The Phantom's Mansion [IC]

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Crown was enjoying his breakfast. A simple one, two eggs, some bacon and a cup of coffee. Light was shining on the table through a huge window and he was in particularly good mood today. Taking a sip of coffee, he hears a familiar voice approaching. "Master Crown, this came in last night, but i didn't want to wake you up." the voice was soft yet deep and clear. "Ah, what is it Wordsworth?" Crown turns around to face the owner of the voice. In front of him stands an old man. His hair is already all silver with a certain shine to it, long and bound in a ponytail. He wears a greenish suit and despite his age is towering over Crown in height. "A letter for you Master, i figured it must be important as the person who sent it knows your actual address." he hands the letter to Crown as he finishes. "Thank you Wordsworth, you're truly a butler worthy of the World's greatest thief." Crown replies while opening the letter and start reading through it. "You flatter me Master, i'm but a humble butler." Wordsworth replies after which a moment of silence follows.

After some time Crown speaks with a grin on his face "Prepare my suit Wordsworth, i'll be heading out."

"Of course, young Master." the old mans turns around and heads of to prepare everything when he finishes.

"Looks like Sammy-boy has learned how to lure me out." Crown thinks to himself as he sits down again, continuing the breakfast while still looking at the letter in his hand.

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@Fehafare: The note read-

Dearest Al

How're you doing? It was fun hanging in the bar the other day. I hope you're keeping out of trouble and you've had time to watch a good movie. That Zombie one looks pretty hilarious, you should check it out sometime, get out of those theatres and experience some real culture.

But, enough with the jibes, I'm inviting you along for some Shenanigans. Ever heard of the Hellscraper? It's an underground skyscraper, and each floor is filled with suspicious types. At the bottom? I'm betting it's sweet loot obtained by some sort of villainy. Or maybe there's cake. Who knows, other than it's worth having 76 floors of guards above it. And by guards, I mean mob Headquaters, martial arts schools, wizard classes, even troll farms. Mate, this is gonna be a challenge even for that phantom you're so proud of. I'm gonna be storming the place today. Want in? You get pickpocketing right to anything I don't dib for myself, which won't be anything more than I can actually fit into my pockets. Unless I bring a rucksack, but that'd slow me down.

Anyways, I'll be waiting for you. Either in the foyer, or on top of the sweet loot. Laters.


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