The realm of the dead

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The land where the living know of but can not enter.

The land they fear but must all go to.

This is the land where the dead roam.

The land is run by Death, it is a place of relaxation for all people who die. The place takes away all powers to keep people from getting out of hand. The final resting place is not truly what it is called, those that are dead are very much alive. The place is fit for every ones needs including those of evil nature. The best parts is that the dead have a chance to rejoin their fallen friends in the living through tasks given by Death.


demon demon leader skeletons Skeleton leader Dragons Dragons leader

Demons- Dark monsters that have super strength. The numbers reach to 700 members allowing them to over run any adversary that causes problems.

Demon leader- The leaders of the demons, a demonic warrior of great speed carrying a scythe that is legend to cut souls in two.

Skeletons- The army of the bones. due to missing nerves they are immune to pain and will keep coming till they fall apart. Then put themselves back together and come again. There are roughly two thousand of them in the army.

Skeleton leader- The leader of the Skeleton army. Not much is known about him except he has incredible power and skill.

Dragons- The dragons control the skies and are the mounts at times for the leaders. They are capable of firing a blast of darkness out of their mouths. There are 500 dragons.

Dragon leader- The muscled dark angel who cares for and trains the dragons. His fighting style is with his fists.

Important people

Death- The leader of the realm, he sees over all important matters and will send his army out as needed.

Abyss- The second in charge of the realm, Abyss carries out the tasks of his master. His fighting style is swift kills.

Chaos- Abyss's pet demon wolf. He will sometimes fight using his teeth.


Abyss Death

Places of interest

The beach- A rich natural beach that is perfect for relaxation

The park- A lush grassy area with trees and benches perfect for meetings or relaxation.

The city- A large city that has plenty of attractions and housing.


This place is open to anyone, but please if you do have a reason to be here.

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