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Bobbi Lee sat in one of lobby chairs watching her legs swing around. Then a woman with the skin of caramel wearing business attire entered the station. Bobbi Lee looked up and started to get excited. "Ms. Trish!!!" Bobbi Lee shouted jumping from her chair, and rushing over to her. "Hey Bobbi Lee, long time no see!" Trish answered her. La'Trisha Oden known as a hard nosed defense attorney; and considered one of the best in America. That is what she known for in the public eye, but her secret life is far more complex. She is the top ranked agent in FABLE who goes by the codename Anansi. Her and Manami are close friends graduating from the same high school and fighting together as soldiers in the U.S. Army. Now super spies for the powerful FABLE organization. Trish gave Bobbi Lee and hug and a some jolly ranchers from her purse. " I'll be back out with your mother in a minute, but first we have something to do hold tight." Trish headed further inside the station and instantly spotted Manami pacing around. "Mana, Mana, Mana... you always get yourself into these situations don't cha." Manami looked over and could'nt believe who she saw . "Trish!?...Cat sent you here??" Manami asked. "I was taking a much needed break, and I live in the area. So I was his only option due to us being so thin at the moment." Trish smiled and continued "We'll catch up over some pancakes my treat later." Trish and Manami started to head towards the interrogation room, With Trish along it was easy now for the both of them head back there. Once they got to the room they could hear a conversation between the young woman and detective Otomoto. Trish knocked and opened the door. She smiled towards the woman and whispered into Otomoto's ear "Ms. Saito has agreed to post her bail there will be no need for further questions. However Ms. requests to speak to her in private." Trish then turned and walked out of the room and told Manami what was about to happen. The FABLE spies would use their neuro link interface to communicate with each other while getting answers from the young woman.

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The two looked over at the door at the same time, a knock at the door to see an unfamiliar woman walking in. The Detective Otomoto didn't seem please when she leaned down to him, whispering something to him. Getting up from his seat he grasped the folder from the table and walked out, but not without giving Steph one last look. "So... does this mean I can go now?" She watched as both people walked out of the room only to see Manami walk in! A wide smile on her face appeared. "You know, for a second, I thought you lied to me and I was going to have to figure out a way to get out of here." Looking down at her cuffs she made a slight frown. "I can take these off now, right?" She didn't wait for an answer, jerking her hands up from the table the cuffs snapped off her hands, rubbing her wrists she then jerked her feet to the side, ripping the chain out of the ground. "So... can I ask who you are? Or do I have to answer questions before I get to ask them?"

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Manami closed the door behind her. She walked towards the table with a smile on her face and said. "I thought you have a little more confidence in me than that." Manami said to her with a giggle. She continued by answering her question about the hand cuffs, but she already made that decision for herself. "I'm sorry about what happened at the park, but people falling from the sky and creating craters with their bodies on fire isn't a real common scene around here. My name is Manami Saito CEO of Aurora Software and technologies" Manami was careful not to give away every detail, just the basics any one with a computer could find out on their own. "Now it's my turn to ask some questions, who exactly are you? and where did you come?"

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@Manami said:

Stephanie sat and listened to the woman, she was right then, super powered beings weren't a common sight in this universe. "It's nice to meet you Manami." She smiled but couldn't help but wonder... why the hell was someone who was the CEO of a software company willing to help out a stranger? A potential dangerous stranger at that. "I'm Stephanie Ardor, I am.. was?" she paused trying to figure out how to word everything, this was confusing as hell. "a superhero... hence the getup." she gave a small chuckle, pointing at her suit. "As to where I came from..." she rubbed the back of her head nervously. Was she allowed to say where she was from? Another universe? Would it disrupt any sort of balance like going to the future or past? Damn it she wished SOIF would have given her some sort of handbook. But this woman helped her so far... she couldn't lie to her. "I swear I'm telling you the truth when I say, I'm from another Universe... I'm... not sure if I'm allowed to say exactly which one, you know the whole butterfly effect thing, i don't know if it applies to jumping Universes." she rubbed the back of her head. "But I was sent here to find and help my friend, she was sent here as well to help this Universe, apparently something bad is going to happen... I'm not sure exactly what it is, which is why I need to find Ziccarra." She sat silently for a few moments, allowing Manami to soak the information in. "You're daughter..." she began. "she's adorable..." she cupped her hands together, thinking of her own daughter, Hotaru, she couldn't help but wonder if she was safe. "She said you were a hero?"

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Manami pulled up a chair and sat across from Stephanie, and graciously spoke back to her "Stephanie, it's a pleasure to meet you as well." On the other side of the one way mirror Trish was listening in. Pulling a highly advanced tablet linked to the FABLE private servers. She entered the name Stephanie Ardor into their database, nothing about her appeared as expected. Manami listened to her story very carefully, she had to pretend that she didn't fully understand what she was talking about. Part of being a deceptive spy to protect those around her, but in her neuro link interface with Trish the two of them dissected what they heard.

Manami-" So Stephanie is a superhero from another Universe here to find her friend Ziccarra, and save us against a major threat. Trish you buying any of this?"

Trish-"From what I can tell she is definitely not from around here Mana. I feel that her power is immense, but it also feels like it doesn't belong here." Like someone raking their nails against a chalkboard."

Manami- "Any way for us to locate her friend?"

Trish- "Nothing off hand, Like Stephanie, Ziccarra would be able hid from our sensors, due to unrecognizable energy signatures."

Manami- "She mentioned something like the butterfly effect, that gives me an idea. Trish scan Stephanie's resonance ping, and do a quick global scan.

Trish- "Ahh I see what you're saying, since she is from a different universe she would give off a hum of vibrations. So Ziccarra being from the same universe would give off a similar frequency of vibrations."

Manami- "Precisely"

Trish- " Doing a global scan now.....Bingo we got a hit! The strongest point was at Jewel's Bar, and heading Northeast. I'll send in the report to Storyteller, he should respond with our new orders."

After brief silence Stephanie spoke to Manami about her daughter. It put a warm smile on her face. "My daughter..Bobbi Lee is my everything. She said to me that she didn't believe you are a bad person. Your story does sound a bit far fetched, but my daughter believes in you. So for now thats good enough for me, she has a great judge of character despite being so young. As for me being a hero, well...that feels like a life time ago, being a part of the U.S. military. Manami crossed her arms over the table, and looked Stephanie in her eyes asking her. "Tell me what you know about this big bad coming to our universe."

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@Manami: While Manami spoke Stephanie gazed at the mirror, her infrared vision active as she could see the colorful outline of the woman on the other side of the mirror, no doubt listening to the conversation. Then there was the way her hands were moving... typing on something... there was something Manami wasn't telling her. She knew there was more to this woman than she let on, she knew it. It was the way she carried herself, the way she spoke. But she played it off for a moment, doing her best to keep her attention towards the woman who was helping her.

"I have a daughter back at home, I... I hadn't spent as much time with her as I should have." A small frown appeared on her face, her eyes looking down at the table. "I guess I was so caught up in trying to make the world safer for her... I just... didn't make time to actually be with her. It was either going to the park or saving the world from the next big baddie." She scoffed at her own answer, pathetic excuse, there were tons of other heroes... she could have made time... she should have made time.

Her eyes then looked back up, the two locking eyes for a moment. "The big bad?" She nod her head, trying to remember exactly what SOIF told her. "Its... something called... ugh what did she call it?" Seriously what was it called? "Eye of something..." Her fingers began tapping at the table as she began to think. "Eye of Anubis? No... Eye of Odis? No... started with an H..." She was getting frustrated with herself, why was it so hard to remember? "Horus!" She slammed her hand down at the table in victory. "It's the Eye of Horus. Something about it being super powerful, being able to suck the life out of planets and such. Somehow Ziccarra, another friend and myself are suppose to get it and get it out of this universe... still not sure how..." she looked over at the one-way mirror, she couldn't help it, she had to poke at Manami a bit.

"Do you think your friend has an idea on that little computer of hers?" She gave Manami a small smirky grin. "Look... I may be new to this universe, but I wasn't born yesterday. I come from a world where people live double lives on a daily bases. I understand the need to keep certain things a secret to keep those you love safe, but the only way we'll be able to help each other is if we trust each other. I've put my trust in you, if I wanted to, I could have left at any time, but here I am, sitting in front of you, answering your questions. The least you can do is be a bit more honest with me about who you are Manami."

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Manami continued to listen to Stephanie’s story learning that she also had a daughter in her own universe. Manami could understand how she feels the, job she does is to help protect her daughter and everyone else on the planet. She was actually trying to spend what little time she could with Bobbi Lee today, but fate played a hand in their lives once again with Stephanie’s arrival. However Manami kept a strong poker face before Stephanie, not letting her know she fully understood what she was going through. It took a while, but Stephanie finally remembered the reason she came her for by enthusiastically slamming her hand into the table. “The Eye of Horus” Manami had been out of the loop, due to taking a brief leave of absence to rest up. Trish started to fill her in, “Mana I know you haven’t been informed about the Eye of Horus , but he what we gathered so far. The Eye of Horus is a stone that landed in south central asia. Our sensors have detected high levels of energy from it, and as expected several meta-human hostiles have gathered there to try and retrieve the stone.”

It didn’t take long for Stephanie to start questioning Manami and Trish, wanting to know who they really were. Manami had smile on her face, fully realizing that Stephanie would start to ask questions. Then Manami said to her “Let’s be perfectly clear I trust you she then pointed her finger at her, and continued to speak, “I don’t trust your friend or the other person that is coming as well. However you have been a big help so I will give you the answers you want, you may not like it though.” Trish entered the room and pulled up a chair next to Manami and across from Stephanie. Trish and I are former U.S. Military, and now are part of a six government Special Forces unit called FABLE. Our main mission is to protect the world from potential meta-human hostiles, and other threats around the globe. Not even President knows our true identities.” Trish butted in and said to Stephanie, “Basically you and Ziccara are the reason we are around, but this Eye of Horus is bigger than all of us. Trish handed over her tablet to Stephanie to let her look at what she found then she explained it to her. “I have located your friend, by cross- referencing your vibration frequencies, and using a global search to find a match. Once I found a match I hacked into every cell-phone, surveillance camera, and computer in the area. She is with a man named Crow Cementerio, a bounty hunter five to ten miles Northeast of Jewel’s Bar. Mana and I are going after the Eye of Horus, and FABLE intends to keep the rock, finders keepers and all that jazz.”

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She didn't trust her friends... Steph smirked, she wasn't even sure if she could trust Sha yet, she didn't know which version of her was out there, which was another reason she was so set on trying to find her. As for the other person... she couldn't help but wonder who it would be... Mistress Redhead? Prima3ra? Kurrent? Heck, maybe SOIF would throw a cerve ball and get Darkchild or... should she even say it... Gambler over here? She watched as the other girl walked back into the room, but continued to listen, and found out Manami and her friend were government spy's, with tasks keep tabs on super powered beings... like herself. ...great...

Grasping the tablet a bit confused she looked at the information, well... this made zero sense to her. Tilting her head and holding out the tablet a bit she tried to figure out what the numbers and coordnates. Then something about... vibration... and... totally lost her. The only thing she did catch was that she now knew where Ziccarra and who she was with! She glanced at the picture of a young man, who she assumed was this bounty hunter guy, was Sha in trouble?

She was so excited about finding Sha, she almost completely missed the last part of her statement.

"Wait what?" She blinked a couple of times before looking back at the two women. Finders keepers? What did they think this was? Some kind of school yard pass time? "What part of it 'being able to suck the life out of planets' didn't you understand?" her focus went back to Mana. "You can't KEEP the stone without risking destroying this planet, I mean... HELLO, this is the reason I was sucked out of my universe and brought here!" She threw her hands up, standing up at the same time. Why are governmental spy's so... UGH! "Do you really want to risk Bobbi Lee's future by keeping this stone on Earth?" Both hands were planted on the table as she leaned over forward, looking at the two women. "Don't be fools, accept the help that was sent to you, together we can stop this before the stone causes permanent damage to your world." she looked back at Mana. "You said you trust me, I'm asking you to have faith in me now. Let me go with my friends to find the stone, retrieve it and get it out of this universe.. I know you're asking yourselves, why trust me? Why have faith in me, in someone you don't know? Because I've faced power like this before. Power that is so overwhelming, so strong that it has the ability to consume an entire planet." She paused for a moment, flashes of the countless wars she fought flashed in her mind, the blood and death... it was horrible. "I've seen power like this thrive in people, on other worlds, and I've seen the outcome of it. Fear, chaos and death is all that comes from power like that." Her voice was stern as she spoke, she needed to get the point across. "You say that FABLE intents to keep the stone, but what makes you think someone won't try and take it away from you in the future? Are you WILLING to risk that? It's not about YOU two or your group of six, this is about mankind, BILLIONS of lives are in you're hands if you try to keep this stone." Letting out a huff of air she backed away from the table, she was frustrated. "I appreciate you finding my friend, but please, don't work against us, work with us, we can find this stone together, and then my friends and I can take it out of this universe and you guys can continue living your lives knowing that you just saved not just this planet, but any other planets this stone may have traveled to after it was done here on Earth." She stood looking at the two women, was what she said enough to convince them to accept the help? Or would they still insist in trying to take the stone for their government? The hero stayed silent in anticipation, if they rejected her help, she would have to rush to find Sha and whoever else was brought here and find the stone, fast.

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