The Never Ending (or starting) Battle!

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Okay, so as a spoof on certain anime shows this RPG is a battle where all are welcome, but the only rule is that you may not ever make one attack. All posts should be in character and god modding is encouraged. This RP is totally for fun and completely non-canon, so follow the rules and have a blast!

I'll start it off.


   Slinger surveyed the field of battle as he hovered in mid air above the cliff-side that overlooked the great plain below where the opposition's force had assembled, carefully appraising the strength of the horde of enemies that lay before him. The battle that was to come would take great strength, and Slinger would have to tap all of the energy that he had.

   "So," the cyber samurai said to himself as he drew his mighty force saber, the weapon was like lightning attached to a handle, and at full brilliance gave off a smell of burnt ozone that tingles the nostrils ever so slightly, "This is Anime Vice." He had a determined look on his face eager for the battle to begin. "I think I will find many worthy adversaries here." He smiled at the thought of glorious battle.

   "Here me now Anime Vice!" The ronin shouted from his perch so that all could here, "You are all going to have the honor of being destroyed by me!" With that he let out a loud howl and the energy surrounding his blade intensified as he began to channel energy into the weapon. The force of his spirit so great that the loose rocks and debris from the landscape began to lift off of the ground from sheer force and shoot straight into the sky.
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    Max stood in his dark musty infested corner ontop of a tree berch. The berch, most likely seventy feet in the air was covered with leafs blocking any and all rays from coming in. So as the blistering heat hit the others not clouded behind a mass of , well, anything, Max was able to get a glance at the enemy. Ignoring any outside voices the Jonin pounced straight up and unconciously through leafs,which flew away from the unpredictable force they had been taken from.

   The sun searing his eyes Max closed his left, the one nearest the sun, and only looked through his right eye.He was taught never to show weakness, a weakness of it's own was what it was but occasionally, in moments like this it showed off very amusing faces from the army beyond. They , after seeing him winced up at him for the sun, appearing to be close to his body, only made him out as a shadow, correction , the perfect shadow, for every lining of his body was to point, to perfection so looking down he took one esteemed step off and fell.

  You would of thought someone would of flailed their arms in distrought at this moment but for Max his mind was on the battle , of the wins and the loses he would endure and what would happen to his soulless body if he was to die. So as quickly as he had taken that slow step off of the seventy foot berch in the sky he hit the ground with a soft Malevolent thud.Standing straight he looked to his right only to see someone venting and lifting the debres from around him into the air. 

Paying no heed to the sturdy looking man , Max turned his head back around to the army infront of him. It was a pointless battle , for them, because what Max could bring to the table was nothing anyone else good bring,he brought spirit, dextarity, and life into his battles. He only did this because he believed in the people he battled. He believed that if they thought they could win they would achieve it, eventually, or mabe on a different path. Opening both eyes he pulled his Tensakuti's , a specially made blade for him, with his left and right hands and held them both.
They were his perfect fit, his match , so now he smiled and looked off at the enemy , who thought they were going to win. So with one silent chirp from the tree he was in  Max finally muttered,

"They don't know who will really die do they?"

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Neku leaned forward off of a perch, observing the battle down bellow while tinkering on a robot. Neku pulled on the goggles that were resting on his head and hopped on in the elephant-sized robot he just finished. "TO BATTLE!" Neku screamed: leaping off the 50 story ledge. "Rockets ENGAGE!.....ROCKETS ENGAGE....for the love of..."
Crashing down into the battlefield Neku stumbles out. "Friggin' crap...."
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NoDeath looked calmly at the pile of ruined machiery in front of him and the enemy beyond. This would be one of the toughest battles he would ever endure. As if to emphasise the weight of the situation, the warrior inclines his head forward slightly so the top half of his face is shrouded by the bangs of his hair.
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"Master, I believe what you meant was THRUSTERS engage." The robot speaks.
"GAAAAAAGH! I'm gonna kick your synthetic debris into organic HELL! DIE! DIE DIE!" Neku screams, kicking the robot.
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 OmegaMekix set up his sniper rifle. The hordes of enemies were coming and he planned to take out several of them. He positioned himself carefully on the edge of a nearby cliff. It offered the best shelter and a great place to shoot. Looking through the scope Mekix aimed at one of the enemy’s head. He was just about start pulling the trigger when he felt a surge of pain travel from his ankle up his knee. A small scorpion ran away from its victim.

OmegaMekix wasn’t afraid of the poison, a surprisingly small amount of scorpions were able to kill humans. But the pain and the shock it brought Mekix caused him to lose his balance and fall off the cliff.

He tumbled down the steep slope of the cliff at a rapid pace. He was dizzy and his whole body was sore (especially his right ankle, were the scorpion stung him). When he reached the bottom he carefully picked himself up and dusted off his cloak. Suddenly he looked up to see the enemies very close to him. Worse he didn’t have his sniping rifle at the moment; he dropped it in his descent. This was not starting well.    

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