The Park

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The young girl still remain forever calm and emotionless toward him. But she still listen to his words carefully. She handed him the portrait she drew of the pond and its surroundings. The portrait only showed the beautiful side, the hellish looking version of the picture did not show again. Then the girl spoke on final time in a gentile voice. "I will hold you to that promise, and may the loser fall into an everlasting oblivion" the strange girl started to walk away from the pond, and started to vanish through the red flames of chaos.

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He took the portrait, while sheathing Oceanus back in its scabbard. Rio simply gazed at the drawing, one more time. It held no resemblance to its original illustration, bearing the park in a tranquil state of blissful beauty. As he did this, the young girl recounted the promise that was made by the rag-tag vigilante. Seconds later, she mysteriously dissipated in the sunny background. This newfound threat was real. Fukamachi knew this. Despite his collected exterior, the Sky Pirate sensed something sinister was brewing just yonder-- an evil too much for him to handle on his own. With haste, Rio returned to The Judgement and took to the skies, preparing to rally the Lawless Seven.

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A peaceful summer breeze blew through the park as the warm rays of the sun pierce through the clouds. A young girl wearing white sun dress runs carefree across the grassy field trying to catch a small yellow butterfly. Falling not to far behind the girl was her mother, wearing a similar style sun dress, but in the color of a sunflower. Most villains in the under world and various other criminal organizations only know her in her role as Tavi; The famous mongoose of the top secret FABLE organization. Others that are her associates and family members see her in the role of Manami Saito CEO of Aurora Software Technologies. The role very few people see of Manami, and to her the most important role in her life is simply being mom. "Bobbi Lee, lets go over towards the pond" Manami said to her daughter. After finally catching the butterfly in her hands she turned to her mother with a big smile on her face. "OK mommy, can I play with the duckies too? Manami with a smile on her face nodded in approval and answered "Sure you can, as long as you stay where I can see you." Manami rarely has time to spend with her daughter these days as the world has been getting out of hand the past few months. She has been along the eastern half of the world for nearly two months trying to save it with various allies and heroes. She had to lie to her daughter telling her that she was on a simple business trip. So when Manami has the spare time she spends it with her daughter, her true inspiration in fighting all the madness around a simple picnic in the park can still strengthen the bonds between mother and daughter.

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While Manami and Bobbi Lee enjoyed their time in the park together another individual sat at a bench, wearing a black v neck a jacket with fur along the sleeves and hood along with a pair of black pants, sat the Inner World Information Broker Enigma. Standing behind him wearing a black button down shirt and black jeans was a bounty hunter was the BHA Artemis Branch former resident of Black Stone prison the Steel Bruiser Nichol D. Jackal. Enigma was writing down in a little black notebook observing the scenery around him as his mind perceived everything every little detail; The Spider of Information had used one of his informants in the company Manami was currently the CEO of to get information on what the mother of a sweet child like Bobbie Lee did with her free time which lead him to this very park. The genius smirked as he heard that they were going over to the pond watching like them, observing their interaction to get more information on the profile he had on her. Nichol who despised Enigma for framing him and getting him sent to Black Stone in the first place, yet when the Spider offered something to the bounty hunter that he know he couldn't get without Enigma's help he went along with him becoming another informant, another pawn to the Brit's game, Nichol noticed Enigma watching Manami and her child together with that observing, plotting, manipulating gaze he refused to seat quietly and act like the body guard any longer. "I swear to god Nigma you try to do anything to that woman and her child. Our deals ends and I rip your head off your god damn shoulders like I promised." Despite his hard as iron reputation the Steel Bounty Hunter had a golden heart and refused to harm woman and children or let any one hurt them in any way. Enigma smirked as he looked up at Nichol, "Nichol how could you think I would harm such an innocent child like Bobbie Lee Saito. I'm not a monster I'm just recording information after all I don't see a camera so these would be good records for Manami to look over and remember this day later." The Superior Spider stood up and decided that he wanted to observe Manami and her daughter closer.

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Gray clouds began to gather around the park's sky as thunder began rumbling in. No rain fell from the darken sky but occasional flashes of lightning lit up the park. Some people began making their way out of the park while others lingered around, seeing no problem with the new weather as long as it didn't rain. But then it happened, a firebolt blazed down to the earth, hitting the middle of the park. Civilians screamed, out of fear and surprise as they quickly gathered their things, rushing out of the park while other gasped in wonder as a woman dressed in white and gold was seen standing where the lightning struck. But there was something else as well... the woman was standing before them, seemed to be on fire!

Stephanie's eyes gazed upon the crowed that was slowly beginning to gather around her but kept a distance. "Um... hello." The hero smiled as her golden flames began to dissipate around her body, she didn't want to give off the vibe that she was here to harm anyone. "You guys don't by any chance know of anyone by Ziccarra?" The WAL leader chuckled nervously as people whipped out their cellphones, taking video's and pictures of the woman on fire who came from the sky. Well, one thing for sure, social media was exactly the same in this Universe as her own. "You know, blond hair, blue eyes, about so tall?" She lift her hand just above her own head. Wait... was Ziccarra even that tall? But no one was saying anything to her, everyone was busy with their phones. "Wait... you guys do know English .. right? Oh crap... is this even America? Where am I? Anyone? Someone?" She was beginning to overwhelm herself with her own question. "I should have told that overgrown smurf to shoot me down by Ziccarra..." she huffed under her breath, she needed to find her friend, but where!?

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@Stephanie Ardor: I love your writing so much Nova.

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@this_is_riddle: @Stephanie Ardor:

As Manami began to set up the picnic area she could tell she was being watched. Heighten senses after years of training under FABLE. Manami acted like she didn't notice and simply continued to set up the area. Once a clean opportunity arose she took a quick glance over the two individuals. "One of them is Nichol Jackal. I remember seeing his profile in Black Stone. But the other one I'm not to sure about, better keep on guard and keep Bobbi Lee close by." Manami thought to herself. Once Manami was finished with the area, she call over her daughter who still over by the pond. "Bobbi Lee, come and eat your lunch....Bobbi Lee!?" Her daughter was looking up into the and answered her mother while pointing upward. "Look mommy a star!" Manami looked up along side her daughter and seen that the sky was starting to become gray, and a large ball of fire was crashing near their location. Manami instinctively got in front of her daughter and covered her bracing for impact. As the ball hit the Earth she could feel the winds of impact on her back. Once the dust settled Manami looked over behind her she saw a glimpse of a woman wearing white and gold before a crowd of spectators got in her view. Manami wanted to investigate on her own, but her suspicion of the two men behind her could risk Bobbi Lee's safety. Grabbing her daughters hand she rushed over towards the crash site. "Great I was suppose to be on vacation, someone up there doesn't like to see me rest." Manami thought to herself. Once she got over there she could hear the mysterious woman speaking. Remembering her lesson in studying mannerism she could tell the woman was confused by her speech. Manami started to push the other aside to get through along with her daughter. "Mommy! that lady looks like a big candle!" Bobbi Lee said to her mother. Manami was caught between a rock and a hard place, as Tavi she would be able to get the answers fast. Manami had to do some quick thinking, using her watching she let lose a small EMP charge disrupting everyones tech around her. That was all Manami could do, she had to find out who this woman was and also the man tailing her. But asking would reveal herself to the man and her daughter.

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The crowed was beginning to gather closer and closer towards the hero every second, flashes from their phone's going off every half second as Stephanie began to get a little uneasy. It seemed like they had weren't used to super powered beings roaming around like in the Vine Universe, were there any heroes at all here?

"Mommy! That lady looks like a big candle!" a little girl's voice could be heard in the crowed.

Taking a few steps back she tried to make some distance from the crowed. "Well at least they speak english." She mumbled to herself as the crowed suddenly began yelling out.


"What the f*ck happened to my ipad!?"

One person after another yelled out in frustration.

"I bet it's HER fault!" One of the people in the mass pointed to Stephanie.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." The Fire Goddess lift her hands up to her chest in a defense motion. "I didn't do anything!" She raised her voice so everyone could hear her. "Look, my name is Stephanie Ardor, I'm here looking for my friend Ziccarra, that's all, I'm not here to harm anyone, or... brake your phones, cameras and ipads or whatever." She took a few steps back, trying to create a distance between them as series of sirens could be heard coming towards the park. 'Do I run? Do I stay? If I run I'll look like a criminal but if I stay I'll probably be arrested because of these idiots.' she thought to herself as she pointed to the sky, gasping in shock. "OH MY GOSH IT'S GODZILLA!"

Surprisingly the crowed looked up in the sky, and it was at that moment that Stephanie took off running across the park. "I need to get the hell out of here!"

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LMFAO you landed

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LMFAO you landed

LOL I wasn't sure if I should 'appear' or 'land' xD landing seemed more fun :P

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Manami kept in front of her daughter to protect her from the mysterious visitor. Manami could tell the strange woman was confused, but due to the circumstances at hand she couldn't help her yet. " She looking for some one named Ziccarra, I don't have a clue who that is off the top of my head. There might be something in the FABLE files, but doubtful." Manami thought to herself. The crowd was starting to get restless as Manami's EMP shorted out their electronics. If Manami's next guess was right they will blame the mysterious visitor, and it may force her to flee. "Bobbi Lee let's to the car right now!" Manami grabbed her hand and weaved her way through the crowd. "Mommy we ren't gonna have the picnic today?" Bobbi Lee looked at her mother and said with sadness on her face. Manami felt guilty that they're only time together in while was short lived. " I'm sorry sweetie, but I'll try harder to make it right, but that lady might need our help" Manami answered sincerely. With a good head start the two of them made it back towards the car, as soon as the mysterious woman used a ploy to get away from the crowd. Manami took ff in her car to cut the woman off. She could hear the sirens of policemen approaching, Once Manami got in front of the woman she stopped impeding her path. "Miss wait!!! you seem lost, but if you start running you cause a much bigger scene! What I'm about to tell you will be absolutely crazy, but you are going to have to turn yourself in. I can help, but you have to trust me. I'll you and the police back to the station where we can talk, and you will be safe please." Manami said to her sincerely. Bobbi smiled at the strange visitor, and said to her "You can trust my mommy she is a hero!" referring to her times as a US army solider.

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LMFAO Sha meets a bounty hunter, Nova meets a secret agent what are the odds lol

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@Maya Lopez: LOL The Vice you gotta love it:P

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I'm currious who Surkit is going to run into... let's see whats left...

Bounty Hunter- Sha

Secret Angent- Nova

Assassin/Evil Sicentist/HIMSELF- Surkit

so many choices!

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@Feral_Nova: Or a Chaos Queen, could be bad there lol:P

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LMFAO! Surkit meets Kita lol

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Stephanie began huffing and puffing as she ran, holy crap she was out of shape! Wait, why the hell was she running?! She could just jet the hell out of here! She was about to burst into her golden flames until a car suddenly stopped right in front of her, cutting her off. Stephanie stumbled to halt herself, as the woman who was driving began speaking to her. She WANTED to turn herself in!? Trust her!? A woman she didn't even know in a world she didn't quiet understand yet? "You're right, that IS absolutely crazy!" The fire goddess took a couple of steps back from the car as a little girl suddenly popped up.

"You can trust my mommy she is a hero!"

Her words managed to stop the hero in her tracks. "A hero?" She repeated as she looked back at the woman then at the child, maybe this woman was the equivalent of a hero in this universe. The sirens were coming closer as Stephanie continued to stand there, she could take off right now, escape, and try to find Sha on her own, but the last thing she wanted was to make a bad name for herself.

Police cars suddenly surrounded the three, officers getting out of their cars and pulling their guns out, aiming at the flaming hero. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR!" One of them yelled out. Right now Steph could have caused every single gun pointed at her to explode in the hands of their wielder, she could have let loose a giant wave of fire and blew up every single car around her, but she didn't she stood there for a few more seconds, as if trying to decided what she was going to do.

Her emerald eyes never looked away from Manami as she nod her head, slowly raising hands above her head and kneeling down to the ground. Police officers quickly rushed up to her, slapping handcuffs to her wrist that she could melt off if she wanted to. She was putting her trust in this woman.

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@Stephanie Ardor:

The police finally arrived at the scene to place the fiery woman in custody."Thank goodness for Bobbi Lee that could have turned out far worse than imagined" Manami thought while letting out a sigh of relief. She looked at the girl right in her emerald eyes as she did to her; They simply nodded to each other. Then Bobbi Lee asked her mother "What did she do wrong mommy? I thought it was the bad people that get taken away, she doesn't seem bad." Manami looked over towards her daughter and placed her hands on her shoulders. Looking her in the eyes and said "She's going alright Bobbi Lee, I don't believe she is a bad person either, but the police are simply taking her somewhere safe. I promise I'll get her out." BobbI Lee had a big smile on her face knowing that it would be OK now. Manami followed behind the police that had the woman in custody; It didn't take long for them to get to the station. They escorted the woman inside the building and Manami and Bobbi Lee followed. Manami had Bobbi Lee to wait inside the lobby, while the Police place the young woman inside an interrogation room. "Cat, this is Tavi come in I have a situation" Manami asked through her neuro link with the FABLE HQ. The suave Cheshire Cat answered on the other end "Tavi I've been monitoring it, I've already sent some one over to back you up. She should be there any minute, Cat out." Manami wondered who was coming but in the mean time she need to ask the woman some questions, but as always the police weren't cooperating.

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"Can I have a doughnut? I know you guys have them somewhere around here!" Stephanie shouted as she sat inside the interrogation room looking at the one-way mirror. Her hands were cuffed together into the table while her legs were chained to the ground. "Can I at LEAST know why I was arrested? ...aside from falling from the sky... WHICH TOTALLY WASN'T MY FAULT BY THE WAY!" She yelled out the last part, her stomach beginning to growl at her, she was so damn hungry, when was the last time she ate? Before the war back on the Vine Universe, but how long ago was that, now that she was in the Vice Universe? Ugh... this was so confusing! "Oh and by the way, that whole electronic disruptive thingy, that wasn't my fault either, just saying!"

Her green eyes never looked away from the mirror as her infrared vision was activated, she could see a group of people on the other side due to their body heat, they were all gathered together, looking right back at the hero. 'Wonder what their saying... ugh I don't have time for this, I need to find Sha! what if she's in trouble cause of that stupid stone thingy we're suppose to find?' She could just rip off these cuffs and burst through the roof of this building, she could... she should! Why should she be stuck here? Her mind began running with thoughts as one thing then clicked in her head. "Wait a second..." she just realized that woman in the park was no where in sight right now!! Where the hell was she!?

The door to her room suddenly opened as a detective walked in, holding a folder in his hand. The two locked eye contact as he sat down across the table from her, setting the folder down and pulling out a pen from his jacket. "I'm Detective Otomoto," he introduced himself. "what's your name?"

Stephanie wasn't sure if she should be talking. "Why am I here?"

"I don't know, why don't you tell me?"

"I don't know why I'm here, I'm just looking for a friend."

"Oh right, witnesses said you were looking for your friend..." he opened the file, looking through some papers. What the heck, she had a file already!? "Ziccarra, is that correct?"

The hero didn't speak another word, she didn't want to be difficult, but she didn't trust anyone around here... except for the 'hero'.

"Stephanie, right?" He spoke her name. "That's what another witness stated, that you introduced yourself as 'Stephaine Ardor', that is your name right?"

The two sat there for a while, just looking at each other. "People say you fell from the sky after lightning struck, why did you decided to appear in a public place like the park? Did you want to draw attention to you?"

The hero sighed, slumping back in her seat as she wiggled her wrists around. "Can I leave? I haven't done anything wrong and these cuffs are starting to rub my wrists and ankle the wrong way."

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