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This is a thread to establish the chronological order of the threads and events in the New Vice verse. The year of the official start will be 2013, any event s previous just PM them to me and I’ll add them. Please indicate whenever your threads must be placed in the comments. I’m taking some liberties so we can get some order, but you're free to correct me in any case. Please help me to keep this updated



Taylor Maid Soots

Samjaz Fights Gen in Osaka’s Underground Fighting Arena

When The Phantom Strikes - Phantom pays the local museum a visit, while it's closed of course. First meeting between Phantom and SamJaz.

The group soon to be named From the Ceiling with Love enters the Hellscraper

Hellscraper - SamJaz invites Crown to the Hellscraper. An underground tower with 77 floors, with the promise of many riches and treasures. But soon they find out about the true nature of the tower....


Hellscraper “Concludes”

Shinjuku Shock Yakuza Vs Cultists Vs Criminal Empire Vs Yokai a fucking winning combination.

HE IS [VS] Statis the Angel of Balance.


Break Out: Prison Break in Scotland Starts


There is no competition Samjaz vs Y

Game of Shadows A High Rise adventure in an skyscrapper as Crow Cementerio and Callis Nomene team up to protect the infamous Kuro-san from assassins.

Cant Take The Heat Crow Vs Nova

Amaterasu’s Treasure Benkeinium, a mysterious xeno-metal found in the Pacific during WWII. Multiple factions want it and they will fight to get it.

Hot Springs Turmoil (Crow's Last RP...for a bit)

The Sparks in the Moonlight Surkit vs Juni

Spoilin' fer a fight - RP

The Mysterious Power Unveiled RP


A Day Out Shopping (Crow and Sha's meet)

Into Avalon: Trinity Ep. 1 “The World-Killers"

Nerx v. Guyver: Roost over the rising sun (rp)

Relics from the Past RP A Thrilling bank heist, the Pirate vs the Knight in a museum. (INCOMPLETE)


The Unwelcome Embassy

Kuro-san Vanishes from the memory of everybody


Welcome to Dai

Raid of Ryugu-jo: A forgotten laboratory from WWII, genetically enhanced supersoldiers with the DNA of legendary creatures. An evil organization who wants to capture them, a mysterious stranger and dangerous mercenaries. Under the Sea everything is deadlier!


Gen fights Shepherd, Ethan and Alvin: Osaka Underground TRIPLE THREAT!!!! GEN VS FUCKIN' EVERYBODY!!!!

Elephant in the Room - Crown and Clare visit Hitomi and Kelly in their new flat. Arriving there they notice that the apartment is perfect safe for one little detail. There's an elephant.



Beyond the Deep Blue

Training from Hell: Alvin goes to visit Gen's teacher for a simple training and gets a bit more than what he expected. Cyborg Ninjas, corrupt government agencies and old secrets, all in a nice tight package.

Phantom's Tomb Raid - FCL goes an adventure in Egypt. There they make some discoveries and meet some interesting people, some friend and some foe. Clare dies at the hands of the Gentlemen.

Hitomi's Hairy Situation: Assassins+London+Hitomi & Hal

A Certain Girl Named Clare - Crown is mourning the death of Clare and a few good friends come around to help out

Inazuma Gakuen: THE SCHOOL FOR THE STRONGEST WARRIORS HAS OPENED HIS DOORS TO NEW STUDENTS! Comedy, Action, Intrigue, Romance and High Concept Cooking are some of the ingredientes of this explosive high school thread.


Bunkbeds Samjaz looking for a roomate, ends up with a Succubus and a Werewolf

Taken Arthur's daughter is captured by a mysterious woman, and he is forced to kill armed men on her command


Identity Theft Shoot Out at Coyote Creek

Crowns Jewels - Crown is called to court only to find out that Taylor set him up.

Iron Ghost - A mission on Exalt. Crown goes in with the hope of restoring his confidence and even manages to establish a decent friendship with Hagane

Assault on Yellow Spider - Hagane comes to stay at Crown's mansion for vacation. Crown's first encounter with Mr. Yellow and Brown of the Gentlemen. The start of a new relationship.

A Certain Girl not Named Clare - Crown and Hagane get an unexpected visit as their relationship deepens.

Day Seized Is like Magic Schoolbus, but instead of a teacher you have Jardsam...


Oh Son Where Art Thou Gen Shishioh was a runaway? His parents worried for him offer a reward for information regarding his location. But is everything as corny as it seems or do they have an ulterior motive? Find out more in this thrilling chase through the streets of Kobe.

Welcome to Cyberpunk - Ciel is forced to escape from her own world and meets Matt, Moore and Elliott. Quickly realizes that she will have to stay a while in the Vice.

First Days - Ciel's first day at the Kings Grammar School

Mind the Gap Journey to Crown's Mind

Cyber Punks - Moore invites Elliott, Ciel and Emily for a meeting. Plans soon change and Elliott and Ciel meet someone who might help them. Ciel finds out that she can go home.

Going Home - Elliott and Ciel dive into Ciel's old world again, only to find out that a lot of time has passed and that nothing is as it used to be.

Osaka Ablaze - Gen, captured after the events in Oh Son Where Art Thou, is the objective of a rescue mission lead by his sister and a group of several individuals he met before. They must defeat the sinister FMY a group of advanced cyborg Yakuza and the even creepier K-1 a superhuman weapon unleashed by Dr. Kago who holds Gen prisoner.

A Place to Call Home Callis Job Hunting

Running the Asylum Alcatraz and the Huntsman

Family Values - Hagane invited her sister Elliott and her friend over for dinner. Hagane and Lily have an argument which settles their differences once and for all.

A Night at the Castle A group of unlikely heroes (Crow, Haruko, Arsenal, Gen, Luna, Karen, George, Callis, Naoto and Jericho) reached a hidden valley in Romania for different reasons, where they must fight a whole village filled with bloodsucking bastards and the Scarlet Knights, a group of elite Vampires that will give them a run for their money.


An Unexpected Train Ride

One Short Day - Hagane ran away at the end of Mind the Gap. One week later she calls Crown over for a talk

Al for One and One for Al - Alvin and Elias visit and Crown spends some good time with them.

Home Alone - Lily is left alone in the mansion and Arthur comes around for a visit.

What if... - Hagane wakes up only to find that Crown does not remember her and that Clare is besides him. Things only become more complicated however.

Family Values [KG RP]

Home Values - [ KG RP ]

Team Values [KG RP]

A Certain Guy Named Crown [RP]

A Certain Girl Named Clair - RP


Faul Johann - Crown goes to visit Germany because of an interesting murder case

Your Place or Mine [RP]

Dangerous Games [ KG RP ]

Free Like a Bird [RP]

Meet The Parents - RP

Building Relations - RP- Various relationships strengthen and are tested. Jardsam spends some quality time with one of his daughters, and SamJaz makes some changes in his personal life.


Rise of the Melon Lord a melon festival on a Greek island goes awry, with melonmancy terrorising the citizens and the heroes alike.

High Stakes: A Poker Game takes place between four crime lords targeted by an unknown assassin it's up to a collection of heroes to try and stop the assailant before an all out gang war breaks out whoever matters are complicated by the appearance of some wild cards. Takes place at the end of July.

Another Roll of the Die: Last day of July. The Master of Games and Jardsam take a group of heroes (and non-heroes) to Nassau, 1717, to avoid the destruction of the multiverse.

So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - A political meeting to discuss what to do with the stranded Imperials on Earth.


A Certain Girl Named Hagane - RP Aleister and Hagane get married

I Know What I Did Last Summer - Plenty of stuff happened. SamJaz made a lot of people in Greece angry. -

When Life Gives You Lemon Lords - In progress -

The Cave: Gen, still injured after "A Night at the Castle", worries his master so much he will try a risky move to help him.


Bring me her Eyes - Serial killer Marika Arachne's intended victim, Ashley Primrose has escaped. Marika and her dolls intend on getting her back, or at least part of her.




Going for the Kill: Hitomi Nakamura and Hal Hastewell are being targeted by Kuro-san and The Numbers

Crossing Paths- Haruko and Johnathon Chandler hit it off well as they hunt down a skin-taking serial killer. Meanwhile in England, Ariana joins Elyssa and Rachel on an excursion into a ruin.


The Vice Before Christmas: Haruko Miyata is hosting a Christmas Party on her LA home


Anything you can do- The Spirit of Unbalance and Master of Games play a game- switch jobs for a day and see who does better. The stakes- a violin and a date.


Character Recaps

SamJaz Shinoda/SamJaz

SamJaz fought through Hellscraper, founded an empire made friends, has dated Hitomi Nakamura, Lily Crown, and is currently in a relationship with Luna Neroline. Has Abdicated the crown as Emperor, lost his ability to use Persona after being injured by Altair, is currently travelling the world to rediscipline himself

Hagane Kumaga/SamJaz

Fought through Hellscraper. Helped SamJaz and Alvin and Cole in the raising of the Empire. Began working as head of the inquisitors. Began using hidden blades and obtained a skill to heighten her senses for brief periods of time. Got engaged to Aleister Crown and is now pregnant with his child.

Alvin Himmelskarte/SamJaz

Fought in Hellscraper, was present for most of the Empire's growth and is currently being trained to succeed the throne from SamJaz. Has bulked up considerably. Obtained the Gainen Medal of healing, allowing him to generate barriers and heal wounds. Has obtained three of ten possible skills.

Coleen Kurugi (Deceased)/SamJaz

Began training the Astartes- the Empire's super soldiers. Was murdered by Altair the assassin during the events on the Soundbreaker.

Hitomi Nakamura/SamJaz

Joined FCL in Hellscraper following the destruction of the Merryweather school of martial arts and crafts. Dated SamJaz for three months while living with his sister Kelly, but broke up shortly after the arrival of the Kansas Embassy. Moved to England with Kelly after the destruction of Neo Telos City, and lived with the Crowns from July until December, before getting their own place in London. Is currently building the Nakamura school of Martial Arts and Crafts within the rebuilt Seamstress Guild.

Kelly Malkin/SamJaz

Kelly moved in with Hitomi and her roommate Paige Turner. Dated a male model named Jason Mendez for a few months. Relationship ended when she moved with Hitomi to England so Kelly could work with her mother in Mi13. Lived with the Crowns for some time before crumbling to family pressure and moving closer to her mother and brother, SamJaz. Is currently dating Matthew Anderson.

Hrun Knr(Slayer)/SamJaz

Wandered the earth with Naoto Kensei and Richter before the party divided in Germany. Began working under Kuro_San some time after. Still looking for a bride strong enough to handle him.

Naoto Kensei/SamJaz

Travelled with Richter and Slayer. Fought vampires. Met a large-breasted redhead in Osaka and currently serves as her bodyguard.

Hal Hastewell/SamJaz

Has dated Hitomi Nakamura, Hagane Kumaga, Holly Wood and several other beautiful women. Relationships never last more than a couple of weeks, a month at most.

Elias Crown/HE_IS

Founded an Imperial Embassy in Kansas City. Met his mother and father, has lost contact with the Empire due to a timeline separation. Is currently responsible of 1,050 Astartes, 5,000 Astartes-in-training, and roughly 3,950 other Imperial citizens, including medics, tech priests, civilians and children, and is currently trying to find somewhere for them to live.

Clair Crown/SamJaz

Elias's older sister, stranded in the past and living with her parents while her mother is pregnant with Clair. Is helping her mentor, Hitomi Nakamura, build the Nakamura school of martial arts and crafts, which Clair once trained in herself.


Has founded his secret organisation, Eleventh, and has obtained Coleen Kurugi's time-manipulating turntables.


Has played an critical role in the construction of the Empire. Now officially runs the empire using SamJaz as a puppet figurehead.


Started working as Gekido's accountant and media consultant. Was discovered working as a history teacher at Kings Grammar school. Started spending time with one of his daughters, Elliott Fabre, and is currently negotiating visiting rights with his grandchildren from the Crowns.


Went to hell, infiltrated FABLE, was found innocent for the attempted theft of the Crown Jewels, has a cult based on the worship of him.

Gen Shishioh / Kuma

The Spirit Boxer Gen Shishioh started his career in the Hidden World by fighting in the Underground Arena in Osaka. Gen joined the Hellscraper Crew but after a boss near the middle he got trapped by rubble and he slept through all the rest of Hellscraper, without anybody rescuing him. He participated indirectly on Hitomi’s Hairy Situation. He was captured in Kobe to be used as raw materials to heal his ill older brother Masayoshi. He was rescued in Osaka and afterwards left towards the Vampire Village of Orasul Sange. During the final battle in Orasul Sange he suffered heavy injuries and his teacher Reiji Fukuma will try to heal him in the RP "The Cave" He has the Gainen Medal of Battle

Callis Nomene / Kuma

Callis got thrown to this world from his own and has being trying to get back. He travelled to Egypt and assisted in Phantom’s Tomb Raid, collaborated during A Night at the Castle and the Unexpected Train Ride. He is incredibly shy and timid, always flustered when he meets new female enemies or comrades.

Kuro-san / Kuro-san

Formerly the Emperor of the Japanese Criminal Underworld, now a shadow. Kuro-san, using the Gainen Medal of Memory made everybody forget his existence so he could act from behind the scenes. A Mysterious figure only known as The Herald instructed him to do an enigmatic Mission. For that purpose he exterminated his right hand man, Tsukimori-san, when he faked being him in Ryugu-jo, created a new group of Numbers and started interfering with the Heroes in A Night in the Castle.

Ariana and Warden Harper

Ariana is the avatar of an unknown god, with the creature usually known as Warden as her powerful guardian. In Underground Fighting in Osaka, Warden fought spirit boxer Gen, eventually loosing. After that, the two attempted to settle in England. Not getting the place, they left, only to run into Jardsam in Day Seized. They ended up staying on the island of Nassau to avoid their modern enemies.


While Warden guards Ariana, it's Huntsman's job to kill the competition. This was on full display in Running the Asylum, where he destroyed the Swallower of Worlds with a small team of heroes. Critically injured, he was forced to absorb the Swallower of Worlds. He is currently suffering the consequences of that in Rise of the Melon Lord.

Smackdown (Dan Drake)

A street thug from China, he fled the country when Huntsman killed his gang. Five years later, he resumed contact with the Hidden World when he showed up to fight Gen in Osaka Ablaze.

Crow Cementerio: A bounty hunter working in the BHA: Artemis Branch Crow is the Last Gunslinger. The Gunslingers were the heroes of the Wild Vice West however the Gunslingers along with Crow's town was attacked and destroyed in an event known as the Silence of the Storms. Crow lost all his family, friends, and idols including his mentor and grandfather, Buho Cementerio. The Rail-gun in possession of a powerful Storm Bird spirit granting him electrical powers seeks justice for these crimes and works as Bounty Hunter to find clues. Crow also has a mysterious connection to SJ where they got in some trouble during the Pineapple Incident however that has not stopped him from teaming up with him during a hunt for Gen Shishioh. during Oh Son Where Art Thou? and later becomes a part of the Gen Rescue Team during Osaka Ablaze. Crow has formed a bromance with seamstress Haruko teaming up with her to fight the Scarlet Knights in One Night at the Castle, to fight the Lightning King Tesla Powell in Identity Theft and becoming a part of the Gen Rescue Team in Osaka Ablaze. However following the events of Moonlit Revival there seems to be some disagreement between the two. Now Crow is working with Haruko's sister in High Stakes.

Melea Zines, the Queen of Hearts/Justalittlegirl

Former servant of the Swallower of Worlds and a mercenary. Tracked down Rex Longinus and now fights alongside him in The World Tour.

The Master of Games/Justalittlegirl

A non-destructive Demon God. Went back in time with Jardsam and a group of heroes to save the multiverse in Another Roll of the Die.

Marika Arachnae- A seamstress and serial killer who makes servants from the parts of her victims. On the run since Bring me her Eyes.

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There is no competition Started and ended in April (Battle between Sam and Y)

Hong Kong Nights Started in April (Story between Manami and Jlynn)

The Valley of Souls April

6 Fist of Fury april (Started and ended)

Curse of Horus Started in April

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Cant' take the heat: Crow vs Feral Nova- Began in April-

:( sorry I can't make the link pretty while I'm at work

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A Day Out Shopping (Crow and Sha's meet)

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HE IS [VS] Statis the Angel of Balance. HE IS and Stasis have a crazy battle that tears apart everything that stands in the way.

in February don't know why people keep forgetting about this battle?

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