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@Masterofdeath: @SamJaz: Arthurs attack connected. He was rather surprised as he didn't expect the man to really just stand there while he gets hit. But that didn't last long as soon he retaliated. He shot all the arrows Artemis fired at him right back at a greater speed. Arthur made a frost wall infront of her and even though most of them got stuck in there some of them went through weaker spots in the wall and hit Artemis. Luckly they were slowed enough so she wouldn't die. She chaneled a healing spell on herself while despelling her arrows. Even with the mana she regained from recycling her arrows and bow she was low on mana. She would have to stay out of the fight until she got her reserves back up. Then she remembered how the man showed the ability to copy powers. He probably copied magic from someone as well. That was a good thing.

She relesed a sort of tentical made of magic at Raven. There was no way of defending from that tentacle as it was intangable nor would there be any reason to protect against it as it wasn't dangerous in any way. Not only that but it was invisible to everyone except for the caster. What it would do is change the frequency of the casters magic and, depending on the targets power, increase his mana reserves. It there was enough spells the caster didn't have she/he would get one of them, or a new magic blueprint.

She concentrated deeply on establishing the magic link, but would still be able to react and move as if she was doing nothing.

During that time Arthur had to react to a flaming dragon. He saw to posible evasion plans. The first would be to form dragon wings made of ice on his back and fly away. But there would be the chance of the dragon being able to move freely so it would chase him. The other, and the one he used, was make a frozen armor around himself. It was the first spell he learned in the Hellscraper. There was a small problem with it. Despite Arthurs natural resistance to cold the armor would give him frost burns if he wore it longer then a few minutes. Luckly the flaming dragon was hot enough for the armor not to effect Arthur.

Then he made another sword in his hand. Instead of the usual one-handad sword, this a large greatsword and Arthur could only wield it with both his hands. But before he attacked a giant of a man jumped infront of him and startedattacking Raven. That was good as Arthur had the same idea as Artemis. If he didn't have to fight while making a link it would go much faster.

"You know girl, I don't think he's as bad as Hitler. Sure he plans to kill most of the people, or type of people he doesn't like, and he intends on making everyone else better then them by giving them super powers, and wants to... Yeah, OK he's just as bad as Hitler."

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: Raven was unaware of the magic tendrils around him though it didn't really matter as the only magic he had was what he had copied from the two in front of him. He was about to attack the two spellcasters again when he was almost attacked. The sword though was blocked by his true target the balance angel Stasis. He had saw Slayer and instantly recognized him. So he jumped at him and blocked the attack with his own sword and deflected it. He then switched his sword from a one handed grip to a two handed grip and rushed at Slayer with a side swipe going towards his gut making sure to dodge his sword along the way. He fired several positive energy blasts along the way from his forehead as a new way to fire that was trying for times when he couldn't use his hands. He swung with enough strength to send a shockwave that could topple a elephant. His eyes were set on his target and he wouldn't let him get away.

Raven decided now that the disturbance was gone decided to go back to his attack. He lifted two fingers and shot a thin beam a deadly energy at Artemis that would follow her all the while gaining speed and power and would dodge any obstacle she tried to use to get away from it. Now for Arthur he knew would need something else something more direct. He increased the acceleration on his body to the point were he could run at the speed of light then took off at Arthur aiming to touch him and increase the gravity upon him so much that he would be crushed and be reduced to a bloody mess. He planned to achieve this by launching a barrage of light speed blows. "SamJaz have you thought over my offer?" he asked SamJaz whose name he knew cause he was a precog and because he had been watching events for a while now and even deciding what players would be in this battle.

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@Shadowchaos: @ChronoWolf:

Slayer swung the blade down, then used it as a lever to push himself up over Stasis' blade, pushing himself forward to headbutt the angel and force an explosion at the source of the blast as he tucked his legs into his chest before lashing them downwards, aiming to stamp down on his sword hand and crush his bones.

Further from the battle, sat on the ground, SamJaz smiled as he heard Raven's question. Assuming he could hear him, SamJaz remained where his was and smiled.

"If you know who I am, craven," The Young King said darkly, smirking at his pun. "You wouldn't be asking me to join you. You would be begging for your life."

Placing his hand on his knee, SamJaz pushed himself into a standing position, SamJaz summoned his Keyblade into his hand.


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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos: Soon after the mage duo nocticed that there was no use in linking with Raven they quit. Then Arthur noticed SamJaz was there. "Yo, Sam what're you doing here?" He said and didn't notice Raven rushing at him, not that it would have mattered since Raven was too fast for Arthur now. Arthur didn't even felt the touch of Ravens hand on his frost armor and he found himself laying on the ground his bones being exposed to incredible pressure. If he doesn't do something he'll get crushed to oblivion. Luckly he remembered an air magic.Now, if he was an air attuned mage and not a watter attuned mage he could cast the spell for less prana and get better results, but he could still cast it

The spell Pero, would allow the lowering of gravity around the user giving them the ability to fly, if they were air attuned at least, while water and fire would just be able to float and Earth could just jump higher. Arthur felt the pressure on his bones significantly reduce, though his body still ached. He was sure that some of his bones were broken Nothing a healing spell couldn't fix. Despite the reduction of gravity it was still stronger then the normal gravity slowing his movement. He repaired his cracked armor as well and swung his greatsword attempting to hit Raven, despite that being useless, as Raven demonstrated so far.

Artemis jumped out of the way of the blast that Raven fired. But she was cought of guard when it came back around. She barely managed to get out of it's way again and she made a perfect metal sphere around herself. When she noticed that the blast started circling around the sphere she decided to trigger it by making spikes appear out of the sphere trying to guess where it would move and hit it making it set off.

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@SamJaz: Stasis was sent flying by the explosion and was just barely able to roll out of the way to avoid the next attack. He jumped back to his feet and clenched his sword tightly in one hand. He held the sword high above his head and focused negative energy into the blade. He did several slices in midair and from the sword shot red crescent moon shaped blasts towards Slayer. He bent his knees slightly and the ground underneath him slightly broke and flew up into the air where it broke some more. He then took off at blinding speeds with a faint tint of red in his eyes. He appeared in front of slayer with his palm flat on the ground and his legs spread. He also had his sword behind his back as if to guard it from a unseen attack. He disappeared again and reappeared behind Slayer with his sword going upwards into his spinal chord.

@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz: Raven watched the fight between Stasis and Slayer as it showed signs of Stasis's anger awakening. This was good for his plans so he would be best to try to push the outcomes more. This human, SamJaz would also need more watching. Not as a threat no if needed he could handle him more as just as to see what he would do. He needed to handle to narcissicicm and it would pobably help him control his powers better if he would understand that the power is only one half and like any power the person could influence how much was available by how they acted. He turned his attention back to Arthur. He stopped the sword by creating a weak shield to absorb the blow. While the blast chased Artemis Raven decided he needed to put more pressure on Arthur so he pointed his hand and summoned a giant flame phoenix that was easily twice his size. The great firey bird flapped its wings then flew off at Artemis with its mouth wid open to eat her whole and burn her alive. Raven then turned to Arthur aand pointed all of his fingers at him. From his fingers shot green pale energy beams each with the effect of poisoning those they hit.

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SamJaz rose up, smiling but determined.

The facade was solid.

If Raven could not emulate the power of the king, then he could not emulate the rest of SamJaz's core abilities. If he could, then he would be forced to kneel during the process of learning about it, during which time SamJaz could execute him.

SamJaz burst forward in purple light, swimming through the warp as he jumped around reality like a rocket-propelled bouncy ball. He landed next to Arthur and cast a Reflega spell to reflect the poisonous energy beams back at Raven, counting on Arthur to save his own allies. "Cole! Assist Slayer!"

Cole dropped the bass, and a huge shockwave rippled through the battlefield, knocking everyone off balance and off course through the sheer vibration as she was launched in the air. Bursts of techno notes manifested themselves as curving, robust arms of metal energy, great tendrils the size of buildings that went to pummel Stasis while he moved behind Slayer, who blocked the energy blasts in mid-air, landing on and jumping from the tendrils that honed in on Stasis.

When he appeared behind Slayer, Cole's attack was already homing in on Stasis, and would knock him aside before his blade penetrated Slayer.

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@Shadowchaos: With the beams reflected Arthur could focus on defending Artemis. He made a frozen dome to cool down the fiery snake. Then Arthur decided to do something completely diferent. He said something in a strange voice and a force of 5 tons struck Raven and averyone in a 3 metar radious around him, from above. Then he said another strange word and Slayer grew to three times his regular size, along with his sword.

Next Arthur used a newer ability of his called Ice Beam, obviously firing a beam that would freeze anything it touches. Next he attacked Raven with a flury of punches and kicks, all hiting with a force of one ton. Artemis waited inside the ice dome to see if the snake had disappared.

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