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A nuclear war happened overnight. No one really knows who started it, all anyone knows is that someone set off a nuke in the states, which caused a domino effect of nukes around the world ultimately destroying it besides a few people lucky enough to have been in a safe place or smart enough to know what was going on. This RPG's set in the remains of Tokyo where about 1000 of the countries approximately 120,000,000 population have survived, government and police force is all gone and life really sucks. Communication, phones and internet are all down so there's no way to know how things are going in other countries or really anywhere.
1. Try to post coherently, not too hard.
2. Don't try to take control of the'll just fail epicly.
3. RPG's set in 2050, smaller R2D2-esque robots are fine but no gundams. Go crazy with cybernetic implants and weapons though.
4. In order to join fill out this forum. After 5-6 people join the RPG will start and if you want to join after that you'll have to PM me your bio.

Name: (Really anything goes, but if you have an American name you better be an american tourist)
Gender: (Male or female.)
Age: (Anything's fine, although try not to go for the 12-14 crowd unless you can actually RP it well.)
Appearance: (Can be a picture or a description)
Skills: (What they're good at)
Weapons: (Do they have any weapons on them? What are they? Since guns are illegal in Japan if you want a gun, you need to explain how you got it)
Companion: (If anyone travels with them. Could be their child, a pet, a robot.)

After the first people join, I'll post my bio.
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Sounds like an awesome idea Neku! I'm not sure if I'm quite up for it yet, but I'll check back tomorrow and maybe see if there is still space. Good luck with it!
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awesome idea.
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(Thanks man, might as well post my bio)
Name: Neku Kokosae
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance :
Skills: Neku's kind of a 'medic' if you had to label him. He aspires to be a doctor and took some courses and knows mostly how to body works, he's not a really surgeon but he can dress a wound. He also knows basic martial arts and can use a gun.
Weapons: A small pistol with a clip of ammo. His dad was a police father so he gave his gun to him after the bombs dropped. He also has a pocket knife that is used more for cutting things than killing.
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