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Name: Unknown

Alias: The GameLord, The Ruler, Jeremias Bickenharl

Age: Over 50 by appareance

A mysterious imponent man, dressed in a black robe, he's bald and has an epic beard. He lives in Scion's palace, under the sponsor of the Lord of Scion. He's always for some strange reason with his pet an small lizard, that is said it's as older as him.

Personality: He has a serious god complex, he believes himself as the most perfect being of all, he is playful as he loves to catch people and trap them in his conceptuals realms to make them play different games; but also, he is very smart and knowledgeable, by only using his social's skills he was able to gain the sponsor of the Lord of Scion. He is really a troll, not only traping people but lurking inside their minds, he usually tortures them using the deepest and bitter memories of his victims.


Cards: A set of cards used to a create boundarie field as long as the cards placed in the floor limitates. It is a conceptual field inside the one, He can manipulate the artificial laws as he wants.

*The artificial laws, these laws allow the user to manipulate the creation of any artificial structure or object (by artificial I mean, anything that is not natural, not only machine kind things)

Halamea: The ruler's pet, the lizard called Halamea, it can be considered the real gamemaster here, this lizard uses a conceptual power to define the rules of any kind of game created by his master. However these rules are only limited by the playfield.

Elysion: One of his two shotguns, is a normal shotgun similar to the ones used by gangster, however inside his conceptual realm, The Ruler by Halamea allows Elysion to drain the concept of "skill" from a person, so temporally that person isn't able to fight barehanded or use a weapon if he has skill in both fields.

Inferno: His other shotgun, this one with the design of a Winchester, inside the conceptual realm, Inferno can retrieve the skill of Elysion and condense it to throw an impact that equales to all the power of the conceptual skill drainde by Elysion.

Bajìquàn: A martial art, that consist in powerful strikes destined to harm on person's internal organ from external physical striks.

Paradise: The name given to the conceptual manifestation of his martial arts skill; inside his conceptual realm he uses his body to anulate any attack sended to him, also a hit from paradise causes his oponent to remember fragments of bitter memories.


His origin and name are unknown. He suddenly some day appeared in Scion, and since that day he has become an important figure of the city, no one knowns how did he gains the sponsor of the Lord of Scion, some people suspected that he threats him, others that he was some kind of great count from other far away country; however in real he only uses his social skills to gain the trust of the Lord, this only taked a pair of months, the Lord was famous as a card and chess player, and The Ruler ,under the name of Jeremias Bickenharl, by his vast knowledge was a good player able to rivalize with the Lord gaining this way his friendship.

He passed a very long time of his life training in an unknown place were he became a master in Bājíquán.

His cards are defined to be a magical artifact of some kind, however is in fact another remain of the great architect of universe, it is unknown its original form or why it changed, theorycally, the remains of the great architect are based on the data used in the creation of the world, however, a card is an artificial artifact created by the humans and not by the architect. The remains of the great architect are all bestowed with a derivation of the power of the creation, in the cards case, are imbued with a derivation of the architect power to limitate any thing in its respective place, such as fishes in the sea, the clouds in the sky, or the mountains over the earth. However, as the remains adquired the characteristics of an artificial object, it concept changed to an artificial one.

His lizard cannot die by aging, as it holds also part of the architect power. Its power represent the moment in the one the architect decides how the rules of nature and interaction between species will work, however this was under God's will the one who desired for this world to have order, so the rules will be always the ones that his master desier.

I'll update any idea later

Post by Levance (1,846 posts) See mini bio Level 12

The Ruler Bios has been updated, I was going to make a longest one, however, I have some problem with the Italic letter and I cannot deactivate it

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