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In an affort to revive an cool and creative idea i thought lets make a week of this.
The rules are simply make a planet, country or an location to your liking describe it to some extent . That means giving it an short history and give a description of its most notable features, dangers, animals ect. This is all about creativity, fun  and sharing :)
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  named :  Vistanalis

describe : the judge's home planet, it is 3 times the size of the earth, lush green with seemingly organic cities

animals, creatures, forgotten race:  judges and variation of earth mythical animal can be found such as dragons, unicorns, centaur, while real animals of earth are considered mythical

dangers: mass of land can be suddenly blewn up due to household disuputes between the judges, mass of land can be repaired, you? you can't

special item: artifacts of great power is commonly used in daily life here, and the core contains "the essence" a person deemd worthy by the essence would be elected god for half of the universe

access: good enough spatial technology and good conversation with the judge and a little luck helps, a judge can also take someone there, usually for marriage or other important purposes

  named it:  the room...

describe it: a library full of all knowledge about all events and other existence

animals, creatures, forgotten race: aspects, such as death, life, and various god make their home here

dangers: none, unless you anger the resident

special item: information of everything that ever occured

access: three race of outsides have been granted access, the judges, the MODs(by banhammering the wall), and STAFFS(it's their job really), the room can also be accessed with a key, stored in gekido's HQ, other key also exists in various places
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@cfatalis: Cool this is another way for the more ff writing types

To the far South-East of Europe of another Earth there is an country called Pendaria
In ancient times there was a fight between the royal court of the country and the wizard who ran as the king`s royal advisor. The king won and the wizard was banished but before he left he cursed the 4 provinces to be split apart in 4 eternal seasons in the hopes that the economy would drop by the fast changes and thus make the country infertile. But this backfires since this is the reason that the economy grew expectationally

Province of the Spring:
This province grew in greatly in both the agriculture and live stock, the plants grow huge and the meat is tender. it is also the right place to grow bamboo shoots which in turn are used to make ornaments and whistles. its also know for its fast channels which are mostly used as fast highway`s and to water the plants

Province of Summer:
The most prosperous of the 4, this province has not only the biggest vegetables and the healthiest livestock you`d ever seen in you live but it also ends on a beach-side down south where fish is plenty and winds wail. this is also the place where the army is trained on the beaches where they train the young several martial arts they gathered from the 4 corners of the globe. The royal palace resides in this province.

Province of Autumn:
A damp rainy piece of the land that once had lush forests but now instead grows toadstools as high as redwoods, they may even be suitably to hallow out and use as temporary shelter and food at the same time. And in fact they grow in such a huge number that the need to be cut to size regularly in order to get sunlight down to the population on the ground.This remarkably is also the place where whine and other beverages is made, they use a special type of grape that need more water then sun unlike the usual types. The people here also love to hunt but not over hunt they are renowned for being skilled hunters.

Province of Eternal Winter:
The most barren of the 4 provinces it has almost no vegetation and its covered by ice, canyons, and treacherous snowy Alps. Although you might think this is totally un-livable its not true. The original people that lived here died by the thousands when the first snow fell. and the rest moved to the other provinces. But unlike the most people who saw the country as infertile. One man saw prosperity in this land and started expeditions with the King`s permission. he found that the ground was highly active below the ice and was rich in resources like rock, precious metals and valuable minerals. So people started to mine and eventually began to live under the warm ground where they found places where plants can be grown and fresh water bursts out of the bedrock into springs with fishes and other watery live. An expedition has proven that the water is rain water that gathered in the high sloops and seep down only to end up in the far south to the sea. And even more recently they found open patches of grass filled with flowers and herbs.

Recent History:
Due to its immense growth on all field the population grew over hundreds of years. So the Order of the Blue Orchid who protect the Royal Court and is in most cases the country`s army sought to extend the country`s borders much to the current king`s dismay. He was an pacifist in all ways of thinking, and liked peace and frequently got the hang of talking how his country is like Utopia and all because one old angry hag was to proud to agree with the King for once. So being himself on a bright day, he would have non of it with the Orders plans of future domination so he Order them to stay put. Disagreeing with this weak king the senate of the order plotted to kill the king and succeeded at that. Imprisoning the Royal family and officials, Thereby taking the whole of Pendaria for themselves. shortly after that they started to invade the surrounding countries to no avail. 

Luckily to the country`s peaceful past with those surrounding countries they don`t really feel like invading Pendaria so they only make sure that the boundaries keep in place. But secretly they ordered a group of expert spies to save the royal family, And they succeeded to flee with the help of some rebels who don`t agree with the Orders ways and survived to tell the tale. This happened 5 years ago in our standard time what happened after this is that the Prince told the other countries to back of seeing how the country already suffered a massacre by the Order it would be wise to open an all out war against the nation and says that he will personally start an underground campaign to regain his homeland. they started invading the Province of Winter by digging underground to the tunnels and imprisoning the Order`s Units one by one. Some of These units are even so remote that they dint even know that the king was killed and the country was at war so they quickly joined the battle.

That`s about it on the country of Pendaria

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@Kelleth: mmm that's a good location for WAR
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