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@Sonata: well if he wasted all of his energy bringing him close to death he might be able to unleash a low tier 6 attack but it would be like a one hit thing and it failed he would lose as he would pass out from energy loss.

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@Shadowchaos: Which attack would grant Starscream that much power???! Assuming you're talking about him...

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@TheBlackDragonz: I was talking about Stasis and if Stasis put all his energy into a blast he would use a low tier 6 move.

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@Shadowchaos: Wow...not even a プラズマドラゴンの咆哮 can compete with that. At minimum, プラズマドラゴンの咆哮 is a low-mid tier 5 in the future, while currently a high tier 4.

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@ TheBlackDragonz : really do you have to use kanji? It's more of a last measure considering it would put him in a coma.

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Hey, the attack it's a power up of hasn't come into English yet. So I'm kinda stuck with it. i do have the translated attack on my profile, though.

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@TheBlackDragonz: weird google chrome has a built in translator but it's not working oh well.

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XD Ok, I just tell you. Its Plasma Dragon's Roar.

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@TheBlackDragonz: hey i had a idea for your character how about a human form which would allow you some bit of stealth and allow more interations with people. Though the cost of doing so would be lost of some powers.

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@Shadowchaos: Good idea! That allows for some chaotic neutral mischief also :P I'll update it with when I have the time. I'm gonna ive it You-Know-Who's shades.

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@TheBlackDragonz: Voldemort?

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Trying to see creation how I could fit into all this. Drafting.
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@Shadowchaos: No. What attack would make me want to make an expy of a character? Here's a hint: awesome sunglasses.

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@TheBlackDragonz: Neo?

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@Shadowchaos: Kamina XD Don't worry, he won't be too much like him, though, as one can tell from my partially edited bio.

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(This is only an option of location)

Inazuma City

Inazuma City Hall
Inazuma City Hall

Location: Tokyo Bay

  • Base of operations of Garyuu Zaibatsu International, one of the biggest enterprises in the world
  • Capital City of Shin Nihon, the new country of Japan created 10 years
  • Current Prime Minister (three times in a row) is Usso Namae, aged 65
  • Capitalistism with welfare state policy
  • Buddhism is the official religion
  • 1% of unemployment
  • One of the most powerful nations in the world
  • Secretly run by the Mangetsu criminal group. That already is running half of the far East.
  • The City is divided in 5 districts, Residential (Down and Uptown), Central District, Business District and Industrial District
  • Shin Nihon is the most technologically advaced country in terms of robotics, medicine and computers.
  • There are two groups of rebels that opposed to the seemingly utopian society. One is the Three Peak Army (San Yama Gun) and the Raimei Rebels
  • Heroes and Villains are present in the city and are left to their own devices unless they start uncovering

Kuro-san/Usso Namae

Leader of Shin Nihon in the daylight, Head of Mangetsu by night. Since his start, eleven years ago, as one of the major players in both sides of the scale, he knows about everyone and everything, at least a little bit. Each year that passes his demeanor, even in public grows more and more melacholic, as an event in the past cut down his hopes of fullfilling his wish. Now he is the empty husk of a man that was fueled by a fleeting hope, he keeps his nation and his organization in check only by pure mechanical rutine. He could have conquered the world if he wanted, but he never had that intention in the first place. The interruption of a small group of heroes in the last steps of his master plan five years ago set off the dark fire of crazed ambition that kept him going. The only things that makes him interest in something or somebody is to restore the balance in his territory, that once expanded like a wild untamed fire and now it only creeps meters each year. Even in apathy his thrist of knowledge wasnt subdued, and in this ten years he managed to expand his knowledge of the scientific and occult arts exponentially. He only knows the theory, the practic applications are what lackeys are for. He still doesnt likes to soil his hands and uses the Mangetsu elite forces, The Numbers Army, created in the image of the original Mercenary group expanded to 50 members. While the regular forces are still leaded by his second in command Tsukimori-san, that gained some weight after he stopped working in the field. The Science division is leaded by the Former Southern Golem of the Original Numbers 3rd generatio, as Dr. Shishido retired, she leads every scientific effort from the former Saotome Research Labs, now named Shishido Research Labs. The Mystical branch leader is a strange and perverted old man named Okina. They are the leading heads of Mangetsu and live in the shadows....

Extra (About other Characters)

Callis: He participated in the raid over Mangetsu secret HQ in the Moon 5 years ago, but unluckly he seemingly sacrificed his life to stop a weapon in the HQ by using his bar ehands to block the blast, that seemingly sucked the spiritual energy of everything it touched. Callis spirit was a little bigger than it could chew and the Beast King advanced towards the cannon creating an opening for the other and destroyed the weapon. He didnt died, but the strain of the feat and the mystical properities of the weapon forced him to return to his homeland. He is stranded there, but he can make others travel back and forth. He tries to keep contact with his comrades and lends his kingdom as training ground for heroes that want to polish their skills under his wing.

Masako: After finding a power source so massive he couldnt handle, the Everflow Engine, Masako mutated into a massive blob of flesh and was killed by the joined efforts of every party involved in the Runaway Train incident. He exploded into pure energy and dispersed. Some people from the Reitter Proyect think he may be still alive, hidden somewhere even off world.

Batsu Nagare: MIA after the Kisekian Conflict. His grandfather is one of the leaders of the San Yama Gun.

Falken: Lost his left arm after the Runaway Train Incident and started drinking, he isnt the well-oiled killing machine he once was, part of the shock from his lost arm and his second defeat in the hands of Crow Cementerio in the aftermath of the Runaway conflict. He spends his days drinking booze and remembering his better days. The sole mention of Crow Cementerio will send him into a frenzy. He is still in top shape, as his bionic implants are self repairing, and the booze doesnt affects him as normal people, but he lacks any will to fight.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Very interesting is Kuro-san going to be charge of the meta human community?. Japan or what it used to be called is going to be a haven for metahumans that don't want to be a apart society. 
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@Sonata: Sounds good with me ^.^

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I have some points to make:

  1. I deeply apologise for my extended period of absentia, and I'll try and notify you all if it is likely to happen again.
  2. I am back, hopefully for good.
  3. Britain is mine.
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@Sonata: Not exactly, is a City that allows superhumans unimpended thanks to Usso good rep and the efforts of the overment to give the superhuman good press in a world that still fears them after the Kisekian conflict.. Is like Sternbild from Tiger & Bunny

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