The Mysterious Power Unveiled RP

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Enter: the strangers from another world

Stasis stood in the center of a strange circle that had several ancient runes written around it. "So like this?" he asked lazily over to Bellus as he changed his usual bored expession into one of pure determination. His hair lifted into the air then fell over and over again as he grit his teeth in concentration. Finally his hair turned a deep crimson and his eyes followed suit. The ground he was standing on suddenly exploded in a storm of debris and the seal around him vanished. He hopped in the air just as the last bit of ground he was standing on crumbled. He floated in the air for a few moments before he took off like a bullet into the sky. This was the first time he had flown without his wings and he found it pretty fun. He did a couple of flips in mid air then began to do high speed punches and kicks to test out his form's power. He flared his energy which people who looked at it from below would be blinded for several minutes by the intensity. Suddenly his hair turned back to its normal jet black and he was sent plummeting back to the ground. He landed hard on the ground where he lost consciousness from the landing. The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes was Bellus landing in the crater he was in and run to his side. He then let the darkness take hold of him as he drifted into a dream world. The last thought on his mind before he drifted off was that the ground here was way harder then it was on Earth.

A ominous chill filled the area as a cloaked man walked down the crowded streets. This was odd as it was the middle of the afternoon and the sun was blazing. The man made his way through the crowd people dare not getting near him fearing the power that they sensed from him. He went down a alley way and disappeared and reappeared on top of a building several miles away from where he vanished. He lifted the hood off of his head to reveal a young face with pale grey eyes and a hair of dirty black hair that had sharp spikes for ends. He raised a glove hand into the sky and it began to crackle with purple lightning. The ball formed into a compact sphere then shot off into the sky where it exploded. The energy from the explosion expanded into a purple portal in the sky that darkened the sky across the city. All across the Earth smaller portals opened up just like the giant one in the Angel World. These were closer to the ground and could only be seen and entered by those with above average power. He lowered his arm and walked off with a smirk on his face. He vanished in a flash of light to continue with the rest of his plans.

Stasis woke up with a start as he clutched the hospital sheets that covered him. "Micheal!" Bellus cried in fear as the chair she was sitting in turned over as she jumped from the sudden movement of. He looked around the room a bit confused before turning to see his fallen girlfriend struggling to get up from the fallen chair. He then promplty busted out laughing at the position she was in before he helped her up. He stood out of the bed and the sheet that was covering him fell down causing Bellus to look down at his chest and turn red. He looked down and shrugged his shoulders he was only shirtless. He slipped on a skin tight sleeveless back shirt with holes in the back for his wings then he strapped his sword to his back. "Micheal, where are you going?" she asked innocently as she layed on the hospital bed with her hands behind her head. Stasis looked stunned for a bit not knowing how best to explain so he decided for the truth. "The council contacted me in my sleep, I gotta go see them," he said as he hopped out of the window and began to jump from rooftop to rooftop like a trained ninja.

He arrived in front of a gold door that seemed out of place because of the fact that it was just a door nothing else no walls or anything else. He opened the door and was sucked in by a violent gold light. Stasis covered his eyes from the blinding light till his eyes adjusted to the intense light. His eyes soon adjusted and he was able to look around. He was in a circular room that appeared to be made of pure gold and he was surrounded by what looked to be a hundred angels all with with their faces covered by a mysterious gold light. "Micheal Eliss we have called upon you for a very important mission," they all said in unison in a chorus of divine might. Stasis ears perked up at the mention of a important mission and he was all ears. "You must find the source of this portal in the sky and put a stop to it, up untill now we have been hiding it with our power we give you the power to see it, We shall handle the people that enter through the portal you just focus on the bigger threat." they said before Stasis found himself back in the hospital with Bellus looking at him strangely. "Man that council never gives me a break," he said as he collapsed on to the bed beside Bellus before he got back up and started jumped out the window again and began running around the city flaring his energy higher then every other angel in the city hoping who ever caused this would come after him.

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SamJaz cricked his neck after the crash. He'd only recently discovered that he could use his Keyblade to create inter-dimensional spacecrafts- the Gummi Ship, and his pilot skills left a lot to be desired.

Tapping the ship with his Keyblade, SamJaz crumpled the ship into the small rubbery blocks that composed the ship. These small blocks spiralled around the key blade and shrunk into oblivion. The evidence removed, SamJaz turned around and walked into the town filled with angels.

His aura confused everyone. The strange weapon in his right hand shone brightly, it was clearly a holy weapon of the light available only to the pure in heart, yet pure his heart wasn't. Twelve different souls rested within it, aside from his own,all of varying degrees of light and darkness within. Like he was some kind of ark of souls, but amongst them was the blackest darkness, but one of them-

He was a Dominion. He was a human and he had the authority of a Dominion. He was the top of the Second Sphere of angels, and as far as the people in this town went, whatever this human said was law.

The crowd stared at SamJaz as he approached one woman.

"Excuse me," he said. "Where are the people in charge around here?"


Slayer walked down the mountain path, only to find himself on a green field. Suddenly, the world felt heavier, but not uncomfortably so.

Getting used to his surroundings, Slayer walked on, looking for a fight amongst the angel realm.


Coleen Kurugi walked home through Prague, carrying her DJ bag with her after her gig. She stopped in her tracks as she noticed the portal in front of her.

She watched as the passerby's walked straight through it, but she could see it right there.

She nodded, allowing herself a half-smile as she donned her sunglasses in the dead of night.

Time for science.

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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos:

Two hours earlier

"Arthur, we have sensed something on Earth. Our reports say that portals, only visable to powered human, have opened all over the earth. We want you to go and investigate that. You can take any rookie you want and someone from the enchaters kingdom if you feel the need." Incendis, the fire mage and one of the four archmages briefed Arthur on his mission. The portals are a mistery to the mages kingdom and they want them to be investigated as soon as posible. "I do not need anyone from Encantada Teorica. The only one of any use is Altres, and he's busy studyying the sword I gave him. I'll take Artemis with me. She's the most capable of the novices." Artemis is the most promising of the new mages. Her specialty is Metal and she excels at creating familiars, just like all mages close to the Earth element. She might come in handy, andshe reminds Arthur of himself, when he was young.

An hour later

"Understand the mission? Good." Arthur told Artemis as she nodded. She always wanted to go on a mission with one of the high ranking mages. She wasn't too happy about going with Arthur as he is known to be rather quiet with people he doesn't know, but he gets to know them rather quickly. She wanted to perform well on this mission and maybe she would finally move on from rookie rank. "Sir? When are we going to leave?"

"In about 15 minutes. Take what you need and meet me at the city gate."

Present time

They've been looking around the city for about half an hour. If the portals opened all around the world they would have noticed one by now. "Sir, there's one." Arthur looked towards the place Artemis was pointing at. "Don't call me sir. I feel old." Artemis blushed and looked at the floor. "OK, let's go." They stepped through the portal and suddenly started falling. Reacting in a second, Arthur made wings and grabbed Artemis. Landing safely he asked Artemis if she's alright. "Yes si- I mean 'Yes, Arthur." He smiled at her. Then he looked around. "First we need to find out where the hell are we. Then we'll find the source of the portals."

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@SamJaz: Bellus stomped through the streets throwing every angel that got in her way around like a rag doll. She would find Michael and make him pay for leaving like that and not even saying a word. Oh he had better hope that what ever the council wanted him for was extremely dangerous and had killed him cause when she got a hold of him she was going to show him a fate worse than death. She was so immersed in her war path that she did not notice a brown haired human till she walked right into him. “Watch where you’re going!” she yelled as she smoothed out her dress and picked herself up. She gave the strange human a death glare for a few minutes before she could come up with any words to say. “I am not taking you to our leader, I’m taking you to my boyfriend who is going to get some answers from you one way or another,” she said as she stomped away leaving several angels nursing their wounds and others flying back to the location they were just thrown from. She didn’t get more then a few feet when Stasis landed in front on her. He didn’t appear to even realized she was there as he only just looked around the area as if he was looking for something. This was a grave mistake on his part as he was tackled into a building and was then beaten severely. Loud screams and curses could be heard from the building and also other weirder noises as Bellus beat Stasis Senseless. Stasis walked out of the building with several bruises and cuts on his body and a broken bone, but amazingly his clothes were not destroyed even in the slightest, in fact they looked brand new. Bellus soon also came out of the building with her hands covered in blood and humming a happy tune. Stasis gave a slight yawn and turned towards SamJaz giving him a bored look. “Who are you?” he asked as he walked towards him showing no signs of wanting to fight.

In a grass clearing several miles away from the village that Stasis and Bellus stood a young man in his early twenties with light blonde hair and shining blue eyes surrounded by several large boulders arranged in a circle. The boulders were the size of trees and were as thick as mountains. The young man gave a good look at the mountain sized boulders and stuck his arms out. In his hands materialized tonfas the color of rubies and seemed to have a futuristic look about them. He gave his weapons a good spin then jumped at a boulder charging straight through in causing it to crumble into pieces. He then proceeded to move to the other boulders destroying them all with single blows. He landed back on the ground in the exact same place as he started but now he had a view of the area for miles around. With his new field of view the angel could see what appeared to be a behemoth of a man coming towards him. He took of towards the stranger hoping for a good fight running at a good speed. He appeared in front of Slayer with a sonic boom. “Hi, my name is Toan and I’m going to be your opponent,” he said as he spun his tonfas playfully. He jumped forward with his weapon ready and hit the ground directly in front of Slayer as a show of power by making a huge hole in the ground a mile deep. Toan gave him a look that said come get him then set his Tonfas into a defensive position.

A little girl with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes ran up and tugged on Coleen’s leg. “Hey lady, what’s wrong with your hair?” she asked in a sing song voice gesturing around at how everybody else in the village either had black or blonde hair. “AAAHHHH BELLUS NO NOT THE FACE!” suddenly was yelled from nowhere though the voice sounded very much like a frightened Stasis who was trying to talk with blood in his mouth. “They’re always making so much noise,” the girl said as she gave a slight giggle and pulled out a small dagger from out of nowhere. “Look at what I got for my birthday!” she sang and did several playful stabs in mid air. “When I grow up I want to be as strong as big brother Stasis,” she said as she put the knife back in god knows where. Then a angel with black hair and black eyes came running up and grabbed the little girls arm. “Elliel I swear you are the most wild child I have ever met,” the girl said as she scolded Elliel. “Also stop calling Michael your brother he isn't even related to you he only baby sits you when he needs extra money,“ she tried to explain to the little girl to no luck. The woman turned to Coleen and smiled and extended her hand, “hi, I’m Ruby.”

@ChronoWolf: “Two targets ahead, both human magic class,” a male voice said as two figures watched Arthur and Artemis form atop a building. “Allow me to handle them,” said the younger of the two who happened to be a little girl around the age of six with dark pink hair and carrying a giant hammer. “Alright Zera just be quick as we don’t want to be surrounded by any angels. Zera gave a slight nod and watched as the older ran off. Once the old man was off the building she took her hammer and hit the building causing a giant sharp tile to fly off and land in her hand. She tested the tile a bit carefully for weight in her hand then launched it at Artemis at sound speed. Zera then jumped off the building and floated down like a feather. “I’m sorry, but boss man Raven says Is gots to kill you,” she said as she started swinging her hammer around and walking towards them.

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There was no one near by for the mage duo to ask for directions and Arthur was about to suggest looking somewhere else, but then he noticed something in the distance. On the roof of a building he could see two people. One, a little girl, and the other a man whose age Arthur couldn't discerne. He wanted to fly over there and ask them for directions but the man ran away. The little girl took a large hammer, about twice her size and hit the building causing a tile to burst from the ground. Then Arthur noticed the way she looked at Artemis while holding the tile.

He sprinted towards Artemis and knocked her just as the girl threw the tile. The tile hit him on the shoulder like a bullet, almost cutting of his whole arm before hitting the wall behind him. Artemis, who was a bit shocked by the sudden push, turned towards him and after seeing him in the state he was ran towards him. "What the hell?" She said while casting a healing spell on him. The spell wasn't instantaneous, but Arthurs flesh started healing and mending it self back together. In the middle of the healing she heard a voice behind her, causing her to lose concretation and stop the healing.

"I'm sorry, but boss man Raven says I's got's to kill you"

The girl was walking towards her swinging her giant hammer as if it was nothing. "Run, Artemis." Arthur said as he cast a healing spell on himself. Unlike the one Artemis cast this one healed his arm right away. He got up from the floor and put his hand on Artemis's shoulder. "This girl is dangerous. Get out of here." But that's not what Artemis was going to do. She expeled mana to her sides. A meatl similar to steel in appearance but stronger then diamond started appearing. It started forming into the shape of a boar, one at each side. Two robotic boar started looking at the girl aproaching the duo. "Why would I run? I'm a mage as well, aren't I?" She formed a wierd glove on her hand and a long blade came out of it. "Well, if you're so sure in your skill,"Arthur said while forming a sword made out of ice, "I see no reason not to let you fight. I might even but in a good word for you at the academy."

@Shadowchaos: The two boars at Artemis's sides rushed at the little girl. The first one would attempt to knock the girl of balance, the other one to knock the hammer out of her hands. Then Artemis rushed in. She wanted to use her speed to get in, do a few quick stabs and pull back. She is a bit quicker then Arthur even though she's just a rookie. Next up it was Arthurs turn to strike. He rushed in, doing a few quick slices with his sword. He wanted to see just how powerfull the girl was. Then he jumped back, threw his sword at the girl and formed a spear of ice in his right hand. It was longer then the girls hammer meaning he was at an advantage. He rushed at the girl, the spear infront of him and aiming at her heart.

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SamJaz watched the two lovers brawl on the floor, maintaining a non-creepy distance while he observed. It must be one of those quadrant relationships he heard that angels had. Kissmesis, that one represented by the spade where you love each other so much you keep stabbing each other or something?

Whatever. Non-human relationships were weird. Especially spiders and angler fish.

The (male? Looks male. No mammaries at least) Angel approached SamJaz. "Who are you?" he asked SamJaz in a respectful, but not grovelling, tone.

"SamJaz, Keyblade master." He replied. "I hold the interdimensional rank of master hero, comparative to the station of Lieutenant-General, Vice-Admiral, Air-Chief Marshal or Throne in any military organisation I temporarily joined, but I'm guessing that you don't really care about all that boring protocol stuff and want me to get to the point?"

SamJaz raised his keyblade and pointed it outwards. "I'm here to fix three issues." He said. "First, portals. They're gonna cause problems, so let's get those closed. Second," SamJaz continued, lowering his keyblade and sizing Stasis and Bella up. "My Hero senses are tingling. There's gonna be a boss battle soon. The only way this could be more obvious would be if you put save points and healing items everywhere."

"Third problem is that I crashed my gummi." SamJaz said, scratching the back of his head. "I need armed guards in the field over there to guard it,otherwise you're gonna have wealthy dentists and a lot of blocked toilets. Worse, I'll be moving in with you if I can't get home."


Hrun Hnr, the man known as Slayer, watched as the man displayed his power with his tonfas, then challenge Slayer to a battle.

Slayer would answer the challenge in the classic ogre fashion- smash him to the ground.

And afterwards, be he alive or be he dead, he'll grind his bones to make his bread. As it were.

He leapt over the pit, swinging his fourteen-ft long broadsword as he roared, ready to cleave the puny child in two.

Back on Earth.

"Blue hair's ironically cool" Coleen said as she adjusted her sunglasses. "You gotta have blue hair."

She continued to ignore the child's antics as her iPod began to play some of The Automatic. Eventually another person came in an attempt get Coleen's recognition.

Cole was too cool for this. "Doing science here." She pointed out. "Put on some goggles and a lab coat or go home."

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@ChronoWolf: Zera looked at the at the weird boars as they came at her before tapping the first one with her finger causing it to fall to the ground struggling with the intense gravity that was put on it. She then tapped the other one and it began to float away like a balloon and up into the atmosphere. She then began to hum and haunting tune and sped up her own body to dodge every one of Artemis’s stabs with the utmost ease. She kept the same speed boost and dodged Arthur’s attacks by stepping back. She returned her body to its regular speed and was caught off guard for the sword that was thrown at her. She stepped to the side and the sword only barely cut her arm and tore the sleeve of her dress. Her eyes began to water as she jumped back to avoid the ice spear coming at her. She landed gracefully by a tree that was as big as a oak but yet had a strange otherworldly look about it that could not be placed. “I am going to make you dead!” she yelled as she touched the tree with her hand and made it lift out of the ground and then she grabbed hold of it in one hand and threw it at the speed of sound at Arthur. She then used her hammer to hit the ground and cause several rocks to form on the ground. She grabbed hold of ten rocks and then threw them at Artemis at four times the speed of sound. She grabbed her hammer in both hands then manipulated the gravity on it to make it fifty times heavier while at the same time adjusting her own weight so that they counteracted with each other so that it would still be impossibly heavy but it would be negated by her own gravity. She then sped herself up to the speed of sound and rushed at Arthur and swung her super heavy hammer of doom at his head.

@SamJaz: Stasis listened to the strange man with mock interests when in reality his mind was more busy on the fact that there was a human here in this world of angels. “Right, anyway I’m Stasis and I am the person that is going to solve this problem,” he said as he raised his energy to adapt to this stranger. His muscles contracted slightly and became a bit more noticeable but they were still not as bulky as too slow him down or get in his way. He turned where he stood jerked his head towards Samjaz as a sign to follow him then walked down the street with Bellus walking next to him trying and failing to get him to talk to her.

Toan was a mildly impressed by the jumping abilities of his opponent but not enough to warrant any recognition as he could have jumped further himself. His eyes gleamed in excitement as he brought his weapons up in a “X” shape to defend himself from the large sword. He could feel to air being cut as the sword came at him which only helped to further his excitement for a battle. He felt the sword connect with his tonfas and was actually taken off guard for a second for the attack was actually able to make him be pushed into the ground a inch. This distraction was only for a second as he shifted his weight and bent down and then jumped backwards away from harm. Once he was twenty feet away from his opponent he set himself in his position which was one tonfa in the front and the other in the back. With that he pushed off from the ground and rushed at Slayer aiming the forward facing tonfa for his gut while bringing the one in the back towards his head using the added momentum for extra power.

Ruby could not believe how rude this woman was acting to somebody she had just met. It is as if she had never had a day of home training or nothing. It was unthinkable no scratch that it was pure and utter evil. She would not stand for it. She would not let Elliel be subjected to such rude behavior or she may get ideas on how to act. So she grabbed Elliel by her collar and walked off steaming the whole way.

It would soon be time for him to make his attack just as his leader instructed him, but until that time Raven would need to stay in the shadows and await for the time for when the order to be given. Though he still had other things to do in that time though. He raised his right hand into the air and pointed it high into the sky and summoned a ball of dark crackling energy with dark sickly blue lightning jumping around it as if it were alive. “With this I give you life,” he said as he shot the ball into the air where it split into several other balls each of which flew off into different parts and landed on the ground. From the balls came forth several dark purple creatures with large bony wings, sharp claws and tails with a giant spiked ball on the end of it. In total there may have been about twenty, but as soon as they were created they started shooting purple fire out of their mouths aiming only for the buildings seemingly trying to avoid the people. Raven smiled the plan was going just as planned now all he needed to do was move to his location. With that he vanished and reappeared several miles away by a large tribute to a great warrior.

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Main City

SamJaz followed Stasis and Bellus into the street, Stasis clearly trying to subtly establish himself as an alpha male (Male? male. The other one has mammaries, so angel physiology seems similar to humans. Didn't want to get mixed up like with the centaurs again.)

"So, remember when I said that a boss battle was coming?" SamJaz asked, pointing at the sky. "Here come the cannon fodder. Try not to be too flashy, they're only here for you to waste your ammo."

He jumped up, only a dozen feet or so, and slashed at the oncoming horde.


The portal closed behind Cole, and purple monsters fell from the sky. Not putting any music on just yet, she summoned her two Record Gears under her hand and dove into the horde, slicing through monster after monster like her hands were buzzsaws, which thanks to the gears, they essentially were.

The field

Slayer stepped aside as the tonfa's came for his gut and head. Using footwork, it was easy to make the attacks look like they would hit until the very last second.

Now, Toan was at point blank range, less than five inches between him and Slayer. The larger man went in to headbutt Toan, intending to send him to the ground where he'd flick him aside with the blunt side of his sword. Even if he dodged the headbutt, the swordswing should hit and disarm him.

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@Shadowchaos: As soon as her boars were defeated she erased, but kept the metal they were made of. When her attacks were dodged the metal of the sword she had combined with the one from the boars and formed a golem out of metal. She wanted it to attack the girl but it was stopped dead in it's tracks by supersonic rocks hitting it. Artemis could easily repair it but she didn't have that much mana to waste, sho she returned the metal it was made of and created a bow for herself, while the excess metal floated right next to the it.

Artemis was a crackshot with a bow. She missed her target but once. And that was when she wanted to miss. Many people prased her for her skill with a bow and even commented that she would hit the target before she even released the arrow.

The metal next to the bow could turn into arrows instantly and there was a lot of it there, meaning that she would fire exeptionaly fast by removing the need for drowing an arrow from her quiver. She started firing at the little girl to supress her attacks and make it easier for Arthur to fight.

When he saw the tree coming for him he instinctivly made a frost barrier. It was a wall of ice and Arthur gave it a slight angel so that, when the tree hit it it would go of course and miss him. An that was what happened. The tree hit the wal. The wall broke and fragments of ice came flying at Arthur cutting him, but at least the tree flew over him. The scratches he got from the ice fragments weren't so bad as to require immidiate intervention and Arthur wanted to save mana, as he had no idea how long this fight would last.

He made a sword once again and charged at the girl, but she grabbed her hammer and did the same, but faster. He knew that a direct hit from her hammer could and probably wouldspell death to him. Dodging out of the way was out of the question as she was moving to fast so fe did the only thing he could think of. He used the momentum ge gained while running at her to slide across the ground, while making ice over it so that friction would be minimal. He was going to hit her leggs while sliding, making her fall and he would slice her with his sword. Or at least help Artemis hit her with her arrows.

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@SamJaz: Stasis watched in amazement as the strange light and was even more shocked as several monsters were created from the purple lights. The creature launched itself at him and aimed its claws at his face ready to tear his face off. He brought his hand up automatically and grabbed the creature by the neck and decapitated the creature with a single squeeze. He smirked as black blood coated his hands and the other creatures around him took a single step back almost as if they were scared of him. What he didn’t know though was that Bellus was standing behind him and SamJaz holding her sword with a evil grin on her face as if she was about to do something mischievous. Stasis took a step forward and popped his knuckles. “So how about we take these creatures down and then go for the man in charge of them,” he said as he charged at one he had just killed that was starting to regenerate already. He threw his fist into the creature and the shockwave sent it flying into the others. He leapt up into the sky then hit the masses of creatures with one thousand fists “Come one join the fun!” he yelled to SamJaz as he dodged a claw and stuck his foot into a creature’s face.

The creatures did not survive against Coleen’s assault, but they regenerated from any damaged they were inflicted to make up for the difference of being so weak. Then suddenly two balls of bluish yellow light fell from the sky and impacted with the ground around Coleen creating two large creators. Then from the smoke from the explosion walked out a man with brown hair and black eyes. On his back was a large sword and his face had a permanent overconfident smirk frown on it. “My name is Dragon and I have been instructed to eliminate pests such as you,” he said as he formed another energy ball this time one as big as his body. He fired it at Coleen and then proceeded to fire several head sized blasts at her as he ran straight at her ready to punch her in the face. While he did all this the creatures who had just recently been attacking Coleen surrounded the fighting pair to prevent the blue haired girl from escaping or to kill her if she did some how manage to win.

Toan was stunned by the fact somebody who was carrying such a huge sword could move so fast as to dodge his attack. So stunned in fact that the head butt sent him tumbling onto the ground and he was just barely able to regain his composer to dodge the sword swing. He back flipped thirty feet away and then looked at Slayer with excitement. “Looks like I have to unleash a bit more then I usually do for this little spar,” he said as he removed weights from his legs that were hidden underneath his pants and his gloves which also turned out to be weights. He dropped the weights and they fell several miles down into the ground. He gave his weapons a good playful spin and took off again this time five times as fast and pushing on twelve times the speed of sound. He appeared right in front of Slayer for a split second disappeared again, reappeared behind, and then disappeared again. He then finally made his attack from the sky from he came falling from out of nowhere at maximum velocity with his tonfas in a ‘X’ shape ready to smash into his head and beat him into the ground.

The arrows came rushing at Zera and if they hit she knew for a certain she would be dead. So she did what any little girl would do in a situation where they thought they were about to cry. She busted out crying. The first arrow struck her in the stomach, but the other arrows never hit her as they stopped in midair. For standing in front of her was a man with black hair, grey eyes, and a dark cloak holding his palm outstretched at the oncoming arrows. “Do not cry little Zera for I have come to help you,” Raven said as he touched the arrow that had struck Zera and it disappeared into ashes. He then put his hand on the wound and it glowed a light green and the wound closed up. “Master Raven yous came for me,” Zera said in between sobs as she started to recover from the shock of her near death situation. “Of course I could not just stand by and allow you to be killed,” he said with actually genuine caring on his face. He grabbed Zera along with her hammer and flew up onto the top of a building. He set her down then flew back down and turned to face Arthur and Artemis with a look of calmness on his face, “I offer you a choice, either join me or I will kill you the choice is up to you,” he said watched the two spell casters waiting to see what they would do completely unguarded.

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SamJaz slashed around the enemies, diving through them violently as he swung his blade, cleaving through monster after monster before landing next to Bellus.

"You're not running and hiding, which means that you aren't an innocent bystander." SamJaz observed as he spoke to Bellus. "But you aren't slashing things about, and considering that enormous power level you are working so hard to hide from everyone I'd also say that you aren't exactly an ally either."

SamJaz then winked, wondering if he'd get a reaction. "Don't worry, I won't tell. But your boyfriend will get a tad suspicious if you stab me in the back." SamJaz then slashed down a monster behind him without taking his eyes off Bellus. "Best get to shelter."

SamJaz took his leave then and jumped to the sky, landing on one winged being and stabbing through its head. "Your girlfriends fine, I just told her to get somewhere safe." He told Stasis. "Still conserving your energy then?"


Cole took one look at her opponet, who just declared himself to be Dragon. He launched a fireball that Cole rolled under, and she stepped in as he went to punch her. Dodging under the fist, she reached out for his junk.

"Big sword, big name." Cole said with a serious face. "Boy's got summat to b'ashamed."


Slayer watched as his opponent remove his weights and strated moving faster than he could hear. Deciding that witchcraft as happening, he decided that a Shout was in order.


Toan slowed down, almost to a standstill, as the air developed the consistency of mud. A phenomenon regardless of speed or power, the more you try to move in mud the harder it is to do so.

And at Toan's breakneck speed, he was stopped like a bullet entering water.

Having grown up an Ogre, however, Slayer was well used to fighting in the mud. It'd take his opponent a while to figure out what was going, and his insane speed would work against him here. It was a situation where the slower, and the more deliberate you were, the more you could actually move. Quick movements, even supersonic movements, would get you even more stuck in this air.

Yet Slayer was able to move with the grace of a ballet dancer. The thickness of the air made his sword even lighter, pressure from below lifting it up, as he stepped through the liquid air and swung his blade slowly towards the prone Toan.

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@Shadowchaos: An arrow struck the little girl and she started crying. It was a wierd sight. A girl who threw trees and wealded giant hammers suddenly started crying. That made Arthur want to hug her say that everything would be OK, as there was one thing he couldn't stand, and that was little girls crying. Be fore he could do anything though a strange clocked man appeared infront of her. So the girls name was Zera. A nice if a bit strangename. The clocked man took the girl to the top of a building and healed her in the proces.

Then he came down to talk to the mage duo. After he made his demands Arthur just raised an eyebrow.

"Join you? I don't really want to die, but the problem with joining you is, well, I have no idea what I am supposed to be joining. Who the helll are are you? What's up with the portals, and most of all what are we supposed to join you in?"

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@SamJaz: Bellus eyed the strange human strangely before pointing her finger and firing a thin blast of crimson red energy into the back of a creature causing it to explode into nothingness. The beam passed just inches from SamJaz's ear so she figured it would serve as a good warning. She walked carefully to the closest creature and sliced its head off with her sword. "Who says I need to find shelter?" she asked in a mocking tone as she back slapped a monster into the sun. Stasis groaned cause if Bellus was excited then he was going to have a headache later when this was over. "Nah haven't even broken a sweat," he said to SamJaz as he brought his sword down on a creature but before he could it disappeared into energy and his sword struck the ground and created a indent in it. He pulled his sword out of the small dent it made and turned to face the other creatures, but was surprised they had also vanished in the same fashion. "So now what?" he asked as he slid his sword into its sheath and faced SamJaz and Bellus. He shrugged his shoulders and turned around and walked off to find the next challenge. He stopped and turned his head to look at SamJaz. “Also if I was to cut loose and go all out I’m not even sure this world which is made to handle people of extreme power would be able to survive,” he said before walking and finding his way to his foe.

Dragon exploded just as he was about to be touched and turned into a energy body made up of light blue energy. “careful if I turn red in this form you will lose your hand,” he said as Coleen’s hand went through him. He lifted himself into the air, lifted his hand as a signal to follow then took off towards his master’s location. He made sure to move slow enough that she could follow, but not slow enough that he could be caught. In this form he was immune to any kind of physical attack, but was still vulnerable to being caught or being hit with mental attacks. He highly doubted that his opponent had such a device to capture him as it needed to be air tight and able to withstand high energy output from the inside. He returned from his musing and landed beside Raven. “Lord Raven I have done as you asked and brought one of them to you she should be on her way now,” he said before breaking up into energy particles and flying into the sky.

Toan was caught off guard by the sudden lack of movement he was feeling. He knew a feeling similar to this from his training, but this was on a weaker scale as he could feel that he could still move if he tried hard enough. He just had to recall something from his training and he would be able to move. He had to do it quick or he would be sliced in half. Going out on a limb he forced energy around him as a barrier to cancel out what was happening to him. “Looks as if I underestimated you,” he said quietly. His voice no longer sounded excited like it did before. It was now the voice of a trained warrior, one who was ready to kill. He reached his arm and blocked Slayer’s sword. He smirked at the easiness of it all. “What’s wrong didn’t expect me to have any tricks of my own?” he taunted as a pair of white wings sprouted from his back and he brought his hand back and formed a ball of yellow energy. This blast would have the destructive power of a nuclear explosion condensed into a single point. Before he could launch the attack though he felt a fist hit him in the face and send him flying. He was able to reclaim his balance and see what hit him. Standing close to where he was stood a man with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He walked towards Toan casually one foot at a time. “Toan control yourself we should ask this man how he came to be in this world not trying to kill him,” the man scolded. Toan glared at the man before rushing at him with his fist ready. “Basilieus I’m gonna kill you!” he yelled as he punched at Basilieus, but was unfortunate in his attack as the attack was dodged and his only reward was a quick blow to the back of the neck which knocked him out. Basilieus bent down picked Toan up and threw him over his shoulder and turned to face Slayer. “I apologize for his behavior we shall take out leave now,” he said using a language spell on himself so what ever language Slayer understood that would be the language he would hear him talking in.

@ChronoWolf: Raven was about to speak, but he was interrupted by one of his loyal subordinates. Once Dragon was gone he decided to explain himself as a sign of goodwill to these people. “My name is Raven and let me just start by returning your arrows,” he said and flicked his finger and the arrows went flying and struck the ground in front of Artemis. “Now the portals was your other question. I made them as a way to bring people here I could have easily teleported you all here, but I believed that free will is something that was needed to allow for my plan to work.” he said showing no sign of violence or deceit. “Everything is going as I saw it in my vision, but I guess that doesn’t answer your question about what my plan is now does it.” he explained further trying to buy time for the others he envisioned to come. One thing he hated about being able to see the future is that unless there is a clock shown in the vision he has no idea what time the event would take place. “Now my plan is one of world peace a world free of war, violence, disease, hatred, and hunger. A world where everyone is equal, a world where people are not judged by their social class or how they look. I am offering a chance for a new world, a better world. That is my offer to you take it or not I will not try to force it on you. However if you choose not to accept my offer I will be forced to kill you as I can not have you getting in my way; however, I will be nice and allow each of you a free hit on me of any caliber of strength before I fight back.” He finished his explanation and held his arms out wide waiting for the two mages’ answers. “Come join me in a world born from the ashes of the old and together we can heal this sickening world.”

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"Stasis, I really don't want to come across as rude, and I know we just met less than five minutes ago, but showing off your strength is the last thing you want to do right now." SamJaz pointed out. "These monsters were fodder. We had no trouble in routing them, and their summoner knew they were fodder. What they wanted was to see what we were capable of. Never feed the enemy information, because no matter how many bullets you can shoot out of your gun, it's useless if the enemy drinks metal."

Switching his Persona to Black Frost, he spread his arm wide and faced Stasis. "To prove a point, douse me with fire." SamJaz instructed Stasis. "Burn me like a forgotten piece of toast with all the force of a thousand exploding suns."

SamJaz would take no damage from any fire based attack Stasis could muster, or any Ice or Dark based attack for that matter. Fire and Ice would heal him like curative magic, and darkness would bounce off him like rubber.

Aside from proving a point, however, SamJaz had an ulterior motive. If the enemy was studying them, then this display would cause them to focus on ice based attacks, or anything other than fire. If the enemy was mimicking their abilities, however, then they'd start using useless fire attacks.

He wasn't saying this out loud, however, otherwise the jig was up and this whole ploy would be useless and they wouldn't get anything from feeding this bait information to the enemy.


Cole followed the blue guy as he lead her into an obvious trap, leading up to the man named Raven.

Raising an eyebrow behind her large sunglasses, Coleen was not impressed. "So you're the boss around here?" She asked disappointedly. "Kid, take out your tampons, wipe off your makeup and realise that myspace just isn't going to get your emo band signed on, alright?"


Slayer slung his sword over his shoulder as the effects of his Shout faded. "No offence taken." Slayer replied in Ogre. "Your student's close quarter abilities are commendable, but he needs to work harder on his territorial magiks."

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@Shadowchaos: "A world free of violance?" Arthur asked with a smile on his face. "And you mean to make it out of the ashes of this world? How exactly do you intend to do all of that?"

Even though he asked he already knew the answer. He decided to fight and stop this man but he needed a plan. So he decided to stall for time until he came up with something.

It was at that moment that a blue haired girl wearing sunglasses arrived. She obviously though taunting Raven was a good idea. Arthur wasn't so sure about that but when the fighting brakes out having some help wouldn't be bad.

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@SamJaz: Stasis watched with moderate interest as the man in front of him spoke. "Sorry man I don't have any fire based attacks, and the shock waves aren't from me going all out they are from me losing one of my power restrictions while fighting," he said as he put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes and just kept walking as if the whole thing was just a walk in the park. "So how powerful do you suppose this guy is?" he asked out loud more to himself then to anybody else. This went from a normal day to being well a bizarre day. His brows furrowed in frustration for a split second then they were back to normal. "So how about we move on and I let you lead the way human boy," he said jokingly to get him riled up. He threw Bellus on his back and jumped up into the air.

"He isn't my student," Basilieus said in a dark and solemn voice, "I am the one who killed his family during the war. You see during that time it was a civil war with everyone fighting against each other. It was mostly the dark angels against the light angels, but there were a few like myself who decided to side with the other side." He threw Toan across his shoulders and tucked his tonfas in his shirt for safe keeping. He gave telepathic directions to the location of Raven and then he was gone as if he was never there to begin with.

@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz: Raven smiled a kind smile at Coleen. "Child do not speak so rude words as I see that you are just like a baby and need guidance, but that does not give you the right to treat others in such a way," he scolded with his voice never raising or lowering. He turned to Arthur and Artemis and began to talk again. "I plan to restart the world by eliminating the villains in the world and the oppressors. I then plan to get every single person on Earth all the powers I have collected and like the phoenix the world shall be reborn from the ashes and fly into a new day. So come let us save the world," he said extending his hand out as a sign of friendship and trust. He was also using his empathetic powers to try to persuade them better. He then turned his head to Coleen and said, "the offer I also extend to you."

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@Shadowchaos: Douring all the talk Artemis refunded the metal her arrows were made of for mana. She didn't care about the stuff Raven was talking about. But then Arthur asked her what her opinion was of Raven's plan. "Well, er, villains are bad, so, I guess it's a good plan?" Arthur just smiled at her and went over to Raven his arm outstreched.

"Tell me Raven, what do you think would happen if all humans had super powers?" Just as his hand was about to reach Ravens an ice sword formed in it. And Arthur stabbed towards Raven's head. "I'll tell you what would happen. They would abuse them. They would just become evil themselves. All your work would be for nothing. Infact, your whole 'I want to stop villains' ideal is wrong. You'll never be able to do that. Besides, a world without villains would be very, very boring." He tried to cut Raven in half with his next slash and then surrounded Raven with a thousand ice shards in such close proximity not even a mouse could pass through any gaps between them.

Artemis was caught off guard with Arthurs action. She was shocked for only a little while but any suprise attacks would work on her. However as soon as she recovered she made another bow for herself and more arrows, and then started firing at Raven.

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SamJaz watched Stasis closely, jumping up in the air and bouncing up the walls and looking around the horizon to try and detect where the opposition was coming from, taking care to only use abilities that Stasis had already shown while doing so.

In a way, he himself was ideal to fight against a power mimicker, as SamJaz's skills were hidden beneath many layers of subterfuge and confusion. He himself was not entirely sure what specific powers he was using the majority of the time. Facing this power duplicator will either reveal SamJaz's true abilities or, much more likely, confuse the mimicker enough to grant SamJaz the advantage he would need.

The facade's he would keep up would keep him pulling the strings until the true puppeteer decided to reveal herself. If SamJaz's suspicion was correct. He was usually a supernaturally good judge of character but he had been wrong before.


Slayer grunted, already having said too much. Leaving Toan to it, Slayer continued walking, sensing something big over the hills and far away.

@Shadowchaos: @ChronoWolf:

"Some rivers run high and some rivers run low but your rivers run red and you're starting to flow," Coleen sang as she rocked on the balls of her feet. "It's called menstruation now don't be afraid, friend. Just wind up some cotton and I'll hand pass you the strii-yiyiiing..."

Having gained a reaction by her completely inappropriate taunt, Cole pointed a thumb at Arthur. "I'm with shaggy over here. See, I grew up in the hood, alright? Not the bronx or any fancy slums, but a concentration camp for kids with powers and trust me when I say it was no butlins. The Human Race is a Race and there is gonna be shoving and cheating whether it's a sprint, marathon or motocross. My problem is You." She said, pointing lazily at Raven. "Someone out to do the world a favour. Someone who thinks he can do it better than everyone else. Everyone else is stupid because they aren't doing everything in your, specific, perfect little way. Well you best go change your tampax because guess what? You can't build a better world for people!" She shouted, arms outstretched in the international symbol for 'come on then if you think you're hard enough'. "People have to build a better world for people. Otherwise, it's just a better cage."

"And yes. I'm sticking with the period jokes because you want to turn the human race into a hive mind with yourself as queen bee. Your majesty." Cole added with a condescending smirk and curtsey. "Or would you prefer Ma'am?"

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@SamJaz:@ChronoWolf: Stasis jumped from one roof to the other not really paying attention to where he was going as this wasn't really much of a exercise for him it was more of a walk in the park. He saw a group of people below him and he figured that was as good as any to look so he landed and made Bellus head to a safe location to watch the fight. He took stock of the battle field and heard some very inappropriate words from a blue haired human that he wished he could have unheard. He was about to say something when he saw one man get stabbed in the head by a sword and then cut in half followed by getting shot with several arrows. The man on the other hand didn't seem bothered by the attacks as he kept smiling from what should have been death attacks and just healed from them as if he was never harmed. Stasis was confused over what to do as he did not know what to make of the situation and how to go about it so he just stood there dumbfounded.

Raven looked at his attackers with a look of slight sadness. "yes normal humans would turn evil with my powers however part of my power is that I understand how people feel. If people could understand their actions better don't you believe that the world would be better?" he said in a soft voice as if he was talking to a child. He looked at the arrows that were still sticking out of him from the attack and decided to do something as they had attacked him and he said he would give them a free hit then he would attack. He pulled the first arrow and the wound that was made from it being extracted closed itself. He held the arrow in his outstretched hand and the arrow shot off at Artemis at three times the speed of sound. "Zera does have a useful power, she can manipulate the acceleration and deceleration of a object she touches along with its gravity. She is so young and doesn't quiet understand it fully however I understand the power perfectly and can bring it out in higher levels then her," he said casually as if he was talking to a friend more then he was to the people attacking him. He ripped the remainder of the arrows out and then launched them at Artemis ever increasing the speed. He then faced Arthur and took a deep breath of air and released it as a huge dragon made of fire that flew at Arthur with its mouth wide ready to eat him. He then turned to SamJAz and Stasis and sent them a telepathic image of the prior events.

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SamJaz watched the fight and argument intently, switching his Persona to Loa so he could view the events unfold while examining Raven.

An Empathiser.

SamJaz was suddenly very glad that he did not bring his attack dog on this one. That would have opened a very unpleasant can of worms.

Letting those closer to the battlefield fight, SamJaz watched, and began building up a profile of Raven.

Closer to the battle.

"What are you- no, no just stop." Cole said, ignoring the battle of fire and ice that was unfolding before her. "The idiocy here is making my head hurt. I am literally getting stupider the more you talk. I'm pretty sure the last few word block things just made me English not smart."

Cole slapped herself in the side of the head, and readjusted her sunglasses. "So, Mein Furher, since you want to change the world so much, where do you want to build your first 'labour' camp?" She asked, as something large and powerful leapt over her head, swinging a blade the size of a mountain at Raven.

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