum is a partner creation between Solstice and her client Solstice has complete control over the place. However she won’t enter sealed rooms the client has placed, because they are usually thoughts, and aspects of their past they don’t want to have revealed. But if the case and trail are coming up cold Solstice will recommend that the client will let her inspect it. If the client refuses and there appears to be no other way around it the case will stop there, and the client will have to come back another time when they are fully ready. Solstice takes her payment up front, no check or credit cards. The client can pay her in money, or something very unique and rare depending on the case. If the case has to stop she will refund the payment back.

Case Files

Now awaiting Clients:)
Now awaiting Clients:)

To be added when they begin


  • This will be a OOC, OOC chat, and RPG thread for Vice Characters to ask for Solstice's help, use her library lab, etc.
  • All characters are welcome, but first come first serve. The client that asks for Solstice help first will get their Sanctum built first.
  • If another client comes in during a case they can ask to help out. Solstice will split the profits, but only after the case is finished.
  • Have fun of Course, Solstice will (^_^)
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This would be awesome for screened, sorta like a Private Eye

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@Jlynnana: I intend to do the same thing over at screened with Dahlia as sort of an investigator.:)
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@Soltice: Awesome

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The Sanctum is back open business so don't be shy.

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